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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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abc 7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. we are following that breaking news from the oakland coliseum where two people were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries following today's game against the tennessee titans. the alameda county sheriffs office says a woman jumped from
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the third deck of the stadium near section 301 around 4:30 this afternoon. the section was closed to the public at the time. a fan, walking along the concourse, about 60 feet below, saw it happened and tried to catch her but he was critically injured when she landed on him. they believe the woman jumped intentionally. both fans are in critical condition. stay with abc news for the latest on this breaking story and follow us on twitter for updates. good evening. thank you for joining us. the holiday hustle is kicking off early. many retailers are planning to be open this thanksgiving, and customers are already lining up to get their hands on the best deals. right now, groups of customers are camped out to be first. inside of two best buys this thanksgiving. go live to abc 7 news reporter who talked to one of the groups tonight.
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>> reporter: show you right now there are actually five tents set up here. some came here four days ago. this year, there's a little twist because there are some retailers that are opening on thursday. this one is opening 6:00 on thursday. that's about the time that some people are actually going to sit down to thanksgiving dinner. at this best buy, the first tent showed up four days ago. people in line are telling me they want to make sure they get the best deals. a few of them have done in the last few years so they have come used to waiting in line through the holiday but they are not sure how it will work this year because the store will open at 6:00 thanksgiving evening an reopen at midnight. you will go in thursday at 6:00 and stay for the midnight thing
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or just the 6:00 thing? >> if i get my tv and everything at 6:00, i'm gone. >> reporter: >> some stores will open thanksgiving morning. where's thanksgiving go then? it is gone, right? >> reporter: because the crowds here have become pretty large over the last two years, this store has already brought in steel barriers to divide up lines and because the store opens at 6:00 on thursday, all the tents will have to be cleared up at 3:00 that afternoon. so for those looking to stay for the midnight reopening, weather might be an issue. that's because there are rains that are forecasted on thanksgiving. it could be a soggy, cold situation for some of those shoppers. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> that's right. we will have more on that in a moment. but here's another group. camped outside of the best buy at plants shopping center in san jose. they are reportedly been people around the country lining up early. there are skeptics about the deals you actually get on
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friday. analyst from nerdwallet inc. said 90% of the prices are the same as last year. the analyst said that black friday is a marketing ploy designed to play on shoppers fears of missing out on deals. 140 million shoppers are expected to visit stores or websites this thursday through sunday. drivers will pay slightly more for gas this holiday. prices went up three cents the last few weeks after nine weeks of falling prices. fewer californians are planning to travel for the thanksgiving holiday according to aaa. 5 million californians will go 50 miles or more for the holiday. a 4% decondoleeza rihrist creas year's figure. here's leigh glaser showing what kind of weather travelers can expect. >> live doppler 7 hd showing a few clouds here and there. other wise, it's been a dry day.
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let's go ahead and take you to where the winter storm is raging. dallas all the way down to houston. houston is rain. dallas freezing rain. some icing. boy they had to de-ice so many planes today. so many cancellations and lot snow around the great lakes, buffalo, even toward cleveland you see some snow, as well. here's the forecast for tomorrow. that big massive area of moisture heads up to the tennessee valley area. here's more refined look. by monday at 5:00 a.m., you can see memphis, tennessee, getting hit with light snow. 3:00 on monday, that heavy rain continues to march up toward the tennessee valley. tuesday at 6:00 a.m., boy, washington, d.c. raleigh, some icing there and then check out on tuesday by 3:00 new york city, the rain but it will turn over to snow as you head to the wednesday time frame. our rain backing off a little bit. we will look at the accu-weather
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seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. a man is facing murder charges tonight accused of killing his caretaker. 81-year-old melvin norland is accused of shooting and killing 51-year-old kathy mary costanza at his home. she is from concord. she was living with norland at the time. a spokesperson with the local sheriffs department says that norland confessed to a neighbor that he killed his caretaker thursday afternoon. santa rosa police are looking for answers after a 15-year -old was found unconscious last night. one walking by the high school found the teen with a severely injured head. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard tells us what police know tonight. cornell? >> reporter: we do not know the teenager's name. we do know he is fighting for his life at children's hospital in oakland tonight. police are not sure, but suspect he may have been playing an extreme sport, high above the ground here at montgomery high school. >> he appears to be just a
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15-year-old man who lives in the neighborhood who went out for a walk. >> reporter: santa rosa police say the teen wound up here somehow laying unconscious outside of the gym in montgomery county with head trauma and cuts and scratches on his hands and arms. police are looking for evidence still. they don't know if he was assaulted or did he fall off the gym roof, 30 feet up. they home the cameras footage will help. >> this young man and several of his friends were here on the campus and were engaged in parkour, jumping roof to roof and against walls. one man fell and hurt his leg. >> parkour is a training group that teaches extreme dangerous sport of urban acrobatics, including jumping from rooftops. parkour started in france and. >> i have seen videos on
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facebook. never from that high of a roof. >> what's the attraction to that sport you think? >> probably adrenaline junkies. >> scary for me. school is supposed to be a safe environment for the children. if this happened, it really, really frightening. >> reporter: police hope to interview the injured teen when doctors bring him out of an induced coma this week. so far, no witnesses have come forward. in santa rosa, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a man was arrested after police say he assaulted his girlfriend and jumped off 0 a second floor balcony to escape. it happened at a home on glenn drive. they say gabriel jumped 40 feet on to a hillside after his girlfriend called 911 saying she was assaulted after an argument. she was take hurt but he was taken to the hospital after injuries suffered from the fall. startling revelations about the castro valley assisted living home and the owner
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accused of abandoning her patients. our media reports report that they had a troubled record when it came to running care facilities. the last two decades, manuel racked up $800,000 in penalty and cited for negligent care multiple times and is the subject of a criminal investigation inai kuzed of leaving a dozen frail residents without proper care last month. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, how firefighters are getting the upper hand on a massive fire that threatened power plants in the north play. how one green energy in california is making a negative impact on the environment. and why the beastie boys are taking legal action against a
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tonight president obama is on the west coast for a multi-city fund-raising tour. air force one landed at seattle tacoma airport a couple of hours ago. he attend two fund-raisers tonight. tomorrow morning he is coming to the bay area for an immigration reform rally in china town and two more democratic fund-raisers. protesters are already
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mobilizing for his visit. the group code pink is holding a protest tonight. you are looking live at that. of course i will hours ahead of the president's visit calling attention to the government's use of drones. again, this is a live picture from outside of the san francisco jazz center where the group has gathered. that will be one of the president's stops tomorrow. in sonoma county tonight, firefighters are getting the upper hand on a growing wildfire. the fire is now 35% contained. flames have consumed a 3300-acres of labd. better weather and more personnel are helping to knock down the fire. 12 homes are threatened but there's no danger to nearby geo thermal power plants. sometimes grain isn't good. wind turbines may be killing 100,000 birds a year. a study says turbines kill more wildlife than any in the country. the taller the turbines the more
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the birds are killed. the authors say caution must be used in deciding the type and height of new turbines to be installed. up next, how some bay area scientists plan to teach computers to use common sense. and could we see rain this thanksgiving? as we take a live look outside, leigh glaser is up next with a look at the forecast. a day of game-winning drives in the nfl. an under size quarterback gets it done in
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a backlash on-line after the beastie boys took legal actions gaens a toy company. the company goldie blocks used a commercial using one of their songs. they said it is copyright infringement. they said it is a parody video and therefore protected. a sanford grad started goldie blocks to encourage girls to pursue engineering careers. they say the musicians used to be about rebellion. google is funding a project to see whether computers can
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develop common sense a massive computer system is browsing millions of pictures to decide what they mean. so far, you can say the results are encouraging. the computers have figured out that tigers tend to be found in grassy fields and tigers look somewhat like zebras. interesting. all-important holiday week forecast. >> we were discussing all of the travel woes for folks heading back east. of course delays back east will trickle down to delays at bay area airports. keep that in mind the next several days. live doppler hd shows you clear skies. a delightful day all around with highs today in the mid to upper 60s across the bay area. from our rooftop cam, you can see still some clearing out there. san francisco 55. boy it got cold overnight last night. we will do it again tonight. lott los gatos 53 degrees. and here's more numbers around the bay area.
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we have 48 in navarro. and livermore with clear sky at 54 degrees. here's a look at the forecast highlights. it will be another cold night, especially in those protective the valley areas in the north and east bay locations. expect inland frost there. sunny and mild. it will continue the next few days and then the clouds start to thicken up on wednesday with a chance of some rain. we are going to back off a little bit on the rain forecast for thursday. i do want to let you know, tomorrow is the first winter spare the air which means no burning and the poorest air will be in the north bay. we will have medium particulate matters. be on the lookout for that. hopefully as the system moves in it will help to bring better air quality. high pressure really keeping the bay area dry and mild
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temperatures. it will do so again for tomorrow, as well as tuesday. by wednesday, this high should start to break down a little bit. that will allow some of the clouds here to start to venture in. we will start to see the clouds thicken up as we head in to tuesday night and early wednesday. speaking of wednesday, we have a cut-off low off the coast. by 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, we are looking at this system getting very close to the bay area. now, the models yesterday had this low just setting up right off of san francisco coast. bringing us the rain. not so today. check this out. wednesday, 5:00 at night, by thursday, thanksgiving morning, not coming in to san francisco, is it? no. it is heading straight down in to southern california. this is 6:00 thanksgiving evening. we still may get some of this wrap-around moisture here. it is not out of the question. but looks like the bulk of it
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will head to southern california. the models keep changing their mind so we will do our best to put our heads together and give you a good forecast as we get closer. here's a look at the forecast overnight. 35 santa rosa. 36 napa. mid to upper 30s inland and highs tomorrow. do enjoy it. mid 60s in the north bay. 63 antioch and 62 san francisco. accu-weather seven-day forecast, nice and dry for monday and tuesday. thicken the cloud on wednesday. chance of rain on wednesday. and then some scattered showers on thanksgiving day, followed by clearing next weekend. >> sounds good. thank you. this abc 7 news sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> all right. the niners in d.c. and you are
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in. talk about the raiders. good to see you. >> thank you. >> kickers is a lonely profession sometimes. when you give them 19 million you expect them to make kicks. he missed twice today and going to the scoreboard was the difference between the titans. second quarter, tied at three. hit by brown at the 13. it would lead to a titans field goal. later in the quarter, brutal hit here. tight end michael rivera, griffin the blow. he left the field unassisted. concussion the diagnosis. 20 seconds left in the half. 9-6 raiders. the punt is blocked. raiders 'cover at the tennessee 37. a chip shot from 32 yards. wide left. two misses on the day. the difference in the game. my thoughts exactly.
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ryan fitzpatrick, justin hunter, he did all of the work. 54 yards. terrible open-field tackling. first quarter after trading field goals the raiders get in the end zone. standing tall he takes the hit. oakland on top by three. titans respond. a 80-yard drive. patrick to kendall writ with ten seconds to go. 23-19 the final. with the win they could have moved to the sixth seed in the playoffs. >> you have to work through this. i have all of the confidence that when i send him out there it will go through. it is something we will have to work through and get better in that area. >> couldn't get some things going early on. that's -- you are going to have days like that. unfortunately, that is one of those days today. >> that one hurt. after nine straight wins to start the season. the chiefs have a two-game losing streak. smith three touchdowns against
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san diego. back and forth game, phillip rivers was even better. trailing 38-34 with 30 seconds left. 26 yards. 41-38. the niners are in maryland. so is mike. tomorrow for monday night football against the redskins. they will enter the game in third place in the nfc west. the cardinals are half game up on them. the arizona koichiro moritaed indy last year and chuck is battling cancer. carson palmer playing lights out. 14 three second lead. andrew luck out of sync, forcing the issue. 22 yards for him. 42-11 the final. cardinals 7-4. they have won four straight. lambeau field 20 degrees at kickoff, working on their tans. christian ponder leading minnesota to an advantage.
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12 yards. elliston behind flynn who relieves former niner. flynn brings it back from 16 down. 218 yards passing. game tied sat 23. i ends in a 26-26 tie. not about the rankings from here on out but whether stanford can win the pac-12 championship game in two weeks to earn a trip to the rose bowl. the cardinal with a 50-point win yesterday in the 116th edition of the big games to retain the act of fourth straight here. the latest bcs standings. women's hoops. 17th ranked cal. an afternoon matinee against the 4-0 northwestern squad.
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mercedes, the runner got it and cal by seven at the break. gray unstoppable. double double. 23 points. ten rebounds. 40-29. on the inbound pass, cal wins 65-51. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. we will be back after a
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join me on channel 13 at 9:00. and then at 11:00, thinking of getting plastic surgery but overwhelmed by the choices, the nip tuck coaches and how they can help you figure it out. it is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc 7 news. the hunger games catching fire torched the box office this weekend. opened to the fourth largest ticket sales ever. largest november opening in movie history. that's it for now. see you tonight at 11:00
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