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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 1, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> after couple of hot days, the chill down has started as you lack live from our camera on mount tamalpiais. natural air conditioning kicking in but in the before we hit some new record high today for this date. good evening. you can feel it in the air as we return to more spring like weather that is typical for us. hears live doppler 7hd. back to
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regular weather programming. >> yes we have had a couple days of enter weather now spring like. here's clear skies over the bay area. let's revisit as we look along the bay bridge from the south beach camera. the high compare with the record for this date and we have 3 new records san rafael in 91. richmond 89 and oakland 89 all 3 record hay for this did it for this is locations. see all the location that is came close. but didn't quite get there. still quite hot around the bay area today. here's the camera looking back at coyote tower. currently 68 degrees in san francisco. 69 in oakland redwood city 77. 73 in gilroy and a half moon bay 61 and east bay hills camera looking out over the bay mid 60's in santa rosa napa novato fairfield con cord. concord livermore mid 70's. cooling down. further cool to come. i mean sharp cooling. give you a lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> new fall out tonight from
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the donald sterling scandal. the president of the l.a. chapter of the naacp has resigned in the wake of questions about the organization relationship with the clipper owner. leon planned to present sterling with an award avalanche donation. the organization later rescinded the offer after recording of racist remark made by sterling surfaced. jenkins says that history and reputation of the naacp is more important than his presidency. >> in the mean time sterling team the clip remembers playing the warriors at oracle arena tonight. must win for the home team tonight. los angeles times is report that go still girlfriend gave recorded copies of his racist comments to friends for safe keeping. now she believes one of them sold the tape to tmz to make money obviously. the attorney says she had been recording sterling on her phone for months without his knowledge. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has more from the oracle arena. >> do or die for the warriors
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tonight. so they are trying to focus and distance themselves from the donald sterling controversy. this as committee of fba honors unanimously agreed this afternoon to move things along as quickly as possible. on boat to oust the clipper owner. somewhat around in san francisco this morning his team was still dealing with questions. doc rivers says the distran has hurt but his guys are moving on. what do you say to your players with this swirling around. >> not a thing. i think the players as group l golden state and entire player union were phenomenal through the whole thing. >>reporter: ball out of their hands. earlier this week nba commissioner silver made the unprecedented move of banning sterling for life. an wants him to sell the clippers. forced sale will take a two thirds vote or twe of the 30 owners. >> what if he fights the sale.
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>> sthees for away we are fresh off having this closure. >>reporter: gold man approve sports management department at the universities of san francisco. he believes the global brand of the fba is at risk. without new ownership for the clippers. >> you will see everyone towing the line and following the same kind of message that commissioner silver has set up but perhaps some of the negotiations and how exactly the deal is structured perhaps some we won't see. >>reporter: goldman says the incident has created an opportunity for a new era in the sport. >> sport is a business and it should be ran by professional, ethical business people. >>reporter: fba advisory committee plans to reconvene next far donald sterling has not said if he will actually agree to go willingly. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> as for thelgame itself 7 news sports director larry is
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at oracle arena. check in with him live in a few minutes. >> several may difficult demonstrations in the bay area tonight. immigration reform minimum wage police violence were among the issues that prompted thousands of people to take to the streets tonight. this was the scene in oakland where more than 800 people march. police were present but no reports of any real trouble and no arrest. in sap jose police march for immigrant and worker rights. many said chance to raise the voices and to be heard on those issues. and this was the scene in san francisco mission district this evening. many calling for immigration rae form. heavy police presence 20 people were arrested there for disrupting traffic and disobeying an officer. >> developing news have lay oh, tonight where police investigating a dog mauling that injured a 4-year-old girl. neighbor would witnessed the mauling tells us that a large pit bull attacked a girl who was playing in the front lawn of a home on louisiana street. girl's father manageed to pry
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the dog jaws open after the an bit down on the girl's head. she was taken to at the time hospital with injuries that are believed to be non-life threatening glad to till. abc 7 news reporter is work on the story for you. he will have a report tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> parents on alert tonight after man tried to lure a middle school student into a van. it happened yesterday near muir middle school. police say man in white van approached girl and asked her if she wanted a ride. she said no. the man then continued to try to talk with her. she was able to get away. man was last seen on williams at orchard in san lee app dro. fire crew trying to contain large wildfire in southern california before strong winds return to happen perfect their effort there. well over 1,000 homes were threaten and danger still persists tonight. the mary bruce is in rancho cucamonga with more. >> blistering 90 degree heat
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and whipping 100 miles an hour gusts. treacherous red flag conditions ripe for wildfire. >> we see a very what we call a dirty burn. fires kind of moving around in a lot of weird places. not a typical line of fire. >> sizzling hot temperatures fueling fire fear up and down the west coast from washington to california billowing smoke white flames tore through the acres east ofless age. every time you think it goes by it doesn't. these houses last time l back yard burnt on the houses so we know it's relevant and it can happen. >> more than 1600 homes over 2 2500 people. forced to evacuate at the height of the danger. that order has now been lifted. >> right now we get out of her here. it's not safe. >> probably should pay for living in the, near a wilderness area. >> no homes destroyed yet but this blaze presented major changes. santa ana winds so fierce here the helicopter normally glued a fire like this
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had to be grounded. over 700 troops battling the blaze from the ground from some case right up to the home. now the good snaw those winds here are expected to die down but there's always that fear. fresh gust could fan the flames once again. abc news los angeles. >> state water officials tonight took the season final survey of the sierra sfo condition and it's not a pretty picture. they found the water condition tent of the snow pack this year is just 18 percent of normal. in fact in most of the places they survey this morning they found more bare ground than actual snow. snow pack normally provide as third of the water supply. this year the state will deliver only 5 percent of is what normally allocateed to city and farms. that gives awe real sense of how dire this drought is. mandatory water rationing mean time began today if santa crew as california faces historic drought. residents will be allowed 249 gallons of water per home per day. that comes
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to about 60 gallon for a family of 4 per pevrnlt ample shower uses 25 gallon. household with more than 4 people can request more water. customers who use more than their shir however will pa a -- pay a fine starting at $25 going up by additional 50 dollars for there's go 20 percent over the limit. these are the first mandatory cuts in santa cruz in nearly 25 years. >> 60 gallon day will be easy for people to stay within for things like bathing, flushing their toilet doing their dishes, but there won't be a lot of water left over for irrigation outside. >> restriction also include no no mattering between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and all hoses must have a shut off nozzle. water rationing runs through october 31. >> today the state announced that the water levels in thousands of wells are at historic low. results particularly alrming because they are based on springtime measurements when ground water is typically at its peak.
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wells used mostly by people who live in rural areas and on farms. >> we have more to bring you here tonight on 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. drought making it tough on landscaping to be sure but you see why it is especially bad to have a lawn in one city open the peninsula. >> i'm on the bay. wind sail to help power ferry being tested. i have the report. >> and we show you a video game that can literally read your minds. check this out. 7 news minds. check this out. 7 news at 9:00 continues h
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i. >> san francisco bay is being used to test one of a kind wind sail that could end up powering ferry boats. the idea is to reduce fuel use and air pollution. 7 news reporter went out for a demonstration ride. l. >> 40 foot sail made of carbon fiber making it light. the design is slink to help propel any vessel. now picture it attached to a ferry boat carrying dozens of commuters. the boat would use both wind and diesel a hybrid. >> the wing technology allows us to take some of the pro nawltion would frlly be provided by diesel engine off line and reduce about 40
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percent of the green house gases emission that come from diesel. >> bay area air quality management district and the california air resource board along with some private groups are funding the 350,000 dollars testing phase taking place on this catamaran. we took it outside for a spin. wing sail powered by the sun. has 14 by 14 inch solar cell. the sensors on the very top are connected to the a small computer. >> what the sensors do is get information where is the wind. also says where am i gishtion then sets the course. it's as simple as turning it on or off. richard jenkins designed it in alameda. he says there is know better place than the bay to try out these technology. >> one of the few where you have the perfect angle to the wednesday and rae liability in the wind so best place to test this technology. >>reporter: jim of golden gate ferry invited to test out the wind assisted catamaran. >> save a lot of fuel. but
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again we have to weigh the savings against reliability and things like that. that our customers depend on. >> single ferry from san francisco to sausalito burns about two million dollars of fuel a year. bay area air quality management district says any kind of technology that would help reduce cost and pollution is worth considering. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> wealthy back. part of good old days keeping one the jones by big broad green lawn. not these days. in fact if you want to get rich quick if palo alto you mate want to dump all the grass. as wayne explains it is all part of the richest drought incentive program in the state. many. >> this is a bad time to be a lawn in drought stricken california and especially in palo alto. brown or green it doesn't matter. that lawn is on the wanted list. what is the bounty on °right now?
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>> 4 dollars per square foot. >> that's catherine from city utility department describing incentive program sponsored by palo alto and santa clara valley water district. remove a lawn replace witness hard escape approved drought resistant plants and those agency will write the check. >> i don't think about it in terms of dollars and cents. i think about it more in terms of saving water. >> carol and allen eliminated more than 1,000 square feet of lawn at 4 dollars a square foot based on the photo it was a bonus. >> did you want the lawn to go. >> oh, yes. so it's gone. >> they have begun replace it with more drought resist interest environment designed by the plants attract birds and bees and use a lot less water. >> percentage wise how much less water will this yard use compared to when hit grass. >> i bet he will lose at least half l. maybe even more. >> biggest step deciding to do this or deciding what would you do once you decided. >> i think it's just finding
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what to do once we decided. >> in so doing allen who designed ship for intel bought computer program to help visua visualize the initial layout. only got a little addicted. >> fix version of at least 6 times. are you done. >> has to be done because they are bust it in. >> you know the saying about how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. not impala at. not if you like cash. >> do you see yourself doing more yard work or less. >> i'm not going to do any yard work. >> he never has no. i'll hire somebody. >> why not? in pal palt, l -- pal palt, back to you. >> tough to have a lawn now. the weather is cooling down. >> it is. cooling has begun. still quite warm but much milder moderate than the last couple nights. here live doppler 7hd. we have got mostly clear skies around the bay area. we have had a few thin wispy high cloud around
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but we call it painly clear right now. let's look at the 24 hour temperature change. notice virtually not just virtually every single location on the map is cooler at least by one degree than this hourless night. 8 degrees cooler at sfo. 4 degrees cooler in oakland and novato. 5 degrees cooler in san carlos. you get the picture. cooling begun. here's mount tam camera on the bay. forecast feature it's clear mild overnight. heat hold on his for one more day but not quite to the extreme that we have seen the last couple days and sharply cooler beginning saturday on saturday. here's satellite image showing the ridge of high pressure stubbornly holding on one more day bringing us warm hot conditions again tomorrow but then l a little bit cooler than it was today and the day before and then on saturday we have some cloud arriving at various level of the atmospher atmosphere. sea breeze kicking in and knock temperatures down in all bay area locations. here's a lack at project the high pressure for the week ahead in san jose use this as indicator of what happens all
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around the bay area. tomorrow high of 85 in san jose. far above the average high of 73 for tomorrow day but notice beginning on saturday through the remainder of the 7 day period temperatures level off mainly low 70's and we see that pattern generally across the bay area for the next 7 days. overnight a little bit of fog near the coast and broken high clouds overhead but generally clear sky with low temperatures ranging mid upper 50's generally across the bay area. mid tomorrow sunny and very warm once again. hot in few spots. south bay mid 80's generally up to 85 at san jose. 88 morgan hill and 90 down at gilroy. peninsula mainly low to mid 80's. 83 redwood city and palo alto and only upper 70's about 70 on the coast. couple days ago low 80's. downtown san francisco high of 74. 70 in the sun set district. up in the north bay highs of 84 at santa rosa. 85 at sonoma and napa. east bay high 78 at oakland san leandro
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castro valley and inland east bay feature l 1 or 2 locations reaching 90 degrees tomorrow. brentwood livermore likely to hit 90. upper 80's the other location and certainly this is still pretty warm see the heat is beginning to reseechltd here's the 7 day forecast. cool down sharply in all areas on saturday. and then from saturday through next thursday inland high only the in low to mid 70's. bay the 70 grease. coast upper 50's to low 60's and that will be a rather steady pattern for the 6 days following tomorrow. which means cool down is going to last for awhile. >> couple 90 degree days. >> it will be very nice. >> summer soon enough. >> coming up next. warrior in a do or die game at oracle arena writ now. check in live with larry in oakland as abc 7
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>> just a huge game do or die game for the warriors and the clip earth's tonight at the oakland arena. larry is there live tonight. larry how is it going. a lieutenant on the line. >>reporter: i tell what you dan. this place is full of energy. no question about that. it is sold out and everybody is wearing their gold were your t-shirt and warrior fans obviously know what the situation is. must win game 6 against the l.a. clippers. those fans do in the want this to be the final home game of the season. as i mentioned, the joint is jumping. first quarter warriors down 9 early but seth 3 to tie the game at 16. 18 at the half. crawford on fire early. and he had a 3 over jordan crawford. scary moment here as big baby glen
9:25 pm
davis runs into o'neal. looks like a hyper extended knee. last thing the warriors condition afford is another big man go down. another ex warrior barns 11 at the half. he hits the triple. clippers up 5. and right now despite the 18 by curry the were yours trillion at the half 51-48. now because of the donald sterling controversy over the past week, the one thing that is kind of overshadowed here is the job status of warriors head coach mark jackson. kind of ify coming into this game. jackson would like a contract extension. did not get oneless year. there is the perception that there is a rift between jackson and owner joe lake with higher aspiration for the warriors this season. jackson still has a year left on the deal. he doesn't weren't to go into next year as lame duck coach and there noise doubt if you pull the players they want mark jackson back. >> try not the pay attention to
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it just because, you know, our objective is to wichbility you don't weren't added pressure on yourself. hope that's not the situation because i love playing for coach jack sochbility good coach and great friend. >> other action in the nba. durrant and thunder heat from the okc press. mr. unreliable. durrant with the grizzly the steal and west brook washington dunk. this game all thunder. steven adams the block. west brook to durrant in transition for the jam. kd 36 points. 10 rebound in the fourth quarter. akc by 17. ball handling by the durrant crosses over and thunder go on to win 104-84 and force game 7 back in okc on saturday. pacers trying to stop elimination with the atlanta hawk ins that series. pacers up 7. down the lane. power slam as he stops him and take a look at this. i tell
9:27 pm
you what that is something indiana really needs in this series. in the fourth pall george beats the shock clock. had 24. david west also with 24. huge drop in the lane as pacers close on a run. they win to first game 7 95-88. and that will be saturday night in indie now the warriors did if the want the same feeling that the san jose shark had last night with suddenly the season is just other over. talk about major disappointment for team teal as they join dubious list becoming only the fifth people in pro sports to blow a lead in the best of 7 as they lost to the kings last night by 5-1 final. kings winning theless 4 gyms of the series and the mood rather somber after the game. >> hard to argue with anything said. we let the fans down and everybody in the organization down. not a good feeling. >> what i look at it i think
9:28 pm
they tl they fixed their problems. we didn't. our problems got progressively worse as we went along. we were awful. fivshtion blunt force honesty by head coach todd. have to see what kind of shake up may looming for the shark this summer. nfl draft is just one week away. raiders have the fifth pick in the first round and of course 1 million needs. gm met with the press today and he is thinking about some wheeling and dealing take a listen. >> this draft thing is you know when you have 31 other teams now idea who they want at certain time and that's what that's what makes it fun. i can just be hard headed and stubborn and say i'm not moving but that's not my style. my phone line stays open on draft day. >>reporter: the raiders have 7 pick over all in the draft. a
9:29 pm
lot of people think they will trade back and mav back in order to stock pile pick because they have so many needs but who knows with the fifth pick if mansel is sitting there. a lot of people would love to see johnny football in silver and black. excite to go watch. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. see if the warriors can pull it out in the second half. down 3. >> thanks very much. check back in later tonight. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. up next. official word on how long it took before anyone gnaw that malaysian air lanes flight 370 was even missing. >> fear of flying. panic attack on a plane and the man they call the plane whisperer who tells you how to face the fear. another half hour of 7 fear. another half hour of 7
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>> good evening again. there is news tonight about the missing malaysian passenger plane. now 55 days since it disappeared. did the first report that suggests the search was really in trouble from the very start. it shows confusio confusion. wrong information. and 4 hour delay before rescuers were even told the plane had vanished. abc news reporter david curly with new information tonight. >>reporter: for the first time the report reveals it took 4 hours to launch a rescue. story of confusion by air traffic controllers. bad information from the airline. and another country having to tell malaysian its plane was missing. >> back and forth from miscommunication. misunderstanding. no skaws for it. >>reporter: malaysian finally rae leased the communication between the jet liner and the ground.
9:34 pm
>> is mystery begins just after malaysian controllers hand off the flight to vietnam. what would be the triple 7 last communication. if moments later the jets jet liner location trans ponder shut off and the plane turns around. 17 minutes later vietnam tells malaysian it can't contact the jet liner. at this point 370 was malaysian air spwais to cross back over the peninsula. air controller unaware confused and don't contact the malaysian military. by the time the rescue is called the jet liner now far south over the indian ocean. 2 hours from where it is believed to have gone into that ocean. tonight still no idea where the jet liner is with search area being expand from 120 square mailts to more than 21,000 square miles. david curly abc news washingto
9:35 pm
washington. >> the same storm system that generated dons of tornadoes in the south drench much of the east coast causing big problem problems. take a look at this frightening video out of baltimore, maryland. block long sink hole opened up in residential neighborhood swallowing cars. forcing evacuation of several houses. just bizarre. >> pensacola, floridator residential rain turned streets into rivers and cell phone video you can see a car being swept away by the floodwater. >> in yonkers new york part of rae attention wall collapsed causing 40 foot mud slide. no one was hurt fortunately. >> still no word if weather contributed to deadly explosion at florida jail last night. 2 people were killed in nearly 200 others injured after gas explosion in pensacola. the damage is so bad crews are having a tough time investigating. about 600 inmates were in the jail at the time. 3 inmates were initially thought to be missing but authorities say they were just lost in the chaos and have four
9:36 pm
been accounted for. >> pretty much complete destruction inside the facilit facility. it was l huge explosion. >> not accounted for how do you think family members are feeling the kids not accounted for. >> only 2 inmates and one correction officer still in the hospital tonight. all the other inmates have been taken to nearby jails to be housed. >> now to big headline about sexual assault on college campuses we learn today that staggering 55 university including uc berkeley facing a federal investigation because of what is happening to the students. crisis of sexual assault. l paul a has the story. >>reporter: alcohol loud music and late night. sexual assault on campus doesn't always happen lake that. it can happen anywhere at any time and the colleges may not be doing enough. today the warning shot from the u.s. department of education fired at those 55 colleges and universities that
9:37 pm
received federal fund being investigated for possibly mishandling sexual violence and harassment complaints prosecute students. among those on the list, harvard, michigan, ohio state, southern methodist and uc berkeley. this news just as students across the country rate now preparing to make one of the most important decisions regarding their future. which college or university to attend. 25-year-old harmony reid says she was a victim of sexual assault open campus. it happened her freshman year. she baby at party and no alcohol was involved. >> it was shortly after class, a friend of mine sexually assaulted me in his dorm room. i did fate him. said no multiple times. >> we have to did everything in our power to protect them. these are our children. there's our wives. our daughters. our sisters. these are, these people are you. >> i am sne friend. i am someone daughter. but i'm always survivor of sexual assault. >>reporter: we reached out to
9:38 pm
several schools on the list they all said they take any alleges of sexual assault extremely seriously and are working to combat it. but tonight the push is on to make every campus for every student safer. paul a abc news new york. >> microsoft says it has come up with a fix for security flaw on internet explorer. so big the department of homeland security said people not quu the browser at all until the hole is patched. you can access the patch by the check for update button on the control panel. can now be fixed. you will be glad to know. >> nasa revealed the wardrobe for future astronauts and some say the space suit looks like something out of the movie tron. check this thing out. nasa let the public choose from among 3 designs of winning suit includes light emitting patches and luminous wire. it's built using 3d printed parts and each astronaut body scanned to ensure each suit fits perfectl
9:39 pm
perfectly. nasa will begin testing in november. goal is to eventually perfect suspect a space suit for the first human to reach mars. >> captain go to mars if not fashionable we dough know that. >> coming up. how 2 former stanford students make mobile messaging even bigger business. stay rate here. 7 news at 9:00 continues in female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> 25% of americans are afraid to fly. maybe you. but tonight we have a pilot with secrets to calm you down before you take to the skies. byron pits on the plane whispe whisperer. >> this is the face of the fear
9:43 pm
of flying. >> for millions of american the mere thought of being trapped on a plane is pure white knuckle chest thumping i can barely breathe fear. >> i had so many fears. >> i am ron. >> captain ron nelson steps in. retired air force pilot he teach as week long course at phoenix, arizona international airport. the students call him the plane whisperer. estimated 25% of all fliers have some degree of fear. for this group it's moderate to severe. and that despite knowing the number chances of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 60 million. >> you look like you are a moment. >> yes. yes. i was taking care of my panic attack. >> she's traveling with her whole family. l. >> who is going going to hold me. >> if oh, my god wait wait. we
9:44 pm
don't want to fly. close the window. >> captain ron offers reassurance and tips. the thing you should focus on is you. >> bing distraction. book. music. avoid alcohol drug unless you have a prescription and peculiar a straw.a% >> grab a drinking straw. get on the air plane and restrict your breathing through the straw. if you can control your breathing first 2 minutes of flight you have 90 percent of the battle licked. for most of the students the class paid off. life time of anxiety behind them. abc news phoenix. >> snap chat rolled out new texting video message feature on the popular app today. users now able to spend longer text messages or switch to new video chatting function similar to apple face time and skype.
9:45 pm
the photo messaging app key feature photo viewed for few seconds will not go away. analyst believe the move is consistent with snap chat wanting to compete with rival mobile messaging app. mobile me. >> then this. google can now help you find your parked car automatically. google now app has been updateed to use the phone sensors and location card will pop up on a map. other app let people manually park a location and this is done automatically. one caveat it does fought work inside a parking garage. only with street parking. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. we show you a video game that can literally read your mine. see this in action. mine. see this in action. stay with me. more to come
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>> may is asian pacific american heritage month and we are using our instagram feed to show case a p a culture here in the bay area and there is so much. today we recognize the eating culture exhibit that will be open display at the smarts cultural center in san francisco. later this month show casing asian american food. we have more information on instagram at abc 7 news bay area. you. >> all right. what if video games could read your mind. engineers at stanford are inching closer to the an answer for that. jonathan explains technology they work on and how it could one day affect even you even if not a video gamer. >> you don't need to do anything extra. just.
9:50 pm
>> that controller is anything but normal. >> we are working on video game control they are unable to sense how the player is feelin feeling. >> he rips the bottom off normal x box controller and 3d print add new one. packed full of high tech sensors. >> the metal plate that can sense various thing as well as this symmetry. >> how fast heart beet beating how breathing and moving your hard hand. >> we just read what is affected by the brain. >> now they are about to start clinical trail. use this did he vase to track how much movement on the screen in other words, how exciting the game is. they want to know what the heart does when the zombie do this. eventually they want to feed all this data right back in the game. >> we hope that the game will be able to attach to make it fun for the specific person. >> if they sense you are bored with this maybe they will throw one of these your way. it's a new frontier he says. >> that has not yet happened very much where the game picks up something from the user and
9:51 pm
ajust itself. that's cool. >> research could also have broader implication. ability to tell how you are feeling based on something you already have in your hand could be useful far beyond the gaming world. if you have the same sensor basically built 52 a steering wheel for example of a vehicle and someone heart rate is declining. respiration declining might take falling asleep. >> it could protect hundreds of lives and video game protect peace of mind for parents. >> parents are concerned the cidz too involved in the game. too hyped up. also be able to sense that and then tell the player you node take a break. >> this is abc 7 news. >> from reading your mind to predicting the future. back to experience updating the forecast. >> i'm a short read. mainly clear skies around the bay area tonight and how about today high temperature heat persistent. second cop sec dave day in the bay area. 91
9:52 pm
at san rafael. 89 both richmond oak land. all new record hi for this date in those locations and numerous other location the high in the 90's it was hot in those places but not at record level. state wide high tomorrow 90's down to the interior section of the state. 100 down south and palm springs. in the bay area another very warm day but notice temperatures will be moderating jaws bit. heat begin to reseed some. see high in the upper 70's low 80's around the basement upper 80's mainly inland election and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have sharper cool did you know on saturday and after that temperatures will remain much cooler than they have been most of this week right on through the remainder of the 7 day period. high in the low 70's to mid 70's around the inland areas. about 70 right around the bament upper 50's low 60's on the coast. relief on the way. >> i'm ready. >> me too. >> thanks expense near first pictures of amazon much rumor 3d hand set revealed. 4 camera
9:53 pm
and uses tracking technology to make image on the smart phone display appear to float above the screen like a hologram. the phone is set to be rae lease entered june. in the meantime starting today amazon is expanding same day delivery to san francisco. are you ready for this. that men customers can order amazon items as late as 12:15 in the afternoon and get it i by nip okay at night the same day. shipping is 5 dollars.99. pretty impressive. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. he's a first for wheel of fortune. amazing personality and back story that has made him an overnight star. has made him an overnight star. while be back.
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>> coming up fit on 7 news at 11:00. developing news. 4-year-old girl mauled by a neighbor's dog. what the
9:57 pm
girl's father had to do to save her. we have the latest on the story. >> traveling on budget doesn't men you have to give up first class comfort. these michael in paris. 7 on your side explains how to score deep discount on luxury travel. those story and more when we see you at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> well, paragraph that enthusiasim and inspiration are contagious. across america. an explosion of support for young man over coming a life time of challenges. he appeared on wheel of fortune and became an instant star overnight. john explains why so many people are now part of team trent. >> whether he will of fortune. >>reporter: maybe if you watch wheel of fortune every day since were you 2 you would be as good as trent this week when he rang and answered. >> a smashing success. >> yes, sir. >>reporter: boy did he way a long time to be right. 21-year-old who watched the
9:58 pm
episode play at home this week he had been trying to get on the program for years. >> fits bad news. >> what do you think. >>reporter: as soon as he did, >> why risk another spin. fichlt this is. >>reporter: trent hitting the twitter folks saying smashing success indeed you are and team trent all the way. that was without their knowing that trent has had his struggle. 9 brain surgery. challenge of as berg ears strength when the game takes pattern recognition and memory and what did he not know before. >> the wheel is actually heavy then hi to pick up a wild card and mystery wage. twlos hard to lift. bank were real stin stinker but life goes on. >>reporter: in the end trent came in third. take home priz prize? >> 2150. >>reporter: yes. money. and more than that. john, abc news
9:59 pm
washington. >> team trent way to go good evening thanks for being here for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues on line on twitter facebook and mobile device with the new abc 7 news app see you again in an hour on app see you again in an hour on channel 7 [♪]
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mm! ugh. hot 'n' brown's coffee wakes me up to the fact its coffee sucks. i miss having a coffee shop. now where am i gonna get my cappuccinos and sarah mclachlan cds? it wasn't that great. i would have served fresh fruit and sandwiches


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