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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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deal or no deal? developments on the bart negotiations you may have to find another way to work in the morning. >> the relics some people will be using to get around the bay and a chance to sound off about bart's ever changing deadline. >> another construction accident at 49ers new stadium tonight looking into what went wrong that cost the bay area man his life if you've misplaced keys here is something that could help you find them. michael finney checks it out. >> normally i get up about 5:00 if you want to find out you're getting up at 4:00
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you're going hit the road earlier. yo-yo sfekt not enjoyable now. >> he and 200,000 other riders are fed up with anxiety. will the trains run tomorrow or not? we may be facing another night of indecision. good evening. >> negotiations to keep the bart trains running have taken an ugly turn. the president of bart board of directors called on union leaders take last, best and final offers to their membership for vote. one labor official blasted part bart for making a last minute offer warning commuters to find another way to work. they've threatened a midnight strike and it appears that is going happen. abc 7 news is covering this tonight. clearly they're breaking down. >> they're still ongoing and talking inside of the building. if there has been progress made today it's not evident in the rhetoric we've heard in just the past hour.
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bart board president made a preer appearance saying the offer was done soh the blessing of the board. a union leader came tout say that offer is unacceptable, and that the threat of a strike tomorrow is very real. >> for 150 days at this point we think that it's time for union leadership to let the people of the bay area know whether they're going to take an offer to memberit's the midd. >> general managers saying unfair left is the final offer so we can reach an agreement. let's be clear. the strike notice for this year is disruption in service with f.we don't reach a deal by midnight tonight. >> and again, all that said work to sides have been
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meeting today to discuss this offer which is 12% raise over four years. the unions have to pay more for benefits, they say negates that raise. bart says they will not increase the package but are willing to talk about the terms within it. the union says if talks continue and seem to be progressing there, or there is decent progress they may consider moving the strike deadline back again. they're telling riders they should be prepared for the real possibility of a strike tomorrow moshing. >> making matters worse ac transit has given a 72 hour strike notice that. decision cups after workers for transit union local 192 rejected two contract proposals last week. latest included a 9.5% pay raise over three years. union leaders encouraged
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workers to accept the offer. workers say they'll walk off the job at 12:01 thursday morning if they don't reach an agreement on a new deal this, uncertainty has been bad enough but prospect of both bart and ac transit striking is worse now. and people are having to make plans to get around. there is a lot of commuter angst. >> if you're a bart rider how are you dealing with uncertainty? are you planning on taking the bay bridge? maybe a bus bridge? maybe a carpool? ferry? do you plan to day home? if you're wondering about this, you're not alone. >> they tell us that we live and work in a land of opportunity. all through unless you're a bart commuter hostage where opportunity yeel yielded to uncertainty. the cooling off is heated up.
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>> how do you sleep at night not knowing how you're going get to work? >> i don't sleep. not sure. >> don't dits pair there are nalt tiffs. >> is this an opportunity? site for us. >> we might describe them as all nalt tiffs fchl you can't up and move your office building just take up residents in a different one. both sides of the bay a company called regis is ready, and willing to set you up. >> we have lounge that's we can have folks qus too,. >> any calls on this? with bart going out? >> a couple come together lounges. >> what is that? you don't like carpooling? you get sick on ferry boats? did you bu don't have sfwheels. >> we have a toyota sienna minivan. >> last time bart struck car
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rental agencies saw an uptick. all rental companies even rent a relic. for $30 a day rich will lease you $30 worth of car and each with its own personality. >> is there a bart strike special? >> no. no specific. >> that could be someone. >> i've got to go. >> when it comes to commuting, don't we all? >> and here is what you need to know. bart chartered 200 buses in the event of a strike running from these nine stations. be sure to purchase a round trip ticket that is the only way they'll let you back on coming home. san francisco ferry will have 12 boats in operation and an extra dock in use at the ferry building to help reduce congestion for other option wez have a list four on abc 7
7:07 pm you can down load the exclusive waze traffic app and be sure to follow twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> you may have noticed elected representatives jumping into the fray and talks. lieutenant governor newsom ask others met with both sides during bargaining yesterday. nancy skinner trying to bring manment and workers together. >> we have two objectives keep trains running and discussions going. >> having them present in the room and talking to both sides is just really emphasizing both high stakes and emphasized how important it was that the both make compromises necessary. >> labor unions make major contributions, giving $2.5
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million to california democrats between 2010 and 2012. >> we've been asking to you tell us how you feel about the impass using hash tag dear bart. david cruz tweets all new members should be able to vote on the best and final offer. and in this person write you're all being too greedy. one says please make a deal son. i'm more worried if i'll have a way to school than mid terms. and stacy says dear bart, please come to a compromise, soon, i'm tire fd worrying about how i will get to school. >> here, opinions are just as divided as labor negotiations but almost everybody agrees a strike is not what they want. >> dear bart you guys can't strike. this is stupid. >> i don't like drichlgt i like bart. bart gets me every with where. i pick up my son on bart.
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i work in the city. please. >> dear bart i'm glad you're rung today please do not strike tomorrow i need to ride again, tomorrow. >> dear bart please do not strike. it really makes our lives hard and we need you to operate. >> please figure this out. >> many riders echoed desire for compromise but a few chose to take sides. >> dear bart i believe you have enough money to give workers what they want. i understand what workers want. i ask this be resolved. who is going to pay for it is us, commuters anyway. we're going to have to pay. >> dear bart i think you guys are getting overpaid personally i'm getting paid minimum wage. and i'm in the getting paid to sit down door do things you guys do. >> as much of an inconvenience for riders i don't think people should feel like slaves and disempoi powered so if you
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need to strike to get wages you feel you deserve then i feel that is the right thing to do. >> if you feel have you something you need to say send it to us with the hash tag dear bart. >> you can send us your video on video, twitter or instagram. >> our morning news team will be on half an hour early tomorrow. their coverage beginning at 4:00 a.m. to help you navigate. >> work expected to resume tomorrow on 49ers new zwraimd after a worker was killed there this morning when a delivery truck driver was crushed by the rebar he was unloading on the south side of the stadium. the victim identified as a 60-year-old edward lake junior. cal osha is investigating. the site has been deemed safe and will reopen in the morning.
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>> we'll hold an all hands meeting inside of the bowl and talk about this tragedy and swril a safety discussion as well. >> this is a second deadly accident in four months. in june a worker died when hit by an elevator counter weight. officials did not sanction the contractor in that incident. >> the company manufacturing the rebar is a facility in napa. that is where the victim worked. lived in vacaville. >> well, edward lake lives in a house just around the block here. neighbors tell us he's lived in this vacaville neighborhood sometime. now, one neighbor gave us a photograph and says he was a nice person who liked to keep to himself. the photograph taken as he helped her move into their
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house six years ago. he worked in napa as a delivery driver we're told he was injure fate fatally injured in santa clara. now, sadly we found a site at the plant to warn drivers to be in their trucks or far what i loading or unloading rebar, one neighbor heard his father may have been a famous baseball player who played for tigers, cardinals and red sox at one point. police police cars showed up and parked and told us they just wanted to ensure his close friends and relatives in that house to ensure privacy so moved here to this block. thank you. >> still ahead here tonight the backlash against freedom
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of speech. what these protestors want facebook to do to root out online hatred. summer like warmth coming to bay area beaches. how long will this last? find out coming up. a new way to find your lost car keys. >> great pumpkin weigh off. tonight how the winner managed to squash the competition. cut!
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there has been a strong earthquake in the philippines. usgs measures magnitude 7.2 with you h.but say they're not anticipating a tsunami from it. the quake just hit so we're waiting for more information. back here a group of facebook users went off line to pressure the company to do more to combat online hate speech. 15 people protested outside of the campus they want the company to take down page that's promote antisemitism and bullying and classify page that's holocaust as hate speech. >> it's very easy for someone to create a page and pay $10 a day in order to sponsor their page, promote it. it's running through our news feeds whether we want to see them or don't want to see them.
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>> facebook says you can get rid of ads by hitting the hide button. >> many people heard the shots and now, san francisco police want to hear from witnesses of a man was killed in the mission district. neighbors dialed 911 after shots were fired around 4:30 this morning. officer arrived and found a man suffering gunshot wounds. he died after being taken to the hospital. investigators have not said fit was gang related. >> in this neighborhood you can't put it past. we're here. do you know what i mean? god bless the person. >> no arrests have been made. the medical examiner has not yet released the name. police offering a $10,000 reward in the the death of a man in this car and believe the 33-year-old crashed his vehicle after being shot. police found him dead after
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responding to gunfire. and frightening moments in one neighborhood today. the driver of this big rig got out of a truck to check something and it somehow got away from him. the truck rolled down a hill and then came to rest about 100 feet from some homes on vanessa street. no one was hurt. >> well, on to something different. a nappy county farmer had to do all of the heavy lifting at pumpkin weigh off, it paid off. >> gary miller just set a record. >> my heart going 100 miles per hour. you know? you know sni mean, pretty neat. >> napa valley farmer took top honors. pumpkins weighing nearly a ton competing to be the heaviest in the festival. last year an org rg man took first prize setting a record
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with a 1775 pound pumpkin. he took home a prize of $10,600. for breaking that record with a 1985-pound pumpkin, gary takes home a heck for $11,910. extra thousand for being the overall winner. >> coolest thing ever. >> reporter: this is the 43rd year of the festival. who knows? wannabe third graders from sea crest could be a few tour champion. the current world record for heaviest pumpkin is 2032 pounds, today's top contenders told me they're determined to beat that record n half moon bay, nick smith abc 7 news. >> look at the size of those thing autos yes. monsters. >> yes. you don't want to get crushed by one. >> no. would like a pie from them. >> many pie autos yes. >> weather looking great. great weather for growing
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large pumpkins. >> beautiful conthe coastline. here is a look we've got sunny skies coast to inland. taking a look at the temperature change now, it's six degrees warmer at sfo than this hour yesterday. nine degrees warmer in half moon bay. all around the bay area we're several degrees warmer except novato. two degrees cooler now. we're under a bit of a warming trend here is a live view of santa cruz now. clear skies, 69 degrees in san francisco right now. in san jos. 66 half moon bay. towards the bay bridge, sunny skies, 73 now in santa rosa.
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72 napa. 73 fairfield. 75 concord. 77 livermore. and one more live view downtown sunny skies, clear tonight but mild in the early hours. cooler overnight. warm tomorrow by a few degrees. satellite shows a big ridge of high pressure in our weather picture now that is bringing us a nice land to sea flow. tonight going l down a lot in spots. low temperatures dropping to 40 in nappa. mid to upper 40s in other locations so overall, a cool day but chilly in the north bay valleys tomorrow, sunny warm with highs into low
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70s. peninsula, highs 78 in millbrae to 81 in redwood city. and 76 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 78 degrees tomorrow. north bay we'll see mid-80s, 83 in santa rosa and 84 napa. east bay, 80 degrees. 82 in castro valley. inland east bay, low to mid-80s there. nice, beautiful and warm conditions across the bay area. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming up saturday, then down sunday and no threat of rain just cooler than it is now. >> nice. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, america's 25 best paid women. >> how many of them here in the bay area. >> i'm kristin zee what do you want to tell bart ask unions
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for possibility of another strike? we'll help you get it out there. just post your video message using a hash tag dear bart. tell us who you are and where tell us who you are and where you live. [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend.
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black ber year users. black berry trying to conduct buyout talk was siso google. wall street may know something we don't. stock prices went up today. dow gained 64 points. s and p gained six. facebook said it's acquired a start up in israel called onovo compressing data so you can use more of it. facebook paid $100 million for the company keeping an office in tel aviv. don't be surprised if you see net flix popping up. to offer video rentals through your box instead of online or web-connected tv. >> fort yooun magazine issued a list of the 25 highest paid business women. coptop three are here bay area,
7:27 pm
coming in at top of the chief financial office at oracle making $43 million. second is yahoo chief executive marisa mayer, $36 million last year, third, cheryl sandberg at facebook makes around $26 million. and number 10 is hewlett-packard's meg whitman taking home $15 million last year. other well compensated women in the bay area include renee james head of software ask services for intel, laura alber, williams sonoma. >> you might have to have salary of a ceo to buy chocolate soon. rising demantd and bad weather he in key areas is driving up the cost. price of coco butter has risen 70% now at a four-year high. you probably won't notice much of a change. a trade group says chocolate
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manufacturers are more likely to reduce content or make candies smaller rather than dramatically increasing prices. >> well, here is more still to come here tonight with less than six hours to go we're going update bart talks for you. >> what could happen if washington doesn't lift the debt ceiling so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way?
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good evening, again. bart and two largest unions locked in a standoff now. the clock ticks towards a strike deadline. >> management reiterated final offer stands today as its last, best offer so they've been meeting much of today bart says it's not changing final offer that would give employees a 12% raise over four years. employees would have to make a contribute togs pensions and
7:32 pm
9.5% into health plan autos unions came out after bart and blast that had final offer saying new payments would cancel the skpraiz they will not accept it that is where things stand. hope after voiding a strike appears to be fading. unions warn riders could be ready for bart to shut down. they he is stress all drivers will finish routes if they do go on strike. >> commuters face a second possible transit nightmare, too. ac transit workers gave notice they too,, would go on strike againing dwsh -- beginning on thursday this, after rank and file rejected offers last week. many relied on ac transit m n.july. >> talks in washington sound like the bart negotiations. the two sides cannot agree and we just don't know how long this is going to last. the story from the nation's capitol.
7:33 pm
>> with clock ticking, president obama urged the government to raise the debt keeling. >> if republicans aren't will owing to set aside partisan concerns in order to do what is right for the country we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> leaders of the senate, mostly at odds have taken primary role in behind the scenes deal making. a meeting with congressional leaders postponed to allow hairy reid and the minority leader, mish mcconnell to continue hashing out differences. >> i'm very optistic. >> i share his optimism. >> reporter: the go government hit this debt keeling in three days a rough outline would extend the borrowing limit and reopen the government with some minor changes to obama care. the president said answering a third week was unnecessary. and made comments where many
7:34 pm
volunteers are furloughed worker autos i think american people made clear this is now knot how we expect washington to do business. >> republicans taking moat of the heat with a new high of 74% of americans disapproving of the way republicans are handling the budget crisis. if the senate does come to an agreement there is no guarantee the house republicans will support what gets past. abc news, washington. >> barbara boxer went on a blister rg being tirade quoting president reagan who warn btd consequences of default 30 years ago ask said the clean up of 500 toxic sites has been halted and noted nuclear safety inskbrorkts have been furloughed as well. earth to my republican friends have you ever heard the word fukishima? know what i'm talking about
7:35 pm
here? wake up, what are you doing to the american people? you don't like a bill? so you shut down the government? you take all of the watch dogs off the job? this shut down is mindless. >> boxer noted thousands of people in california and conservative states signed up for affordable care act. >> well, as you mentioned a moment ago, signs wash is moving closer to a deal sent stock prices up today but what happens if there is no deal? a lot of people are warning of the consequences. wendy gill yet has that part of the story. >> closing bell signaled the end of what turned out to be a positive day. signs a deal may be closer at hand helped turn around u.s. markets experts say no agreement would bring big
7:36 pm
problems. >> that i is going he trigger a chain reaction that is unpredictable. nobody know what's will happen if have you to call in to question the viability of treasury securities. >> the shut down cost the u.s. more than $100 million per day. but economists say not raising by thursday could lead to a recession. after thursday, the government would have enough money to pay about two thirds of the bills. $106 billion short. international monetary fund warning of a global ka pass trophy. >> would bring about uncertainty. so much risk of disruption. that it would again be at risk. >> a default could have consequences for your personal finances. your retirement accounts could lose value ask loans for big purchases could get more
7:37 pm
expensive and difficult to get. many believe that a deal will be reached before thursday. but that is not a certainty which is enough to rattle markets and worry leaders around the world. abc news is, new york. >> the suspected al qaeda member captured in libya two weeks ago arrived in the united states to face terrorism charge but may not live long enough to face justice. he was seen for more than a decade ever since the bombings of two embassies in kenya and tanzania in 1998. snatched off the treats of tripol skpismt questioned aboard a navy ship. he is expected to appear in court tomorrow but a source tells abc news he's very ill with hepatitis c and may not tloif see justice served in a courtroom. a yale professor dree pree dikting the housing market crash is one of three americans awarded nobel prize for economics. he coined the phase irrational
7:38 pm
exyuber yens in the 90s and helped develop s and p home price index. shiler said the stock market might be nearing a bubble. >> one would well invest and probably should in a diversified portfolio, less in stocks but i worry that it might be, it -- it who might correct down. >> also getting nobel prize for economics are yeej yun fama and lars peter hanson. together the group showed it's fobl predict stock prices over longer periods. >> actor michael douglas coming clean about why he lied about having throat cancer speaking to sam you'll l jackson during an interview on it stl. morning this, is you tube video of the interview. douglas says he hatd tongue cancer and his doctor told him to lie bit. >> you don't want to say tongue cancer. i said why is that? i said, he said if you want to
7:39 pm
e do have to do surgery it's not going to be pretty you lose part of your jaw, tongue and that stuff. so i said okay. sure. i'm with you. >> the 69-year-old underwent radiation and never needed surgery. he has been given a clean bill of health and says after two years there is a 95% chance his cancer will not come back. coming up next affect of bill board ads on young people. >> why an east bay lawmaker wants these ads removed.
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city of richmond wants to ban alcohol bill boards near school. the measure is expected to pass. >> not everyone thinks it's going to deter teenagers from drinking. >> reporter: bill boards like this one are said to glorify drinking and when young kids see it over and over again, richmond city council member jim rogers says it stay was them for live. >> freedom of speech does not include glamourizing a product we know addicts kids and creates numbers of homicides from problem drinker autos.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: rogers behind an order nabs nans to ban alcohol bill words near schools. most people say banning won't solve many problems young people in richmond face today. >> i think parents have lots to do with it. but also, instructing kids that is not right way to go its the not the board kids see in the morning. it's a parent if had there is one there. >> these companies that advertise say commercial speech is pro dektd by the first amendment. courts concluded some advertisements may be regulate arguing there are studies prove it does have an impact on teen autos kids that start drinking at 15 are five times more likely to become problem drinkers so it's a serious issue. >> reporter: if it passes, richmond will follow in
7:44 pm
oakland's footstep autos we're in competition with tv ask on the internet. messaging on streets has to be a positive one as a community. >> still, oakland has never conducted a study see if the ban has been effective. >> you noi how frustrating it can be to lose your car keys. >> yes, i do.
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all right. are you one of those people who lose your keys? purse? maybe your card key? >> uh-huh. i'm guilty. >> michael finney has a new device we want to learn about. >> this is it. right here, it works off the low strength blue tooth standard. we skided to see if it work? sit for you? this key fob will make it harder for keys owe get lost part of a system called home.
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put it on your keychain. searching goes high tech. the web site claims you'll never lose your keys again. the home can find your qee kees within 150 feet. jeffrey is home hone's cocreator its like marco poleo have you ever play that had game? >> we hide the keys then have 7 on your side staffer come in with the app and search for keys she wonders around but the closer she gets, more app reacts. >> there we go. >> okay. >> you got it. >> yes. >> it's starting to vibrate when i went closer, too. >> that is good. >> it starts beeping. it was a sign. >> look for your keys. your clothes there on the trail. then, arrow goes up.
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meaning i'm getting closer it works. the home guys? they're serious about you never losing your keys again. >> if battery is dying you get a text message. >> i recommend to it my parents or friends that lose keys often. >> the hone sells for $59 we have a flinch you want to check it out. >> just wish the range were bigger. 150 feet? i need more. >> you've got to know it's somewhere near that. >> we tease her. >> yes. >> let's get back to weather now. >> yes. spence jer back. >> going to lose my keys. i lose my mind thinking i've lost keys, sunny skies now across the bay area, tomorrow, state wide going to be another sunny day.
7:50 pm
high temperatures in the 80s, 70s on the coast which is pretty much temperature range we're going to have. 79 half moon bay. around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s. certainly a pleasant one. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be mild to warm throughout the week. temperatures dropping off just a few degrees thursday, friday. but bouncing back saturday. drop off more on monday we get clouds in the sky. but still not a significant drop in temperatures. no drops of rain coming our way, either. so nice-looking seven day autos range is narrow. >> very. just uniform highs. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> we want to talk 49ers football. >> yes. mike shumann is here now. >> owe offense led by vernon davis. but a defense has been stellar, four more turnovers. coach loving life now. shareñáçñ
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49ers and cardinals is an
7:54 pm
under rated rivalry. yesterday at the stick his huge first half but the defense pulled this victory off for 49ers, patrick willis saw this stumble in the 4th quarter recur covered by rookie eric read resulting in 16 points with only a two-point lead. 49ers drove it down with 18 play, 89 yard drive. so coach today, how about that defense? >> been good. you love seeing your defense generate turnovers. the safety play wh. getting involved in turnovers it's been something that in the past has been good for us, very encouraging eric read is getting in on that. recovering or intercepting.
7:55 pm
>> very balanced victory. now, time for vernon's view teeming up for this season every week we have special access to 49ers star after each game for insight. abc 7's larry beil met up with vernon it was great to be out there and make plays with cappernick and the team. it's always good to contribute especially in our efforts to coming up with the victory. but i can't take credit for i you noi? it's not just about me. >> you've got to take some of it if you want to give me some, i'll take some. >> you deserve a bunch of it whenever getting the ball i find the zone. especially if i'm able to come out with the play. just find a place with i'm
7:56 pm
comfortable and i have confidence to go get things done. >> got another game ball gave it to collin kaepernick. sunday night he sits down with me after the tennessee game. only on abc 7 news, i checked with vernon today and raiders lieuing to chiefs 24-7. terrell pryor had one of his worst games of the year. i think he didn't get much else, sacked 10 times resulting in three delay of game penalties. also threw three interceptions. two in the final four and a half minutes. now, raiders get a by to. lick their wounds. >> i don't think he was in the
7:57 pm
game the other day but he's still a young player. that is where he's got a lot of growing to do. but he's a talented player. and we're going to continue to try to build with him, try to roll with him. >> kansas city, alex smith, 6-0. a's season is over but they're looking towards next season with updates today. a rookie pitcher five and three this year with a 2.67 era. a segment tear will require surgery. and josh redic undergoing surgery on his right wrist. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware.
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>> good stuff. >> just fabulous. >> kind of his go to guy. >> you can tell about the relationship there. >> exactly. >> thank you, shu. >> tonight at 9:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00 the bart strike threat. >> we'll have an update as we get closer to the deadline. >> does the government has a copy of your e mail list? the program that had been kept secret until now. >> internet full of deals but what about transatlantic flights for next to nothing? a glitch has one airline practically giving away tickets. >> tonight's prime time line up with watch abcapp by the way. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news, our coverage continues right now on twitter follow us on abc 7 news bay area.
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>> for spencer christian, and all of us here, thanks for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came together and said, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any way you want it. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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