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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 17, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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>> next, how some sick children in the east bay could be affected by a hospital unit closing today. what authorities say led to a shooting in a popular san francisco neighborhood. >> when rain could hit the bay area this week. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm ama daetz. tonight an east bay pediatric hospital unit that treats young patients overnight is closed. families accustom ted visit the facility will now have to go elsewhere. lillian kim is live from the hospital with the response. reporter: kaiser's inpatient
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pediatric facility here in hayward closed at mh means chile near here who need to be hospitalized must now go to oakland. the transition was said to be smooth. there were no patients at the facilities so no patients needed to be transferred. the facility averaged four children a day. kaiser said closing the hayward unit will offer a higher level of care. the 21 of the 22 nurses that worked here had been re-assigned, one retired. many of them are still upset about the closure. they say they're concerned about the patients who live near here. >> these people are going to be evaluated in the emergency room. they're going to be too sick at that time and try to stabilize them, and then they have to try transporting them to a facility that has pediatric care. that could take from ten two to six to eight hours. >> we recognize the change in location and we know families
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want the best for their children, and the best care for children is to be treated in a pediatric specialty center such as kaiser oakland, and this is supported by clinicianses at the children's hospitals of oakland, support what we're doing here. reporter: kaiser are outpatient facility here in hayward well rye main open. kaiser says outpatient services make up more than 99% of the care children receive. live in hayward. abc7 news. tonight the university of california has reached a tentative contract agreement with its unionized nurses. the contract must still be approved by the nearly 12,000 nurses of the california nurses association. nurses have agreed not to participate in a one-day walkout scheduled for wednesday. >> tonight, san francisco police are searching for suspects in a deadly overnight shooting. happened on sixth and jesse streets this morning.
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one woman was killed, another critically wounded. cornell bernard is live with details. reporter: no suspects and no motive in the shooting, which left one woman dead and another in critical condition at the hospital tonight. their names have not been released. tonight police want to know who fired the shots inside this parking lot. >> i was like, wow, that's intense. >> chaz is stunned someone lost their life in this parking lot across from his apartment on jesse street. >> i walked right up down these streets every day. this is my commute. just today. usually it's quiet. there's some unpleasant things happening but nothing like that. >> csi tell anies spent early sunday combing the lot where two women were shot, one fatally. police say it began with a fight. >> some sort of confrontation
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that led to a shooting. at this point, all of that is under investigation. >> neighbors heard the fighting before the gunfire. >> i heard arguing and wasn't all that bad. wasn't like -- i don't know. didn't catch my attention. and then i heard the gunshots and that's when i looked out the window. >> neighbors say large crowd was leaving this sixth street nightclub, which hosted a hip-hop event on saturday. the owner told us he doubts anyone inside his club played a part in the crime. police hope surveillance cam florida the area will help identify suspects. >> nobody in custody at this point. our homicide vettors are working on various leads. >> police are asking for public for any information they may have about the murder. tonight san jose police are investigating the city's 42nd 42nd murder this year. police officers found a man who
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had been shot and killed there have been no arrests. >> some self-described geeks and hackers met in san francisco to tackle gun violence through technology. tackers and community members met at the geek dom office and focused on be violence and the connection to mental health. >> we're also looking at applications that help families, individuals, parents, do a very quick and simple mental health assessment that can be used by a professional to intervene at the appropriate level. >> organizers say technology can cause people to become isolated and appreciate the irony when technology is used to help those same people become mow connected. >> new details about a father and son suspected of kidnapping the father's estranged life to perform an exorcism. prosecutors cited insufficient
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evidence so there will be no charges. the. men lured the woman into a car and drove a church. she was bathed in oil and told the devil was inside her. she was not physically hurt. it could be a wet week for parts of the bay area. leigh glaser shows us what to expect with live doppler 7hd. >> hi there, everyone. we have been waiting for a pretty good storm system, and we're going to see it. the clouds on live doppler 7hd in association with this very large cold front you see it, poised off the coast, and this is going to bring the bay area the return of rain on tuesday, already bringing rain to seattle, towards portland, and here's another shot of it. you can see it just digging, digging, digging, classic curlicue there, followed bay long cold front, thickening clouds for tomorrow. the rain will be here on tuesday. we'll look at the timing in a
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bit. at least three people are dead tonight as severe weather and tornadoes sweep through the midwest. look at this cell phone video of a frontal cloud in washington, illinois. the national weather service says nearly 50 tornadoes have been reported throughout the midwest. the twister left behind a thick carpet of debris, reducing whole neighborhoods to rubble. >> the bay area is continuing to open its hearts and wallets for victims of supertyphoon haiyan. in san jose at the north site community center, volunteers witch the national federation of filipino association collected canned goods and clothing to ship to the victims. abc7 news is hosting a fundraiser tomorrow. you can make donations to the red cross' relief fund through a live hotline from 11:00 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. we'll have details tomorrow when the fundraiser begins.
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a bay area man who dedicated his life to helping sick children is being remembered tonight for his kindness and generous spirit. barry taylor and his wife, elaine, created the taylor family foundation in livermore. barry passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. plans are underway to celebrate his life and generosity. the taylor family foundation began when the taylors held a fundraiser in 1990 in their backya to support children with life-threatening illnesses. today the foundation provides a free once in a lifetime camp experience for almost 3,000 children a year. we have been a proud sponsor of the taylor family foundation for more than 20 years, and sheryl jennings has shared stories every year. of you want to support the foundation, go to our web site and click on "see it on tv". still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. how people are still rallying behind batkid after he saved
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gotham. the new mars mission being launched tonight. why bay area scientists will be glued to their screens watching it. >> the play addition 4 resident sets sales record in the first
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>> more orders come in for the batkid t-shirt. they received 570 more orders. they -- they sold a total of 1800 shirts and they're available on their web site. we have a link on abc7 news. all the proceeds go to the make-a-wish foundation. >> two years after the shooting rampage at the quarry in cupertino we're getting new insight into what led to the tragedy. dan noyse interviews the killer's son. >> what made your dad snap? >> everybody has suspicions. but -- >> what are yours? >> obviously somebody made him mad -- that's the -- somebody made him mad. what else could it be?
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>> almond tells dan his father was a private man but kept detailed records of his problems at work. what can we learn to prevent future tragedies like this? the special interview tonight at 11:00. >> up next at 6:00. how a new study into frogs could affect california's farmers. and we could see some cold november rain ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. who? from preseason fourth string to first touchdown pass in his start. the cinderella story in the raiders' win in houston. >> the goal is to get the football from the other team. why this hit on drew brees may have cost the
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>> the u.s. government will investigate how pesticides affect rare amphibians in california. a federal court approved a deal to examine the environmental effects of seven common pesticides. studies show they can injury frogs and could lead to restrictions o pesticide use near their habitats.
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>> nasa scientists are getting ready for another launch tomorrow. the spacecraft maven will take off from florida and it was build at cal. it will help been scientist figure out why mars lost its atmosphere. the information could be used to tell us about hour planet's future. >> sales of the new play station iv gaming console are off to a record start. sony sold more than one million units in the first 24 hours after a lunch in the u.s. and canada. that is sony's strongest launch ever for a gaming console, but the launch hasn't been trouble-free. a number of consoles have been dead on arrival. what some are calling the blue ring of death. sony has a trouble shooting guide to fix the problem or contact support on its webs. we have a ling on our web site.
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>> a couple good days to stay inside. >> already live doppler 7hd picking up some of those high and mid-level clouds. you saw them today as well in advance of a nice-looking cold front that will bring the bay area some rain on tuesday and wednesday. there are those high clouds. by the way, these will keep us a little warmer overnight tonight. so temperatures such as santa rosa, up towards cloverdale you have been in the upper 30s the past several nights. a little warmer than that as the clouds insulate us a bit. look at the classic comma-shaped cloud. the classic curl here. it will stay to the north and all of this moisture in the south is expected on tuesday and wednesday. live shot now from the rooftop cam and the high clouds overhead. los gatos, 55. and a shot from the emeryville cam. santa rosa, 52.
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napa, 47. concord, 55. livermore, 58. here's a look at the look-ahead. the forecast high lights take you into the middle part of the work week. clouds and patchy fog overnight. increasing clouds for all of us by monday afternoon, and the rain will arrive as we head into tuesday and wednesday. here is a look at our overnight temperatures. mid-to-low 40s in the north bay, which is typically ouron tf year. elsewhere, we'll look for the clouds to thicken up temperature weiss in the upper 40s to low 50s. radar satellite composite. we enjoyed the sunshine today before the clouds moved in, this high will be replaced, squished to the south. will be replaced with this area of low pressure, and this will be our rainmaker. this part of the front will move in on tuesday, and then as you see this back here? this gathering here? this just formed today. this is a little enhancing. you can see it on the forecast animation hear. push ahead to monday, 3:00 in
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the afternoon. the clouds are with us. by 11:00, tomorrow evening, north bay you should start see the first signs of this cold front moving in, rain to the golden gate bridge. 5:00 a.m. commute tuesday, wet in the north bay, and then it slides south. by 5:00 tuesday evening, the south bay will be getting wet. but remember that enhancement? check it out. here it comes. see all this? this is going to move in by tuesday night. and it will be slam over us by wednesday, 5:00 a.m. commute time, with very moderate rain, and quickly moves out. so, tuesday, wednesday, the wettest days, the wettest period will be wednesday morning. rainfall totals, maybe an inch in the north bay, half inch elsewhere. temperatures tomorrow, we'll come down as the cloud bands begin to thicken. this forecast model showing up a little bit of rain to the north of us. cloverdale, 58. 64, livermore. the seven-day forecast, check it
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out. rain is back. tuesday, wednesday, maybe even lingering into a few showers thursday morning. saturday and sunday, though, it's out of here and we dry up, back up into the 70s. >> thank you, leigh. >> shu is in new orleans with the 49ers. colin here has a wrapup, and not a good night for the niners. >> niners are not partying in new orleans. looked like it would be nut a deplay change the things. saints averaging 29 a game, niners allowed 17. today in new orleans, neither team backing down. saints leader second quarter. a fumble by since, we're tied up. then drew breeness the pocket. great play by brooks, tipped, intercepted. three plays later, longest pass play of the game for kaepernick. 17-yard for vernon davis.
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vernon started despite a concussion lasts. controversial play right rear late fourth. brees rocked, fumbles. penalty thrown, hit to the head. saints keep position and tie it with the field goal. 20-yards there to coltston, then the game winner from 31 yards as time expires. 23-20 saints. they're 8-2, the niner is second straight loss, they're now 6-4. afterwards ahmad brooks on the game-changing hit. >> very frustrating. i mean, the game could have went a totally different direction, and i'm just mad because that was a big play in the game. and we lost the game, and that's probably the reason why. >> unfortunately, yeah. a reminder, we'll have another addition of vernon's view.
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only on abc7. >> from college walk on at penn state to undrafted free agent to a three touchdown passing performance today in his first ever nfl start in a nutshell, that's the story of matt mcgloin. former president george w. bush, the ceremonial coin toss. worked out well for the raiders. texans opening drive, they fumble. then mcgloin to moore, first touchdown pass. defense bearing down on houston's case keenum. great diving interception. the two of the raiders three drives start at the houston 16. this play, mcgloin, decisive in the pocket. two texas turnovers, two oakland touchdowns. then martin on the punt return, bounces off his face mask, he is gone, 87 yards. houston 17 straight points, take the three-point lead aft halftime third quarter, after
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mcgloin has thrown his third td, boom, on dj swearinger. the decisive play. texans a chance to take the lead but the pass is broken up. gary kubiak coaching from the booth in disbelief. dennis allen and the raiders, first road game of the year 28-23. >> the sharks in chicago. taking on the blackhawks. second period. 1-0 hawks. pavelski, firing, crawford, the initial glove. follows out. then slides into the net. nice break for the shark us about the breaks end there chicago currently leading 3-1 in the third. >> women's hoops, tenth ranked cal, 1-2 after losses to duke and george washington. boyd to shine. they're back to .500 with the win in the nation's capitol.
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stanford hoops, the men, road win at denver, and thewoman's squad blows out uc davis. >> nascar. matt kenseth on the poll for the championship deciding race but he needed to win and complete disaster for jimmie johnson to win the cup. paul menard was on fire. and then his tire blew up. everyone in the pit crew okay. denny hamlin wins the race. kenseth finished second but by finishing better than 23rd, johnson claims his sixth title, one win away from seven by richard petty and dale earnhardt. >> stanford files to ninth in the latest bcs standings. we knew they would go down. they dropped from fourth to
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>> join me tonight. we'll show you this amazing new technology that could transform how we enter interinteract online. >> and then at 11, the deadly storm making its way across the midwest. that's at 9:00 and 11:00. >> thor was nearly knocked off the top spot from an underdog comedy. thor managed to stand strong at number one. the disney marvel film is raking
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in big bucks. international ticket sales topped $479 million. this weekend thor made american 38 million in second place, a sequel to best man. earned $30 million. more than three times the original opening weekend. last vegas, free birds and bad grandma round out the top five. that does it for us at abc7
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