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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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[ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! tonight dozens of people told they will have to leave their homes because of a chemical clean up. and the treasure island residents are left wondering when they will have to be good evening. i'm carolyn job son. carolyn johnson. >> heather ishimaru is there with the story. heather? >> the city of san francisco has big plans for treasure island, but first the navy has to clean up the toxic leg tbaw see it left behind. the fence line runs a couple blocks around one of the hazardous sites and it buts up gets a building where on monday residents tbot word they will -- residents got
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word they will have to leave with little more detail. rick mcdonald thinks he has to leave his treasure island apartment because of work going on under vacated buildings next to his. he lived here with his granddaughter for seven years. they got this letter on monday. it says 24 households have to move because of the navy's clean up work. it reads "the work is part of the navy's on going clean up of low-level chemicals and is not related to on going radio logic surveys." >> possible relocation. there is a meeting on the third. it really doesn't say much. >> the letter promises it has been and continues to be safe to live in the units on treasure island. desmond has lived here 14 years and thinks there is plenty of room on the island and isnot worried about what is being cleaned up jie. they are having a meeting with a small group of people and they will tell us what is going
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on. i think they have the resources, but they will not cause us trouble. >> just a few blocks away, the neighbors got other notices on their doors today about radio logical surveys of their lawns and the sidewalks beginning on monday. no relocation, but plenty else to worry about. >> are you kidding? i am concerned. >> the development authority will hold a clean up update meeting for the treasure island residents on december 11th. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> a dangerous hit-and-run caught on video and tonight police are trying to track down the driver. look at this surveillance video. around 2:30 on sunday morning a bartender on 13th street in oakland was leaving work. that is him on the upper part of the screen. he was then hit by this dark-colored porsche cayenne. the porsche briefly stopped and then took off. the victim is in the hospital. he suffered a broken leg, but he is now recovering at home. >> an east bay teenager set on
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fire on an ac transit bus is, we are glad to tell you, home for the thanksgiving holiday. sasha flesh man was released from the hospital today after suffering second and third-degree burns when the 18-year-old'skirt was set on fire. she back home to oakland tired and bandaged. here is a photo. sasha's parents hope something goodwill come of this. >> this kind of intolerance will be -- people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> sasha who doesn't identify as male or female hopes to return to clses at berkeley's maybech high school. he faces fell intoe assault with a hate crime enhancement in adult court. >> about 40 million americans expected to hit the roads for this thanksgiving holiday and many are encountering harsh weather. 20 states across the east coast and across the south got
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an icy blast. winds gusted 40 miles an hour in woulds sten and tornadoes -- miles an hour and there is bitter cold. here is a live look at san francisco international. if you are headed there, it is going pretty well as far as air delays go. there are none right now, but it was pretty packed earlier this evening. not exactly what you would expect though from what experts call one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> well, people going here to there and meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking your holiday weather with live doppler 7hd. >> and no problems at our local airports. you can see why. just saw some clouds passing through. there is no fog to worry about. as we look at the national picture improving as well. as we take you the next four hours, snow, rain, the heavy rain and taking you in closer right now and we are watching the snow starting to taper, but still somewith.
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if you are still doing last-minute traveling, i want to let you know that we are watching this area here this is what we call our scope. it allows us to take new and show you the warnings. we have a lake-efffect warning until 4:00 a.m. and there is also areas of concern around the northeast. i will be back with a local look at your thanksgiving day forecast and also black friday in just a few minutes. carolyn? >> sandhya, thank you. hundreds gathered in san francisco on the 35th anniversary of the assassination of mayor george mass -- masconi and harvey milk. dan white who had just resigned from the board of supervisors shot and killed the two men after mayor mosconi refused to reappoint him. harvey milk's nephew spoke about his uncle's legacy jie. we need to change laws. we do that by remembering history and by teaching our history and by doing inclusive..
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>> a candlelight march followed. the league of volunteers is making the final preparations to throw the traditional holiday dinner to thousands who otherwise wouldn't have a thanksgiving meal. ama dates with the spirit of giving from newark. >> pies are piled high. a mountain of mashed potato and trays of turkey tucked away in the frige. all of the food is in anticipation of the 25th annual tri city thanksgiving dinner at the new york pavilion. >> it is the most wonderful way to spend thanksgiving i can think of. >> she is the director and always looks forward to the holiday gathering. so do those who attend. they began signing up in september and all of the spots went quickly. >> we have people that not only are in need and can't afford to do their own dinner, but we have the homeless and we have people who are alone that would have no family at all. >> they are all very thankful
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to have a hot meal and we are glad to help them out. >> eric is one of the team leaders who will be back in the kitchen at 6:00 a.m. to get things started. >> tomorrow morning we will be fixing all of the stuffing and the potatoes and the corn, beans. >> and heating up the main course, 300 turkeys, 82 hams and don't forget the 35 gallons of gravy. all of this food wil do more than serve the people who come to the pavilion on thanksgiving. volunteers will be packing up meals and delivering them to those who are home bound. close to 1500 meals delivered. in all the league of volunteers expects to serve more than 4500 meals this thanksgiving. ama dates, abc7 news. >> we want to share a story with you that will probably be on your mind as you sit down for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. an east bay man who lost his wife suddenly now facing raising four adopted children from ethiopia on his own. alan wang attended an emotional event for a represented coach and teacher in a time of crisis.
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>> it is hard on all of us. >> are you sad daddy? >> i am sad. i am sad to lose mommy. >> they spent everything they had to bring these four orphaned kids from ethiopia. shortly after brenda was diagnosed with terminal cancer. she died earlier this month, but not after they discussed life after she was gone. >> you can hear the kids laughing and playing. she heard that and she said i want it to sound like that. >> now jeff is trying to keep the laughter alive with a little help from this walnut creek community. >> it is one of the more self-less figures in our community. >> tonight's basketball game is benefiting jeff's family.
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jeff played on the team as student here and coached the varsity players for 12 years. >> we all have a lot to be thankful for. we want to show our thanks to him. >> he says he is humbled and he wants to return the favor. >> it will be my goal raising these kids and loving them. >> and the community says it will be behind him all the way. in walnut creek, alan wang, abc7 news. >> he is getting so much support. >> he is. >> a new weapon in the fight against cell phone theft. next on abc7 news, what is being done that may make thieves think twice about selling smart phones. >> and computers, the next big thing or just a fad? they make wearable technology a necessity. >> and thousands of miles from home. home. the rare catch off
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phone just got harder. ctia, the international trade organization representing the wireless industry completed its database of blacklisted cell phones. now this database allows carriers to block stolen phones from being activated from anywhere in the world. cell phone theft is big in the bay area. half of all robberies are cell phone related. it wasn't long ago that cell phones were considered luxury items and now they are
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a necessity. the new thing on the horizon is is computing devices you wear. jonathon bloom has a look at this exploding category and how long it may be before you decide you can't live without one. >> it might just be your worst nightmare. dropping your beloved iphone into a tank of water. its insides slowly filling up. but this iphone keeps on working. >> it is a thin coating that we put on the inside of electronic devices of the. >> it is called water block. it is not actually made for smart phones. it is being developed for the next wave of electronics. the devices you will wear on your body. >> you will want to wear them wherever you go. if you are washing your hands or swimming. >> smart watches, glasses and jewelry. there is a whole industry working on the 10 enology behind those technologies. how do you type on a watch? >> you don't need to be as accurate as you would think. >> it is a virtual keyboard that doesn't care if you hit the right keys. just stab anywhere in the ballpark and it will know what you meant.
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>> there is hd vibration. imagine being able to feel spoken words through your wrist. >> we are able to recreate any wave form out there and able to have that as a way of communicating with someone in their device. >> these are the raw ingredients for the next generation of wearable devices. they will tell you the current batch is rough around the edges. >> an early adopter is somebody who pays too much money for something that does president work. >> he points to the samsung galaxy gear. a flashy watch that does almost nothing unless you pair it with a big, smart phone. but the gear is on the right side of your body. the wrist is the first place these tiny computers will dwo mainstream. apple could released one i a few months. >> it is a safe bet that the apple device will be much more cool and elegant and probably pretty close to a fashion statement. >> a fashion statement is what misfit wearables is going for.
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they look like jewelry, but they are electronic sensors. >> it is a personal activity tracker. it tracks your daily activity and gives you an update on how close you are to hitting your goal. >> it is about the size of a quarter with a battery that lasts four to six months. it is a part of exploding health devices. at $99 it is not as full featured, but it is a lot prettier. >> we think one of the key ways to get people the data is to ensure that they actually wear the sensor. not everybody wants to wear things that look like a computer. >> these sensors are possible because everything is getting smaller. that is something google may be counting on. >> google glasses are way too nerdy for people to wear, but we are within two ars of fitting that bulky, awkward stuff on google glasses into an ordinary pair of glasses. >> or maybe even a pair of swim goggles to go with the water proof iphone. in san francisco, jonathon bloom, abc7 news.
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>> that would be a good look. a sausalito crab fisherman brought in a big catch. this lobster was caught by sean hodges who says it was the only thing in the trap. now one marine biologist says he is not sure how it got 3,000 meals from the natural habitat, but he suspects someone bought it and set it free. that's probably what happened. after taking photos, this lobster was set free again to live to be caught another day. >> i think that's exactly what happened. >> maybe it walked across the country and jumped into the pacific. >> let's go to sand yaw patel. let's go to sandhya patel. >> it is a big day tomorrow. live doppler 7hd is watching some clouds. it is going to be dry for your holiday and really the weekend as well. here is where i suspect you may run into problems. if you are getting ready to head out of town, stockton right now is fog go. three-mile visibility and down to 6 miles modesto and sack --
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some areas may see patchy fog out there. by the way, if you are heading to tahoe, the weather looks beautiful. 50 degrees and mostly cloudy. mountain wood resort is opening up. thought i would pass that along. down south, los angeles no problems as far as rain. 69 degrees in eureka and 61, 62 monterey. sfo if you are flying out or expecting somebody, no problems right now at our local airports. 56 in san francisco and 53 oakland. it is currently 48 in half moon bay. from our tower camera, downtown san francisco is sparkling. 44 in santa rosa, napa, fairfield. getting cool out there. 48 in livermore. here is a view from our exploratorium camera. isn't that beautiful how the lights are sparkling on the bay. partly cloudy and dry for thanksgiving and the weekend and it is going to be much cooler next week. so changes are coming. still a hipt of some rain. but it is not for the holiday weekend. here is a system that will parallel the coast. it is remaining well off our
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coastline so it is dry for the holiday weekend. as we take a closer look at thanksgiving morning you get off to an rly start. just some high clouds tomorrow morning as you may be traveling and you don't have to worry about a lot in terms of fog. could be a few patches in the central valley like we are seeing right now. mostly sunny for your thanksgiving afternoon. here is one thing you may want to watch out for. beach hazards are up along the coastline. large, westerly swells are building and they could trigger strong rip currents and sneaker waves. watch out. tomorrow morning, the temperatures are starting out in the upper 30s to the low 50s. these are going to be some of the coolest spots. you might want to add that extra layer for your early plans. for the afternoon, beautiful. sunshine occasional high clouds and temperatures are very similar to today. low to upper 60s and take a look at the forecast for black friday. i am looking ahead in case you decide you want to go out shopping. it is sunshine for shoppers. sunrise at 7:05. the temperatures will be on the chilly side early on.
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mid30s to the upper 40s. by noontime, don't worry by the time you get the bags going, you are walking around and you will already be warmed up. upper 50s to low 60s. a look at the seven-day forecast , nothing but sunshine the rest of the holiday weekend with 60s. get ready for big change in the forecast. cooler tuesday and wednesday and interest dousing a slight chance of some rain. carolyn and dan? >> 50s? >> get ready for winter. december is coming. >> bay area style. thanks, sandhya. >> let's talk warriors basketball. >> the warriors are squaring off with their former teammate and the shootout that would not end between the
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monty ellis in dallas. he had a season low four points, but golden state stayed behind. a half court shot on wednesday and 70 inch tv. what happened to cash? come on mark cuban. come on shark tank. you have the money. dirk nowitzki has game. that is an unstoppable shot. he had 22. dallas dominated the first half. wayne ellington with authority. they were up 9 after two quarters. the rookie beats the buzzer. golden state on a 13-0 run to get back into it. here one of his assists as dallas wins it 103-99.
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weird goal as the kings' goalie stops the puck behind the net and joe thorton puts it in his skate. it is a 2-1 sharks. and the kings would answer with a weird bounce of their own. it is 2-2. they go to a shootout and eight rounds of the shootout. joe thorton finds the back of the net. that ends it. sharks win a thriller via shootout 3-2. the 49ers host the rams, but he is still upset about what happened two weeks ago in new orleans. he is unhappy with the penalty call when he clobbered drew brees. he says brees can't take a hit. he dislikes the rules restricting defenders. >> it is hurting the game of football and hurting us as
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players. it cost us a game that we really needed. that's why we are in a situation we are in now. we are not going to cry about it. we will go out and make saint louis feel what they are supposed to feel. >> and look at this. the lakers and nets. eight seconds left. l.a. is up two. nets out of timeouts and jason kidd gets bumped and spills his drink on the floor. look at the replays. look at him say hit me. he goes right into him. they clean up the spill and while they are doing that the nets drop a play. they miss the game tieing shot. the former cal star kid will definitely be hearing from the league. lakers win the game by five. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks, larry. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, a sugar stronghold. >> it is.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. high clouds in the morning for thanksgiving. a great looking start. cool though. temperatures upper 30s to low 50s. 8:00 a.m., 40s, 50s with a light breeze. leyla is in for mike nico. carolyn and dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. if you plan to make a ginger bread house this year, here is a little inspiration. >> i am going to eat one. the westin saint francis hotel
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unveiled the sugar castle. it is 12 feet tall and weighs more than they are teen00 pounds. >> the castle was created by the pastry chef in 2005. it is packed with flour, sugar, marzipan and lots of other sweets. >> that's a lot of work. coming up is jimmy kimmle. >> thank you for joining us. >> for larry, sandhya and all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a safe and


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