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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 1, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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in a new era. the idea your nice green grass and water every day. that's going to be a thing of the past. >> the governor with a wakeup call for all californians. for the first time orders city s and towns to cut water usage by 25%. >> it's a different world. we have to act differently. >> good evening. >> here's a satellite comparison how little there is after four years of drought. the only snow remaining is on the highest peak. >> the executive order issued by the governor is imposing a 25% reduction on the state's local water supply agencies. it will be up to those agency a's to come up with the carrots to encourage conservation and
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the sticks to punish those who don't. >> we begin with abc 7 news reporter tonight. >> reporter: governor brown made history announcing the first ever mandatory water restrictions in california. >> make no mistake this executive order has the force of law. the water board has enforcement power. that enforcement power will go down to water districts and individuals and companies will be required to comply. >> reporter: the mandatory water restrictions call on water agencies to start charging more for excessive water use. requires new homes to have water efficient drip irrigation. requires golf courses, cemeteries and other large spaces to use less water. all of that because of the snow pack which accounts for 30% of the state's water supply has dipped to 19% below normal to date. if californians don't cut usage
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by 25% it means water districts would begin charging extra. >> double or triple the rate or do you have a graduation that increases for someone who's really wasting water. >> 25% will be measured against water use in 2013 before the drought began. >> reporter: last year san franciscoens reduced their water use by 8 to 9%. system wide 14%. many believe there are ways to conserve even more. >> i'm sure businesses waste as much as an entire block of residents, you know. i have seen it before in places i work that they waste water and there's no one really regulating. >> reporter: the 2.6 million customers in the bay area wh rely on them for their drinking water supply haven't done enough. >> we have a meeting tomorrow to talk about the meeting and put everybody on notice that it is bet tightening time again. >> reporter: those include wholesalers like san mateo, northern santa clara and
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southern alameda. abc 7 news. during his remarks today the governor ordered the conversion of 50 million square feet of lawn to drought tolerant landscaping. 1.8 scare miles. you can hae how big the area would be. it would save 2 billion gallons of water a year. the governor's announcement puts agencies and municipal 'tis on notice to tighten their belt on water usage. here's abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> reporter: venn knee shah residents reduced outdoor watering by 20% last year compared to 2013 and preparing to face cutbacks again. laura patterson's property still looks beautiful but there are patches of cry cracked soil. do you support the water restrictions? >> we have to. it is a given. we don't have the water here.
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so yeah i support it 100%. >> reporter: residents and commercial businesses with odd number addresses can water, mondays, wednesday and friday. even numbers ux tuesday thursday and saturday and only before 8 a.m. or after 7 p.m. california's fourth year of drought is taking a toll. >> the city receives much of its water from lake otherville. the state told us we will see 25% allocate occasion of our state water. >> they had to buy water on the open market to make up for dwindling state supplies. more and more residents like mary alden are helping conserve by putting in drought resistant plants. they have the highest participation in solano county. in a turf replacement rebate program. but alden takes her saving further. >> i don't take a shower every
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day d. when i do i put a bucket in the shower until the water gets hot. i save that water. and then i put it on my lawn. >> residents who use high amounts of water will pay a drought surcharge. those who are caught violating the conservation schedule will face fines up to $500. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. on average a every californian uses 72 gallons of water per day. to cut that 25% as the governor wants we'd have to find a way to cut 18 gallons a day out of our usage. consider buying a high-efficiency toilet. depending on what you have now you could save a gallon or more per flush. high efficiency washing machine can save more. most districts are offering rebates on new toilets and washing machines. as the woman in carolyn's piece does, use a bucket to catch the shower as the water warms up and
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you can use it on your plants. each minute you cut from your shower saves 2 1/2 gallons. visit on our website on the steps to conserve water during this difficult time. for more on the snow pack we count on for our summer water needs check in with drew. >> measurements we got today were not very good to talk about in terms of the summer water we need. take a look n. terms of snow pack, across the sierra we knew we hadn't had a lot of snow this season. that wasn't surprising. what was surprising is how little we have right now. unprecedented times. record low of 5%. this time a year ago it was 33%. not as bad as rgh now. what we are seeing in the short term, a little snow. not talking about anything to make a huge dent. over the weekend in to early next week a system will move through. above 4,000 feet that could bring some snow showers to south
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lake tahoe and kirk wood. anywhere from one to three inches of snow once these temperatures move through. the good news, systems move through the bay area and bring us changes. first, we will have cooler temperatures and then we are talking about a wetter pattern to end the weekend. we will have details and show how much rain you can expect with the seven-day forecast when i see you in a bit. >> thank you very much. a frightening ordeal for a cab driver in san francisco. the cab surveillance video shows the man attacking the driver with a padlock hitting him in the head repeatedly. the dash cam recorded the moments before and during this attack. >> started to hit me. the car was still going. i was like, the car is still moving and there's this guy hitting you and you are like e oh, man, what is the healthgoing on? >> the passenger hailed a cab
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driven by ben valis at seventh and townsend. he told the driver to go to the b.a.r.t. station at fifth and market. here's what happened next. >> if you are going to b.a.r.t. there is a station closer, just straight ahead. >> for real? >> thank you. >> that will save you a couple bucks. >> reporter: when they reached their destination, 7th and market, the passenger began to pummel valis with a padlock and tried to rob him. >> the passenger was attempting to take the driver's electronics and other devices in the front. >> reporter: he got nothing and ran in to the b.a.r.t. station and disappeared. this is a second assault on a san francisco cab driver in over a month. this yellow cab driver suffered serious facial injure riffs from a brutal beating after his assailant refused to pay the fare to san bruno. the camera recorded the mers louse attack. you can see the man on the driver repeatedly beating him until he loses consciousness.
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the city of san francisco mandated cameras in taxis years ago. among the reasons to protect drivers. since then robberies have declined. >> you have a good view if the camera is operating properly of the backseat and the passengers in the backseat as well. >> reporter: obviously these predators need reminding of that. vic lee, abc 7 news. one of three bay area men convicted of kidnapping 26 children and their bus driver almost 40 years ago was granted parole today n. 1976 james schoenfeld, his little brother and another man kidnapped a bus load of children and put them in a van buried in the sand. they planned to ask for a ransom but the children and driver escaped. he received a life sentence. this was the 20th time the 63-year-old had asked for parole. the rule willing go through an internal review and could take four months before a recommended parole date is sent to the governor. his brother was released in
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2012. the other kidnapper frederick woods has been denied parole 14 times. strong support for law enforcement tonight as the city of san jose prepares to honor a fallen officer. thousand of people are expected to attend tomorrow's public memorial for officer johnson shot and killed eight days ago. abc 7 news reporter chris knew jen has more. >> we learn to appreciate the work they do and to respect them. it is a tough job. >> reporter: heart break when he learned about the shooting death of officer johnson. >> they risk and put their lives on the line every day and do it for us. >> the veteran was killed in an apparent ambush. he's the first san jose officer to die in the line of duty since 2001. for paul kelly with the police officers association johnson's death is personal. >> i'm going to miss the most
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not seeing him. him not being here. him not being part of our police family. it's tough. >> reporter: at the marriott hotel downtown this tribute greets visitors as they walk inside. >> a lot of people liveeaving and coming in. they stop by and pay their respects. >> santa clara county law enforcement agencies and the chp will be patroling neighborhoods within the city during the memorial service. but he will show his gratitude by practicing his trade. taking care of the officers who trust him with their gear. >> they want to send them off looking and being at their best both off and on. that's fitting tribute. >> a community coming together to recognize the sacrifice of others. in san jose abc news. there are several road closures along the procession
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route. officer johnson's casket will leave at 10:00. the procession will head up win chester to caesar's creek boulevard. we will have coverage of the memorial service tomorrow morning on channel 7. when that procession begins and we'll dream it on-line at abc 7 a lot more to get to for you tonight. defending security at the international airport even after this woman made it out on the tarmac. the clear advantage some san francisco giants will have when it comes to getting in to at&t park this season. drew is standing by with the full forecast and that chance of rain he mentioned. what
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there are new questions after another lapse of security at the international airport. a woman was arrested last night accused of jumping the fence and caught walking across the airfield just after 5:00. police say she also resisted arrest. today abc 7 news spoke to her uncle. he didn't want to be identified and didn't know about her arrest. >> just a dumb action on her part. i don't know why she did it. >> reporter: officials say it's layers of security are working because she was caught.
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this is the fifth lapse of security in the past year. they want to do more, including raising the height of the fences. >> we have done certainly is increased the patrols along our fence line over the past years. that's been a real deterrent. >> she is held without bail at the santa clara county main jail in san jose. be prepared to pay more if you are heading to national parks this summer. the federal government is increasing the price of admission at some public land and raising fees charged for camping, boating and other activities after a six-year moratorium. they hope to generate as much as $45 million annually from the increases. that total is a fraction of the $11.5 billion needed to repair and maintain roads, trails and park buildings. the new list of american cities with the worst traffic. you can see at the bottom san
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jose did make the list. top three, los angeles san francisco and honolulu. >> san francisco worst traffic. but best views. very nice. if you are stuck in traffic you can look around. >> may get blown around today. it is windy, drew. >> the winds will be with us tomorrow. not as breezy fwhau will help to cool us off. a nice end to the workweek. a lot of sunshine and then a little rain to talk about. finally seeing a little bit of a good pattern change. tonight clear skies up above. live outside our explore tore yum camera showing you the tower aglow on this evening. the breezes have calmed down. the trees not moving much. the forecast calls for a sunny mild end to the workweek. as you look at the weekend, we turning cooler ahead of a cold front moving our way. that cold front will bring us a chance of showers as we move in to easter sunday. as you look at our winds right
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now along the coast we are pretty gusty. as you look at the cameras, half moon bay 23 miles an hour. pretty calm around much of the bay. that's good news. keeping temperatures on the mild side out there. right now in the low to mid-50s. 57 oakland. 58 hay heyward. 55 san jose. half moon bay where it is gusty, 52 degrees. temperatures will fall to the 40s. one location that could drop to the 30s, north bay valleys once again. satellite and radar will show you high pressure in control of the weather. sunshine over the next couple of days. the mild afternoons. watch what is lining up in the pacific. not one but a pair of storm systems that will first bring us cooler air and then showers are going to arrive first on easter sunday. as we fast forward to tomorrow morning 6:00 on your thursday in the morning, the winds will pick up once again. winds nearing 25 miles an hour. by the afternoon, as high pressure gets over and on top of
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us, it will help to calm the winds down. as we fast forward in to easte sunday, that's when we are tracking the first chance of rain. notice the time stamp on sunday. 9:00 in the morning as the system moves to the north. scattered light showers around the region. the second system has more energy with it. with that monday in to tuesday looking at more showers to start off the new work and school week. when this is wrapped up, i think a tenth to as much as a half inch of rain by tuesday evening. overnight lows tonight. plenty of stars out there. dropping 36 napa. 50 down san francisco. 45 overnight low in fremont. 44 concord. highs for thursday starting in the south bay plenty of sunshine. 72 san jose. 72 peninsula, around menlo park. to the north bay 72 santa rosa. 73 the high in sonoma. east bay plenty of sunshine. 71 oak left hand.
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70 newark and 74 antioch. 73 fairfield. 72 san ramon and tons of sunshine. sunny and mild through friday. clouds increase on saturday that. will cool us down. rain moves in easter sunday. light and scattered. steadier showers move in on tuesday. before that system moves out on wednesday. >> all right. hope it hangs around a while. thank you very much. . still to come here on abc 7 news at 9:00 a whale of an exhibit. giants
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all of the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> an exhibit all about the world's largest animal is on display in san francisco. abc 7 news was at the california academy of sciences today as dignitaries led a traditional blessing of the whale exhibit on loan from a new zealand museum. the exhibit has dozens of whale skeletons, skulls and artifacts. >> a chance for visitors to get up close and see these incredibly large mammals. we have large skeletons, sperm whales, a variety of different whales around the world. >> you can enjoy whales, giants of the deep at the california academy of sciences starting friday. the whales will be on display until the end of november. getting in to at&t park will be easier for fans who have been
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approved for fast access at airport security check points. it is just one of several new features unveiled that the giants unveiled today for the 2015 season. clear travelers will be able to bypass long metal detector lines. also new, another food court behind the garden that includes its own garlic -- you want to hit that place. fans will be able to trade up if they see better seats that aren't being used. >> they will be able to use the ballpark app to upgrade their seats anywhere if in the ballpark to a seat of the season ticket holder that is not here. >> the team also unveiled some of the we are giant tv commercials that will run throughout the year. >> another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up the massive fire ball in the gulf. oil rig workers jumping for their lives. the latest on the disaster.
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opponents of the religious objection measure in arkansas say they are encouraged tonight. how the debate is hitting close to home for arkansas's governor. >> the race for mcdonald's
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. dramatic images coming in from the gulf of mexico tonight where an oil platform exploded off shore. >> workers jumped in to the sea to save their lives. one saying there was nothing you could do but run. >> the fire waged for hours off the coast of mexico today. >> four were killed, dozens injured and hundreds evacuated. abc's magtd gut man has more. >> reporter: the inferno lighting up the gulf of mexico tonight. the fire ball sometimes blinding. survivors of the blast saying they took these cell phone videos. this man describing the fire as huge. we couldn't do anything but run
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away. many many leaping in 0 the water. mexican authorities say the blast and plaim flames have killed four, dozens more hurt and 300 evacuated. the mexican oil authority said cruise ship-sized firefighting boats have been dousing the flames since dawn. those giant arcs of water doing little. they didn't say how the fire broke out on what it called a processing platform and said it was not pumping directly from the sea bay. the blast just days before the fifth anniversary of the deep water horizon explosion. the pictures of those sky scraper size pillars of fire so eerily similar. mexican oil officials insist this is not attached to the seabed. they refuse to answer our questions about whether or not this could trigger another oil spill in the gulf of mexico. matt gutman, abc news miami. new jersey democratic senator 0 bob menendez vowed this evening to fight corruption
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charges against him. he was charged with accepting nearly $1 million worth of gifts and campaign contributions from a long-time friend in exchange for political favors. among the alleged perks, caribbean vacations deluxe hotel rooms in paris and trips on a private plane. >> i'm angry to fight. because today contradicts my public service career and my entire life. >> senator menendez says the charges were politically motivated and intended to silence him. he's expected to appear in court tomorrow. tonight, secretary of state john kerry is extending nuclear negotiations with iran for another day as there is still no deal to slow its nuclear program. talks went all day in switzerland. countries are struggling with how to structure the deal. yesterday was the initial deadline. the goal is to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. in exchange, iran wants an end
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to economic sanctions. now to the controversial religious freedom law in indiana. the governor is reversing course and calling for change after critics claim it opened the door to discrimination. another governor is in the cross hairs this one from a ar. he says he will not sign his bill after a member of his own family spoke out. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: tonight the governor of arkansas refusing to sign the newly passed religious freedom bill. demand ing action. >> i ask that changes be made in the legislation. i have asked the leaders of the general assembly to recall the bill. >> shame on you! >> reporter: after mounting pressure from critics who argue the bill would pave the way for discrimination against gays and lesbians wal-mart twhouchb largest employers urged a veto, tonight tweeting it commends the decision. the governor calling the issue divisive across generations even in his own nam family.
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>> my son seth signed the petition asking me dad, the governor, to veto this bill. >> reporter: hutchinson perhaps preventing the heated debate we have seen in indiana. after governor mike pence signed a similar religious freedom bill in to law and called for a fix. tonight, officials say they are working to amend the law so it can't be used to discriminate. police say one pizza shop in walkerton, indiana, inundated by threats after admitting public it would deny service to some same-sex couples. >> if a gay couple was to come in. say they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding we would have to say no. >> reporter: here at the state capital, legislators are hopeful they can come up with a fix by tomorrow. they will have to vote on it. the governor wants to sign it in to law by the end of the week. gio benitez abc news indianapolis. tonight state attorney general kamala harris is officially kicking off her
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senate campaign in san francisco. harris originally announced her bid in january, days after barbara boxer said she would not run for re-election in 2016. tonight's event is held at the delancecy street foundation. the guest list including mayor lee and oakland mayor. florida governor jeb bush is in the middle of a fund-raising visit to the bay area. he is holding private meet and greets in palo alto and san francisco to raise money for his right to rise super pac as he gets ready for a run at the white house next year. mcdonald's announced it will increase hourly pay for 90,000 employees. workers will earn at least a dollar more than the local minimum wage. however, raises only apply to company-owned stores. not franchises which make up 90% of the restaurants. however all mcdonald's employees will get new perks no matter the location including paid time off and tuition aid. coming up next on abc 7 news
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at 9:00, the new banner as yo
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a new banner hanging on -- is raising a few eyebrows
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tonight. you may have seen it if you drove 0 there this afternoon. we have a look at how this banner could open up a can of worms. >> reporter: how about a little history mixed in with your morning commute. if you take the bay bridge to san francisco you are going to get it in the form of this sign. for the month of april. >> it will be on muni trains b.a.r.t. and on the 101 and off the bay bridge. you will see it in the next week. >> kim, armenian in heart and mind one of 30,000 local members of that community, many pitched in to pay the treasure island development authority $10,500 for this prime ad space. one that is supposed to be nonpolitical. but is it? >> we did not evaluate it to be political. more of a memorial of historic events. >> reporter: the armenian genocide began 100 years ago this month. 1.3 million air meanian
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christians died. >> they were killed in the desert by starvation and by gruesome acts of violence. >> reporter: even today, however, the turkish government denies the genocide happened which brings in that possible, political ramification and begs a question about free sfeech. what is to stop another potentially controversial group from asking for the same space as well or for causing demonstrations? >> if we haven't had a problem in the past with messages of a controversial nature being requested or permitted. we don't see this opens a door for that either. >> it is about genocide in general. hitler is often referred to a famous quote he said. who today remembers the armenians. >> today we all will. from treasure island, abc 7 news. just ahead setting the mother of all demos to music. ♪
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next the musical version of the demonstration that changed the wa
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high-tech giant signed a $60 billion lease to take over the former naval air station. they plan to renovate the hangars and use them for projects involving aviation, space exploration and robotics. >> 50 years before steve jobs demoed the first iphone live on stage, there was another tech demo in san francisco that maybe changed computing history forever.
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what's come to be called the mother of all demos is recreated with a twist. >> we're going to try our best to show you, rather than tell you about this program. >> reporter: so began the historic demo of why every desk should have a computer. >> if i make mistakes i can back up a little bit. >> in 1968 no one used a world processor and no one had seen one of these. >> we have a playing device called a mouse. >> the idea of a mouse came from doug and i built the first one. >> reporter: he not only built the first mouse but. the computer was too big to move so he used tv cameras and broadcast trucks to beam a picture from menlo park to a conference in san francisco. >> a lot of the key people. steve jobs, bill gates yeah. they were there. and they saw it. we impressed them. >> reporter: that's why english is now a guest of honor at this production on the stanford campus. >> we wanted to find a way to illustrate this and heighten the experience for the audience.
9:44 pm
>> michael rouse is one of the composers on this musical tribute called "the demo." >> we used the video, lighting sound desoign. >> rouse and others sing what's on the screen. >> it is exciting because the next generation of people working with code look at code as poetry. >> it doesn't just bring it back where it began stanford is a university and this is a teachable moment. >> we have designed a class around this piece. it is called doug ingel bart's unfinished legacy. >> they think there is a lot 0 discuss sglit raises all kinds of ideas about where are we with digital culture where should we be going? what's the potential and pitfalls. >> computerized maps and video collaboration. >> i think the use of the internet is something we didn't predict at the time. the extensive use of individual
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access to the internet. >> in fact the internet is where you can see this video. the live show is sold out. at stanford, jonathon bloom abc 7 news. >> like we can't live without the internet now. >> i know. time for one last check on the weather. >> drew is here. >> we're talking about clear skies overnight tonight. a light breeze. that will keep some of the sheltered valleys dropping in the 30s. live doppler 7 hd showing we are rain-free at the moment. nationwide look at weather for thursday we are tracking a cold front. ahead of the front, though along the east coast they are mild. 72 in the nation's capital. . behind the front quiet and cooler weather. 65 minneapolis. 85 warm degrees in phoenix. in california plenty of sunshine. high pressure in control. 76 l.a. 74 fresno. 74 sacramento. closer to home we will see
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sunshine as well and mild temperatures. 72 vallejo. 72 san jose and livermore in to a nice high of 73. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow sunny and mild. in to friday, clouds begin to build on saturday. cooling off. early morning showers easter sunday a break in the rain on monday and more showers for tuesday of next week. >> like the sound of steadier showers. >> haven't heard that in a long time. >> thank you, drew. welcome to the first day of april. like super bowl sunday for pranks some funny and others pr stunts. here's abc news anchor david muir. >> reporter: it was the jump that had patriots fans gasping. tom brady impressing his kids on vacation but his fans asking are you serious. tonight brady in a cast. michael jordan signing it, was it that or the jump? it was april fool's. petco making fun of humans in
9:47 pm
love of their selfies introducing a new product. >> a dog on a stick from petco. this selfie stick for dogs is available from unleash by petco only on-line and only for today. >> that's not all. >> the cat on a stick. >> april fools. dominos delivering the driverless delivery. this man stunned. we were sort of hoping this one was for real. finally honda and their new car gear toward people in love with themselves. >> when i saw it i was like, honda gets me. >> reporter: just listen to what it comes with. >> it has ten different selfie cameras, all across the inside. the outside and the underside. now, whenever i feel like selfieing, i just put it in park and it's on. >> you don't even have to drive sglit i just want the world to see what i have done and go, whoa, she nailed it. oh, i already have one like. >> can you imagine? >> funny.
9:48 pm
april fool's. >> not far from that. >> true actually. one little step further. we're about there. >> you are about there. >> i can't stand that. i'm sorry. the bay area's top high school basketball player was on national tv tonight. a perfect opportunity to announce what college you are
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coming up tonight a beloved preschool facing closure. how they are teaming up to keep it open. now on the run the local entrepreneur who's risking his life to get home. a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> we have a lot of sports to talk about tonight. >> we know the man to talk to. what do you got. >> i have 3:30 of sports. the over under on how long it lasts is around three minutes. the sharks have had the playoffs ten straight years and barring a miracle that will end this year. the team is mathematically alive and hosting colorado. scoreless second period. burns lines and fires. the redirect.
9:52 pm
his second goal of the season. his 38th of his 16-year career. guessing he remembers every one of them. 1-0 sharks. this is the kind of year it's been for the sharks. joe thornton accidentally hits joe in the face. he ends up a mess. looks almost like he was smiling there. he likes pain. 3-1 sharks in the third. four days ago, ivan, the mcdonald's all american game with an alley-oop. he plays 15 minutes for the west skaud squad. ten points, six rebounds. two alley-oops and simmons showed why he is the nation's number one player, 6'8", can handle the ball and dish. as for college choice we are down to cal and arizona. no decision tonight. east victorious 111-91. chris mullins says he
9:53 pm
doesn't look at coaching at zt johns he felt it was his obligation to restore it to the top and the warriors great will coach for the first time. mullin help to put st. johns on the basketball map in the '80s. st. johns has not been a hoops power house in decades. the basketball hall of famer mullin said he knows he needs a strong coaching staff because he's a rookie an wants to restore the program to its glory days. >> when that opportunity was presented to me, i couldn't turn it down. i feel obligated to give back. i'm going to work hard to be the best basketball coach i can be and win as many games as possible. i'm going to try to win every single game. you can guarantee that. >> speaking of rookie head coaches it earned the western conference coach of the month honors. warriors rallied to beat the clippers with seth curry
9:54 pm
tormenting chris paul. we will show this play for the next 100 years. golden state's tenth consecutive win. don nelson is the only warriors coach to receive the honor twice. second honor this year. also earned the award back in january. sacramento kings were about to make big history calling up 7'5" zim to their roster. he is played in the d-league right now. the first play of indian desdplent the nba. at one point he ballooned to 400 pounds. conditioning has been a problem. he's lost weight, dropped 30 pounds and will get a chance to play with the kings. do everything edition having a great spring. hitting .347, leading with 14 rbis. the question for skipper bob
9:55 pm
melvin is do you play them in the infield or outfield? >> ben is pencilled in as second base in the a's new look infield. he told me he's not concerned about getting to know his new teammates. >> we have known each other on the field as competitors. finally get here and know guys and see what they are like personally makes it fun. >> he can play second base short stop and his versatility gives the manager a lot of options. >> i want to give our team the chance to put the best team on the field f. that is me out in some other position as long -- i just want to be in the line of hitting. i love to hit. >> he spent eight years with tampa. 114 home runs and 511 rbis. he played in one world series back in 2008, losing to the phillies. he knows firsthand how passionate his oakland fan base can be. >> hard on the right fielder out there. the fans out there i have been out in right field and been on
9:56 pm
the other side of that at times. i look forward to being on the positive side of that. >> he is getting used to the clubhouse bringing his nickname from tampa. he seems serious but claims he can loosen up. >> i think as people get to know me, they will see there is a fun side of me. i'm a gamer on the field and love to be serious. at the end of the day, when you get to me i'm pretty relaxed and like to goof around too. >> all right. final day in arizona for the a's and giants. oakland beat the angels 4-1. mark you have to pay attention to him. sixth homer of the spring and duffy had his third homer of the season. during halftime at the warriors-clippers game, tell me how he does that the head drop. is his head disconnected from his neck? >> i have watched this thing ten, 15 times and cannot figure
9:57 pm
it out. >> good trick somebody tell me. i'm desperate to figure out how he does that. abc 7 sport s brought to you by toyota. >> does the jacket move up? or does he move forward? it is an illusion. >> >> i don't know. looks pretty good. >> for all of us we appreciate your time. we will see you in one hour.
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[ sighs ] i made it! i-i could only get a flight to denver, so i... [ breathing heavily ] ...rented a car. i drove 14 hours straight peed in a cup, but i'm here. l.a.! tom wasn't here? uh, let me get a round for everyone. yeah! yeah! yeah! tommy! ♪ -- captions by vitac -- should we go see the real sign? it's a mile that way, but the cop said
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