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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 15, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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yoplait with flavors the whole family will love. it is so good for a night in. >> something just oh, there's an explosion. right there where you see that swirl. the firenado. power lines. late today nearly 16,000 new evacuation orders were issued on the san diego county fire line. good evening. we'll begin in san diego county where firefighters found a body in the charred brush. believed to be a transient and here's the
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fire tonight. more than 2, 2 2600 firefighters from agency across california are battling more than half dozen wildfires that burned at least 10,000 acres to this point. teams from oakland and alameda county are on the way to help out. tonight this is the map of the fire all in northern san diego county. here's of more. >> a school under siege. flames coming within feat of cal state university san marco marcos. firefighters struggling to keep the blaze at bay on a hillside. while 2 university workers pick up hos hoses and fought off flames too trying to save the school. >> i think you might be hero. >> no. no. no hero here. the only one that are hero. >> the fire department. >>reporter: final exam and graduation cancelled. campus evacuated. as this fire burns dangerously close to the school ground. >> these firefighters are fighting this fire right here with air tanker. you can see this is about to drop on the
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hillside right open the ridge. you can see firefighters on the ground. this is the problem. this fire is mere feet away from cal state san marcos. >>reporter: 9 fires raging in san diego. investigators now looking for a cause including the possibility of arson. is this and all fires treated as crime scene. now in this torched land, it is a scavenger hunt for clue. looking at burn mark on tree and rock and fin finding out if a neighbor cut grass recently. anything potential spark and hint that could point to the origin of this fire. it is a heat and wind fued battle southern california has been fighting for three days. sending flames shooting up mountain side. plume of smoke into the air. firefighters struggling to save what they can. what they tried to save with hoses yesterday, today looks like this. a business engulfed in flames now
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unrecognizable. >> there's a fire raging on this hill behind me and right below that more firefighters ready to go at moment notice. the biggest issue out here today has been the heat. 99 degrees that has not helped in spiting the fire. just today alone more than 13,000 new evacuation notices issued. 1,000 acres torched so far and this fire is just 5 percent contained. this is abc news san marcos, california. >> meanwhile up here contra costa county firefighters quickly put out a fire in the park area here. it's the fourth fire that happened there in a week. the first one was on may 6. the second this past weekend and the third just yesterday. they all started in the late afternoon near walnut creek. >> we have a witness who saw kids leaving the area then the fire shortly after that. so we think it's probably somebody in the neighborhood who is doing it. >>reporter: fire investigators not found any cigarettes or fireworks which they say means it's aichele someone used a match or maybe a lighter to ignite the fires. >> 2 story home went up in
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flames in gilroy today. we were overhead as part of the roof collapse. fire broke out this afternoon on jerry lane near day road. it started as grass fire but then it spread to chicken coop and then to the house itself. flames could be seen leaping 10 maybe even 20 feet up in the air. home as you can tell here was just a complete loss. and the fire burned about an acre of grass around the home too. family is just shocked. they got out safely but they are stunned. >> there's a lot more in there. and most of my dad and mom clothes are probably all gone and so i don't know how it happened. >>reporter: the fair was in a rural area and cal fire had to use helicopters and air tanker to drop water. they his to rotate firefighters in and out due to the 100 degree heat. crew expect to be there for several more hours putting out hot spots. >> this spring heat wave that he will serrated temperatures all over kavlt past several days is finally mercifully
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coming to an end. let's turn to spencer for a quick look. experience. >>reporter: yes. mercifully i like that. here's live doppler 7hd we have a few areas of some clouds around the bay area but still mainly clear at this hou hour. and it was quite warm to hot today as you know but rate now check out the 24 hour temperature change. it is 11 degrees cooler rate now. sfo than this hour last night. 11 degrees cooler at san carlos. 9 degrees cooler at both oakland hayward so the entire bay area is finally cooling down mercifully. as dan said. but looking back at today high it was pretty hot still. no triple digit today. no record today but we had high of 95 at fairfield. 96 fairfield. nooiv at antioch. 97 also at gilroy. 86 at richmond. 92 san rafael. 75 here in san francisco. that was one of the cooler spots exploratorium had a record high yesterday and week ahead will bring us further cooling right in the weekend into next monday as a matter of fact. it was look at
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high projected for oakland. temperatures will bottom out on monday about 67 for high in oakland that's indicative of what the entire bay area can expect. more in just a few minutes. >> thanks very much. mandatory rationing could be in store for thousands office bay area water users unless we start using less water on our own. and do it now. governor brown wants all of us to slash usage by 20 percent. but san francisco public utility commission customers only cut 5 percent east bay mud just 12 percent. not enough. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. >>reporter: today i am declaring a drought emergency in the state of california. january 15 governor brown declared a drought emergency. asking everyone in the state to cut back their water consumption by 20 percent. and bay area 2 largest water districts responded. asking their combined 4 million customers to voluntarily reduce th 10%. >> we made a call on january 31
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asking doors reduce their use by 10%. >>reporter: allen is with the san francisco public utility commission that provides water to san francisco and 26 other agencies in the bay area. so far it's 2.6 million customers are not doing their part. >> year to date since we asked for voluntary reduction we are at 5 percent of reduction. >> east bay mud customers are conserving. >>reporter: the president of the east bay mud board of directors. he says his customers are doing their part even exceeding the requested 10% reduction. >> even though mud asked for 10%, customers are conserving 12 percent since we asked. >>reporter: thinks the 10% is enough going forward. even with the sierra snow pack nearly gone and key reservoir depleted. >> our water supply is going to be adequate at the moment if customers continue to conserve at the level that they are doing right now. >>reporter: as for the san francisco p uc, if no improvement in the next month
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its customers may see that 10% voluntary request ramped u >> if we don't see a response we have put everybody on notice that june 15 we may coming back and asking for further reductions. >>reporter: governor office did not respond to our request for further comment on his call for cons vision. referring us back to the statements brown made in january. >> these are the lots of water not so much water. we are right down there. >>reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> now if you are looking for ways to save some water and conserve which have helpful tips for you on abc 7 check out our site when you have a moment. >> new problem blythe or not forth eastern span of the bay bridge. anchor rod that hold the main cable in place are off center. 205 of the 2 74 rods are too close to the inner surface of the rod that connect to the bridge plate. well the concern is that in an earthquake the rods could be damaged by 46 shuchbility metropolitan transportation
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commission revealed the problem on tuesday. mtc spokesman says that while the problem is important it is not urgent. possible solution include enlarging the hole or pushing the rod into more central position. moving the rods will not be easy because they hold the main cable in place. that's totally different job. >> well more to bring you here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. up next. billionaire beach battle on the san mateo county coast line. judge gets to see for herself why local surfer are complaining. >> happy ending for this frightened little chihuahua. he was found on the freeway but safe at home tonight in his owners arms. >> later with 1 million plus bicycle fest every year. smart phone bike lock that might help take a bite out of crime. more take a bite out of crime. more to come. stay
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>> usually in a legal case obviously, attorneys bring exhibits to the courtroom. today, though, the opposite. san mateo county superior court went to the exhibit. controversial beach south of half moon bay and mostly a
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mystery. until today. here's wayne from martin's beach. >> it's a lot to look at. especially after 5 years of wondering. this is martin's beach. controversial 53 acres purchased by billionaire who co-founded sun micro systems. it's a place of beautiful white sand and today also san mateo county superior court judge bar were mall lock trailed by entourage of attorneys and interested parts. i can't figure out how a billionaire would be so short sighted to come into san mateo county and feel like he could push the surfer and fishermen and public. >>reporter: after buying the land in 2008 he put up a gate and no trespassing sign without permission from the coastal commission. his attorneys claims they didn't need it fwlaws has been no development. technicality they hope to prove today. >> if the court find that there's no development then we should win. >> this is a direct attack on the people of california and
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their right to unable themselves to enact laws that will give them access to public beaches. >>reporter: attorney joseph coach helped bring the case on behalf of california surfer who describe this as special place. they are okay with him building a large private residence here eventually. do you know his name. >> no. i do not know. >>reporter: do you know where he got his money. >> no. >>reporter: but beach access they say should be sacred. >> i believe it's a right of citizen to have access to the beach. >>reporter: those who had access walked in or live here. he leases these cottages in 6 years all of the leases will expire. >> yes we will walk away from our house. >> this is personal property versus access to the public. it can be worked out. the. >>reporter: what is your suggestion. >> the just relax. >>reporter: what judge was looking for and saw today remains uncertain. she put gag order on the proceedingsings.
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by this afternoon all interested parties returned to the courthouse and we heard no reports of sand in their toe but it's definitely on their mind. from redwood city, abc 7 news. >> prosecutors file hate crime charges today against woman cused of attacking a little girl and her father in a san jose wal-mart. maria used a tire iron to attack the family because they are asian. she was arraigned this afternoon and charged with assault and attempted murder. attack happened tuesday at the wal-mart on story road in san jose. prosecutors believe she walked into the store looking to kill what we know about the suspect is she came into wal-mart. targeted the family. because they were asian and she attacked them and that this is a premeditated willful deliberate act on her part. >>reporter: that girl just 4 years oldest recovering tonigh tonight. she's reportedly a transient. she is being held without bail and if convicted
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she could spend the rest of her life in prison. >> wal-mart store where the attack occurred is the same one where this happened last spring. car plowed through the front door and into a beer display. driver jumped out swing ago metal bar. 3 shoppers and employee were hurt. the driver has been charged with attempted murder. >> in antioch police arrested 3 men accused of using a u-haul truck to smash into a pharmacy on summersville road this morning. they were apparently trying to steal the atm. they didn't get away with it. one man captured when he jumped from the car when police chase it all the way from walnut creek to antioch. they were arrested later and arrested on burglary charges. >> happy ending to share tonight. tiny chihuahua rescued from the center divide of east bay freeway now reunited with the 2 little girls who own her. charm was spotted last friday. frightened. shivering on 6 80 in walnut creek. the picture shows the officer luring the little dog with a protein bar.
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well since rescued charm has been at the contra costa county animal care shelter martinez. turns out charm escaped from her back yard near the freeway. the shelter posted pictures showing one of the girls holding her dog today. after being reunited. girls have been posting ingram -- instagram photo of the lost dog for day and thanking animal control and chp officers who rescued her by make thanksgiving drawing. isn't it sweet? little charm back safe and sound which is nice. it was sort of trembling. >> great story. >> spencer is here. we get a break from the heat. >> we do indeed. break has begun already. today was a hot day. cooling has begun and will continue for several dais daisy. here's live doppler 7h 7hd. mainly clear skies over the bay area right now. a little coastal fog and maybe even patches of fog drifting even beyond the coast during overnight hours. let's travel down south where high fire danger is recede ago bit now in the san diego area. winds are calm. but still in in great
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risk of fire tipping to burn there. because so warm. temperatures still in the low 80's in many location around san diego right now. although relative humidity bone dry in the single digit still not high at all so dry and hot and wind could pick up again tomorrow so keep an eye on that for you. in the bay area look at this. looking across the embarcadero towards the exploring from the roof top camera at abc 7. 66 in oakland. 70 at san carlos and san jose. 72 morgan hill and 54 at half moon bay. here's lovely view of the bay bridge from our emeryville camera. 65 right now in santa rosa. 66 napa novato 63, 71 at fairfield 76 in livermore. and lovely view of much of san francisco from sutro tower. these are our forecast feature cooling spread tomorrow and weekend and warming trend develops late next week. satellite radar composite image shows a few high clouds a fog moving in our direction. we
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are probably aware of that already. cooling has begun at the coastal areas and it will reach all areas as this pool of cool air moves in over the weekend to bring temperatures down across the renal. overnight look for mainly clear sky. coastal fog perhaps a little bit of fog may drift beyond the coast on shore a bi bit. low pressure still on the mild side. cooling is beginning at the coast. but temperatures overnight low around the bay and inland in the mid upper 50's. that's pretty mild. then tomorrow the mainly sunny skies. still warm in the inland location and south bay for example mid 80's at santa clara san jose and upper why is to near 90 at morgan hill and gilroy. on the planes we feel the cooling for sure upper 70's about 80 at mount view. far below the high the last couple days on the peninsula and coast we see high in the mid 60's tomorrow. downtown san francisco high of 73. up in not are the bay we see 86 at santa rosa. 83 at sonoma. 85 at nap a.east bay high 76 at oakland. 77 and
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union city and the inland east bay will be warm but not nearly so hot as the last couple daisy. we see mid 80's the most part. 85 walnut creek. 88 at antioch. 7 day forecast cooling continues through the weekend and into monday which will be the coolest day across the board in the bay area with high only in the low 70's inland on monday. upper 60's around the bay and just upper 50's on the coast. then graduate warm-up beginning on tuesday. wednesday thursday inland high will be back in the low to mid 80's. much more comfortable and seasonal range of high than we have had for this week for sure. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well still to come on 7 news at 9:00. why you can't always believe what you read on roadside. somebody is hacking them. that story next. and may is asian pacific american hair tan month. we are using our instagram feed to show case a p a culture here in the bay area. today we commemorate the transformation of san francisco china town following the
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devastating 19 06 earthquake. visit us on instagram at 7 news bay area to read about how that tragedy turned china town into a powerful center of chinese culture across the united states. check that out when the great american novel.
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>> jay-z and his wife's sister have kisseand made up. early this month we saw security video of solange appearing to attack jay-z in a hotel vaitor. beyonce was also there. statement released saying both parties shared responsibility for what happened and have apologized to each other. also today the hotel haas is set to have fired the employee who leaked the security video to
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tmz. apparently for a lot of money. company that operates electric road signs in the bay area is trying to figure out who hacked one of those signs. take a look at this. this sign on vanness avenue in the city was changed to say city closed. too hot. silly message that was there since yesterday. it was supposed to warn drivers of the bay to breaker detour. pacific highway rental operate the signs and this morning a worker deleted the message. this isn't the first time the road sign has been hacked like this. >> could be hazardous, though. did your the bay bridge closure we had a few change on us tevshling there was alien here and all that. >> the sign was not hacked remotely because it's not connected to the internet so that means someone knew the combination lock to the computer. that combination has now been changed. >> coming up next. we update the fire still burning and still threatening homes in southern california tonight. >> that is just a frightening
9:26 pm
sight. >> added danger of the very strange looking twisting cyclone of fire. >> and 20 seconds from disaste disaster. local man claim of near collision on united airline flight coming back from hawaii. >> also. honoring the hero. the president dedicates the new 9/11 museum in new york city. stay right here with me another half hour of 7 news at 9 begins
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>> good evening once again. start the half hour with update on the fires burning in southern california tonight. firefighters are getting some help from the calmer winds. as authorities look for clue into what caused so many blazes to ignite almost simultaneously. while some of the fires were extinguished and thousands of
9:30 pm
people were able to return to their homes, 16,000 new evacuation notices went out as the san marcos blaze roared back to life. and firefighters found badly burped body in transient camp in carlsbad. >> one of the most startling image from these fires are the ribbon of flames stretching into the air. some people call it a firenado. so how do they form exactly? ginger explains. >>reporter: tube of fire erup erupting out of the wildfire in california again today. sometimes called a firenado. guy who fight them call it a fire whirl. >> when a group of firefighters come up and there is a fire whirl you attack it differently. >> you can't really attack tha that. it's kind of, it has an entity of its own. >>reporter: some only last a few seconds. others 10 to 15 minutes. >> some of them may only be 4 or 5, 6 feet tall. others can be hundreds of feet tall.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: so how does one of the fire whirl get going? in wildfire the atmosphere is hot and dry but the temperature within that fire can be thousands of degrees. that difference in heat mixes and can start rotating. fire whirl forms when strong winds then come together with intense heat rising very quickly. the fire could even break off and starting other fivrments lift ember into the air and then that can be caught by the wind or cast out away from the existing fire line. the. >>reporter: firenado. ginger reporting. wind expected to diminish and temperature should cool down next couple days that should help firefighters in southern california. well local man says he was involved in a terrifying near miss high above the pacific when his plane was forced to dive to the avoid another commercial flight. kevin says he was flying from hawaii to lax then home to san francisco last month when the united
9:32 pm
airlines plane suddenly dropped hundreds of feet. he later found out from the flight crew the came within 20 seconds of colliding with u.s. airway jet on the same flight path. both faa and the ntsb are now investigating. in new york now there was a solemn celebration of healing at the 9/11 memorial museum at ground zero o. president obama spoke reminding the nation that nothing certainly not an unspeakable act of terror can ever break us. karen is in new york. >> known as the survivor stairs used by hundredss to escape the horror above. the anchor of the september 11 museum. >> they were all that separated us from the devastation behind us vl. life in front of us. >>reporter: the president called the museum a sacred place of helling and hope and way to remember the nearly 3000 lives lost. >> we can touch their names and hear their voices and glimpse
9:33 pm
the small items the that speak to the beauty of their lives. >>reporter: the president focus on wells crowd 24 years old he worked on the 104 floor of the south tower. in the week after september 11 survivors recounted how young man wearing red bandana courageously led them to safety. his mother knew right away it was her son who since childhood always carried a red bandana. >> it's our greatest hope that when people come here and see his red bandana they will remember how people helped each other that day. >>reporter: it's one of thousands of powerful artifact that tell the story of the fateful day. melted roll decks. phone. florence jones walked down 77 flights of stairs. 60 of them without her shoes on. today they sit in the museum. >> i wanted my nieces and my nephew and every person that
9:34 pm
asked what happened to see them and maybe understand the little bit better the what it felt like to be us on that day. >>reporter: that's the experience 9/11 museum wants for all the visitors. abc news new york. >> secretary of veteran affair was grilled today over reports of deadly waiting times and coverup at va hospitals. he testified before the senate veteran affair committee. as many as 40 veterans said to have died at phoenix, arizona va hospital waiting for care. he vows to find out everything he can about what happened. >> any adverse incident like this makes me as, makes me mad as hechlt i could use stronger language here mr. chairman but in devrps to the committee i won't. at the same time it also sadens me. >> there are also reports of secret waiting list at the phoenix va hospital. veteran
9:35 pm
affair manager there tried to hide 1600 veteran forced to wait months to see a doctor. >> federal communication commission will mav forward on proposal to do away with net neutrality. idea would allow internet providers to charm company a toll to use the express lane. consumer get faster service from the company but the company could potentially pass on their higher cost to you. now this is the exact opposite of current net neutrality system that all company treated equally on the internet, public has 60 days to comment on this proposal. >> archeologist have found the 12,000-year-old skeleton of teenager girl. found inside a huge underground chamber in the eastern yucatan peninsula. scientist believe she topple into the cave and died. thousands of years ago. now her skeleton and dna helping scientist study the origin of the first americans. research
9:36 pm
bolster the idea that inhabitant there arrived by way of land bridge that long since disappeared. findings have been published in the journal of science. >> don't be one of the million plus victim of bicycle theft. just ahead. smart phone bike lock that just might stop a thief. stay here with me. 7 thief. stay here with me. 7 news at 9:00
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with flavors the whole family will love. it is so good for a night in. >> bicycle may the cheapest greenest health west way around the city. but there's down side. they are easy to steal and today a team of engineers announce they have a plan to fix the problem. 7 news reporter caught up with them.
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>> have you ever had your bike stolen before. >> yes. it's a sad but common story. college campus in broad daylight. >> stolen right in front of the building where i was studying. >> while busy a thief saw through the heavy duty lock and rode off. >> almost impossible to get your bike stolen in san francisco and new york and trying to occur vail it with the sky lock. >> this is the grand child of years who used to work on tank and airplane. he left the job at boeing to make a bike lock. >> this looks unassuming but it's a little robot stuffed inside a metalen closure. >> solar pan toll charge it sky lock has 2 motor laches. making 2 cut to get it open. can't pick it because no key. it's the smart phone like newer car it senses when you are next to it. >> pull it apart. >> but the killer feature. theft alert. in the video the lock can ring the phone in somebody gidget around. wi-fi
9:41 pm
is needed that gets easier to find in big city. >> it will make a dent. >> not even on the market yet. sky lock already getting endorsement from passers by including one who knows an awful lot about bike theft. >> i think the idea advice good. like to see the bike thieves put out of business. >> he rides a bike for the police deputy. if nothing else he says sky lot could be a deterrent for casual thieves. >> like putting a lock on the steering wheel. people will go somewhere to a car that doesn't have one of those. >> also for safety. in a crash the video shows the lock asking if you are okay. and offering to call for help. if it catches on at 159 dollars the makers have another vision using it for bike sharing. even renting out the bike since the key is digital. all sounds great to her but she has to wait. they are raising mind in a crowd funding campaign to make more. >> well coming up next on 7 news at fen:00. fresh look inside the forty-niner new
9:42 pm
stadium and big announcement on the championship game to be the championship game to be played there this
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>> you one last check on the weather we go back with spencer to talk about the cooling. >> the cooling has begun. happy to say, dan, let's start with the time lapse view of some very interesting cloud formation over the bay this afternoon from the south beach lenticular cloud. zero cumulus cloud. cloud of all types of shapes and descriptions over the bay today. under a mainly blue sky i might add. right now same conditions. sky are
9:46 pm
blue right now it's dark. but we have a few cloud around and fog at the coast as well. tomorrow state wide it's very warm day once again in many locations especially interior sections of the state. 101, los angeles 90 and bay area we continue to feel the cooling trend settling in approaching the weekend. high pressure inland location will be on the warm side but hot mid 80's the most part mid upper 70's right around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling continues through the weekend. monday the coolest day in the forecast period then temperature start to rise again on tuesday wednesday thursday warming trend celts in but it won't be hot as it has been this week. just be nice and warm. >> nice. >> nice. >> thanks spencer. >> anticipation continues to grow as completion of the new forty-niner stadium in santa clara new year's. along with it more and more events getting booked at levi stadium. 7 news reporter david louis was on happened for the announcement today of if you big pack 12 football deal. also talked
9:47 pm
with forty-niner ceo york about how the bugs will be worked out of this new stadium. >>reporter: with the turf in and stand ready construction crew focus now on finish work. cal he be darr keeps filling up with more event anxious to be associated with the gleam l new stadium. the conference announcing 3 year deal to play championship games here starting this december. >> as future superbowl site we know that this stadium was built with vision for big time events. delighted to be here especially in the opening year. >>reporter: 49er ceo york says the team season ticket holder wanted to see the pack 12 championship game at levi stadium. estimated 80 percent of them have tie to pack 12 school this was the no. 1 asked about event for the last three years during the who el process building the stadium. >>reporter: first game played over two months away so expectation growing that all the work you see here is done in time. all of this has to be
9:48 pm
fine tuned by the first game early in august and york says everything will be ready although there might be a few hiccup. stadium wide wi-fi going if and monitor and should be a technical show place but may need fine-tuneing during the season. >> our fan basis more technology savvy make sure they understand and break it we want them to figure out is what wrong and we want to get as much feedback as possible. >>reporter: confidence remains high that fans can adapt to new facility. >> we have got over 25,000 parking stalls that within a 1 15, 20 minute walk already committed to so we feel really confident. that plus the fact that probably 20 to 25% of the fans that come down to hey vye will come and take public transportation in. santa clar clara, abc 7 news. >> pretty slick exploratorium mayor lee was in seattle today settling a bet 49ers play off game against the seahawks.
9:49 pm
forty-niner lost the west coast to the west coast rival january championship game and seahawks won the superbowl as part of a bet between the marries of the 2 city. mayor lee visited a food bank in seattle where he presented the organization with a 10,000 dollar donation. >> this was the superbowl in my pip. it was such a great game to watch. but also the camaraderie. kind of the sports manship of our city and the people in them to me was extraordinary. >> other terms of the wager included sending mayor murray a bloody mary mix and chocolate from this store. mayor lewas born and raised in seattle and of course a niners fan naturally. >> larry is here. the new stapled is impressive. >> seems like a a palace and after candlestick. >> we deserve a palace. >> it's a huge upgrade. in sports tonight giants get matt
9:50 pm
cain elusive we know no. 1. started out in a deep hole tonight against the marlins. buster
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>> tonight at 11:00. on line discount of how to get the best deal possible. 7 on your side michael finney has the one thing that everyone needs to know when shopping on line. >> plus unusual treat for the hero i boy in bakersfield. what he is doing next week. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 he. >> we love that cat around here. what a great story that is. >> i don't want to give away the story. does involve sport sports. vl involves baseball in fact. >> okay. throw out the first pitch maybe. south paw. very good. >> oh, brother. >> the so happy with himself. we really needed to stop the sportscast for that. >> take another moment. enjoy
9:54 pm
the comment. >> one of spencer better lane. no question. >> hard to believe. i have to listen to this. hard to believe the giants in first place and matt yet to win a single game. again looking for we know no. 1 tonight against the marlins. check out sparky. he's all sugar up. and got the moves. he was going if 15 seconds. matt roughed up early. jones. taking him out for sixth of the year. down 3 nothing. mary answer was his tenth of the year and tremendous opposite field power off this. 4-3 marlins at that upon the but the giants rally take the lead in the fifth. this deep triple alley 2 runs in. giants go ahead and now leading 6-4 in the eighth. a's the night off. warriors new head coach shock throughout the nba it was widely assumed would he go to the knicks and surprised a guy never coached a single nba game could land a
9:55 pm
deal that makes him the fourth highest paid coach in the league instantly. 5 years, 25 million dollars. but one of the things that impress owner joe was kurr level of preparation for all this. he told him the mercury news steve past couple years writing down philosophy. everything from head coach how he plan out a game day schedule. all the way to social media. detailed notes on the warrior roster player strength and weakness. total evaluation. assistant thought and preparation not an issue for steve kurr. introduce ri news conference early next week. nba tonight wizard lack to force game 7 at home tonight. against the indiana pacers. indiana in control but washington roars back. john wall look at this. coast to coast. hang and switches hands in mid-air. but only held 12 points. fourth quarter. bradley. hits the 3. whiz take the lead up one. pacers close on 20-6 run.
9:56 pm
david west had 29 and indy closes out 93-80. take the series 4 games to 2. face miami in the eastern conference final. jack nicholson laker traitor in the house for the clippers and thunder game 6. if mob city in effect early. griffin throwing did you know with the left hand. later in the first. falling out of bounds. throw to it pall. and clip built a 16 point cushion on but from off the screen. way out. he has 30. right now early in the fourth quarter. 78-76. okc in front. 49ers did the unexpected. when they took carlos in the second round of the draft last week. iowa state running back might be the successor to frank you're at least that's what they think. rookies at minicamp at 230 pounds he describes his running style as violence. he's looking forward to learning
9:57 pm
from frank goyvrment when i see frank gore i reay pay attention to frank gore. guy that before i got drafted i was already comparing myself to. not too many people get to learn from a guy who probably going to the hall of fame so i'm really pay attention to him and take notes. >>reporter: the raiders sign the first round draft pick linebacker mack to his rookie contract 4 years 18.7 million dollars. fifth over all pick coming out of the university of buffalo in the senior season. had 100 tackle. 10 and a half sack and since the nfl to the new rookie pay scale no has gone el over contract so deals get done rather quickly. pack 12 will play conference championship game at levi stadium in santa clara for the next three years. previous 3 title games have all been played at school field now it remains to be seen whether attendance will suffer but other major conferences hold their championship games in neutral site. >> with the new agreement we
9:58 pm
play on one of the most exciting stages in all of football. great news for student athlete on our coaches. big time event against big time competition. the weren't to play on the biggest stage possible in front of the biggest audience possible. >> we see how it works out. not sure if you fill up 68,000 seats or even 4 of pack 12 championship game if a local team is not involve. >> interesting to see if that number of people fly into town for that. one thing if in the sec and tradition and really a football type area. i'm not sure that the draw is the same here. other conferences it works. i'm not certain i'm in the convinced in the pack 12 that that you fill the place u up. >> hope it works. thanks very much. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news here on coffee tv 20 for spencer, larry and all of us here at 7 news at 9:00 thanks so much for watching. 7 news at 9:00 continues now on line on twitter facebook and all
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♪] oh, what are you guys doing together, just the two of you? we're gonna raise money to help with the oil spill. making this display to show how serious the problem is. oh, yeah. each drop represents 10,000 gallons of oil. ooh. oh. i'm so glad this overshadowed haiti.


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