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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson in for dan ashley. here's the latest to keep b.a.r.t. trains running. b.a.r.t. and its unions are in talks right now. union leaders have guaranteed the people will know by 10:00 tonight if there's a strike
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tomorrow. ridership has been down by 85,000 trips on friday, monday and tuesday amid all of this daily uncertainty. take a look. this is the microphone stand in front of the cal trans building in oakland. this is where the talks are taking place. when officials are ready to make an announce. we'll bring it to you live. this is the fifth time in the past week when it's unclear if b.a.r.t. trains will be running in the morning. you can find out immediately if there's a settlement or strike, download our app and you'll get breaking news alerts whenever news happens. join us in the morning for the latest on the b.a.r.t. strike threat. the morning news team will have all developments if there is a strike, we'll bring you commute updates. join us for an early start beginning at 4:00 on the abc 7 morning news. at least we know ac transit won't be on strike at midnight. governor brown stepped in to avert that strike. the governor declared a delay while a panel investigates the
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talks. if there's no agreement in the next week, the governor could ask a judge for a 60-day cooling off period. twot sides disagree over how much they should pay for health insurance. they've already rejected two tentative deals. in the midst of this, long awaited traffic relief is under way. the fourth boar of the caldecott tunnel is set to open the weekend of november 16th. the mercury news reports that date is based on the successful completion of safety and fire system tests. 417 milli$417 million d is desi- following big news out of washington tonight. after 16 days of a federal government shutdown facing a debt ceiling crisis, congress reached a bipartisan deal tonight. the white house says federal employees report back to work tomorrow. karen traverse has the latest from capitol hill. >> first the senate
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overwhelmingly approved the bipartisan deal. >> the bill is reported as passed. >> then the house. >> the motion is adopted. >> the 11th hour compromise reopens the government, but the funding only goes through january 15th. it extend the nation's credit limit, only until february 7th. there are no major changes to the president's health care law. the main republican sticking point that sparked the shutdown in the first place. today, congress seemed proud of itself for hammering out a deal. but there was little celebrating tonight. >> there's a lot of work ahead of us including the need to earn back the trust of the american people. >> this is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. >> the nation ended the self-inflicted crisis. republicans waged a bitter fight with democrats and with themselves. texas senator ted cruz rallied conservatives into a fight over obama care that triggered the shutdown. tonight he lashed out against fellow senate republicans who he said -- >> decided to direct their
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criticism, direct their attention, direct their cannon fire at house republicans. >> by one estimate the 16-day shutdown cost a whopping $1.4 billion a day. that's $24 billion so far. it curbed school lunch programs, kept 800,000 federal workers off the job and disrupted plans for millions of tourists an the businesses who depend on them. >> there will be new deadlines in just a few months. all signs point to republicans keeping up their fight. as he left the briefing room tonight, president obama was asked if this would happen in a couple of months. he paused and said emphatically, no. >> karen traverse, capitol hill. what did the shutdown cost american taxpayers. by one estimate, $24 billion. standards and poors says that's the dough -- news of the deal sent the stock markets soaring. it finished at 15,373.
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the nasdaq closed up 45 points. the s&p 500 rose 23. while the federal government shutdown is coming to an end, the budget agreement won't end the anger and frustration among many people, especially touristst shut out of federal parks. yosemite has reoemd, alcatraz will be open again tomorrow. producer vic lee has more. >> really disappointed. >> it was a double whammy for brett from new zealand. not only did his team lose the america's cup. america shut down his tour to alcatraz. >> it was really big for me, heard about it, seen on tv. want to go there. got close. >> he and his tour group were cruising around the island today instepped of landing on it. the shutdown has had a serious impact on alcatraz cruises.
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>> we've laid some departments off completely. we're not like government employees. our people won't get paid. >> foreign tourists were in disbelief that this could happen here in the united states and that the shutdown would last this long. henry's mother is visiting from france. they want today grab coffee at the cafe at chris i field. this as well as other recreation areas has been closed. >> like one of the most powerful country in the world and you have the shutdown. like wow. >> the federal building at noon was like a ghost town. only essential workers came in. we also found nick morales here. he wanted to pay back taxes before his friday deadline but couldn't. the irs office was closed. he was angry. >> washington, d.c., they don't care. because they got money. they get paid. >> restaurants near the federal building have also been hurt. the owner of the popular gourmet carousel says they lost more than 20% of their business.
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most during lunch. >> you come 1:00, it's still busy. now, pretty quiet. >> agreement or not, the damage of the shutdown has been done. vic lee, abc 7 news. one other note about the vote in the house. a stenographer was hauled out of the chamber after charging the podium and screaming during the vote. she continued yelling as she was taken away saying you cannot serve two masters and he will not be mocked. this is video from the house camera. this incident stunned members and staffers who said they had never seen anything quite like it. >> two parents are thankful tonight a day after their children were found safe when a car thief sped away in the family suv with the kids in the back. stephanie thomas stepped out of her volkswagen for a moment to snap a picture of her husband and cousin. the kids were sleeping in car seats and seconds later a woman jumped into it and sped away. >> we were screaming our kids,
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our kids. i think a lot of the people on the street kind of -- when they heard me screaming our kids. people were immediately like coming up. giving me hugs. >> there was a moment when my eyes locked eyes with the woman driving the car. she just had this look of death. >> a neighbor found their suv blocking his driveway a short time later on sweeney street and the police have not made any a rss. >> fire investigators think a piem of oily rags may have caused a house fire. >> it all started in the garage and spread to two cars in the driveway. the magnesium in the car batteries exploded and burned. this happened on dove court after an 11-year-old girl and her parents escaped the flames, the girl rang her neighbor's doorbell. >> as soon as i opened the door, i thought directly across the street, the whole house looked to be engulfed in flames. >> the fire destroyed the garage
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and badly damaged the house. the power line came down as well. firefighters had to make sure to get none of the water from their hoses hit that line. the homeowner was apparent lip staining his deck and left the rags near the garage. a law school student has been sentenced to 190 days prison boot camp for beheading an exotic bird in las vegas. he pleaded guilty during a drunken chase last year at the flamingo hotel. the judge wants him back in court after boot camp. he'll be eligible for probation which could be up to four years. a new chancellor has been named to head city college of san francisco. 63-year-old arthur tyler will take over the troubled college system fighting to regain its accreditation. more now from abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez. >> arthur tyler signed a contract to head city college of san francisco for two years. almost immediately, he pulled out his reassurance message.
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>> yes, we will get the accreditation done. >> tyler has worked at other community colleges in houston, sacramento and los angeles. he was the special trustee for the compton community college district which lost its accreditation. >> it had some real challenges with integrity. one of the trustees went to jail. it's a different place. it's a different situation. >> city college will lose its accreditation next july unless it's able to make drastic financial and managerial changes. tyler will report to the special trustees, robert a grel a who is trying to impose the changes. >> i really hope whatever it is going on behind the scenes gets fixed and that this college stays open. >> i actually just hope the school stays open. >> tyler himself had an interesting introduction to college which started when he left home at the age of 15. after an argument with his dad which left him homeless.
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more on that in a few minutes on abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm leeian melendez at city college. >> up next, emergency in the sky. the terrifying moments caught bypass jer. what they heard and saw in mid-flight. it hunt for a dangerous mosquito. why california officials want to stop this one before it spreads. i'm spencer christian in the weather forecast center. mild weather continues but for how long? i'll have the answer in my accuweather forecast next. we're keeping watch on
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we're learning more about that spirit airlines flight from texas to atlanta force today turn back after passengers heard something so terrifying many of them sent text messages to loved ones. we have new details about what they heard, what they saw and what authorities are saying really happened. here's abc news reporter steve owes sammy. >> there was an emergency in the sky. spirit airlines flight from dallas to atlanta. >> are you having any instruments difficulties? >> yes. >> just a few minutes into the air on tuesday night passengers felt and heard an explosion coming from the left engine.
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>> some people were praying out loud, st were praying quietly. >> kacy rodgers said he could see the fire burning outside his window. smoke was filling the cabin and they were gasping for air. >> when the engine actually blew up, the plane started shaking violent violently. >> his business partner was an experienced pilot and they started texting their wives. >> i said ashley, i love you. make sure my kids know that forever. >> i sent that text thinking it would be my last. >> with one engine gone, spirit airlines said they were able to power up the other, enough to get control of the engine, turn it back to dallas and land safely. but it was a wild ride. just like this one on turkish airlines in january and another on british airways in may. >> pilots know what to do. the airplanes and engines are designed not to become a threat beyond coming apart. they can fly on one engines.
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>> they're calling up some of the furloughed people to determine whether this engine fire was more serious. they think broken pieces weren't contained inside the shell. that's never good. steve owes unsammy, atlanta. a plane was forced to land in oakland because of a bird strike in san jose. that plane had just taken off on route to hawaii from san jose international this morning. pilots felt the vibration in the engine and flight crews suspected a bird strike. sky 7 hd was over the plan after it landed at oakland international. crews did find damage to the engine consistent with a bird strike. it took off for hawaii. trying to control the spread of mosquito carrying yellow fever. they were detected in the central valley communities of clovis and ma der a in june. they turned up in san mateo
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county in august. the late nest fresno. the brown mosquitoes with markings bite during the day and prefer people to animals and need a teaspoon of water to lay eggs. lieutenant governor gavin newsome will chair a blue ribbon panel in making marijuana legal in california. details will be announced tomorrow by the aclu. the panel will study legal and policy issues related to making pot legal, such as how to regulate and tax it. all right, let's shift to the forecast and spencer, this is one much those weeks in october we often have that's delightfully warm. >> it's been stunningly beautiful every day. it's going to stay that way for a while. temperatures will taper off gradually over the next week or so. a live look at doppler 7 hd. clear skies across the bay area as we have had all day and throughout the week. this pattern will be with us for a while. a live view from the rooftop
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camera. here at abc 7 looking across the embarcadero, it's currently 68 degrees in san francisco. it's often not even 68 degrees in the daytime. 70 in oakland. 68 san jose, 6 o in los gatos. another live view from the tower camera looking out over san francisco. other temperature readings, 58 at -- 59 fairfield 62 and 67 in livermore. one more live view from our east bay hills camera. looking westward out over the bay and the bridge, these are our forecast features. it will be mainly clear but -- we'll have gradual cooling into the weekend and no rain is in sight for at least seven days. satellite, radar composite image shows high pressure the dominant feature. there is this dry cold front passing through bringing us a few high clouds and lingering high clouds during the evening hours. but it's of no consequence really.
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as we look at the seven-day high temperature trend in san jose, you can see that the peak of the high temperatures in san jose will be on friday when highs reach 81 degrees. then starting on saturday, temperatures in san jose will level off to 77 each day into about wednesday -- tuesday of next week and by next wednesday, down to mid-70s. a fairly stable weather pattern in terms of temperatures over the next seven days. that applies to the entire bay area. mid to upper 30s, 36 at santa rosa. 38 at napa. mainly mid to upper 40s over the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow, another lovely, mild, beautiful and sunny day coming our way in the south bay. sunny with highs mainly in the upper 70s. up to 82 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, we'll see mainly mid to upper 70s. 78 at redwood city and mountain view and low 70s on the coast of pacifica and half moon bay. san francisco, high of 74
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tomorrow. 73 in the sunset district. upper 6 os to 70. upper 70s to 80 at cal stowing a. highs of 77 at oakland and 79 at fremont and the inland east bay, highs to 80 at fairfield. 81 at antioch. 82 at livermore. seven-day forecast, temperatures -- they'll taper off one or two degrees each day moving through the weekend into early next week. by midweek next week, upper 70s in the inland areas where this week we've got low 80s. not much of a change. just a few degrees. it's going to be a nice day. mild and pleasant weather pattern. >> it looks terrific. thanks, spencer. thanks, spencer. still o to come, the look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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this is abc 7 news. an artist come up with images showing how cats see compared to people. the upper image, look at this, shows a person's vision with 180-degree view, the lower image a cat's 200-degree view. the cat's view is out of focus. that's because they focus on objects 20 feet away. humans can see objects 100 to 200 feet away. cats' eyes don't pick up color. they're red-green colorblind with a more washed out vision of the world. the artist worked with a vet and clin toik come up with the pictures. this was no ordinary wedding. 103-year-old jose and 9 ye
9:25 pm
99-year-old martina tied the knot in paraguay. a priest conducted the ceremony. the couple celebrated a civil wedding 50 years ago but never got around to the religious ceremony. they decided to get married when the children asked what they were waiting for. now it's official. we'll have an update on b.a.r.t. negotiations. the latest from the talks taking place right now. it's crunch time in silicon valley. high tech rivals move forward on new digs a few miles apart. the cancer ward nurses the cancer ward nurses getting more than they
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good evening again. we want to bring you latest on the negotiations to keep b.a.r.t. trains running. we have a camera in front of the cal trans building now. a group of people gathered in the lobby. among them mayor george cohen. they're not in the negotiations or the talks right now. but they began negotiating at 10:00 this morning and have been going all kay day and into the evening. they've guaranteed the public would know by 10:00 tonight if there's a strike tomorrow. when officials are ready to make an announcement, we will bring it to ylive. there are photographers getting into position indicating the announcement could be forthcoming. stay with us. we'll have that for u you can follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. app am and samsung are moving forward with projects down the road from each other in silicon valley. the cupertino city council
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approved plans near 280 and north wolf road, about a mile and a half from app am's current campus. samsung broke ground moving in on apple's territory for the first time. jonathan bloom has that story. >> there were no ceremonial gilded shovels at this groundbreaking. >> our definition of groundbreaking is knocking down walls. >> land developer tmg partners is wasting no time clearing away the old buildings to put up a new research campus for samsung in mountain view. >> we're excited to expand to mountain view and join the top companies in the valley. >> it's two miles from google's headquarters which has a city council member thrilled. >> we were glad to have a company coming in that didn't begin with g. not that we don't love google. but they've become pac-man. >> pac-man? >> pac-man. >> they've been gobbling up,
9:31 pm
they bought two buildings next door. really for the economic diversity of the community, it's great to have samsung coming in. >> samsung isn't the only company moving dirt around in silicon valley. at the same time as they were breaking ground here, apple has plans for cupertino. >> it will be a place for the best team in the industry to innovate for decades to come. >> apple's chief financial officer stood at the lectern where steve jobs presented his plan for a giant spaceship-like campus to the city council four months before he died. >> the best office building in the world. now, i really do think architecture students will come here to see this. >> from that day when steve came in here, our staff has worked night and day on this project to bring us to the place that we are today. that day was two years ago when apple dominated the smartphone market. now samsung, its arch-rival is on top and moving in up the
9:32 pm
street. apple hopes the unique work space helps it to innovate. >> in mountain view, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. sluggish sales of the colorful iphone 5 are leading apple to cut production in half. a website reports that they've cut production to 150,000. the more expensive 5s is outselling the 5c by a ratio of two to one. no comment from apple on this. now, the secret ways women are drinking at home more than they let on to. their husbands or children know there's a big increase in the number of people drinking and driving. abc news reporter amy robach with more. >> heather king couldn't wait for the end of her day. >> i drank nightly. i felt like i was having me time with my wine. >> but eventually the mom of three began to hide from her husband how many times she was
9:33 pm
refilling her glass. >> i added a lot more. i would run the water in the sink so that he wouldn't hear the glug glug glug of the bottle going into the glass. >> how do you know the difference between destressing and having an actual problem? >> are you looking forward to this a little too much? is it medication? is it first aid? >> gabriel glazer wrote the book after she evaluated her own drinking habits. >> women are under so much more stress than ever in their lives. not that you set out to medicate yourself. but it's really easy also to go to cross that line. >> it can come at a price. >> it can. >> dui arrests among women are up 30%, even while men's rates decreased. the number of women aged 45 to 54 seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, tripling. women's bodies with a higher percentage of fat and lower water content process alcohol differently than men which makes women get drunk faster and
9:34 pm
physical consequences like liver and skin damage show up sooner. >> this sneaky addiction, it -- >> heather king decided she need today stop completely, seeking treatment in an alcohol support group and writing, sharing her firsthand experience with other women. >> i get to just be free of the obsession i had with wine. >> another approach is moderation. here in the u.s., that's one five-ounce glass of wine a day for women and according to the nih, if you drink four or more drinks in two hours, that's binge drinking. gabrielle keeps a careful mental tally, fof for her, never more than two glasses a day. >> be aware of when you're drinking and why. what the alcohol is doing to you and what feelings it might be masking. it's important to note that five ounces of wine, one serving is a lot less than most people actually pour. if you think you've had two glasses of wine, if you count the ounces versus the glasses,
9:35 pm
you have probably had closer to three. amy robach, abc news, new york. an idea to make a music video by two nurse social security much more than they imagined. ♪ the nurses and staffers at the children's hospital want today give back to the patients who inspired them on a daily basis. the song brave, was a perfect fit. so they put together this video on their days off and between shifts to honor the kids for their bravery. >> we know these kids, we know their stories, what they've been through. for other people to see how amazing they are and to be affected in the same way means so much to us. we hope it continues to inspire other kids. >> but no one expected this video made for fun would go viral. more than 330,000 people have watched it and of course, that
9:36 pm
number is growing. for millions of people suffering from tremors, even simple tasks like turning a key in a lock or eating a meal can be a struggle. now a startup is hoping to change that with an ingenious piece of engineering. for joe, deciding what to have for breakfast or lunch is routine. the hard part comes when he actually starts eating it. >> very frustrating. >> this is why people with tremors don't like to eat in restaurants. >> a condition that affects 10 million americans. >> it is embarrassing. when you can't keep food on a spoon, especially if you like soup or salad, you can't keep salad on a fork. >> but they believe they've come up with a solution in the form of this spoon. when assembled, it can do what a patient's hand can. hold food steady. >> the founder of it, he says the device could help millions of patients suffering from a
9:37 pm
range of conditions including parkinson's disease. >> they can scoop up jelly beans, get a little bit more. even though my hand is shaking, it's actually working to keep the spoon steady. >> the spoon known as lift wear makes constant adjustments in real time to compensate for the tremors. the challenge was to get the spoon to distinguish shaking from the normal movements of a person eating. >> if i'm lifting the spoon up, that's a much slower motion. it would allow that to exist. >> to accomplish that, engineers married motion sensors to a tiny computer using sophisticated algorithms to detect -- to fit in the handle. back at joe's, the difference is dramatic. >> it's dampening my tremor tremendously. >> the unit was field tested at the university of michigan as well as patient groups. the national institute's of health provided funding offering patients like joe brem horse the hope of achieving what most of
9:38 pm
us take for granted. >> the lift wear spoon is a lifesaver for those of us who can't get food into our mouth. >> the company has begun accepting pre-orders and expects to ship by the summer. we have links to other websites at abc 7 you'll find that information under see it on tv. still ahead, showroom furniture takes a lot of abuse. one woman says the couch she bought didn't
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often the best thing to do before buying a new sofa or mattress is test it out on the showroom floor. a woman thought she found the
9:42 pm
perfect couch on the showroom floor until she got it home. here's michael finney with what happened next. >> mary vargas of san ramon loved this couch from the moment she saw it at j.c. penney. >> it was comfortable when you sat in it at the store. >> for a year the couch sat in the showroom, kids jumping on it, grownups reclining on it. >> it never showed any signs of wear and tear. so i just -- that's why i decided to get it. >> it cost $3500. she figured it was worth it. it was comfortable and sturdy. or so she thought. >> july 17th, 2012, is when they delivered it. and by october it started falling apart. >> mary is showing us what happened. cushions clumped, the lining dropped, stuffing came out, an arm came loose. >> i would go down to j.c. penney's and they gave me the 1-800 number to call. >> they referred her to the warranty company.
9:43 pm
>> they were telling me i had to go back to the store. >> mary tried to make do, pushing the stuffing back into the couch and sitting on it carefully. >> it comes loose. as long as you don't sit in it or you sit there and don't move, your material will move. >> mary says that's no way to curl up on a couch. >> what is the couch for? i thought a couch is to lay down on, sit in. you should be able to move without it falling apart. >> finally a technician came out, he said the frame was never attached to the cushions and the couch should be rebuilt. j.c. penney ordered the parts and mary waited. >> nothing ever comes. >> mary contacted 7 on your side, we contacted the store. the retailer found out the company that made the couch was going out of business. the parts were never delivered. penney's offered to let mary pick out a new couch. she didn't find one she liked. instead, penney's refunded all her money, a spokesperson saying we intend today go through with
9:44 pm
the repair but the supplier was not able to provide the parts. we are focused on great customer service and certainly don't want a customer to go through this kind of frustrating experience. we're really glad this issue is being resolved and that mary is happy. hopefully she can use the refund to get another couch at j.c. penney or elsewhere. >> find one that made me feel good. >> we'd like to thank penney's for coming through in such a big way. mary appreciates the effort. sure enough, she's trying every couch on the showroom floor. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, maybe it's something in the sweet, crea [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system.
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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new york's attorney general is going after san francisco based iowe the company may owe new york tens of millions of dollars in taxes. attorney generic schneiderman subpoenaed ab and b to turn over on -- of listed apartments and rooms for rent on the site. they have to play by the same rules at everyone else and pay 15% in room taxes. well, air b and b executive nick pappas says they want to help new york but called the request for personal data on thousands of new yorkers overboard. now to a headline popping up all day about a temptation in so many kitchens. oreo's. a study suggest that is families can't stop eating them, there's a good reason why. dan harris has the science. >> if you too crave oreo cookies, you're in good company. >> we all have strategies of course. twist them apart, eat the filling first, dip them in milk. but feed them to rats, then
9:49 pm
things get interesting. that's what researchers at connecticut college did and they found that when eating oreo's, the pleasure centers in the little guys' brain lit up as much or more than on cocaine. and yes, by the way, the rats ate the filling first. now, to be clear, this study has not been peer reviewed or published. and as nabisco, the maker of oreo's said today, "while it may seem simple to bucket foods as good or bad, the reality is that foods are complex and encouraging people to have a balanced diet paired with physical activity is important. the way to fight obesity is more exercise, more fruits and vegetables and cookies, moderation, although as any lab rat will tell you, the last part is not always easy. dan harris, abc news, new york. well, let's check in now with the man who never puts an oreo in the temple. >> that's true. >> an occasional chocolate chip.
9:50 pm
>> clear skies across the bay area. it's going to remain clear in the overnight hours. tomorrow, tate wide -- these are good. sunny and mild across the entire state. highs in the interior sections in the 80s. 70s on the coast. that includes the bay area. once again, tomorrow, highs in the low to mid-70s on the coast. upper 70s in the bay. upper 70s to low 80s in the inland locations. here is the seven-day forecast. we'll have mild weather through the forecast period. with just gradual tapering off temperatures. highs in the 70s. no oreo's but chocolate chips. >> i'm surprised to see you having a chocolate chips. >> it's rare. it's a real treat. i love it. >> let's get a check of sports now. i was going to offer you a water glass if you need something to wash it down. that's why i didn't hand it to him.
9:51 pm
>> he prefers chardonnay with the cookie. >> in sports, can the dodgers do what the giants did a year ago against st. louis in the nlcs? >> karl crawford and the
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have the latest on the b.a.r.t. talks. right now both sides at the bargaining table. no deal reached yet. we'll have an update on the negotiations and what you need to know if there is a strike called for tomorrow morning. also, an east bay community rallies around a 2-year-old suffering from cancer. how friends and strangers are coming together to help this girl and her family. now, let us turn our attention to sports. baseball. >> the championship series going on. tigers manager jim leland shuffled the starting lineup heading into game 4 of the american league championship series against boston. he moved miguel cabrera to
9:55 pm
second, austin jackson down to eighth. it worked. doug fister was on the mound. gave up one run. tigers up. a's nemesis torey hunter, two run double down the line. all over jake peavy. they built a 5-0 cushion. singles up the middle scoring austin jackson who was all over the bases in this game. really productive. big poppy in the ninth with a man at third. doesn't get it this time. hunter squeeze tz for the final out. the series tied at two games apiece with game five tomorrow night in detroit. the giants faced a 3-1 deficit to the nlcs. we know how that series finished up. trying to extend the season and move that series back to st. louis. 53,000 at dodger stadium on a gorgeous day. 82 degrees. dodgers had not hit a single
9:56 pm
homer through the first four games of the series. hit four in the game. two by adrian gonzalez. a 3-2 lead in the third in the fifth. carl crawford, solo bomb. a.j. ellis, solo and back to gonzalez in the eighth. another solo homer. dodgers take a 6-2 lead in the ninth. cardinals make an interesting two run for -- trikes strikes him out looking. 6-4 dodgers, they stay alive heading to st. louis down 3-2. la pierre did apologize to sharks defenseman dan boyle after the brutal hit in the sharks victory. meanwhile the nhl wants to see la pierre in person for a hearing to discuss the hit on boyle. la pierre suspended pending that hearing. boyle was carried off the ice on a stretcher heading back to the bay area. he'll miss the game against dallas. sharks coach talking about the hit and its aftermath.
9:57 pm
the video provided to us by the sharks. >> you breathe a bit of a sigh of relief and from there, you begin to play the game again. the best news we got after was that he was in the hospital and alert andokay. >> good news there. the 49ers travel to tennessee this week taking on the 3-3 titans. should be a tough test for the nfl's fourth best rushing team. good at stripping the ball, the d forced seven fumbles. expect a healthy dose of frank gore. had harbaugh said he's not worried about gore being stripped of the football. he talked about the fumble this year so far. >> he let his guard down and when that happens to frank, you're not going to sneak up on frank again and hit him over the head with a bag of dung a second
9:58 pm
time. >> i didn't realize that was a tactic in football. former secretary of state condoleeza rice will be among the 13 members of the new college football playoffs selection committee next year. the bcs system is being replaced by humans. rice, huge college football fan. she joins others with strong ties to stanford. the earthquakes need to win the last two games to lock up a playoff spot. first test is sunday as they face the arch-rivals, the l.a. galaxy. the quakes split their two games this season including a shocking come from behind win in june. the quakes have kind much been in must win situations for the past couple of weeks. keeper says his quakes are ready. >> nothing changes. we're going to play our game. we also know the importance and the significance of the game. you know, we need three points and we understand that. like i said, we've been in this situation for a few weeks now. we're used to it.
9:59 pm
>> quakes coming off a 1-0 win against the rapids. the last game was intense. >> it's been exciting for sure. larry, thank you. thanks for joining us everyone. we're going to continue to watch for developments in the b.a.r.t. talks and as soon as we hear anything, we'll bring it to you. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we'll bring you full coverage on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. you can see some folks are here gathered in the lobby. this is where b.a.r.t. negotiations are taking place right now. a member of the seiu union promised a decision on whether or not there would be a strike by 10:00 tonight to allow commuters time to get ready. we'll see if that happens. we'll see you at 11 lon:00. good night. abed back from mmer ♪
10:00 pm
[applause and laughter] - wait a minute. something's changed. - oh, there's 12 additional thumb tacks on that board. they're driving me crazy. [laugh track] - no, i meant this. trying out the hipster look.


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