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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> breaking news in oakland where a little girl and man were shot tonight. sky 7 hd over the scene at 66 avenue as police gather evidence. lieutenant on the scene tells us that 2 men got out of a consider and fired at the male victim hitting him at least one stray bullet then struck the little girl who was playing in her yard half block away. both victims rushed to the hospital in critical condition. no arrest yet. reporting continues rate now on twitter follow us at this web site and
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more for you on abc 7 news at 11:00 over offer channel 7. >> good evening. other top story here tonight. in novato 5 police officers have just been assigned to an area where an arsonist struck. there have been more than a dozen blazes all deliberately set between highway 101 and south novato boulevard. wayne is on the story. >> dry grass. high pressure and an arsonist in novato they have become a recipe for anger and concern. >> it's scary but it was here two years ago. we thought somebody in the neighborhood left now it's back.what do you make of that. >> it's a disease obviously. >>reporter: is this morning monique echo the sentiment of most novato resident. 2 years ago 60 unsolved small arson fire frighten the community now what happened last night. 13 fires within a mile of each other burning simultaneously. 10 of the fires burned about
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grass. >> that's a really, really about nut to swallow because we have a very tight knit community here. homes are close together. we all know each other. >> steven morris took these pictures of the flames burning up behind their homes last night. fire crew were so busy that by his watch it took 8 minutes for them to arrive. >> it had already view about substantially in that, just the few minutes. >> today novato fire crew went through the daniel brush looking for clue. they have found consistency between the fires two years ago and last night but with an escalation. 3 of last night fires involve structure. one burned car m and this house another burned the door of the apartment. third burned a trash can. >> when you start burning someone personal property or endangering intant dwelling then different crimea apply not discuss standard arson crime e-in the quiet community filled with homes surrounded by fuel now a time for high alert.
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>> obviously somebody was sick. >>reporter: in novato abc 7 news. >> another remained they are fire season has started. fire broke out on the santa cruz mountains this evening. right on the border between santa clara and santa cruz continue in the mount madonna area near morgan hill. no structure threatened. planes brought in to help with the effort to put it out. screw expected to stay all night. 7 acres of brush burned before firefighters contained it. no determination yet on exactly how it started. >> well from fighting fires to stopping firefighters. former cal fire about a tall i don't know chief fleming arrested today in elk grove and sacramento county sheriff's says he admitted to killing his girlfriend. 55-year-old man is at the center of state wide man hunt since may 1st. high tech tools to look for him but the search ended when a detective
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spotted fleming getting on a bus. >> he followed the bus. got additional officers and when the person got off the bus approached him asked him his identity he replied he was if fact mr. fleming. taken into custody without incident. >> fleming told investigators he had been living in some bushes. see the latest mug shot that he has saved his mustache. detectives don't believe anyone helped him while hiding for the couple weeks. >> popular restaurant san francisco mission district was vandalize overnight. this photo shows you the extent of the damage and it is not the first time local corner has been tagged. the restaurant is located at 23 and bryant street. people in that neighborhood say it's another example of the gentry ification of the area. 7 news reporter has the story. >> these are pictures of the damage done to the facade of local corner located on brian street and 23rd. all wind 0spray painted silver. even
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the exterior of the neighbor house was vandalize. this morning one of the owner was busy removing the graffiti. this is the sixth time the restaurant has been targeted. but today the message was clea clear. they will reman open for business. neighbors who came to see the daniel believe it's all about the gentry ification going on in the mission. >> definitely see the money pouring into the mission and the residents who are just trying to continue their day-to-day. >> live hear and suddenly the represent is triple you get pretty recentful. if you lived here and suddenly your corner stories gone but there is a fancy bistro there you might get reseptemberful. >> another restaurant on florida and 20th has been tagged 12 times in the past two years. >> just unfortunate to come to work and see the building tagged but it's one of those things without camera outside how do you present vicinity women. regard to local corner
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some community leaders say the owner have not been popular because the restaurant once refused to seat a large latino family. but the owner who want to keep a lo he profile said they didn't have a table big enough for them. latino community leaders have sat down with restaurant like this one to find better ways to work with the neighborhood instead of trying to change it. >> on the other hand the if you are a young business owner and trying to start a new business and open a bistro should you be pirnd. >> one of the owner of the corner aunt disclosed location with will tino xhpt lead investigators figure out who to do. at that community leaders they assured him that this was not done by anyone in the latino community. they reminded him there are other groups who oppose gentry ification in the mission. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> there is a call to shut down petaluma high school wild life museum after some students were caught on video abusing animals
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and let me warn you images disturb to go watch. won't show you the worst of it of course. student who was uncomfortable with what she was seeing made the recording. other stants can be seen abusing rat. slamming them against a rock. killing them just brutal ways. rat used to teach students about wild life and feed the program reptile. >> something they learned outside the classroom that's not the environment they promote. >> petition on is calling on governor brown to shut down that facility. school officials release a statement saying quote as soon as teachers and administrators are made aware of this accident the students were identified and they were disciplined accordingly. >> bay area congressmen eric says technology and private contractors may improve security around airport but airport want passengers to pay for it. sits on homeland security committee and today he featured but did not endorse 6 companies which make perimeter
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security systems. this comes after 15-year-old ya ya hopped a fence at this airport stowed away on the flight to highway remember in the wheel well? airport want congress to i hope crease the cap for passenger facility charges from 4 and a half dollars to 8 and a half dollars which means passengers would pay for increased security. >> local money and passengers that use our airport they pay for what they use and that money is kept locally and reinvested back in our airport. >> congressman wants to create a pilot program to find a way to close gap in security. >> starting tomorrow sfo will close down 2 of its 4 runway through the summer for construction project. flight into and out of the airport could be delayed even during good weather. closure of the 2 north south runway will last into september. >> mean time sfo fed up with ride sharing company. they say drivers for company like uber lift side car are operating at the airport illegally and now
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sfo turning to state regulators for some help on this. the here's lillian kim. >> driving travelers to and from sfo is big business. so much so this drivers for ride shearing company like uber lift and side car do it any way without the proper permit. gregory bruno stern warning from airport officer. >> basically said are you commercial driver i said well no i work for uber. he goes that's commercial. you are restricted from picking up here and told me to the leave. >> many drivers have even taken off sought called trade dress pink mustache for example but officers catch a number of drivers in violation. 3 week period they have given warnings to 110 drivers. 101 were from uber. 7 from lift. 1 from side car and 1 from wing. in a letter to the california public utility commission which religion later ride sharing companies, sfo director wrote the disturbing lack of compliance with cpuc requirements raises serious
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public safety concerns at the airport. >> we are finding drivers that have expired licenses. finding drivers with no insurance. finding drivers that don't even own the car that they are using. >> sfo says a permit would solve the problems. company would pay 1,000 dollar deposit and 3 dollars.75 per ride but suber says it is concerned with the tracking device reared for all of the vehicle. which it says violates the privacy of the drivers and passengers. same technology required for taxi and limo. >> do you think they should have permit like you guys. >> definitely yes. >>reporter: cab driver here says everyone should be held to the same standard. >> required to have insurance. whatever it is. we pay money they don't pay anything. so it's completely different. >>reporter: changes may on the way. cpuc meeting with airport officials about this issue next month. at sfo lillian kim abc 7 news. >> more to bring enthusiastic friday on 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. safety the theme of
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this year bay to breaker race is what being done along the course for your protection. >> also. the snake that stopped a flight at sfo today. what passengers say happened. the sandhya is here with the weekend weather. >> yes. it's going to include decreasing temperatures. i'll let you know how much cooler it gets compared to today coming up. >> saying goodbye to one of this country best listeners. and reporters. coming up. final seen off of barbara walters and what she plans to do now off camera. 7 news at do now off camera. 7 news at 9:00 continues rig
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>> iconic and always entertaining bay to breaker race is this sunday and preparation work is well under way. some interesting changes this year. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the story. >> party race party pa party stream to the front-line for reasons. the motivation as ru runners waited outside the bay to breaker expo today. >> this is if stroke eight years ago. >>reporter: as survivor he hopes this show others anything is possible. these girls are celebrating a friend engagemen engagement. >> we are going to vineyard actually to get our nutritional fill and then we'll be nice and energize. >>reporter: others the sneaker suggest serious runner. >> i was going to do it upped
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50 minutes. seven minutes per mile as fast as i can. >>reporter: rationale for runner spectator vary widely there is a serious kivrnlt we want people to have fun and safe. the this race is ton of history. going on since 1912 so honor that history and tradition but we want it to be a very safe environment. >> essentially we have officers all over the race route itself. alcohol banned if we see alcohol we take enforcement action as we see the violations occur. >> after neighborhood complaints about unwanted partier, today crews install temporary chain link if he says around the park. multiple police agency and 20 percent increase in private security will also help with crowd control. these girls are just hoping for some help with the costume. >> maybe we get wig or boa we'll see. figure it out. >> we have haven't figured it out but we will. >> whether one of the 40,000 registered runners or 100,000
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expected fan sunday bay to to breaker sure to be a colorful collection of san francisco finest. this is abc 7 news. >> won't dispoint. now if you plan to kilometer into the city for the race bart will be running earlier than usual on sunday and they have extra cars and larkspur ferry make early morning trips to the term until few block from the start of the race. quick note for people in walnut creek. the police department says you can expect to hear gunfire screaming and other noise at walnut creek intermediate school tomorrow. do not be alarmed it's all just a training exercise. but that is tomorrow. new york bound flight was delayed at san francisco international airport today. that happens all the time but not like this. it was snake. garther sneak. delta pilot announced it was on the runway and worker was being sent to retrieve it. passengers tweeted it and the incident as it happened one man
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quoted the pilot at saying slight delay due to snake operate runway. ground crew work to go apprehend the snake and take it to sanctuary. airport spokesman says the flight may have been delayed maybe just a few minutes even less than that. >> all right. rather have the snake on the runway than on the plane. >> kahn imagine you would have to red that again. snake. >> glad not a seat near me. >> spencer is off and sandhya is here what a nice day today. this is what we are talking about. >> i electric hot wchblingts i know did you as well but getting old. >> we needed the break win feel gate the break in the inland area today. cooler in all parts of the bay area. absolutely beautiful keep it going. this weekend temperatures are going to fall few more degrees. trust me notice especially if cooking this week with the record heat as you look at live doppler 7hd things have changed from early today. we start to see some cloud moving in. both low
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clouds and some higher clouds passing through the bay area right now. look from the east bay hills camera. visibility fine as we look clearly across the bay. mid 50's in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 64 san jose. currently 55 in half moon bay. now sea breeze and a little bit of the fog today were responsible for cooling us down. most areas 5 to 15 degrees lower than just yesterday afternoon. sfo cam you can see the low cloud right there all right temperatures in the north bay. low 60's for santa rosa novato currently 67 in concord. 66 degree ins livermore. oneless live picture from the golden gate bridge camp are and we don't have any restriction here as far as visibility. partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. sun high cloud breezy afternoon. cooling trend continues through sunday and even beyond sunday you will see here in just a moment pacific satellite picture showing you a weaker ridge which 80's we saw mostly sunny weather and cooler conditions today. we are going to see the cool down continuing
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right on through monday as this system here just reinforces the drop-off in the numbers heading into the weekend in early next week. tomorrow morning we start off with some fog clouds as well. high level clouds upper from is to the mid 50's. we see patchy fog around half moon bay visibility down to 5 miles so be careful for the morning and speaking of agents on the gray side tomorrow morning with clouds peeling away and most areas should enjoy a bright afternoon with few patches of low cloud lingering at the coast. 60's to 80's another 4 to 8 degrees cooler for your saturday afternoon. here are your saturday high in the south bay. 76 san jose. 74 sunnyvale santa cruz 73 degrees nice looking day on the peninsula. 73 menlo park palo alto redwood city breezy in the low 60's along the coast. we are rerng back to average for this time of year. do you want san francisco 67 degrees and north bay community 60's coast side
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70's, 80's for most of the rest of you. 81 in santa rosa filtered sunshine at times in novato. 78 degrees. in the east baylow 70's rich mopped berg berkeley oakland 71 newark and inland spot in the 70's to low 80's so very mild weather. 79 for you in livermore. 77 please anton. 81 in pittsburgh. accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures bottom out on monday. mid 70's inland. low 60's coast side. start to bump up the temperatures into the middle latter part of the work week but just all modest, dan. 60's to 80's. didn't want any extreme. >> no. nice. thank you very much. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00 one man tragedy inspired new campaign for patient safety but could it make going to the doctor more expensive. we have this story. >> may is asian pacific hair tan month and we use our instagram feed to honor members of the by area a p a community
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and tonight we recognize 7-year-old baylor frederickson of albany who is fighting a brave battle against law chemoyeah we reported his story many times. baylor is of jap necessary and german descent and feds a donor who is ethnically similar. there is a drive at san francisco heritage street celebration top. we have more information on instant gram at this site. baylor we think but. we'll be
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladdin bail bonds. >> great story to remind us it is never too late to your dreams. meet 81-year-old hazel ellis. and she just graduated from high school in oklahoma. she got married in her junior year and went trite work as seamstress but always
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wanted to graduate and today, hazel did it. she is only one of her 10 sib tloyngs 7 high school diploma by the way. her grandchildren 3 sons and friends threw a party to celebrate just like it was 1 1951. way to go hazel. >> eighth grade english teacher named teach over the year by the san jose yawn food school district today. melissa irving competed against 38 of her pier to earn the title. she teaches english and intervention class at john muir middle school. that's the photo provided by the district holding award and standing by some of the officials. she's called an advocate for students. someone who is devoted to cast room achievement. congratulations to melissa. >> another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 moments away. developing news southern california where a man has been arrested for arson in one of those wild fierce. plus update on the battle to fight them. also general motors slapped with a maximum fine tonight for
9:26 pm
giving us the silent treatment that ended with more than a dozen deaths. >> also here. celebrating barbara walters. her big farewell. had a little help from whole lot of friends. from whole lot of friends. another half hour of 7 news
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>> good evening once again. start this segment with fires in san diego county. fire crew getting a break from the hot windy weather thankfully and 57-year-old man has been charged with arson in one of those 10 fires. another fire was ignited by accident at construction site. abc news reporter cecelia on the fire lines. >> plume of black smoke filling the sky. as 3 separate fires at the west coast largest marine training base continue to burn this evening. flames
9:30 pm
scorching more than 14,000 acres at camp pendleton. with temperature and winds dropping finally firefighters are getting a leg up in this raging battle. >> my god my god. >> what a week it has been. at one point 11 southern california fires burning at once. leaving one person dead. charring more than 19,000 acres, destroying at least 11 homes. forcing 23,000 people into evacuation. it is a community on edge. 3 people arrested for setting small fires. blazes quickly put out. so far investigators know the cause of just one of the fires. blaze in rancho bernardo started by spark at construction project this video may show the beginning of the carlsbad fire. >> look how fast it's moving dude. >>reporter: landscaper caught it on camera. small brush fire
9:31 pm
near golf course flames jumping across the street and then they take off. that fire turned neighborhoods into this. >> right there. >>reporter: firefighters call the conditions in california the perfect recipe for disaste disaster. >> this is just dry branches. they burn really fast. >> this is a match. >> basically a match exactly. >> it's not just here. across the country fire season now last 2 month longer than usual. this year alone washington could spend nearly 2 billion dollars on fighting fires. >> only may. what does this say about the rest of the year. >> if it continue this is way it says we are going to have a lot of fires. throughout the state of california. >> frightening image from the fire line. miss vega reportin reporting. man charged with arson responsible for 105 acre fire in oceanside. the bail set at quarter of a million dollars. >> federal government issued a record 35 million dollar fine against general motors today.
9:32 pm
after it failed to recall millions of the cars to fix a major safety defect. ignition switch on chevy could bottle and saturn link to 13 death at least. under an agreement with the transportation department general motors admits it reacted too slowly to inform regulator witness ago decade to issue a recall. records indicate gm knew about the problem as early as 2001 but didn't address it. >> problems are many. systemic problem. problem in structure and in the ability of the organization to react quickly to the information it had. >> faulty ignition could have turned off the car unexpectedl unexpectedly. according to documents release by the auto maker the cost to fix the switch problem would have been just 57 cents per car. >> state employment development department today sent out one of the strongest signal yet of rebounding economy. the state jobless rate is now 7. 8%. it's the first time fallen
9:33 pm
below 8% in nearly 6 years. 5 56,000 jobs were added last month alone. in construction. financial of services industry as well as the hospitality industry. and since the official end of the recession 4 years ago california added 1.3 million jobs. nearly 1.5 million people are still out of work keep in mind and looking for jobs. bay area has some of the lowest unemployment ritz in the state. marin county lowest in the straight at 3.9 percent followed by san m te'o coun exploratorium. santa clara and alameda county all below 6 percent. while persons debate the minimum wage the swiss set to vote this weekend on making it $25 an hour. if this proposal passes the swiss would have the highest minimum wage in the world. mean unskilled work worse make about 4500 dollars a month. minimum wage in the united states is 7 dollars an hour and last year switzerland passed a limit
9:34 pm
bonuses paid to executives. >> man denied entry into the united states in 2005 now getting a personal invitation to the white house. president obama is inviting india next prime minister to visit washington. president says he looks forward to working with the new leader and expanding the relationship between the 2 countries. >> we congratulate india and the people of india on l historic national election which saw more voters cast their ballot freely and fairly than in any election in human history. >>reporter: united states denied him a visa in 2005 for alleged involvement in deadly religious riot. >> star studded send off for barbara today as she co-hosted the view for the veryless time if you can believe it. david muir was in the studio as they tape the final show with the help of a lot of friends. >> her final walk to the set of the view. >> won't be seeing this any
9:35 pm
more. >> 5 decade contrary. it was not easy. >> take 3. cue barbara. >> after years on the today show in 1976 joining abc news to become the first female co-anchor of the evening news. >> contract for rumored 1 million $a year. >> she showed up ready but she knew her co-anchor did not want her. >> harry reasoner. bar were walters. bring you the news. >> i have a new colleague to welcome. bar were. >> thank you harry. >>reporter: he was keeping count. >> i note i kept time on your stories and mine tonight. you owe me 4 minutes. >>reporter: walters remembers those days well. but she would press on. interviews. world leaders. the president. historic desk and another milestone today. >> once more. >>reporter: walking in. no idea who was waiting. and right before she told me this. >> i'll miss it a little bit. >> the amazing barbara walters.
9:36 pm
>> the amazing barbara walters. >>reporter: audience welcoming her. about to welcome the surprise guests. >> hillary clinton. >> do you have any advice for her. >> well i have been thinking about this. yes. okay. first of all take some time off. i mean really. >> you are not in a position to take time off. >> who was next? >> open are winfrey. >> oh. if. [applause]. >> i want to thank you for being a pioneer in everything that that word means. it means being the first. the first in the room. to knock down the door. to brick down the barrier to. pave the road. that we all walk on. many of the incredible women that have been influenced by you and we all have been influenced by you
9:37 pm
are here for you today. and we all proudly stand on your shoulders barbara walters. as we honor you. please welcome diane sawyer. robin roberts. laura spencer. elizabeth vargas. amy, deborah roberts, miss chang. katie couric list of names goes on. jane pally. gail king. >>reporter: many of you at home remember. >> joan london. >>reporter: all there to say thank you. and with them all standing behind her a message from bar were to all of them. >> this is my legacy. there's my legacy. and i thank you al all. >>reporter: have a great moment. david muir reporting and tonight bar were tweeted this. what a wonderful journey and amazing career thank you all for sharing
9:38 pm
long. barbara. >> coming up next. the tragedy that inspired an east bay man patient safety campaign. critic say could it make going to the doctor more spent i have. lack at that story as abc 7 news female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices.
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sz. >> legislature wouldn't do it so a danville father bring ago measure in memory of his kids state to the voters. troy and alanna killed by driver on prescription drug and patient safety act bearing their name would change the state medical malpractice law. something that hasn't been done in nearly 40 years. laura anthony has the story from danville. >> what we want is for other
9:42 pm
families to be safe. >> for danville bob pack it brings some measure of satisfaction after decade of mourning and healing. it's ballot measure pack created memory of late son and daughter that will go before california voters in november. >> if a doctor harms someone they need to be held accountable so people can understand what happened and then secondly they need to change whatever wept wrong. right now if you don't go to court and hold them accountable they feel there's no need to change. >> 10-year-old troy and 7-year-old miss pack died in 2003. struck by a driver high open alcohol and drugs just few block from his their home. l the gold mercedes jumped the curb and struck and killed the children as they walked with her mother and friends on the sidewalk. he should be abusing vicodin and pain killers minutes and months before the incident. they were narcotics prescribed by 6 different doctors at the same walnut creek hospital. if voters it tt
9:43 pm
safety act would require drug testing for doctors. and raise the state 250,000 dollar cap on damages in medical malpractice cases. also rare doctors to consult a government database before prescribing pain kill investigators new patients. california medical association insurance and hospital group have raised 33 million dollars to approve pack measure. >> increase the cost would be passed on to consumer. passed on to rate payers. passed on to taxpayers as well. >>reporter: current 250,000 dollar cap on damages was put that place nearly 40 years ago in 1975. if the pack measure passes it would go up to well over 1 million dollars. in danville laura anthony abc 7 news. >> you leave a tank parked on the street and likely get some curious onlookers. this video posted on live leak and shot in the ukraine city. unclear how
9:44 pm
it got there but one person manage to find the trigger to the nk large caliber cannon. can you believe that? the lively post says no fatality but the shot did just miss an older man. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. many of have you no doubt tried singing behind the wheel we have all done. that wheel we have all done. that i'll show you the guy
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you. >> all right. weekend arrived one last check on the weather.
9:48 pm
sandhya is here. sandhya. >> yes dan the weather looks fantastic for any out door plans this wean. live doppler 7hd few clouds right at this moment low and high clouds. temperatures are coming down. san diego county the firefighters will continue to get help from the marine layer and cooler. 75 there hot still though in the desert. 102 in vegas. 70 tahoe and bit windy. 57 in eureka a. around the bay area we notice the temperatures coming down some more tomorrow. low 60's to low 80's few high cloud passing through the bay area. and we also see some lingering low cloud along the coast. low cloud will be around for bay to brickers as the race gets and way in the morning and work its way across san francisco. mid 50's right before the race starts at 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy then am. mostly son but enough of a breeze between 11 and 1 to keep you comfortable there. temperatures in the low mid 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast will keep dropping the numbers right on through monday before we see a turn around with 80's returning to the
9:49 pm
forecast. next week dan. >> bit warmer but not bad. >> beautiful here. >> thank you very much. >> now the paramedic taking singing in the car to whole new place. watch. >> ♪ he's getting his groove on to rihanna song. sirping has seen the video with the tweet this paramedic guy why god sent me here i can't stop now. not now. not ever. wishes he had his hand on the wheel. >> driving that. >> not enough. if i'm in the back. heart attack. >> please. not a lot of time. >> having the heart attack now. in sports tonight. josh changed his music topic of music. on fire. careless
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whisper blasted that cleveland whisper blasted that cleveland tonight. ♪ ♪ thank you!
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>> come up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. arsonist targeting one local community and homeowner worry they could be next. tonight we ride along with police patrolling the streets. >> stop the calls once and for all. 7 on your side uncover the secret that telemarketer do not want you to know. how you can finally get the phone to stop ringing. wouldn't that be nice? those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> sports director larry is here. number of things to talk about tonight. did you like the old george michael song. the wham song careless. >> pitching your head. sure. on monday josh decided to make that slow dance heavy sachs phone song careless whisper his walk up song. sandy has fond
9:54 pm
memory of the song. memory she is not willing to share, sandhya. >> just saying. >> just saying. read into that whatever you will. >> reddick crushing the ball since i switched song and even work on the road. don't play it in the stadium. rips the indian tonight and start with advise of hot dog varrett. big hit in the hot dog race. first inning. teeing off on gray third of the year. 1 nothing cleveland. game changed here. bases loaded for the whisperer josh grand slam. a's up 5-1. not finished. josh this is a moon shot. this is sky high his tenth of the year. 3 run homer makes it 8-1. 6 innings. struck out "newsnight"and ramirezing in and like it. reddick in the seventh. second homer of the game. 2 run blast check out the catch by the fan there. wow! nicely done. 6 rbi for reddick. if.
9:55 pm
>> don't do it while driving. >> and the a's win 11-1. giants marlins on metal cam. different kind of musical them theme. orange friday at this in place of hudson who has a hip injury. lead off homer by christian 1 nothing miami. bottom of the first giants tie it up pablo double to left. angel in. ties it at 1 panda couple hits in the evening. 3rd inning. and it's another home run. daryn diedrich homering in consecutive games against the giants to make it 3-1 marlins. giants down in the signature. knock in morris with excellent sped for guy who goes this tied at 5 right now that's where we are in the 8th inning. 5-5 at at&t park. raider rackie at men camp this weekend. a lot of curiosity over new quarterback derek car
9:56 pm
the second round pick and kind of the quarterback of the future projected by the raiders threw for ton of yard at fresno state. figure to back up shaw replace older brother david in houston years ago and now he may eventually replaced by the younger car derek. >> he's here. asking question questions. man i know your got your brother playing 13 years but he said we are team mates. i'm hear for you every day. whatever you need i'm here to help you. that meant a lot. meant a lot. >>reporter: along with 12 new draft pick the 49ers are getting to know the new receiver johnson acquired from buffalo on draft day. grew newspaper san francisco high foo school in fairfield. junior college in hayward. ampleing 79 reception over 1,000 yards and 7 td from 2010 to 2012 last year johnson kind of off year. number of reasons injuries were part of it but he caught only 52 ball for 5 97 yards and 3 touch downs. he's looking forward to a bounce
9:57 pm
back year in red and gold. >> every season is new motivation. you come into optimistic and i take all the season whether off year or whether i was on. i feel coming in was human hope and optimism to play big. >> funny story out of cleveland mansel falling in the first roup of the draft. he apparently texted the browns quarterback coach that said i wish you would come get her hurry up and draft me i want to be there and wreck this league together that was the quote this prompted the pwrns owner jimmy to insist to everybody in the organization that cleveland needed to make whatever move, trade up to get him which they did at 22. log instance ended up telling the story to radio station which i'm sure the rest of the staff felt wonderful about. you don't want to reveal what you are doing. any way, all the johnny football shut them out of minicamp and
9:58 pm
draft johnny football and do this to make a dead franchise relevant but now you are afraid people will see him in a may, month of may minicamp? that's why you are the cleveland browns. michael sam documentary on oprah network. well, postponed. ram apparently had no idea about this project when they drafted sam and they didn't want the distraction so after meeting with his agent today they decided to put the stop on this sam became the first openly gay player selected in the nfl draft. consider it to be a long shot to make the team. to the ice. jonathan quick and l.a. kings game 7 of the play offs in anaheim. first period. kings on the power play. justin williams in front of the net here. punches it past hill and 1 nothing l.a. 3 nothing kings in the second. guy who killed the sharks. play off series. the 2 on one beats gibson 4 nothing. kings came
9:59 pm
back from a hold to upset the shark. down to upset the duck. win the game 6-2. 6 and o in limbo nation game this season. play chicago on sunday in game one of the western conference final. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> johnny football. >> don't lack at him. >> that is this edition of 7 news i'm dan ashley for all of news i'm dan ashley for all of us we see you at 11:00.
10:00 pm
city college has a space simulator. we know, close the door. as i was saying, on monday, city college will be unveiling the city college cosmic pioneer, their very own orbital launch simulator. pretty soon, they will have an astronaut on their brochure,


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