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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 19, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> out on bail. but not out of trouble. good evening. sonoma county woman faces charges tonight for going too far authorities say to defend her daughter from bullying. she's accused of doing is extreme but some parents say they get it. 7 news reporter wayne picks up the story in santa rosa. >>reporter: the case is bound to touch a nerve with any
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parent of young child. >> i see upset distraught mother who went to the school to protect her child. i don't think that's a crime. >>reporter: defense attorney adams talking about this mom for whom there is no mug shot but charged with going on the mpus without checking in and then grabbing a 12-year-old boy by the neck on the playground last friday. the twist she was defending her 10-year-old daughter against an older bull bully. >> she's upset. she's terrified and retaped council. she denies the charges as alleged. >>reporter: this morning parents who dropped off their kid had a lot more to read than traditional notice on the billboard. there was a letter from the district. the superintendent snyder. >> we plan to sherry's just that the incident occurred. that an arrest was made over the weekend. >>reporter: bullying always an issue among kid and recently more of a cause. one parent of 3 kid described problems with bullying at the school in the
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past. >> wrong approach but i know i have been there. i have wanted to come up hear and say my peace but i haven't. i wanted to talk to the other parent she wouldn't give me any information on the parent so nothing really gets done and my niece is being pulled out of school to be homeschooled because of this. >>reporter: parents of alleged victim unknown. she didn't give on camera interview today. her attorney says this case runs deeper than any basic charges. even if true he says he admires his client and thinks a jury will too. >> what the school can't step up and do their job then i don't think the parents should be charged with caims for defending their children. >> there are kid that's our right to defend our children. >>reporter: one other possible complication in the case. sheriff's department looking into the possibility that the child she alledgedly attacked may not have had any connection at all to her daughter. she appears in court on thursday morning free on 30,000 dollar bail. in sonoma county, abc 7 news.
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>> legal experts say prosecutors in the sierra la mar murder case face new challenge now that the suspect could face death now that he's con viinged. the district attorney decided to seek the death penalty against garcia torez and the 2012 disappearance of 15-year-old sierra la mar. police arrested him on dna evidence but they have never found her body. da office decided on the death penalty after comprehensive review by senior prosecutors and it is a decision the family supports. >> over the last month or so we have talked to the da office and we have also talked to the family and yes that's something that we decided we wanted them to pursue. >>reporter: legal analyst say making this a capitol case, death penalty case mean significant delay that could last for years. >> now to the undocumented student who heckle president obama during a speech last
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year. >> i need your help there are thousands. >> that's exactly what we are talking about. >> every single day. >> that's why we are here. >> president use your executive order. >>reporter: that student is now thankful that the government will allow him to travel in and out of the country as an undocumented im grachbility he business to go back home to south korea first time in 13 years without worrying whether he will be allowed back in the united states. vick lee has story that is only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: president obama came to china town to talk about immigration reform. invited to stand behind him a select group of people. then the unexpected happened. >> i need your help. there are thousands of us of immigrants. >> that's exactly what we are talking about. >>reporter: heckler couple row back interrupted the president speech. he was this 24-year-old undocumented korean graduate student at san francisco state. he was disappointed that mr. obama never mentioned the plight of undocumented immigrants.
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>> i'm representing the voices of other undocumented students actually in the detention center rate now. >>reporter: he came to the country with his parents as tourists when he was 11 years old. they stayed on after the advice a expired. as undocumented immigrants they have struggled. hung became young activist seeking immigration rae. hung said the day after the heckling the white house called. >> white house told me that by the way you are no longer invited to white house any type of future i'm like okay. >>reporter: hung never expected the media attention that followed. he got a lot of support. >> a lot of hate mail as well. a lot of hate mail and a lot of backlash. >>reporter: today almost half the year later hung says he has no regret. >> would i do it again because it was the right thing to do and it was necessary. >>reporter: hung is in a government program that allow certain undocumented immigrants to stay here temporarily. he recently got clearance from the u.s. under a special
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humanitarian program to visit south korea with ashurns that he will be permitted to return her despite immigration status. hung grandmother whom he hasn't seen in 13 years is very sick. >> she's turning 90 years old this year and i wanted to visit her before her health condition get worse. >>reporter: hung says he rea realizes that he could have been punished for just heckling the president in some other countries. he says that's the beauty of democracy. >> that is why i feel the grateful and i consider if this country as my home and i am an american. but my hope is that one day government will recognize our presence in this kun ty and hopefully i will regain my dignity and respect while i live in this country. >>reporter: hung leaves for zole on wechltdz this is where his grandmother and other relatives live. he will be gone for 20 days. although he's leaving with permission to
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reenter the u.s, hung believes that there's always the risk that his status could be revoked. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> let's shift gear talk about the weather for a couple minutes. believe it or not there's a possibility we could see few showers tomorrow. we need every drop. let's check in with spencer live doppler 7hd. >> all right dan we might actually see isolated showers even tonight. we pick up little patches of moisture in the atmosphere so it is possible but to the our north this is the system producing the instability in the atmosphere in the upper level low cold upper level low. showers early to the north coast and kick up throughout the afternoon and now evening. thunderstorms up in the northern sacramento valley now enough instability in our atmosphere. could see showers isolated showers overnight and start forecast animation 10:00 o'clock tonight and during the overnight early morning hours little spots of isolated shower activity could pop up. not wide spraechltd not heavy but
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isolated showers are possible even into the early morning commute. so may some wet spots on the basement during the morning commute bear that in michbilityd i give you a look beyond tomorrow into the accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks very much. head of company this sold houses for prominent east bay developer indicted on federal bank fraud charges today. 38-year-old man is president of discovery sales in concord and ar of the albert d construction company. according to the indictment he mastermind add scheme in which unqualified home buyers were able to get loans and discovery homes continued to sell houses at the height of the financial crisis. federal prosecutors say the scheme involved 230 million dollars worth of property sold to people who later went into foreclosure or had to sell the houses for less than what they paid for them. they were unwater. if convicted he may have to spend 30 years in prison and pay one million dollar fine. late today the attorney called it an
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old and weak case and will be defended vigorously. >> authorities identify the man who fell to his death off popular rock in the berkeley hills 22-year-old lorenzo hill of concord. he's not a cal student. police found a case of beer inside his car which was parked nearby. this is the second fatal accident off the same rock in two years. the today a catholic school in san francisco issued an apology to high school senior who is left out of the year book because she was wearing a tuxedo. the school says it omitted jessica's portrait because it violated their dress code. well, today the principal of sacred heart prep school issued poll ji on line saying the last few days have been revealing and opportunity to learn and grow as a community. jessica family turned down an offer to reprint the year book with her in it. her portrait will be displayed at graduation on saturday. >> all right. more to bring
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you on 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. teacher pet goes in for 50 dollar grooming right and comes out with 7000 dollars in vet costs. tonight we investigate what happened in between. >> some craziness. some of the things you missed yesterday worth fight bart connection to the oakland airport. how to make sure you are heard before they decide on how much it is going to cost. 7 news at 9:00
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for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out.
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>> clean up crew picked up 17 ton of garbage after bay to to breaker yesterday. department of public work cleared away 11 tons of it. the park department picked up the other 6. d p w told us race organizers will cover the cost. also a busy day for the police. among the arrest was this nearly naked man who hopped a fence at golden gate park to taunt a buy son for some reason. witness posted this video on line. nearly naked guy was cited for disturbing the animals. 24 people were arrested for public
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intoxication. >> real progress being made on the project extending bart to san jose. crew began dig ago trench that allow trains to pass beneath this road in north san jose. work impact traffic and temporary lane shift between lundy and the avenue. the extension from the fremont warm springs neighborhood to north san jose is due to open in about 3 and half years which is ahead of schedule and glad to know on budget. >> bart service to oakland international airport expected to start this fall no. exact date set but it is getting close. bart has been testing the new train us a can see in the video provided by bart. another issue is how much passengers will pay. right now bart officials say tickets could cost between 4 and 6 bucks. bart director will hear opinion on proposed fare from members of the public on thursday at 4:00 o'clock. vote is then expected on june 12.
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so if you would like to weigh in now is your chance. >> bay area dog owner wants major pet store chain to pay u up. she claims her 7-year-old dog was badly injured during a grooming session at novato petco in january and so far the company failed to do anything about it. laura has that story. >> i don't know how 50 dollar grooming bill becomes almost 7000. >>reporter: hahn assess her 7-year-old dog joey finally starting to act like old energetic self 4 months after the mother took the dog into a novato petco for the regular 50 dollar grooming session. >> joey wasn't walking when my mom went to pick him up and right leg was dangling. >> i put him down and he pulled the right rear leg up. >>reporter: when she went to pick up the dog at the store it was obvious right away that something was wrong. >> i just stood there the in shock i said there's something
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wrong with joey. when i came in he was healthy and happy and now he can't walk. >> haert hartman say the store assistant manager called in the groomer described having to tug on the right rear leg at one point but otherwise said nothing unusual happened. as it turned out x-ray showed joey had dislocated hip. hartman is a nurse. >> so when we looked at the x-ray the socket was here and the ball was next to it. so obvious right then it was dislocated hip. >>reporter: joe had to have an expensive surgery and still undergoing physical therapy. 7000 dollars in vet bill later the hartman have exchanged dozens of e-mails with petco and the insurer but so far the company hasn't accepted responsibility or paid for any of joe care. >> the very least an apology and our money back and not let this happen to any other dog. >> in an e-mail to abc 7 news petco spokesperson said we are aware of miss hartman claim and have been working with her on a resolution. we take her
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concern very seriously and currently reviewing joe medical records. hartman said they sent joe records to petco in march. in tiburon, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> new rules go into effect this friday that could put a damper on some beach bond fire in san francisco. national park service officials are moving the cut off time for bond fires at ocean beach to 9 p.m. it's 10 right now. agency also plans to install a new set of fire pit. officials say the changes are meant to cut did you know on problems that include public drunk, leaving fires unattended and littering. the new rules will be in effect through at least labor day. >> new a fire out there today it would be blowing around a lot. pretty breezy. >> about last couple days now the gust quite strong. up to 30 miles per hour ncaa and higher in some spots. here's live doppler 7hd. we have got clouds thickening over the bay area right now. moisture being
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picked up already in the cloud by live doppler 7hd no force of rainfall yet but might get few isolated showers during the overnight hours. right now wind gusting up to 25 miles per hour in no have the o. 30 miles per hour inland at fairfield. 23 at nap a.inland location not so much along the coast any more. that could change overnight. live view from the south beach camera looking along the bay bridge. 56 at san francisco. 60 oakland. 59 san carlos and san jose. 58 morgan hill. 55 at half moon bay. beautiful view of the sky line downtown san francisco and cloud in the background from our exploring camera. 57 in santa rosa. 55 napa. novato fairfield both 57. concord livermore both 58 degrees and one more live view coyote tower from the roof top camera. these are our forecast feature gusty winds tonight. we have those already. continue the cloudy in the over nature hours. isolated showers are possible overnight and
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tomorrow and warmer pattern begins midweek. now let's look at the satellite radar composite image. cloud thicken here. upper level low dropping counsel from our north creating instability in the atmosphere. bringing colder air with it. strong gusty wind pick up few coastal showers earlier and triggered thunderstorms in some of the farther inland location. here's our forecast animation starting 11:00 o'clock tonight. see the cloud increasing and possibly some spotty isolated showers overnight. won't amount to much. won't be wet area wide but as the morning rush begins at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning there could be a few wet spots. that will continue that pattern through the day tomorrow. we'll see break of sunshine. see mainly dry conditions tomorrow. but could be some isolated showers. on we go to the sierra. starting forecast animation there during this evening hours and we see chance of some showers and some snow showers there tomorrow. snow likely above 7000 feet could be 1 to 3 inches. not a major snow fall but late in the year so it's
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news worthy. note worthy. look at our overnight low. we see mainly low to mid 50's and of course again increasing clouds and chance of spotty showers. tomorrow in the south bay under partly to mostly cloudy skies. look for low -- or high in the low 70's. 71 in santa clara and san jose on the peninsula upper ask is to around 70. and low 60's open the coast. breezy conditions there. downtown san francisco 64 degrees tomorrow. high in the south bay mainly mid 70's. 75 santa rosa, 74 nap a.east bay high upper 60's. the inland east baylow to mid 70's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. so conditions calm down a bit on wednesday. that begins the warming trend as well by the weekend we see high pressure inland in the upper 80's to 90 and that carries over into next monday that is memorial day. >> warm weather appropriately for memorial day. >> not too blazing hot at leas least. >> no. not anything extreme just quite warm thanks.
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>> thanks investment still to come. bay area freeway stow away kitt at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> oakland teach her a big surprise in her classroom toda today. >> that's fourth grade teacher laura straight walking into her classroom this morning at aspire academy. she was greeted with the in that you say she had won the fisherman prize. national award given to the top teach interthe country. her students say she's the best. >> she's real great teacher. she makes us want to learn. she teaches us. >> i'm top of the world. i honestly truly feel like i am blessed to be in the situation. i am so grateful so blessed to have everyone who has gotten me
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here to this point. i thank everyone. >> to celebrate she sang a school song with her class then got a group hug from all the kid. group hug. straight was picked for the attention she gives teach student and raising texas score of the school over all. first california teach tore 7 the fisherman prize. way to go lawyer a.congratulations. >> fuzzy and can you tell us are not word typically associated with a traffic jam. but you will likely say oh. when you see what caused a back up today in oakland. take a look. chp tweeted out this photo of kitten rescued on hyde street. driver stopped in traffic when the kitten jumped from the center divide into her wheel well and was afraid to drive injury the kitten obviou obvious. uninjured cat quickly adopted by a passing motorist. little kitty is okay. >> stay right here. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. coming up next. how the united states is shake up the global spy game.
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>> also new trouble in libya. why u.s. aircraft standby to evacuate americans. >> truly man best friend in the fight against prostate cancer. uncanny ability that dog have that could save your life. those stories and more state those stories and more state here with me another half hour
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>> good evening once again. america is shaking up the global spy ge putting 5 chinese national on notice. and charging them with computer hacking, spying and covert action that are costing american jobs. fbi director says that the chinese believe why should i build it when i can take it? pierre thomas is on the story. >> these are the faces of 5
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chinese government spies. indicted today by the justice department accused of spying on american company costing them millions of dollars an causing thousands of americans to lose their job. >> this is a case of spying by members of chinese military. >> 5 alleged military spies computer hackers from china shadow unit here. they worked out of this office building in shanghai. alleged target the u.s. energy and metal industry. chinese hacker penetrated computers at u.s. steel, al company a-westinghouse, solar world and information invaluable. by allegedly hack u.s. steel the chinese spy learned to manufacture steel more cheaply with world steel price plunge then the profit plunge. forced to cut production and lay off workers. >> these victims are tired of being raided. this 21st
9:31 pm
century burglary has to stop. >>reporter: in interview with us fbi director james sounds the larm about the growing chinese threat. >> only 2 kinds of corporations big corporations in america. those who have been hacked by the china owes or those that don't know they have been hacked by the chinese. amount of theft that is going on simply staiing staggering. >>reporter: fbi director also pointed to a different case today. this one showing even american homes are at risk to hackers. 100 people in 18 country i arrested for developing a malicious software called black shade taking control of people personal computers. spy on them through the web camera. miss teen usa cassidy was a victim. private nude photo stolen. >> not science fiction. the criminal have the ability to reach in and watch you to record your key stroke to take pictures of what you are looking at and then to use your computer to victimize your neighbors. sort of harvest your computer into a sobing bea
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network. >>reporter: chinese government calls the charges bogus but the fbi director told the bluntly today he has the evidence to prove it. if those 5 military officers ever leave china they better be looking over their shoulders. abc news new york. >> right now to libya. u.s. military is preparing emergency aircraft in case it needs to evacuate americans in tripoli. violence is spreading in the lybian cap to. at least 2 people were killed. 66 injured yesterday after armed men stormed the country's parliament. >> thailand army declared marshall law. surprise announcement came before dawn on tuesday. not immediately clear whether a coup east under way. this move comes after 6 months of anti-government protest and day after the south east asian country caretaker prime minister refused to step down. army says in a statement that it is taking the action to keep peace and order. >> well man best friend just might be able to save your life. italian researchers say
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they have found that specifically especially trained dog can detect prostate cancer with 98 percent accuracy. 98. although there are current screening method for the disease they are not always accurate. but with the acute sense of smell dog able to detect volatile or again ick compound present in urine associated with prostate cance cancer. research was just presented at the animal meeting of the american urological association. >> white house today awarded 5 million dollar partnership to help fight a coffee disease in central america that could lead to much higher praises for all of us here. fungus caused 1 billion dollars in damage in 8 country across the region. bean used in high end coffee. today the u.s. agency for international development announce a 5 million dollar partnership with texas a&m university to try to eliminate the fungus. chief concern is economic. if you think cows lead to half million farmer losing their job and that could
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easily increase chance of civil unrest. >> connecticut girl who asked vice president biden to the prom got unexpected gift instead. day before the prom a delivery man handed 17-year-old if girl a wrist corsage personally selected by biden along with a handwritten note. these are pictures from the hartford current newspaper. in the note the v p invited her to visit him at the white house. also said schedule doesn't permit him to be in connecticut the night of the prom but he hoped that she would enjoy it as much as he enjoyed his. very thoughtful gesture. >> well pretty strong evidence this evening we have for you that childhood iq is not always an accurate measurement in terms of testing done. coming up next. bay area woman who has proven everyone wrong. she was told she would never get into college. but guess what, she got out as this year top graduate. 7 news at 9:00 back after the break. >> as we go to break may is
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asian pacific american hair tan month and we are using our 7 news instagram feed to celebrate the bay area a p a community. tonight we recognize the asian art museum in the heart of san francisco civic center. be sure to catch the art of the exhibition before it closes may 25 by the way. more information at instagram at this web site. check that out when you have a moment stay here i'll be
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>> breaking news in san leandr leandro. 18-year-old woman has been struck and killed by an amtrak train. her family tells us she may have been talking on her cell phone when hit. we have a crew on the scene. we bring you more details as soon as we get them. reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at 7 news bay area we have more also on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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>> well this year top student at uc berkeley once told that she would never learn to read at college level. thank goodness for her parents who brushed off that assessment. 23-year-old rebecca peters received the university medal and education reporter lee ann sat down with her to talk about over coming challenges. >> when rebecca was about to enter fourth grade her parents were told their daughter had measured very low on aneurysm q test. peters who this year is uc berkeley top student only found out about it a few years ago. >> my parents were sort of laughing to themselves. i asked what is so funny? they just said it's funny that someone who was told they couldn't read at the college level they had been told that is about to be admitted to public university. >>reporter: her parents bought on pushing to enroll her in advanced classes. peters has pursued everything in life with the same kind of intensity.
9:40 pm
>> the classes i think i work hardest in i find myself engaged and courses that topic wouldn't come easily to me. >> she earned a 3.98 grade point afternoon. the university medal also given to students whose idea benefit others. >> the latino community are impacted. >>reporter: she worked salinas to bring awareness to the any at any rate contamination problem in the drinking water supply that affect so many family there. peters made it her passion to work on water and sanitation project in several country. she also speaks openly about another issue. her bout with depression. >> you learn how to deal with and make your own and it's not easy but i think it has made me stronger to over county. >> she will soon leave berkeley to continue her studies at the university of manchester then oxford in the uk. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> academy of art university
9:41 pm
held annual spring show today. this is when students show off what they have been working on all year. there are these are more than just paintings too t.architect students working on developing housing communities. design students displaying concept cars even future shoes. this is more than a chance to just show off. it's also an opportunity for students to meet recawters from all kinds of company and talk about their work. >> some of the company that come in we dream of working at and then meeting the recruiter and getting to talk to them or artist and talk to them is really, really inspiring for u us. >>reporter: about 400 academy of art university students displaying the best stuff and you are in have ited topaechbliy through saturday at the end of june jerrold avenue campus. pretty innovative. >> coming up next. michael jackson on stage singing and dancing again. and everyone is dancing again. and everyone is asking how did they do that?
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>> if you want to sell a beaten up 1993 orange volvo with 300,000 milsz on it get creative and swedish man has done just that postsing a you tube video buy my volvo check it out this car is equipped with both an inside and an outside f.pop the pony face. real ladies magnet according to the legend of my grand child child. back seat is haunted. >> the man behind the ad called on a few friends to help him sell the car. video is now approaching one and a half
9:46 pm
million hits on you tube. seller wants 1100 buck for the volvo or even trade for a new x box. of pretty creative. pretty fun. good luck to him. >> well now the performance has everyone buzzing maybe you saw it. michael jackson manualcly appeared on stage the sing at the billboard music award 5 years after his death. we were told it was not a hologram. not an impersonation. here's david right. >>reporter: live performance by a dead celebrity. before last night at the billboard music award this brand new michael jackson number stole the show. wizard who credit it say it's not a hotel grm. but a virtual human being. 3d avatar of the king of pop. performing alongside real dancers. if not the first too
9:47 pm
time superstar brought back to life virtually. watch this. celine performing with elvis on "american idol". at the coachella music festival two years ago hotel grm of tupac with duet. how does it work? well, i can't exactly tell you because i'm a mere projection. let's let the real david take it away. >> state of the art digital version of an old 19 century magic trick this digital david ist real. he just projected on to screen at 45 degrees and i can interact with him or even make him disappear. could you in theory bring anybody back from the dead with this technology. >> absolutely. >>reporter: for now the jackson estate won't go in details how they brought this off saying only mwould have loved the mystery and the show manship. david wright abc news
9:48 pm
los angeles. >> spencer watched that as i did and it was really a little bit spooky but wildly entertaining. spencer so you so you knowed lucky a classic jackson. >> fascinating and freaky at the same time. sort of like our weather. here's time lapse view from lake tahoe this afternoon showing storm clouds building over the lake and some stormy weather headed that way. rather soon. just as it might be coming our way but we don't really expect much. here's live doppler 7hd few cloud building right now but upper level low to the north kicked up unstable conditions in the atmosphere and numerous thunderstorms still rumble through the vaechlt it might bring some isolated showers to the bay area tomorrow. it's expected to produce scattered isolated showers across much of the state tomorrow. including the central sierra with mix of written showers and some snow showers way up high. bay area tomorrow we expect partly to mostly cloudy skies few brick of sun. cooler than average. high pressure from 60's around the bay to low mid 70's inland
9:49 pm
and maybe a couple isated showers but again we don't expect much to develop in the system. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast start warming up on wednesday by the weekend. memorial day weekend we see high pressure inland upper 80's to near 90 degrees. low 80's around the bay upper 60's on the coast. nice warm memorial day weekend. >> looks good thanks. >> rock super group led zeplin under fire. los angeles bad spirit that toured with zeplin in the late 60's claims he stole the opening song stairway to heaven from them. here's to heaven from them. here's the spirit version if ♪ ll right. here's led zeplin version from the untitled fourth album. ♪ zeplin effect ready to release
9:50 pm
new version of the song. spirit says they will sue. zeplin and warner music had no comment. why all of this is just coming out now. hard to say but. there you go. >> shouldn't they have made thought about this like of 50 years ago. if wouldn't it be more relevant then. >> led zeplin still making a fortune off the song. >> i lake the zeplin version better. >> yes. >> we will say that. see why led zeplin and the other guys the spirit. good luck take our shot where we can. >> all right. sports is first. continue the quest to get back to the nba finals. do you know who stole my routine? 30 years -- theo. game 1 with thunder tonight and leonard bringing it with a leonard bringing it with a twist. sports
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. world famous tourist attraction closed temporarily. why the city wants to shut down the crooked part of lombard street and how much the plan
9:54 pm
will cost taxpayers. >> plus growing number of women claim a popular form of birth control developed here in the bay area has some dangerous side effects. fda says it's safe. so why do the complaints continue to stack up. those stories and more on abc 7 news stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. all right sports director larry is here and for the warriors to mark the first difficult of school. >> yes. >> bring the lunch box. nervous with the other kids like me. >> i think it's an expensive lunch box. probably catered. white table cloth. nice news conference to. warriors introduce steve kurr as new head coach formally tomorrow. night he was still doing the old job working in television. pedestrians. calling game one of the western conference final san antonio between the spurs and thunder. with about mille
9:55 pm
miller, albert and then full-time with golden state. spurs led all fight long. parker 14 points. turn in the lane up and in. 27 points. second half helps to be left left handed staples here. 18 off the bench. play of the game. license avrmentd and finish. are you kidding me? spectacular. the spurs take game 1. 122-105. to the ice. each in conference final game 2 rangers and canadians. rangers goalie 40 saves. a stellar performance. in the second. already up 2-1. marty. sniping to the top shelf. rangers win 3-1 and take a series lead they had back to the big apple. california chrome will try to do something that has not been done in 36 years. and will be able to wear his nasal strip during the race. 3-year-old colt has won the kentucky derby on saturday
9:56 pm
took the preakness triple crown in 3 week. now today the big ruling came from new york racing association when they announce it will be okay for california chrome to wear the nasal strip which previously they had banned years ago. he wore the strip in the derby then the preakness. now the strip is just like a regular breathe right thing that humans wear to help the breathing but not considered to be performance enhancer. no horse had a nasal strip or not never won. it's mile and half in the belmont couple. owner know california chrome is going to be challenged. >> does have a target open his back so he will be tested. going to be some fresh horse that is come in. new players in the game so you know, we just have to wait and see how the cheap fall where they may. >>reporter: tiger woods made his first public appearance since back surgery in march to alleviate a pinched nerve. right now there is really no time table for tiger return. he's already missed the masters. next month the u.s. open coming. that's very much
9:57 pm
in jeopardy hard toy imagine he will make. that tiger said the surgery he had on his back was absolutely necessary. >> rate before the surgery i really couldn't do much. if getting out of bed was a task and forget about playing golf at the highest level. realization to all this is that there's no date. just take it on a daily basis and it's not the not up to me whether i play or right. up to my dock. >>reporter: 2 and a half week training camp at stanford soccer team prepping for world cup in brazil. usa in a brutal group along with second rank germany, portugal and tough ghana team. mike with more now on the task ahead. if. >> donovan has scored. oh, can you believe it? you could not. >> team usa has until june 2nd to whittle down the roster from 30 to 23 players.
9:58 pm
>> building the foundation for hopefully successful world cup doing our homework. fine-tuneing a lot of element down the training field. fence for the guy make this team as strong as possible to go that the world cup. >> this is a competitive camp 7 of the players will not make the final roster which make it tough because you also want to build team chemistry. >> we realize that we are a team. we are one and we are going to compete against each other and everyone wants to win but we'll be the first to pick each other up and have each other back. >>reporter: team usa in the group of tv death with germany portugal and ghana who knocked us out of the last 2 world cup. >>t's difficult and we have our work cut out for us. we face the challengeen head on and put in the work necessary and fight ghana first opponent in brazil and round robin format. play each team in the group with 3 points for victory
9:59 pm
and 1 point for draw. top 2 teams advance from each group. >> eye light up in the world cup. ultimate thing you can experience as soccer player. so we give everything we have. we are prepared all our homework on every team we face. >> at stanford, abc 7 sports. >> hope he's able to make the national team. sports brought to you by toyota. i'm not a soccer expert but group of the death that sounds troubling. not ideal. not where we want to be. >> all right. thanks. that's true in so many things. >> yes. >> that is thiedition of 7 news for spencer, larry all of us here thanks so much for watching appreciate your time as always. see you again in 1 hour over on the big 7 at 11:00 hour over on the big 7 at 11:00 o'clock
10:00 pm
laying] ready for the bus driver, winger? know why they call me bus driver? you've been traveling? because i'm taking your butt to school. nice. heh, heh. cool, i'm up. no, game's to 15. since when? since you scored 11. sorry, abed, i have to finish kicking troy's butt.


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