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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 26, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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state senator leland yee, walking out of a san francisco court tonight, through a crush of reporters, after an arrest that is leaving shock waves from here to sacramento. some in the state capitol are calling for his resignation. yee was 1 of 26 people charged
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after a five-year investigation into gun running, drugs and money laundering. federal agents swept yee's home and office. and at least three other locations in this corruption bust. our news crews were at all of those locations. we have team coverage this evening for you, starting with abc news reporter, vic lee. >> reporter: the fbi hit the chinatown headquarters of the chinese free masons. they were looking for evidence linked to the arrest of notorious former gangster, norman chow. chow serves as a chairman of the free masons. he was arrested at his home on height street. he is charged with money laundering and dealing in stolen property. he had served 22 years in the federal pen on a racketeering conviction. once released, he became active in chinatown politics. in this interview with abc 7 news six years ago, he said he was a reformed man. >> i'm up front, to face up to
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all of the past i have done. and to try to correct my life. >> reporter: but the big fish was state senator leland yee. yee was arrested at his home in the sunset district this morning. while fbi agents searched his house for evidence. he was driven to the federal building where he was booked on public corruption charges, including weapons trachblging and soliciting money for political favors. the fbi and sacramento secured yee's office in the capitol, while a guard stood at the entrance. he is also a candidate for secretary of state, one of california's highest offices. the raids involved the fbi, other federal agencies and local police. this morning, the fbi executed multiple arrest and search warrants. >> reporter: hundreds of eights and police hit homes and buildings mostly in san francisco. the raids included this building in the bayview, where federal algt agents and police carted
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off federal agents. federal agents seized marijuana plants and other evidence from the house that was the site of an indoor pot grow. those arrested in federal cart to be arraigned. one of those is keith jackson, a well-known political consultant and school board member. the complaint accuses jackson of conspiring with chow to import weapons. it says that jackson, a close friend of yee's, brought the senator into deals. and they bribe people for giving political locations. all this caught by an undercover fbi agent. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> yee was a two-term supervisor in san francisco. and caroline tyler has that part of the story. >> reporter: city hall is reeling over the charges filed against leland yee.
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>> leland yee got his start on the san francisco school board back in 1988. he served with tom om yano, who is now in the state assembly. >> i knew them personally. and professionally, about the image that we're projecting. what we're going to need to do to salvage that. >> reporter: he was talking about the image of state lawmakers. but yee's reputation is now severely tarnished. prt of his legacy is his tenure as supervisor from 1997 to 2002. jake was a colleague. >> he spent the last 40 years of his life doing things to help people in this world. god knows, if he goes through a process, innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: yee's rise to power
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did not come without controversy. in 1992, he was arrested in hawaii on suspicion of stealing a bottle of sun tan oil. and twice in 1999, was pulled over by san francisco police on suspicion of cruising for prostitutes. he said it was mistaken identity. still, when he ran for mayor in 2011, yee seemed to be candidate to beat, until ed lee entered the picture. today, yee said he holds no grudges for that campaign. and carefully answered questions about yee's character. >> for those who spent decades in public office, under public scrutiny, all of us are required in our own ethics to be reporting everything that we do. and have meetings with people. or sunshine. you know, i do my best to comply. >> reporter: leland yee is running for secretary of state. no comment, today, from his campaign manager. in san francisco, caroline
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tyler, abc 7, news. there are calls for leland yee's resignation from the state senate tonight. his colleagues say they are shocked and disappointed over the long-time public servant's arrest. senate president daryl steinberg said yee will be suspended immediately. >> we express our anger and our revulsion at today's events. we recognize that under the law, anybody accused of a crime, is considered innocent unless and until proven guilty. and yet this, indictment is sickening. >> yee is the third senate democrat embroiled in criminal charges this year, including corruption and voter fraud. the indictment against state senator leland lee is very long and very specific. if you would like to read it, we have posted it on our website. look under see it on tv. it will give you a complete
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sense of what he's being accused of. now, to the wet weather. and the wild weather that rolled through northern california tonight. it appears a tornado couch touched down in roseville. not far from sacramento. 12 homes had roof damage. two houses were battered by debris. and six residences had fence damage. no one was displaced. another home had several windows blown out. luckily, no one was home at the time. there were two confirmed tornadoes spotted in glen county. mark wriston shot this north of oracle at 7:00. these were funnel clouds that didn't touch the grown. let's check in with spencer christian. very common in other parts of the country but not here. >> we had much-needed rainfall in the bay area. and trickles of showers here. much more turbulent weather outside the bay area. as you pointed out. let's look at the area where the first tornado touched down.
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up in parts of glen county there. there were two sightings of funnel clouds. and now, down to plaster county. down to the area of roseville, where there were three sightings of funnel clouds. and no official report of a tornado. from the damage reports we're getting, it appears that a tornado may well have touched down in that area. those storms are losing the intensity right now. and here in the bay area, our own funnel cloud sighting this afternoon. it was brief. but a funnel cloud sighting nonetheless, in eastern contra costa county. that was about 3:10 this afternoon. there have been areas of powerful thunderstorms, outside the central part of the bay area. we have a few little patches of scattered showers coming through. i'll give you a look at what's coming next. i'll have the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. the wild weather sent a tree into a car in san francisco. unfortunately, one person went to the hospital. it happened near bush and
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stockton streets this morning. you can see the pieces of the tree and the damage to the car. the owner of the cartels abc 7 news, he was driving. heard a loud boom. and the tree smashed down on top of the car. one person was transported after this is a look this pains. afternoon in san francisco's chinatown. there were a lot of people on the street, despite the rain. and here's a look at the rain coming down in san mateo tonight. we've not seen much of it this year. we need every drop. it is welcome. a lot more to get to here tonight. coming up next -- >> this is a fun day for you. and look at what you've achieved. and look at what more you can do. >> from orlando bloom to selena gomez, no less. the stars in the east bay how they're bringing inspiration to thousands of students. also, a touching memorial today. hundreds of firefighters were honored.
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and inside a moment of crisis, as a construction worker escaped a wall of fire. tonight, the exclusive interview with the man who lived to tell about it.
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friends, family and fellow first responders said good-bye
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to a deputy sheriff killed in the line of duty, along california's north coast. mendocino county sheriff presented the family of ricky darentino, in front of ft. bragg. several delivered tributes to the veteran of law enforcement. he was shot by a man wanted for a string of crimes in california and oregon. another officer then killed the gunman. a new proposal would grant san francisco firefighters added benefits if they get cancer. the legislation would make the assumption that firefighters got the disease because of the health risks they face on the job. this was held this morning during a ceremony to honor dozens of fallen firefighters. boots were placed on the edge of the rotunda to represent the firefighters who have died from
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cancer in the last 14 years. >> it's time to let san franciscans and the world know, long after the fires are put out, firefighters are still fighting. fighting for their lives against cancer and other occupational illnesses. >> firefighters lives -- >> the legislation would grant full disability and death benefits, unless it can be proven they did not get the disease because of their job. about 16,000 students from all over california, participated in we day. it's the largest youth empowerment rally of its kind. the kids met some very big stars. >> reporter: we day brought in a few artists and thousands of students across the state. it was more than that. we day was a chance for these students to pat themselves on the back for what they've done to change the lives of others. ask selena gomez.
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>> you inspire me to be better. >> reporter: we met some of the game-changers. like this girl, who started a tutoring service for underserved kids in san diego. >> we pair with the local library. and we pair our students, all subjects, all ages. >> reporter: the event was sponsored by microsoft, allstate and sunlight. >> they are not bystanders. they want to be part of the future. >> reporter: offstage, we talked to the brother and sister who had become household names. >> rainy rodriguez. >> and rico rodriguez. >> we're here at we day. >> all of the kids that are here, have worked their way for we day. and to show them that this is kind of a reward. to come and celebrate them and all of their amazing achievements. >> if you do enough good things, you get to see me for four minutes. it doesn't seem like much of an
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award. >> seth rogen is referring to orlando bloom. >> it's one person. one person deciding they're going to stand up and make a difference. it's just one kid. >> reporter: a word of advice from some of those who have achieved great things in a short period. >> if you look at the world around you, you can do anything you set your mind to. >> the event drew students from more than 400 students in california. at the oracle arena, in oakland, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> what a great event. >> it is. >> something so positive. nice to see there. spencer christian is here, tracking more rain. >> yes. much more needed rain. the cliche these days, is beneficial rain. >> it's true. >> it's a meaningful cliche. >> we have widely-scattered showers around the bay area. in on the east bay, where we have little patches of shower
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activity. wet weather near lafayette, and san ramon, and east out toward discovery bay. and in the santa cruz mountains. much more shower activity than just an hour ago. it's becoming widespread. little pockets of moderate and locally heavy downpours. rainfall total the last 48 hours are beginning to look at beneficial, as they should be. over in the last 48 hours, in the higher elevations, like mt. saint helena. nearly three-quarters of an inch in san francisco. need some in the south bay. san jose, 0.16 of an inch. more may fall in the next couple days. looking at the skyline of downtown san francisco. under partly to mostly-cloudy skies. these are the forecast features. we'll see showers overnight. scattered showers tomorrow. heavier rain arrives saturday morning. that will be a soaker, it appears. here's a satellite image, showing a series of storms moving in our direction. what's coming immediately
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towards us? in the series of storms is a not-so big deal. just scattered showers approaching right now. let's start our forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. beginning of rush hour. we'll see pockets of showers. could be wet spots. could slow down the commute a bit. that will continue through the day, with scattered showers in even thing hours. let's hop to the sierra, where it is snowing. and there's a winter storm in effect, until 11:00 tomorrow morning. three to evseven inches of snow. let's get back to the bay area and resume the forecast animation. 5:00 friday afternoon. look at friday night into saturday morning. wayne becomes widespread and heavy, as the cold front moves through. that's going to dump a lot of rain on the bay area on saturday. producing a wet day. overnight tonight, not widespread showers. temperatures from upper 40s to low 50s. and the picture. breaks of sunshine and clouds in pockets of showers.
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high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast, to low to mid-60s at the day and inland. here's the seven-day forecast. showers likely friday. heavier rain developing overnight. a rainy day on saturday. partly-cloudy and mainly dry on sunday. that's how it appears at this point. more concentrated rain comes in on monday. april showers on tuesday. and partly-cloudy on wednesday. so, this rainy pattern is continuing into the month of april. and you know what? keep it going. we need the rain. >> we need it. thanks very much. still to come here on abc 7 at 9:00, the video that one man says a ghost is haunting his store.
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[ chanting ] students demonstrated against a plan to raise fees at cal state university campuses. the protest was outside the board of trustees meeting in long beach. san diego and fullerton recently joined nine other schools in adding student success fees as they've been called. the money is to help pay for more classes and other educational services. students say it's another way to add costs without actually raising tuition. believe it or not, there is more to the solar system beyond pluto's orbit. researchers have discovered a new dwarf planet, nearly 7.5 trillion miles from the son. there's an object the superearth, bigger than the mass of the earth, orbiting the sun at vast distances, that the sun would appear as just another
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star. it's unlikely the planet could support life as we know it. the temperature on that planet is minus 432 degrees fahrenheit. now to the supernatural video that has people in guilford, new hampshire, talking about ghosts. it has to do with this surveillance video. you see an employee walk out of frame. you see that? a glass cover flies off the counter and smashes into pieces on the floor. the store's manager and owner insists it was not staged. >> this is not a staged act. this really happened. it's freaky. >> i heard a big bang. i looked and it was on the floor. it took a couple minutes to set in. >> people have suggested that the cover could have pulled a wire to move the object. but none can be seen in the video. and a nearby window is sealed shut. it is kind of a mystery.
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another half hour is a few moments away. rescue. new video of a little boy pulled from that mudslide. tonight, survivors tell us what it was like when the mud started pouring into their home. behind the video of the construction worker dangling from that balcony. and the video of a train that crashed into a rail station with two people standing just a few feet away.
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in washington state, we are hearing new and harrowing stories from the moment that powerful mudslide roared into homes and lives.
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authorities say the slide has claimed at least 16 people. eight bodies have been located but not yet recovered. and some of the 90 people missing may never be found. abc news reporter neal karlinsky is on the ground. >> reporter: you'd never know it by the mountain of mud he is sitting on. but this 4-year-old boy was watching tv with his family when he wound up here. he is with his mother now, who wasn't home. but his father, brothers and sister are all reportedly missing. >> he was obviously very, very traumatized. he was hypothermic. he was slivering badly. >> reporter: a navy commander and husband is missing, too. his family is out here looking. and won't give up. >> reporter: >> they found his uniforms and officers sword. he broke up and couldn't talk anymore. >> reporter: at both sides, the flags are at half-staff. the nights are filled with vigils and prayer services. so much unknown.
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so much of who lived and who died, random. christina, the dental office worker and mother, was visiting her granddaughter. neither made it out. >> people tried to call her. she wasn't responding. and it starts to sink in. >> reporter: pastor mike deluca told us his stomach has been churning because of all of the emotion. he hasn't had time to let out. what's this community going to be like now going forward? >> it will be different. we felt secure. we felt safe. now, that safety, that security, that feeling of comfort, has been shaken. >> reporter: just gut-wrenching for people here. but most don't have time to mourn. the search goes on around the clock. neal karlinsky, abc news, darrington, washington. search and recovery crews have resumed the hunt for malaysia airlines 370.
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we're getting satellite images that could show pieces of the boeing 777. these images were taken on sunday. they provide fresh clues on just where the plane could have gone down in a remote part of the southern indian ocean. they show more than 120 floating objects. some of them as long as 75 feet. almost a dozen planes and five ships set out today in search of that debris field. in boston, two firefighters have been killed in a fire that ripped through a four-story brownstone. the fire started in the densely populated back bay neighborhood. smoke and flames poured from the roof and windows for hours. boston officials say at least 18 people were taken to the hospital. it appears everyone who was inside the building escaped. there is still no word yet on the cause of the fire. but again, two firefighters tied in the attempt to save property and lives. speaking of fire, now to the inside moment of crisis and the dramatic video of a construction worker hanging on a balcony,
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escaping a wall of fire with seconds to spare. we showed you the video last night. now, that man and the firefighter who saved him are sharing the view from the top of the ladder, with abc news reporter, gio benitez. >> reporter: as flames devoured the building, curtis reissig found himself trapped inside an inferno. desperate, he crawled out on to a balcony. >> i look back at the building. and i saw flames right there, right behind that smoke that i saw. >> reporter: he is five stories up. and the fire is getting closer and closer. burning through the windows and doors. and let's pause the video for a second because that's the critical moment. that's when he thought, there was absolutely nowhere he could go. and then, he had an idea because at that point, it was do or die. >> the only choice i have to survive is to drop down to the patio below. that was the only option.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: curtis is swinging. and watch. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> reporter: he lands on that balcony. it was then that fire captain brad hawthorne swings in on his ladder. >> he was supercalm. calm and cool. >> reporter: the ladder was about two feet short of the patio, so, curtis had to jump again. >> jump for it. >> he needs to hang on. i am. let's go. go, go, go. >> reporter: they went. and within seconds, the moment that would put everyone in danger. [ screaming ] >> reporter: tonight, reissig called that firefighter the real hero. >> thank to god and the firefighters, here he is. >> reporter: alive and going back to work. gio benitez, abc news, new york. more dramatic video i want to share with you. it's going viral. surveillance cameras show two people running away when a
9:34 pm
subway plowed its way up an escalator in chicago. more than 30 people went to the hospital after monday's mishap at o'hare international airport. the train's operate e told them she dozed off. she admitted to falling asleep on the job last month, as well. the transportation security administration is recommending armed law enforcement officers be present at airport security checkpoints during peak hours. this recommendation follows a nationwide security review, in response to last fall's shooting at l.a.x., that killed a screener and wounded three others. before the shooting, officers roamed terminals. the head of a union representing tsa officers says the report does not go far enough in addressing the threat. doctors medical center in san pablo is taking steps to shut down if a parcel tax failses a the ballot box in main.
9:35 pm
this includes the emergency room for western costa contra county. the facility has been in a fiscal tail spin, as payments from dropped. today, the board began working on the hospital's contingency plan if it has to shut down. some financial news. it appears investors don't have a sweet tooth for the company that makes the smartphone game candy crush. >> king digital entertainment made its public debut on the new york stock exchange. but shares went south after the opening bell. it fell 15.5%, cloeing at $19 a share. kipg's disappointing start shows investors are concerned about the company's future growth potential. levy strauss announced big layoffs today. the san francisco company paid millions of dollars for the new 49ers stadium in santa clara.
9:36 pm
these cuts will include management positions and what it considers duplicate roles. it's the first phase of a restrickering plan. still ahead, the hottest new apple products and apps are on display in san francisco. how mac world has managed to stay a hit, even after apple itself stopped attending.
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♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if you have an apple device in your life, there's a cob convention just for you. mac world has been around for decades. apple stopped being part of it years ago.
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the conference lives on for apple fans. as jonathan bloom found out, it's changing right along with the times. >> reporter: you knew one day it was bound to happen. >> it's a social network for toddlers and their family. >> reporter: an app that gets kids online before they're old enough to read. >> it's bubbles on a tree. >> reporter: tell a story and record their reaction and share it. it's part of the innovation showcase. >> this is the 30th year that mac world has been in san francisco. we're part of the story of the tech culture in san francisco. >> reporter: this year, newcomers like the 3d video headset. >> a new visual experience. >> reporter: and old favorites like crazy talk. >> we were best in show. we had to come with guns loaded this year for 2014. >> reporter: now, the app that makes puppets out of your photos, has an ipad version. >> that is crazy. >> that's crazy talk. >> reporter: as we do more and more stuff on our devices, they become a bigger part of the
9:41 pm
show. that's why the show took on a second name. and the name has stuck. saying mac world i world, is a mouthful. >> mobile is an evolving story. we're seeing how mobile is controlling external devices. >> reporter: like pet cube. >> the laser pointer through the app. it's a live video game with your real cat, dog, ferrets or fish. >> reporter: or control your favorite robot with bluetooth jewelry. you can also text with it. >> a message to your friends. >> reporter: writing in thin air is cool, if not practical. >> people love pen and paper. >> reporter: live scribe reinvented its pen as for the ipad. >> your contractor, you can find studs behind the street rock.
9:42 pm
>> reporter: an infrared camera for the iphone. no doubt, someone will use it for a selfie and will turn that into a puppet. coming up next on abc 7 news, a final check on the forecast from abc 7 news weather forecast from abc 7 news weather anchor, spencer christ
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as you well know, we have much-needed rain in the bay area today. morning commuters had their windshield wipers on for the first time in a long while. but the rain won't make much of a difference for california's drought unfortunately. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has the mixed news from ranchers and growers. >> reporter: show a strong enough picture and it tells a better storien in they words. case in point, this man digging
9:46 pm
into the muddy soil. this is bone-dry. this is how drought looks in the bay. >> it's raining today. it's not enough and it's too late. >> reporter: jim is experiencing the drought in many dimensions. he grows feed for many farpers. >> the there's no soil. >> reporter: and a few miles away, in napa county, he grows grapes. this year, because of the drought, jim will be removing some vines from his vineyards. >> you can't allow the grapes to grow if you don't have the water to put on them. and it may be, if it gets a real hot summer, we'll have to thin some of the crop on the grapes to protect the plant. >> reporter: maybe you thought based on your morning commute that we had skirted the drought this year. nope. there's more hope than we had a few weeks ago. are you optimistic? >> of course, i am. i'm a farmer. >> reporter: in northern marin. neil walking on a hillside that
9:47 pm
had been brown a few short weaks ago. now, we're looking at a cow pond that's filled a bit. >> it should be coming over the top. >> reporter: this is a man with cows to feed. lots of cows. the more he pays for feed, the more you do. and he's a man who continues to bring in water by the truckload, almost every day. for one simple reason. >> we're not going to make it. we don't have enough here to make the full year. we fight as well do it when we can. >> and we might as well take advantage of the rain when we can. as long as we can. every drop. >> april showers bring may flowers. >> reporter: and in your case? >> grass. crops. >> got to like that guy. let's check in one last time on the weather forecast. spencer christian is tracking the latest bit of rain. >> that's right. we're going to start with a the evening, this evening sunset.
9:48 pm
look at the clouds. across the bay, a beautiful western sky. you can see we have widely scattered areas of shower activity. some of it moving through san francisco into oakland. look at this area, where we have heavy downpours near boulder creek and beyond. expansive area. that will be the picture for the northern two-thirds of the state. and here in the bay area, the scattered shower pattern tomorrow. high temperatures ranging from low to mid-60ed, from the bay and inland. more showers likely on friday. and heavier rain overnight friday and through the day on saturday. mainly dry on sunday. but more rain on monday. and showers again on tuesday. we are in a pattern of active weather as we like to say. >> we expected in november, december. >> right. >> january. >> trying to catch up now. >> thanks. today, we got a look at the
9:49 pm
new food at the san francisco giants ballpark. now, if you don't want the standard hot dog and garlic fries, here are other options to satisfy your appetite. how about a beer brat on a pretzel bun. forget the potato chips. you get it in the fried pickle chips. and how about beer with your pie? this is the braised beef pie. if you want a break from baseball, there's the gotham club. a private speak easy social club where people can bowl or play pool. it's only for season ticketholders right now. and membership fees start at 2,500 bucks. kind of pricey. larry's off. i'm going to let you join that club and invite me as a guest. >> i'm old-school. i like a hot dog and baseball at a baseball game. how about a little basketball? cal bears season came to a close in heartbreaking fashion. smu mustangs got the shoutout. and cal could not answer. details and hi
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coming up tonight, leland yee lack at home tonight. the anti-gun politician facing weapons trafficking charges. and a tornado rips through a sacramento suburb. a live report from the damaged neighborhood. incredible video from tonight's weather. that comes up tonight at 11:00. we're here to talk some baseball. >> and some basketball. we'll start with a little basketball. cal guys were heartbroken when ey an ncaa bid and settled for the n.i.t. that continue notice dallas, as the number one seed smu sent the bears home. smu brings out the stars. dallas cowboys jason garrett and tony romo. they got to see jabari bird go off. cal up 62-59. smu battles back.
9:54 pm
nick russell, reverse layup. mustangs take the lead. 20 seconds left. cal gives it to their senior. justin cobb, the three. plenty of time. cobb's and wallace collide. that believes nick moore open. his only three-pointer of the game. got it. smu up two. six seconds left. one last shot, cobb to keep the season alive. in and out. and smu heads to the semifinals in new york. the bears' season is over. 67-65, your final. what a heartbreaker. now, the stanford men may be considered the biggest surprise of the sweet 16. it's been six years since they reached this point in the postseason. the 7-2 seeds, nm ew mexico and kansas. they are a seasoned year. and they won the n.i.t. two years ago. dayton knocked off ohio state and syracuse. they are a cinderella and a dangerous team. >> i have explained it to our
9:55 pm
players. i followed them for quite some time. they've always had a good program. always had a rich tradition. and the conference is really good. they had six teams from their conference in the tournament, as well. these kids are used to playing at a high level. >> watching stanford. we have a challenge on our hands. we expect a difficult game. i also think with the way we're playing right now, i think we have a chance to do something special here. >> meanwhile, the stanford women, the two seed, will host penn state on sunday. and the nittany lions will be a real test. they're led by maggie lucas. >> at the end of the day, you want to play well in front of your fans. you don't want to put pressure on yourself. i think we're excited to play. and it was a great focal point for us in the first and second rounds. we wanted to get back. and i think the challenge for the team, we're back. what are we going to do?
9:56 pm
to the pros. the warriors have a five-day break here before they face memphis on friday night. in the warriors' case, maybe a good thing as andre iguodala and andrew bogut are beat up. it gives them time to heal before making a push for the postseason. you hate to be out of your game rhythm, but you have to be healthy for the playoffs. >> i don't think it's common you get a stretch like this inned anile of the schedule. it's important to be cautious but be effective. try to get back. going to the playoffs late in the season, you want to be as tough as possible. the timing was good. final cactus league game for the giants against the rockies. marco scutaro will begin on the disabled list with a bad back. he struggled all spring. and jeremy affeldt going on the d.l. with a strained mcl.
9:57 pm
the giants beat the rockies. gared parker had a grand slam in the eighth. and sanchez with a walkoff shot in the ninth. a's in the desert run with the angels. billy burns to center. amazing grab. and a run did score. we have a 1-1 game. the former athletics doing damage on defense and offense. and the a's will fall 6-2. the bay bridge series begins tomorrow at at&t park. you can go bowling or watch baseball. 7:15, first pitch. if you want to go to a baseball road trip, head to chicago for a white sox game. they will be selling a three-pound ice cream sundae to fans. 12 scoops served in a full-size batting helmet. it includes two bananas, with care mel, strawberry sauce, chocolate and whipped cream and cherries. all for 17.
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you can feed the row with that thing. the team will have the dentist at the park to handle the instant cavities that come with the sundae. that's the sports report, brought to you by toyota. baseball game, not a whole lot of action sometimes between innings. grab a sundae. >> go bowling at at&t park. >> all right. it is part of it. and all sports are doing this. upping the fan experience. adding the luxury experience. i don't know if it's good or bad. >> bad for cholesterol. >> the a's game you can go and watch a baseball game and get a hot dog. i think stanford will move on. >> you do? >> the machine and the women. >> that would be great. >> thanks very much. i'm hungry for dessert now. that's our report. thanks so much for being here. we appreciate your time. as always, for mike and spencer christian, thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter and facebook, and on
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all of your mobile devices. join us for 7 news at 11:00. we'll see you then. a little rain on the lens. and we have more coming. we'll update the forecast for you coming up in one hour. g tris
10:00 pm
overtook early agricultural civilizations. oh. that's an interesting answer, miss edison. is it right? don't know, don't care. but so far, you're all getting a's. yes! duncan: you're welcome. are you sure everyone should get a's? it seems unfair to the people that actually studied. throw paper balls at her head until she sits down.


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