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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 2, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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city. good evening thanks for joins. dan is on assignment. >> we begin tonight with the beating of homeless man captured on surveillance video. we warn you the video is graphic. now this incident happened last night in the tenderloin for no apparent reason. man carrying a stick violently strikes him right there sitting on a bench. he then picks up the stick and then keeps walking on. he just
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leaves. the victims in critical condition at san francisco general hospital where he received 50 stitches. police say the attacker could face attempted murder charge. we have more on this story we have more on the story on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> in san francisco interm police investigation has ended 92 m officers involved in racist text message scandal. originally 4 officers under investigation. the number expanded to 13 including a police captain. police chief greg sir tells thrust will be suspension and recommendations for firing. vick lehas the story you will see only on abc 7 news >> police chief l sir confirmed to us what we had heard from our sources. at least 3 officers will be suspended. with a recommendation to the police commission that they be fired. >> officers that go for recommendation nothing determination suspended immediately that will be tomorrow before close of business. >> offensive text released by
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federal prosecutors during a bail hearing last month for former sf pd convicted of public corruption in federal court last december. the text were exchanged between he and 4 other officers. michael sell, officers. michael sell, michael robson, rain dorothy and should what about. 3 were reassigned to units with no public contact. >> i applaud him for seeing the light. >> however reverend brown president of the san francisco chapter of the naacp says there need to be more reform. >> not only should we him police it bias in this department but we have had tv overt blatant behavior of racist practices that have been perpetrated against african americans in this city. >> the chief confirms more suspension to come. soon.
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vick lee, abc 7 news. >> with the last 30 minutes major connect or route on the planes reopened after fatal hit-and-run. happened in san mateo where south bound 101 meets eastbound 92. sky 7 hd was over the scene. highway patrol says around 6 tonight motorcyclist fell off the ramp after getting in a crash. ups truck was not involved. investigators say white suv or car hit the biker and they are trying to find that driver tonight. >> it has been a somber day in san jose. thousands office people came to pay their respect to 38-year-old officer makeal johnson who was killed in the lean of duty last week. johnson 14 year veteran of the san jose police department. here you see the hearse carrying johnson body leaving a funeralome in los gatos this morning and arriving at the sap center in downtown san jose. passing beneath a huge american flag after somber procession that lasted nearly 45 minutes.
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if sky 7 hd you can see uniformed officers from around the state and country thus of them filing into johnson funeral in near total silence. virtually every officer from the san jose police department was cleared to attend. >> michael johnson remembered at the service today as dedicated police officer and loving son brother and uncle. who enjoyed the martial arts traveling and baking cheese cake. attorney general harris praised all police officers for their sacrifice. >> this ultimate sacrifice is an eternal remind they are safety comes at supreme price. and that price must always be remembered by a grateful state and her people. >> mike loved his family with entire heart and expressed his love by being present. now he's gone it was truly a gift. >> i want to give mica standing ovation forth awesome life that
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he gave for us. fight after the service johnson was laid to rest at private burial at oak hill memorial park in san jose. the officer johnson death has triggered outpouring of support for the san jose police department from other officers average citizen. chris was along today procession route. >> at winchester and lark this american flag flying high as procession passed by. >> i feel for his family and hope they are taken care of and just want to show them respect. hopefully they saw everybody out here day deputy chief daryn of the santa clara county fire department also among those who were there to show their support. >> officers go down or injured we are here to help them. like a big family and so when this happened deep effect on all of us. >> at the sap center downtown community members gather to pay their final respect.
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>> make you realize how fragile life is. after the police officers life hang by a thread. one little jerk. >>reporter: thousands of law enforcements personnel honoring the fallen brother. >> we are a thin blue lane out there trying to do the right thing every day all the time. >> these colleagues coming from near and far. >> it's also very important to the family because all of our family support us. all the time. and always worried about what is going happen at work. >> true family gathering in the heart of the city. many turning out to simply say thank you. >> when we look at our profession and what we do day in day out basis we here to support each other and true brotherhood that's why we are here today. >> at the end of it all app aerial salute. missing man formation. moving tribute man loved by so many people. in san jose, chris winn abc 7 news san jose, chris winn abc 7 news. >> law enforcement officers from across the south bay are helping to keep san jose safe
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while officer johnson colleague mourn. officers from santa clara county and the city of santa clare los gatos palo alto gilroy show up for duty in the parking lot of the city hall building. they were greeted by county supervisors and served refreshment before hitting the streets. >> always want to support our brother and centers law enforcement and today i was very proud and honored to have just have numerous people come out that wanted to help. actual will hi to turn people away because everybody wanted to come out and help. >> santa clare county sheriff's department has the largest number of manpower to back up sjp d today and all about a dozen agency are helping out. >> san jose neighborhood restaurant pub celebrating the life of officer johnson by giving back. arms donating 100 percent of sales today to officer johnson family. tiffany wilson hats more. >>reporter: instances bring tan arms tv aired the memorial. outside family share the grief
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over losing officer michael johnson. >> didn't know what will happen >> didn't know what will happen. put on the uniform go to work and it could all end today. >>reporter: officer nicholas ranger took part in the procession. i was. >> i was told to kilometer down and raise a pint to mike a.i. showed up there was party going on and that's awesome. >>reporter: pub served as police department watering hole for years. today britain arms its giving back. tevr penny we take today goes to the family. the family going through difficult time. we want to help out as much as possible. >>reporter: san jose firefighters line up for 20 dollar pwlait of barbecue and many stayed to help serve beer. >> help them the family get through this local tragedy. that's why we are here. >>reporter: other customers bought raffle ticket or sign up for the silent auction. every bite ticket signature a show of support. >> community needs to do this more often. >>reporter: vanessa husband is a hand jose police officer. today she grieved for officer johnson's widow. >> getting ready to good to
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service this morning i thought in my mind i could have been the her getting ready to actually be there and watch my husband in his could have fichbility ice right over here. >>reporter: co-owner hopes to raise if i,000 dollars for the johnson family but he thinks it's doable with the community support. >> if you have a dollar and want to drop it off happy to take the do naichlingts everybody should come out and help out. >>reporter: both location open until 2:00 a.m. in san jose tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> san jose earthquake will be raising money for the johnson family. thief donation bin at the easter egg hunt that follow the easter egg hunt that follows the match this sunday. police officer association is accepting donations as well. you can catch the entire emotional remark from today's service along with photo gallery of officer johnson at abc 7 we have much more ahead for you on this thursday night. coming up. drought emergency. governor wants 25% cut in water
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use. what to expect as the state look for ways to kill. one of the biggest water users wait until you hear how much water it takes to grow oneal mopped. drew has the weather. >> the holiday weekend is upon us. we trade in those sunglasses for umbrella. l rather soon. we talk about the wet weather on our way to the full accu-weather forecast at 9:00 continues.
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about. >> we request fo to the east bay now for what some people call a miracle. house collapsed on top of a man and he walked away without a scratch. sky 7 hd show what is left of the house on 46 street and oakland. powell sleeping inside the doorway late this morning. all came crashing down. trapped under collapse wall but says old tv kept the home from crushing him. >> grace of god i'm here yesterday i got bit by a pit
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bull. today a house fell on me bull. today a house fell on me. house was under construction. the home next door is red tagged and car was damaged. powell is holeless and contractor let him sleep there while the oh, us was being renovated. >> did you fell it. 3.6 magnitude quake in the east bay hit at 12:0six this morning. u.s. geological survey says the minor quake centered 1 mile north west of san row money and 6 miles underground there were no reports of injuries. seismologist at uc berkeley have proven the hayward fault are connected making a simultaneous quake significantly more destructive. usgs estimates 6.7 or greater quake on the hayward fault line more than 14 percent likely in the next 30 years. on this fault more than 7% likely. simultaneous rupture would create a quake 2.5 times greater at 7. 3 magnitude.
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>> state water officials in the process of drawing up emergency regulations to carry out the governor order to reduce water consumption by 25 percent. plan is to have them ready by may. beside the 25 percent cut the water resource control boardl set up rebate for replacing lawn with drought tolerant plants. also expect rebate foreign stalling high efficiency appliance and plumbing fixtures. state will also press water agency to impose higher rate to discourage water gutierrez lipping. state will have a plan for enforce plan for enforcing violations. >> one of the biggest water users is california almond industry. while we are asked to cut back the tiny almond using up 10% of the state water supply. tom has more. >>reporter: chuck isn't text ago friend with the i-pad. tending to the crop. >> this is the soil moisture. >>reporter: with an app chuck monitor soil moisture probe policed arounds almond tree. chuck use as lot of water.
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>> average year i probably use, >> average year i probably use irrigate about 3 acre feet of water. >> 400 acre of almond tree drinking up water 3 feet deep every year. >> scientist agree it takes about one gallon of water to make just one almond. last year central california almond grower produce 1.8 bill pounds of almond. >>reporter: if you do the math would it take 6 80 billion gallon of water to grow that many almond. more than three times the amount of water used in los angeles county every year. the water conservation year. the water conservationist say almond growers and agriculture in general are drinking the state dry. >> this drought is nature wake up call that's not physically sustainable. >>reporter: jovs is represented the planning conservation league on water policy for more than a decade. he says farmer are smart. and eventually they will find a which to cut water use by another 10%.
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>> these are some of the great innovator in our society so i fully expect that as resource become more limited they will continue to innovate. >>reporter: bob curtis of the almond board of california speak for the state 6500 growers. nearly half of them agree for blue diamond almond. >> water we do use we use it very efficiently and after all agriculture and crop do need water to grow nishtion the some segments of agriculture switch over to the high profit almond crop but total ag acreage is drop and will 10 to drop as it adjust to the dryer climate. >> tom was reporting and dryer climate i would be changing a little bit here in the next week or soil. finally some hope. some rip for the second half of the weekend. maybe bigger storm coming early next week. holiday under way tomorrow good friday and the start of pass over. we show
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you we had a beautiful day. temperatures in the 60's and 70's plentiful sunshine and tonight equally as clear out there. so live on our camera. at&t park where the athletic are taking on the giants right now. top of the seventh oakland winning at this moment. beautiful night nearly full moon. light breeze out there at this hour. look at the wind at this hour. look at the wind. they all rae lacks across most location. the only exception right now is right along the coast. half man bay still a wind at 16 miles per hour but elsewhere you do notice the wind generally less than 5 miles an hour. as the winds calm down that's going allow any heat we attain this afternoon to radiate through the clear sky. mid 30's in some location north bay valley tonight have frost advisory goes into effect early friday morning with temperatures in the low 30's. that could mean patchy frost and damage to sensitive vegetation in the areas. throughout rate now 60 in oakland. 59 in hayward. 57 in fremont. downtown san
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francisco 56 degrees north bay if dropping in the mid upper 40's. at this hour. satellite radar show you throughout the day today. we had clear skies over much of the state of california. high pressure still in control and it will be in cell for your friday. also for your saturday. so what that means we have dry conditions and lots of sunshine on the way next 48 hours. but storms are lining up in the pacific. first one will arrive on easter sunday. then we see a second stronger system arrive monday night and last into tuesday as well. fast forward into easter sunday. up early sunday morning 7:00 o'clock you do notice we have showers in the forecast. not until the mid afternoon and later evening hours some dryer air works that the picture and we start to see some dryer pockets for the second half of sunday. the second system will likely bring us more rain than the one on easter sunday. rain outlook into tuesday did you notice some areas could see half inch of rain to as much as an if
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some of our higher elevation. encouraging news with the storm system on the wait a minute overnight low tonight plenty of stars out there. nearly full moon. 37 overnight in nap a.39 santa rosa dropping to 49 in san francisco. 48 oakland. 45 in san jose. for friday if not a cloud in the sky. 71 san jose. 69 sunnyvale. peninsula half man bay a breeze and san mateo up to 70 for palo alto. downtown san francisco 64 tomorrow. lots of sunshine. 60 sunset district into the north bay. 72 clover dale. 71 the high in sonoma. 68 san leandro. 69 in oakland. we see 71 in pittsburgh. 71 san ramone and 73 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast t.good friday pass over at sun did you know tomorrow beautiful day we turn cooler on saturday. easter showers on sunday. bit of a break early monday for the second system monday night much of tuesday. if you look past thursday amma another storm
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could make its way on friday. good the see pattern change. >> thank you drew. >> still to come at 9:00. you will hear from the radio traffic reporter whose nature was interrupted
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>> radio station traffic plane was forced to land this morning after someone blast a laser pointer in the pilot eye. happened just before sun raise as the plane with the traffic reporter was anything over the san ramone area when green laser pointer hit the pilot in the face. green laser pointer are 20 times stronger than the red ones. they can cause burst blood vessels. >> turned to me said do you see a mark open me i said no i don't see a mark now. how do you feel he said well it's a little tingle in the back of my eye. maybe we should turn around and land. >> pilot got his eye checked out today by several doctors. fbi is investigating the sdichbility launch a plane this morning to find the laser or jichbility pointing laterer at plane or helicopter is a crime. good news tonight from the port of oakland where there's no longer a back lock. dock
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workers work slow down force cargships to wait in the bay or outside the golden gate before they could be unload ltded. 20 ship at a time were lined up wait to go dock. port officials say first time in three months there noise long three months there noise longary delay. but they warn there could be temporary back up. ship begin to arrive from southern california where there is still a backlog. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming. historic deal with iran. does this mean once and for all the u.s. has blocked iran from making a nuclear bomb. >> also. the struck by lightning not just one but 2 jets. we show you what happened. >> and how the warriors are making history at tonight's game.
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>> we begin this half hour with historic deal with iran. u.s. not had diplomatic relation with iran since the hostage crisis in 1979 more than 30
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years ago. but tonight the 2 country have a framework in place that would keep iran from making a nuclear bomb. f terri reports. >>reporter: president obama in the rose garden two days after the deadline passed finally hailing the deal done. >> today the united states together with our ally and partners has reached historic understanding with iran. >>reporter: so what did the u.s. get? the break out time. how long it would take eye run to build 1 bomb increased from 2 to three months to a year. major iran nuclear sites redesigned for civilian purpose only. inspection will last for at least 20 years. what does iran get? sanctions released. phased in overtime this was iran main goal. also iran will still be able to research and develop advance nuclear technology. and iran will keep making non-weapons grade your rain
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automatic. critic in congress ready to kill the deal. >> this deal will threaten american national security interest and lead to nuclear arms race in most volatile region in the world. >>reporter: weary kerry rejecting the idea taken to the clearance. >> did iran win here. >> not those people who criticizes it like that they don't have annual alternative this is the safest best way to make the world safer by reducing the ability of iran to be able to have a nuclear weapon. >> that was terri reporting. late today israeli prime minister netanyahu said it would 13th the survival of rails but in tehran there were celebration. people honk the horns an gather outside. in a move that surprised many iran state television brought cast president obama speech live. >> u.s. offering assist tns to ken why following today tell massacre at college compass.
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147 presumed dead by thisal guy 147 presumed dead by thisal guy. 4 gunmen storm the dorm at the university. separated muslim students from christian and shot the christians on the spot. 2 police officers soldier and 2 security guards were also shot to death. officials say all 4 gunmen killed. it was by far the deadly deadliest attack in kenya by the extremist group from neighboring somali. >> so-called religious freedom act in arkansas and indiana now revisd. this afternoon lawmakers indianapolis passed amended version of now last week. that was widely condemned as discriminatory. it they can only use it for legal defense or provide services goods or come bases. good mike signed it this afternoon. >> arkansas governor hutchinson signed a similar bill into law today prohibiting state local
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government from infringing on someone religious belief without excelling interest. original measure changed mirror 1993 federal law after drawing criticism from business and others called it apartment gay. big breakthrough this evening in the investigation into the german wings plane that crashed in the french alps last week. french prosecutor said today recovery workers found the second black box from flight investigators co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane killing all 150 people on board killing all 150 people on board. her at home. some terrifying moments in the sky over seattle. planes were struck by light fing as they tried to land during severe weather. has the story. >>reporter: they are striking pictures. not just one but 2 jets hit by lightning over seattle. last tonight storm
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around the airport hit the jet preparing to land. >> i was kind of in shock. i was just thinking about how amazing it was to see this. >>reporter: dramatic picture show the jets are designed to take a lightning streak. testing in a lab these boeing engineer make sure the electricity flow is outside the jet liner never entering the cabin. >> here's is my chance to make lightning. l that is amazing. thicknesses of the material struck as well. >> you see it cracks the aluminum but doesn't go through aluminum but doesn't go through. >>reporter: that's playing with a kawvsh we hit it pretty hard. >> unclear if the passengers last night even knew if the jets were hit by lightning bolt i have. >> crazy to see. today is world autism aware needs in the arc day special event is the result of push by 2 east bay
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teenagers. carolyn tyler has more. >>reporter: if you attend the warrior game tonight you might see these teenagers tell classmates at bently school in lafayette. they are the reason to get. >> having this night allows people to think about autism and ways to help. >>reporter: 18-year-old girl and 17-year-old l have volunteered with autism organizations for the last couple of years. but actually jacqueline has been aware of the advertise order all her life. her borough pwrolder victor. >> she's a princess. >>reporter: 20-year-old victor san ramone valley high school where enrolled in president obama that teaches life styles. >> inspired me every day. the always happy and never give up on your dreams. >>reporter: with victor in mind the girls approach the warriors. golden state
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receives lots of request but community ambassador and former play says this was compelling. >> it's in come bent upon to us really embrace something like that. >> several several other young people will be on the court before tip off fit. >> the the curry. >> more than 300 special events tickets sold but portion benefiting the non-profit speevrngs the result of sister love. >> always there for me. >> in the east bay abc 7 news. >> up next. east bay success story is free food changed this man's young love and earned him a trip to the white house. 7 ne lowe's presents: how to install a new washing machine with one finger. maybe a little more that way... nice!
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now get 10% off major appliances $399 and more at lowe's.
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>> european space agency and nasa work to ram a spacecraft into an asteroid. it's an experiment to see if they can somehow keep an asteroid from hitting earth by deflecting it or blowing it up even. experiment involves small asteroid. first phase of the mission is scheduled to launch in october of 2020. european spacecraft will record a map of the asteroid then napa spacecraft slams night at 14 mivrments unclear what the impact will do. >> high school junior who once had 1.75 graduate point ample now headed to cal. 17-year-old thomas says being hungry helped him turn things around. lee ann has the amazing story. >> need to be able to recognize how we speak. >>reporter: leonard thomas combines words with respect the
9:40 pm
rye to change the way his world is perceived. >> able to create any form of change. >>reporter: winning argument what he disbest. he is the debarrett of the year according to the national suggestion top debarrett of those men is like wow! i didn't think i could to that? a . >>reporter: if you years ago he was dealing drug on seminary avenue in oakland. >>. seminary literally put you up in a cemetery if you want to get bared act scared. >>reporter: he stayed at his father home sometimes not much to eat until orderly enough he discovered te debate tome at sky line high school. >> i was like i can get some food over here. i can be with some frichbilityd. >>reporter: that would forever change his life. >> i want dc twice all expenses paid. i got to the with white house. >> today he mentor other on
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team with top honor at other competition. >> letters coming in from other schools congratulating us for. that you don't see that in the debate community. >> thomas example of how president obama initiative called my brother keeper helping young men of color succeed. 1.7 gpa to 4.0. all along debate team was watching him. he will now be part of the 2015 freshman class. >> respectful. admission. about bay area connection and i'm a bear. book. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. meet little foot. why scientist now t
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the. >> one of our earliest human ancestor even older than scientist first thought. physician ill known as also foot. it was discovered if south africa in 1994. at that time scientist thought it was 3 million years old. it's around 3.67 million years old. that means it's even older than lucy in ethiopia. scientist use the radio dating technique to determine the age of the skeleton. one last check on the weather withdrew. >> tonight we deal with clear skies. live doppler 7hd not showing you clouds or moisture and that's going to mean cool temperatures. north bay valley frost advisory in effect early tomorrow morning for temperatures likely dropping overnight into the mid 30's. nationwide look at weather tomorrow. track cold front
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that its pressing to the east. ahead you have warm temperature. 82 in atlanta. 78 the nation capitol. 65 in new york city. even was ton had one of the snowing winter finally seeing some warm air high of 66 degree was thunder showers along the front along much of the east coast. along the front 49 in denver. meant of sunshine thereth back in california tomorrow a lot of sunshine on the way as well. high pressure still in control. 74 40's no. 93 in palm springs. 76 for l.a. and chico high tomorrow of 70 degrees. bay area forecast tomorrow actually as mild. 68 in richmond. 70 palo alto. up to san francisco and high of 73 if livermore tomorrow. here's weather 7 difficult fork. sunshine mild temperature to end the work week. saturday we turn cooler as front approaches. easter showers with another storm coming monday night into tuesday. with that storm likely bring us
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probably half inch to inch in some of the valley. >> that's nice thanks drew. >> hyundai giving one of the core kara fresh new key come past segment. the fork auto show this unveiling. it's much sport year than the current civic. automobile industry has described the current generation unveiled in 2012 as embarrassment for honored acht our reporter call that too poor to earn a recommends. if news is available this fall. >> cats aren't the only pets with nine lives. 2-year-old wrought whileer brutus back on all 4 tonight. she gets a she could chance with new family and first chance to live and play like other dog. here's if steve. >>reporter: every dog has its day and this is brutus. only the second dog in history to get new chance at life with the
9:48 pm
help of 4 pros at the time ick limb. >> usually takes a little bit to being back in them. >>reporter: laura is adopting them saying she lofts him to pieces. 22-year-old was rescued from heartless back yard breed tore allow frost bite to claim his paw. >> we gave him the opportunity to run. a dog not just confined to single room in a house. >>reporter: the volunteer got friend on social media to rally raising more than 12,000 dollars for surgery and to hire the contractor who specializes in animal prosthetic. basic concept if dog are built with 4 leg let's make sure they have 4 leg. >>reporter: some difficult soon he might take long walk or fetch a pwawchlt all it took was a little goodness from every day people. this is abc news new york. >> every day people. saving the dog for somebody who wasn't so great. all right. time now
9:49 pm
to turn our attention to sports. larry has exciting baseball on the t vichlt that excited. >> yes. it's summer. giants. awesome amazing. >> easily pleased. wait until you see the highlights. a's giants bay bridge series. one team looks haed >> temper flare in oracle. warrior versus war why are? look like me and drew after a show know who is
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pass snoou comb up tonight at 11:00. seemingly unprovoked beating caught on camera. search is on for the ataeshing. why this crime is personal for police. driver hits 3 cyclist sending them flying and drives off. tonight pictures taken from the scene just moments after the crash. joan us for 7 news at helpful:00 over on channel 7. >> if lots of action going on at the warrior game tonight fight basketball game and tv show being filmed. we'll get
9:53 pm
to that. one seed in the west. question for coach curry how much do you really want to play the stars in the final 8 games as you tune up for the play offs. rest some guy. the figure it outment warriors host the sun and film the pilot at half time and look out. hits another warrior. translator comes rushing out. no woyvrments it's all love with the real warrior. curry trying to use the last game to show real mvp. we don't already know that. but some people have doubts techblingts warrior wright to the hole strong. 12 warrior score. at last check even james michael plus the foul. were yours up 11 at the half. kind of sleep walking a little in the third. hold on. look at barbosa. shake and bake. scoop to the hoop. yes. still the brazilian blur. rate now the warriors clinging to an 84-82 lead. in the fourth quarter. mit championship in the big apple.
9:54 pm
miami stanford first half anthony brown. randall little man. had a game high 25 points man. had a game high 25 points. 3 in the foul. stanford by 11 at the brick. remember last night. i raise my voice like this then i couldn't tie i better slow down couldn't tie i better slow down. sheldon with a dunk. 3 and a half minutes left. went to the u acts like this final second of the superbowl. calm down michael. 3 seconds left. tied at 59. allen could have point went to over time. randall a chance. he was fouled. 3 seconds left. made both free 3. 1.8 left. sorry michael. the loser. stanford wins the third mit championship wins the third mit championship. 66-64. and some were craig. giants and a's open the bay bridge series tonight for whatever it is worth. a's best record in the mainly this spring. scoring runs not a problem. a's and
9:55 pm
giants fans. they can get along. at least during the walk to the park. top of the second. jake inside to simeon in the former cal star. take some deep third of the spring. 2 nothing a. 3 batters later. jake the brick wall. bounces away from justin. pull fast. roundingsecond. coming all the way home and he will score. easily. standing up. not in the park home run triple and error. still 3 nothing a's and error. still 3 nothing a's. 7 runs. 7 hits. butler with a double. rate now 7 athletic ncaa and a's. trouble forth a right out of the gate. outfielder cocoa crisp needs surgery on right elbow. could be out for two months. comes back like two week from now.
9:56 pm
got hurt on first at bat in the spring. here's manager bob. >> never know. somewhere between 2 to 8. >> seventh is something that we have always taken a hard look at. in situation like this comes into play. >> inspiration. the tour. annika for the lpga tour record under par. nearly is aed it. tied for 10 t.we have the over all lead for brief moment thanks to the long birdie on 3. american morgan over all leader. shipping from the rough on 13. leader by one at 5 under. men in huh stop. final tune up before the masters. who needs a putter. reid third shot on the par. it's an eagle. 4 under 68.
9:57 pm
garcia. up and down quickly. 5 under 67. holmes tied for second. 7 under. on 10. that is nicely done. another eagle. 2 back of the heeder scott pierce. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. were you transfixed on the golf highlights there. a lot of long shots. >> i know. impressive. >> i know i know. >> i can't do that. >> all right. bay bridge series continues. >> you are so happy. >> so happy. >> i'm like a little kid. feels like summer and baseball is fight summer? >> tomorrow night again at&t park then saturday the matinee. >> all right. >> and then that's going to be matinee in oakland. >> cool. look forward to all of it. thank you larry. >> thank you so much for joins. for all of us here thanks so much for watching. abc 7 news
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continues on line twitter facebook all mobile device with our news app. great night. see you again at 11:00 over on channel
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