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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 7, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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what more do you need? are you waiting for something to drop out of the sky? >> aping gree, frustrated and demanding answers. the family of a man shot and killed after going into the wrong apartment confront the san francisco police commissioner. >> they want to know why his shooter is walking free tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. 26-year-old gee -- guillermo was gunned down over the weekend. the man police say pulled the trigger has been released pending further investigation. >> lilian kim is live on mission street tonight. lilian? >> we are on the 900 block of mission street and a shooting happened on the third floor of this apartment building.
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they don't feel it is safe to return as long as the shooter is out of jail. >> don't you have enough to charming him? if you have enough to charge him, why don't you have enough to hold him? >> friends and family went in front of the police commission demanding answers. the 26-year-old was killed early saturday and now the man arrested for pulling the trigger is free. >> how is it okay to let the man go with no consequences wheel my brother is dead -- while my brother is dead? >> the district attorney's office released him because investigators need to provide more evidence. sources close to the evidence -- close to the investigation say he shot him once after he broke his doorknob and banged on his door. he was intoxicated when he got off on the wrong floor and mistook the apartment for the unit he sheared with his family. he shared with his family. >> it has to be proven in the you laws. >> according to state law he
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may have been justified to shoot. it lets a person use deadly force to defend against an intruder. >> there is a reasonable standard that should be tested. and maybe the law needs to be changed. >> they have more evidence needed by the end of the week. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> mill pea dispolice -- mill pea dispolice are trying to track down a couple of burglars. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live in the park town nab where it -- neighborhood where it happened. >> these guys look like they have a lot of experience because they broke in quickly and they only took specific items and they did it in front of a surveillance camera in plain view as if they knew it wouldn't make a difference.
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>> the two men rang the door bell and then they broke in and took the valuables and stole the car in less than 12 minutes. it wasn't until then that the homeowner remembered hearing someone at the door a few days earlier. >> i looked outside for a little bit and i haven't seen any packages and no mail and no nothing. i got worried about is it. about it. >> now she is pretty sure these same guys were going door-to-door looking for homes to rob. >> if they don't answer a lot of times they go to the side gate and then break a back window to get in the home. >> that's what happened here. other neighbors noticed the two men. >> it did sound suspicious. >> do you have a neighborhood watch here? % no, we do not. >> do you wish you did? >> i wish i did. i wish my security cameras would be a deterrent, but it is not. >> it did capture images of the two burglars who are now
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on a statewide watch list. but police say the best deterrent for these bold criminals is a tightly knit neighborhood that communicates. in milpedis, alan wang, abc7 news. >> a viewer let us know about this story. if you have a story you would like us to check out, e-mail us to you report at clouds are rolling in and we want to give alive look now. it is not raining right now, but showers are expected tomorrow. sandhya patel is live with live doppler 7hd. >> you will see green on the screen and it is all detected in the clouds. it is not hitting the ground just yet. around eureka is where we see light rain. the storm system is still off the coastline here. it is working its way toward us. eventually it will get here. right now what we are seeing is some cloud cover as you will notice here. looking from our exploratorium
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camera and eventually we are expecting some drizzle for the morning commute followed by some light showers. i will let you know about major changes that are coming. carolyn? >> sandhya, thank you. remember you can track the rain in your neighborhood anytime using the abc7 weather app. it is free to download and we have information at smoke could be seen for miles around as 100 rec bin ladens burned -- recycling bins burned. a a homeless man was injured. police questioned two other people. they shutdown the off-ramp for several hours today. it reopened around 5:00 tonight, but the traffic was a real mess as a result. investigate you you -- investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. >> an investigation is underway after a tree trimming project seriously injured some protected birds. this was one of the birds injured after they chopped off branches holding the nest and then threw them are into a
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wood chipper. the crew cut back the trees near the downtown facility. according to the department of fish and wildlife they were in violation of state and federal law. >> so they had bumps and bruises and some had scrapes and one had a fractured mandibl. >> we would have said we can't do anything right now, but as soon as the last one fledges we will be here to help. >> their manager did not witness any action by the tree service that would have harmed any birds and there is no evidence of any feathered masacre. pinterest is proving to be a good partner for police. they posted these pictures in an effort to get the stolen goods back to their owners. police say a local real for stole the jewelry, coins and other items while touring homes for sale in early 2011. using pintrest has helped return items to five people.
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the first graffiti message said i will kill 12 people on may 8th and appeared under a bridge at charlotte wood middle school. there were several spray painted messages near the schools ever since. police believe they are the work of a copycat, but they are not taking any chances. a survivor of the fiery tour bus crash near chico that killed 10 people, five high school students, has filed a lawsuit. it is the second suit since the april 10th crash. miles hill and his family are suing fed ekes -- fed ex and silverado stages. the injuries may prevent him from playing his beloved violin again. >> heart broken and my soul is pretty much crushed. >> something happened with the driver that caused the loss of control and crossing over the median. that is negligence. >> in a statement, fed ex says "we remain focused on
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providing support with those who cooperate with the investigation." first lady michelle obama is adding her voice to the chorus calling for urgent action to find nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls in nigeria. the first lady tweeted this photo. you can see her holding a sign with the # save our girls. it was the topic of talks between a group of u.s. lawmakers including oakland representative barbara leigh. officials at the. -- the nigerian embassy. the islamic group says they have the girls and they will sell them. >> the intimidation and the trafficking and the murders, we want it to stop today. >> the girls were kidnapped from their school on april 14th. a small team of u.s. military personnel is heading to nigeria to help in the search and they are offering a $300,000 reward for information in the case. president obama will be in
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the bay area tomorrow raising money for the democratic party. tonight he is in los angeles where he accepted a human rights award from steven spielberg's foundation. bruce springsteen was there as well. the fundraiser will take place at the faremont hotel in san jose and at a home in loss altos. he will talk about energy efficiency. with just months to live a gung woman battling -- a young woman battling cancer has one wish. how friends, family and perfect strangers are helping make that dream a reality. >> and will she or won't she? how hillary clinton almost spilled the beans about a possible run for the presidency. >> and an incredible gift that almost moves him to tears. hear the emotional reaction. >> and first jimmy kimmle. >> here is what we are up to tonight.
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former secretary of state hillary clinton is still being a bit cagey about a possible run for president. ""good morning america"" anchor robin roberts was trying to get her to open up. >> were you to run for president in 2016 would you
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consider elizabeth warren or julian castro as a running mate? >> oh my goodness. well, aside from never answering hypotheticals -- >> it is from the audience. >> i have been asked this question many different ways and this is one of the cleverest. >> according to a cnn poll out this week, clinton is the overwell ming front runner for democrats. jeb bush and rand paul are in the lead for republican. a terrifying attraction will open at the philadelphia zoo. this tunnel system will allow tigers, lions and leopards to roam around the park above people. the big cat crossing is made out of wire mesh and if all goes as well other animals including gorillas will get their own. a homeless man given a thousand dollars by a good samaritan has hit the jackpot
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again, and this time the gift is a home. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> the money for this house came from a crowd funding website. he is a man known for his youtube pranks, but this is no joke. the diss -- $44,000 will go toward rent, utilities and other necessities for a year. and now the backlash over a photo of 13-year-old singer willow smith. the photo shows the daughter of will smith and jada jada pinkett smith on a bed with a 20-year-old. it -as posted on instagram and inconstantly heated up conversation saying it is inappropriate. he is friend with her older brother, jayden. do you know how much you should tip the sky cap, your hairdresser or the waiter?
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michael finney will teach us everything we need to know about tipping. should good service equal more money? or do you tip because you feel like it is what you are supposed to do? >> now i think there is a sense of entitlement people have around expecting tips which has made the art of tipping seem more like a require meant -- requirement rather than a bonus. >> however you feel about stepping, if you are wonder whog to pay and how much, be sure to watch michael's story tomorrow night on abc7 news at 11:00. a san ramon woman who is used to helping people with cancer is in unfamiliar territory tonight. she is now battling the disease herself. in fact, she may only have months to live. as ama dates explains, she only has one wish. >> god, it is stressful. >> spoken like a true bride. she is busy planning her wedding to her fiancee.
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unlike most brides, she has been bat leg cancer for almost a year and a half. she was diagnosed at the beginning of 2013. >> came back with the diagnosis in january that i was stage 4 nonhodgkinses lymphoma. >> i feel like the bottom fell out and my heart went through the floor. >> she has endured four types of chemo, but her body couldn't handle it. >> she has been in icu three times and intubated three times to prolong stays at ucsf and released a few weeks ago. >> doctors have given her six to eight months to live and now there is one thing she wants now. >> i just love him so much and i always wanted to get married. i want to have kids with him and a family. >> so the wedding was moved up a year leaving little time to get the money together to make it happen. a friend created this on-line fundraising page and they
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reached their financial goal, but things like the florist and videographer are up in the air. >> to know there out there that want to help as much as i like helping other people is amazing. it makes me want to continue helping other people when all of this is over. >> they will be married here at the san ramon golf club. she is working on strengthening her legs so she can walk down the aisle when she marries the love of her life. >> 80% of the battle is hope. and your attitude and staying positive. if you don't have that, if you don't have the attitude and the positivity, you are not going to make it. life is so worth it. >> ama dates, abc7 news. >> we wish her well. if you would leak to help we have information on our website, let's turn our attention
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to the forecast and some changes on the way. >> it will heat up. sandhya patel is here. >> dan and carolyn, it is going heat up drastically. before we get to that, we do have drops in the forecast. live doppler 7hd is showing you the clouds moving in. the screen you can see in the east bay and the south bay is not reaching the ground. here in the north bay it is clouding up good around santa rosa and ukiah. a few sprinkles will make it to the ground shortly, but we are expecting drizzle followed by showers tomorrow. i just want to remind you the typical average rain for san francisco. march is still a pretty wet month and you look at the spring months. april we get typically under an inch and a half. may . is 70 of an inch of rain in san francisco. we are not expecting that much. .16 is in june. most of the rainfall is in winter, but we do see the spring showers. looking at the cloud cover that is moving in, 53 in san francisco and 55 in oakland. it is still in the mid50s
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around san jose and 52 in half moon bay. from our sfo camera, showing a couple of low clouds. 57 in santa rosa and low to mid50s from napa to novato. concord, livermore, pretty narrow range of temperatures. san francisco, no fog to speak of and clouds will increase. spotty showers tomorrow and it will be sunny and warmer for mother's day and it will start cooking beyond that. here is the system that is expected to bring us drizzle or light showers as we head into your thursday. let's look at the timing. tomorrow morning when you leave home you c count on damp spots. allow more time to get to work or school. spotty showers around 11:00 a.m. really it is off and on shower activity. it is most concentrated along the coast for the evening commute at 5:00 p.m. showers taper in the wee hours of friday morning.
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the rainfall totals will not impress you. at this point we will take any moisture. mid40s to low 50s. we will want to grab the extra layer. if you park outside you may be dodging a few drops going to your car tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures are in the mid60s to the low 70s. make sure you have an umbrella with you. you might need it, you might not depending on where you are. temperatures are heading in one direction tomorrow and that's the weekend. mid80s for mother's day. look at the numbers rise. we are going almost 100 degrees inland on wednesday. getting hot. 78 on the coast. that will be possibly near record territory. >> break out the sunscreen. >> and the flip-flops and the shorts. let's talk sports now. >> larry beil is here.
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>> sandhya has neent 8 degrees -- 98 degrees and we have a guy throwing 98 miles an hour. tim lincecum is rather frustrated and cocoa crisp is frustrated and cocoa crisp is rather sore.tning ♪
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among those baffled by tim lincecum is timmy himself. he lasted four innings and having gone up and back and up and back they were going back in pittsburgh. the first inning and brandon belt going forward, past forward against the smoke throwing garrett cole. it gives the giants a 1-0 lead. bottom of the first and it is an 0-2 pitch. the mvp knocking travis snyder
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1. that is hard to do if you are trying. in the second snyder again driving in a pair. 4-1 pirates. cole is throwing like 98 all day. giants lose it 4-3 and open a big four-game set in l.a. the a's and mariners in a rare double header because of the bizarre soggy field problem in early april. a great play by coco crisp in the fourth. running down a drive and makes a catch as his head and neck and back slam into the wall. somehow coco was able to hang on, but he left the game with a strained neck. tied at four in the 10th. michael saunders is in and the m's win the opener. sunny gray and jesse chavez, the old ball on a string trick. the kids fall for it every time. we love guys who hustle because sometimes we don't.
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lowry bloops to left. gentry scores from first, 1-0a's. the next inand on aloha. a's win it 2-0 and split the twin bill. what was mark jackson thinking this morning the day after being fired by the warriors?
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mark jackson woke up as the exwarriors' head coach and what he felt was relief. jackson did a series of radio interviews this morning. he thanked the warriors for the community they gave him, and he was frustrated with upper management and a series of leaks.
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>> when people lie against you and people make up stories, at the end of the day the evidence will be how you conduct yourself. the evidence against it will be how you talk to people, how you treat people and how you go to a meeting to discuss the opportunity. it has been tweeted that i am in a meeting and being feared. that's not how you do business. >> the nba mvp durant before game two. the third quarter and rise and fire. russell westbrook exploring with 31. blake griffin and look at the replay. blake griffin is a huge dunker. he wants no part of this. i am not going to be on your poster, dude. okc rolls 112-101 to even the series at a game apiece. >> thanks, larry. dog: oh, boy! mattress discounters memorial day sale.


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