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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 12, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> first heat then smog. live picture over the city from the mount tam camera and advisory with unspring like heat seems into the bay area. good evening. this was the first in a series of warm days ahead. for all of us here the weather service has resined an excessive heat warning but we are still in for some unseasonably high temperatures for this time of year. it's
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slow for at least a couple day days. let's begin with experience. >> it feels enter like an has begun in fact already. here's clear skies over the bay area. warm day today. here's a look back at some of today high pressure. upper 80's in the north bay. 88 at nap a.88 at fairfield and license more at antioch and 88 along the peninsula down in redwood city and 81 was the high here in san francisco. and that's just the beginning of this hot spell. next two days we have a heat advisory in effect from tomorrow afternoon to wednesday night. before virtually all of the bay area will see high pressure in the 90's right around the bay between 96 and 100 in our inland location. we have warm nights in the hills and of course the risk of heat related illness so please bear it in mine. live view from the tower cam are over san francisco right now. air quality poor today. it's poor again tomorrow. it's our second consecutive spare the air day. air quality inland
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east bay and santa clara valley ozone pollution continues to rise. i'll be back with the accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. things only get tougher for those looking for way to beat the heat. 7 news reporter nick smith has more now from san jose where temperatures could break some records later this week. >> they say it gets up to 100 degrees. pierce is ready. general manager of this ace hardware in san jose he know what is people look for to keep cool. >> gemly it's the furnace filter and the drip system. that is the biggest ticket. >>reporter: gadget like this hook to the hose cost less than 15 dollars and spray you with a cool mist. but those looking for something stronger head here. >> i play in the water and eat ice cream. >> keeping cool tough but also fun. >> we didn't want to drive all the way to the beach and we couldn't find a pool so this was the next best thing. >> she and her son weren't alone. because many of the popular water spots in san jose
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haven't opened. water fountain downtown san jose family pulled in like a magnet. next few da days. someplaces hit the triple digit. that's why public safety officials want everyone to think heat safety now. first more most hydrate hydrate hydrate. >> lounging under a tall tree will keep you cool but for those who work outside kicking back in the shade isn't an option. among the most vulnerable to heat related injury construction workers that's why the warning drink plenty of water early app often is aessage they want to stick. >> you want to drink water. good old fashion water. is what will help you. >> if you must be outside protect yourself. exposure and aware of possible signs of heat related illness. >> did i say yeah nausea vomiting. heat cramp if you experience those symptoms. find a cool police and call 91 911. >> pretty lucky here because by
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the time the sun goes down then it cools off. this is 7 news. >> rising heat comes rising fire danger. of course with this drought and all the dry tree and brush. laura has more now from the berkeley hills. the. >> it's not hard to see that things are starting to heat up in the east bay. and as far as fire danger concerned it's look ago lot more like the fourth of july then two weeks before memorial day. >> this is dry for what we normally expect this time of year. usually the fuel moisture business 20 points higher than what they are right now. >> even mount diablo turns brown well ahead of schedule. same in the oakland berkeley hills where some residenty wonder why still so many of these. eucalyptus tree. >> the tremendous contain lots of oil. >> john kaufman a member of the clairemont canyon conservative, neighborhood group that thinks they should have been removed years ago. but 6 million
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dollars in money from fema for uc berkeley and other agency to clear the trees has yet to come through. >> there's delay in that and we are very afraid that the fema will give the money only for thinning the trees and not removing them which would be a disaster having tall tree for shade actually is results in a lower fire risk than removing them. >> dan also lives in clairemont canyon but he's leaving the charge to save an estimated 1 million eucalyptus in the east bay hills. he says clear cu cutting the tree would not reduce the fire danger. >> actually increases the risk of fire because it promotes the growth of species such as hemlock, poison oak and chapparel that 35 in oakland environment. >> fema spokesperson told us the agency hopes to have long awaited environmental study for the fire hazard mitigation plan
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completed by the end of this year. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> by the way if cal fire is the primary fire protection agency you are required to have 100 feet of defensible space around your home. clear that dry grass and brush now. cal fire has increased its inspection staffing this year and if you live in santa clara alameda or cocoa counties someone may coming to inspect your property starting this week. so head up on that. >> sun bladesing above the take your as it weekends through the south bay tomorrow for the hardest stage of the race. this year stage 3 emergency crew will keep a close eye on race and fans watching the tour. cyclist start at lake cunningham regional park in san jose at 10:45. at that time the temperature could already have reached about 80 degrees. stage 3 ends more than 108 miles away at mount diablo state park expected to be in the mid 90's tomorrow. by the time the cyclist get there.
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find out how hot it is in your neighborhood using the weather app. it's free to down load and information at our web site slash app. >> let's move on now. more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana was found on a bay area beach this morning. happened at state beach here and san mateo county. we were overhead when sheriff's deputy recovered the pot on abandoned boat. 7 news reporter vick lee is on the story. >> we believe the vessel landed hear unthe cover of darkness and there was a pick up crew waiting to take the narcotics from the vessel on to their vehicle. >> smuggler loaded the suv with 42 bale of marijuana lovely 1200 pounds. that was the downfall. >> appears the vehicle was a little too heavy and couldn't make it out of the sand. >> smuggler abandoned ship and the suv and ran off. leaving the precious cargo before san mateo county deputy federal
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agent arrived. about investigatorselieve there was no mother ship off the coast that loaded this into the 30 foot boat. the hugedicate the e have had either way along the coast all the way from mexico. this says it came from the mexican state. beach goers we spoke to were surprised. >> i don't think you can go from mexico to here if. that's impossible. >> irony of what happened in the end struck this couple. fight we had to go all wait to the beach. >> this is the eighth confirmed landing of a boat carrying narcotics from the monterey coast to san mateo county beaches since march of last year. they believe the pressure of increased inner dicks in southern california is driving the smuggler farther north. vick leabc 7 news. >> deputy seize 100 pounds of marijuana after routine traffic
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stop in pleasant hill today. here's what they found. 2 large boxes of pot in the car and process marijuana if, weapon ammunition and cash at home in concord. street value is estimated at 100,000 dollar dollars. 2 people were arrested and now facing charges. a lot more to bring enthusiastic monday on 7 news at 9:00 coming up. >> battle of the beach. bay area billionaire is called to explain why he's blocking access to popular surf spot. >> also confusion and headache at the golden gate bridge. new configuration of the approach and how some people are trying to maneuver around it. >> and the photo that has gone viral. update on that little chihuahua found scared and shivering on east bay freeway. the great american novel.
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>> the owner of martin beach in san mateo county focus of major legal challenge over public access showed up in court today after being compelled to do so by the judge. a well known venture capitalist and billionaire seemed to know very
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little about why access to the beach south of half moon bay was closed. 7 news reporter david. >> he arrived by himself after a judge ordered him to appear. he's one of the top venture capitalist and co-founder of sun micro systems. he purchased 53 acres of prime ocean front property near half moon bay that includes martin beach popular surfing spot that has been accessible to the public for a rint. am at some point gate lock block access and it's a violation of state coastal act and want to the hold them spoychbility it's critically important because potentially over 10 million dollars in civil fines and penalty owing on these companies tall act violation in. court they took the witness stand for 1 hour 14 minutes. over and over he said i don't recollect when asked questions about what he knew about blocking access and about a previous legal challenge that affirmed public access. >> it appears to me that
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everything he dd out there is cloaked in the attorney-client privilege. he can not remember a thing. and he seems to have taken his manager the poor man sitting in the front row as the individual that has closed this beach. >> coastal received 500 to 1,000 documents a week and trust the attorney and property manager to make decision and handle manner. he is a detail man listening to pitches from start up seeking capitol. the attorneys wouldn't speak to reporters. >> his intent all along in our opinion was to build the private residence thinking he could close this down a beach open for 100 years. it's as simple as all that. this is not rocket science. either comply with the law or you don't. >> case being heard without a jury. in redwood city, david louie abc 7 news. >> well it is getting a lot safer to ride immune any san francisco. transit system says
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cell phone theft dropped 77 percent since may of last year. city officials credit safety campaign that was launched last november. it's putting more police officers on patrol inside muni buses. riders are also urged to be more aware of their surroundings and that's apparently making a difference. over all crime on muni down by a third in the past year. despite the drop riders are still being warned to the avoid using the smart phone on the bus to avoid a fee. >> drivers getting confused about a shifted off ramp just south of the golden gate bridge. if you have been out there you know it's a little odd. it has been moved 1,000 feet earlier on northbound 101 to allow construction of the presidio parkway project. chp keeping an eye on drivers tonight to make sure they don't try any illegal turns. there were a few accidents there this morning. signs warning drivers about the change are posted before the turn off. >> if you miss it you are going across the golden gate bridge. it's unfortunate but that's why it's a learning curve need people to understand the exit
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has moved and so if you want this last exit you need to access that, that new ramp. >> if if you miss the exit from 101 you have to good across the bridge and pay the 7 dollar toll to get back into the city. the exit will be at this new temporary location for a month. dangerous intersection is getting a new traffic significant until after 2 recent pedestrians accidents. one of them failts fatal. trouble spot at sunset boulevard and yorba street in san francisco. the supervisor there tang posted a comment on facebook saying the metropolitan transportation commission will break ground on the new signal this week. it's expected to be completed by july. driver struck and killed a pedestrians in february and then 20-year-old woman was hit last week. she's expected to be okay. until the new signal is installed she says increase enforcement in the area. trying to keep pedestrians safe. >> all right. let's turn back to this heat. spencer is tracking it for us. i mean, really this is first real
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blast. >> it really is. it will last about three days. hot spell if not a heat wave. let's go to our before current conditions. we have mainly clear skies across the bay area right now and still pretty mild as we look live from our east bay hills camera out over the bay. it's 66 degree ins san francisco rate now which is sometimes our daytime high 67 in this area and 54 half moon bay. here's live view from the exploring camera looking at a portion of the downtown san francisco sky lean. it's 67 te in santa rosa. 63 nap a.novato 66. low 70's at concord livermore and one more live view just because we can from our roof top camera at abc 7 showing the moon over the bay. forecast feature tomorrow will be our second cop executive spare the air day. heat advisory in effect for the next 2 days. temperatures will approach or exceed 100 degree ins some inland locations on wednesday. satellite radar
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composite image shows high pressure building in. big strong ridge of high pressure and hot air mass building as well i might add that will dominate our weather for the next couple days. wind forecast shows a shift in our winds from what had been a weak on shore flow to offshore flow tomorrow. that's going to carry the warm-up all the way out to the committees tall area so not only hot inland around the bay but warm at the coast as well. looking at high pressure for the week ahead in san jose get an idea of what it's like all around the bay area. average high this team of year san jose 75 degrees tomorrow 94. wednesday 97. thursday down to 92. friday starts to cool down a bit to mid 80's. still above average then over the weekend temperatures dip not only in san jose and all around the bay area. overnight low it's pretty mild overnight. clear skies low pressure will drop only in the mid upper 50's from much of the bay area. won't feel like much of a cool counsel and tomorrow we continue our warm-up in the
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south bay. swoyn high in the mid 90's, 95 at los gatos. on the planes we see low mid 90's. 91 at san mateo o. 93 at redwood city and poupt viewed and low mid 80's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 88 tomorrow. 84 in the sun set district. up in the north bay on the coast we see low 80's. low mid 80's at bodega bay inland 92 at santa rosa, 94 sonoma and 95 at napa. over on the east bayshore line we see high of 90 and oakland san leandro, union city and castro valley inland east bay sizzle with this the and 96 at antioch. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. wednesday will be the hottest day in the forecast period. but we actually have 3 straight hot days. tuesday wednesday thursday but wednesday probably see some location hitting 100 degrees. temperatures drop 10 degrees or so on friday and over the weekend we cool down a bit to more seasonal range of
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70's but for three days it's sizzling hot. by the way we should all think about limiting our exposure to the heat in the sun when extremely hot like this. the. >> stay hydrated. >> seasonal and civilized. >> i should hope so. >> if abandoned and scared poor thing. update on the little chihuahua rescued by california chihuahua rescued by california highway patrol officers. hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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welcoheyback. really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. . >> family show down between
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jay-z and sister-in-law knowle knowles. tmz released the video showing fight in el l vaitor after party at the met gala last week. 27-year-old sister of beyonce is seen here screaming clawing and kicking jay sechlt as body guard does the best to hold her back. beyonce doesn't step in between the two until the end of the video. unclear why they were fighting. representatives for both parties have not yet commented. >> there was a special top chef competition in san francisco today. challenge making tasty meal out of food found in disaster preparedness gift exploratorium police officers face firefighters from san francisco and oakland. they have 30 minutes to prepare meals on camp stove and had to do it with long storage pantry items like dry pasta, canned green bean, tomato sauce and yes even spam. >> it's important to have things set up and put away. have a pantry with an area with
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food and khaingt up whenever the date go out and be prepared. >> cook came up with some pretty impressive dishes. look at this stuff. concoction by oakland firefighters actually won the competition. salvation army set up top chef cook off and it's designed to urge the public to have 72 hours worth of food water stocked in our homes. always good reminder. >> new details tonight about a tiny female chihuahua rescued from the center divide of a bay area freeway. the chicago washington what you was found on friday freight end and shivering on the divider on i 6 80 in walnut creek. picture which has gone viral now shows officer alex edmond luring the dog into his arms. chp believes the puppy did not get there on his own. contra costa county animal care shelter martinez says it's starting to come out of her shell poor thing look at it trembling there. has been a lot of print people wanting to the adopt her but they have to witness 4 days to see if her owner shows up.
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sweet thing. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. up next. home explodes in new hampshire and tonight state officials are revealing what happened just before the blast. >> also. clipper owner donald sterling is begging the nba to for give him for those racist rants. how he's now explaining his behavior. start ups and theion day for smart devises. you will see some of the ingenius things they have designed that may smarter than we are. another smarter than we are. another half hour of abc 7 news a
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>> good evening again. new hampshire police officer is
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dead fit after he reresponsibleed to domestic disturbance call in home that later exploded and burned. take a look. explosion happened while flames were already shooting through the roof of the house and retirement community. tonight officials reveal the officer was shot and killed by the homeowner 47-year-old son who lived at the home with his father. gunman found dead inside the house. his father was taken from the sdmeen an ambulance. >> los angeles clipper owner donald sterling is begging the nba to for give him tonight in an interview with cnn anderson cooper. sterling said he was horrified by the racist comment he made to his companion. v stiff yan o. asked the other nba owners no the to make himself a tichbility i made a mistake. i hope it's in their heart to forgive me for the mistake. i don't know why the girl had me say those things. >> you are saying you were set up. >> well, yes, i was baited. not the way i talk. >> i don't talk about people for one thing. ever. i talk
9:31 pm
about idea and other things. i don't talk about people. >> this afternoon dick parsons newly appointed ceo of the clippers told reporters he's confident the team can be sold. in the mean time in an exclusive interview sterling wife shelly told abc bar were walters that she will fight to keep her half of the clipper ownership. here's more. >> l.a. clipper owner donald sterling is gearing up for a fight to keep his team. >> am i entitled to one nasty? it's a terrible mistake? and i'll never do it again. >> 80-year-old billionaire telling cnn anderson cooper on 360 he's sorry for the racist rant caught on tape and exposed two weeks ago. >> a little late for sure. >>reporter: man has to guide the clippers through crisis says the apology shouldn't slow down the nba from trying to remove sterling from the team. >> this is bigger than the clippers. bigger than the nba.
9:32 pm
all eye are on this and need to move quickly. >> nba team owner consider whether to oust sterling estranged wife shelly sat down with barbara walters. >> i don't really think he's a racist. >> shelly sterling who owns half the team says she wants to keep it in the family. owning it herself even if her husband can not. >> i was shocked by what he said but i don't know why i should be punished. for what his actions were. >> mrs. sterling said she wants a divorce from her husband showing the papers ready to file. her husband rant was the final straw. >> he said i don't remember saying that. i don't remember ever saying those things. the. >> what did you think then. >> that's when i thought he had difficulty mention a. >> the if. ba says a vote to remove sterling as owner would apply to shelly sterling. and her attorney will fight that enter present nation court. the los angeles news. >> over seas now. government of nigeria will not negotiate
9:33 pm
with militant group that kidnapped nearly 300 school girls. new video from the terrorist group reports to show some girls reciting prayer in arabic. group demand that go the government free dozens of jail million or it won't see the girls again. officials say a prisoner exchange would be complicated and that it will not pay for the girl release. sfv democrat industry to rs continue to gather at the capitol demanding the government do more. nigeria deployed 2 army division to hunt for the girls and with the permission the u.s. has deployed drones over the area to help in the search. >> washington monument open once again to the public. dignitary officially reopen the monument with ribbon cutting ceremony then visitors allowed back inside nearly three years after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake forced it to close
9:34 pm
for repair. >> it is our silent sentinel standing guard over the nation capitol and today after years of impressive collaborative well managed work and truly generous gift from david rubenstein the visitors once again visit the top of the monument and survey with wonder our nation capitol. >> millionaire david rubenstein donated 7 and half million dollars for the fix up. visitors able to examineen new exhibit on to the top floor of the 5 55 foot structure. the project was completed on time and within budget thanks to the 7 and half million dollars in private donation and equal amount from congress. if you have never been there well worth the trip. you can call it the michael sam effect. first openly gay player drafted by the nfl proving that being brave and happy can also make awe star. paul a fight the tears of joy for michael sam and that embrace reaching far
9:35 pm
beyond the game of football. >> st. louis ram select michael sam. >> st. louis ram selected the openly gay player in the nfl ignite add new fan base. the sam jersey so popular the nfl scramble to keep up with deman demand. >> more endorsement deals like this ad are expected. nfl tackling any ounce of controversy. >> we saw dolphins safety don jones make statement and he got slapped and fine a there because of it. >> finding and suspended miami dolphins player tweeted his reaction to that the kiss. the not long ago sam told our robin roberts. >> i can be a beacon for the people. a lichlt i can be comfortable in my own skin and be like michael sam. >> his peck could also impact missouri law which currently does not ban discrimination either hiring or firing based
9:36 pm
on sexual orientation. biggest challenge comes on the field where nfl players are bigger and stronger and only half of last year 7 round pick even made the team. >> proof myself and show the coaches that i'm a team player and i'm hard working guy. on the grid iron where we will find out truly how great michael sam will be. this the is abc news new york. >> if new feature on 20th they are lets you block out annoying users called the mute button and for those times when you don't want to listen to someone rant but you are not quite ready to stop following this you can hit the button and the person post will disappear from the time line. post will return when you unmute that button. new feature comes in and out a few week. >> demonstration day for bay area start up and smart device coming up here you will see some of the ingenius things they have come up with and maybe smarter than we are. pretty remarkable. may is
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asian pacific american hair tan month and we are using our instagram feed to show case a p a culture in the bay area. today we recognize sherry and cheryl burka dynamic filipino american duo from santa clara county. probably recognize cheryl from abc "dancing with the stars". her mother also accomplished dancer. more information on instant gram at abc bay area check it out when you have the time. stay right you have the time. stay right here i'll be back. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose.
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to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. . >> here's what happened on wall street today. dow gained 112 points to hit another new all time high. fast dabing gained 72 as investors snapped up
9:41 pm
company like twitter and netflix which slumped over the past few weeks. >> well it was demo day for a program called hack robot on parade. big company ready to shell out billions of dollars for cool new invention and entrepreneur are moving the hardware business to be sure. jonathan has more now on everyone looking for the next great gadget. >> he's holding what look leak an ordinary zippo lighter. trust me it's not. >> we designed to it look nice so weren't to use it so it's trying to kill itself by helping you slowly cut back the try to ick quit. >> track every time you smoke how many how often and then you won't need it any more. >> my co-founder quit using the prototype and i'm on my way. >> this is welcome back of the new began it to come out of a program that fosters tiny start up making cool hardware like
9:42 pm
this patrol bought on steroids. >> clean all the shopping maul, wal-mart and airport. >> they use lace tore map out the floor and just like a janitor you pay them by the hour. >> 6 dollars per hour for scrubbing and 4 dollars for sweeping. >> below minimum wage. >> that's right. some job not fun at any price like hand painting car parts. >> automate it dangerous and dirty and it's not something human should be doing. >> this little robot can do what we previously only done if factory and speaking of factory here's a printer fast enough to be a factory. cast form object out of liquid and cure them with light. they say pre-size enough to make denture or eye glasses. if the product have one thing in common it's how tiny the company are that make them and that's the if a colossal shift in the tech world. >> instead of the old days where the leading hardware product made by the biggest company now they are made by some very small companies. and the big company are big the company up. >> after they sold the gaming
9:43 pm
head set to face back for 2 billion dollars the hackers can only hope to be next. that's why they spent the last three-month ins china learning to manufacture leak the big bo boys >> it's about creating really, really great have for the consumer buying the product and that means that we need to manufacture in large quantity. >> made in china but sold right back here to the early adopters in the bay area. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> this is really fascinating. a little scary. you can't reach a vast section of the internet by google or any of the other traditional search engine it's called the dark nechlt tv we have been working for months on an unprecedented lack at the secret marketplaces where you can buy guns, drug, working credit card numbers and so much more. dan talks with the people running the technology that makes it all possible and makes it so can i for law enforcement to crook. >> won't say unbreakable but right now seems to be very
9:44 pm
difficult for both super sophisticated agency to break into as would it for super sophisticated criminal organizations to break into. >>reporter: we are also showing you the positive side of the dark net. how human rights advocate use it to expose oppressive government. dark net exposed is a special it report tonight at 11 on 7 news following the season finale of castle over on channel 7. >> it's really eye opening hope you can join with us that. >> should you hold it or blow it? up next. when you feel that little tickle in the nose should you try to stop a sneez d a few minutes ago when you are anchoring the news you have to. what doctors say as we continue.
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oechl. >> famous wandering wolf may have found his mate. oregon wild life authorities say the camera captured several im am of what appears to be a black female wolf in the same area where o r 7 gps collar shows he has been living. u.s. fish wild life service biologist john stevenson says it's not proof but it is likely the 2 wolf mated now rearing pup. if confirmed they would be the first breeding pair of wolves in the area since the early 1 1900. the wolf has traveled thousands of miles crossing between oregon and california many, many times. >> all right one last check. let's talk to spencer about the heat that is coming. >> all right dan. it's almost arrived. started today. not quite as hot as tomorrow thoug though. live doppler 7hd clear sky over the bay area right now. tomorrow state wide it's a hot day with high in the mid 90's at chico sacramento, fresno, palm springs and her in the bay area. we see high tomorrow in the mid 90's inland location maybe 100 by wednesda
9:49 pm
wednesday. low 90's around the bay tomorrow. hot day for the cyclist tomorrow as the tour of california continues stage 3 tomorrow from san jose to mount diablo. temperatures in the mid 90's and had hot for the cyclist and spectator and enjoy nonetheless here's accu-weather 7 day forecast hottest day in the forecast period wednesday within land high around 100 degrees dropping to mid 90's on thursday and sharper cooling on friday and much cooler across the board on the weekend. >> we'll be ready. >> yes. >> thanks very much. whether cold or allergy you know it's come. plugging nostril and intense pressure inside the nose. case report link the pressure to hearing loss, glaw demonstration and blood clot in the brain. >> nose connects to the station which connects to the middle ear and so you could also push things through the station tube back to the middle ear and get getsen effected and can get middle ear infection because of that.
9:50 pm
>> sneeze reflection thought to originate inside the nose. way of getting rid of irritating material before it gets the your lung so purpose of course behind it. hard to situation how dangerous it really is to stifle a sneeze. major issue reported are rare and many ear nose throat doctor never seen major problems but regardless the advice holds true. let i go but you can't do that if with this my allergy make me crazy. in the middle of a report a little while ago. awkward. >> tu said it well. l good night for baseball out at the park. giants back home after 10 game road trip without brandon bell. broke his thumb so michael morris at first base and tyler replaces him and dividend on offense slash hit dividend on offense slash hit home
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. coming back our girl kidnapping in nigeria center stage tonight on the peninsula here in the bay area. big names that turned out for this. >> plus tht exposed. i-team investigates the underground marketplace where
9:54 pm
you your kids anyone can buy gun drug and even much more than that. those stories and more coming up tonight at 11:00 more coming up tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> she was here. spent time on the dark net earlier but focus on the sports. >> i'm very curious about that. looking forward to that. >> my friend work there. >> giants 2 game lead in the west after 7-3 road trip good news. bad news brandon bell broke his thumb out for 6 weeks after surgery tomorrow. now michael moore started at first base tonight. tyler replace him in left field here we good. at the game showing off the new cast. bottom second. third game of the giants first start. see you. all the way to the cove first home run of the season 1 nothing g men just like that. tim had a no hitter through 4 hit no. 1 in the fifth. upton. lean to left. solo shot ties it at one. michael moore with the giants. hayward slow roll
9:55 pm
bounces off the bag. par michael not finest moment. error on the play. able to get out of the jam. 11 streak out in the game. chris johnson the victim here. it was culver again. he rips a triple. down the line. sanchez and crawford score. brandon hicks and as we speak they lead 4 in the 9th and complete highlights tonight at 11:00. >> a host the white sox they go on the hand there. pitching today on chavez loses round one-third of the year 1 nothing sox. bottom half of the innin inning. josh takes john in dead center. off the wall. nick scores on the triple. we have a 1-1 ball game. half investigates a streak out and donaldson does what he does. in the heart of chicago deep shot. stays fair. 2 run home run and a's lead in the 9th and
9:56 pm
highlights coming up at 11:00 on abc 7. >> he's finalize ago contract to become the head coach of the knicks. rejoining the former coach and now jackson. eliminate him as possible choice for the warriors and now probably exploring plan b. golden state only wait in limbo would. continue to work on the game. always tough wondering who the next coach will be and how it well affect the way you play trying to fit into the new scheme. curry knows what he is working on for next season. >> decision-making is huge. shown l as team if we take care of the ball. in particular if each possession and the play offs. 2 games you have high turn over and still have a chance to win. we have been a little bit smarter with the ball what would have happened. that's the didn't sleep well after those games. be smart with the basketball and aggressive. to be patient and let the game come to me. that
9:57 pm
comes through film work and studying what i was thinking in certain situations. >> if you lack at the core of what we have coming back under contract next year we are rate back where we need to be. where other teams have some free agency question guy get older things like that we have a very good core and very bright future. >> speaking of coaches rough go in the nba meek brown fired for the third time in the last 4 years today. twice by cleveland. cavs 34 and 49 browns second with the club and also coached the lakers for 5 games last year so now the warriors also competing with the cavaliers for a head coach. all right heat nets game lebron pleasant conversation with beyonce and jay-z and hometown hero. career play off high with frain points. beast. chance at 50 with 1.1 seconds to good. free throw and despite winning the game lebron not happy with 14. oh. 8 tag
9:58 pm
on a series lead and this is the final. earthquake if name to the team usa 30 man roster today in preparation for this summer world cup. camp begins wednesday at stadium. he played for the americans international friendly and still needs to perform well to make a final 23 man roster. if stage 2 of the tour of california 12.5 million time trial in folsom won today by 2 2012 tour de france winner from britain. an olympic time trial gold medalist win with 23 minutes 18 seconds. now ladies the 8 day race by 44 seconds. this sports report brought to you by toyota and it's going to be all. >> so hot forth guys. >> winds up to mount diablo. >> bring a lot of world trade center that's all i'll say. >> i admire the folks great athlete. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news on our web site for all of
9:59 pm
us here, thanks so much for watching. we always appreciate your time. 7 news tips now on line on twitter facebook and mobile device with the new abc 7 news app. we'll see you at 11:00 on the big 7 special i-team report on the dark net please tune in for that please tune in for that remarkable. goodbye for now ellular mitosist?
10:00 pm
i miss troy. wrong, and stop guessing that. annie. i'm worried about abed. he hasn't left the apartment since troy moved out. he won't play in the dreamatorium. sorry, not play, render imaginated dreamscapes. we just finished retaking biology all summer. if i don't pass, it was for nothing. can we stay on target? did someone say "sexy construction worker"?


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