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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> >> and and san francisco's garage truck at and pedestrian safety, odds aren't good. >> hackers what they're offering tonight. >> and farewell, candle stick. what comes after monday night's football finale. >> and it's happening right new in tracy. emergency crews are responding to gunfire at west valley mall. >> there are reports of a drive by shooting just before 5:00 we're hearing two shots were
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fired and no injuries reported. >> we have a picture that shows glass leading into the mall you can see it's shattered there. that is an entrance that is closed. >> 19-year-old dominique romero will be in the hospital after being hit by a sprai stray bullet. police are offering a reward to catch whoever it was that fired that shot. leanne? >> police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to arrest of people involved in this shooting. this is the first picture of dominique roamero in a cast. she is staying positive despite the bullet may have left her paralyzed. laurie is her
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mother, staying with an aunt to be closer to the hospital. >> they're saying paralyzed we say walk she feels. tingles in her legs. >> this came in through right... here. >> dominique's sister showed us where bullets came in through. outside, police marked this area on the street where casings landed >> i don't know. two people against each other. i can't tell you that. >> police say there is no connection with the family and the shooting. roamero says there is a school at the end of the street. police continue to investigate, the family has received numerous calls and e mails from people who want to help. the family has now set up a crowd funding account through you her mother says dominique was working to save
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money to buy presents for christmas. this happened and the family was in the process of decorating the tree. >> now, if you want to help we have a link to the web site on our web site. >> thank you, leanne. >> following developing news where a judge ruled in favor of a family of a 13-year-old on life support. jahi mcmath has been in the hospital since monday when her tonsillectomy went wrong. nick? >> today, that family was given a glimmer of hope because the judge ordered a trl saying there should be additional testing. i'm holding a copy of the p.r.o.signed by the judge, so fresh he wasn't had a chance to
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sign yet but reads in part it could result in harm to the patient and the orderer necessary until such time the petitioner can obtain medical records and an independent examination. this is what the family wanted. and a stop to disconnect the 13-year-old from the vent later the family described it as a routine tonsil mektry the hospital says it's anything but, calling it a complicated procedure with serious risks. that they sate family had been made aware of. there is a three day restraining order giving both a opportunity to select a neurosurgeon to perform a battery of tests on jahi to
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determine her viability. the attorney says the hospital are pleased the judge is taking steps towards closure in this case. >> we're optimistic tuesday, that the court will deliver a just outcome that may assist the family as well as hospital community. and to reach closure, here. >> under california law, a person who is declared brain dead is legally dead, jahi suffered cardiac arrest, declared brain dead december 12th. we'll be here monday where this judge will then select a doctor and expects to have a determination the next day, tuesday. if you'd like to see the documents we'll have those on our web site. in oakland, nick smith, abc7 news.
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>> tonight police looking into the third fatal accident involving a r des ecology ve on. sergio? >> dan, police say the man just barely stepped on to the street as that truck was backing up and hit him. they have to the released identity of that man yet but some people have told me he was a well liked older gentleman. police trying to figure out a man heard it as its reversing and investigating to see if the back up beeper was working at the time oochl we have video and witnesses that were reviewing and talking to. a spokesperson offered
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condolen condolences. >> a little bigger than a pickup truck. and they're doing their very thorough investigation. >> this was the second case in just two days where a pedestrian died n chinatown yesterday a woman was killed when a driver cause theed a chain reaction. police say it's tough to come up with a common thread. >> it's tough to correlate accidents they're different. drivers are different and people are different. you never quite know what all of the factors are. >> there have been 15 pedestrians killed in san francisco this year. the repolice minded pedestrians to be careful >> you want to make sure vehicles see you. it's just for your own safety to be out there.
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>> lots of attention has been focused on safety. last year 800 people injured and 17 killed. this year, 529 pedestrians were injured. >> in napa today a man in a while chair was struck and killed by a truck. investigators say the accident happened at lincoln avenue and main street around 10:00 after the driver made a delivery at a cafe the victim drove his chair in front of the truck as the driver was making a left turn. investigators say it does not appear drugs or alcohol were a factor. >> target is doing major damage control offering customers a 10% discount this weekend in response to breech that may have compromised 40 million cards.
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>> target ceo made the announcement. the company had to do something in response to the outcry. >> in target we get a 10% discount we want to extend that discount to all guests that come to shop with us this weekend. >> many support the lawsuits. >> i just feel it's, we should have paid more attention. you know? >> shoppers are suing for exposing them and acknowledges hackers obtained credit and debit card information it appears a virus targets point of sale terminals. >> instead that have being a
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trusted agent what happens is that mal ware diverts that traffic. sending it into the van. >> target says it's eliminated the problem, hearing of only a few reports of fraud. many are paying by cash. >> seems to make sense. >> wow. >> but you know just one of those things what have you to do. >> target shoppers are urged to monitor accounts for any suspicious activities. >> a lot of people are worried about this. >> yes. what do people need to know? >> let me start by saying call. you don't have to run, pushing and shoving. there is very
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little difference between this breech and hundreds of others i keep tabs on. the difference is that it's target all else remains the same. so first do keep track of your charges. reading a statement at end of the month is final. you don't have to do anything now. do answer voice mails, do use a reddit card. with a debit card, money is gone, have you to petition to get it back. do not call target the folk there's quadrupled staff but are overwhelmed. there is no what they can do anyway. do not sign up for protection unless you would have done that anyway. these services do offer
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value, do not fall for scrams around this breech. there will be phony phone calls don't answer them, or hang up. if you hear from target it does not mean your account has been compromised. remember co cocork-do not give away information on the phone. >> $7,000 winner of abc7 give where you live sweep stakes what he plans to do with the money. >> winter begins tomorrow, so does a string of mild days. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and we'll take you for a stroll along the brand new rainbow honor walk. a walk of fame for lgbt opportunity.
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>> high school football with
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a janitor has been charged with two violent sexual attacks police identified this time. the first incident happened near interstate 680. an 18-year-old was grabbed and pulled into
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bushes. that victim managed to run for help. >> he's in jail, charged with rape and kid mapping. and also with assault. and no bail so not getting out. and >> saying it shows effectiveness of dna data bases. >> grinchs have been targeting packages in an attempt to steal holiday cheer. a mountain view neighbor captured these images showing a suspected thief approaching a home. you can see the woman pick up, then conceal it. investigators say the thieves normally travel in pairs the thief got into this white cadillac and took off. if you have information police would like to hear from you. >> a 20-year-old community took a step in the castro district
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today. first of 20 plaques unveiled. sylvester chain is the first honoree. >> piers person fought for lgbt rights this, walk of fame honors 20 people that walk to walk. >> they are a few others who will be enshined on this walk. >> abc7 wants to thank you for making our give where you live campaign a huge success. >> congratulations to yander yap. >> he was doing laundry when he got my call, telling him he won. the family is struggling and
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he's making plans for cash. >> bills that i have since i won't be working for a little bit. i got a lot of gifts so it's hard. >> tyler was on facebook when he saw our give where you live button. >> help people, get a new bed, a new desk. and a new couch. get clothes and food. >> all important things. and you can still give where you live to help out. >> yes. just go to abc7 ask click see it on tv for a mroeks near you. that is a fun
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call.. >> i bet it was. and five elections around the bay area. and this is great, great to see. spirit of giving is alive and well. >> it is. >> i'm going to give you a look at weather. >> here is live doppler seven. we've had lovely weather. we enjoyed sunshine mild can be conditions right now, clear skies, and it's turning pleasantly cool around the bay area. there is a live view from our roof top camera here. looking at embarcadero center. temperatures low to mid-50s san jose and half moon bay. another live view more readings at this hour, 55
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degrees in santa rosa. and another live view from our camera, looking west over the bay. this dry pattern lasts through christmas, you can see high pressure is in control here in the bay area. a bit of awho tron my, tomorrow marks beginning of winter. only nine hours, 33 minutes of daylight.
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and north bay valleys we'll see upper 30s to low 40s. and low 40s around the bay. tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures 62 in san jose. 63 redwood city. north bay, mid-60s in napa, also, nef vatto east bay, 63 in oakland tomorrow. and 63 in lever more, here is the accu-weather forecast. this weather cooling down friday. so tuesday, christmas eve, wednesday, christmas day. sunny.
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and low 60s on the coast. it's remarkable. this is weather we're going to have. >> it's unusual. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next, a follow up to a terrific story. >> dozens of students
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hundreds of parents went shopping for toys today without having to pull out a wallet the salvation army hosted 1300 low income families. parents hand picked three toys for each child. >> they can browse toy section selections and hand pick toy that they feel their kid would love to have. >> parents know what their kids like. it's good. they get to pick them out. >> the salvation army providing gifts for teens. >> students in a school face challenges that come with growing up in the tender loin. it came after the owner saw a
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story about the school. some wrote being poor, homeless, living without a father. >> is that what i wanted? >> yes >> each received this toy for christmas. lefty o doul's just off union square, will be holding a toy drive on christmas eve. >> very nice. >> yes. >> well, still coming up here tonight at 6:00 farewell to candle stick. what it will look like once the dust clears from demolition. >> a will you state ruling in one of the reddest states in
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it's happening in san leandro. police are investigating a shooting in bay fair shopping mall. >> that is right. police have not announced arrests. you can find breaking developments on our twitter feed. these are live pictures >> and police in tracy are also investigating a drive by shooting. there are reports of two shots fired there. >> this picture of that scene np tracy. now this, picture shows how glass on a door leading into the mall was shattered. that is closed but mall open for byes. >> there is growing nostalgia for candle stick park. there are mixed feelings about the race.
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>> some habits die hard. why would these guys park three days before the niners and this stadium sing their swan song? >> how about anyone who played here? thaefrg happened? there is plenty of identity wrapped into the stick, but after monday, days are numbed. the given as we remember it, will cease to exist. the question, how will they get rid of it? piece by piece? or implosion? we've seen a few implosions that were similar to candle stick.
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here in san francisco, we're still at least a year away. and the man is a a.signing the death warrant is undecided as to method. >> preference would be to implode. my gut tells me that that may be least offensive. >> his company plans to build homes, businesses and parks and a bridge if you're wondering, it is landmark for legacy. >> what about our memories of candle stick? >> we can provide for anyone who is interested in the history of this great event. something. >> good idea these guys might need it.
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>> 49ers have a number of special events planned and all fans will receive a free final game pennant. and everyone will participate in a card stunt. and after the game, a ceremony honoring tenure at candle stick. they'll look for fans who are crowdy and drunk. >> there are manato next ters. any tool can be doubled as a weapon. >> at half time, niners will have a special tribute to officers patrolling candle stick
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on game days these years. >> here are some memories you sent in a big flag on the field. >> this woman's daughter took her to her first game in 55 years. >> you can e mail your photos to us >> a judge issued a long-waited ruling allowing same-sex marriage in utah. within hours clerks began issuing marriage licenses this couple became utah's first gay newlyweds the judge overturned an amendment saying it violates the rights of gay and lesbian couples >> today the president says there has been a surge of people signing up for health care before monday's deadline and
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said mer than a million meshes have enrolled. it will be covered with bare bones plans without a penalty until they can enroll. >> we thought it makes sense as we're transitioning to a position in which standards are higher people will have unpleasant surprises. >> to start receiving coverage january 1st n california you have until january 5thth to submit a payment. covered california told us they expect to see 100,000 enrolled before the deadline.
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>> yesterday, 23,000 enrolled. they're going to be insured in one day. >> if you missed the deadline, have you until january 15thth to enroll for coverage to begin in february f you do not, you'll pay a penalty. theed call center will be open to help last minute enrollees. >> all right. coming up next, michael finney is in the consumer kitchen tonight with a recipe for saving money. >> on that big roast, youon
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>> thank you know you can save almost 90% on maelt without sacrificing on taste? >> not sure. but michael finney is back. he spends a day with people in sunset magazine. they have five secrets. >> think of me as chef ryan scott. of cheap. a good cut of
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roast can cost you $100. today, how you can spend less. your guests won't know the difference. >> a coast like this costs about $14 elaine johnson shares five secrets. >> they can be as beautiful and succulent as one of the fancy guys >> stuff your roast for added flavor. make mix a cup of pinno noir with dried fig, fresh thyme, and sugar, then stuff each slit. secret two, tie the roast. >> over the hand. flip it over. tuck it under.
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>> season it with olive oil, pepper, salt and thyme, splatter it all over the roast. sear it so it has a nice color before transferring into a baking pan. then pour the bottle of the pinot noir into the pan with garlic. add to the pan and bake at 325 for two and a half hours. put in the rest and and bake, then you're almost done. >> that fork just slides in. >> the secret is make the gravy. take the sauce from the pan. heat it on the stove. >> we're going to add thyme. i like using thyme both during
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cooking and at the end. >> serve with a creamy polena and cooked greens. also you can save with a lamb shoulder roast and beef ross rib coast. >> big savings >> we have posted recipes on our story on abc7 >> that looks good. >> now i'm ready fodinner. >> thank you. >> have you ever wanted to have your own personal wardrobe designer? >> now, you can. and you don't have to leave the
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celebrities have personal stylist who's help them pick out clothes but now, you can as well two. companies are making it easier to look your best z the best part is that you never have to step into a store. abc7 news has more. >> danielle looks forward to finding out what is in this box. >> that is cute.
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>> the items were picked just for her. by a styling team. >> this feels nice. >> it's a personal shopper >> katrina lake is the company founder >> like having a dressing room delivered to home. tried at home. you get to try on, get feed back from your husband, friends, try things on with jeans. and pay for what you keep, send back what you don't want to keep. >> to get started you tell stitch fix your style. then, the company uses technology to choose what is best for you. keeping track of what you like and don't like. >> i like it. it's because i don't have to do anything. like, i can have all of the more current styles of things i probably won't pick out shipped to me. >> each averages about $300. there is a $20 styling fee but
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credit customers can keep all five and stitch fix knocks off another 25%. in san francisco, the co-founder taking a one on one approach. you get to mooelt wl with the stylist. and you meet view tloou what the needs are. a stylist ships off a box. >> pretty delicious jacket. >> i didn't want it. it's just hard to find one. >> i like to shop. it doesn't make sense to do it myself.
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>> tog importer puts together between 5 and 15 pieces keep what you like, send back what you don't. >> we have clear skies right now and a string of nice days sum coming our way. mild. highs mid-60s and upper 50s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid six # 0s inland and around the bay. and tomorrow marks beginnin
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good evening, no holiday cheer right now. spurs playing with out three of the best
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players. defense spotting a lot early in the season. they love the go ahead. shot 33%. it's a major disappointment. >> that is another shot called every night. that is probably my biggest down faux you know, you're playing well, it's just a tumbling. >> looked bad last night. now, we know it is. rookie expected to be out for a month after that hit from dustin brown of the kings the 20-year-old limped off, did not return. and maybe now we
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know why a's did not resign grant balfour. reportedly had concerns over his physical, not specifically but suggests the 35-year-old is healthy. well, game for state championship may as well be for national title. tomorrow night, home depot center in carson. this could be decided by huge people in the trenches. >> the key to why they've been so good so many years. more so, they'll need to be good on saturday. to beat st. johns of 15 division one recruits. with
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353 pound davin moma leading the way. >> they average over 300 pounds. so we're going to have to play well. >> just do what we do. >> sparks hope to answer with some nflpedigree. reggie mckenzie, jalil mckenzie, 64, 309. >> this like, is this college? >> our goal is to play our hardest. try our best to wear them down. make sure our running game started. >> de la salle played more
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athletic teams, all they've done is come out victorious six out of eight times. >> we've got to outhit them. >> if we let them dictate and everything to us, we're going to be in trouble. and have to move their defensive lievenlt everything is predicated on that. >> that is going to be some game. >> college game. >> wow. >> well, latest on a shooting at bay fair mall. >> nick smith is live with the latest for us. nick? >> new information we can report to you one person has been injured here as you can see, technicians continue to canvas this area, this is what we know. they continue to have a section of the lot outside of old navy blocked off. this is at the
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height of the shopping season, everyone, the store filled with families. one person has been injured. please, stay with abc7 news for updates and we'll continue to follow this story and provide updates on our web site as well. one person injured in a shooting here in san lor yenzo. >> another mall shooting in tracy. a drive by, two shots fired the mall remains open tonight >> join me tonight at 9:00, we'll have updates on those stories and a man with a lot of money has a plan to split california six ways. >> then at 11:00 unbelievable gift. one woman gave to her best
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friend battling brain cancer. how the act of kindness allowed a dream to come true. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about really matters. this week a teacher in new mexico told a black student he can't dress up like santa claus because st. nick is white the teacher is in big trouble, the comment ignited another national debate about race in america. bottom line is this. we're talking about tradition here, when it comes to sant kwlaus, color matters. red, and white. and those are the only colors. a red suit, white beard. beyond that could it matter less? to children santa lives at the north pole delivering toys to adults santa is, at least should be an idea an idea living in our hearts and minds and delivers goodwill to all. but that teacher told that little boy is unconscionable, thoughtless and hardly what christmas is about.
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yes, virginia there is a santa claus. highways -- he has nothing to do with race. let me know what you think about this topic. i'm on facebook on dan ashley. >> everyone, thanks for joining us. our coverage continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we will see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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(woman over p.a.) tracy jordan to the stage, please. tracy to the stage. hey, hey, hey, where are you going? they've been paging you for rehearsal. rehearsal? we just did a show last week. i just came to pick up a paycheck. no. we do a show every friday, tracy. it's not gonna work. next friday is damon dash's birthday party.


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