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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 3, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc seven news. the family of a teen killed by a deputy will file a suit tomorrow. today we're learning more about the deputy who killed him. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard said he feared for his life when the officer pulled a gun on him too.
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>> jeff says he and an employee feared for their lives when they were pulled over. the deputy that made the stop seemed agitated. >> i grabbed the stick shift, and when i looked up heing turn the vehicle off. i said the vehicle is off. >> he told him to get out of the car. >> he asked me if i had any weapons, and as i went like this he went back to the gun thing and it was turn around, hands behind your back. >> he was shocked to learn that deputy was the same man that shot and killed a 13-year-old andy lopez last month. >> wow, i saw something, my wife
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even said that night he will shoot someone. minutes after the stop, he said he refused to explain why he drew his weapon. we could not reach his attorney today, but earlier today an attorney said that he would never willy nilly pull out his gun. jeff westbrook says he now feels dplt that he didn't do more. >> you're looking at a man that pulled a gun, and i know they don't pull them unless they intend to use them. >> jeff says he plans to file a formal complaint very soon. police are investigating a rash of robberies on campus. there has been three recently.
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the most recent one was at the faculty glade. an 1-year-old woman was grabbed from behind enthe second pulled a gun on her and took her phone and rifled through her purse. her attackers got away. one student says she's done something to protect herself. >> i have a pepper spray in my bag now. i just got it lke yesterday, but i got it now. >> uc berkeley police have been stepping up patrols but they have made no arrests. there is also services to help students get around safely at night. we provided a link at abc look for see it on tv. new details about the los angeles international airport shooting. the suspect is said to have made
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the conscious decision to kill many tsa agents. paul ciancia says he account aed alone and was dropped off at the airport by a friend. he killed a tsa agent and wounded three others. more than 24 hours after the shooting the airport says operations are back to normal. alex stone has the story from los angeles. >> 23-year-old paul ciancia lies underguard and unrespondtive in a hospital bed leaving behind a bloody trail to speak for him. >> he made the decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> he said i want to instill fear on your minds in a letter. >> he did do that. >> a criminal complaint filed in federal court details his shooting spree. it says he entered terminal
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three with a bag holding a smith and wesson semiautomatic handgun. the complaint said as he moved up the escalator he looked back at the wounded officer and returned to shoot the officer again and killing him. ciancia shot down at least two more agents before four police bullets put him on the ground. >> it will be the decision of the attorney general of the united states whether or not to seek the death penalty in this case. >> geraldo her nnandez was the first to die. >> ciancia's actions baffle all of those that knew him. >> once again these pillars of
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lights will burn blue in honor of the fallen officers. a federal appeals court ruling over a key obama care mandate is like rhode island to start another battle in the u.s. supreme court. there is a provision that requires employers with 350 or more workers to provide coverage for contraceptives or pay a fine. a court ruled on friday they can't proceed and block the enforcement of the employer mandate. there has been outrage over the sight. today it is back up and running after being taken offline overnight. engineers fixed the technical problems. democrats that backed the obama care initiative are calling the short comings unacceptable. >> i feel that they ought to
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take down the website until it was right. >> applications for affordable care are still ahead of sign up for president george w. bush's medicare act. president obama plans to make a stop in the pay area this month. he will visit san francisco for a national committee fundraiser. this will mark the fourth time this year that president obama visited the bay area and the 15th time he visited san francisco since taking office in 2009. still ahead, freeze tag is a popular playground game, but some parents are upset after the schools made it a policy that the kids freeze at resense. some of the bay areas brightest mind competed to make fuel efficient vehicles. >> at this time last night we
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a group of parents is fighting an elementary cool recess process that is supposed to make the tiransition from recess to class. >> my daughter is bent over and assumed this position. she could be like this for ten minutes. >> school officials say the position is to calm kids down and make the walk back to class
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more orderly. they will modify it to address the outcry. >> students from 31 colleges were in san francisco today to find the key to america's future energy supply. here is a look at the competition. they had to use new sustainable fuels and materials to get a car to travel a tern distance. >> it's also a real learning experience trying to control a reaction because that's our main objective as chemical engineers. how do we control the reaction, what's the process for it, and what are the errors. >> it wrapped up a couple years ago. the university of tulsa finishes in the bottom third tier. why a common marine animal is dieing off from kourn
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california to alaska. and a look at the changes coming to our weather. we'll have the forecast next. the eagles
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for the first time scientists have discovered mite infestations in the california golden eagle populations. there have been infestations and golden ray and alameda county this year. they can see a significant loss of feathers. it affects their body temperature and potentially their ability to get food. a large number of dead st
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starfish are turning up. they have a disease that causes them to dissolve and have their arms fall off. it is called seastar wasting disease. they not sure what is causing the disease, but it could have a devastating effect. muscle populations could overcrowd other species. >> everybody is working forward to -- well not looking forward, but looking ahead to the workweek. >> it was cold today. we had that cool breeze move in. that wind advisory that we talked about last night have been lifted. the winds didn't materialize to much last night. it was breezy in some locations but we just did not have those 40 and 50 miles per hour wind gusts. you see some of the high clouds continue to drift across the bay area. signs of clearing and that will
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be over the bay area tomorrow. so let's get ready for more sunshine. highs today, some locations downright cool. 56 was the high today in clear lake. 61 in san francisco, a stiff breeze there. 64 and 56 today was the high in concord. right now under partial clear sky we have 53 in san francisco, san jose 55 degrees. this shot from our sutro cam, and santa rosa right now 49 degrees. livermore 53 degrees. we're going to go with a colder night tonight. you know with that time change our sunset was at 5:08. colder overnight tonight with scattered clouds. a brighter start for you tomorrow morning and get ready for warmer days monday, tuesday -- the warmest looks like it will be on wednesday. here is a look how we started
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off this morning. clear and then a bit of energy from that area of low pressure to the west of us. so we'll see clouds tonight and it will be a colder night this evening as temperatures din into the mid to up every 30s and we'll work our way through monday by 1:00. the storm track stays to the north of us. the sunshine will be with us. real quickly i want to update you on tropical storm sonia which just barely passed by the southern tip of cabo. and you can see it right here to the east of cabo san lucas. mainland mexico and then by tomorrow afternoon continue to spread some of those showers in that direction. keep that in mind if you have travel plans in that area. here are our lows tonight, it is chilly in the north bay, 34 in
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clover dale. 48 san jose, and here is a look at your highs for monday. more sunshine, less breeze. 70 for fairfield. tuesday and wednesday back up into the 70s as well. a shark decrease will be with us friday and saturday and the forecast models are bringing a chance of showers in here next sunday. we'll keep you posted on that. >> thank you. the niners were off this week, but the raiders played. >> two steps forward and one back, right? >> instead, the high flying eagles lead by nick foles tied with seven td passes. but nick foles had other ideas. second quarter, foles gets his
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second td of the half. cooper goes 63-yards. eagles scored a touch down in the first four possessions. and a first career touchdown, 28-13 at the half. foled down to mckoi. he gets his 5th of the game. goes to jackson, easy six. then 22 and 28 -- he mad more tds than incompletions. this one by cooper is the seventh and final. we're a better football team than what we displayed out there. we'll go back to work. we'll get ready to go up to new york and compete against the giants. we'll put a better product on the field. >> i felt like we had a great week of preparation. all of the guys were fired up before the game and ready to go.
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i felt great and it continued through the game. >> the chiefs are 9-0. the bills were looking for more. sean smith picked him off. he goes 100 yards for a touch down. 22-13 that final. the 49ers enjoying their bye week. they have the carolina panthers next week. cam newton threw for 249 yards and a touchdown to greg olson. they are 5-3 on the year and they are playing pretty well. jep set alert, the bucks up 21-0 after this jump pass from mike james. seattle's won their last 11 at home. the stanford product ties it at 24. in overtime, steven haushka. a 27-yarder to win it.
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they're a game and a half up. 27-24 final. the champions turn ended with a two story line. fred couples wins his first event of the year. two cups presented today at hardy part. langer needed to wing and pet tis tie for fifth or worse. he tied for second at 11-under. terry was 3-under on the day. they got a million dollar bonus. fred couples, he finished 17 under on the tournament. first win on the champion's tour this year. >> it took me the whole year to finally beat kenny perry in something. he has been dominating this tour. >> fred, i'm going to take you to wendys. >> the pga in shanghai, dustin
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johnson led by three coming in the day, 5-under on the back nine including a chip in for eagle on 16. that takes him to 24 under on the tournament. nascar texas, the aaa 500, jimmy johnson took the lead. he takes the checkered flag for the sixth time this year. he is now leading in the points cup race. gary cubiak collapsed at the halftime of his game. we hope to have more updates
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coming up tonight at 11:00 sex, drugs, and betrayal. talking to one-half of a political pourcwer couple. and we will hear from a passenger on a flight that was held up by police. three new films with very different audiences debuted this weekend. the biggest budget was "ender's game." it is based on a popular youth sci-fi novel. in second place "bad grandpa." in third was the debut of "la "last vegas." that one earned $16.5 million.
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animated family film "free birds" debuted in fourth and brought in $16 million, and gravity stayed in the top five earning $13 million. it topped $220 million in five weeks. you were going to say la last vegas may be for the older -- >> yeah, you may like it. >> that does it for us. thank you so much for joining us. the next newscast is at 11:100 on abc 7.
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>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it adorable. but everyone calls its "bloopers." stop what you're doing. unless what you're doing is watching "bloopers." let's go. [applause] hello, everybody. i'm dean cain. . this is "bloopers." it is


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