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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 18, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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. bay to breakers, a race where no others. the race is long over, the clean-up has commenced and several participants are in police custody. good ending and thank you for joining us. this was the so -- 103rd running
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of the bay to breakers. people were arrested for public intoxication, drugs, and one person was arrested for taunting a bison at golden gate park. >> reporter: dwiet dwight alexander is sweeping up his house after a ton of participants and spectators left their mark. >> it was better this year. less public intoxication, less urinating. still, it's a challenge. >> reporter: extra police along the route enforced the no alcohol policy. many had their booze taken away and dumped out. >> there is a lot of drunk people. >> at least the cops did a good job of keeping everyone under control. >> reporter: city workers are sweeping up a mountain of trash.
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>> beer bottles sphafers the eye can see. >> it's not cool. we should get everyone to clean up after themselves. >> reporter: alamo park was a different story. it was closed off. >> with the closure of alma mow square, we were able to ensure that the public was safe. there was no public safety issues inside the square. able to limit the intoxication and alcohol drinking. >> reporter: neighbors say it worked. the park was untouched. now, the race began in 1912 as a way to boost morale after the devastating 1906 earthquake. it became one of the largest foot races in the world. it's one of most unique. we continue our team coverage. >> reporter: from sky 7 hd, you
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can see the first wave of runners leave the starting line. they were a little late because of a problem with scaffolding on hayes hill. >> there's a couple of pieces of infrastructure that needed to be completely secure. they were and so once we obviously got the green light from the city and the police we started the race. >> reporter: it only took the lead runners about 35 minutes to cross the finish line, but everyone was delayed by about 25 minutes. for the elite runners for this race, the delay was an issue. >> we're a little cold. i have to say when i started, my legs are a little tying because i warmed up but i got called again but it's fine. >> reporter: dyan johnson still managed to be the first run are across the finish line. the fastest male runner was jeffrey kanisti. you look back in late 80s, you had almost 80,000 runners.
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a couple of years ago, it became more of a spectacle. >> reporter: with that in mind, organizer and police clamped down on rules against back packs, wheel contrap shouldn'ts and nudity. >> they did a really good job and last year they did a great job. i think it's going to continue like that for now, it's a safer environment now i think. >> reporter: there were nearly 40,000 runners registered for this race. in san francisco, abc 7 news. developing news tonight out of berkeley after a man's body was found at the bottom of a large rock. a hiker spotted the body. police believe he may have climbed up the rock and fell
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over the other side. 31-year-old jason adams was working at the elite canine daycare and spa at san ramon. he left to pick up supplies and he never returned. >> we have no idea where he's at and that's very unusual, because he's just a reliable, wonderful, sweet young man. and he's in a very large zincative truck and i just want him to come home, come back to all of us. everybody loves him and misses him. >> reporter: the truck jason's mother mentioned is a 1972 large.ational harvester. the family is handing out flyers. a trans yen is accused of sexually as a resulting a -- assaulting a woman in san jose. michael garcia attacked the woman yesterday afternoon.
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the woman started screaming. she ran over, saw hardware being assaulted. and called police. officers found him a short time later. all evacuation orders have been lifted in san diego county as firefighters get control of the last of nine wild fires. the largest of the fires has burned 2,000 acres. it's now 87% contained. this smoke, flames and heartache was just the beginning of a long fire season. governor brown was on abc this week, he said this season will be a drain on state resources. >> we've already appropriate $600 million. we have 500,000 firefighters, we're going to need thousands more. in the years to come, we're going to have to make very expensive investments and people are going to have been careful how they live and how they build their homes and what kind of vegetation is loud to grow around them. >> evak wees were returning to
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their homes this week. >> i was almost teary eyed kind of thing. >> my heart goes out to people that have lost their homes. >> we did our crying the first night or two and now it's time to go on with our lives. >> in all, 23,000 acres have burn, destroying more than 40 homes. three people had to be rescued when sail boat ran aground in the bay. you can see it leaning against the rocks in the surf. this happened at 8:30 this morning. the three people made it off the boat and were taken to shore. the coast guard says no one was hurt. still ahead. vice president joe biden is coming to the bay area and republicans may use his visit against democrats. the accuweather forecast
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this afternoon, at&t announced plans to buy directv for $49 boil. dpsh billion. directv will still be based in california. it's using it to bring up ban width on their network. the sale would mean fewer options for pay tv providers which could lead to higher prices for many customers. vice president joe biden is coming to the bay area for fund-raiser. he will attend an event at the home of tom steyer.
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republicans may look to attack the vice president and other democrats who associate with tom steyer. biden's visit comes on the heels of president obama visit to the bay area two week ago. coming up next, after winning two legs of the triple crown, california chrome may not run the third. spencer christian is up next with your forecast. giants had a two-game slide against the marlin today. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way,...
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel. banking for the life you have... investing for the life you want chase. so you can. there are so many hoping for a triple crown in three week but
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tonight the one thing california chrome needs to race may not be allowed by race officials. >> california roam has won the preakness. >> he won the preakness yesterday, setting up a chance to win the elusive triple crown but in the hours after the horse's victory there's a concern, california chrome may not be allowed to wear the nasal strip that he's worn in his last six races to win. a formal request has to be made. it will be happen tuesday. then the stewards will make the decision on whether to permit it. >> a flair -- >> the flair strip is to horses what the breathe right strip is for humans.
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in fact, it was stwentd by the same company 15 years ago. >> california roam -- >> whether the nasal strip provides any advantage is open to interpretation. so the stage is set. will the stewards dare to deny california chrome his nasal strip, or will the owners of the horse bred for $10,000 which has already earned over $3 million dare to keep him off the track, sacrificing a chance at huge post career stud fees, tonight no one knows. we'll have to wait to find out. >> it's going to be fun to find out. spencer christian you are here with a look at our weather. it's windy again. >> it looks like it's going to be windy tonight as well. skies are mainly clear at the
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moment, although we've had little patches of low clouds that have been blown away by the strong gusty winds. 36 mierls in sfo. 26 inland. and gusty on the coast of course at half moon bay. on we go for a live look at our camera mainly clear skies for now, it's 58 degrees in san francisco. morgan hill 59. half moon bay, 54 degrees. beautiful view. it's 61 right now in santa rosa and 60 in napa, 63 fairfield, 63 in liver more and cochran. these are our forecast features, partly cloudy, breezy tonight. partly cloudy tomorrow. here's what's happening in the
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atmospheric. high pressure the controlling factor in our temperatures today. it will be cooler still tomorrow as this cool air mass arrives along with an area of low pressure to our west. there could be a shower pushing through the northern part of our viewing area. clouds thicken tonight and go away tomorrow. just a slieg chance of a shower or two tomorrow and tuesday. overnight, some parts of the coast and partly cloudy, in the low to mid 50s. highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. in the south bay. cooler breezy on the coast. north bay highs upper 60s to low 70s over in the napa area. near east bay, we'll see mild. cooler than today, upper 60s from walnut creek up to
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pleasantton. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tuesday there is a slight chance of a couple of isolated showers, mainly in the northern most part of our viewing area and with the instability coming up with that low pressure system i told you about, there's a long shot chance of an isolated thunder showers. we'll see high temperatures at the weekend in the upper 80s. sports, our win today didn't really affect the giants. >> did not. the giants played 17 games in 17 days, ending a two-game slide today. ending a series with marlins with pagan who is out with a shoulder today. tyler colvin, what a pick up he's been. jacob turner struck out seven,
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johnson in the fifth. the panda goes off his way for his third home run for the season. sergio romo closes out things in the 9th. split the four games series with a four-one victory. >> a's put on a hitting cling. got some help from cleveland. ronnie air mails a grounder. 1-0 a's. brandon moss, double down the line. a career-high 5 rib, a's off the wall. jesse chavez improved. a's have won nine of their last ten. >> rockies and padres.
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he's called safe at first. the runner at first is out. that's a good call. third triple play in franchise history for the rockies. game decided in extras. bottom ten, justin morno. 2 run. giants come to town tuesday. nba play-offs continue. indiana hosting miami. but the pacers led from wire-to-wire in game one. before the game, former coach mark jackson got to take a lap with mario an dret at this at indianapolis motor speedway. lebron 21 points. one man does not make a team. roy hayward at 19. paul jorng at 94.
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106-96 pacers victory. >> it's a good start to the series. it's just a good start. that's all it is. we got to come back and expect a great fight in game two. try to get game two. >> no one had it going. we had some really good look. we didn't fall. we just got to do a better job executing the next game. >> to the ice game. kings and black hawks. nick eased it up. brandon eflectd it. 1-0 the hawks. breaks the tie with laser. defending champions, 1-0 lead. brendan todd captures the byron championship. leader brendan todd, a bogey. then he had the shot of the the par 3, 13.
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stuck behind a tree. gets on the green. 2-shot lead. par in, winning his first pga tour event in 77 tries. a spot in the masters. ventura county for the 8th and final part of the california circuit. able to cruise to victory. the 34-year-old wiggins wins the tour of california by seconds. > . >> that's a nice jump. up next at abc 7 news at 9:00, another god zil la
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a a bay area mom arrested. she says she was trying to protect her child from a bully, what she's accused of doing. and the backlash against google glass is more intense than ever. ton what several bay area restaurants are doing to keep some users out. plus ♪ the talented high school students doing their own thing and becoming a national sensation, tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. godzilla crushed the competition at the box office this weekend. $91 million. the studio believes positive reviews helped build anticipation and now word of mouth will help continue ticket
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sales. godzilla nearly tripled ticket sales of last week's movie. that will do it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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