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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> today's storm is drifting east, but not before delivering a powerful punch here, bringing power outages and accidents. let's get to do abc 7 news, weather anchor, spencer?
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>> it has drifted eastward and so far it's in t sierra. here is what is left. just little pockets of moisture, but certainly nothing in the nature of significant precipitation. let's focus in the sierra, the light snow has been falling there for a while, but mainly in the higher elevations. now that it's colder, the snow levels are coming down and the chains are now required going into the central sierra and the tahoe area. and we expect the levels to continue to lower through the night. 5 to 10 inches of snow, in the higher elevations from the storm. winter weather advisory is in effect until the morning. back here in the bay area, we got quite a soaking of rainfall from this storm, just about all locations across the bay area. not just in the north bay, reported well over an inch of rainfall from this storm except
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down in the south where san jose got 3/4 of an inch. >> thank you, and we want to go up to the sierra right now and show you the snow. this is the caltrans camera near donner lake and spencer tells us, don't forget the chains, they are required over the pass. and half a mile west of santa rosa, this tree was forced the to come down. compromising power lines and closing a road there. and look at the highway, it was flooded, you can see the water spilling over the over pass. investigators say a driver going too fast went off a cliff. >> the chp said that the lexus skidded on the slick pavement and dropped 50 feet on the east
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side of highwaystehighway 17, r victims and hoisting the car back to the road caused a traffic mess that lasted for se several hours. a lot of people sent in their pictures. here is highway 101 in paul avenue. it forced the chp to shut down all but one lane. there's a man up to almost his waist in water. abc 7 carolyn tyler has more on what was a challenging day for many drivers. if you were trying to get from here to there today, you know it was not easy. on 101, heading from the peninsula, northbound from san francisco, it was not only stop and go, but slip and slide if you drove in to a gusher like this. caltrans cleared debris on the freeways to try to prevent flooding. the chp said it was busy, but
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won't know how many accidents occurred until they are counted tomorrow. if you opted for surface streets to avoid the freeway nightmares. there were rain related challenges, like this flood near candlestick park. pedestria pedestrian did not have it better when it came to dealing with the heavy downpour. >> a little bit. just keeping me dry a little bit. >> you can tell a lot about a person by the umbrella they carry. this guy claims that the lady bug is his granddaughters. >> she nicely let me use it to walk outside. >> you have to be brave to walk out with a umbrella like that. >> i am secure in my braveness. >> you being from seattle, this must be like summer. >> this is like summer and spring and fall and winter. >> san francisco said it's cleared more than two dozen catch basins city wide since the
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rains began. abc 7 news. >> well, there's a flash flood warning for mud slides and and debris flow near yosemite. all together, that fire burned 402 square miles, the warning is in effect until 11:00 tonight. now despite today's downpour, there's a long way to go before the river levels are at normal seasonal levels. you can see the river, with the video taken today. the water levels measured at just more than 1-1/2 feet. that is below what is normal. despite the rain, the california department of water resources announced today, it will only be able to deliver 5% of requests for 2014. every year, water agencies throughout the state request water for residents and farms and they say the 5% number could go up as we enter the rainy season. there's no guardians. remember, you -- there's no
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guarantees. you can keep tabs on where the rain is in your neighborhood, with the free weather app, go to abc 7 for details. we are learning more about a teacher attacked by a student. a 16-year-old boy stabbed the teacher several times with a pencil. it happened just before noon. another student stepped in to stop the attack. that is when the boy ran off. the entire school campus had to be locked down for two hours, the teacher will be okay. well, tonight, new information about what a witness who saw a missing woman in a stairwell at san francisco general told police. lynne spalding's body was found 17 days after she was missing from her hospital bed. a mystery witness, a doctor has come forward. this is a story you will only see on abc 7 news.
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>> ucf police distributed this flyer saying they were looking for the mystery witness. the researcher said he came forward after he saw it on a bulletin board. he told investigators, i'm the mystery witness. october 4th. two weeks after disappearing from her hospital bed, the nurse heard the mystery witness knocking on the door of a stairwell. the man told the nurse, he saw a person, lying in the stairwell. he then left quickly never identifying himself. the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff's dispatcher that said that deputies would check it out. but the sheriff admitted two weeks ago they dropped the ball. >> there was no indication that anyone was dispatched to the stairwell. >> the researcher told him that he was on the fifth floor of the stairwell and the unconscious person was between the third and fourth floors. the man added, he did not go
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near it or touch or move the person and that he did not know if she was dead or alive. investigators say that she was definitely dead by that time and that her body would have been badly decomposed. he said that he did not detect that. investigators tell us, that was the extent of what he knew. san francisco police say, they have now completed their probe. the only thing they are waiting for is a medical examiner's report on the cause of death. >> i'm very curious to read the medical examiner's report. it's outrageous that we do not have it yet. >> the medical examiner is waiting for the toxicology report. and then perhaps more answers to the case. >> the search is on tonight for a man wanted for killing a woman and wounding another after a fender bender in san francisco. police are looking for this man
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tonight, he is 5'11", weighs 230 pounds. police say he killed this woman. her friend was also seriously injured. the hooting happened early sunday morning near a nightclub in the south of market district. police say that green's car backed into the convict and the shooting happened ever the two got out and got in an argument. as the storm was tapering off today, a school bus got stuck? weight cement. this picture was tweeted showing the bus sitting in freshly poured concrete. you can city the tire tracks it made. the workers were repairing the pavement after the bus was towed away. two children were on board but no one was hurt. the driver said they swerved to miss a dog and landed in the wet semi. >> and what happened in this jet blue flight today. and the crash of asiana 214.
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>> well, san francisco international airport released a preliminary report today on how well things were handled following the crash last july and which response procedures need improvement. we have the story. immediately following the asiana airliness crash, the firt responders acted quickly. sfo's internal report found that air field safety officers along with police and fire staff demonstrated a strong sense of commitment. and it was the airport's able it is to reopen the fourth run way, 42 hours after the investigation was done that scored the highest marks. >> moving that wreckage removing the spilled jet fuel. the was the integration of so many different agencies and for
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us it highlighted how well the groups worked together to respond to a crisis. >> the report found that the procedures needed to be reviewed. for example, when identifying the condition of an injured passenger, the emergency medical personnel from san ma teo and san francisco counties were not on the same page. >> it could be as simple as one is using a letter based method and one is using a numerical method and it was suggested that they have a common language. >> and there were reports of price gouging. now the san francisco travel association is working to come up with a distressed passenger hotel rate. for those stranded during an emergency. and sfo is asking airport restaurants to take open around the clock when the emergency situations arise. >> and we are told that the airport has upgraded the website to allow more hits in the event of another emergency.
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a jet blue flight had to make an emergency landing today after a chute inflated at the plane. this is a chute that inflated in the gallie. 78 people on board the plane had to evacuate off the rear doors. the aircraft has been taken out of service for inspection. happening now, thousands of uc workers are taking part in a one-day strike. the union is accusing administrators of unfair labor practices and dangerously low staffing levels. some hospitals postponed eelectric i have surgeries and treatments and hired replacement workers. pick ets were held at a total of nine uc campuses, one of those where 100 people protested and held a rally. >> there's every indication that when the b.a.r.t. board meets tomorrow, they will not approve
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the contract already approved by its unions. and at issue is a medical leave provision that was included in that contract. b.a.r.t. wants the unions to renegotiate that provision. get ready to pay more to park in walnut creek. meter rates downtown are going up to $2 an hour. sunday parking will no long ber free and meter hours will stretch in the night. the city council passed the new parking ordinance last night t changes will take effect in the spring and they are expected to bump the parking revenue from a million dollars a year to three million. it was quite a storm. >> really, it drenched so much of the bay area, there's many of us that needed the rain. but it was bit of pain. >> it was too much, too fast. we had localized flooding and ponding. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, it's quiet around the bay area. the bulk of the rain and moisture it's all gone. well out to the east, and we
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have quiet conditions here in the bay area. and a shower or two could redevelop over the overnight hours. right now, we are looking at partly clear skies. looking back over the downtown san francisco generally in the low 50s or low to mid 50s across the bay area. from san francisco, and oakland and red wood city and another live view from the rooftop camera. looking along, and under partly clear skies and again, temperature readings are generally in the low readings. down to 50, and fairfield, 53, 54. and one more live view at the bay bridge plaza, traffic is moving freely and that was not the case for much of the day. a clearing trend begins tomorrow and then we will have windy conditions in to friday. the saturday composite, will show a low system to the north.
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just enough unsettled weather that we will see a shower dropping. at 11:00 tonight, during the overnight hours we can see, again some spotty showers or pockets of light rainfall dropping southward across the bay area. beginning of on rush hour, we do not expect widespread rain alfal fall, but by late morning to midday, it will be over. we will get clearing by the middle of the day. and tomorrow afternoon, looking sunny and a dry pattern returns to the bay area. we have a wind advisory in effect from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 4:00 on saturday morning on the sacramento valley. and the area around clear lake and north wood. winds gust up to 50 miles an hour, look out for downed branches and tree branches and local power outages that could result from the strong gusty
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winds. overnight tonight, no strong winds expected, there could be spotty showers. low temperatures generally in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs won't be high at all. but it will be a pleasant day. mainly sunny by afternoon. a few high clouds around. high temperatures in the low to mid 60s and here is the accu weather seven day forecast. we have mild and sunny weather coming our way. sun and i dry and high temperatures generally in the mid 60s, cooler at the coast, by next wednesday, looks like another disturbance could be coming way and possibly thanksgiving day. so we will keep trabing that for you. give you a better reading on that as we get closer to the weekend. >> okay, thanks, spencer. take a look at this, coming up next. >> get out of here! >>
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covering walnut creek and all the bay area, this is abc 7 thus. >> actor sean penn lost it last night in a san francisco bar. take a look at this video provided by dream force. the conference penn attended yesterday. afterwards, he was relaxing with friends at the saint regis hotel when a fan snapped his picture with the phone. >> get the [ bleep ] out of here, i will make you eat the phone. get out of here! >> okay. >> penn got up, grabbed the phone, slammed it to the ground, using language he usually reserves for the paparazzi. the video that you see was obtained by tmz. well thrill seekers should plan to be at the opening of the
9:24 pm
tallest water slide. it's german for insane. and the people at the water park in kansas city say this slide will be 17 stories tall, exceeding the height of the current record holding slide in brazil. those brave enough to try it will hit speeds of more than 65 miles an hour. looks awful. the park opens may 23rd. well, bay area volunteers got together today on the peninsula to send packages to military members overseas. the troops are currently depl deployed in afghanistan and will not be home this time for the holidays. hillsborough police captain said that some of the items they are sending are hard to get overseas. >> keep sakes we will put in as well, but we put in magazines, games, different food items can make the journey over there and comfort items that we take for
9:25 pm
granted, like q-tips and wet wipes are in popular demand. >> the volunteers helped to put together about 3,000 packages since the program started. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news is just a few moments away. coming up next, the bay area man that was pulled from a plane minutes before he was set to leave north korea. and also, how the secret to a longer life could be in a bag of nuts at the supermarket. and on board the plane that carried jfk to dallas 50 years ago and became the setting for a ago and became the setting for a new chapter in amer
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on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> now to a bizarre story, an 85-year-old man removed from a
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plane and detained in north korea. he is a grandfather, a school teacher and a veteran of the korean war. >> an adventure turned into a nightmare. an 85-year-old war veteran and grandfather, seen here recently in his retirement community news letter. he was on a sightseeing trip to the country he fought against, and as he was leaving he was pulled from the plane. his traveling come p-- companio saying that there has to be a terrible misunderstanding and he hopes that the north koreans will see it as a humanitarian issue. there was a report that north
9:30 pm
korean authorities are detaining u.s. citizens and not allowing them to depart the country. >> knewman would be the second american detained under the new young leader. friends said it would be a fun, interesting trip. and even though they are not saying the u.s. government is certainly seeking ways to get him released and as you can imagine, he is the talk of his retirement home. abc news, washington. >> well another abc news exclusive has uncovered al qaeda operatives living here in the united states, slipping through the cracks of a refugee program. we have the story. >> reporter: the city of bowling green, kentucky seemed far removed from concerns of terrorists until the fbi found that two terrorists had resettled here two years ago as refuges and were caught trying
9:31 pm
obtain weapons to be used to kill more americans. in this video, being seen publically for the first time in morning. >> i think they wanted to kill americans. but they wanted the freedom that america provided to them. >> reporter: before coming to kentucky, the to were part of a al qaeda connect group that carried out dozens of attacks on u.s. soldiers. >> he said that he had them for lunch and dinner. meaning he had killed them. >> reporter: including a roadside bomb that killed four members on of the pennsylvania national guard. >> these two people are evil. >> reporter: yet the two terrorists were able to get through what an abc news investigation discovered was a flawed u.s. system of background checks. even though both men had been detained by authorities on suspicion of being insurgents. >> i would say the system is faile failed. >> reporter: a big break through came outside o washington.
9:32 pm
an fbi reapproximaterepository . they were able to match the fingerprints on a roadside bomb recovered in iraq eight years ago with the man in kentucky. >> you can see right here. >> reporter: what was that like when you made the match? >> the whole team was excited because it was like a finding a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: now fbi say there could be dozens of others that are in the u.s. whose fingerprints could be on the bombs here. you are looking for prints of people who are in the country now? >> that's correct. >> well, same sex marriage is legal in illinois. it's the 16th state to legalize same sex marriage. the governor signed the bill. the law will take effect in
9:33 pm
june. illinois has allowed same sex unions since 2011, but lawmakers said they did not have the votes to legalize it until now. an incredible cash, the driver was okay. he was on a test run trying to do crack 290 hours. the honda veers right and it will happen in a minute here and you will see him flip 15 times. shedding car parts with each tumble. justin credible. this is video from the road crew. he is now home after spending a week in the hospital, he suffered a collapsed lung. he credits his survival to the safety measures and the car, which included a cage to protect the driver. take a look at the car afterward. it is really amazing that he managed to survive. look, with nothing left. a harvard study found that
9:34 pm
regular nut eaters are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease. nuts have long been considered heart healthy and this is the largest study on whether nuts have effect on mentality. they found those that ate nuts every day had 20% lower risk of death over 30 years. so the benefits were seen from peanuts to almonds, walnuts and other tree nuts. and nut eaters stayed slimmer. reachers do not know why the nuts may boost health. well, up next, today's tribute to president john f aa@@
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>> a somber tribute to president cane did i at arlington national cemetery. president obama and former president clinton attended a wreath laying ceremony at kennedy's grave site, the widow of the late robert kennedy was also there. president kennedy's daughter, caroline, now ambassador to japan did not attend today's service. an honor the meldal of freedom was given today. singer loretta lynn and gloria
9:39 pm
steinum were nominees. abc news anchor gained entry into a somber place, the plane that carried kennedy to dallas 50 years ago. here he is reporting from dayton, ohio. >> reporter: president kennedy and the first lady emerging from air force 1 november 22nd, 1963. thousands waiting. so many holding signs, welcome jack, we love you jackie. and looming over them the presidential jet, that would soon play a pro found role. >> this is kennedy's air force 1? >> reporter: no one could have prepared for this. >> this is the aircraft that carried john kennedy to dallas and carried his body back to washington, d.c. >> reporter: today, they took us inside. the cockpit where the pilot so often sat, seen on the left.
9:40 pm
on the ground in dallas less than an hour that day before learning the president was shot. audio from the cockpit. >> we have requests from the office to know if you have -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but before taking off, they would pull the shades. they closed the shades? >> yes, because nobody could tell if there was a sniper outside, or if it was the beginning of world war iii. >> >> reporter: this is where the moment took place? >> this is the most important place on the aircraft. >> reporter: they were standing here. on board air force 1, that was stifling. >> they turned off the air conditioner so that they can take off more quickly. you could imagine the heat in
9:41 pm
the plane building up. >> reporter: in that space, 27 witnesses. >> and it was lbj asked mrs. kennedy that would stand for the oath as well. >> reporter: standing in her blood stained suit, she wanted it that way. she said, they should see what they did. >> yes, they said see what they did. >> reporter: and inside the state room, soon, a new president at work. and the whole time, mrs. kennedy is in the back of the aircraft? >> she is with her husband, with the casket. >> reporter: sitting besides the casket, placed in the cabin, because the crew made sure of it. >> the flight crew refused to put the casket in the cargo hold. >> reporter: pulling up four seats getting the president on board one last time. what was incredible is where they sawed in to the bulk head,
9:42 pm
they did not cover it up for the several is presidents that used it after president kennedy. and another thing you learn is when you look at the outside of this original air force 1, the first presidential jet, the colors and the font of the united states is what you see today, it was first lady jackie kennedy that chose that with the designer. the president at the time, asking his wife if she'd do the job. dayton, ohio. >> up next, mark zukerberg's high tech push for
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>> facebook sandburg took center stage, she had a one on one conversation with the sales force founder, this is video from the event provided to us by sales sandburg wrote the book, lean in, about women in the workplace and said, whether it's the tech industry or anywhere else, women are still not equal. >> i wrote this because no matter what progress women have made, we are still really far from getting our share of leadership roles in any industry in any country anywhere in the world. and that means -- well that means that twh the decisions are made that most impact or world, our voices are not equally heard. >> she said that it all starts at children. bo boys and girls are treated differently and face different rules in the workplace as
9:47 pm
adults. facebook mark zuckerberg was back today to kick off one of his favorite activities. a hack-a-thon about immigration. >> reporter: the essence of a hack-a-thon is that great ideas can come from anywhere. it does not have to come from someone who is running a company. it does not have to be from someone who is a citizen of a country. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg spoke to a room of dreamers. >> it's someone whose parents brought them over to the country, they were undocumented, they were brought over as children, and all the weariers are put in their way. >> reporter: they teamed up to bring the dreamers here from all over the country. these young programmers are all undocumented immigrants. >> i realize that no matter how talented i am, i could not do the internship, at the goldman
9:48 pm
sachs or at the u.n. and so i got frustrated. >> reporter: she did did go to college but she was lucky. zuckerberg's focus on immigration started about he was teaching a group of middle schoolers. >> one of the top students put up his hand and said, i cannot go to college because i'm undocumented it blew my mind. >> reporter: the hack-a-thon is about finding solutions. how to contact congress and other tools. >> people can be shocked what you can accomplish in 24 hours and i think our friends in washington can take note of that. >> reporter:s as you can see the young coders in the room have cameras, they want it to get a lot of attention. >> this is who we really are, we educated students that want to help the country and create jobs for the country and grow here. >> reporter: she got emotional when she spoke to the group.
9:49 pm
>> i'm one of the million of undocumented people in the country whose family is separated due to the immigration system. >> reporter: it has been eight years since she saw her mother, zuckerberg said he is fighting for people like her. >> this is one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time. >> all right that storm has moved out, let's get a last check of the forecast. >> okay, carol, the storm has departed, you can see how quiet it is around the bay area right now, all the green and yellow and orange we saw earlier has moved on to the sierra, where snow is expected overnight, meanwhile, we had a nice picture this afternoon from a viewer of rainbow over campbell, hard to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. i'm sure it was there. we will go to condition statewide tomorrow, here in the bay area, mainly sunny skies after, and a chance of overnight showers, pockets of rain here or there sunny by afternoon. and hype temperatures to the low to mid 60s for the bay area and we have the big game coming up.
9:50 pm
it will be the stanford cardinals taking on the cal bears, sun and i 65 degrees, beautiful football weather, let's hope for a good game and we will go to the accu weather 7 foreca forecast, starting with the clearing trend, we will have six days of sunny and mild weather, and a day before thanksgiving. we could have rain on thanks give eve and thanksgiving day. we will follow the storm system. >> we like the big game forecast. >> i'm sure you do. perfect, sounds great. we have a preview of ports. >> you have your big game attire. >> i'm early, huh? >> just keep wearing it every day. it will be fine. >> that's what i do. >> can the warriors win without their best player? no steph curry tonight as they lockup in a very tight one down th
9:51 pm
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>> covering concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7
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us in at 11:00, caltrans crippled thousands. the rain left significant damage behind. we will look at the clean up everies. and door buster deals. how does a shopper hit all the stores? 70 -- 7 on your side will show you how to not waste your time and be able to save. >> that is a scary scene. >> larry here to talk sports. >> warriors, tall task for the warriors, beat memphis, the grizzlies took the court having defeating golden state ten straight times and tonight the warriors without steph curry. sitting out after a concussion. iguodala, taking it to the rack. and warriors up by ten at the half. gasol, wow, 7 footer with a
9:55 pm
nimble move around bogut, he had 16, warriors down five. and a floater in the lane and tied at excavate. iguodala to barnes. we change it up. we have language lessons. back and forth they go. feeding klay thompson and they are in overtime right now. and it is 79-75. grizzlies in ot. complete highlights at 11:00. dennis allen has decided to stick with the hot hand, announcing that matt mcgloin will start sunday when the raiders host the titans. coming off his first nfl start. an unusual move for coach allen, remembering the beginning of the year, when say terrelle pryor would start up until game time, because he wanted to keep the competitive advantage. but pryor said he is still not 100% and mcgloin is playing terrific through one game, both qbs said that allen probably
9:56 pm
made the right call. >> it's a performance based business and at the end of the kay, you have to perform to play, and you know, we did play well last week. you know, i think the coach did the right thing, sticking with what we had. >> it's frustrating. it's the game, it happens. you know, other guys play well. you get hurt, other guys play well. you continue with it. i do not blame coach. i'm a team player and help him the best i can. >> raiders announcing that rookie corner d.j. haden's season is over. he has sports hernia surgery required. the latest in a series of injuries for a child that needed a life saving operation in college. he what used to be a clean aggressive hit is now a penalty and a fineable offense. 49ers linebacker ahmad brooked fines $15,750 for his hit on
9:57 pm
drew brees. penalized for unnecessary roughness. the saints kept the ball and went on the win the game. that call may have decided the whole thing. niners thought if hit was legal. brooks made initial contact. it was high and up on brees' shoulder pads, it was not a clothes line or a blow to the neck. >> no, he is -- 260 pounds, brees is a little 200, any time you blind side a guy like that, it's a vicious hit. but, i mean, when you slow it down, he did not touch his head. so, i mean, i'm surprising to find that a lot of people are surprising to found, enough has been said about it around the world. >> it was vicious in a good way. ray lewis said he would pay brooks' fine or half of it if the fine was coming and today,ed a -- adam sheffner quoted ray
9:58 pm
lewis saying that i will see ahmad on monday and have his money. rg-3, kind of took a swipe at his coach saying that the defense knew what was coming, today, griffin said those comments came in the heat of the moment. >> i would take it back, in the heat of that moment, you are frustrated and trying to figure out why things did not work, i'm frying to give you honest answers and it hurt us in that sense. we are all on the same page and we want to beat san francisco, that is all thati itmatters. >> i had the privilege of emceeing the big game between cal and stanford, it's coming up on saturday. a fantastic event at the fairmont hotel. the cal bear was there. and mixing fine dining, football and a few verbal jabs. goff has thrown 1.5
9:59 pm
touchdown passes per game. and that happens to match the average gpa in cal athletics. stanford beat oregon for the second year in a row and i'm told that the ducks billionaire was so furious at that game, he was threatening to take away every player's yacht. >> were those some of your best bits? [ laughter ] >> no, you did a great job. >> oh, no, you are not backing out now. -- you decided what path to take. i know who my friends are. that's okay. >> we will see you at 11:00.
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britta: missed you at lunch today. did you slip out for a quickie with professor hot stuff? her name's michelle and how did you know? there's a gold star on your fly. [grunts] [laughs] you weren't kidding. it's nice to have a girlfriend with a sense of humor and one who recognizes good work.


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