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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 13, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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is. run away muni train. passengers barreling through one woman was trapd and not knowing if it would stop. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the ordeal happened at the castro station as the train was entering the tunnel toward the foresthill station. abc news reporter heather ishimaru ilive in the castro for us tonight. heather? >> carolyn, th train reacted as it was supposed to. there is an investigation on going into among other things whether the driver pressed his
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ergency break button into the cab before getting out. in any case, the surveillance video on the muni platform caught part of what happened. when the muniperator stepped out and manually closed th door, the train pulled away cause it was in auto mode leing the driver behind. when they realized there was no driver and smelled something burning someone pulled the emergcy brake. the train came to a stop a quarter mile from the station in the tunnel. >> they were pushing like the buttons to talk to the driver. there was no driver and they artrying to open both muni driver doors were locked and they are trying toet them open. >> there was no cell phone service and no communition from the outside. >> we didn't know if a train was going to come up. a couple of dyes -- a couple of guys were in the back. it was kind of like be were on our own.
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>> muni says when the train stopped the control center was alerted. a mechanic was there in 12 minutes and drove the train to the foresthill station. passengers were never in danger. >> once the train wastopped, not only did th controllers respond immediately but we also stopped all trains in both directions ound it to increase the safety zone. >> for muni to make light of it, it waspsetting. you weren't there. >> she says she will keep riding muni, but she might do a double take if the driver gets out. heather ishimaru, abc news. two tesla ployees are recovering in a south bay burn center after an accident at the company's plant in fremont. a third worker was treated and released. ama dates is live at valley medical center where the head of tesla visited the injured works. >> he did spend some time with those employs tonight. he spoke to us andaid he
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personally wanted to come down here to see they were okay and they were receiving the best possible medical care. came to valley medical center in san jose to visit three employees who were injured in an industrial accident at the car company's assembly plant in fremont. >> they are all conscious and they s they are pretty good given the accident. >> it shows the scene after the accident happened around noon. first responders initially thought there was a fire. >> after the first unit got there and assessed the situation it was reduced wn to two units. >> there was an equipmt malfunction in a lo pressure aluminum dye casting operation. >> hot metals splashed on them in the case of kevin. it looks like they should -- they should make a full recovery.
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his hands were burnt pretty badly. so it is not clear what the recovery is going to be. >> a hospital spokesperson says one of the employees has been discharged. valley medicals nationally recogned for the burn center. >> any patient is getting the best care possible. >> in 2012, cal-osha says a citation was issued to tesla for several violations. one of which was serious because they didn'thave a piece of protective equipment in pce. ama dates, abc7 news. >>and developing news, two women are accused of stealing the identities o dozens of people including breast ncer patients. they were arrested november 5th in santa clara. they checked into a hotel ar great america using a fraudulent credit card. officers found stolen mail and personal information from at least a hundred people. 15 of them were cancer patients at the medal center in oakland. authorities are now contacting the victim. new at 11ing on, police are are -- new at 11, police are seeing an alarming trend
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in the past couple weeks. three students have reported being drugged a parties. we sent alan wang to santa cruz to find out mor >> usually it is like if someone gives you a drink or if they are mixing a lot of stuff you can't tell what is in it, that'what happens. >> uc santa cruz police say it was the likely scenario when three female students were drugged at separate off campus parties. it happened over a two-week period and one student was sexually assaulted. >> the thought that they had been intoxicated at a much faster rate. some got si and vomited. >> i actually had a friend that somhing tainted her drink on the nightf halloween. what i thought was interesting was she was walking when she came to and she was not passed out somewhere. >> did your friend report this to police? >> not that i know of, no. >> which means there could be more unreported cases. uc santa cruz police believe
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students are becomingmore open to reporting these incidents because of a recent campaign they have been pushing. >> what to do if something happens. see something, say something, do something. all ofhat has been part of our campai. >> they said to not leave our drinks even if we are going to the bathroom. either you drink it or throw it away. >> police say the drugs passed through the victim's body and they don't know what drugs were used. soar no one has been arrested. alan wang, abc news. expect delays if you take the tunnel. cal trans will make final preparations for the opening of the tunnel. they could s delays of up to 30 minutes. the delays could start as early as friday night at 30. crews will be restriping ahead of the opening that could happen this weekend or perhaps early monday morning. fremont police are looking for a brazen thief o poses as a delivery man to steel packages. it shows a man carrying an
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empty box on monday and he drops it off and picks up two other boxes on the front poh. he hoped into the blue sedan and took off. the boxes he stole had computer parts i them. a lot of murders go unsolved. our media partners reviewed data for4 cities and found these results. san pablo had the highest clearance rate at 92%. san jose 66%. san francisco, 44. oakland investigats solve 35% of cases and richmond ranks last among the cities with 30%. the national average for solved homicide cases is 62%. >> new at 11:00, john mfee says he will testify in the murder case of his belize neighbor. he was wanted by police and there is your call after the murder of gregory fall. but heent on the run and hid in th jungle and faked a
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heart attack. he says he has nothing to do with his death. he invented the software that bears his name. relief has ended for survors of typhoon haiyan. the need is trendous. it has been five days since the storm. tonight the united nations reports 49,000 people received rice andcanned food. impassable roads and a lack of trucks are contributing to the problem of getting aid to survivors. the philippine government reports the death toll is now 2300 people. more than 500,000 have been displaced. people in san jose held a candleght vigil in support of the victims. donations were collected during the event and local grassroots organizations say they have raised nearly $100,000 so far and that money is already on its way to the philippines. if you would like to donate to the typhoon relief effort we have information at find itt see it on tv. a moment of trh for
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president obama and the troubled health care website. we know the number of people who enrolled over the site. take a look. the white house reports just over 106,000 people enrolled in october. 27,000 used the federal website and short of the pro swrected half million people -- projected half million people. 79,000 applied through one of the 15 state run market places with nearly 31,000 of those people here in california. e government's top tech peop told lawmakers during a hearing that the federal woibts -- website is improving. >> it was the case, absolutely the volume was a key issue that hit the site. it is still an issue for the site although greatly expanded. >> hackers have tried more than a dozen times to take control of the federal webse. homeland security officials say none of the attempts is successful. a warning for users of a popular permanent birth control. the dangerous side affects
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which was touted as a safe alternative to surgery expwrie. a deadly sease discovered at a state-of-the-art bay area lab. what is being done to keep the workers safe. >> and new technology that shows cosmetic surgery patients the after while they are still in the before. >> i'm sandhya patel and it is hard to see out there. dense fog is covering parts of san francisco and other parts of the bay area. we will look at your wake up announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch.
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unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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tonight. a deadly disease has been found at a santa clear raw county crime -- santa clara county crime lab. they report that legionnaire's disease was discovered on november 1st. this fatal disease may have developed inside pipes connected to emergency showers and sinks that are rarely used. no one at the state-of-the-art facility hasecome ill. as a precaution bottled water spensers used f washing hands will be installed tomorrow. new details about the possible dgerous effects of permanent birth cntrol called assure. the maker now lists pelvic pain and device migration in its information booklet as two of the most common side
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effects. the change comes after 900 complaints and thousands of complats on twitter. it is a small metal coil inserted no a woman's fallopian tubes. patients who optor cosmetic surgery have a hard time envisioning what they will look like after the procedure. now they are getting a preview that can be remarkably accurate. >> as a student of inteational relations at san francisco state he is used to looking at the world from different angles. when he decided to explore cosmetic surgery on his nose he took at approach. >> as a guy i am not lookg in a mirror and checking myself out. it is nice to look at the computer and looking at the size and how it wouldchanging the angle of the face. >> turn 90 degrees to your left. >> that prevw is made possible by an expanding array of programs that actike a crystal ball allowing patients to see what they are likely to look like after a given procedure. in his office in san mateo he
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demonstrat. >> they are specific to the patient. >> in the case of this volunteer he is exploring small changes in the shape of her nose. >> you can see the tip narrowing as we come in. we can also narrow the dorsom slightly too. >> while the changes are quick and precise it is two dimensional meaning they can only view the image from the angle it was taken. the 3-d images are offering a more complete view of what they will look like in the real world. >> you can get all different views vis and angles. >> and then by sliding the cursor we can bring that tip down to something smaller. >> once the changes are locked in they follow the patient's face in any direction. >> i can change it like this. i can move it around like
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that. i can see the nice changes to the tip. >> while the images are ric in detail he admits the process is not 100% ago -- accurate. >> it doesn't account for skin tone and muscle tone when you talk about breast. it doesn't account for operative techniques. >>still in gllermo's case he says seeing the 3-d representative gave him degree of confidence in the choice he was ming. the photo on the left shows his nose pre surgery. the onin the middle was the 3-d projectionnd the right was the final relt. >> i did get to see a simulation of what it would look like. we had a very good idea what it wouldook like and i'm surprised how accurate the actual results are. >> the three-d camera system is used for breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast implants. walgreens has pulled key we mink oil from the shelves after an activist said it con
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tamed the product with acid. the animal liberation front says it put the acid in 240 jars of the oil used to treat leather. it could cause severe burns. they claim tampered jars are at other stores as well. none have been found that were tamperedith. so far no one was hurt either. >> bay area families will receive free smoke alarms with the help of abc7. it is part of save a life, a campaign designed for fire safety awarene. 3,000 smokeetectors and carbon monoxide dectors will be handed out. for mo information visit and look at see it under tv. >> such a simple way to save lives. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> you will have to look out for the fog. we had summer-like temperatures and let's show you the highs. it got up to 80 in santa rosa
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and clear lake. 74moffet field and 74 in san jose. 78 antioch and oakland 72 degrees. the fog held your number down in half moon bay. the fog a problem. live doppler 7hd is tracking it. look at the visibility. 5* quarter mile in santa rosa and just over a mile in half moon bay. the comowt will look a lot like this. this is the type of sun lapse you would see in the summer. a short time ago in the fog and here is coit tor and telegraph hill and it is hard to make it out with the foggy conditions. 53n san francisco and it is 55 in oakland. check out the view from the sfo camera. there is fog there right now no problems. could see delays in the morning. santa rosa 46 and cooling off. novato and napa, it is getting cool. low 50s and upper 40s and 53 in livermore. now let's check out the view om the kgo roof camera.
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the fog is not limited to the ast. it is already making its way along the bay here. dense fog for the morning drive. mild again by the afternoon. and we are look at cooler and breezy weather friday and saturday. here is the computer animation. the fog is creeping in around the bay as well. it will be dense in spots le it is tonight. for the morning you will want to give yourself plenty of time. no one wants to hear this, but you may want to set your alarms earlier and leave home sooner to get to work or get the kids off to school. low 40s to low 50s in the morning. bundle up, chilly stt. as we look beyond that mostly sunny and a little cooler as we head into thursday and friday. breezy as well on friday and saturday. you notice the chil as the area of low pressure brings snow and rain to the pacific nohwest. northern california, the sierra nevada we will get snow showers. very limited moisture and we are left with nothing. wait until you see t accu-weather seven-day forecast. there is a change coming. the temperatures tomorrow afternoon are not as warm as
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today. pleasant and mild and occasional high clouds. patchy fogingering. 60s coast side and 70s around the bay and inland. as you look at the accu-weather, seven-day forecast. the weekend is in the 50s and 60s. more cloud cover and staying dry. chance of rain is now showg up on tuesday. it is a slig chance and both computer models are bringing in at least the potential foreseeing rain. i know it is just a slight chance. >> we arehanging on to the hope. >> we need the moisture and as of right now it looks like it may happen. >> sandhya, than. >> let's turn our focus the 49ers. >> and larry beil. >> i am going do it like sandhya. there is the poteial of me doing a sportscast. it is slim. don't know. sports models are changing. i could, but it is not for sure.
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isthe models are changing. it i
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alex smith is 9-0 with the chiefs. the man who repeplaced him, colin kaepernick, is coming under scrutiny for the worst pass rush offense with the niners. niners facing the saints so 9 points and six sacks will not get it done. he needs help fm his receivers . coach harbaugh says labeling kaepernick as under achieving is unfair. >> why do we need the labels? two weeks ago w gave him the gameball and the week before that a gameball not getting excised abou--
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excited about the labels. >> we now know what even the raiders' coaches didn't know last sunday. prior's knee was messed up. he didn't tell anybody. he wanted to tough it out against the giants. he did not practice today because of a sprained rht knee. now it is unclear if he can g sunday in houston. >> i wanted to be the tough, a lot of football players toh it out. the way i move and the way i have to mo didn't help out. >> senior night on the pitch at stanford. the cardinal hosting cal in overtime. stanford here and messy like between defenders. i don't dohat well. th win likely propels the cardinals for the ncaa tournament. cal st four of the last six, but they qualified for the ncaa. i will work on that. the giants' fans could see this one comin clayton kershaw named the cy
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young award winner. 1.83 earned run average. and scherzer wins it for the tigers. nba oklahoma city will be at oracle to take on e warriors. blake frisson welcomingkc to l.a. not the best of friends and here ces the exwarrior. they both get ejected and ippers win the game 111-103. matt barnes has not changed since his warrior days. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> still a hair trigger. >> thanks very much. >> next on abc7 news, check out the big moves from this little guy. >> the must see video of a >> the must see video of a 5-year-oldaa@a@##h@
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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weather. the fog is going to be dense during the morning. chilly in spots and misty. 40s,0s to start off. mike nico will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the fog. >> thank you. well a 5-yearld boy in florida made a big impression at a big game serving as a high school drum major. >> check this out. he first learned his moves by watching on-line individual jo. he practiced with the high school last summer at band camp >> on saturday he made his big debut leading the band on to the field for the half time performance. doing quite a job. >> look at him go. >> he's got the moves just like larry. sorry. >>


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