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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the teenager set on fire on an ac transit bus arrived back home late this afternoon. this is the first photo of sasha
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fleischmann since that horrible moment. good evening, i'm dan ashley. sasha is home in time to celebrate thanksgiving with family. the teenager is finally free from the pain of the severe burns. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> a smiling sasha fleischmann returned home to oakland tired and bandaged. the parents say quite happy to be home in time for thanksgiving. this is a photo the family released a few minutes after the homecoming. sasha wore a black skirt home from the hospital. >> sasha is really excited to be at home. just walked up the stairs and walked into their bedroom where they are happily resting. >> the student does not identify as male or female. that's why they use the pronoun they. the 18-year-old received second
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and third degree burns after the skirt the child was wearing was lit on fire. 16-year-old richard thomas faces felony assault and mayhem charges and hate crimes in adult court. sasha's parents would like him tried as a juvenile. the pry mayor concern is getting life back to normal. >> the prognosis is excellent and they're already talking about joining in ballroom dancing clubs, which we'll see. >> we're hoping that something good will come out of this. that this kind of intolerance will be -- people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> sasha hopes to return to classes at berkeley's may beck high school next week. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7
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news. residents in two dozen homes on treasure island are preparing to move out tonight. they were notified this week that they will have to relocate while hazardous materials are cleaned up in from the soil. they're considered low level but the navy is taking no chances. the navy still owns the island but is scheduled to turn it over to san francisco next year in october. the residents will be moved to another location during the cleanup process. by now most people are well on the way to their thanksgiving destinations. hope you have family or friends in town safely. getting there has been a challenge for some. interstate 80 in emeryville. this is traffic headed east. this is a live report. as you can see, a lot of cars on the road as you look at this live picture. but boy, you should have seen it about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. it was jam-packed. still very busy and moving slowly. traffic is moving smoothly tonight at all bay area airports.
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show you a live picture of san francisco international. a lot of people flying in and out over this weekend. the skies have been really busy today. this image is from plane at 4:00 this afternoon. all of those planes, those dots, rather, represent a plane in the air traveling today. carolyn tyler at sfo. >> the day before thanksgiving used to be the busiest travel day of the year at sfo. last friday, 130,000 passengers came through while 120,000 are expected today. still enough for the airport to gear up. >> we're fully prepared for the volumes that we expect to see today. it's an all hands-on deck type of mode. all of the airlines, security checkpoint, all of the airport groups are staffed to maximum to meet the volumes today. >> to help soothe frazzled nerves, every terminal at sfo has live music like this jazz duo. >> we got out of elevator and
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said oh, my gosh, look, it's wonderful. i'm glad they're doing it. >> susan barnett flew in from oklahoma and it was uneventful. most passengers said the same. even those from weather traveled regions. there was a bit of turbulence for this air force mechanic. >> my first one was canceled. after that it went well. >> it might be slow coming to the airport to pick up loved ones. we ran into slow traffic 2 1/2 miles from the airport. short term parking is a breeze but long-term is tough. though there's still overflow space. if you're stressed out by the holiday travel, you might want to just take a moment or so to enjoy what most airports don't offer. >> i think it's great to hear the jazz playing. perfect time of year for it. >> happy thanksgiving at sfo. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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well, it will be a happy thanksgiving, we hope but a hassle-filled thanksgiving for people in other parts of the country. most problems have been on the east coast for travelers where millions are scrambling to join families at the thanksgiving dinner table. many of them dealing with a winter storm this disrupted all kinds of travel plans. abc 7 news reporter, marcy gonzalez reports from the new jersey turnpike. >> frozen roads, flooded streets and a whole lot of frustration. >> traffic was crazy, crazy. >> crazy is one of the choice words being used to describe getting around on this, one of the busiest travel days of the year. a massive untimely thanksgiving eve storm bearing down on much of the east coast. spawning tornadoes in florida and north carolina. >> kind of -- >> bringing strong wind to new
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york city threatening to ground the balloons for tomorrow's parade. >> the weather has been a little unkind to us. >> from albany to parts of indiana people are bracing for as much as a foot of snow. elsewhere, the snow, sleet and ice already taking a toll causing hundreds of accidents as millions of people make their pre-turkey day trek. >> slippery roads. >> slippery roads and lots of snow. >> the impact on air travel, though, not as some feared. for those who got stuck waiting. >> we've been in a panic. >> and waiting. >> i got to wait for 14 hours. >> they will have even more to be thankful for once this tense travel day is over. >> i'm not thinking of the rain or anything. i'm thinking of being with the family. that's it. >> a lot of people say they actually planned ahead for this. they left early. they expected to sit in traffic. so this slow drive along the new jersey turnpike is no surprise.
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marcy gonzalez, abc news secaucus, new jersey. it is still not clear yet whether the macy's thanksgiving day parade will float its way through new york city tomorrow. it all depends on the wind. parade rules call for the balloons to be grounded if the winds are 23 miles per hour or higher. then organizers are going to make the call early tomorrow morning. even if they're green lighted to start, they can be grounded at any time if conditions change. every balloon has a wind speed monitor. they watch it very closely. with so many people nearby, they're big and they can be dapg russ. we'll see. we hope they can pull it off tomorrow. raising money for the varsity basketball coach tonight. jeff loving and his wife brenda put themselves in debt to bring home four orphaned children from ethiopia. shortly after they adopted the last two, brenda was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
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she died november 9th. jeff is left to raise these kids. allen wong talked with jeff tonight before the fundraiser. it was a very emotional interview. >> we miss brenda incredibly. and her absence is painful. it's been hard on all of us. >> i'm sad. i'm sad to lose mommy. >> jeff loving is coaching tonight's alumni game at loss local as high school. people are donating money. you can still help out. we have a link to go fund me page at abc 7 news. we'll have more on channel 7 at 11:o 0. a shocking confession from a
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man rescued from a burning apartment building. this fire started overnight on briggs avenue in alameda. it quickly engulfed the entire building as you can see plainly. several people had to be rescued by firefighters including david prado who made this confession to the news. >> i'm the one who started it. i take full responsibility. >> what happened? >> i'm not crazy. basically, they tried to make me think i was crazy. >> he was arrested for arson. residents say he had been causing problems for several days and then this happened. he was briefly put on a kite trick hold over the weekend but returned home within 24 hours. the seven people in the building all got out okay. but worry they lost everything. >> they were back in the apartment this afternoon trying to sift true the remains of their belongings. we have a lot more ahead. a busy day at bay area
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supermarkets. did you shop in this? the lines formed at 6:00 a.m. and the last minute rush for a thanksgivukkah meal. >> changing times in the ski industry. we'll show you some of the new options for renting gear and saving you money on the slopes. spencer christian is here with the weather. >> thanksgiving day luck is getting nicer and nicer. >> still ahead, a somber night on this anniversary on one of the darkest days
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did you go to the grocery store tonight? they were pack with last minute thanksgiving shoppers. david louie has more from san jose where the number one item on everyone's list, of course, turkey. >> the butchers know what shoppers are looking for. they sold 600 turkeys yesterday and expect to sell another 600 by closing time. a 16-pound bird is typical. then it's up to the chef in the family to cook it. >> i've been doing it for quite a bit of time now for the family over probably the last ten years or so. so pretty comfortable with the process. >> you're the pro in the family? >> for the turkey.
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yes. >> if you're really intimidated about rosing turkey, there's pre processed, pre-sliced turkey -- nah. other delis can box up a complete cooked meal. when you add up the side dishes and desserts, a feast can add up. >> how much is it going to cost you? >> around $300. >> is that more or less than last year? >> it's -- you know, i don't even know. >> less than it was last year. >> it is what it is. >> thanksgiving coincides with the first day of chanukah. so a kosher turkey might be the perfect choice. shoppers at kosher market in san jose dubbed the combination holiday thanksgivukkah. >> i bought my kosher turkey already. you have to have that. and stuffing. using dairy substitutes to try to keep it kosher. >> traditional jelly doughnuts are also part of chanukah. it's estimated 96% of americans
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will sit down to turkey. ham is also popular. the line waiting to pick up orders of honey baked ham formed at 6:00 a.m. >> it's crazy. i didn't think it would be like this. it's literally around the corner from this buildingment. >> how long have you been waiting? >> about an hour. >> the reward is walking away with a ham you don't have to bake sfwliefrnlt good luck with your meal and haveh your family tomorrow. one tradition is to head up to the slopes and ski. the season is ramping up. lake tahoe and squaw valley opened today. there is skiing up there. reporter jonathan bloom offers new tricks to get the best deals on the slopes. >> squaw valley is open for business. they shot this video as a small crowd made the first tracks in the freshly groomed snow. not all of it is natural? many tahoe resorts stepped up snow making in the wake of two
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dry seasons. >> that's one of the reasons why we have six resorts open this weekend. we haven't had a huge storm come through yet but there is a ton of skiable terrain. >> the ski bargain website got a new office and investment from sales force ceo. they're growing because the ski business is changing from buying lift tickets on the mountain to buying them in advance online. >> like an airline ticket or hotel room, the further out you can search, the better deal you'll get. >> almost all lift tickets are more expensive this year. the good news is some of the cheapest skiing is right now if you don't mind the man made snow. skiing on christmas day is a bargain. >> the real way to save. >> the value within the pass is expanding. you get access to more resorts or fewer blackout days. >> lift tickets aren't the only way things are changing. it used to be about renting or buying. there's a third option, leasing
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for the whole season. >> this time last year we had a couple hundred season leases. this year over a thousand. the program was started for gears since they outgrow the gear quickly. it's $150 for the season. >> that's the popularity, the price. >> why would anybody buy skis anymore? >> because there's still amazing skis out there. >> if you do buy your gear, this might be a good time to do it while last year's stuff is still on sale. >> and do you want poles? >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. nothing better than skiing, right, except skiing and saving money while you do it. >> that's true. >> spencer christian is here. >> we have a great looking weekend. >> starting with thanksgiving day tomorrow. we have mild weather the next few days as we look at live doppler hd. we had a few clouds with breaks of sunshine today. it's still mild even at this hour. let's hop over to the other side
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of the country with a powerful rainstorm moving along the atlantic coast and delaying flights. canceling some. the storm moved out of the new england area right now. just a few patches of snow in the inland areas following that snow. things will be settling down for residents of the northeast tomorrow. back to the bay area, sfo, live camera. mild, mid 50s in san francisco. oakland. mid-50s in san jose. 51 at los gatos. another live view at the tower from the rooftop camera here at abc 7. 46 in santa rosa. chilly up north. 50 at livermore. a live view from the camera looking out over san francisco. partly cloudy overnight. we'll have a dry thanksgiving day and a dry weekend to follow and much cooler weather will settle in early next week. maybe even a chance of showers. but i'm getting ahead of myself. this is our satellite image of
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the storm out to sea that threatened to bring rain to the area for thanksgiving. it's diving southward now. we'll have a dry holiday weekend. that includes tomorrow. that's the forecast animation. 5:00 tomorrow morning, a few high clouds moving through giving way to mostly sunny skies by afternoon and just a lovely thanksgiving day. we're concerned about rough surf. we have a beach hazard advisory in effect for thanksgiving day including the north bay coast. peninsula coast and monterrey bay. large westerly swell. there's a possibility of sneaker waves and rip current. be safe. stay away from the coastline until things settle down. back to weather conditions overnight. partly cloudy, low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. it will be cool but you not cold. then tomorrow, we'll have sunny skies by afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy in some areas in the early morning hours. but the clouds will dissipate by midday giving way it mainly sunny skies. highs in the mid-60s around the
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bay and inland. we'll see low 60s or low to mid 60s on the coast. it will be mild across the bay area for thanksgiving day. seven-day forecast, sunny and mild conditions on friday, saturday and sunday. monday, a few more clouds into the sky. it will be a little cooler and breezier. but still highs in the low 60s for most of the bay area. we'll cool down sharply on tuesday and wednesday with cloudier skies and a slight chance of showers both days. it's early to be really pre vice about this system. doesn't appear at this moment to be a major rainstorm. could get wet weather out of it of the we'll see. >> many things to be thankful for, not the least of which is the weather tomorrow. thank you, spencer. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. a very big oops. >> oh, shoot. >> the t-shirt turning heads
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somebody goofed up. an embarrassing t-shirt flap in fresno. the bulldogs have a new shirt in stores before this friday's game at san jose state. the problem is, in the rush to get the shirts into stores, someone made a pretty major mistake. do you see it? >> yeah, it's the apostrophe. >> how did they not catch that? >> that's technically saying they know it's way to san jose. >> as an institution, we'd like to use proper grammar. it would be good if everyone who bought the shirt took a sharpie
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and struck it out. >> they have no plans to pull the shirts off the shelf or have them redone before friday's game. there's no time. but let's hope they get it fixed next time. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is moments away. a candlelight march to commemorate san francisco's darkest day. tonight we remember two fallen leaders from a generation ago. also, cheryl jennings catches up with a man who has a lot to be thankful for tonight. his eyesight has been restored. we'll find out how social media made it happen. >> the must have electronic gadgets for this holiday
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now from abc 7 news owe. a rally honors the memories of two san francisco leaders murdered 35 years ago tonight. this is the anniversary the assassination that rocked city hall and much of the country. killed were the popular mayor of san francisco, george mosconi and the nation's first openly gay official, supervisor harvey milk. the people who attended the city hall rally tonight marched by candlelight into the castro district where supervisor milk operated a camera shop before he was killed. reporter vic lee has the story. >> both mayor mosconi and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> chris mosconi was only 16 when a police officer told them his dad was killed. >> i said what's going on? and he said son, you don't know. your father has expired. those are the words he said. i never really heard it someone
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say that. >> november 27, 1978, dan white, a former firefighter who was elected to the board of supervisors shot and killed the two men at city hall. he had resigned from the board earlier that month but now wanted his seat back. white was angry. then mosconi refused to reappoint him. he packed his gun and went to city hall. instead of going through the metal detectors, he slipped in through a door in the basement. willie brown was then a state assembly man meeting with mosconi in the mayor's office. he left just 45 seconds before white entered. >> we were having coffee and george as usual, sam, how do i just tell this guy it's over, et cetera, but i got to do it. i walked out, dan white walked in. >> brown would learn later he was also on white's death list. after he killed mosconi, white went to the supervisor's offices where he encountered harvey
9:32 pm
milk. gay rights activists cleef jones had just met with milk that morning. >> i had been in city hall that morning and harvey sent me home to get a file i had left in my apartment. when i came back, i saw his body. >> chaos reigned. a tearful board of supervisor's president dianne feinstein broke the news to the public. tens of thousands -- an impromptu rally at city hall. chris mosconi is proud of his father's legacy, but most of all he misses him as a father. >> i'm so sad that he wasn't able to see us grow up and his grandkids. that's really what mattered to him was his friends and family. >> white turned himself in to police, he was tried on first degree murder charges. his defense successfully argued that the acts were caused by severe depression and blaming junk food, that's why it was known as the twinkie defense. the jury convicted of him of
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voluntary manslaughter, a highly unpopular decision. he served some time and was paroled and later committed suicide. vic lee, abc 7 news. we have a developing story in southern california where a gunman remains barricaded inside a home. it happened in englewood. two officers responded to a call of a man beating a 14-year-old girl just after noon today. when officers arrived, police say the man began shooting. a male officer was struck in the chest but his vest saved his life. he is in stable condition tonight. police confirm the gunman is inside a home and holding two female hostage, one much whom may be a minor. he is refusing to surrender and the neighborhood is locked down. this has been going on for much of the day. police cited six people for disrupting business at the port of oakland today. officers moved dozens of independent truckdrivers and their supporters away from entrances to the port this morning. the demonstrators are pushing for better pay and they're also
9:34 pm
looking for financial help to buy new or upgraded trucks in order to comply with new state air quality standards that go into effect january 1st. oakland mayor said the port and other agencies allocated $38 million to help cover the cost of those upgrades. the dna testing company, 23 and me, is countering a warning letter it received from the food and drug administration. the fda demanded that 23 and me immediately discontinue marketing its dna testing kits expressing concern that they could return inaccurate results and lead consumers to undergo unnecessary health procedures. co-founder, sent a letter to 23 and me customers saying "we have worked extensively with our lab partners to make sure that the results we return are accurate." she also says the company stands by its results. the san francisco food bank
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is in dire need of donations. it could literally emergency help. paramedics from american medical response arrived by ambulance and dropped off not patients but three barrels full of donated food. they collected it by asking for contributions outside a supermarket last weekend. now, even with this donation, the san francisco food bank is still below its fundraising goal of $8 million for this year. if you'd like to help, they are especially looking for cash donations. that's very powerful because $1 donated can turn into $5 of purchased food. cash helps them in a significant way. carving the turkey can be intimidating. imagine doing it for more than 3,000 people. that was a job for dozens of san francisco firefighter and police officer volunteers. for more than 50 years, they've helped the salvation army carve hundreds of turkeys for the thanksgiving dinner program. joining in, mayor ed lee and the police and fire chiefs this
9:36 pm
year. the dinners will be delivered tomorrow to 3500 san francisco seniors who certainly need and deserve a good meal. the thanksgiving day menu is set for the crew members aboard the international space station. the two nasa crew members sent back their thanksgiving wishes tond and broke down the holiday menu. >> we have turkey and stuffed bread dressing. green bean casserole is one of my favorites but this is dehydrated. we have to mix it together as we eat it. of course, we got the dehydrated asparagus and baked beans here. >> the two americans and four fellow crew members will dine on thermostabilized yams, yummy. homestyle potatoes, cranberries and cherry blueberry cobbler, all dehydrated of course. better than nothing, right? ahead tonight, anchor cheryl jennings, my colleague on the 5:00 news, catches up with a man who has a lot to be thankful for
9:37 pm
tonight. his eyesight has been restored thanks to the kindness of
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here it's a wonderful thanksgiving story we're proud to share with you. an update to a story we've been following. the surgery that saved a san jose man's eyesight. it came about because of the power of social media. cheryl jennings has the postsurgery update. >> i can see everything, i can read everything again. actually, it's like mazing. >> william fleming is still in a bit of shock over the fact that he was able to get surgery recently to save his sight thanks to the power of social media. we wanted to see how this father with five children is doing now that he's back home in san jose.
9:41 pm
>> it opened up millions of opportunities for me back to driving, to me being with my kids. just to go grocery shopping by myself. >> he went to los angeles for the surgery. he specializes in the treatment of a degenerative eye disease. >> i had the three -- >> there were a couple of procedures, including inserting special lenses under his corneas. the surgeries cost $18,000. that's money the family didn't have and insurance doesn't cover it. so here's how social media came into the picture. his fiance, nina, learned about the doctor's work on the internet and started a fundraising campaign but it was slow. so her mother messaged me on facebook, we had several conversations and then i sent out a tweet asking for help. to our surprise somebody said they would help. >> anonymous donor has stepped
9:42 pm
in and was very moved by hearing about you and they're actually going to take care of your procedure for you. >> the doctor surprised the family with the news by skype. they were overwhelmed. william's life started changing the moment he sat up on the operating table. >> i looked around the room and i looked through the window. there was nina and everything was just so vibrant, it was so bright. he was able to see me and smiling. i knew that he could see so much better. on the way home, he was reading the signs on the freeway and reading the license plates to me. i was like, you're big a kid. >> william is an in-home care-giver for nina's brother beau. beau and the family wanted to share a sign made by the little ones. it's a beautiful message to the anonymous donor and to the doctor. thank you for saving our daddy's sight. >> i wish i knew the person and was able to invite them over for
9:43 pm
thanksgiving and say come sit with us. >> you gave me the gift of sight, you gave me the gift before christmas. it's a beautiful thing. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. fantastic end to that story. william fleming is filling out applications for new career opportunities now that his vision is restored. to find out more about this disease that he suffered from, go to abc 7 we have a lot more information on it for you. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, michael finney teams up exclusively with consumer reports to review the must have reports to review the must have
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to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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are you going to be in this crowd? consumer reports says nearly
9:47 pm
half of us plan to shop black friday weekend. for some, that weekend starts tomorrow on thanksgiving. more stores are open earlier this year than ever. electronics are always a hot item. there are great gadget gift ideas based on recent tests. here's michael finney. >> stores are packed with cool electronics gear this time of year. but you want to be sure that what looks great on the shelf will make a good present. even for those who use a phone to shoot videos. an action camera is a great gift. >> the camcorders can go where a phone can't. you can strap into a helmet for example when biking or skiing and get live action shots of your outdoor sports. >> consumer reports the $300 go pro hero 3. for movie lovers, testers have the perfect solution. a sound wall. >> flat screens have the best sound. they're too flat to set the
9:48 pm
speakers inside. this is an external speaker that gives you much better sound for your television. >> consumer reports recommends the $700. wireless speakers are a great way to listen to music on your devices. tdk life on record for $150 is recommended. for people who want to stream media into their tv. >> it's a flash drive-sized device. you plug it into the hdmi port and you can stream videos to your tv. >> the chrome cast is $35. >> for the little ones on your list, this $52 turtle from cloudb is a fun toy and serves as a night lights as your child drifts off to dream time. >> that's michael finney. black friday has morphed into black thursday.
9:49 pm
a lot of people aren't happy about it, threatening to boycott stores opening on thursday. here's the facebook badge. it reads, i pledge not to shop on thanksgiving. it's been shared more than 960,000 times. most say they feel that the stores' employees deserve to have the day off to spend with their families too. if you're planning to make a gingerbread house this year. the westin house unveiled the sugar castle. 12 feet tall, made of flour, sugar, all kinds of good stuff. it was created by the pastry chef in 2005. each year he adds something more. we show you this every year. this year look for elf figures of famous people like picasso, bruce lee and walt disney with mickey mouse. it's amazing. let's update the thanksgiving forecast. not going to make any gingerbread castles or houses, but i will eat one.
9:50 pm
>> save some for me. here's the time lapse this afternoon. a few clouds moving over the bay area sky. you probably saw them. we had lots of blue sky in between. that blue, as you look at doppler, broken clouds, partly cloudy skies and mild conditions at the moment. tomorrow, statewide, sunny and mild, a lovely thanksgiving day. whatever rain is out to sea will stay out to sea. in the bay area, another mild day like today. maybe more sun tomorrow in the afternoon than today. highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. at the coast, even low to mid-60s. there's the seven-day forecast. it will be nice and dry, mild all the way through the weekend. we have a different pattern coming in early next week. sharply cooler by tuesday and a slight chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. we'll take a closer look at that storm towards the end of the week whether it's going to be a big rainmaker. thank you spencer. larry bale is here. i guess the warriors have to get their turkey dinner on the road.
9:51 pm
>> i'm sure they'll be taken care of pretty well. the warriors road trip continuing in dallas.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, an east bay community helping to raise money for a beloved children who raising four adopted children on his own. wee told you earlier about that. we'll take you to the fundraiser and have the story. really emotional. is it sad or the future? the big changes to wearable technology that some say will make the devices one day a necessity. i think one day we'll all be wired up and gadgets out of our heads constantly. >> about to be broadcasting in three, two, one. you wear the camera on your head. i'm all for that. want to bore everybody with my life. the warriors ran into monty ellis in dallas. he scored a season low four
9:55 pm
points. but golden state got behind early and stayed behind. fan makes a half-court shot and ep wins a 70-inch tv. i'd rather have cash. come on. like 20 grand. nobody is stopping that. led the mavs with 22. dallas dominating early. shane lark in, whoa. back door to wayne ellington. threw that down hard. the mavs end the quarter on a 10-0 run. it's larkin, the rookie beating the buzzer. warriors on a 13-0 run late. steph curry, long jumper. ellis, 2 of 16 shooting, 4 points but there's one of his 10 assists to samuel dalembert. >> sharks and kings at the tank. first meeting since l.a. eliminated the sharks in the playoffs last year. 18 seconds and the ice wasn't frozen yet and in front, jeff
9:56 pm
carter, 1-0 kings. sharks respond. loose puck in the flat. it's flipped up and in. top shelf. his ninth of the year. weird goal here. ben scrivens stops the puck behind the net. thornton chips it into the goalie's skates and scrivens guided the puck right back into his own net. it's an own goal but the kings have scored in the third and right now they are tied at 2-2. the 49ers host the rams on sunday. safety dante whitner is obsessed with what happened a couple much weeks ago. unhappy with a penalty called against ahmad brooks after he leveled drew brees. whitner said, among other things, brees can't take a hit and he's hoping they meet the saints again in the playoffs. needless to say, he dislikes the new rules restricting defenders. >> it's really hurting the game of football, hurting us as players, it hurt our team and the organization. because it was all legal and it cost us a game that we really
9:57 pm
needed. that's why we're in the situation we're in now. we're not going to cry about it, we're going to go out there and make st. louis feel, you know, what they're supposed to feel. that's a great defense, being physical. >> back by popular demand, lin-sanity the movie returns to the bay area. it's a documentary following the rise of jeremy lin going from obscurity to worldwide star overnight. it includes all the behind the scenes footage. >> baby simba, pumbaa, timon. this is one of my favorites of all-time. >> what about the sesame street blanket? >> my second favorite is the garfield. >> producers of the documentaries began filming lynne when he was at harvard. he had cups of coffees with the warriors and rockets and exploded. i talked with with the director about of -- following jeremy around for years. nobody on the crew had any idea
9:58 pm
lin-sanity was ever going to occur. >> it wasn't even a word yet. i thought it would be a great documentary. that at the end of it, he gets in the nba. still a great story. kind of the person who he is. there were times he was doing stuff in the games, i was like man that was a crazy game. i have to do a documentary about this guy. we're doing it. so those are the kind of things that we got caught up in it like everybody else. this changed his life, my life. >> lin-sanity will be playing in cupertino for the next ten days. twice a day, 3:45 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. kyle and -- missing a second straight game with an eye injury. cal down 12, justin cobbs to beat the buzzer. cobbs had 31. gets the bears within two.
9:59 pm
but dayton toss it with defense. oliver the steal and look at the spin move and acrobatic finish. look at that. fantastic. >> like ballet. >> nicknamed the flyers, he's flying for the hole as cal drops the second straight. dayton 82-64. history in mexico. winning the 900th career game as head coach. stanford defeating florida gulf coast. they're now 6-1. vanderveer, just the fifth women's college head coach to win at least 900 games. she's tremendous. >> she really is. what a legacy. >> now down with the broadcast. >> it's coming to that. you watch. >> pretty soon. maybe under the christmas tree you'll find one of those gadgets. >> are you getting me one? >> got to get you something. >> maybe a lump of coal. we'll see. they're on sale now. that's the report for larry beil, spencer christian, i'm dan ashley. ashley. hope you have a pelton: good morning, greendale.
10:00 pm
as you know, it is april fools' day. just kidding. it's the day before april fools. baba booey, baba booey, baba booey you know what, leonard? strike two. pelton [over pa]: just reminding you to keep any april fools pranks physically safe, politically balanced and racially accessible.


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