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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we're wlief a long time football coach has been killed trying to nep a crisis. >> news you can use. black friday approaches and tips for your protection shopping on the ground and this year, online. >> and looking into an unlicensed food truck, what you should know before fire hiring one that is legit. >> good evening, tonight a call
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for mercy from the parents of a crime victim. >> it's a stunning twist in the case of a juvenile charged for setting an ac transit bus rider on fire. sasha flieshman's family wants prosecutors to try the 16-year-old now as a juvenile. we're live tonight, laura, you were in court when the defense attorney made the request. >> reporter: that is right they did make wishes clear today as far as legal proceedings, regarding the boy who attacked sasha. they want him treated as a child. >> they're correct. >> the attorney for the 16-year-old says he welcomes words from the family of sasha flieshman. last not district attorney charged thomas as an adult for setting the 18-year-old's skirt on fire on a
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bus. each charge also carries a hate crime enhancement. flieshman suffered expected third degree burns and expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. his father told abc7 news, quote, sasha's recovery is going well, sasha expects to be home before thanksgiving. what sasha is looking forward to is getting back to school and being with friends. thomas's attorney says he never intended to harm flieshman. >> he thought there would be a puff of smoke and everybody would love laugh, and it would be over. he was horrified to seat flames shooting up. >> reporter: the d.a.cites a police interview thomas says he lit the skirt on fire because thomas is quote, homophobic. sasha's parents say the teen does not identify as either male or feel yachlt a judge hill hear the motion next month. in
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oakland abc7 news. >> investigators believe 79-year-old joseph nayso is responsible for more than six murders than he was convicted of but the question remains what did he do with the remains? dan noyes pressed him for answers and dan is here now with the story for us. >> several people warned me he would admit nothing. so after an hour and a half i drew as much evidence as i could in this. >> reporter: joe nayso headed from marin county jail to death row in the next week. he's taking his secrets with him. >> here, are you ready to admit anything? no. no. i'm not going admit to any killing or any crime. >> reporter: did you do it? >> no. no. >> did you kill anyone? >> no
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>> reporter: have you ever killed anyone? >> a judge found he is responsible for the murders of six women, dumping them in remote locations including a beach, an orchard and off the highway. police found a list of ten victims, not identified by name, but where nayso placed bodies. in this case investigators identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's saving the true meaning for aprily. he won't explain why he didn't use the information if it would have helped the case.
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>> that is my family picture. >> i pressed him on this bizarre photo that he took of mannequins. he applied make up and dressed in lingerie. >> you've got ten. does that correspond to your list of ten? >> no. no. it doesn't. >> sit for the women you killed? >> no. no. >> he kept pictures and momentos in a safe deposit box 1 woman, apparently dead at the friem her waist down. her husband identified her by under wear she wore. >> he's wrong. >> who's photograph was sna >> a lady from the waist down you kept in your safe deposit box. have you no idea who it was? >> no. >> did you take it? >> i don't remember that. >> he kept pam parsons obituary
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laminated. >> i say, hey, i'd like to take a picture of you looking deceased and this is what you do. you lay back. >> why do that? i want to understand. why is that appealing? >> i don't don't do that every day. do it very little. it's a sensual thing. i've seen that going on. >> a dead woman is sensual? >> no. no. no. >> he couldn't explain hard evidence. his dna found in panty hose worn by an 18-year-old. >> that could prove possibly i had sex with her but not that i killed her. that is what that means >> his wife's dna appeared on panty hose around the neck >> i don't know. you have to ask my wife. i don't know anything about her panty hose. >> did your wife kill her? >> you have to ask her. what she does with her panty hose, i
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don't know. >> despite the evidence, he stuck to the story he's been wrongly convicted. >> of corruption, and a bias judge the judge had a lot to do with this >> you will spend your life making these arguments to people who don't care. >> i'm going to be writing stories and i'm going to be making appeals and so on. and that is fine with me. >> i want to be clear. there is no indication nayso's wife played a role in the crime. after the interview nayso thank immediate and say he enjoyed it. he passed up the chance to help the families of other young women he killed one investigator tells me he believes nayso could have killed dozens of women. >> dan, thank you. well here is another story the i team has been following. possible suspension of five members of the san francisco fire department suspected of helping a firefighter avoid a dui arrest after this accident in june. dan
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noyes brought thu city story. showing a ladder truck hitting a motorcycle rider a cording to the chronicle, two assistant chiefs are facing possible suspensions. the fire chief looking into whether others might have been involved as well. a failed romance helped threed arrests in a murder dating back 23 years in the east bay. cheryl irsxrin her former husband are charged in the stabbing death of another ex-husband in castro valley investigators say that couple killed steve rudi gechlt r in the home shared with irvin. officials say money was the motive for this crime but won't give details. word brought relief for the family. >> had he not been the way he was, we'd never be as strong as we have. after 22 years, it, you
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guys can just imagine how hard it is. >> the two married around the time of the murder. they're now divorceed and allegedly implicated each other in the crime. dna evidence also led to the big break. >> happening now, a candle light vigil in memory of a beloved coach. the 76 was athletic director at john f kennedy high. hit by a car as he tried to direct traffic around a fender bender. we're live tonight, we're hearing many wonderful things about this man. >> reporter: dan, he touched many students lives here at john f kennedy high school over many years he was here this, gathering was their idea. a chance to mourn together, to say thank you, and goodbye. it's an unstructured event. there is a
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mic if anyone wants to address the crowd. otherwise, the principal says everyone will be given an opportunity to have a moment at the front of the shrine on the front lawn here. the 76-year-old had been athletic direct scombrer a teacher here for 25 years, long enough, loved enough to be known as everyone's grandpa. he was a passenger and was killed when he got out to help direct traffic hit by an oncoming car. webb had been athletic director, co-head football coach here, he taught math, english, wood shop and took over the chinese club when no one else was available. he was known as an institution here, which is saying something when you consider that the head coach has been here 46 years, and webb, a near 25. >> very different. it was his
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smile that can brightin anyone's day. oh, coach webb is here. he goes with the school. >> from the first day he showed me a lot of respect and courtesy when i first moved here. he helped me a lot. >> kids lose in this. in this situation. he was a remarkable man. >> his colleagues tell me there will be another formal memorial planned. also, hopefully some kind of a long term memorial legacy on honoring him. also, we're told by the school that he has four children and they have flown in to help plan the
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private family side of losing their father. >> as you gear up for holiday shopping now is the time to say thi about safety. the district attorney just released a consumer alert to help keep the grinch at bay. and carolyn tyler is live with more. >> it's not crazy out here yet. before it gets that way, the district attorney wanted to make sure consumers know that there are ways to avoid being victimized. >> this is really a time of the year of, when we see an increased number of scams going on. >> san francisco district attorney says there are things we can doo avoid being ripped off this holiday season. among his tips, use a credit card rather than debit z owe our savvy shoppers know why. >> i prefer to use credit card because i feel like there is better fraud protection.
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>> he's right. if you shop onlierngs stick with trusted web sites. >> how do you check if it's a trusted web site? >> they have security you know verification signs. >> yes. there is https in the url. watch out for deals too good to be true. and watch out for yourself. don't be distracted by talking on your phone. heads up. >> i tried to be aware of what is going on around me. people around me, if anyone may be too close. >> all tips just basic common sense. but before this civilized scene turns into chaos the district attorney says we can all use these reminders. >> we just have to keep thinking bit. frankly, actually going through this, it's helpful for me because i was going through this stuff i need to be doing. >> one more thing. don't leave any shopping bags visible in the car. that is why the majority of break ins occur n san francisco,
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abc7 news. >> all good tips. well, still ahead tonight black friday begins on thursday this year. but is it fair to make people work on the national holiday? >> a crack down on food truck operators is underway. the safety of food sold from some of the trucks. >> i'm sandhya patel. this storm here taking a detour, what this means for holiday plans coming up. >> and later tonight, the comet of the decade. what will happen when it makes a closeaa@a@##h@
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police looking for a man who drowned two cats a cording to animal control a woman had cats in a carrier. this one here, she was walking along embarcadero when a man grabbed her belongings and threw them into the bay the cats did not survive. he tweeted this photo and we'll have more tonight. >> there are signs in south sausalito warning people to stay out of the water. that is because a thousand pounds of sewage spilled into the system there. water officials are running tests to determine if water is safe. >> you may not just carve a turkey but time to go shopping and try to get holiday shopping
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deals as quickly as you can. that means a lot of employees will miss time with families in order to staff stores. abc7 news is in a walmart in san jose. >> reporter: specials are set to get shoppers into stores on thanksgiving. a 32 inch tv for $98, ipad mini for $299 meaning many will be for going their traditional family dinner. one family employee says they're scared to put family first. >> they're too afraid to lose their jobs because they live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes they can't survive on that. >> k mart is also opening at six a.m and will be hoping to capitalize on shoppers the store manager says employees are willing to make a personal
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sacrifice >> our job is to save customers money so they can live better. here is a great opportunity so customers can have a better holiday season. >> reporter: this family knows what that sacrifice is like. >> it's worth it because you're making sure the customers are satisfied and they get the deals. you know? that is all you can have is the deals and help, you know people with their money. i mean the economy is not too great. >> reporter: some say they won't shop on thanksgiving if they can avoid it. >> i feel bad but sometimes you've got to do what you've got do. >> that might mean giving up a holiday? >> yes. >> i think it's family time. last year digo out after thanksgiving with my daughter in law because there were certain things she really needed to get
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but just for me, personally it's a family day. >> that is why she's working on the holiday gift list today oochl now, let us know what you think about shopping on thanksgiving. okay? or no way? enjoy the conversation on our facebook page. >> now, going to feel guilty if i do. but it's tempting. isn't it? >> it is. you know once again, shopping, carolyn knows this well, you just start to warm up. so having to shed layers. >> more to carry. >> yes. >> so looking great for black friday and thanksgiving. we're going to talk about the upcoming system now. just clouds moving across the bay area. just watching clouds passing through. shouldn't be a problem. here is
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where we do expect problems for travellers. this area of heavy rain. major hubs will be likely impacted by rain and wintery mix. so far, rainfall has been from lee 3 to 5 inches. by thanksgiving morning things are looking great the storm pushes out of the picture. sparkling day looking towards the bay. upper 50s around san jose. looking good, 55 in livermore light winds right now. have you a spare the air alert. so we're burning that
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band. rain unlikely for thanksgiving this first system just falling apart. next system sup possessed to brg a chance of rain is continue to move well to the south. dry forecast for thanksgiving. so if you do have plans it's looking fantastic. the only thing i want to warn you about is large swells on the way. so this means don't turn your back on waves and make sure to stay away from the coast if you're going to check out the rains there. tomorrow morning
7:23 pm
going low 40s to low 50s mid-30s around santa rosa and napa. tomorrow afternoon another comfortable day. temperatures looking like today. 66 oakland. 64 santa rosa. . 67 in livermore. so where you should be. accu-weather forecast, dry thanksgiving and plans you have are looking dry into the weekend. temperatures will cool off next week and we're watching for a chance of rain tuesday. >> we'll be watching that. >> yes. yes >> thank you. >> by the way, spencer with us tonight. he's hosting a holiday street lighting event. and it's moving to market street.
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trouble in toyland. public interest research group aimed at
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making holiday shoppers aware of potentially dangerous toys the princess wand, the captain america soft shield contains lead which could pose a chronic health hazard, and then there is chat and count smart phone, which may be harmful to little ears. it's excessively loud. the toy industry saying providing safe toys is the highest priority tochlt read the report for yourself go to abc7 and click on see it on tv. a couple survived asiana airlines crash are now sharing their ordeal. they've endured in five months since that happened john and her husband returned home after recovering. before they left they shared videos and pictures they took as that disaster unfolded. jon told
7:28 pm
kristin zee how she was trapped and saved. juning tells how he rescued a woman pinned under a compartment. >> i took the panel off and shouted gochlt gochlt gochlt >> the couple says they will likely never be able to purr use their biggest passion, we'll tell but that and how their lives have changed noefr a report tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> be sure to tune in for that. tonight at 6:00 we're going to take a look at weather hitting hard around the country and impact it could have on your holiday travel plans. >> michael finney looks into an unlicensed food truck, what you should know when you're looking to hire one. >> and new hope for treatment of breast cancer. a drug could offer an answer sooner than ever. another half hour of news in just a moment. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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we have breaking news
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involving bart right now. bart is having what it calls major delays due to metal debris on the tracks. a train hit that debris nochlt reports of injuries but intart now single tracking through the trance bay tube using the westbound track alternating east and west. now trains are backing up in both directions we have crews on the way and will bring you more information as we get it. our breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. we'll keep you up to date there as well. > massive storm buriedarar of th.s. i inownoillcoinue to cause problems this week. moving through sosohesotern w leav behindehd es roadsds in norin carolina aina abam it's expected to head north and dump several inches of snow on new york, washington, d.c. and philadelphia meaning if you're traveling you should know there are winter warning that's could affect flight and road travel tonight and tomorrow. >> a positive outlook for a
7:33 pm
silicon valley giant. hewlett-packard said it made $1.4 billion and said this quarter's earnings will also be strong. hp has cut through costs to makeup the difference. in september, men's warehouse rejected a 2.3 takeover by the hi bi-joseph a bank. now, men's warehouse says it would respond in due course. nasdaq finished above 4,000 for the first time in 13 years and the s and p is headed for a perfect ten. all ten sectors up 10% or more for the year. >> for decades most women diagnosed with breast cancer could expect to have their tumor removed but a twist is helping researchers test more quickly and in the case of a company to get new treatments to patients
7:34 pm
faster. ache taking a stroll with laurel may, you'd never guess she has been locked in a fight for her life. she began receiving a drug.. >> i feel amazing. no one knows i'm sick or that if anything is wrong with me unless i tell them. it was developed by genen tech. hall barren says it helps block a protein believed to drive the cancer. >> can stop signalling of the very, very bad protein from caution problem was women. >> reporter: successful enough that it hoped to fast track approval for early stage breast cancer as well as advanced. a process normally takes years. but what happened next could signal a shift in the way the
7:35 pm
drugs are tested. just as importantly, how quickly they reach patients. the company used an emerging trial method called forgiving drug therapies before surgery rather than after allowing researchers to gauge effectiveness at shrinking the tumor the model had been championed by a researcher. >> the idea as soon as you know something is effective you want to get to it patients. >> the therapy produced compelling results. >> we were able to increase the number of women who had no evidence of tumor in their breasts >> this fall they granted accelerated approval early. supporters hope new combinations could follow. >> this is a new paradigm this, is a new way of developing drugs that should allow not only them,
7:36 pm
but any company to make a promising therapy and test it into early settings. >> cancer patients are grateful. >> i can speak for anyone with cancer. any break through for anyone is a break through for all of us. i can't wait to see where it's going to lead us from here. >> it's used with another drug herceptin. now conducting a follow up study. >> seems promising. >> coming up a comet's close encounter with the sun. >> will it burn up you'll be
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a stron mers tell us we can be in for a surprise, or not. >> it depends on a comet that is about to go around the sun. >> the closeness of its approach is what is put its survival in doubt. >> in theory they say every object influences and interacts
7:40 pm
with everything else but at a start up it seems like a stretch then, you ask paul salazar about his passion. this man known as urban astronomer is inyachting with the comet. >> it's called a sun grazer. >> makes this dirty snow ball fascinating because whit comes closest to the sun on thanksgiving day, it could turn spectacular or else, become a total turkey. >> maybe one big head of a comet ask a long tail. beautiful. could come out as lots of little combits. or could be cooked and gone. >> whafrt outcome, satellites will be watching it approach then interact, then, what happens it's a rarity. >> we've only seen a couple this close to the sun. we're going to
7:41 pm
try to learn whatever we can from watching it on thursday. >> ideally it will give us a show around down december then appear earlier every night. it could become more spectacular than one in 1997. >> if you're looking at the sky. imagine putting that a tail that long. >> thanksgiving is a holiday. i don't have to work that day, yes. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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food trucks have grown in popularity. now inspectors looking at better ways to crack down on rogue operators. >> a look at what is behind the tightening of the reigns >> for a lot of people it's
7:45 pm
about time. with trucks roaming it could be difficult to stay on top of them. mike and daniela toast with glasses as wedding gifts. their reception in this backyard of their home. everything was perfect. except one thing. >> i had to apologize repeatedly to guests >> the food truck they hired didn't show up on time. >> our first dance, and the hours went on. and food truck wasn't there. >> this contract the couple signed with gourmet rock stars stipulates the company was to set up at 5:00. danielela says the truck showed up five hours late. that doesn't surprise the
7:46 pm
alameda county environmental health department the department has been after the company two years. >> in the case of gourmet rock stars we have no idea where they're getting their food from. what kind of preparation they're doing. how they're treating equipment on the vehicle. >> the county ordered the truck closed in 2011 for failure to obtain a valid health permit and operating with health has yards. violations included no hot water for hand washing. inspectors found ground beef sitting on steam table at 63 degrees. proper temperature below 41 degrees for cold food. >> we've had reports of operating we've not been able to catch them in the field. >> gourmet rock stars seen here on his facebook page told us the company is no longer in business
7:47 pm
saying it shut down a year ago but only agreed to indicator the wedding as a favor to a friend and says the contract didn't call for dinner to begin until 9:00 the contract did not specify a time, only that it was to be held from 7:00 to midnight. he declined an interview. the problem more common than inspectors would like. >> there is a lot of a lot of illegal food vendors out there. >> alameda county is implementing an aggressive program. the new guidelines include a green, yellow red system which must be posted on the food truck. green means the truck passed it's inspection. yellow means it passed with conditions, red means it failed
7:48 pm
it's inspection and has been closed. alameda county will be the only bay area county to require the scores to be posted. >> as a consumer when you walk up, you have a little more confidence that that truck operates well. as far as food safety. >> adreeana operates a truck in oakland. she recalls an unpermited truck making a construction crew it served sick. >> the next day, about ten of the guys didn't show up because they had stomach upset. so there is a lot of those trucks out there that don't keep up to code >> eric river runs a truck in ala media. he passed inspection and agrees more needs to be done. >> they want to make it so food trucks are no longer roach coaches people would call them. >> alameda county helps put rules into affect in six months
7:49 pm
the counties continue to meet to keep better track of food trucks that are constantly moving around. >> michael, thank you. >> we have an update now on breaking news involving bart, bart having what it calls major delays because of metal debris on the tracks. >> we know an eastbound train hit that debris. bart is using the westbound track. >> so trains are backing up as we said in both directions. this is a terrible time of the day to happen. i want to show you the crowd. one of our photographers just sent us this picture a few minutes ago. he said he has not seen a train going east you can see the bart station just jammed
7:50 pm
with would be computers trying to get home. >> we've got john alston on the phone with us now. john, tell us where you are. i'm on market street right now. it's jam packed. there are no lines people trying to figure out what is going on. conductor said there was a fire in the transbay tube. there is some debris that caused to it happen. passengers prevented from going through the turn style to clog up the platform more so passengers being held up stairs and not aloud to go down on the platt form. >> john we'll check back with you later this evening.
7:51 pm
>> terrible time of the day. thousands of riders inconvenienced now let's get a check on the weather. live doppler seven watching clouds right now but it's dry here, problem spots for tomorrow along eastern seaboard here around the state, no travel problems. 60 yosemite. los angeles 73 degrees and partly cloudy skies. low to upper 60s, accu-weather forecast, thanksgiving is dry. black friday is dry. of course we need rain but will take it later, tuesday, a chance of rain isñzç
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coming up, monday night football, 49ers today activated michael crabtree. it's been side lined since tearing his akeelis tendon in bay m-- may. he could
7:55 pm
be a big boost that-to-that niner offense now back to vernon's view. every week we have special access to niners tight end after each game for his insights. mike shumann talked with vernon about the next two games against nfc west rivals. >> whenever you're playing within the division, you want to make sure you feel those games. it's important. you know, especially later on. you know? we have to, you're talking about playoffs and you want to make sure that you have that kind of leverage going into the playoffs. >> that defense continues to carry the load for you guys while you find your way on offense? >> yes. i've been at the defense has been taking my breath away since i've been here. patrick willis, and talk about ahmad brooks. tremendous
7:56 pm
play yes, always coming to work. works hard. he's dedicated to his craft. >> you probably didn't know this, but you're now tied for touchdown receptions with 49. i know you don't think about that. but the you have lots of pretty good company. >> uh, i'm going keep playing until i get number one. >> there you go. >> another edition sunday night with vernon sits down for a one on one conversation. vernon's view only on abc7 news. stanford thought rose bowl was out of reach. but thanks to arizona upset of oregon saturday, cardinals will return to the game against arizona state in two weeks they do have one more regular season game left, saturday against notre dame. >> it's always a battle we're fortunate to win three in
7:57 pm
a row against them. but this is one of the games is going to be a see saw battle back and forth. will be tight at the end of the game. whoever makes most plays is going to win. >> big loss for university of san francisco basketball team. senior guard left the team for personal reasons and will not be returning. cal and syracuse in maui invitation wraales 19 off the bench. freshman tyler ennis at 28. syracuse hands cal their first loss of the year. i don't know what he's thinking about. abc7 sports brought to you by orcrd supply, hardware. >> okay. thank you. >> well, join us tonight on our
7:58 pm
late broadcast at 9:00 and 11:00, breaking newscasts bart delays due to debris on the tracks. there is a live picture from sky seven of the west oakland bart station. trains backing up in both sides of the transbay tube the fight broke out when more than 100 people came face-to-face with u.s. border agents. >> then at 11:00 for the first time a couple who survived asiana plane crash at sfo shares their story. how they managed to make it out alive and what they endured in months that followed. that is tonight at 11:00. >> that is all for now. street lighting ceremony about to conclude. >> just moments ago they turned on lights. 200 energy efficient snowflakes now lighting a path of gold in san francisco. >> doesn't that look nice? this is between 1 and 7th street. now it's time to say
7:59 pm
goodbye for the moment. from all of us here, i'm dan ashley. of us here, i'm dan ashley. >> have a
8:00 pm
- what? - lemon, i'm gonna be late for our meeting. i had to get out of my car and walk. fifth avenue is closed for a joint pain walkathon. it's only four blocks but they are so slow. - i'm running late, too. my subway ride was the standard amazingness. no, that's not how it works.


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