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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 23, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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next at 6:00, another person breached security at mineta san jose airport. how it happened thisime. we're live on the peninsula after a police chase killed man ask shut down a busy roaay. >> a teenager survives a fall at a pay area park where several people have died. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. another breach at mineta san jose airport. a man trespassed and stole a truck. tonight he is in custody, and we ask, how did his happen again? good evening. the man suspected of breaching the airport gounds is 39-year-old miel zaragoza. he has bn booked for possession of a stolen vehicle d trespassing.
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cornellernard is live at the airport with the story. cornell? reporter: we still don't know how the man got on to rport property and wound up here at terminal b in a stolen truck. officials say peaks were never in any danger but the latest security breach here is raising a lot of red flags. >> on the tarmac. he jumped into one of the trucks and took off. >> airport maintenance crews are shocked a fellow employee got his truck stolen by a man who breached security at san jose international. it happened here at atlantic aviation's private jet facility on the west side. 39-year-old miguel zaragoza was spotted walking around sunday mornin employees escorted the man inside and caed police but zaragoza ran away from the building, into thearking lot, where he spotted a city maintenance worker standing by his truck. >> he asked the worker for a ride to at the therm unti the answer was no, and he
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proceeded to somehow get into the maintenance vehicle and drive it on the stree side to the airport terminal. >> police say zaragoza drove down coleman avenue in the stolen truck, made his we curbside where he was arrested by police they say he was acting strangely, possibly under the influence of drugs. >> the person who got his truck stolen, he is okay? >> yeah. there was no one hurt. >> maintenance crews called the incident scary andt's not the first time. the security breach is the third one this ar. back in april, a 15-year-old boy got on to the taxiway and stowed away inside t wheel well of a hawaiian airlines jet, surviving a five-hour flight to maui. and in august, marilyn hartman made it past security and a boarding gate and flew to los angeles without a ticket knowles recent breach still raising the question, how did the man get on to atlantic aviation's
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flightline. >> working with the tsa and the airport to determine how he got on the airport. >> the airport says it's investigating. >> breakg news. webbed lanes of i-58 other near 232348 castro valley are closed. the chp is investiting a deadly aident had happened a half hour ago. officers have not said how much longer the roadway will be closed but stay with us for breaking updates and follow our twitter feed. investigators believe a driver may have been drunk in a head-on collision that killed two people in novato. it happened on highway 101 near san antonio drive. the driver was going the ong way and slam into another r. both drivers were killed. a passenger wa seriously hurt. new at 6:00, man is dead after a police chase shut down a bu roadway on the peninsula today. its started in daly city on
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geneva avenue this more than and ended in a crash in brisbane. we're live in daly city. reporter: bay shore boulard is finally backpen after this stretch was closed for about six hours while investigators combed througthe scene of the deadly crash. the suspect vehicleas towed away an hour and a half ago. this cha started just before 11:00 this morning. a daly city police officer tried to get the drivero pull over as the vehicle was traveling on geneva avenue. it was for a regular traffic violation bu the driver would not stop andnstead took off down bay shore boulevard. police chased the car and the pursuit ended when the drive lost control and veered off the ro. the car plunged downen in embankment and hit several trees and a building. there are still these tire tracks in the mud.
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the driver died the scene. nobody else was in the car. this crash is still under investigation, and i did speak with an officer who tells me they're not sure why the driver did not pull over in the first place or why the person veered off the road. it was very short pursuit some not a high-speed chase. they were driving 40-mes-an-hour. no names are being released while family members are notified of the dth. live in brisbane, abc7 news. >> thank you. right now a teenaged boy is recovering from moderate to significant injuriesfter falling 100 feet down a cliff. it happened just after 10:00 this morning at allen park in s jose. the 17-ar-old fell 30 to 40 feet down eagle rock and then another 70 feet through brush. others who have fallen in the same area have died. this young man was doing something many of us might do. >> out taking pictures and just got too close to the edge and slipped and fell. >> the teenager went into a
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trauma centewith broken bones and was conscious when rescuers got to him. staying in n jose two homes destroyed after a two-alarm apartment fi this afternoon on hamilton and atherton avenue. e fire captain says someone was cooking french fries and the oil caug fire. one person has minor burns but did not go to the hospital. hundreds of catholics today celebrated sunday mass f the first time since fire devastated their church in san jose. ♪ >> san jose bishop patrick joseph mcgrajoined them for services inside the parish hall at holy cross church. they worshiped amid religious artifacts salvaged by firefighters. members of the parishstarted fundraisers med at rebuilding the church. >> hopefully in one year. we continue with this.
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[inaudible] >> investitors do not suspect arson as a causeof last sunday's fire. no decision yet from a grand jury near st. louis on whether a police officer will face charms in the shooting death of an unarmed teenagerment people of ny faiths prayed for pee across the region that when the decision does emerge there won't be violence. barricades surround the courthouse where the grand jury is expected to meet again morrow. the family of michael brown and president obama also called for peace and calmness no matter what the panel decides. >> calls for change outside levi's stadium. dozens of native america demanded that the washington redskins abandon their decades old team name. many dressedn traditional tribal attire while praying outside today's niners-redskins game. so protesters spoke directly th the red skins owner, daniel
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snyder. >> dan snyder has stated that this is an honor for himto have that emblem on his helmet. not an honor to our people >> a man wearing a shirt supporting the redskins' animal exchange heated words with protesters. e 49ers say the team supports the right of pple to express themselves. >> tomorrow at noon students plan to walk outf classes at every hool in the university of california system. the latest step in an organized protest against tuition hkes. last week, uc regents voted to raiseuition for in-state and out of state students for five days students have been camped out in wheeler hall, vowing nt leave until regents change thr mind. still ahead at 6:00, the new push to re-open an oakland school, closed becaus of budget cuts if you're traveling this holiday, we'll tell you if you need to get on the road a little earlier.
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the growing service that will help americans save millions of dollars this holidayshopping season. >> i'm abc7 meteorologistrew tuma. today w were soaked in sunshine and that will bring us a warming trend throughout the next couple of days. a live look outsidecoit tower unde
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a sign of west oakland's resurgence, parents are pushing to re-open an elementary school. accept the closed because of budget problems in 2012. the oakland tribune reports families believe there are now enough of them living near the school that it should be re-opened. parents say their children have to walk more than a mile to school and across busy streets. the superintendent met with parents this week and is encouraging them to formally petition for the school's re-opening. you may want to hit the road a little earlier thisthanksgivi. thanksgiving travel in california could reach its highest volume in seven years. aaa says more than 5.5 million californians plan to travel 50-miles or more over thanksgiving weekend, a aaa spokeswoman says more californians have disposable income which means more money to spend on travel.
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>> with spending up we me a also be saving more money on holiday gifts. a new survey predicts 80% of shoppers with log on to a coupon web site to get discounts on gifts you. can look at added and then download the coupons before you shop. savings average $20 for every trip to the cash register. shoppers are expected to save a total of $5 billion this year. keep in mind, the survey was done by retail me which is a coupon web site. >> coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, could tesla be collaborating with bmw? what elon musk is saying. >> rain is expected to return. meteorologist drew tuma well till us when. >> i'm rick quan in sports, the 49ers going for their third straight win today. the offense struggled but the defense managed to
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tesla could be forming an alliance with bmw. in an interview with the german magazine, which was published today, ceo elon musk says tesla is interested in bmw's carbon fiber parts used to protect electric batteries. he said they're cost efficient, lightweight and sturdy. they're now used in two of bmw's electric vehicles. musk says the two are in talks
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to see if they can collaborate on battery technology or charming stations and told the magazine, tesla will likely have a battery production plant in germany in the next five to six years. there was a time when being called a nerd was not cool. times are changing. now nerds are part of a fast growing social escape of bay area nerd knight that combine lick door and learning. >> usually sell out. >> i have a little nerd in me. >> it's like so many people who really know stuff, doing really interesting things. >> what are these interesting things? we'll fine out tonight when abc7 at 11:00 takes us inside nerd nite. looking forward to that myself. let's bring in drew tuma with a check of the forecast. the holiday on deck. >> the local weather nerd is their tell you, a fantastic stretch of weather. sunshine, and also a nice warmup
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towards thanksgiving. live doppler 7hd active last week with the rain event. the upcoming week is mainly dry. taking you outside from the emeryville cam showing you the sunset earlier, 4:54:00 p.m. the oranges and blews, and we'll see several sunsets like this, generally clear skies every day. going to be a nice day to be out andabout tomorrow. so taking you to sfo, if you have travel plans, you'll be okay. lots of sunshine will keep the skies clear. the forecast, clear and cool overnight. warmup will peak tuesday and wednesday and then tracking rain returning into the weekend forecast next weekend. so, as you go through right now, temperatures 57 in san francisco, 57, oakland. a popular temperature. hayward, 57. 59 in mountain view and san jose, 56. satellite and radar shows you high pressure is in control and with that we have a mild and mainly sunny forecast.
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the high pressure staying right where it is for the next four days. take you to the future, tomorrow morning, do notice sunshine, not a cloud to be seen mid-day. see plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 60s and evening forecast, still having the sunshine with us and the sunshine continues tuesday, wednesday, and thanksgiving on thursday. as we take a three-quarter temperature trend, specifically in san jose, the average hi this time of year, 66. we'll be better than that through mid-week. by wednesday and thursday. temperatures in the 70s and then drop back into the 60s next weekend. the rain brings a cooling effect, drop to 63 degrees by saturday. so, as we look at overnight lows, 40s on in the board, 40, santa rosa, 51 san francisco, 50, oakland, 48, san jose. highs for monday. 66 in san rafael. 65, san francisco. 63, half moon bay. 67, san jose. comfortable 71 in fairfield.
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i want to fast forward into wednesday. if you're travel though east coast or have relatives coming west, could be tricky travel. the reason why, a storm is brewing and that looks like there's 575% chance the storm will take a track close to the coast and only 25% chance that the storm goes out to sea. so if it does take the track one, the time stamp, wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m., highly traveled day. look at this, snow up and down the i-95 corridor from boston, new york city, philadelphia, washington, dc, so could expect flight delays and hazards you traveling on the roadways in the east coast, locally, the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you, nothing better than thanksgiving temperatures into the 70s, and then track the next chance for rain early next weekend. saturday some sunday. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. >> we have rick quan in today
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with sports and a home game for the 49ers. >> and another win. 49ers were nine-point favorites today against a struggling washington team but nearly fell victim to the upset-minded redskins. robert griffin iii has been feeling the heat. san francisco score on the first possession. collin kaepernick with the touchdown to anquan bolden. bolden had nine catches for 137 yards. alfred morris had a big game, rolling into the end zone. morris with 125 yards rushing. late in the first half on fourth and two. capber nick up to michaeliantree who makes a great grab. setting up a 41-yard field goal. 10-7 at the half. the niners defense kept the pressure on rg iii. he was sacked five times. aldon something i had two of them. but the san francisco offense committed three turnovers. frank gore coughs it up here. the fumble caused by trent murphy, former stanford star. led too a field goal.
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washington let 13-10 with under eight minutes left. the niners drive 75 yards in eight plays, carlos hyde with the touchdown. san francisco wins 17-13. the third straight victory improves their record to 7-4. >> did what they needed to do. good teams win those games. proud of our guys. by any means necessary. >> always look back what we could have done better. we could have won more, by more points could have played better defense, but a win is a win. >> we got into a rhythm and then just started making mistakes here and there. and that's the thing about offense. it takes all 11 guys too do -- to do their job. i if one guy doesn't do their job it breaks down. >> cardinals at seattle. in the game's only touchdown in the third. wilson dumped it off to cooper who will not be denied. seahawks snap arizona's win streak with a 19-3 victory.
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the niners host seattle this thursday. st. louis was at san diego. the chargers were driving for the go-head score when jenkins picks off rivers, and he has nothing but green in front of him. jenkins with the pick six, goes 99 yards for the touchdown. but san diego does come back. former cal bear, kennan allen, lost a pair of fumbles. this time holds on and good in for their score. chargers win 27-24, improve 207-4. following the birth of his daughter this morning, colts receiver t.y. hilton promised he would score a touchdown for her, and daddy delivered. he takes it 73 yards as indy pulls away from jacksonville, 23-3. rock-a-bye baby. >> miami at denver. for a white looked like the broncos would lose their sevennin' attract. doll fines led after three quarters about the broncos rally to win. t.j. anderson rushed for
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167 yards and the score. denver beats miami in a shootout, 39-36. >> the warriors open a five-game road trip in oklahoma stay. golden state has not won in six years. okc is playing without kevin durant ask russell westbrook. even without the stars i can nick colinson can bring the thunder, gets around green. thompson debts in -- gets the friendly roll. the thunder keeping it close. reggie jackson with the drive, lays it in. maurice fates has been big, coming off the bench. gets the basket despite the foul. four minutes left, golden state leads 893-79 -- 83-79. >> thank you. next on abc7 news at 6:00, why the biggest box office opening of the year is still seen as a
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bit of a disappointment. join abc7's spencer christian for the tree-lighting celebration. the special will air sunday, november 30th, at 6:30, right hererererere
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. a revolutionariaryship two decades in development in california may finally go into production. how it could transform cargo transport around the world, especially in disaster responses. then on abc7 news at 11:00, an update on the four-year-old boy who survived a 230-foot fall from a cliff. we have new pictures and signs of his recovery tonight at 11:00. the hunger games is back and easily won the box office this weekend. "the mocking jay part 1" is the third of four movies in the november veil turned movie franchise, earning $123 million. that's the top opening this year, and 15th greatest of all-time. but analysts are disappoint because the last two hunger
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games movies pulled in more than 150 million each. on friday, after analysts predicted lower ticket sales, those studios' stock actually fell five percent. mocking jay outpaced the box office. and should vie for the top spot over the next few weekends. rick, we don't usually have you with us here. this is where we point out what nerds we are, we have not seen these movies. you? >> when you talked.hunger games i was thinking about eating din. >> thank you for watching.
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