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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 4, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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remembering the first american citizen killed in the viens in yemen, friends and family talk about his mission. unbelieve act. the holiday vandalism surprising a neighborhood. >> big money, no results. costly state commitees you paid for that aren't doing anything. and rain for your easier. -- easter. when and where is next. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. happening now. friends and family are gathered in the east bay to remember the first reported american victim killed in the violence in yemen jamal al-labani died in a mortar shelling while walking back from a mosque. lisa amin gulezian is live in
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hayward. >> reporter: the memorial started about an hour ago and everyone in this room really loved jamal. everyone is breaking four lunch right now but he was a friend cousin, an uncle and even a second father to the men in this room. the mood is heavy as they remember the father of three. jamal left for yemen in february hoping to finally bring his wife and two-year-old daughter, who lived there back to the u.s. with him. but he was stuck. the airport shut down and escaping became impossible and tuesday, as jamal was leaving a mosque wives his nephew, he was hit by moat tar shelling. he and his nephew died immediately. >> people are sad because he is -- they know him the person that always has a smile on his face. >> he bought other lot next to me to build.
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the only thing i'm going to pray for him and -- >> jamal is the first reported u.s. citizen to be killed by rebel fire this past week. the moved to the nuss the mid-90s and owns a gas station in oakland. friends and family are outraged more isn't being done to help u.s. citizens trying to leave yemen and right now, there are at least six yemeni american families from the bay area trying to leave yemen. live in hayward, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. new at 6:00, people wore traditional tribal clothing demanding answers from mexico's government. activist want know what happened to 43 college students who have been missing since september. family members spoke in san francisco's mission district. one of the missing students is 19-year-old is israel from san jose. mexican official says badly
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burned human remains were found near his school. i might not be possible to identify. the prosecutors claim members of a drug cartel confessed to killing the students. developing new out of the sierra nevada where a wildfire forced evacuation for campers in sequoia and kings canyon. it's burned nearly 30 acres. crews closed the highway at the visitor center. >> turning now to weather. it has been a beautiful day but we are looking at chances for rain on easter. frances dinglasan is in for drew. how much, where, and when? >> i have all the answers for you. i hope you enjoyed the sometime. we have few storms coming to the bay area. live doppler 7hd showing us increasing clouds right now that will continue to thicken overnight. bringing us rain for easter
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sunday. midnight we have the clouds, but as you wake up tomorrow for easter services, scattered light showers around the bay area, heaviest rain tomorrow will hit around noon the area of yellow in the south bay. then showers will taper of tomorrow afternoon. rain amounts for tomorrow, not too much. about a tenth to quarter inch, but get ready for an even bigger storm monday into tuesday and of course this also means a winter weather advisory for the sierra. details coming. >> an ugly holiday weekend surprise. dozens of tires slashed in the north bay, and tonight there's a search for the people who did it. cornell bernard is live in novato with the story you will only see on abc7. >> reporter: novato police looking for suspects but need help from the public about the vandals whose crime spree stretched more than five city blocks.
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it's the sound nobody with a car wants to hear. a tire going flat after being slashed. on fourth street, car after car has been hit by vandals. they can't believe it happened at easter. >> this is a family event weekend. the worst time to have your tire slashed. >> novato police say vandals struck overnight targeting 20 cars about we counted at least 40. >> it's wrong because people need their cars for work. it's pretty sad. people are doing that. >> unpredictable -- >> matthew's family honda got punctured. a lousy start to the weekend. >> one of those things you wake up and go what the hell? one thing you have to deal witch on a day you want to relax. >> reporter: volunteers with habitat for humanity of greater san francisco are building ten new family homes on fourth street and say vandalism sends the wrong message. >> it's a bum are for the neighbors and hopefully was an
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isolated incident. >> reporter: now many neighbors are spending the weekend changing tires. >> my insurance doesn't cover those things. >> reporter: jose lost two tires on the truck he uses for hauling. no work today. now you have to pay for two brothers. >> yes, and also my brother's car is next. and the family will have to pay for four tires. >> reporter: police are looking for suspects and surveillance video which may have caught the vandals in action in novato abc7 news. >> police are investigating the beating death of a man found unconscious in west oakland this morning. officers responded to a man suffering from multiple injuries on martin luther king, jr. way near grand avenue around 12:30 in the morning. the victim died at the hospital less than an hour later. witnesses say the man had been fighting with another man earlier. no arrests have been made. one person is dead after trying to cross highway 101 overnight. now investigators want to know why that person was trying to
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cross the freeway. it happened on the southbound lanes in san jose. just north of 280. the driver stayed at the scene and investigators say she was not under the influence. the family of a sayre together to georgia high school senior who killed herself after she was sexually assaulted, says it's time to move on and forgive. a-year-old audrie pott committed suicide in 2012. days after three boys assaulted her, then shared naked photos of her with classmates. all three had settled wrongful death lawsuits with the pott family and two defendants agreed pay a combined $950,000 and educate young people about the dangers of alcohol, drugs drugs drugs drugs and text nude photos. the family will you the audrie pot f foundation in order to make positive changes so our community is made safer from the many dangers in this case. >> about 200 people rallied for peace and justice in san francisco's bay view district
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today. >> a proud member of the black lives matter movement. >> yeah! >> we were there as today's march began at third and evan street. one of today's message focused on reducing street violence which has claimed lives. organizers want to reverse the trend of african-american residents leaving san francisco. getting paid to stay at home. still ahead at 6:00, the costly committees your tax money is paying for that are not producing results. plus, 55 days in a box. the reason a california man is choosing to stay inside these glass walls. later, the search for the elusive golden egg. the big prize for some lucky bay
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a bay area teenager spent more than six hours trapped between rocks at joshua tree national park. fire crews the marine corps and the search and rescue team had to help to get the 17-year-old boy out. he was hike october a school trip when he got stuck. rescuers had to chisel he walk to free him. he hayes minor scrapes and bruises. an "associated press" review of legislative railroads shows the state's assembly hides its drew operating cost from taxpayers. one example, the select committee on community colleges met just once during its two
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years existent bus provide 14 personal aides to its democratic chair at a cost of $644,000. the 68 special committees were set towel study issues like wine, ports, and community development, providing lawmakers with $6.7 million worth of additional staffing. ap reports more than half of those staff expenses went to panels that held no hearings or convened just once during the 2013-2014 legislative session. well trapped in a box on purpose. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00. why one california man is choosing to stay outside for 55 days in this glass cage. rain on easter? frances dinglasan is tracking chances for showers next in your accuweather forecast. >> one of the big questionmarks on the a's roster was the comeback of barry zito. would he accept a minor league assignment? have y
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a man in burbank is planning to live outside in a glass box with no food for the next 5 days. he is a descendent of the survivors of the 1915 armennan genocide he pledged to fast to mark the anniversary of to the indication. an estimate it 1.5 million armenians were killed by the
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turkish government. turkey refuses to identify the deaths as genocide. >> you may face delays riding b.a.r.t. in oakland. they will not be running trains between fruitvale and coliseum/airport stations. crews are working on what b.a.r.t. calls a, quote vital project, replacing rails, track ties and other equipment on 11 weekends between now and august. speaking of this weekend, rain finally. let's send it over to frances dinglasan, who is in for drew, with the great news. >> we'll take what we can get. rain on the way. right now we see increasing clouds on live doppler 7hd and heat going to continueover night but does mean a wet easter for us. we're we're looking from emeryville. temperatures cooler than yesterday by five to ten degrees. san jose, 59. morgan hill 62. and east by hills looking at the
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bay, here's what you can expect for the next few days. showers tomorrow for easter sunday. heavier rain so get ready for that. monday evening into tuesday. and that brings us also a chance of thunderstorms and small hail, rain totals coming up shortly. here's a look at winds right now. we have had some very gusty conditions a strong breeze driving temperatures down from 60 -- rather, 40 from the west at sfo airport gusting up to 23 miles-per-hour in san carlos. now, what is happening is we have the storm system that is going to bring us increasing clouds overnight and this will continue to slide south for easter sunday, bringing us the chances of rain. and in fact here's how hi plates out for those planning to go to church or easter services. light showers throughout the morning will cool temperatures, upper 40s to upper 50s. by the afternoon showers taper and then we have a cool, fairly dry evening. the latest animation
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shows spotty showers easter sunrise, 6:49:00 a.m. light showers around the bay and then notice how clears out by 4:00. also does mean snow in the sierra. here is the stronger storm moving in overnight tuesday monday rather, overnight into tuesday morning the yellow there, he heavier rain and this brings our best chance of heaviest rain for the next two days. total amounts. up to an inch in some areas and around the central bay, mainly half inch to three-quarters of an inch and maybe up to half inch in the south bay. there's a winter weather advisory if you're heading to and from tahoe. it's going to be tough. a love of folk dent carry chains. gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour. if you have to travel tomorrow try to do it in the morning as opposed to the evening. snowfall payments tuesday afternoon, looking pretty good in donner.
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we can certainly use that to help improve the snow pack. overnight lows in the 40s. milder in san francisco, 49. low 40s in parts of the valleys like napa. also, look for temperature's to come down so the cooling trend continues in the low 60s for most everyone cooler along the coast. 55 half moon bay. easter showers. have your umbrella handy, and then the heaviest rain moves in monday night into tuesday so then we start drying out for the end of the week, and then we'll also see warmer temperatures. >> thank you frances. >> over to shu now and baseball. >> that's right. a's and giants, bay bridge series. giants defeat the a's in a rubber game today at the coliseum. afterwards the a's placed pitcher parker and do little and reddick and coco crisp on the
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15-day dl and re-assign barry seat -- zito to minor leagues. giants got two runs off the drew starter, maxwell, line drive to left. off the glove of great lawrie. buster posey scores. then in the sixth, 36-year-old barry zito made his return to the coliseum in an a's uniform. didn't allow a hit. struck out jackson williams but after the game he was reassigned to the minors, tim lincecum picked an inning of relief. struck out two. giants take the free season finale 2-1 afterwards barry zito talked about his future in the mind you'res. >> was going to take a year off and come back so i've been having a lot of fun this spring so i want to keep doing that. i didn't stay in shape for a year to come back here and roll in and go sit at home. so go to a brand new ballpark in
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nashville, good music town, take the wife and kids and have some fun. >> i can't complain with the results. it was -- if i set out a confidence building to go into the season. >> we have complete coverage of e a's opener on monday. colin rush will be live can he coliseum when they open the season against the texas rang jersey. >> the masters next weekend and tiger wood announcing he will play. time to fine tune your game for augusta. patrick reed on the par-3 16th hit it pure. online. goes in for the home horizontal. -- a huge hole-in-one. and then races to the green with his caddie who is also his brother-in-law. caddie wins. austin cook, qualified on monday chips in for birdie on seven. had theley lead but a double-bogey drops him to second
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at 13-under. win back of jordan spieth, the 21-year-old texason shot 5-under 67. has the lead thanks to this birdie putt on 16. >> third round of the lpga's first major of the year. lewis launching herself into second place. lexie hunt at 4-under. first round leader morgan pressle. six under. every is chasing kim. birdies 17. shod a 3-under 69 and is a leader by 3 at 10-under. >> serena williams in the miami open finals she came in to 20-match win streak. wins in just 56 minutes. only dropped five points in the second set, her eighth miami
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open title. i think serena needs some competition. 2-0 in the finals. >> to the ice, women reside world championship. u.s.a. and canada. first period, stephanie anderson shot, 1 or u.s.a. third period. americans lead 6-5. kendall snaps it home. team u.s.a. wins the world championship of hockey 7-5. their fifth world championship in the last six years. soccer. chelsea and stoke city. charlie adams, stoked after this shot from 65 yards out. and it goes on. adam left-footed. ties it. however chelsea would win the game 2-1 the final. >> this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. warriors in dallas face the mavs sharks in phoenix. highlights tonight. see you then. >> as shu mentioned abc7 news will be live for the a's home opener and we want to see you celebrating the green and gold.
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share your fan photos with us. just post them to social media with the hash tag, where you live. >> easter comes earl next on abc7 news at 6:00. no order egg hunt. the big prize for finding the
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water fights. how the california drought is pitting fish versus crops. join us tonight on kofy tv 20 for that story. then on abc7 abc7 at 11:00, here on channel 7 the bathroom fixture that is helping a california woman save ten gallon a water a day. that is tonight at 11:00. a live look for you right now from the golden gate bridge and authorities telling people not to drive here all weekend long if your plan otherwise to park and enjoy the view. instead take the bus, walk or bike to the bridge. holy weekends usually bring more visitors than normal weekend asks the parking lots in marin and san francisco fill up very quickly and then back up traffic on both sides of the bridge. so you've been warned. sticking with easter. the easter bunny came hopping into oakland a day early to join the easter egg hunt. we were there when dozens of families came to brookdale park
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this afternoon to celebrate the holiday weekend and of course, search for eggs. there were different hunts for different age groups, and in each a special golden egg for even more prizes. >> my son found the golden egg so it was exciting. got this basket when he turned it in. and it's just a really fun time. >> it was fun. >> a free event. like the families come out for this easter weekend. >> the city of oakland promises an even bigger and better easter event next year. very lucky break they did it today instead of tomorrow with the rain. >> might be a little damp for the easter egg hunt tomorrow. it will go on if it needs to. >> could enjoy an easter egg hunt myself. >> if there's a prize. >> what you have to do. >> that's it for us at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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