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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 6, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. going public, the company that was hatched in the bay area is about to be worth an awful lot of money. and that is something to tweet
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about. good evening, i'm dan ashley. tomorrow will be a very interesting day on wall street. late today, twitter sent out a tweet, of course, say its ipo stock price will be $26 a share, that puts the company at a value of $18 billion and will make some people very, very reach. david louie has the story. >> reporter: it is a story when investors drop their $26 for a single share, some of the $26 billion raised will go back in the start-up with other potential. >> other investors who put the money in it to grow so far, many will achieve liquidity, and much of the profits can be seen through new start-ups, many local companies, start-up firms. >> reporter: the cash will give
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them the freedom to start up new deals, or they can just sit on it the way apple does. >> this gives them options, any time the company sits on a big pile of cash, they may not have anything to spend it on today, but tomorrow, they will have new acquisitions, if they don't have the money, they can't do it. >> reporter: it moved into san francisco's mid-market area, while a crew cleaned the windows today, they were cleaning up market street. the owner of sam's diner says there is more foot traffic, which is boosting her business. >> with twitter and other businesses coming into the area, it definitely generated more foot traffic in the area. so we have to hire more people. >> reporter: the ipo is expected to bring millionaires among the employees. the city has located in mid-market, mayor lee didn't know who they were, but he intends to talk to them to support housing and educational
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needs. >> people who will benefit from the ipo sale will probably look for investments. and i want to make sure, i got my arms out. >> reporter: twitter is offering 70 million shares, priced at $26 a share. now this has been a good year for social media, facebook up, and some are concerned about how much faster twitter can grow and how soon it will turn a profit. in the news room, david louie. and jack dorsey will be worth 6 million, the co-founder will own a billion in twitter stock. meanwhile, dorsey has a 26% stake in the company which could be worth as much as $845 million to dorsey. investors are certainly hoping to cash in, as well.
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but the results for social media and internet ipos really have been nothing to tweet about lately. here is news about recent ipos, facebook down 21%, huge disappointment. groupon, 26%, pandora, 11%, and zenga, down 19%, so we'll have to see what happens on twitter. and a major break on a missing sunnyvale baby, mesut guler took off with his baby, and was stopped at a checkpoint from lukeville, arizona, they say the baby is safe and apparently unharmed, we're glad to tell you. police say that guler disappeared with the baby yesterday in his suv and they say he threatened to harm himself and the baby if the
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mother called police. but the mexican authorities are preparing to hand over the baby to u.s. officials. >> they had stopped him at a checkpoint in mexico. and again, based on their interview with him they called the u.s. border patrol at lukeville. gave them the name, they ran the name in the computer system. they discovered there was a warrant for an arrest for a child abduction. >> the abduction stems to an ongoing dispute between guler and his girlfriend on his desire to move out of state. and looking into a hate crime, a high school student who is also an activist for gender identity issues, set on fire on an ac transit bus and badly burned. here is laura anthony. >> i wish people would wake up and realize life is too short for them to be killing and beating each other up. >> a neighbor who can be heard talking on the video shot this scene with his cell phone,
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mome moments after police and paramedics responded to a call that a passenger had had been badly burned on an ac transit bus monday evening, happening on the 57 line between mcarthur. the man lit his clothing on fire, the fellow students know fleishman as sasha. >> well, luke is an excellent student, we are protecting the family's privacy, so we don't have further comment. >> they were told that flieshman does not identify as a man or woman, but rather binary gender, and feels comfortable wearing skirt. a student is possibly going to be charged with a hate crime. >> and immediately tried to stomp out the flames.
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>> meanwhile, the oakland police are putting out a plea for two other passengers seen on the bus to come forward. >> you can see the citizens had a very tough time putting out the flames. we want to reach out to them and ask them to contact the oakland police department. >> roger ham lives next door to the victim's family. >> my neighbor is a good hearted person. i mean, as a neighbor, i know him for a long time. and he is very polite. >> while flieshman is being treated at the san francisco burn center, the suspect is being held at the alameda county juvenile detention center. in oakland, laura anthony. now sasha's friends set up a facebook page, and the goal was to raise $20,000. and later, supporters passed that goal. and more details on the hospital patient, lyn spalding
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who disappeared from her room the 21th. abc news reporter wayne freedman is on the story. >> in your opinion, what did the sheriff accomplish today? >> not particularly much. >> reporter: it is one lawyer's opinion, but hague represents the woman's family. he listened as the events were described how the 57-year-old patient disappeared from her bed, september 21st, only to be found in a stair well october 8th. >> only about half of the stair wells were searched by police. >> reporter: the sheriff reports details initially how the hospital staff described ms. spalding as an african-american, then an asian, more surprising, as an engineer on october first. >> somebody told the staff
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person that there was somebody laying on the landing in the third or fourth floor of the stair well 8. the communication center staff responded, we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stair well. >> reporter: but why? and whom. the sheriff said his staff would attempt to answer any questions. but they did not stick around for very long or vary from the same script. >> it is in your outline? so thank you. >> the sheriff promised changes to come at the hospital, new equipment, more staffing and measures to follow. but he did not touch upon why lin spalding's family has yet to receive an autopsy report. >> i think it is just the kind of rhetoric that you expect to hear, we're sorry, we're looking into it. we're going to do all we can so it doesn't happen again. that doesn't help the two kids that are left without a mother. >> wayne freedman reporting. san jose students will face major cuts this spring because of budget problems.
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just days before spring registration, the department heads were told they needed to eliminate dozens of classes to keep the budget balanced. açó meeting was held on campus, but university officials say it was just a routine adjustment. >> and we wonder, are they listening to us? do they really understand? do the students and faculty and staff maintain the care about the integrity and programs. >> officials say the school is $3.8 million over budget this year. critics want to know why this is happening, even after voters approved proposition 30 regarding the approved cuts. all right, a lot more ahead, doubling down, we learned there is more than one google barge out there on the bay just as we uncover the mystery behind the first one. also another tech company born and raised in san francisco. why they're giving the city some good reviews, spencer christian
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is here with the weather. all right, dan loo like the lovely weather we have been having will be with us for a few days, and maybe wet weather will come our way, i'll have the weather forecast in just moments. and signs of winter fema narrator: through veterans day, it's posturepedic through veterans day, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train.
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when you wake up to this, breaking news in san francisco. >> abc 7 news is there live. >> five burning through the roof. watch abc 7 news, 4:30 to 7. and google has broken its silence on a mysterious barge it is working on in san francisco bay. it is a four-story structure. as you can see in the video there is a second barge parked next to the first one, a third barge, get this, has been spotted near portland, maine, a statement from google addresses the speculation, quote, a floating decoration, a wild party boat? a large house with the last dinosaur, none of the above, the statement goes on. although things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an interspace where people can learn about new technology. a spokesperson said that could
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include google glass and self-driving cars. >> well, the gathering in this program, particularly the barge project, was driven or at least directed by google's co-founder and google x, so far, the self-driving cars and then also the google glass. >> we're sticking with the dinosaur. google has been able to conceal the true purpose of the structures by constructing them on barges instead of on land where permits would be required and prying eyes could be a little closer. and the on-line website for posting views is continuing to soar. it took over half the floors on new montgomery street. the building was the city's first skyscraper.
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he chose to be in san francisco to be near a talent pool of workers. it employs 800 people in the city. and in anticipation of the twitter debut tomorrow, stocks returned to record high territory today. the dow rose 129 points and is now up more than 20% since the first of the year. the s&p 500 closed up as well. but tesla is down, more than 14% after a disappointing earnings report that came out yesterday. a historic san francisco building is getting a new lease on life. the united nations plaza federal building was dedicated today after a six-year renovation. typical seismic, electrical and plumbing work was done, and most of the original 1936 archite architecture was done. >> it allows people to connect with each other and allows people to feel connected to the
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outside. it just makes people happier. and here is something else that will brighten spirits, part of the federal building's roof is now a garden with native plants and will help to maintain a constant temperature inside the building. it has already been a refuge for bees and butterflies. and this year, an app will alert people when they want to skate. this way, you can shop or get something to eat while you wait your turn to get the ice. today was the opening of the ice rink at embarcadero center. it has been a fixture there for 26 years, and was billed as the largest ice rink in the city. nice weather for skating, spencer christian is here. nice weather, so mild this first week of december -- december? ahead of myself. november. and it remains mild as we head
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into the weekend. here is a look at live doppler, november 6th. we've got some high clouds in the sky, with us the last day or so. but they have not kept us from experiencing mild conditions. and even at this hour it is mild around the bay area. and let me see here, moving along there, yeah, moving now. looking at the roof top camera here, moving along embarcadero. current temperature readings, 63, 66 across the bay in oakland, 58, redwood city, 61, san jose, 51 in los gatos, and looking west across the bay temperatures are in the mid-50s, from santa rosa, to napa, to fairfield, and upper temperatures in concord. these are the forecast features, cloud s increasing overnight, a chance of rain light though it may be early next week.
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the satellite radar composite shows a big ridge of high pressure with high clouds passing through. the main feature in the weather, and will beñi for the next sevel days. so the dry, mild pattern remains with us at least into the weekend. but in sharp contrast we have some really active and potentially dangerous weather over in the western pacific. super typhoon moving just past the island of paua right now, heading towards the central philippines, the maximum sustained winds, 175 miles an hour with gusts over 200 miles an hour. a category 5 storm. as i said, potentially very dangerous and damaging storm as it is expected to head right through the central philippines during the next 24 hours, diminishing slightly to a category 4, heading directly towards the philippines, we'll keep monitoring the movement for you. back to the bay area, sunday evening, the cold front is approaching us, there is chance
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of showers late monday, early tuesday, the front is expected to fall apart as it hits land. probably will not reach the sierra, which means no snow out of the system. clearing behind it, late tuesday, again, the rain we get from the system is not expected to amount to much. overnight tonight, high clouds continue to pass through the bay area. low temperatures, mid-to-upper 40s, low 50s in some spots. tomorrow, another lovely day, mainly sunny skies, passing high clouds. high temperatures mainly in the low-to-mid 70s, up to about 74 at san jose. on the peninsula, low 70s, as well. and mid-60s on the coast, downtown san francisco, 70 degrees, we'll see highs mainly in the mid-70s, 75 from santa rosa to napa, 74 oakland, the inland east bay with highs in the mid-70s, as well. here is the seven-day forecast. probably start to cool down a little bit by sunday, but just by a couple of degrees, monday,
9:21 pm
veteran's day, little more cloudy and cooler, chance of rain late monday, early tuesday, tuesday will likely be the coolest day in the forecast period. clearing on wednesday, and temperatures rebound and bounce ba back up again. so we won't have any sharp or significant changes in the weather pattern. just a few more clouds, early next week, maybe showers and warming up again. >> steady as she goes. >> all right. thank you. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. frightening new information about the meteor when our little girl was born, we got a subaru.
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covering walnut creek,
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burlinggame. and scientistsxploring the meteor threatening russia and said that space rocks are now bigger than previously thought. the meteor fell to earth in southwestern russia in february, with the force of about 40 hiroshima type atomic bombs. the shock waves broke windows and injured people. the nasa industry says that it provides a great education for people. >> it is by far the best observed meteor entry ever. there are so many videos of this event. seeing this thing for just a little different perspective. >> a member of the team from uc davis says if humanity doesn't want to go the way of dinosaurs, then we need to study this event in detail. tonight, walmart says it will not honor sales after a technical glitch caused prices to be absurdly high or low this
9:26 pm
morning. treadmi treadmills, for example, listed for just $33. and computer models, those were listed at nine bucks. the company is issuing refunds and will give ten dollar gift cards to those affected. all right in the next half hour, a father and son plead guilty in a massive fraud case. the abc 7 news iteam hears from victims who will not get their money back. also, the on-line store for illegal drugs is back on line, even as its accused master mind goes to court. and a million dollar and a million dollar question, can silicon valley [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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good evening again, it was tout at the largest investment fraud case in california history, but today, the case against walter ling and his son ended with a whimper. >> reporter: do you have any feelings at all about what happened? do you apologize to the investors. in the plea deal, walter ing and his son pled guilty to keeping cash withdraws under $10,000 to avoid detection, the 84-year-old will serve five years' probation, no prison time. 57-year-old kelly will serve time in prison, the guidelines call for at least two and a half years but that will be determined in march. the investors tell me it doesn't seem like justice. >> this seems like pulling
9:31 pm
bernie madoff over for jay walking. >> there have been suicides, for one, it is shocking and really sad. >> there should be real punishment involved here, because a lot of people go to prison for very minor cases compared to this. they're getting off scott-free, and i don't think it is right. >> reporter: this comes after a massive fbi investigation, after more than 200 interviews. the prosecutors apparently let the statute of limitations run out on the more serious charge of limitations fraud. >> there could have been more accusations brought to light and never were, and unfortunately at this point it is too late. >> reporter: investors have filed a class action lawsuit against wells fargo for its role in the investment firms, there are civil cases, walter ing is still going through a bankruptcy. the trustee has sold off his car, jewelry and a membership at the country club. the process will continue until next year. >> walter, any words for the
9:32 pm
investors. >> so many investors lost their life savings, homes, others lost much more. >> we invested the money we received in a wrongful death suit against -- when our son died. and we used that money to fund a program for children's hospital. and that money vanished. >> after the bernie madoff scandal, there is a new irs rule that lets investors write off their losses. but the charges are not serious enough so these investors may not qualify. as one irs source told me today there will be a lot of angry investors. for the iteam, abc 7 news. and a san francisco man accused of master minding an on-line marketplace for illegal drug sales denied the charges. he was flown to los angeles to face drug charges, he is accused of operating a website where more than a billion dollars of
9:33 pm
illegal drugs were sold, using bit coin, an on-line term. today, his attorney described somebody who was never in trouble. and denied allegations. oberect will have a hearing in two weeks where he will probably ask to be let out on bail. a group of angel investors in the silicon valley just launched a competition. anyone who can come up with an idea on how to make guns safer will be given a million thrdoll, and that is just the beginning. this idea is in response to last year's mass shooting at sandy hook school. >> reporter: what happened at sandy hook elementary school last december 14th had a profound effect on silicon valley entrepreneurs 3,000 miles away. now, more than 40 of them are ready to invest millions to build smarter, safer guns. >> we want to hear all the ideas. and that is what we're here to
9:34 pm
do, to see which ideas come through, fund them and let the free markets determine which ones are the most viable. >> reporter: the competition was announced at an event put on by fast company, a magazine which focuses on technology and business. nicole hockley's son, dylan was one of the 26 shot and killed. >> we found ourselves walking the halls of congress. >> reporter: knowing the current gun control laws and policies have done little to solve the problem, the parents sought out unlikely allies, the well known investor ron connally flew out to meet with some of the parents. they told him technology could be used to solve the gun epidemic. >> he said i want in, and in his typical way, said i want to help you guys. i believe in what you're doing, that is where our relationship started. >> reporter: since then, silicon valley has once again assumed the role of problem-solver. >> there is information about
9:35 pm
making ammunition, and how you grip a gun. there is stuff about the fingerprint itself. and a host of our solutions. and we're curious to see what else that we haven't heard of yet. >> reporter: fingerprint biometrics would allow only the owner to fire the gun. the latest technology was created to reduce gun violence. >> we'll continue to grieve for the rest of our lives. but it is not about the inaction. it is about what do you do through this to make something positive happen? >> reporter: hockley says she wants sandy hook to be remembered as a place where real change began. in san francisco, abc 7 news. starbucks today launched a new hiring initiative to help thousands of veterans. the cover chain is hiring 10,000 vets and active duty spouses over the next five years. some criticized this move as a publicity stunt. but starbucks ceo says that is not what is happening here.
9:36 pm
>> this is not a marketing exercise and this is not pr. this is trying to do the right thing at a time in america where we have lots of problems and challenges. >> the jobs include working in starbucks coffee stores, production warehouses and corporate offices. in addition to those plans, starbucks will open community-based stores in u.s.-joint operations. the initiative is to help veterans secure jobs. and imagine you're the parent of more than 100 children. it is happening across america, a consequence of something that started 50 years ago. abc news reporter ron clayburn has more. >> delivery man is about a experiment donor who discovered he fathered hundreds of children. far fetched? well, do you know any young people who look like this man,
9:37 pm
he is todd whitehurst, who as a graduate student donated experiment more than three times a week, for years, you do the math. one week he was contacted by a 14-year-old girl who told him he was her father. >> my first reaction, i was stunned. >> reporter: since then, he met three of his donor off spring and confirmed others. >> how do you know you don't have 50, 100 children, 150? >> i don't know, it is certainly possible? >> in fact, abc learned of at least five individuals who fathered over 100 children, and one, nearly 200. >> it is the wild west, there is essentially no sheriff in town, in this area which is lucrative and intimately involved in people's lives. >> some areas they limit the number of children a person can have. in the uk, it is ten, and children can find their
9:38 pm
biological dad and his health history. >> in england and most of europe, it is illegal to have anonymous experiment donation. >> in the u.s., more than 2 million children have been born from donated experiment. a website has been connecting them to their fathers and half siblings for the last 13 years. >> nice to meet you. come in. >> adriana and kyle found each other through that registry. >> the donors don't have any legal or social binding, but half sister, that is cool. >> reporter: so far, more than 10,000 connections have been made. todd whitehurst eventually met his daughter, virginia. >> we have a remarkable amount in common. >> it is surprising really, as if we're related or something. >> reporter: one more version of the modern american family. ron clayborn. and only on abc news, a troubled california freeway project and how caltrans has under-es
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delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. only on abc 7 news tonight, a controversial north coast freeway project hits a major snag. the army corps of engineers is threatening to suspend or even revoke the caltrans construction permit. the freeway is being built on highway 101. now, we have been investigating this project since may, and tonight it appears that caltrans is coming up short when it comes to protecting the environment. for the past nine months, caltrans crews have been working to turn this federally protected wetlands into this. the first phase of a four-lane freeway project, six miles long with an estimated cost of $300
9:43 pm
million, if it is ever finished. >> at this point they're not in compliance with their permit conditions. >> that permit from the army corps of engineers is supposed to protect the environment, and caltrans needs it to keep ing to get the opportunity before suspending the permit but it is approaching the point now. >> caltrans is filling at least 60 acres of wetlands, considered critical to the eco system. there are 100-year-old trees, endangered plants and trees. caltrans is supposed to restore 2,000 acres of wetlands and creeks, damaged by past human activity. but while there is construction on the freeways, caltrans has missed deadly after deadny -- deadline after deadline on the environmental plan. >> they bully, they drag their
9:44 pm
feet, they are not doing what the agency asks them to do. >> one spokesperson disputes that. >> we'll follow any requirements by our permitting agencies. >> he showed us stream beds where caltrans is working to improve fish habitat. but there is just a fraction of what is required. >> this is a very complex project. >> and expensive, caltrans spent 16 million to buy land for the improvements. now they need a contractor to do the work. they just took bids, estimating it would cost another 13 million. they were way off. >> it came in at 39 million. >> that is $26 million more than expected. and caltrans doesn't have the money. so now they're taking another look at the bids. >> maybe there is a misunderstanding in the specifics. >> but $26 million is a lot of tweaking, especially when caltrans is facing problems with another part of its
9:45 pm
environmental plan, caltrans was spent 40 pages of questions and concerns, back in 2006. all of this is happening against a back drop of constant protests and a divided community. highway 101 is the major route north from san francisco to yreka, but traffic often backs up, the mendocino county supports the plan. >> this is good for the public and people who come up here on the weekends or vacations. >> but over the past 20 years, traffic in the area has been flat or down. environmental groups are asking the government to intervene and scale back to a two-lane freeway. >> and save money, not only save wetlands, save money. >> caltrans insists it is too late to go back. >> most of the impacts for the full four lane have already occurred by this point. >> but as barren as this looks,
9:46 pm
the army corps of engineers says if caltrans does cut the size of the freeway it is still possible to bring back some of the wetlands. >> we need to go out and do an actual inspection of the wetlands to do this, but there is a decent chance of success. >> now, there was a meeting about the project weeks ago before caltrans came up $26 million short on funding for the environmental plan. the governor's office did not return our call ask whether he will consider intervening on this. we'll stay on the when our little girl was born,
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all right, high clouds moving through the bay area as it did throughout the evening hours. a mild and pleasant evening, tomorrow, state-wide conditions to what we saw today. mainly sunny skies, mild conditions across the state and again here in the bay area, high temperatures ranging from mid-60s to the coast and inland. and of course, a big football game at stanford stadium, the cardinals hosting the ducks, 6:00 game time, cool, temperatures in the 50s at game time. seven-day forecast, chance of rain late monday and tuesday and clearing up and warming up again by mid-next week. >> very nice, we want you to keep repeating the forecast. looks like it will go on and on, like ground hog day. and news out of the warriors tonight? >> no, it is not that. not that, i'll just start with that. it is not great, but somewhere between bad and great. >> it is not news.
9:51 pm
>> the warriors win, but they >> the warriors win, but they did lose steph curry again, to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
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coveringcovering all the ba and a two week old baby found safe after police say he was kidnapped by his father and taken for mexico. tonight you will hear from the boy's very relieved mother. and your car's security system could actually put you at risk. we find out how thieves may unlock your car without ever touching it. those stories come up on channel 11, larry is here with as we said, not great news about the warriors. >> no, but not horrible, at least we don't think. nice victory against golden
9:55 pm
state, one thing went wrong, actually two things went wrong, two injuries to steph curry who had to leave this game. barnes back from a foot injury, apparently he is healed. kevin love, 26 points, 16 rebounds. how do you block that fade away? david lee in the open court. steph hits him, dunk, then warriors have not hit a three until the basket went down, curry's first injury of the night. rubio tweaks the right knee, steph leaves the game but comes back later. look at this pass, between the legs, so pretty, 14 for harrison barnes, then curry lands on
9:56 pm
love's foot, rolls his left ankle, and sprained. steph thinks he can play on friday. and clay thompson, you want to step out even farther. he is like knocking him down from the second row, 19 of his third come in the fourth period, ends up with six, 106-93, the warriors pull away to win off to a four and one start. on the the story that is capturing the nfl. the league has appointed a special counsel to investigate possible misconduct against the miami dolphins. at the center of all of this is the lineman jonathan martin who left the team because he felt like he was being bullied. the aggressor is richie incognito, who was apparently his friend, others came to the defense incognito. >> i think if i had asked john martin a week before who was the
9:57 pm
best friend on the team was, he would have said richie incognito. the first guy to stand up for him, richie was there. >> incognito spoke for the first time since he was suspended on sunday and wouldn't comment specifically on the situation, saying he is trying to weather the storm and believes it will soon pass. we'll see about that. another story about raiders quarterback terrell pryor says keeping the team in line is the quarterback's job. >> i'm not putting down or saying the dolphin's quarterback is not doing that. i'm just saying, answering the question in terms that i believe the quarterback is very responsible for in-house and locker room things and helps to quiet the accusation down. >> the 49ers head coach jim harbaugh weighed in on this. he coached martin when they were at stanford. harbaugh has not spoken to him
9:58 pm
or anybody else but is not sure what is going on there. but he has a lot of respect for jonathan martin. >> i know him to be a fine person and his family, great contributor as a student. and an athlete. at stanford. the epitome of the student athlete model. and a personal friend. so i support jonathan. >> back on to the field. the biggest game of the year coming up in the pac-12 tomorrow, fifth ranked stanford hosting oregon, national title implications in this game on the line. the challenge for the cardinals, enormous, the ducks average 55 points per game. the victory, three touchdowns, last year, stanford upset the ducks on the road, 17-14, cardinals want to keep the game close and put the pressure on oregon in the fourth quarter. >> it was a very tight game
9:59 pm
going into the fourth quarter, which they're not always used to. a lot of time they have big blowout wins, and they seem shocked by it. >> we gave them a bunch of opportunities to stick around. and win that game. and that is exactly what they did. so i think this year we'll come away more focused than we did last year. >> i'm not sure stanford has the play makers that they had last year so i think it will be a very difficult task. >> well, oregon is playing great ball. >> it can be done, though, can be done. be done. >> they did it last year,
10:00 pm
[ gibberish in spanish ] and... [more gibberish] and hasta luego. nice day out today, isn't it? yeah, shoot. you forget something? i forgot to stagger the timing of my exit with shirley's. we both have a class across campus and i can't go that distance with "oh, that's nice." that's mean. no, that's not nice. i find shirley very easy to talk to.


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