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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight a jury reaches a verdict on a major case of technology theft. >> you're going to hear from a 3-year-old vallejo girl. >> a local boat rental business falling victim to its own success. >> and live for a debut of the hook up truck the name says it all. it could be coming to your neighborhood, soon. >> apple wins another round in court tonight against one of it's biggest rivals. >> two giants have been facing off in san jose court for months suing each other, each claiming
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the other stole it's technology the verdict is in. apple wins, or does it? david? >> this is a complicated case where two giant smart phone makers the trial began in march and lasted through april. now we're getting the verdict. two companies that have a lot on their, reputations on the line. battle has been over accusations that samsung used patented apple technology technology apple says was taking from its latest phones many claims of infringement was made the jury just returned it's verdict with apple, awarding $119 million not $2 billion it's
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seeking. half of the amount was for technology used in the galaxy s three. abc7 news is inside of the courtroom of judge lucy ko. giving time to absorb findings of the jury. it's important to note this is the second time they have faced off over patents. apple won that case but it took a second trial to settle on damages of $1 billion awarded the following year. this is a high stakes case but it's unknown whether samsung will be barred from importing anymore of the phones apple is frustrated because after 2012 jury trial, the
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importing of phones with the alleged infringement dz not stop. this story is still breaking and we'll have latest updates online on abc7 on twitter and facebook and here on abc7 news. >> a pit bull mix that attacked a 3-year-old girl and sent her to the hospital will be euthanized the 3-year-old suffered bite wounds to the head and neck before her father was able to get the dog off of her. haura anthony is live tonight. laura? >> this attack happened about this time, yesterday in the front yard just steps from the front door. after it happened looked like there might be a battle between neighbors over the fate of the dog the owner told us she believes her dog is not vicious, now, the child has been hurt there is only one option.
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i will not allow him to live because then, i won't trust him. >> the owner of blue, the pit bull mastiff mix has decided the dog should be put down. >> it hurts me but very to be logical and responsible to not just myself but people around me. >> thursday evening, the little girl was outside of her home with her sister and two neighbor girls. when the 89 pound blue came running up. >> the dog latched on to her. >> marcus calloway is her father. >> if the dog would have let go it would have been no problem the fact that it latched on, i damn near had to strangle it. >> calloway straddled the dog and pulled it's mouth off of her
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head. blue's owner arriveed and grabbed a leash. >> he wasn't trying to attack her. he just wanted to play with her. you can never know what a dog is thinking. >> the girl suffered lacerations and her ear is okay. >> i am sorry this happened to the little girl. >> carla scott says the 2-year-old dog will be euthanizeed and she offered to pay the girl's medical bills. >> back now to breaking news at 4:00. one person is dead and a second suffered major injuries after a two car accident in north san jose. a family of four in the second vehicle was not hurt. the investigators say one car
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appears to have been speeding prior to the crash. >> three white san jose state students charged with bullying their black roommate have been ex-pell ready from the university a fourth student had his suspension extended. all four accused of tormenting their door mate for weeks through physical violence and racial slurs. >> operators of 13 massage parlors have been arrested and charged with crimes. the da announced culmination of a six-month investigation today that included local, state and federal authorities. 18 business operators arrested in this sting, accused of running brothels out of massage parlors and foot spas.
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officers found guns and illegal marijuana grows. >> this type of elicit behavior is not acceptable in our community. and that we'll investigate, arrest and prosecute offender who's engage in this opportunity but activities that above human trafficking, sex trachging, labor trafficking and other forms of exploited behavior. >> the da says suspects will to prove bail money was earned legally. some expected in court on tuesday. >> two people were burned in a firefighter suffered chest pains at the scene of a fire today in san francisco ocean view neighborhood. two homes were destroyed and as you can see, it left a lot for firefighters to clean up afterwards. what would with orange flames are dulled
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a man who lives in the home says it was chaos. >> she ended up kicking off the back window. jumped out of the window in the back. she's okay. over there. >> how it is spreading? easily. there is nothing in between. >> two people went to the hospital. other victims are counting their blessings. >> fire fight was around narrow streets making it difficult to get large trucks. and to see what they're doing. one thing they didn't have to do was rescue anyone. that is thanks in part to brent walker, who is credited with getting people out of their homes. walker credits military
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training. >> in addition to two people hurt, i have learned a firefighter went to the hospital as well. now, residents another says a faulty break. >> a caution nary tale in san jose. a woman has been arrested for renting out a condo to three different couples the woman was taken into custody by a real estate fraud unit, being held on $150,000 bail a cording to investigators morus used craig's list to advertise a condo in this building and made off with thousands in deposits. morris could spend four years if convicted. >> bart announced it's arrested
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two men for stealing bicycles they didn't release their names or pictures but said one is a repeat offender. >> a group representing african american businesses say they have reached a deal to avoid a tourit boycott. a group announced an initiative on equity and inclusion in the hospitality industry months after the chamber of commerce said that blacks were shut out of the city's $9 billion tourism industry including increased recruitment. and a rareness of the city's diversity in promotions >> a sausalito business has become a victim of its own success. the company being kicked out in part because it's attracting too many people.
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>> it has been operating here decades business is booming but now, landlord wants them out. the beach is too popular. since 1982 sea trek has been renting out kayaks in sausalito. it began offering paddle boards. >> i'm thrilled and people discovered this is the way to bay. not to be in yachts. >> the owners want sea trek out. and have decided not to renew the lease they say paddle boarders are making the crowds and parking worse and are concerned over liabilities. >> thank god nothing occurred. there is concerns that outweigh
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baggage right now. >> we're willing to do anything that is reasonable. >> it is working on a plan and that needs approval from multiple government agencies so the future is up in the air. the news for customers and residents >> it's a part of the community. there are people that love to enjoy water and to kayak. and to paddle board. iets protected so you can try paddle boarding until you get comfortable. then paddle board around the bay. >> still ahead the hook up truck now cruising the streets for consenting couples. >> a slow motion landslide tonight. looking into flames of a city
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mobile meeting room like no other gearing up to cruise streets of oakland right in time for one of the city's most-popular street festivals nick smith is live in oakland with more on the story. nick? it's an interesting concept with a great, catchy name. >> it's designed by a concept twal artist. it's called the hook up truck.
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it's first stop is scheduled to be here in oakland. a sex truck is not the issue we ought to be debating. >> as a senior pastor in oakland the doctor knows in order to reach the young, he must move with the times. but a truck designed for casual sex is unacceptable. a sex truck does not seem to me we're concerned about love but making a venue available for people with sex with no commitment. >> a performance artist is behind the hook up truck, describing it as a modern dating solution for save sex adventuring the truck designed to allow people to engage in hook ups while the truck is parked on the street. >> fer heirs stop is scheduled to be at oak loned first friday event. which came as news to the event coordinator. >> all of our participants need
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to apply. we have an online application process. that sex truck did not apply. they take special pride in the offering. >> it adds a weekend to the month. >> the owner says business boom rz from traffic it provides. john says idea of hooking up isn't new but a concept of a truck owe do it sounds like a publicity truck. >> what is considered art may be for each individual to decide. but the fact is that it's in town at all for some is too close to home. >> this is a free event open to the public we want to it feel inclusive. not excludeing people. >> in oakland nick smith abc7
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news >> it's been three years since the landslide drove people from their homes, why hasn't that hillside been fixed? >> one neighbor accuses officials of a cover up to avoid paying for any portion of the repairs go out there now and all you can see are tarps yards and yards of tarps covering damage left by the slide in 2011. the claims peoples' backyards. now, they're fighting for the city to take responsibility for a trainage system. >> in 1958 they knew it was a bad design they thud have taken the rest of it out. they didn't. they left it there. >> and there is more to the story. taking you through the evidence showing four slides on that hillside. and we discussed offers of help
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from official that's never came through. we'll have the investigation for you tonight. >> it's a mess. >> it is dragging on. >> well, a hope you enjoyed it. temperatures came down. beautiful day. >> yes. looks like they mighting cupping down more. yes. you know hot spells last about three days here in the bay area. >> yes. >> sea breeze coming in to the rescue. that is what happened today. live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about the cool down that will continue for your weekends. would l we have high clouds moving up overhead. you had to have felt the difference down to degrees in oakland now. 22 degree drop in half moon bay.
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mount tamalpais camera showing you fog there. temperatures now at in san francisco. 64 oakland. it's still mild in san jose. seven # degrees in half moon bay. high clouds across the bay. 68 in santa rosa, warm in concord. it's 76 degrees in livermore, 81 now we managed to get into low 90s around gilroy and brentwood but upper 50s to low 60s in our coastline. one of the reasons why the marine layer from our camera. cooling trend going to continue to get warmer but nothing like heat we've been dealing with. we're watching the trough. we'll see this area of low pressure pushing the cooling influences inland so cooler
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weather is expected on saturday. you'll be out of the 90s. fog pushing into inland valleys in patches. temperatures mainly in the 50s. upper 40s around santa rosa and napa. saturday, 73 in san jose. 76 morgan hill. cupertino 72 degrees still mild on the peninsula. so 61 half moon bay. 64 degrees downtown san francisco. north bay you'll see temperatures into 70s but sausalito, 65. 50s here near the coast. towards east bay, temperatures upper 60s to low 70s.
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inland spots coming down to where you should be at this time of the year. 75 fairfield a look at the accu-weather forecast, cooling will continue for inland spots. and a nice recovery with mid-60s coast side. low 80s inland. >> beautiful. >> good. >> coming up where eagles soar. >> a big bird known as mighty mite. how it got that name. stay with us.
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>> there is a new uproar tonight that divided one neighborhood because of a project. they thought it would be a gift when giving their victorian a paint job to look like the home from the movie "up". that didn't sit well with neighbors because of the lead from the old paint sanded off during this remodelling. >> the federal government did their own testing and found the same thing. high concentrations of lead
7:26 pm
paint in the soil, on the actual house in, dust and debris. >> she says she likes the paint job but wants the neighbors to pay for the clean up of the lead paint on her property. . their attorney denies all allegations in the complaint. >> a young golden eagle suffering from a rare and potentially deadly mite infestation is back in her natural habitat, wasting no time spreading her wings in the east bay. it left her partly bald and weak. she was captured and brought to uc davis vet school. >> in this case they were fortunate to see her and bring her n she couldn't hunt for herself anymore.
7:27 pm
>> te were trying to identify and understand the infestation. it's rare to survive this condition, too. it's why vets gave her the name. >> more details about san jose's newest peregrine falcon. bans were placed on the two male and two female chicks. >> amazing. wow. >> there is more still to come here tonight at 6:00. how the city has been successful this year in holding down its murder rate. >> airport security. how could a teenager hop a fence? could silicon valley technology be the solution? >> a landslide burying hundreds of homes tonight in a remote corner of afghanistan. corner of afghanistan. a lot more to
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to a massive recall of meat from a petaluma slaughter house. marshals raided the slaughter house after getting a tip. authorities say the plant was buying diseased, cancer russ dairy cows and processing them when inspectors weren't around, trimming off parts of cancer ask replacing heads of sick cows with heads from hnly animals. a government inspector was found to be having an affair with a plant foreman. >> four murders in san francisco this year in, oakland two murders so far, san jose, 13 since january. vic lee now with some reasons for the drop in san francisco. >> you're looking at a brazen gang video showing a masked man waving a handgun.
7:32 pm
so far this year, police seized 100 guns. >> we've done a good job recovering and using video technology, social media. >> since january, there have been four murders compared to last year at this time, there are 11. in 2012, 20 people were killed in the first four months of the year. former gang leader founded brothers against guns . >> see something different. a lot of them know that early grave is not what is in place for them. >> police say the focus is another reason for the decline they're relying on a crime tracking system to pinpoint where a violent crime occurs special units are deployed to so
7:33 pm
called red zones >> if they're a rival gang we sat rate both locations. tranceis luster who lost her son so gunfire believes that is a n for the drop. >> i believe closer, taken a look at the whole picture, it's, i believe, it's one of the reasons we're making a difference. >> the murder rate dropped though the police department is down by more than 300 officers a bay area congressman calling on the federal government to develop new technologies to increase security at san jose international airport. this morning driving along the perimeter of that airport.
7:34 pm
it happened just after the trags approved security at minute yet in a san jose. >> we've looked at a number of them around. >> it turns out they do not cover of entire peri meter of fencing. the 15-year-old was not caught on video doing so. >> crisis in ukraine spread to the city of odessa. the clash between pro russian pro testers and supporters of the central government. this happened as ukraine launched a major assault against pro russian forces.
7:35 pm
two helicopters were shut down. the white house discussed sanctions against russia. >> the goal is not to punish russia. the goal is to give them incentive to choose the better course. >> the un security council also held a request today. >> 250 people are dead and thousands missing tonight following a major landslide in afghanistan. days of heavy train triggered the slide in northeastern afghanistan. crews looking for people trapped in the rubble. officials say they don't have enough equipment. >> tesla motors says it will appeal an $89,000 fine from cal osha. tesla cited for seven violations
7:36 pm
in october. cal oesh afound tesla allowed workers to use the equipment anyway. one of the injured workers is still recovering are from burns. >> just ahead tonight a crucial connector from bicycle riders. >>
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who are you? [whispering] i'm the breakfast fairy. what are you doing? leaving you a few bucks. that's all you need for my - sourdough breakfast melts, with your choice of ham, egg and cheese, or bacon egg and cheese,
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both on toasted sourdough. right now they're 2 for just $4.00. there's no such thing as the breakfast fairy. woah, woah - you're right. uh, i'm jack. i just put these wings on and broke in through your window to leave some money under your pillow ohh, good. cuz for a minute there this wasn't making any sense. if you ride a bike in san francisco, your life can be getting easier >> today, officials cut a ribbon on a bike lane that is only two blocks. it's the extent planners went to make it safe for bicycles. biking to class one evening... >> car cut me off. i went into the front head light. next thing i remember i was in an ambulance. >> there was surgery, rehab but just happens that class was in
7:40 pm
government administration. >> all of a sudden it wakes you up. >> the crash likely won't happen today. now, they line much of market street separated from car traffic but there was a missing link until now. a two block stretch is now two ways for bicycles. taking the first bike ride or tried tox the new bike lane well separated from cars going south, keeping bikes from having to take busier streets. >> people may not realize your choices before this were miserable.
7:41 pm
>> i got hit by a car cycling i broke my hip . >> i woke up in the emergency room >> the stories are everywhere. in this case, this is her first time on a bike since the crash. >> only reason i did it, is because it's safe. >> they're standing behind ed riskin. she's got one vote. >> now, you want it everywhere. >> it's a safer way to get around on two wheels, or three. >> that is different. >> yes. >> coming up next, lake tahoe facility's efforts to get injured bears healthy again >> work to get them back into the wild. so what we're looking for
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>> tonight i want to bring you up to date on thee bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe.
7:45 pm
thanks to care and good food all three are doing well now. tonight returning to the wild. >> if you want to rescue bear cubs you better know what you're doing they start off like tahoe this tiny cub and end up like these guys. three cubs ready for release. they've just been sedated. in front the bear is out of it. in the back, not ready to be handled. i should know it's a good sign. >> it's telling me the bear have not habitual to people. >> lake tahoe wildlife care is run by tomorrow and cheryl
7:46 pm
millhan. two have been here since being rescued last summer. one hit by a car. other's mother hit by a car the third bear named heavenly because he was found injured in march ski patrol brought him down the hill on a shred. he arrived weighing just 49 pounds. too thin with puncture wounds >> we don't know what caused the injuries. >> he gained 23 pounds in ten days my wife is a good cook. >> now, it's early morning on release day. they get a check by a veterinarian. the state department is in charge of the release.
7:47 pm
they tag the bears and load them into cages. california bears are always released within 75 miles of where they're found the two cubs here since summer will be released together. it's about an hour's drive to where he used to live. heavenly valley without a ski resort. >> everyone gets into location. >> in case things go bad. >> he's still groggy from sedation the team has to give him urging. we don't like to put fear in the animals for no good reason. we want to let the bear know people are bad. go and with wild. >> heavenly climbs a tree
7:48 pm
it's a gratifying moment for the people who worked to help him survive. >> that is the ultimate success yes. excited. >> fish and wildlife department says other two cubs went well. the groups said rescue and care get no government money, and depend on private donations to help to see the work they're doing we have links on abc7 >> they do great work. we're looking at cooler weather for the weekend. we have fog, high clouds up above. temperatures will be backing off a little bit around the state as well. 84 degrees in los angeles
7:49 pm
here in the bay area, out of the low 90s mid-70s into our warmest valleys. on the subject of fog tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog at 10:00 a.m . upper 50s temperatures coming up into low to mid-60s and breaks in cloud cover. it will be a breeze. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, temperatures trending inland. a reversal with a little bit of a warm up heading towards middle to latter part of the week bringing back low 80s. >> they had to make a big decision. $10 million at stake k they trust him? to stay out of trouble?
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the 49ers gambling on alden smith hoping he can stay out of trouble. today exercising $9.75 million contract option on smith for the 2015 season. there is no question about the production on the field. 171 tackles. off the field a series of problems. the 24-year-old facing separate weapons charges as well as drunken driving charges. there is a possible misdemeanor charge. smith expected to fates an nfl imposed suspension at some point. on sheer grit and will warriors held on to beat the clippers. now, can they summon energy to beat the clippers back in l.a. tomorrow night? game six was a war. steph curry needed 24 points.
7:54 pm
a big three as an mri revealing a bone bruce on the kneecap. >> you know you can't worry about foul trouble. unfortunately someone is going now. a very good team. >> now what? after nonl crushing playoff exit what will sharks do? gm says he wants the coach back next year. but ownership has to decide on
7:55 pm
both of their fates. wilson does d.not sugar coat his feelings. >> this is an open wound. emotions are raw and disappointment runs deep. >> i took responsibility and i still do. and with accepting the role as coach, you accept that responsibility. >> a's in boston with depending world series champions. aj prisonski.
7:56 pm
ryan cook with a bases loaded and dustin pedroya crushes it. first place giants taking on national league east. here it comes and there it goes. here it is. but beast would put the giants back in front. an opposite filter hitting the ball very well. let's get ready to rumble. putting his record on the line. floyd and i do the same abs routine. you knew that?
7:57 pm
after many years my lines have grown stale to you. mayweather earning $32 million for the fight. >> more sad than stale. >> thank you, dan. >> abc7 sports. i would say more but you know what i'm going to say. there is no point. >> join me tonight at 9:00 l.a. clippers owner breaking silence. >> and at 11:003 years after a local landslide nothing has been done to fix this landslide. accusations of a cover up. >> tonight thoughts about what really matters i hope you heard the story of the new york high school student who made national headlines for right reasons he was accepted by every ivy league school. harvard, princeton, columbia, brown, dartmouth and penn.
7:58 pm
he'll become a yale man. he's impressive young man. the son of immigrants from ghana becoming the embodiment of the american dream. in an era where bad manners and poor behavior make news and celebrated on reality tv his story is refreshing and inspiring. so many people look for excuses and try toechl plain away a lack of success he kept his eyes on the prize. i heard a line once successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. it's often true. how many times i wondered if he decided to stay home and study instead of killing time with friends. read a book instead of master a video game. he is a young man on a mission figuring out an early age what really matters is what really matters. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, have a good evening.
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