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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 14, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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tonight millions of people are under an urgent red flag warning as wildfires rip across san diego county. at least nine fires are burning right now. some dangerously close to businesses, schools and thousands of homes. many of which have been evacuated. >> governor brown has declared a state of emergency. 30 homes have been destroyed. cal state san marcos has been evacuated rht in the middle of finals. >> bay area crews including one from santa clara are on their way to help with firefighting. efforts. >> we will have a live report from san diego county in a few minutes. stay tuned for that. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our other top story, a 4-year-old girl smashed over the head with a crowbar while shopping with her dad at a local wal-mart. >> it happened a in san jose
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at the wal-mart on story road where police say a woman just walked up and started swinging. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san jose with the story for us. cornell? >> carolyn, that little girl is recovering from the vicious, random attack. it happened here at this wal-mart store in the middle of the day. a woman walks in with a crowbar and starts swinging. >> wow, that's scary. >> francis shops at th@s wal-mart all the time, but never expected such a random act of violence to happen here. >> engine 26 respond to 777 story road at the wal-mart female assault patient was hit with a metal object. >> police say a 4-year-old girl shopping with her dad was brutally attacked by this woman, 18-year-old maria garrote. she is a transient. >> for no reason drew a crowbar she carried from the store on her person strike the
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child in the head. >> the child's father fought back as the suspect tried to strike again. >> the father sees it happening right in front of him. he jumps in and he is struck, but he is able to ultimately stop the attack. >> a store employee told us that the suspect yelled at the child -- yelled that the child deserved it. francis says she always keeps her granddaughter close while shopping. >> i stay close to her. >> why do you do that? >> we are afraid they will try to do something. >> the little girl is recovering. >> cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> so strange. the bay area is experiencing dangerous record breaking heat. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the details on the heat wave that coming to an end soon. >> indeed. we wl be getting relief very soon. let's look at live doppler 7hd and talk about the second straight day of records. no fog showing up.
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it is clear on our radar as we look from our kgo roof cam. san rafael tied a record set in 1976. richmond 93. oakland 93 and broke itle -- its previous record of 89. san francisco, look at the previous record set in 1922. it was 88. livermore 98 and san jose 94. here are some of the other highs for today. 102 in gilroy. it was in the mid-nineties around concord, antioch, fairfield, santa rosa, half moon bay, 78 degrees. cooling begins tomorrow. i will let you know who will feel it first and when it will reach all areas coming up. carolyn? >> thank you. today's high temperatures had an impact on people and their pets across the bay area. there is increased fire danger throughout the region because of the heat. a number of spot fires broke out today. here is now more frommal help
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from alan wang. >> there were multiple grass fires including this one on 580. the risk for fire is so high that san jose's alan rock park is closed to the public on thursday. the humidity is too low and the foliage is crack lig dry. at 6:00 p.m. it was 98 degrees in dublin at the athletic league track and field trials where the runners were feeling the effects. >> mostly in my breathing and in my throat and lungs. >> dogs were moving slower than expected too. >> i will play for a bit and he will go for hunting. but not today. >> emergency pet hospitals say pug nose dog rtz most susceptible to heatstroke in this weather. >> they breathe harder and difficult breathing is a cycle where they president cay
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breathe as well and they get over heated. >> and don't leave your dog in a parked car. if it is 95 degrees outside, it only takes 10 minutes for the temperature to reach 114 inside. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> you can keep track of the record temperatures in your neighborhood. we have information at back to the wildfires in san diego county. the governor late today issued a state of emergency for that part of the state. >> thousands of homes, schools and businesses have been evacuated. 30 homes destroyed. many of those fires are still growing tonight. >> abc7 news reporter is live in scag county with the latest on -- live? san diego county with the latest. >> dan and carolyn, right now we are in the san marcos area. this is the area of greatest concern near cal state san marcos. this entire area has been
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evacuated. you can see that orange glow by those homes. there is an active fire fight underway right now. where that is happening. around this area at least 500 acres have been charred. this fire is now 0% contained. flames shoot in the sky as evacuated residents wait around. >> as the wind changes direction it is sending embers in different directions including right toward homes. >> we are not near close to having this fire contained. >> at least five different homes are total losses. >> you would see why people would enjoy this home and it is heartbreaking to watch it burn. >> i got a little teary-eyed. it is depressing and incredibly sad. >> it is already so hard for people economically, and this is going to put a huge damper on everybody. >> some rise dents --
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residents say firefighters were so busy fighting other fires that they couldn't get here. >> nobody came to warn anybody. there was not a single drop of water on the fire. >> they battled nine fires in one day all over san diego county. they are now look into the possibility of arson. >> it is impossible for this to be happening the way it is happening. i truly believe that. >> flames were near cars in someplaces. it looked like tornadoes in other areas. carlsbad is especially hard hit. at least eight homes burned. >> what are you going to do? >> rebuild. >> they lost everything, but they are over. >>ed because somehow -- overjoyed because their dog rocky survived. >> he was in the back and he was all the way back. >> and glad to report that rocky is okay and also glad to report that there is zero loss
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of life. reporting live from san marcos, alex michael son, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. there is so much smoke coming from the fires it can be seen from space. here is a satellite image from the national oceanic atmospheric association showing the plume moving off the coast. breaking news in san francisco. a car hit a pedestrian on the great highway near lawton street. that person suffered critical injuries. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk. the driver stayed at the scene and is being questioned. for the second time in a week there has been a deadly fire at a mobile home park in the south bay. an elderly woman died in this afternoon's fire at the raven choe -- the rancho la mesa mobile home park. they have not yet determined the cause of the fire. last thursday two people died at the cape cod village mobile home park in sunnyvale. and happening now in the south bay, the firefighters are on the scene of a fire at a dumpsite in mill pea dis. this is the recovery park on
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dixon landing road. a pile of recycling materials and it will help them get a handle on the situation. >> facing charges for child pornography. 37-year-old kevin nguyen was arrested yesterday while he was on duty. he was booked into the santa clara unty jail and posted bail this afternoon. detectives found porn. he worked as a patrol artist and a sketch artist. he also found pornography on his roommate's laptop and that person was also arrested. you will want to fill up your tank if you plan to drive to the .reyes area. last night's crash broke the station's pump mechanism. it will take four to six days to repair. the only other gas station in
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west marin county is 25 minutes south. the chp is advising people to have plenty of fuel of about heading to that area. battling alcoholism. coming up next on abc7 news, carolyn has a special report on how a tv star was able to get his alcohol addiction under control by putting something under his skin. it may work, but it is not without risk. >> and a high-priced lingerie company is in hot water over its racy outfits. not for the racy outfits rather, but the message the man gnaw kins may be sending -- mannequins may by sending. >> and a boy attacked by vicious dog only to be saved by the family cat. >> and here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is what is waiting for you after the news. >> rut hamster in the wheel, gee guillermo.
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has declared a state of emergency. up to nine wildfires burn in san diego county. right now a cal fire crew from santa clara is on the way to southern california to help. the fires destroyed at least 30 homes in and around san marcos and camp pendleton. thousands of people have been
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evacuated including cal state san marcos. so far the fires burned 14 square miles. watch this. super cat to the rescue. 4-year-old jeremy was riding his bike in bakersfield when a neighbor's dog when on the and even chasea gets the dog itself down the street. and then terra goes back to check 0* jeremy. >> he's a -- she is a hero. >> to have her with no regard for her own life fly at the dog to protect him, i have never seen anything like that. >> who has? unbelievable. jeremy has a few stitches, but is okay. tera adopted the couple following them home from the park. she never acted like an aloof cat. when jeremy was born she would go in his crib and curl up beside him which explains why she is so protective. and a lingerie store is apologizing after an internet
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backlash. this store is in new york. you can see ribs showing and a sunken stomach. a man walking by tweeted this photo. soon people, eating awareness disorder groups and even professional models say it is offensive and perpetuating stereo types. they took down the mannequin and say it will never be used again. unique treatment for alcoholism is gaining traction in the bay area. it relies on part on a small implant placed inside the body to deliver medication. >> it has been a long road for actor jeremy miller. for a staring role on "growing pains" to a battle with alcoholism that lasted for years. >> it kept growing and growing and turned into half a bo the tell of hard liquor a day turned into a bottle of hard locker a day. >> he tried a mere y'all of -- myriad of programs.
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finally he turned to a program called start fresh. it combines an anti-addiction drug delivered in a unique way. >> i could not have been more skeptical when i first heard about the program. the idea a magic pill would make this all go away was unfathomable. >> rather than a pill, the drug is delivered as an i'm plant. in a short procedure doctors placed the time released dosage beneath the skin on the lower right hand side of the stomach. he is a physician with the program which has a treatment center in walnut creek. >> there are particular receptors in the brain and the cravings anthe urges and the compulsive desire to drink is mediated by the pathway. >> once in place the implant is designed to disrupt the receptor pathway of a period six months to a year.
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now they have been available for more than two decades for alcohol treatment. but until recently it was mainly in pill form. a hurdle for many struggling addicts. >> you take an alcoholic or an addict who is the most notorious of noncomplying patients and they will not take their medicine. >> he began working in patient out reach after graduating through the program. he believes the breathing room was key to his completing the rehab coupling. >> i believe it is a strong come come -- component. you get enough time to get the demon off your back. >> side effects are nausea, dizziness. jeremy suffered a relapse after dropping out of councilling. >> they let me begin at the beginning again. and then from then on i have been completely sober. >> reporter: since that time he has been entertaining acting offers and -- offers
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and being a patient advocate. >> i believe in it and i know it works. >> as for the cost, the treatment program can run into the thousands of dollars. the affordable care act requires insurers to provide coverage for substance abuse, but the specific benefits can vary. >> really interesting. let's go back to the heat which is finally going to ease up. >> change is on the way. sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> that change includes cooler weather starting tomorrow at the coast. as you look at live doppler 7hd, all is clear right now. i am taking you to southern california and showing you the smoke burning from the fires. notice the wind direction was pushing the smoke out over the ocean. it is the same wind direction that brought us the record setting heat for two days in a row. the red flag warning is gng at 5:00 p.m. the wind direction is switching. it continues with an on shore flow. this will set the stage for
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cooler weather tomorrow near the beaches. but just in case, you don't like the hot weather? we will have inland and decide to head to the coach. we have a beach hazard statement through thursday. there is a risk of rip currents and large shore breaks. mainly the south facing beaches, but something to be aware of. looking at coit tower right now. it is still very warm in san francisco. 71 degrees and 69 in oakland. the temperatures in the mid70s around san carlos and morgan hill. half moon bay is one of the cooler spots. san francisco right now and members are in the 60s in the north bay for santa rosa and novato. one last view, visibility is good. the coastal cooling tomorrow and cooler in all areas on on friday and temperatures will be back down to near normal this weekend. we are going to see big changes as we hit the weekend. high pressure is pretty much maxed out. the ridge has peaked.
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that means from here on out we are going downhill. much cooler weather this weekend as this area of low pressure brings a stronger sea breeze. it brings in the fog. you will start to feel it. winds are very light and variable. as we head toward the afternoon the sea breeze will be back in action and it will kick up a little bit. we will feel the cooling effects. most noticible at the coast, but as -- but a little around the bay. that's when you will start to feel the cooling. patchy fog and it will be a mild start. low 50s to the low 60s around the bay area. and then tomorrow afternoon still short sleeve weather in the south bay. hot and 95 morgan hill and 95 los gatos. on the peninsula, 90 in redwood city and palo alto. 74 in half moon bay. 84 in millbrae. downtown san francisco, you are dropping about 10 degrees. it will be warm, but not as hot. in the north bay, 70s along
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the coast, 80s santa rosa, vallejo and novato. you are going to be on the warm side still, but not as hot. 85 in oakland and 88 castro valley. inland spots, 95. livermore 92 and san ramon inept 6 -- 96 in antioch. we will drop the inland highs on friday. the cool down takes us through the weekend where we are back down to average. low 60s coast. slight recovery early next week. dan and carolyn, that will be a break from what we were dealing with. >> welcome relief. the warriors are feeling some relief tonight. >> sports director larry beil is here. >> they get their man. why did steve kerr choose the warriors over the knicks as his coa
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for steve kerr the knicks were tantalizing and it was agonizing to turn down phil jackson. there was five-year $25 million offer convinced kerr to take over as the new head coach for golden state. kerr has never coached before. warriors' owner closes the deal for the five-time nba champ. as a player he made about 16 million total. he will top that as a coach. kerr lives in san diego and has a daughter attending cal. he will move to the bay area. he should bring an offense that makes it easier for steph and clay to get shots, but expectations are high. anything else would be considered a failure. lebron james a and the heat trying to close out game five. the king flexing his muscles. he scoops it up and in with a left hand. had 29 points. joe johnson lead all with 34 over lebron to give brooklyn
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the lead. the heat close on a 13-3 run. last chance for the nets. down here and johnson gets smothered and the heat it 96-94 and take the series four games to 1 and move to the eastern conference final. the spurs close out the blazers in five. he did something willie mays never accomplished. and a bronco
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orblanco wants more playing time and he made his case on the field. three steals and three runs in the giants in the series
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finale with the braves. 79 degrees at at&t park and no wind. i am calling for a cool down, dan, in the next couple days. pence takes advantage. that one tied it at two. blanco off and running and scores on a bad throw. blanco joins a group of giants as the only with three steals and three runs stored in a game. the giants take two of three from atlanta 10-4. a's riding a six-game riding streak against the white sox. starting with a bang there. first pitch and gordon beckham off malone. 1-0 white sox in a flash. he does the same thing for the a's. bottom of the first and that's gone. a 1-1 game. here is what decided it. abreu, the rookie slugger from cuba blasts his 15th homer of the year way out off luke greger son as the a's fall 4-2.


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