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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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breaking news in new jersey where one shot was fired at the garden mall happened nip:30 eastern. some say he was wearing a black helmet and body armor. whoever it was has left the mall police believe. it's
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on lock did you know and nobody else is going in or out unless accompanied by police. we are glad to tell you nobody was injured but it was of course terrifying. we bring you updates as they happen here during this hour and follow us open twitter at this site. for any development. good evening. other top story the airports of 13-year-old santa rose boy shot and killed by shivers deputy filed a lawsuit today against sonoma county and officer who pulled the trigger. lopez was killed by deputy who thought the toy gun he was holding was real. and the parents are now asking for a fair and thorough investigatio investigation. lee ann is on the story. >> lawyer representing the family of 13-year-old lopez of santa rosa said the shooting was a case of racial profile. >> he assumed that mexican-american kid with a gun is a gang member dressed like a gang member i'm going to shoot first and ask questions later. >> so gnome know him county responded saying statements in
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the claims alleging that the sheriff encouraging deputy to prematurely shoot suspects who pose no threat or3w danger are false. he was shot and killed on october 22. 2 sonoma county deputy spotted the teen walkin walking. one of them eric gale house told investigators he mistook the teen pellet gun for a real one. ak 47. attorney vl castillo said the video comparing the 2 has 0if he saided the family. >> if you listen to the conduct it's a done deal folk. they have already concluded that the shooting was justified. okay. shame on them. >> the family had an independent autopsy done. it showed 7 bullet struck lopez. but it was the first one through his heart brought him down. >> gale house basically unloaded in a super reckless i way. say reckless doesn't come close. >>reporter: the the officer
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told police he feared for his life and thosaround him. boy's mother told reporters she is mad that the officer is at hoe on paid leaf while her son is dead. >> the she session i want them to arrest the men. fbi is conducting an independent investigation. family today show the pictures of the son who they say was loving and charismatic boy. >> we want justice. and also we want honest sletion. mexican consulate here in san francisco which referred the parents to this law firm. consulate negotiated with the american government to allow the boys grandmother and aunt to come to santa rosa from mexico fpl for the funeral. in the news ramp, 7 news. >> and we stream lot pez family news conference live on the 7 news smart phone app. you can down load it for free at this
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web site pleasant hill city council meeting right now to talk about restriction on gun dealers on where they can be located and gun dealers would have to get a police permit, police back ground security system and monitor firearm sale. >> this is simply a matter of public safety and the opportunity for a city to take action before something unfortunate happens. >> we have a very low crime rate. we just don't have any of the problems that this ordinance purports to address. >> mayor harris says handful of existing gun store in pleasant hill exempt from the restriction and won't feel much of an impact from the ordinance. we have more on tonight's meeting on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> well san francisco late today police tweet add picture of a person of interest in the disappearance of a visitor from
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brazil. hears the picture. and the number you can call if you recognize it. here's the number to call. police want to question this man about the person who called relevant i was in brazil and friend in los angeles to say he was in trouble and thought he was being followed. >> former stanford player in the middle of major controversy in the nfl. jonathan martin left the dolphins last week over what he thought to be a nasty prank. now his teammate richie incognito accused of sending racial slur to martin. more from david. >>reporter: brunt of the alleged harassment former stanford offensive tackle drafted last year by the dolphins. he has taken a leave of absence after reports of verbal abuse from incould go naturally o. he left martin a message that begins with calling him the n-word and ending with a threat to kill martin. there are also reports that incognito shook down martin for 15,000 dollars to
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finance a trip to las vegas by some team members. martin feared retaliation if he didn't give them the money. the dolphins have suspended incould go net 0who has had discipline problems during pro college career. he was twice suspended by the coach in nebraska, released by the ram for arguing with the coach and voted dirtiest player by his pierce. oakland raiders coach says bullying has to be monitored. >> that's stuff you always weren't to keep a close eye on and keep monitored. but i don't think we have any issues with any of that type of stuff on this football team. >> yes there is a culture of hazing at nfl team. this is video from hbo program how they have to demean themselves for veteran team mates. stanford football couch how he views harassment in the locker room. >> you have commune twaition between the coaching staff and the players and make sure everybody feels included and make sure that we are doing what we set tout do all we talk about here is playing great
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football and graduating not anything in between us and the goal. >> teammate all american david yankee offered support to jonathan martin. >> i don't know what is going on there but we are all behind him. i played with him for 2 years here and just wish him the best in whatever is going on rate now nishtion san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> if initial reaction is any indication an idea with the a's move to san francisco and share the giants ballpark is striking out. major league baseball putting pressure on the a's and coliseum authority to workxtensy suggesting if they don't they have to co-has been take it with the giants for awhile. laura has the story from oakland. >> unless they coverup all the orange and black of course but other than that they belong here. >> die hard a's fans sanchez not keen on the idea of beloved green and gold crossing the bay
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to play at at&t. >> a's are from oak land. they are the oakland a can't imagine all the way to san francisco for a game or 2. >>reporter: reaction after supports major league baseball floating the idea that a could play at at&t park temporarily. share that facility with the giants. that is coliseum authority don't agree on a lease extension soon the coliseum authority board and ladies the organization save oakland sports. >> i can say confidently we are close to guest it done. excited in the short while we get this lease extension signe signed. >>reporter: despite the profess disregard for oakland as long-term option even a apartments managing partner rejects the at&t idea. they reless the statement according to partner lieu wolf we extend to extend our lease in oakland and look forward to another
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great season. some fans say this is a non-starter. >> i think there's a divide there but for the most part i would say that giant fans want to keep the park their own. >> go way back to. >> long time a fan dorothy says location of the stadium shouldn't matter. >> doesn't matter. it's okay. if truman you will follow them regardless. >>reporter: coliseum authority board is expected to vote on the lease extension for the a's next meeting. november 15. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> all right. so what do you think about the giants and a's sharing the same ballpark? we encourage you to join the conversation on our facebook page 7 news and let us know what you this we have heard from a number of people on this subject today. we have more
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ahead on 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. getting into gear. traction in the big city. new question over who pays for it. just how safe is it really? >> also the state biggest casino. opening tomorrow. and raising concerns tonight about the traffic trouble it will cause. spencer is here with the weather. >> all right dan we have really cold weather coming our way in some spots including a frost for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone.
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you. >> much anticipated resort casino set to open tomorrow morning. state nightcast indian gaming casino located in rohnert park just off highway 101 where the chp anticipating tens of thousands of additional vehicle ins that area tomorrow here's wayne. >> question what can hold 5000 guest, 3,000 slot machines and ice cream. do we really need to answer. >> right now all i need to do is just the dust, polish on the
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floors, clean off the financing prints from the glass and i'm ready to go. >> that's joe, general manager of what after tomorrow is the largest casino in california. great resort by the numbers 34 340,000 square feet. 800 million dollars to build and indian gaming establishment that may generate 500 million dollars in revenue year by 20 sixteen. did we mention the 2000 new jobs? >> in the 3 year since she has not worked until now. >> i was so excited when they opened. >> interior is lavish with granite. natural wood. thick carpeting. it will look a lot like this after tomorrow opening but these are actors and actresses doing a commercial shoot in one of the 13 restaurants. >> we are allowed to eat it. >> on a date with him.
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>> it'se involved. we just met and now we are kind of we are thinking about outside the commercial. >> i was unaware of this but here's a touching twist. this restaurant in the food court. 25 years ago he had his family move from mexico. they began with food truck and now they have this restaurant. >> we don't know how we work it out but we are excited. take the challenge. >> work hard enough. lessen the risk. in rohnert park abc 7 news. >> follow how it goes tomorrow. in san francisco pilot bike share program is poised for major expansion and comes as bike riding in the city seems to be on the rise. transportation reporter heather has the story. the. >>reporter: this is the bike share system launched at the end of august with 350 bike.
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they call the economic development committee today that 2 month, 2,000 people bought membership and the system is averaging between 900 and 1,000 trips a day. good enough preliminary data says the committee to call the pilot a success. >> i can't tell you what a difference already made in our district. >> rate now there are 35 stations and 350 bike between the embarcadero and haze valley. early next year there is 15 more stations 500 bike in more neighborhood and they expand to 3000 bike across the whole northeast quadrant of the city. >> more parts of the city you cover the more nuvl it is for people. if you are picking out the bike downtown maybe you want to ride to the castro. maybe you want to good did you know to the outer mission. maybe you want to good up to the marine 8. expansion to 3000 bike estimated at 20 to 30 million dollars for starters.
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>> it's not cheap. i think we'll get there but we have a number of funding questions to figure out. >> bike share designed for short one way trip pick up at one station drop-off at another mary is thinking of joining to get from bart to her office she takes a shuttle or taxi or wal walk. >> on certain day i thought it might be cost effective to jump on a bike. grab one by the bart station and park it at the bike station near my office. >>reporter: corporate sponsors one possibility for funding the expansion. public money is also an option. supervisor scott weiner hopes to have it done within two years. heathe heather, abc 7 news. >> the tonight at 11:00 o'clock on abc 7. bike versus car. tension on the streets is growing. dan noyes look at how dangerous they can be for bicyclist after going through hundreds of video he found some really incredible close calls
9:18 pm
and learned what the single bi biggest cause of injury is to cyclist in the bay area. whether you ride a bicycle or drive a car. story you to the see at 11:00 o'clock over on abc 7. tune in for that if you can. experience is here about. great bike peddling weather. >> yes. you might need more than a helmet late night. >> jacket. >> quite cold. chilly in some spots. here's live doppler 7hd cool chilly conditions around much of the bay area right now but down right cold in parts of the interior north bay valley. we have frost advisory in effect from 3 to 8:00 a.m. for the renal. temperatures will drop in the low to mid 30's for possibility of damage to sensitive plants or chills to sensitive skin and if i were that thermometer i would shiver as well because it's quite chilly up there. now let's move on to current conditions. live view from the east bay hills camera west ward across the bay on this clear night. 57 degrees san francisco rate
9:19 pm
now. 62 here and san carlos. mid 50's los gatos and 48 half machine bay. live view looking back at the sky line of san francisco. portion of it. from our exploring camera. temperature readings for you 54 santa rosa, 57 napa upper 50's around novato 63 fairfield 54 concord 58 in livermore and one more live view from the view the tower cam are. looking out over san francisco forecast feature chilly morning cold in some spots with patchy fog interior north bay valley. sunny mild next 2 afternoons. it will get cloudy and cooling by the weekend with chance of rain next monday. satellite radar composite image high pressure still dominant feature and controlling factor in our weather and keep with us $1 million day through midweek and some fairly mild days towards the end of the week but mild weather will taper off gradually. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight overnight it's clear. tomorrow sunny. wednesday see few high
9:20 pm
clouds move through. that will not keep the weather from being mild wednesday afternoon thoug though. despite high cloud it will be wednesday could be the mildest day in the forecast period. over tonight tonight here's where the chill is. up in the north bay valley drop in the low mid 30's and 34 santa rosa 35 napa of course some frost spots likely and low generally in the bay area in the low mid 40's. tomorrow sunny mild in the south bay look for high mainly in the low 70's. 71 san jose. peninsula high from 67 san mateo to 69 at palo alto to 70 in mountain view. low mid 60's on the coast and pacifica half man bay downtown san francisco 66 degrees tomorrow 63 in the sun set district up in the north bay high of 72 at sonoma, 73 santa rosa and 69 at oakland on the east bay 71 union city inland east bay will have uniform temperature range 73 to 74 degrees in most locations
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and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. on wednesday warmest day of the week. see temperatures just gradually tapering off as we head to the weekend but we will see more clouds and cool conditions over the weekend especially on sunday and monday coolest day of the forecast and cloudy with chance of rain and pl despite the clouds and rain, the. >> always important thanks very much. >> well to the 7 news at 9:00. unique artful shopping experience near ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah.
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>> well here you go. ever
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earlier shopping season pushed its way in thanksgiving. before you dig in the pumpkin pie one department store will already be open. parent company of k mart announced today that stores will be open thanksgiving day starting at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 11:00 p.m. on black friday. that's 41 hours of non-stop shochlingt we ought to be able to get it done in that amount of time. last time opened at 6:00 a.m. but closed for 4 hours in the evening not this time. sears jcpenney and cole open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> starting today you can shop in person on line. they are selling the artwork in a new way. actually the traditional way of course at a store. first pop up store opened today in san francisco union square. the store features rotating exhibition fe. >> we have 2 floors. it's quite an amazing space. 5000 square feet of retail so lots of art and lots of things to
9:26 pm
see. >> store also hosting special event and opportunity to meet artist. pop up store open through january. >> another half hour of news at 9 moments away now. tsa officer shot at lax is speaking publicly for the first time about what happened. >> also the diet that could add years to your life. what researchers discovered about eating certain kinds of food. >> and up next. twitter i p o and instant millionaire it make and why the city of san and why the city of san francisco
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umentd vigil in los angeles to
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honor the tsa agent shot and killed at friday lax. mourners held candle and embrace one another. authorities reconstructed friday shooting spree. that one officer was killed and 2 others were also wounded by gunman who had it in for the tsa. now police know how the crime happened but not why. in los angeles abc 7 news wroughter brandy picks up the story. >> tsa officer tony shot in the foot describes coming face-to-face with lax gunman. >> i was jrd while helping an elderly man get to safe area. turned around and there was a gun man and shot me twice. >> with the assault rifle investigators say the 23-year-old wounded 2 others and killed officer hernandez at point blank rage. >> the scenario keep me up at night this is the one but also the one we train too. >>reporter: airport police
9:31 pm
shot pall ciancia 4 times and found a note how he wanted to instill fear on the traitorous mind and he talked to cnn. >> my mission is accomplished if i just kill one. >> pall is our son and brother. we will continue to love him and care for him. >>reporter: detectives have combed through pall ciancia southern california apartment and other former residence trying to determine what set him off he was describe as loaner but former roommate says he was a nice guy. >> going back to jersey work for his dad and make amends with family problems. >>reporter: now attorney general holder believes federal officials may have to rethink security measures at airport nationwide. >> responsibility for protecting airport security is not a tsa function. but something that i think we need to certainly examine given what happened in los angeles. >>reporter: investigators found 5 full magazine of ammunition at the crime scene. alleged gunman now unresponsive
9:32 pm
at nearby hospital. if he does regain conscienceness he could face the death penalty. this is abc news los angeles. >> despite computer problems president obama has been urging those who want help hereunder his plan to keep trying to apply. now abc news has learn the advice the president was giving may have been a run around. karen travers explains from washington. >> at that time white house insisted it is trying to help the many americans from us stated by the technical problem at health by skipping a web site and starting enrollment by mail in person or over the phone. >> person who called isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is fille filled. >>reporter: somebody still has to navigate the process and obama memo obtained exclusively by abc news from republican congressional investigators show that applications by phone have had the same problem as the ones on the web site.
9:33 pm
those trained representatives are using the same system. the same portal used to determine eligibility no matter how the application is submitted. paper or on line. one memo written by the team in charge of fixing the web site. memo says that non-web application are essentially a way to buy time. paper application allow people to feel like they are moving forward it reads. at the end of the take we are all stuck in the same cue. >> point was to relieve some of the frustration americans were understandably experiencing. >> the president rally support investigators get out and urge people to sign up for coverage. >> i have one more campaign. the campaign that this works for every single person in america. i'm asking for your help. >>reporter: republicans continue the call to delay the implementation penalty for not having insurance. >> obama administration insist there will be no delay. health
9:34 pm functioning by the end of the month. this is abc news washington. >> executive at twitter have been boosting the asking praise for the initial public stock offering this week. twitter stock will begin trading on thursday and the final prank set wednesday night between 23 and $25 a share. at the high end of the range twitter could raise 2 billion dollars. making it second biggest deal behind facebook. however new associate the press poll show 40 percent of people think twitter is a good investment. 47 percent say it is not. 1 out of every 5 people in this country have twitter account. nearly half tweet less than once a day. 29 percent say they never do. and here's how twitter rank among the major social media site behind facebook google link in and opinion terrorist with 19 percent favoriteable rating. by the way 9 percent have never even heard of twitter. >> be that as it may 20ther
9:35 pm
expected to make millionaire out of many employee but that will not make a penny for san francisco. city granted twitter a payroll tax exemption two years ago. in return twitter moved into a rundown area of the city. today mayor lee toured the mid market area and pointed out the new business followed twitter into the neighborhood. mayor lee defends the tax exemption even as analyst estimates the city will lose 56 million dollars in payroll taxes and from the sale of twitter stock. >> we still want the benefit of more employee being hired here and then the success of the company will sustain it. i don't think it's about just the initial success. it's about sustained success. >>reporter: payroll tax revenue from mid market business could get 54 million dollars over the next 20 years says the city. the state department is spending people from washington to the abc 7 job journal hire event in san francisco tomorrow. bank also hiring and
9:36 pm
all 500 jobs will be up for grabs tomorrow at the double tree hotel on gateway place between noon and 4:00 o'clock. new study has found that middle age women who follow a heart healthy mediterranean diet can live a healthier longer life. we have known that the mediterranean diet guess for women particularly but this study says women who follow the diet are 40 percent more likely to survive to age 70 and over. study was conducted at harvard medical school. so are you interested? the diet is characterized which mainly eating plant base food like fruit vegetables grain and beans. replacing butt we are healthy fat lake olive oil and using herb instead of salt for flavoring and limiting red meat and eating fish. red wine in moderation. study didn't look at men previous studies found no gender differences. >> giant experiment under way
9:37 pm
in america. in the last 10 years there has been a huge 74 percent rise in young women donating their egg so that strangers can have babies. they can earn thousands office dollars doing this but we wanted to look deeper at this exploding trend. completely safe? or any long-term consequences to know bit. l cynthia l investigates. >> we know how valuable healthy donor egg can be. 5000 dollar dollars. 10,000 dollars if you are asian says this ad. if you are a model with all that implies, 50,000 dollars. >> does it make you nervous. >> i think at this point my sixth time i don't really get nervous any more. >>reporter: 29-year-old ann cain freelance writer who says she made over 50,000 dollars at donor. >> as far as you are concerned there is no reason not to do this. >> yes. >> good you are ready. >> yes. >>reporter: today is egg retrieval day. hormone
9:38 pm
injection to stimulate ovary into producing more egg than normal. the doctor is her doctor. is a donation essentially l risk free. >> nothing is risk free. anesthesia why. risk of procedure. but i think the writ answer is yes. it's essentially risk 43. >>reporter: the doctor mentions there is a rare condition found in less than 1% of patients ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. miss smith was so sick with it she spent 6 days in the hospital. shot this video diary. >> i feel that they should have gone out of their way to make me a bit more aware of any side effect in the actual process. >>reporter: jennifer snyder worried there is no national egg donor registry to track what happened to this exploding group of young women donating their egg. her daughter jessica was 3 time egg donor who died at 31 of colon kearns.
9:39 pm
>> egg do inner not considered patients. they are asked more like vendors. >>reporter: talktor wondered if the repeated hormone injection fuel cans intersome way but study suggest there is no proof in fertility treatment cause cancer. but be were shocked to discover there has never been not even once long-term studies of egg do noyvrlt it doesn't worry you that there haven't been studies done following egg donor. >> not yet not really. >>reporter: ann loves the idea she's already helped create 3 sets of twins. and hope there will be more. >> there are no known listening term issues for donor but more studies needed to determine if there are any risk is. >> coming up next. 92-year-old man who just proved you are man who just proved you are ne
9:40 pm
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>> here's proof never too old to be someone hero. 92-year-old man they call little johnny. tough ex jockey biggest victory at the race track was the young life he saved while risking his own. from friend at espn and e 60 here's chris conley. >> john is 92 years old. he's work at santa anita a park for 51 years. but justin seconds mattered most. >> 911 what's your emergency. >> lasts horse coming this way. when i look down there was a little girl standing there. >>reporter: that little girl 5-year-old roxie key. look again. there is roxie on the left. and there's john. throwing his body over her. absorbing the full impact of the run away horse.
9:44 pm
>> i knew i was going to get hit. you can not stop andhould 5-year-old girl i'm 90 years old. hasn't had a life. i have had a life. you save the life. >>reporter: what would have happened to your daughter if john had not been there. >> dead. she would be dead. >>reporter: critically injured john would spend seven weeks in the hospital. more than two years after the lives first intersected ncaa-year-old john sheer drove to ballet studio. where new 8-year-old roxie was to perform. >> thanks for dancing for me rocks ann. i love you. >> 92 years just to do that one thing but the that's very huge thing. >>reporter: all the things you have done john, where does this rank in terms of your life? >> it rank no. 1. >>reporter: sacrificing
9:45 pm
himself for a child he had never met before. that's what makes john sheer america strong. chris conley, abc news. >> boy think about him the rest of the night i know. what a hero inteed. >> coming up next at 9:00. car with wing. how it [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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ózçwó aladdin bail bonds. >> flying car has been an engineering pipe dream for decades. but this man has developed a version called air mobile worth checking out. he has been working on the thing for nearly 2 decades. company provided the video. it seats 2 people. travel 4 30 miles on tank of fuel in the air. can be fueled at regular gas station. but you can't leap over traffic if you pull up to
9:49 pm
the tunnel. plane needs to take off and land at the arp and once you get to where you are going small enough to fit in a standard size parking space. pretty funky lacking. wish you could peculiar up on i 80 and take off. spencer is here. >> i like that. live doppler 7hd clear sky and cool to chilly conditions across the bay area tonight. and we are going to have down writ told conditions in our frt bay interior valley where we have frost advisory in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. low pressure down in the low to mid 30's and possibility of damage to sensitive plants so bear that in mine. tomorrow we have sunny sky and mild conditions in most locations. high pressure in the 70's and chico sacramento fresno 60 over at and here in the bay area another mild day as well. sunny skies and high on the coast. low to mid 60's. upper 60's to low 70's right around the bay an low mid 70's in our inland location. here's
9:50 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast wednesday is the mailedest day in the forecast period. thursday friday temperatures will graduately drop-off but not by much. we get cooler cloudy weather over the wednesday and chance of rain on monday which by the way is veterans day. very nice thursday. >> honor those who serve our country. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well since we like cute around here you probably do too. the zoo announced the birth of 2 pup this is a mammal native to the south west united states and throughout central south america as well. video provided by the san francisco zoo. they say all 6 pup born last week. they are already up and moving about. checking out the surroundings. getting to know mom. that is good news because they are an endangered species. cute. >> mike is here for larry and sports. >> warriors left. >> they have left sacramento clippers and lakers hit the road for the longest road trip
9:51 pm
of the young season. tipping off 4 game 6 night trip in philadelphia. former sixers andre had a contrary
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. very latest on the search for gunman that got away that opened fire on crowded new jersey mall. shoppers saw the shooter. >> bike rideing in san francisco. dan hits the streets to see how dangerous it is. there he is on the bike biggest cause of injuries to cyclist in the bay area he uncovers it. a lot of people are hurt. more coming up on 7 news at helpful okay over on channel 7. join us for that. we have the sports warriors. >> a little hoop. hit the road 4 games 6 nights with longest road took off in philadelphia against the undefeated 76 ers.
9:55 pm
andre spent 8 seasons with the sixers. left fans wondering why did they let him go. 27 points first half including career high. game high that. warriors up 14 after 1 quarter. and you guys are good. not done. lay up. in the league 66-from a at the half. 3 quarters and finish with second career triple double. 12 assist. first lay up in the third demolish the 76 ers and raiders took a big step backward in the 29 point loss to the eagles. defense is carrying the team but yesterday in the black hole. tied nfl record yesterday. 7 touch down passes carving up the secondar
9:56 pm
secondary. no pass rush. 4 individual play and rolled that a 29 point loss and fall to 3 and 5. today a brave face moving forward. >> no question there's a bad taste in our mouth right now and but that was over with. that was done w.the way we played is not indicative of the team we have in the locker roo room. of the team that we have put out on the field up to this point. won't be indicative of the team we put on the field going forward. >> back to business for the niners following the biwe can. activated quarterback wright and mario manning ham for the physically unable to perform list. out since tearing acl in december. hopefully add another threat of wide receiver for kaepernick sunday against carolina. however 2 activation somebody went and it was quarterback don waived by the team. inactive last few we can and he took this with superior
9:57 pm
play. monday night football. green bay packers first drive of the game. land on non-throwing shoulder. he would not return. good news for chicago. also playing back up quarterback former raiders josh avoids the sack. hits marshall. what a catch. 23 yard touch. gives the ball to lacey. 56 yard here to the 1. score on the next play. game tied at 17 pass the game. and to jeffrey. is packagers bears and lines oh, my. thursday night could be the game of the year in college football. no. 5 stanford host third rank oregon on the farm. oregon state no. 2 after win over miami. would like to regain the spot in the rankings. high powered offense 55 points a
9:58 pm
game. defense shut them down last season and big victory with eugene. duck only loss in the last 23 games. but that was last year. >> the games we have won we have been able to answer the scores. the gains we haven't they scored and haven't been able to answer the scores. last year victory doesn't help this year. they are a new team we are a new team. they are playing really high level we play at high level but we have to do it for 64 minutes. >> to baseball a's decided no the to stepped qualifying offer to pitcher cologne and both free agent as of 9:00 p.m. this evening. pick up they would pay each player 14.1 million dollars spencer money. don't want to give to 4 40-year-old pitcher like cologne or 36-year-old closer like grant. still time for
9:59 pm
less but probably will test the market. meanwhile giants decline to exercise the 6.5 million dollar option for ryan. trying to reseen him for less. he wants 27 games in two years and 300,000 dollar buy-out. i was born 20 years too early. >> i was born without any athletic ability didn't help m me. >> we have our cross to bear. >> thanks. >> that's this edition of 7 news. for all of us here, i'm dan thanks so much for watching we appreciate your time. see you again at 11 over on channel you again at 11 over on channel 7. connect on twitter at this mgood afternoon, greendale.
10:00 pm
i am your dean with a few corrections to the fall class catalogue. cosmology should be cosmetology. astrology should be astronomy. the students on the cover should be smiling, but that's a matter of opinion. whoever is growing a small patch of cannabis


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