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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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frustration for the family of a woman whose body was found at the same san francisco hospital where she vanished more than two weeks ago. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. it is an unbelievable mystery. john alsto in is live at sf general tonight. john? >> tonight officials are clamming up and not saying anything more to the media as police investigate. also tonight, the daughter of the missing woman got a call from the medical examiner who said it would take more time
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to conclusively identify the body found here today. the inspectors from sfpd spent the evening at san francisco general. the investigation will involve talking to hospital x staff and looking at surveillance video to figure out what happened to 57-year-old lynn spalding. a patient missing for more than two weeks. a reliable source tells abc7 news that it was her body found by an employee found this morning in an exterior fourth floor stirwell. the medical examiner called the woman's daughter to say there was no positive id yet. >> the message was i wish we could give you certainty, but we can't right now. lynn's daughter is obviously and i don't use this word lightly, traumatized. it is difficult when you get a call from someone saying we think we found your mother's body. >> friends set up a facebook page hoping to locate spalding who disappeared on september 21st, two days after being admitted for an infection.
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medication left her disoriented. tonight hospital officials had no further comment on the woman's disappearance or the discovery of a body in their own facility. >> it is very concerning where this body was found. we are distressed and we don't know what happened. >> we are grateful for all of the work people are doing. it is upsetting to be more than 19 days into this and be here today and having a body found and not being able to identify it one way or the other. >> or to have an explanation for exactly what went wrong. abc7 news. >> developing news, the fbi is on the case after officers discovered explosive devices inside a petaluma home. for more than 24 hours, agents and police searched the home on quarry road after two live bombs and two partially constructed devices were located there. the search ended an hour ago. police discovered the explosives yesterday when responding to a call about a
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de spawn dent man with -- despondent man with a gun. the fbi says there is a lot of work ahead. >> we will figure everything out. again we are going to process all of the evidence here and figure out if this will be a local or federal case. >> there is no current threat to the neighborhood. the government shutdown is adding a financial burden to the overwhelming grief of families of soldiers killed this weekend in afghanistan. the funding that would help them pay forbear -- for burials is frozen. lisa amin gulezian spoke with outrage. >> sean walsh was 21 when he died in afghanistan two years ago. his mother admits what helped a little bit was the death gratuity. it is $100,000 that the military immediately gives to the family. it is to pay for funeral costs, housing and other bills. the program is now
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frozen because of the government shutdown. >> it is hard to think they will have to go through this time and then have one more thing to worry about. >> five families of soldiers who died were denied the money. their bodies will arrive at dover air force base tomorrow, but to get there the families will have to pay their own way. >> and that's one of the most dignified ceremonies, to miss that is hurtful and heartbreaking. >> late tonight the fisher house foundation offered some financial help to these families. and in washington today, the president said he would negotiate with republicans if they raised the debt ceiling and ended the shutdown. >> we can't make extortion routine as part of the democracy. >> the president said if there is unconditional surrender by republican he's will sit down and talk to us. that's not the way our government works. >> if the shutdown continues
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into november, survivor benefits paid monthly to soldier spouses could be in jeep jeopardy. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. first lady michelle obama canceled a bay area fundraising group because of the shutdown. she was supposed to arrive in los angeles on friday and then be in the bay area for the weekend. one of the planned events was a brunch event sponsoredded by nancy pelosi. tickets would have gone for $32,000. the democratic party said it was not right while hundreds of thousands of workers are furloughed. the cdc said they slowed their discovery of a salmonella outbreak. the labs are now back open tonight. 278 people in 18 states have been sickened by the outbreak and most in california. the centers for disease control and prevention says 42 people have been hospitalized. that is about double the normal rate.
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some of the cases were resistant to apartment particulars so people could not be easily treated. this outbreak is connected to foster farms chicken produced in california. look at these numbers, p61367 and p6137a and p6132. we have these numbers on our website. tonight a group that helps californians sign up for the affordable care act has had tremendous response despite problems in other states. covered california says 29,000 people applied for coverage over the last week. it is a market place designed to help navigate the process. people in other states have had problems signing up mainly because of computer glitches. the group released the numbers earlier than planned to miscounter information on the process. now president obama is expected to nome name -- to nominate janet yeland. she is the vice chairman of the fed and she knows the bay
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area well. she works at the university of california berkeley and she works as the ceo at the bank of san francisco from 2004 to 2010. president obama will make the announcement at noon pacific time. if confirmed the 67-year-old will be the first woman to chair the federal reserve. tonight we are just two days away from a possible bart strike. that's when the 60-day cooling off period imposed by governor brown expires. talks between bart and the unions are scheduled down to the wire. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live in oakland where negotiations wrapped up in the last hour. >> carolyn, the two sides left around 10:00 and there was deaf flatly a sense -- and there was definitely a sense of urgency. they felt it in a march and rally. about 200 union memberrers and supporters marched from city hall to this cal trans building where the negotiations have been taken
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place. despite a chance to shut it -- chants to shut it down now they insist their goal is to avoid a strike. >> has there been some movement? >> there are ideas and we are talking about them. both sides seem to be receptive. >> both sides say the movement has been slow. >> it should not have to take anywhere near this long to get to a conclusion. >> thomas hawk told abc7 news tonight that management made a proposal at 2:30 this afternoon. but the unions have not responded. partly because they have a larger number of negotiators who have to agree on a proposal before they take action. >> i am not falsing them. it is the way the process and labor contract is set up. it makes it cumbersome to move anything in a faster fashion. >> the question is can they reach an agreement before thursday's midnight deadline? technically they can negotiate beyond the deadline, but the union leaders say it is unlikely. >> if you don't have any
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deadlines you won't get any deals. i think everybody is looking at this deadline seriously on thursday night to try to get to an agreement. >> with just two days left, both sides are working toward an agreement, but preparing for the worst. alan wang, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest on the bart talks. we have a range of resources for you at in case of a strike including more on transit options as well as how agencies plan to handle the passengers. you will find traffic maps and a traffic app. follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area for the breaking news updates. gunfire on an ac transit bus and it was the second time the man was wounded. it happened near the intersection of phon tan street. our media partner reports the gunshot may have been self-inflicted. just eight days ago in oakland two people were hurt when people fired shots into an ac transit bus.
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both victims have recovered. meantime, new details in a san mateo bank robbery. police arrested a homeless man. they tracked him down thanks to this picture taken at the wells fargo on fourth avenue. police say the robber had what appeared to be a detonation device. it may have been a fake. he demanded money and then took off. responding to a medical call he found a man who matched the description. how far would you go to look thin? some women are lining up to be tied up. next, the warnings about corsets. >> and new details on the motorcycle road rage case. why an undercover police officer is now under arrest. >> and is spanking child abuse? every parent has an opinion and now the courts issued one too. the new rule that could change the way you raise your children. >> i am sandhya patel. it is cooling of on quickly. a look at live doppler 7hd and we will be tracking more than clouds.
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cycles, but you won't believe what is in fashion now. it is called corset training and some women are searching up, even though -- cinching up even though there could be deadly consequences.
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here is that story. >> what woman wouldn't want to have a three inch smaller waist? >> reporter: no exercise and no surgery. instead, squeeze yourself into this. >> i came in for a little botox and the new corset. >> you wear your corset a number of hours per day and over a period of time maybe a year you can move those ribs in. >> moving the ribs sounds impossible i'm not painful. but over time the body accepts and adapts to a smaller case line -- waistline. you may even eat less. the tapering effect is due to compressing the bottom ribs in and up which makes the space look smaller. it is done in a doctor's office and requiring a fitting with minimal clothing. costing about $150 it is worn for four hours daily on the first set of looks. over time you are advised to make it tighter in incrawments. increments. >> it can't be comfortable,.
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>> or good for you. it could cause problems like weakened muscles, constipation and more. >> your joint movement will not be as normal as it should be. the lungs can't inflate as well as they should because the ribs are going to be constrained. if there are any women out there wearing it with heart conditions, that would be a red flag for me. >> his patients haven't experienced these issues and he feels the protocol is effective if done properly. >> i am much happier if the patient does it over a period of the year. slow and steady wins the race. you are eating in it, breeding in it and dancing in it. life goes on. >> abc7 news. >> another danger of corsets, fainting because of lack of air and higher blood pressure. new details about a wild chase and beating in new york. an undercover cop accused of being involved is now in custody. the undercover police officer turned himself in.
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he pounded on and kicked a family suv before the father was pulled free and beaten. he will likely face riot and criminal mischief charges. an nypd source said he lied to the superiors about his role in the attack. four others have been charged. police say more arrests are likely to come. a state appeals court in san jose ruled the spanking of a child does not qualify as child abuse. the panel overturned a ruling that a mother should be reported for child abuse for spanking her 12-year-old daughter so hard it left her bruised. the appeals court found the overall circumstances did not warrant a child abuse report. the ruling was designed to set a legal precedent. when it comes to the role of parents moms do most of the work. mothers spend much more time than fathers feeding children, giving bathes and teaching their kids. the "washington post" reports that moms carry much of all of this because of long-standing
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parental roles. they found they have paid time and free time more than anybody else. >> good job. >> that's right. it is double duty here as we check out live doppler 7hd. i need to find the energy to stay awake here. let's show you live doppler 7hd. we may be tracking showers as early as tomorrow. exploratorium camera showing you the trans america pyramid. no fog to speak of. san francisco is 56 and temperatures are running cooler. oakland 57. it is getting cool in san jose. 54, 52 los gatos. here is our tower camera. san francisco is sparkling, 59 in santa rosa. these temperatures are falling quickly. by morning you will need to bundle up. 56 in livermore. port of oakland from our emeryville camera looks great. we do have high clouds moving
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through. we will call it a partly cloudy, chilly morning. isolated shower is possible. best chance in the south bay tomorrow and snow will whiten the high sierra. it is coming a little early. for us, today's temperatures were five to 10 degrees cooler and low 60s to the upper 70s. tomorrow we will knock the temperatures down a few more degrees. you will see santa rosa 74 and the average is 79. 5 degrees below average. san francisco is running 4 degrees below where you should be. and san jose will come in at 70 tomorrow. you typically should be about 77 degrees and 7 degrees cooler than average. it is definitely 2ing to feel like early november than october. here is a system that is dropping southward. it is limited in moisture so it is not going to produce a lot in terms of bay area hours. here is what we will see. as the system moves south it is called an inside slider staying mainly over the spine of the sierra and bringing them some snow. from mount hamilton we may see
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a shower going into wednesday and around the monterey bay and an isolated possibility. and then it is winding down and heading out of the picture into wednesday evening. it will produce snow in the sierra. winter weather advisory 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a couple inches of snow above 6,000. slippery roadways and prepare for winter driving conditions. you may need the chains. stay tuned especially if are you going to tahoe oreo seem tee. or yosemite. mid40s to the mid50s. the autumn chill is in the air and in the afternoon, most of the cloud cover in the south bay , we have their best chance of seeing an isolated shower. 71 morgan hill and santa clara and on the peninsula, redwood city and mountain view, 61 in pacifica with the breeze. daly city 61, north bay 60s coast side and 70s around the rest of the region. 73 sonoma and santa rosa 74. in the east bay, a nice day.
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inland spots 72 in concord and 73 livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will come back up a few degrees on thursday and we will continue to see the up and down until the weekend where we will bump up the temperatures near 80 inland and mid60s coast. nice and mild and we will keep it that way on monday. carolyn, dan? >> what a heartbreaker for the a's. >> but at least they have an opportunity to win at home. >> you are mr. optimism. that's good. we need that. was it fan interference? was it not? you have to see this. we are calling it the most amazing goal in sharks amazing goal in sharks history. [ laughter ]
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in dye troit. detroit. possible fan interference and a lost opportunity in the
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alds. lowry is going deep. a two-run bomb and the a's off to a 3-0 lead. and the way he was pitching at that point appeared to be plenty. in the fifth peralta muscles up a three-run homer. to the seventh and the controversy. a blast to right off sean doolittle. the fans reach out and touch the ball. reddick says he would have caught it. it looks like the ball was too high for him. the umps review and say no fan interference. they call it a homerun and it is 4-4. down 5-4 and a's load the bases. they can't score in the eighth. he strikes out reddick and then gets alberto ciaspo. tigers add in the 8th. tigers build an 8-4 cushion and the a's come back to score twice in the 9th. but the final score is 8-6
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tigers. verlander against colon or gray. >> we have bases loaded and nobody out and couldn't push anything across. he makes two good change up pitches 1k3 they got a good jump to get that ball. >> game four and red sox and rays and runs at a premium. victorino and he chops to short and beats the throw. red sox take the lead. he will strike out longoria and 3-1 boston. red sox win the series and they advance to the american league championship series. strap in now. you have to see this. the sharks have a 19-year-old rookie who scored four goals tonight. the fourth is insane. sharks and rangers in the tank. hurdle was on fire. he shoots and scores and it is 4-1 sharks. gets behind the defense.
11:56 pm
between the legs and his second goal. the kid from the czech republic and there is the third. between his legs and goes top shelf. look again. we are branding this as the sickest goal in sharks history. who can do that? nobody. sharks roll 9-2. i'm changing my name to hurdle. that's it. it is official. larry hurdle with the sports. it is nuts. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> that looks like something you do practicing. >> in a game full speed. he is 19. >> i want to be close to him. >> up next, how to top a million dollars on your christmas list. >> look at what you
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weather. it is chilly in the morning. make sure you have a coat or a jacket. temperatures falling mid40s to mid50s and barely climbing at 8:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies. carolyn, dan? >> thanks, sand yaw. looking for stocking stuffers and have a couple million to spare? >> check out the nieman-marcus christmas catalog. >> you can go hunting with a trained falcon. >> edition and focuses on fan fantasy gifts because everybody dreams of a giant box of falcons and living in a glass house where we can throw stones. >> it is always fun to thrip through that. you wonder, does anyone buy these? >> i want a falcon. >> of course you do. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> y


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