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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 25, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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>>. good evening. three of six victims who were killed in friday's night deadly rampage near uc santa barbara. 29-year-old david wong is from fremont. 19-year-old george chen and 19-year-old chan. they lived with elliot rodger but were planning to move out.
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inside the car, rodger had three legally purchased handguns and more than 400 rounds of ajs. rodger sent out a manifesto friday. his therapist called his mother to tell her about the writings before the shootings began. they raised to stop him and were too late. 16 people are in the hospital. all are in fair or in good condition. >> throughout the day, this collection of flowers and little mementos as grown. some people deviant know -- some people didn't even know the two young women. both were not even members of the sorority. at the deli, another memorial marks where chris martinez was gunned down. martinez was a ucsb student and
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an employee of the deli. at dell playa drive, this man describes how it ended. >> there was a biker i saw get hit about here, and his body landed about here. >> elliot rodger's black bmw came to rest alongside these cars. he died of of a self-inflicked gunshot wound. >> one of the neighbors talked about the three victims stabbed to death here before the shooting began. >> they were good kids. they were extremely smart. >> rodger wrote manifesto he was worried police would search his apartment and find
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h what he was add to. he wrote i told them it was an misunderstanding. and they left. if they would have demanded to search my room, they found everything. when they left, the biggest wave of relief swept over me. it was so scary. today, the sheriff talks about why they didn't do a more thorough investigation of him. >> he explained to the deputies that it was a understanding and although he was having some social problems, he was able to convince them that he was not at that point a danger to himself or anyone else. >> the sheriff said his officers were not aware of the videos, just a warning from his parents. rodger said the incident made him realize he needed to be extra careful to not let anyone become suspicious of him. and stay with abc 7 news on the
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very latest on the deadly rampage. our coverage continues now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and on abc 7 oakland police are investigating after a man was shot to death early this morning outside his apartment. detectives say the man was shot during an argument after coming home from a night club just before 1:30. witnesses said the shooter sped off just before police and paramedic arrived. police haven't reemsed his name but did say he was 30 years old. four people in east bay were rush to the hospital today with heat-related injuries. they were at a concert. the temperatures rose into the 90s. >> good evening. everyone. you'll need to have the water handy tomorrow as well. clear skies right now all around the bay area and that's going to
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allow temperatures to warm up again tomorrow. check out the highs today. we reached the mid 90s in some locations and 95, the warmest spot, antioch. santa rosa, 96. san francisco, very warm, 70. and in san jose, the high was 83 degrees. we have another warm day on tap for us tomorrow with plenty of sunshine again. numbers will be close to today's highs. i'll let you know exactly what your neighborhood temperature will be but there is a cooldown in store for us as well and i'll show you that with the seven-day forecast. >> gorgeous weather is make for a perfect holiday weekend in the bay area. this is how people soaked up the sun in san francisco today. >> thousands lined the streets to watch the spectacle go by. >> it's so festive. it's very cultural.
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i love to dance, the food, it's all about people. >> maybe the biggest surprise this year. the weather. it was actually warm. almost hot which helps when you are wearing outfits like these. >> it's really nice today so you can afford to be in fish nets and not freeze. pretty fabulous. >> it's a very good vibe. i like it a lot. >> in golden gate park, this giant free swing dance lesson had folks moving. >> it's a perfect weather. it's not super hot. there's a good breeze. >> ocean breeze was no cooler, sunscreen was put on and this man hit the surf. how were the waves today? >> they are okay. not so much wind today so it's really more pleasant than it has been. >> the memorial day holiday should be just as nice. a driver pulled over by a
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chp officer rushed to the officer's aid after a passing suv slammed into his patrol car. the officer was stopped on northbound 101, when the suv drifted on to the shoulder and struck the officer's cruiser. >> he couldn't get out, so i saw the gas, i went over there. he was stuck. i had to kick the door open. i was able to get him unstuck, and took him out of the car. i told him i need him to get away. there was gas leaking. i had to think fast. i grabbed him and pulled him out. >> the officer was seriously injured. the driver who hit him may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police in oakland say two people were hurt after a car slammed into this house. this suv drove off the street, clipping a garage just before 2:00 this afternoon. officers say the driver of the suv ran off. two people in a smaller car were
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hit. this house is near 98th avenue and 580. nobody in the house was hurt. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, good news for veterans this memorial weekend. how the state is pitching
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state lawmakers have approve a bill calling for more funding for local veterans services. the organization helps assist veterans with various needs and services like compensation, benefits, and health care. the bill would require the california department of veteran affairs to give the association $5.6 million each year to help fund their programs instead of the current aloe kaks of $2.6 million. >> it's lower than we will like.
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if we could get more funding we could hire more service officers and the more service officers we have, the better we can serve the veterans. >> last year it was increased to $5.6 million in a one time funding. the bill calls for that one time assistance amount and making it permanent. nasa now plans to take the mars exploration under ground. right now, there are two rovers on the planet searching for life. another year, insight will use a size mom eter. it will have newer technology and should be able to provide data never seen before. coming up next, why california's birds of prey are
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going through a breeding crash. thermometers spiked today but a cooldown is on its way. an amazing finish to the run for the indy 500. on to charlotte for the
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drought in california has increased the risk for fires and now some experts say it's hurting populations of large birds. drought has dried up the food chain for birds of prey especially in southern california. without grass, there aren't as
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many rodents. mothers are abandoning nests insteading of sitting on edge. you are here with weather. >> another dry and warm sunny day for us tomorrow. that's not great news for some of those birds but for people with events planned outdoors, you can enjoy another nice day. clear blue skies all around the bay area, or evening skies right now as we look live from the east bay hills toward san francisco and the bay. just a beautiful day out there. we're cooling now into the 60s right now. san francisco in 60, oakland 64. san carlos 66, 70 maroon hill and 57 in half moon bay. you'll notice the camera bouncing due to winds.
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you can san rosa at 76, napa at 64 and other locations still in the 70s at this hour. this camera, we see a beautiful view of the trans american building. we'll see some clouds develop overnight, just along the coast. it will be mainly clear everywhere except right near the coast. warm again tomorrow for memorial day and then things start to change on tuesday. get ready. we'll cool down quite a bit. with high pressure influencing our weather tomorrow we'll see warm sunshine and warm temperatures once again. the forecast animation shows the fog up the coast and low clouds when we wake up tomorrow morning around 7:00. but notice it clears pretty quickly so we'll see cooler numbers at the coast in the 60s but warm numbers once again elsewhere. here's a look overnight lows.
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56 in san francisco and oakland. antioch, 60. 91 in gil roy. 65 in pacifica. so that's just -- if you want cooler weather, head to the coast and beach. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees and then look for 80s through parts are of the north bay valley. sonoma 87. very mild and comfortable weather in the east bay. mid to upper 70s. 76 in berkeley, to 77 in newark and then still warm to even hot in the inland areas. low 90s to upper 80s. so could come down just a few mors degrees. but elsewhere you'll notice it
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will be very similar to today's numbers so pleasant day for memorial day. 60s in the coast to 90s inland. the wind pick up monday night into tuesday we'll see increasing clouds and the breeze will help bring the temperatures down and then we'll have a slight cooling trend all the way into next week. >> thank you, francis. you are taking us to the brick yard. >> the greatest spectacle in sports. 83-year-old jim nabors back home again in indiana. ryan-hunter passes him on the inside. neilly in the gray. castronevos, on the inside. hunter-reay hangs on to win.
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beating the previous winner by a car length. >> i c believe it. i don't even know -- it hasn't even sunk it yet. this is just the fantastic team. a dream has come true today and i'm a proud american boy. that's for sure. >> kurt bush ran the india -- indy 500 today. engine problems prevented him from finishing the challenge. >> dani ka patrick had engine problems. jimmy johnson held off kevin hardwick. >> well, we had our first no-hitter in baseball this season with dodgers pitcher did it against the phillies. his first career.
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here's the call. >> here's the pitch from beck ket. strike three. no hitter. >> they were looking no hit day. the pitched a no hitter in 1996. elliott went six nothing. >> twins found a way to beat memorial day traffic. sixth home runs. three -- 3-1 g men. struckout 10. he clears them with his doubles down the line. morris had three doubles. four ribs on the day. sweeps the twins on an 8-1 victory. toronto tries to prevent a
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win. 1-0 blue jays. jose batiste. 2-0 toronto. the a's are swept with a 3-1 final. nba play youfs, western conference finals, thunder taking the game from san antonio. they were bleeding blue. thunder got some welcome reinforcement. at 15 points. they beat the buzzer from half-court. okc wins the game. westbrook not going to like this. a little embarrassing. thunder wins the game 103-97. to the ice, rangers, canadians. don't see that often. fifth of the year or fifth of
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the play youfs. 2-1 rangers. 2-2. we dpo to overtime for the second straight game. 3-2 victory. french open, serena williams handled her opponent easily. that's a pretty good record. her sister venus also advances as well as roger federer. >> what a day. >> thank you so much. >> up next on nbc 7 news at 9:00. "godzilla "owns the box office for one week. we are proud to announce we have a brand new website. abc 7 will adjust
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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earned $91 million in the u.s. and $171 million globally. godzilla earned $21 million. neighbors and the amazing spiderman two round out your top five. that will do it at news at nine. we'll see you over on channel 7.
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>> coming up on "swirl," author jo becker with her controversial new book "forcing the spring: the fight for marriage equality." >> change happens when people decide that they are going to not wait for justice anymore. >> information about a new transgender homeless shelter. >> this is one of the most challenging cities trying to fit into. >> and a special performance by christina ms. ladybug gilmore. all that next on "swirl." [music] >> welcome to "swirl," your a through z covering the lgbt,


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