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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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new clues tonight in the mysteryos murder of a ucfs dem student. what detectives found. what a mess. the message from golden gate national parks department after someone left behind all this trash at fort mason. a clothing designer controversy. the interview that has caused a backlash. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> good evening. i'm katie marzullo. new at 6:00 outrage after piles of trash were left all over a popular san francisco park. the golden gate national
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recreation area instagrammed this photo taken saturday at fort mason. sergio kin fan na is live at the park tonight. the park service trying to send a message with this. >> reporter: the park service was sounding a little ex-as sir operated. if you want to spend a great weekend, this is certainly the place to take in a great view of the golden gate bridge, and of course to catch a little sun but yesterday the mess was so bad the park service took to a few fferent social media platforms to express their exasperation at the people responsible. this was on the twitter feed. seously. why would people treat their public parks this way? who do they think will clean this and at what cast? sheesh. several volunteers arrived at fort mason park today to clean up thing me. regular visitors to the park say people are usually very good about cleaning up their picking nick waste but a couple people
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said there was a special event here yesterday and that may be why so much trash was left behind. everyone i talked with was shocked at the amount of trash seen in that national park service twitter picture. >> this is a beautiful park, and a big thing that people do in san francisco is hang out at the parks and to see that people left it in that condition is really disheartening. >> i understand why everyone is trying have a good time weather is nice but it's our city and we should do more to keep it clean. >> reporter: fort mason isn't the only park that's been left trashed recently. earlier this month we told you about garbage continually cleaned up at the deloris park in the mission. the city spend 40s hundred thousand each year to clean up garbage at that park every single weekend, as for this park here at fort mason there's been a few different times it has been left trashed. usually big event like the fourth of july, but crews can
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plan for that and can plan for the cleanup. reporting live at fort mason park, abc7 news. >> a live look now outside come our kgo roof cam on the embarcadero. drew tuma is here, and definite a little cia cooler today than yesterday. >> still a pleasant sunday across the bay area. looking at santa cruz camera right now. folks still soaking in the sunshine on this sunday evening. that sun going down at 7:14. we'll call is summer to spring over the past 24 hours. san jose and san francisco yesterday set record highs in the 80s. today, some ten to 17 degrees cooler. oakland was ten degrees cooler than yesterday. livermore, five degrees. half moon bay, one of the bigger drops, from the 70s to the lower 60s and even santa cruz yesterday, near 90 degrees. today, a bit more comfortable temperatures in the mid-70s.
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we'll have the denails the accuweather seven-day forecast in few minutes. >> the winter heatwave -- heat with a made it tough for return ted l.a. marathon. 15 people went to the hospital including one man who had a heart attack. the high there today, 89. new details in the death of a dental student from india found shot dead in her apartment in albany on monday. police police say some of her personal items which appear to have been taken from crime scene were found monday in a trash bin in richmond on panama avenue which is near san louis street. she was shot in the head sunday night. a family member discovered her body the next day. investigators found no forced entry int her home on canes avenue. no suspects have been identified. another big story we're following tonight. for the first time we get to
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hear the side of the san francisco police officers accused of sending racial and homophobe homophobic text hissages. egypt, you spike with an attorney for two of the four officers accused. >> that attorney tells us his clients believe their personal text messages founds on their personal phones would never become public. we did learn that at least two of the officers have been with the department for more than a decade. the police chief says when officers are sworn in, they're held to a higher standard on our off duty. the case is now being investigate bid internal affairs. >> they love their job. they love what they do. >> san francisco attorney tony brass says his clients hope to keep their job but that might be tough. he is representing michael robison and michael celis. >> they're very remorseful. >> the text messages became
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become during a bail hearing for former officer ian furminger. we obtainedded court documents that show the text messages include slurs and insults against blacks, hispanics and gay people. much of it contains profanities we cannot air. a text message from november 9 20:11 reads: do you celebrate kwanzaa? yeah, we burn the cross on the field, then celebrate whitemas. a text message in 2012 read thousands bees in vacavilleer in school but they're not dangerous like black people. the police chief calls the messages disgraceful. >>he officers of the san francisco police department, i believe, stand with me in having no patience or tolerance for the actions of what are a few of the 2,000 officers in the police department. >> reporter: the four officers have been re-assign stowed positions where they do not have contact with the public. meantime, the police department is interviewing more officers.
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>> some of those officers could be witnesses some of them could be members. i don't know how it will break down. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. >> in the east bay a 46-year-old san ramon man was killed when his motorcycle crashed into a tree off interstate 680. the motorcycle ended up in a grassy wear between the on and offramps. no other vehicles were involved and the cause of the crash is not nope. freeway ramps were re-opened an hour after the crash. new details in a deadly pair of pileups yesterday afternoon on interstate 580 near the altamont pass. investigators identified the victim as 52-year-old hayward albright of stockton. it started when a pickup truck driver did not slow down and slammed into albright's truck. 15 cars were involved six people hurt.
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>> there could be new talks of police benefits. the mayor sent a let to the city unions saying it's time to settle the issue. three years ago 70% of voters approved measure b to force city workers to contribute more toward retirement. police unions sued saying is caughts potential an mix can'ts to look at other departments for better benefits. the mayor says he wants to find a way to ensure the intent hoff the voters and working with the union. >> authorities charged a 20-year-old man today in the shootings of two st. louis area police officers. they were shot during a protest thursday outside the ferguson police department. 20-year-old jeffrey williams was charged with two counts of first degree assault, one count of firing a weapon from a vehicle and three counts of armed criminal action. williams tells investigators he was shoot agent someone he had dispute with, not at police officers. >> we're not sure we completely
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buy that part but it's possible he was firing at other people and the officers were in the back. it's still an assault in the first degree. >> the protest followed the resignation of ferguson's police chief after a federal justice department report found racial byas in the city's policing and court system. the officers were released from the hospital, later in the day. tonight there's a backlash against a high-end fashion brand. still ahead the comments by two designers that have some people calling for a boycott. lower your risk of heart attack. if you have high cholesterol you want to hear about this experimental new treatment. and goodbye tesla anxiety. what the bay area based carmaker is doing to ease
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scientists say new breakthrough in cholesterol drugs could greatly reduce the risk for heart attacks, death or heart problems. they presented their research as a cardiology conference in san diego tonight. they say the permitteddal class of drug can reduce the rate of some heart problem biz half. side effects remain a problem as
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they can harm thinking and memory. the fda will decide if the drug will be allowed on the market this summer. tonight there's call to boycott dolce & gabbana after comments by the fashion design e. over what they consider nontraditional families. it's a high-end brand. in an interview this week the founders said children created via artificial insemination are synthetic and all children choo speak born to a mother and father. the comments led to a backlash elton john said how dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic. your archaic thinking is out of step with the times just like your fashion. the designers say people should respect different opinions in a democratic society. tess lace working on an update that will help ease anxiety of drivers bat low charge. elon musk tweeted a software update is coming intended to end
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range anxiety the term he refers to affects some drivers who are afraid to test the limit of the battery's range. he has a news conference scheduled for thursday morning. remembering an heir legend. up next, the famous san franciscan who had everyone looking up in the sky. and it sure has been great weekend for being outside, but what is the work woke looking like? abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. >> march madness anyone? we have your top seeds as the big dance is ready to roll, and jordan spieth was on a roll on the pga tour. all
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a ceremony today to arm local stunt pilot who died in the san francisco bay a 100
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years ago. lincoln beachy put on an air show for 50,000 people in 1915. the san franciscan attempted a death dive where he would push his plane straight down and pull up the last minute, but he crashed his plane and drowned. a wreath whereas dropped in the waterfront near fort mason between piers 2 and 3 where he died. nice to remember. over to abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with a check of the forecast as the summer turns to spring. >> exactly katie. yesterday the record warmth felt like summer. today, pleasant afternoon and evening on the way. live doppler 7hd will show you we're in and out of the clouds but you look off to the north, and live doppler 7hd is tracking some showers at this hour. north of i should say garberville, eureka, mt. shasta mixed precipitation and unfortunately, this wet weather not going to make it south.
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live from the golden gate bridge cam we'll show you the cloud cover overhead, some peeks of sunshine out there that sun begins to set on this sunday evening. so the forecast does call for that veil of high clouds to stick with us overnight tonight. that will lead to limit sunshine on the way for your monday and the next seven days the pattern is stagnant. dry weather and mild temperatures ahead. outside on this sunday instinct, it's 67 in oakland. 64 downtown san francisco. 63 napa. 68 fairfield. san jose 69. satellite and radar will show you over the past couple of hours we have seen the sun here and there intervals of cloud cover. high pressure in control. look off to the west ask a cold front is limping east over the next day or so. high pressure supplying enough dry air that it's eating away at the showers solve we're drying out as the front sags south and won't see any moisture or the next 48 hours. so future weather tomorrow
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afternoon, it's filtered sunshine. that cold front will slide through here tuesday morning. what it will do is wipe out the clouds by tuesday afternoon. lots of sunshine on the way. mild temperatures and goes through no moisture associated with this frontal passage. so overnight lows, mainly cloudy skies in the north bay, south more in the way of stars. 52, palo alto, 54, downtown san francisco. 51 concord. 52, vallejo. highs for monday in the south bay, 72 in san jose. 72 in cupertino. 71 the high in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, 64 in pacifica. downtown san francisco tomorrow up to 68 degrees. 65 sunset district. north bay, lots of 60s. 69 for san leandro. 68 union city.
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69 the high in oakland and one final stop, 72 in pittsburg, up to 73 in livermore, 71 walnut creek. 71 brentwood. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow we call it peeks of sunshine here and there. the cold front will move through on tuesday. so st. patrick's day sunshine on the way. in the wake of the front we warm up justifies -- just a bit. on wednesday, mild. thursday afternoon, friday spring officially begins at 5:45 in the afternoon. we'll feature increasing clouds and the clouds out by saturday, sunny, and then sunday we start with sunshine and then cloud cover by the afternoon but temperatures above normal. >> all right. thanks, drew. over to shu and march madness. >> got until tuesday to fill out your brackets. >> i've been study can. >> win winners get the invite to the big dance effort starting
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with the sec, kentucky and arkansas wildcats trying to remain undefeated. on the fast break for the alley-oop. cauley-stein had 15 points, including this two-handed flush. kentucky wins the second title. they're heading to the big dance at 34-0. number one overall seed and the favorite to win it all. big ten championship, wisconsin and michigan state. spartans down three until valentine ties it. two seconds left. 69 apiece. spartans inbound dawson for the win. it rims out. we good to overtime. wisconsin catches a break and take advantage. outscoring msu 11-0 in ot. wisconsin is the big ten champ but both should make it to the big dance. uconn and southern methodist. a little alley-oop. mustangs up 14 at the half. nick moore, 11 points. blows by his man for the layup. moving on to the dance with
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562-54 victory. virginia commonwealth and dayton a-10 championship. lewis, the three. he had 15 vcu up seven city half now. tied at 59. minute left. graham lays it in. 20 points. brooks steals it stops. vcu wins its first a-10 title and an invite to the inaction tournament with their 71-65 victory. >> georgia state and ogoes georgia southern battling. kevin ware famous for breaking his leg in the ncaa tournament with louisville. 18 of his team's points georgia southern takes the title and sad vanses to the inaction tournament for the first time since 2001. but the head coach tore his achilles tendon during the postgame celebration. here's your top seeds, curving, villanova duke and wisconsin.
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play-in games start tuesday. now knit brackets st. mary's vase vanderbilt on wednesday. stanford faces uc davis on tuesday. what a finish to the valspar championship on the pga tour. we had a three-man playoff to decide the winner. ryan moore struggled early on. lost his lead to spieth but on his second shot, he is going to roll in for an eagle. had a three-street lead at one point but finished fifth. jordan spieth, long bird putt on 14. now the co-leader at 10-under. sean o'hare birdie putt on 16. also 10-under with a 4-under 67 on the day. patrick reid 10-under thanks to theirs 30-foot birdie on 18. shoots a 5-under 66. first in the clubhouse. spieth needs to putt to force the playoff.
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2-under 69. we go to the third playoff hole. par-3. spieth for the win. 30-foot birdie. are you kidding me? 21-year-old jordan spieth wins his second pga tournament. >> barry zito pitched four scoreless to beat the brewers. in the bottom six, sogard what play. bottom nine to end the game. a's win 5-2. giants and d-backs, mcgee continues to knock in runs. crawford scores from second. 2 or giants. mad duffy adds another one in the seventh. a standup triple to the gap. and the giants win 5-0 your final. this sports roth brought to you by bank of the west and chabot college in hair ward won the women's community college title. >> next at 6:00, liam neeson
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uses his certain set of skills
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a dog owes his life to a group of motorcyclistses.
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join us on kofy tv 20. how the pooch got out into traffic and what it took to finally get him to safety. then on abc7 news at 11:00, the new plan to clamp down on imported seafood fraud. it's big business. disney's latest live action version of the cartoon classic topped the box office. girls and women packed theaters so see cinderella. 66% of the moviegoers were female. the movie was boosted by an animation short version of the hit "frozen." cinderella made $70 million and easily defeated liam neeson's movie. cinderella created by our parent company, disney. does sound like a nice
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afternoon for mothers and daughters. >> are you going? >> no. that's it for us. would see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ coming up today on "intelligence for your life." it's time for another healthy breakfast food fight where we pit two breakfast foods against each other. who wins in the battle against cow's milk and soy milk and jam versus jelly?
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we'll have the experts take on your healthiest choice for breakfast. >> also are you furious at your partner, your spouse? we'll share a new rule on a marriage therapist on how long you have to discuss what's making you so angry. and we'll have the five things to never say to a man. and then would you like


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