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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> grab their kids grab their stuff. drop all the things. >> happening rate now. police are searching for a gun man who opened fire in a crowded new jersey mall officers search for the gunman inside the mall. >> shots fired came in around 9 local time just before the mall closing time and cautiously gun drawn police swarm the building. >> now you can see the massive response. mye and customers rushed out. no one was hit by gunfire but people in the mall reported hearing several shots. >> they were boom then another boom then another loud boom writ after that. right after
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the second one and then blast. >> he had a biker helmet leather jacket mask couldn't see his face or make who he was but it was a scary situation. >> he was walking with a very big rifle and shooting in the air. mall cop came running past us saying shots fired and telling everyone to run run run. >> police are conducting store by store sweep right now using dog and remote camera. concentrating the search in the northeast corner of the 2.2 square foot million mall. there is only one shell casing. follow us for development. >> developing news tonight. man was set on fire while riding a bus in oakland is near the intersection of mcarthur avenue severely burned. they don't have any suspects in custody at the moment. >> pleasant hill leaders got earful about proposed new rule
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regarding gunshot in town. nick live in pleasant hill with the debate for us. >> city council approved proposal make it tougher for gunshot to operate in city limits. now it will move forward to the full council in two week where it will take a formal vote of 3 yes to make it law. city council member back off proposed legislation to toughen the city gun law only tells part of the story. gun shop owner are happy to fill in the rest. >> well basically they try to shut down the business. >>reporter: one of the rules being proposed would force store owner and employee of gun shop to pass a criminal background check and dealers need to install alarm system and surveillance camera. >> where do you comply with everything. nothing more to comply. >>reporter: state federal law are already in place. under the new stricter proposal new gun stores can't be located within 150 feet of a residence
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and 1,000 feet of a day care center or school. >> we haven't had a be pro-we don't want one. >>reporter: pleasant hill mayor one of the supporters of the proposal says the changes are necessary. >> we are business friendly. we expect other businesses whether they be gunshots or others to want to be in our city. thinks one way to make sure that when someone comes into our city they do it in appropriate fashion. >> city council vote on the measure in two week. in pleasant hill, abc 7 news. >> great resort casino opens tomorrow morning and thousands of people expected to flock there to gamble. massive facility just west of highway 101 in rohnert park. lillian is there live tonight and lillian what do you hear from authorities about how they handle all the extra travel. >> well, definitely have a plan. they have been preparing for months. 10,000 extra cars a day. that is what the chp expects starting tomorrow when casino opens the doors to the public. matter of hours rohnert park with black jack
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slots and video poker. >> i'm excited can't wait to go. >> thousands of other people who the chp expects are going to clog highway 101. the casino is right off the highway and past few months rohnert park has retime traffic lights hoping to minimize potential back up. people living in the area aren't sure it makes much of a difference. >> commute time is already completely crazy so if you add in people wanting to come to the casino on open to have that it's nutty. >> chp and neighboring city plan to bring in extra officers sitting at different location monitoring the traffic and making changes if necessary. >> even be prepared to override traffic lights if we have to. prepared 0open the car pl lanes to all traffic if that's what we have to do. >>reporter: december pet all the concern over possible grid lock the general mapger of the casino says he isn't worried. >> i have lived here longer than a year and i consider myself one of the good team of california. californians know
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how to drive. >>reporter: for long time resident that means taking the back road. >> if it's backed up we'll go around a different way. all different ways to go. >>reporter: it opens at 10:00 a.m. in rohnert park, abc 7 news. >> is day care worker faces child endangerment being drunk at work. anna marie lopez work at this center for 10 years. officer arrested her this morning after parents tipped off police suspecting she was drunk. there are no allegations of any children being harmed. >> tonight lax shooting suspect remains unresponsive at the hospital as investigators wait for him to wake up for questioning. fbi agents were back at his apartment in los angeles today. 2 men at the apartment left with agents though in their own cars. today we learn more about the shooting. investigators say the gunman never made it beyond the security checkpoint on the first floor. the third floor is where passengers depart at
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lax as you probably know. 4 people shot friday including 3 tsa officers. girard hernandez was killed. investigators say he was at the bottom of the escalator checking boarding passes shot from above. another officer who was hit twice in the foot talked publicly about his co-worker for the first time today. >> over the loss of my friend. only now it hit me i will never see him again. >> family and friends gather for vigil in honor of hernandez near lax tonight. >> sunken 100 foot long tugboat resurfaced after sitting at the bottom of the estuary for years in oakland. turns out not even the largest sunken vessel there. allen has clean up effort now under way in the east ware. >>reporter: it took 2 crane to lift 100 foot tugboat nicknamed captain al out of the oakland estuary. >> nothing leaking out of it.
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paint is the hazard outside contained lead. >>reporter: low tide the stack of the captain al stuck out of the water causing navigation hazard for nearly 2 decades. next to it a sunken 120 foot barge. not far away the buoy mark a sunken 150 foot tugboat called the respect. >> we found containers we have done our dive. >> the east ware is known that you can dump your vessel. >> recycle engineer says budget cuts are preventing police boat patrol from enforcing what few law they have. >> he can land estuary is under water junk yard. they just pulled this boat out two week ago after mysteriously sank. >> we need to have regulation. need more coordination with law enforcement and really target l it so it doesn't come back. >>reporter: project removing 22 sunken boat from the east ware cost taxpayers 5 million dollars. goal now is to track
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did you know the boat owners this is abc 7 news. >> bike riding in san francisco can be dangerous. dan noyes took to the streets to see how bad it is out there. >> we uncovered video near miss and wipe out and found single biggest cause of injury. >> mr new technology welcome on college campus but not one increasingly pop already did he vase vl what the uc system plans to been. >> do you think you are just as fit now as you were in your 20's? you can find out. new web site answers the question what is my fitness age? >> pl comfortable rate four but it is going to get cold frosty in some parts of the bay area. wake up weather and look
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and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. >> we hit new inside look at what can be a life and death struggle on the streets of san francisco between cars and bicycle. >> the city estimates there are 75,000 bike ears day. dan noyes has closer look at what cyclist are seeing and just how dangerous the streets can be out there. you saw this firsthand. >> absolutely. l it's so crowded collision so frequent that many cyclist are arming themselves with camera. we
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wept through hundreds of video of bike on bay area streets to show you some incredible close show you some incredible close calls and serious crashes. ask any bicyclist and they tell you know better place than the bay area to ride a bake but it can be dangerous. whoa. whoa. >> not always the fault of the cyclist. more and more often crashes are being caught on tape. cyclist like tony routinely mount camera to their bike. record and post it all on you tube from cyclist blow through lights. >> come on man. >> to bad drivers turn without signal or looking. >> turn signal. >> cars fly by way too close. many drivers don't even realize they are doing anything wrong. >> man do you know about the door zone. >> dude. >> yes because when people open
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the door in parked car they could kill me throwing me in the path of the vehicle. >> drivrps aren't always the one getting in the way. we annualize data from the highway patrol cyclist and drivers are equally responsible for accidents in the bay area. but cyclist getting hurt 9 out of 10 accidents. we took our i team camera to the streets to see what's going on. time after time we saw riders running stop signs and let's crossing along traffic wearing no helmet and weaving in and out of cars. >> numbers show how serious this issue is nationwide. national highway traffic safety administration report that in 2011 6 77 cyclist killed across the country. accounting for ughly 2% of all traffic fatalities. in san francisco alone 4 cyclist have died so far this year. >> oh, come on. >>reporter: but the city is he can panneding the number of bike lanes from 54 to 79 miles. that has many drivers feeling
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like they are being pinched off the roadway. >> too many already if they want to put more they should pit on less city streets. >> i like to see put a smooth the road out versus put more bike lanes. >>reporter: jessie knows all too well how dangerous the roads can be for cyclist. she talked to me early year this year after her daughter was hit by a truck and killed in the bike lane of folsom street. >> my heart was ripped out of me. lying on the cement under the truck with her. >>reporter: i team obtained this video the moment a truck hit her. video will play crucial role in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the company that owns the truck. it was making a right turn. >> dangerous turn no. 1 cause of collision. >>reporter: executive director of the 12,000 member san francisco bicycle coalition says drivers frequently fail to signal and get over to the right before they turn n.this video cyclist in the east bay nearly hit. when this driver
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cut across 3 lanes to get to a drive through. caught between the car and bike are pedestrians. cyclist chris was convicted of vehicular manslaughter after hitting 71-year-old tv person. district attorney george says the case should be a warning to cyclist who break the law. >> regardless of whether riding bike, driving a vehicle, walking, we all have shared responsibility in providing safety in our community. >> whether driving biking walking share the road lack out for each other and really move around our street politely and courteously. >>reporter: after those right turns the second most dangerous way of being injured is called dooring. that's when driver open as car door right in the path of a rider. want to hear about your experience on the road. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. hash tag abc 7 bike. >> that's crazy to watch.
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>> i have seen so many hazards out there. >> popular high tech way to smoke soon banned on uc campu campuses. as of january second cigarettes smokeless tobacco and now e cigarettes will not be allowed on camp russ system wide. uc officials say they include e cigarettes l and health effects unknown. >> manufacturers say the product is not as harmful as regular cigarettes. >> you are as young as you feel now web site claims it can calculate the fitness age or how well your body function ins relation to how old you are. calculator tovls 7 questions including how often you exercise. how long you exercise. weight measurement and resting heart rate. the university created the site and we have a link on our web site. find that under see it on tv. >> if 77. very young.
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sandhya. >> ty am wishing i was like 20. not going to happen. as you look at the time lapse power the moon it's so beautiful. it was incredible sfriingt our emeryville camera. that was a time lapse from tonight. let's check out live doppler 7hd the reason why you got a chance or maybe you didn't get a chance to see it but saw it right now because the skies are so clear across the entire bay area right now. hilltop winds take a look. a little breezy up there. mount tamalpiais gus gusting 31 miles per hour. this is holding our temperatures up but once the winds die down numbers are expected to drop by morning the north bay interior valley under a frost advisory. tuesday 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. temperatures low to mid 30's and so if you have sensitive plant bring them inside or cover them. could see possible frost damage and may see ice lawn in the morning. temperatures first they think in the morning. 34 santa rosa. 35 degrees in nap a.may see
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few low 30's around healdsburg, calistoga, 39 clover dale. 39 santa cruz. most other areas slaen as 39 and other 80's in the 40's so definitely a cool to chilly star. exploring camera showing you crystal clear sky over san francisco financial directs. temperatures right now in the low skid exploratorium oakland so not really terribly cold ye yet. 55 san jose. 52 half moon bay look at the view from the tower cam are san francisco under clear skies. no fog. 52 in santa rosa. in the 60's around fairfield. livermore. here is camera from east bay hills camera how breezy it is mostly clear morning patchy frost. sunny mild next 2 afternoon and looking at cloudy cooler weather by the time we head into the weekend. here's what is going to bring us nice mild weather you enjoy today. mostly 60's and 70's today. warmer day. high pressure so mild day through midweek with
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some changes coming and you notice first thing on wednesday partly sunny. high clouds and continues on thursday. by the time we hit friday temperatures go down and then the weekend is much cooler with the rain possibly entering the picture. tomorrow it is not going to be a rainy one but mild one. 73 santa rosa. napa 71 san rafae rafael. 66 san francisco. 61 in half man bay. scene oaklan oakland. check out the numbers inland. 73 antioch concord 71 san jose 72 morgan hill sunshineing 69 in santa cruz look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures coming up a little bit more on wednesday only to cool off by late in the work week into the weekend. 50's 60's by the weekend and more cloud cover sunday night into veterans day. we do have a chance of rain but computer model just can't seem to agree. >> here is a pet pichblingt the other pretty dry. >> computer model are so. >> they have to get along. >> thanks.
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>> all right. how about those were yours. >> yes. mike is in for larry in. out of state. >> financially hit the road. first loss of the season. packers lost the quarterback. aaron rogers down hard on the aaron rogers down hard on the
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>> after facing the lakers and kings warriors leave the state for 4 games in 6 nights in philadelphia against 76 ers. andre spent 8 seasons with the sixers and tonight wonder why they let him good. 27 points in the first half. career high 73. game high 32. warriors up 14 after quarter. these guys are good. not done. behind the back and lae for the lay u
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up. warriors led by 24 at the half. only played 3 quarters. and finished with the second. triple double. 12 assist. and improve to 3 and 1 and won with a victory. raiders big step backwards with theless to the eagles. quarterback tied nfl record with 7 td passes. carv carving of oakland secondary. throwing them here and over there. l brick down in the secondary. pass rush. individual play. you would see it. rolled in 29 pointless and team falls to 3 and 5 and today head coach allen put on a brave face. >> we have a group of prideful men in the looker room. coaches and players. and we are going to take the necessary steps. do the things we have to do and get those things corrected and play better football. that's what our job is. >> 49ers come off the biweek
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activate quarterback wright and manage hamm here. l with two activation shob to go and that was corner back waived by the team after playing in only 3 games. monday night football green bay packers and bears. aaron rogers sacked on non-throwing shoulder. he would not return. we don't have an update. good news for chicago. also playing become up quarterback former raider josh avoid the sack and marshall for 23 yard touch down. 7-3 bears. quarterback here in for the pack. in problem. 150 yards on the night including the 56 yarder. to the one. scored next play. game tied at 17. late third quarter packer up 3. second td pass. to jeffrey. bears win 27-20. of finance wish one of the grit east basket ever see. blooper. exhibition college hoop. tried to save the ball
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from out of bounds. throws it into the opponent basket look at this. only counted as 2 points against and kentucky won but will hear about this for a long time. the this is 7 sports report brought to you by riff rock casino. he couldn't do that again if he tried. >> exactly. >> if don't repeat that. >> thanks. >> coming up on 7 news. robot that always gets its way. that always gets its way. >> how the machine mastered
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here's a lack at the wake up weather. chilly in spots upped clear skies. frost advisory north bay valley. low 30's to upper 40's at 5:00 a.m. temperatures still remain chilly at 8. mike here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> very nice. sand why thanks
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so much. >> well, rock paper scissors. game change. researchers have developed a robot that takes the luck out of it. >> that's because the robot cheats. it has a high speed processor that sees what the opponent is about to play. >> then picks the move that beat it. it can make the decision in thousands of a second. i hope this technology can eventually be used to improve damaged senses. >> hide the hand from the robo robot. >> sure. >> tvl "jimmy kimmel live", live", coming up next. chris helps worth is on. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. connect with us on twitter at bay area and local news. >> tomorrow morning 4:30 good night everyone. night everyone. >> have a good night


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