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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> some developing news tonigh tonight. big deal. we begin with possibility of another bart strike after mistake was found in the final agreement signed by negotiators. one bart board member calls it a hand grenade. we first broke the story on twitter and 7 news at finance:00 if you were with us then. good evening. >> that mistake may force bart
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board to scrap the agreement because it contains what one bart director describes as clerical error granting too much paid family medical leave to union workers. bart 2 largest union approved the contract last month after workers went out on strike twice in the past 4 months. now sources tell us that this page in the agreement that you are looking at somehow made it into the final draft and signed as you can see by all the negotiate ors. officials claim they rejected that position and they agreed to take it out. at issue family medical leave. new contract states bart would give workers full pay for the first 6 weeks. the old language said if employee need to use sick leave and vacation time. atu president bryant issued this statement saying quote bart management is attempting to go back on agreements it made in july and august and that were part of the final deal. this the is unconscionable. bart board is expected to vote on the
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contract during its regular meeting next week. but they have now scheduled special meeting tomorrow afternoon to try to work something out in the latest crisis that nobody expected. if the board turns down the contract bart workers could go on strike again possibly over the holidays. so this is real mess. we have to see what happens tomorrow. >> well moving on. disturbing scene at bay area high school caught on cell phone camera. student in middle of fight with several other students. now it happened at hercules high school where administrators hope talking about it will led to heightened awareness and greater tolerance on campus. laura is on the story. officials at the high school gave us a copy of the cell phone video in part to illustrate what happens when young victim of repeated teasing and harassment couldn't take it any more. >> after being under stressful situation day after day being teased and talked about
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obviously at some point you are going to explode. >> in this case school officials say transgender student initiated the physical contact by slapping another student wednesday afternoon. but only after she had been repeatedly taunted by the girl she hit and others. >> at one point just about every member that was a party to the fight ends up on the ground. there is lots of hair pulling. hitting. slapping. >> it happened in the court yard on campus between 6 and seventh period. all those involved are sophomore 15 and 16 years old no. 1 was seriously hurt the transgender student complained to school administrators about being bullied just two days ag ago. and warning was given to the other students involved. >> they were told knock it off. and then something transpired yesterday afternoon. >> those who council students at hercules high hope to turn the incident into something positive. >> they are teenagers. frontal lobe not competely developed and that's where we kilometer in to play to talk a little bit
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about tolerance and support and supporting each other. >> in the mean time all 4 students involved could face disciplinary action for fighting on campus. in hercules, abc 7 news. >> family friends of teenager burn victim march through oakland tonight calling for an end to hate crimes. police believe 18-year-old luke sasha flesh man skirt was set on fire by a 16-year-old on board ac transit bus in oakland. sasha identifies as being agender neither male or fee mail. the family called the march walk rainbow road. marchers place ribbon at bus stop along ac transit 57 lines. same line that sasha rode the night of the attack. police say the 16-year-old beating suspect admitted to being homophobe ick. >> investigators this afternoon release sketch of man they say raped a student in cupertino. picture we show you this to you. we reported last week that authorities are
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considering adding a hate crime charged in this case. the assault happened inside a woman's bathroom on campus last monday. victim may have been targeted because of her identification as pan sexual attracted to people regardless of the gender or sexual preference. >> muni officials say the passenger on that run away train yesterday were never in danger but that may not really be the case. there is more information today about the driverless train and that passengers had to step in to stop it. more about their experience here's heather. >> when a muni kt line train auto mode took off from the castro station without the driver yesterday morning, the 30 passengers on board had done nothing the train would have come to a stop all on its own at the next station. open the doors. and stayed there. but if someone had been on the track, that would have been disastrous. when auto control mode and operator have to push the red emergency brake what
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they call the mushroom to stop the train. >> but without an operator there isn't anyone to push the mushroom if they see someone on the track way. that's why it's ideal to have an operator in the cab when operating the trains automatic control. >> susan moore on the train yesterday morning. she wasen grossed in her cell phone when somebody came running up the aisle. >> not totally frantic but he was like raised voice he was like there's no driver on the train. >> moore says the passenger simply reacted. pulling the emergency brake lever and trying any means possible to communicate with muni. cell phone wouldn't work in the tunnel. they had no idea if a train might be coming up behind them. muni says there is a way for central control to communicate with the passengers over a loud speaker. they don't know why this didn't happen yesterday. >> we just didn't know what was happening. which was bad. >> the driver is on suspended leave with pay while muni investigates exactly what went
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wrong. whether human error or something wrong with the train or combination of both. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox will join local leaders tomorrow to celebrate the completion of the caldecott tunnel fourth bore. cal-trans tweeted these pictures in the tunnel today. crew tested special fans designed to keep the bore from filling with smoke during a fire. new bore can open once it passes several test and workers stripe lanes. new tunnel means 4 lanes in both direction between orinda and oakland. cal-trans hope reduces delay for all drivers along highway 24 and certainly all of the drivers hope the very same thing it's scheduled to open first part of next wee week. >> the coming up next at 9:00. exclusive interview tonight with head of the university of california system even as you see regent defy request by the governor. >> also. start of the season
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for bay area crabber. this one getting off to much different start than crab season of the past. >> spencer here with the weather. >> finally cooled down to more november like levels but will we get any rain any time soon? i have the answer at my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks spencer. >> it was a big nature for video game lovers. you will see what is in these new console they are so exited about it. 7 news at 9:00 when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no!
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>> university of california regent got a big reality check from governor brown who had harsh words about uc budget request. >> defy -- 5 percent is pretty much what you are going to get. >> brown told them he's going the uc system a 5 percent budget increase. asking for additional 120 million dollars. brown warned that the state legislature probably won't go for it but the regent voted for budget any way. governor says
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uc is headed for crisis. >> university like the state like the federal government has to reshape itself. resize and live within its means. that's very difficult message. >> if the regent can't get the extra 120 million the university of california may have to freeze salary. hold back enrollment and cut back on scholarship. uc system will need the extra money for president nopolitano to coop her promise of no tuition increase t.lee ann sat down with the new uc president who is the former head of homeland security. >> she officially took office as president of the uc system on september 30. she is been on the job for only 43 days. already she's promised to freeze undergraduate tuition next year but is realistic about the true cost of running the university of california. this despite money coming from
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proposition 30. series of tax increase voters approved last november. >> governor brown said please don't ask me for any more mone money. if. >> what happened to prop 30. >> we will fight for that tuition freeze. we are going to look for way that is we can reduce our own cost. we are going to look for ways to stream line transferring community college students into the uc system so we have a lot on our plate. >> in a way this is a test of how well she is connected and how politically savvy the former governor of arizona can be. she told me her goal is to make the uc system affordable while maintaining reputation as one of the world greatest research institutions. >> it's not a time out. really an opportunity for us to really explore our whole revenue cost structure. to see what needs to be done for long-term sustainability. >> then there are the student protest which started well
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before she took off because of her previous job as secretary of homeland security which saw record breaking number of deportation. >> i'm not here to be the dsh secretary i'm here to be president of the university of california long experience and very rich experience running very high level complex institution. >> former governor once referred to no poll tap 0as workaholic. what do you do for fun. >> oh, i read for fun. fictio fiction, non-fiction. i good to music. i go to the movies. >>reporter: what are you reading now. >> right now i'm reading donna park the gold finch. >>reporter: she wouldn't say how many hours a day she puts in but let's just say hers is not a 9:00 to 5:00 job. she lives from a condo in oakland not far from her office.
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tuition at the university of california is a little more than 12,000 dollars a year. that is of course without room and board and a half of the students who attend qualified for waiver because the parents earn less than 80,000 dollars a year 7 news. >> fishermen and seafood buyers avoid what is an annual routine. haggling over the price of freshly caught dungeness crab. crab pot could return l full to the wharf as early as tomorrow morning. fishermen and whole saleers agreed to 3 dollars per pound coming after dispute in year past threatened fresh crab being available in time for thanksgiving. we went in settled now good to go. going on time nice to go on timement everybody has the crab for thanksgiving. >> crab look good. they are full. large. there's a decent count from what i understand. >> crabber getting 3 dollars a
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pound this year so you will likely pay 5:50 to 6:50 for local rae tailers but the early advice is pretty good season so far gameers line up along market street for chance to be among the first owners of the new play station 4. quite a party out there. jonathan bloom has the story. >> how long you wait is how serious you are about gaming. >> i have been here since okay yesterday morning. >> did you get any sleep. >> no. >> how are you feeling right now. >> very tired with you very happy. >> seven years since sony unveiled new play station. keeping each other company. >> yes. >> how is it working out for you. >> she's great companion. >> this promises blazing graphic and new controller reviewer gushing about. >> more responsive. stick and trigger feel better and just rest nicer in your happened.
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>> then the game a. >> graphic and original music recorded in studio built just for play station. >> we put lot of emphasis creating msic that really connects the player to our gam game. >> industry right up there with the movies. sony not tomorrow game in town. just around the corner microsoft throwing a party for x box 1 hitting snores a week. reviewer say the graphic may not match the new play station but x box hard to touch the when it comes what you can do with it on line. >> loud shooters if you want to play college beauty look x box one because more players play there. >> in this line even people excited who have been working with the new console for months. >> we can't fooint wait to give it to gamer. machine that was built for them and designed with them in mind so we are so is thrilled to finally be here at launch. >> if san francisco, jonathan
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bloom abc 7 news. >> well it's a little chilly out there. spencer is here with the forecast. finally does feel like the season out there. >> exactly. no rain fall yet but we get it step by step. increment. becoming november. look at live doppler 7 hd. extensive cloud cover today and lingering morning fog holding our temperature down significantly. sky cleared out. look out over san francisco from sutro tower cam are. high pressure in the second column. compared with yesterday high in the first column and notice the change over in the third column there. 80 degrees santa rosa yesterday 64 today. 16 degrees cooler. napa cooler. tied the record high for the date yesterday at moffitt field down 13 degrees from that reading today. so we had quite a cool did you know across the bay area. we look along the embarcadero from roof top
9:19 pm
camera temperature readings in the low to mid 50's to this area here and all in the 50's. here's live view at sfo from our sfo camera. tm readings in other locations even lower. 48 in santa rosa. 47 in nap a.we have upper 50's at no have the o. low mid 50's at fairfield concord and livermore. final live view at the golden gate bridge absence of fog and forecast feature clear and cool to chilly overnight. sunny breezy tomorrow and then cooler pattern settles in for the weekend that will be with us for awhile. satellite radar composite image show as pool of cold air or cool air descending in our direction coming from the north and cool air mass reinforcing the cooling already begun so it will remain in more seasonal range over the next few days. mainly clear skies tomorrow. wave of clouds late saturday late friday overnight friday night into saturday and
9:20 pm
there's a little bit of nice will accompany the clouds with most remaining to the north. not likely to get any rape fall out of the system here in the bay area. farther in the forecast future saturday sunday next week few more clouds arriving as cold front approaches and by wednesday of next week there is a slight chance of rain in the north bay from this system but once again it's a system that doesn't contain great deal of moychlts it does not seem to bring with it a probability of rain more like a possibility. light rai rain. overnight tonight under clear skies breezy conditions at the coast. we see chilly conditions in the valley low in the upper 30's and see mid upper 40's 0over remainder of the bay area. tomorrow south bay mid 60's, 64 at san jose, low 60's on peninsula. 63 redwood city. 50's on the coast and breezy 61 degrees downtown san francisco. see mid 60's up in the north bay valley sonoma -- from sonoma yes and napa and santa rochlts east pay high here's
9:21 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast. stay in this pattern of mid 60's inland for about the next week or so. warming up a little bit by next thursday and wednesday date when we have the best chance of rain but slight chance mainly north bay and even if it materialize it's probably not much. >> that's the best chance. >> next 7 days. >> thanks very much. >> eighth graders waiting apparently maybe not so apparently what is in these blue bin they are hoping to get
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>> big day for group of students on the peninsula. 125 students from willow oak school received new apple back book today. >> for a lot of the kids the first time anyone in the family has owned a computer. >> before i would come up to school and go on the computer and would i only have a little bit of time and i would if he ever get the job done on the computer. now that we are getting computers i would have to finish it finish it all the time. >> district officials say the goal is to open a world opportunity by providing students with critical tool that will prepare them for the job of the future. make great use of the times. it has been a month since the government shut down. you might remember man we told but who volunteered to clean up thenal natural mall he cut the grass and took out the trash and government workers stayed home. today cox
9:26 pm
was honored for his effort and on the set of lincoln memorial he was given a chain saw donated by the steel corporation. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away here. coming up next. president obama attempts to make good on campaign pledge. fix he's offering on obama care and how it effects all of us in california. >> my moment was that okay so this is how i will die at legislature it's quick. >> every traveler worst nightmare becomes reality. aboard flight on southwest airlines. what scared them so badly. >> and tunnel trouble. truck driver did to cause this to happen. another half hour of happen. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9
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>> ultimately i am the head of this state. we did fumble the ball on this and what i am going to do is make sure we get it fixed. >> very different commander in chief today appearing contrite and concerned. the president announced new plan did to try to fix obama care. he did so while taking the blame over and over again. abc news reporter jim avila in washington. >> 52 minutes of contrition. how many way does the president apologies for the obama care roll out. we counted 29. >> i do make policy that's on me that's something i deeply regret. we fumbled the ball. i feel deeply responsible. >> aide tell us the president told staff in series of meetings this is no ordinary problem. these mistake under cut his credibility that both web site and cancellation notices were messes of their own making that have a real
9:31 pm
impact on people's lives. while the president it's not his style. everyone got. >> i'm the president of the united states and expect me to do something bit >> here's what he did. if you lick your plan you can keep your plan and then policy cancelled by the hundreds of thousands today he unilaterally changed the rules the now proposing that anyone who received the cancellation letter be allowed to keep the current plan another year. insurance company may not cooperate but the white house doesn't want the blame. >> affordable care act isn't going to be the reason why insurer have to cancel the pla plan. >> the president second guess himself publicly admitting federal government doesn't do web site well. and he should have known it. >> how we purchase technology in the federal government is cumbersome. complicated and outdated. >>reporter: first time president obama said no one told him in advance the web
9:32 pm
site he based his signature pro program on was likely to crash so spectacularly. >> i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travel loss ty. week before the web site open if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> instead aide tell us the president felt he suffered a surprise wound from his own staff. leading to this final promise. >> these are 2 thoughts on something that on a big game which the game is not over. >> after the presidential remark california insurance commissioner called on insurance company to extend the deadline on individual policie policies. more than 1 million californians already received cancellation noise effective december 31. dave jones request would allow insurer to continue offering those policies insurance industry spokesman said they shouldn't
9:33 pm
change the plan saying would it cause significant disruption in the marketplace. >> there are conflicting reports tonight about the death toll from super typhoon even as relief workers rush to help victims in the philippines. united nations says 4460 people are dead but officials in the philippines say the number is 2360. right now biggest sign of relief may the arrival of the uss george washington. the aircraft carrier group has much-needed supply including food water to the hard to reach areas. here in the bay area national nurse group second the first team of nurses trained in disaster relief to manila. meanwhile people in the philippine city here have been living for 6 days like this. many survivors forced to scavenging for the meal. >> we have no food. no water. no light no. fuel. no oil.
9:34 pm
oil. officials hundreds of thousands of people in the philippines consist placed by this typhoon. >> look at the incredible video out of florida. half dozen homes there have been evacuated after sink hole opened up in their back yard early today. by savrment hole is 35 feet in diameter and 30 feet deep. about 20 miles north of st. petersburg. officials say the ground is so unstable 2 homes will have to be demolished. >> i thought somebody trying to take a huge sledge hammer and knock against wall and if cracking banging sound. >> the only good news nobody has been hurt but experts say that hole is still growing. >> staying in florida another moment. rescue searching the water off the coast line for for man who fell out of a small plane today. u.s. coast guard and miami-dade search rescue crew using boat and who want tore rye to find this man. pilot says he was flying over key biscayne when the passenger
9:35 pm
fell. he called in a may day to air traffic controllers pilot landed without incident at the kendall miami executive airport near miami. police have not released any information on how the man fell out of the plane but certainly want answers. >> in the mean time one more note about traveling by air. faa is investigating an incident aboard southwest air line flight so terrifying passengers thought they were going to die. flight was he had headed to north carolina yesterday when the pilot was heard to say over the loud speaker the plane was going down. passengers grabbed their cell phone to call loved ones but the plane started to take a nosedive. >> what i heard was what sounded like static and then this loud shooting sound then seconds later i heard whether so you knowed like a panic captain. he could have been just been deliberate saying we are in trouble we are going down. >> afterwards plate attendant
9:36 pm
secured the overhead bin and one told the captain to deploy oxygen mask. plane did level out and go on to make a safe landing at durham. the pilot was referring to dropping the plane altitude not had a they were crashing. e-mail sent to the passenger south west says that the captain was communicating his plan with the flight attendant and he activated the p a system in the cabin by mistake. south west says the flight had a maintenance issue that may have involved cabin pressure why the pilot was trying to go down in altitude but it was resolved when the plane descended to 2 25,000 feet. south west is giving those passengers 200 dollar voucher for the scare. >> well out cry in australia for trucking company to pay for the damage that one of the big rig caused in a tunnel in sydney today. check this out. front container on the truck was raised and then dragged across the roof of the tunnel sending debris everywhereñçç. reports say the driver accidentally activated the truck tipping mechanism when he
9:37 pm
leaned down to pick up his glasses. >> idiot when i do this have got to the acknowledge that they are not only stop their own truck but they disadvantage the whole city. >> video cap take your the container slowly rising approaching the tunnel. traffic was just backed up for hours as a result. >> coming up next. over coming adverse. >> meet the bay area student who is not letting her disability stop her from dancing. not by any means. 7 news at 9:00 back
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>> group make it possible to transform im am to 3d object in real time the. here's how it works. 3d camera sends image to device that is a pad of physical fix el -- pixel. it scan what it sees pixel mav up and down. it can scan body movement and recreate them on a table of physical pixel. as you can see in the video users interact with the ball and flashlight. potential application education to surgical simulation and architecture as well. technology in the early phase and could have uses in the home. >> all right we introduce you to young woman who has taken the term over coming adversity to whole new level. she's a 19 yearly student at dominican university enrolled in the king line ballet program. and what you can say about her is this. she is talented. tenacious. and gentlemen they has a disability. but doesn't hold her back. lee ann saw her
9:42 pm
her back. lee ann saw her dance >> elements of classical ballet and modern dance in the piece. strength balance required as demonstrated by she and the other dancers. except that lonie as you can see is more challenged than her classmates. she was born without a left arm. >> it's kind of a ballots between trying to be normal an trying to be different and that's kind of i think the beauty of dance. >> what about the spacing in that when it comes to be lonie in the it'll. >> her teachers are aware of her limitation but focus on the talent. >> i think her mother must be very special because obviously this child has grown up without feeling any limitations. >>reporter: lonie born in china and adopt bid american mother when 13 months old. whetheren lonie was 8 she developed scoliosis. it's when the spine begins to curve sideways instead of straight.
9:43 pm
>> so my mom put me in a few ballet classes because she thought would it help with my alignment and i started performing like in the nut cracker and stuff and i started to like it. >>reporter: so much so that lonie left her home in massachusetts to study with the line ballet. that program is offered by dominican university in san rafael. lonie practices in the morning in san francisco and returns to san rafael to do her act ick work in the afternoon. >> i don't weren't to be like half. i want to be like easy like sigh want them to challenge me not hold back. >> she knows more than we do. it is hard to guide her. she's our teacher as well. this is really quite extraordinary that you figure out how the momentum goes there or how to about or create that line. >> how difficult is it to not have the use of one spark.
9:44 pm
>> it is difficult to did like 2 left turn. >> but she did it flawlessly. >> i couldn't even do that with two arms. that was beautiful. >> she says her goal is to become a professional dancer some day. >> it feels good. i want my audience to like see how it feels good to just move. >> san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> we have another great story for you coming up next at 9:00. picture this car and bat mobile. why tomorrow it's an incredible day of very special day for
9:45 pm
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>> brace yourself. fat kid taking over san francisco tomorrow. 5-year-old boy fighting leukemia and tomorrow the make a wish foundation is making the wish come true. want to be the super hero and this is his city. we lend a hand and we give you insider access as miles wish comes tru true. news weekend anchor put together a special report to help miles get that the spirit. >> this is quite a story. we have just learned that a young woman who had been tied up on cable track has been courageously rescued by the contained crusader and get this. bat kid. a. >> rescue on hyde street and that kid will arrest the ridler
9:49 pm
then lunch time event at yawn square flash mob will help direct bat kid to next adventure. rescue of 89th mascot lucille at at&t park. at 2:00 p.m. a special presentation for bat kid at city hall. we have all the action for you on 7 news and we'll be live tweeting the adventure even step of the way. miles will be so excited tomorrow. sweetest in the world. >> holy cold front. time lapse view this afternoon of clouds moving over the bay right around colorful sunset. clear skies. moving out of the bay area live doppler 7hd mainly sunny except few showers down south around l.a. and san diego. here in the bay area no showers tomorrow. sunny sky. relatively mild with cooler
9:50 pm
than we had lately. 50's on the coast. pattern of low mid 60's inland around the bay and clouds increase slight chance of showers north bay and we need steady rain. heavy rain and this is not it. >> if we get it sound like it is confined to the north bay. >> thanks. >> i have too much off good thing dan. too much outstanding stuff. warriors thunder in shoot out at oracle defense operational in this defense operational in this game. clash 2
9:51 pm
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>> more on the story told you about a few minute ago the bat kid rest pwu. we unite to make this wish come true. in an exclusive abc 7 news interview tonight we sit down with northern california boy miles who has a big day of crime
9:54 pm
fighting ahead of him tomorrow and all a surprise. >> and stolen valor. bay area school principal claiming to be a navy seal exposed for lying about his military record. tonight imposter comes clean to dan noyes why he did it and what happened when he got caught. those stories and more coming up at 11 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that but mr. biel is here with 10 pounds of good stuff in a 5 pound bag. >> yes. the bag might be even smaller than that. but seth said the were yours want to get to where the oklahoma city thunder right now. western conference power. hosting thunder that curry admitted was big. oakland all ready to run and score tonight. go to the second quarter. kevin on the drive. the flamingo like bank shot and curry and jeremy lamb be take over trading basketment
9:55 pm
4 in a row. 15, 3's total made in the fears half. anybody want to guard anybody. clay thompson led the were yours with 14 points in the first half. drains a 3. tv bogus scene roll look at this. with authority. big aussie. andre skilled passer. 8 assist last check. the dish to the david lee right now warriors leading 100-86 in the fourth quarter. shark vancouver canuck face each other 4 times already in the young nhl campaign. weird scheduling quirk the 2 rival will not meet again rest of the season. how about mr. hockey? tl howe in the house tonight at vancouver. canuck here kevin shark down 1 nothing. threat in the third. shephard with snap shot. club save. shark pull the extra attacker and great
9:56 pm
pass thornton from the stomach to dan boil to thomas and moments ago in overtime dan boyle won it in o t for the shark as they prevail 2-1 in vancouver. 49ers got the best of the saints in recent years in 2011 niners knocked new orleans out of the play offs. classic at candlestick. last year niners left them with a 3 31-21 win setting up sunday show down in the superdome. now shawn peyton back as head coach of the saints after the year of suspension. saints 7 and 2 lead the nfc south drought of the cowboys 49-17. smith for the niners pled 12 snap on sunday first game back from rehab. drew expecting to see a lot of smith on sunday. knowing this game is important for both teams. >> no bigger game than this on one. especially based upon the previous 2 meetings with the team where they have had our number. we need to play bette
9:57 pm
better. need to execute better and win. >> colt and the former nipper walker head butted by eric. fine if you are the one wearing the helmet. an drew luck wanted to throw. saw key fender pull down and scramble for touch down. pump fake up in the air guess what i'm gone. indy beat the tight app 30-27. very if you guy have that kind of field vision and awareness. luck of now fourth in the bcs. kevin at the helm mae need help to get in the games. the if stanford wins out rose bowl would await. standing in the way this saturday at the coliseum is usc. trojan won he straight unthe interim coach. trojan win push them to 8 and 3. 5 and two in the conference. stanford head coach shaw knows sc still with plenty of talent. >> play with confidence and
9:58 pm
together and playing hard and tough to beat. talk about the gays up front. pen triggs and in the back field. they disrupt the running game and pass protectionult. >> college hoop tonight bottle of the big brain. establish ford hosting northwestern. wildcat tl oh. hello. that was crawford on the follow-up two point game in the second half. josh used it. skip pass. i'll let the deep 3 i think 71-58. stanford leading now 71-58 cardinal late second half. major league baseball expand the use of instant replay starting next season. go with nhl style with war room in new york. ultimate decision-making made by men watching all the replay back east. decision will be relayed to the men in blue down on the field. pl foul tip not reviewed manager 2 challenge
9:59 pm
per game players and umpire union still need to approve the new rules. tiger slugger miguel won second cop executive american league most valuable player award. hit 3 48, 137 rbi and once again finished ahead of angel phenom mike trout. a's got representation with third baseman donaldson fourth in the voting. pirate outfielder andrew easily won the national league mvp. 28 of 31 place votes. pirates had the first winning season in 20 years the with plays like this also hit 3:17. 21 homer and 84 rbi. after years of suffering grit to see the pirates winning games. you did film the bag. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> all right. that is this edition of 7 news for all of u us. we appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues on line on twitter facebook and line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device. ♪]
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i booked a sketch artist, an improv troupe, and a laser projecting a burning pelvis onto the ceiling. a laser? this isn't gonna be your mother's sexually transmitted disease awareness fair. you've been quite the helper, annie.


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