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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a dozens of dangerous felons taken off the streets. our video from a national crack down on violence >> you're go to hear from a woman trapped in her car when this tree fell on it today. spencer is here with the spring warm up. >> remarkable recovery of brian stow warming up for a big moment on the mound. >> this giant tank, their best hope for survival. good evening thanks for joining
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us. consore vacationists are at odds over the disappearing sardines. in cannery row, the sardine industry collapsed 70 years ago and history may be repeating itself. >> 48-year-old mayo casts his net, but the fishing season could be over. >> it doesn't mean there isn't going to be fish two weeks from now. >> these are the dozens of sardines visitors can view. however, the sardine population dropped 83% over the past eight years. the group believe the sardines need time to recover and
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believes fishing harms that process. >> it's a population naturally declining due to unfavorable conditions it's important to alleviate the fishing pressure. >> the sardine population disappeared 70 years ago, making one third of his bichls yet fees will continue. >> between $3,000 and $4,000 just sitting here, not moving. >> the sardines are sold for bait and exported to australia and japan where they are eaten. many affected by the ban are second and third generation fishermen doing sardines and they're in their 50s. so they say that now their livelihood has been cutoff they're not sure what the future holds. in monterey, abc7 news >> new record temperatures
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around the bay area tonight. abc7 news was in emmoryeryvillemeryville. you can expect large swells into the night. spencer christian is here with more on the temperatures. >> it was a warm day. close to record territories here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and mild to warm conditions across the bay area. taking a look at our high temperatures for the day. oakland came close to the rip tides for this date. record is 83 degrees for this date. san francisco 79. and getting cooler tomorrow but inland locations will be warmer so there is a chance of records over next couple days. >> thank you very much the wind kicked up a bit today.
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strong enough to push a large tree on this car. >> people enjoying beach weather at 6:00 in the evening but it is windy and today, in oakland, winds took a dangerous turn. >> it happened fast. a tree fell on to her moving car, crushing the back seat. >> all of a sudden i hit the breaks and i stopped. just felt like it kept caving into the car. probably felt slower than it was. >> she's okay. an arborist say it's possible the wind is to blame.
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>> in san francisco, this is the upside of the wind. they knew how to take advantage of the beach weather. >> we got one today. yes. on this gorgeous day. it is perfect weather. >> of note the smalls are visiting are from vermont they told me it was 27 degrees tomorrow through saturday evening, there are going to be strong swells and big waves and a chance of waves so do be careful. >> dozens of california water agencies are calling restrictions unrealistic. the governor says it should help the states drought overtime. >> the wave is due with the
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water hosers and farmers. so a tragic end to the search for a missing palo alto hiker. the 70-year-old don meyers went missing in alameda county yesterday. crews found the found the body and tell us he hiked a couple times per year. 50 people searched for him throughout the day. after 2:00 p.m they found and made the discovery. >> our helicopter was one of the highest peaks in the area. and they located what appeared to be a body. >> the coroner needs to
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officially confirm the identity of the body. he loved to volunteer with facilities united. >> police and uc berkeley sent out notices they have received another complaint of a woman being sexual assaulted at a fraternity party. they can't investigate it any further because the victim has not filed a complaint the reporter came from a third party that happened several times this year. investigators are asking anyone with information to call the please. >> seven people are charged in a shooting death of a mother in oakland the district attorney charged a 16-year-old with murder in the killing of shamile pierce trying to shield her children during a shootout in west oakland the teenager was arrested and charged
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a nationwide sweep. operation netted more than 100 high risk fugitives from around the area. he's in the new room with the story. vic? >> the task force made more than 7,000 arrests. oakland was chosen because of a high crime rate. six arrests were murder suspects. among them alex davis. he was wanted in the murder of an oakland mother killed in a cross fire of a gang shooting. also arrested in another high profile case suspected child molester. he escaped from santa clara county jail last month. u.s. marshals found him in mississippi.
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u.s. marshals and a task force fanned out targeting violent felons. in oakland numerous arrests were made. this person was taken into custody in a trailer park. >> under lying charges were salt with a deadly weapon. >> 137 fugitives from the east bay were arrested. some captured and others states. >> 23 individuals are affiliated with gangs. 27 guns were recovered. >> of the 137 arrests, 60 wanted for crimes in oakland. in that city they were looking for gang members as well as a gun used in a murder.
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police chief thanked the marshals. >> there are demands for services on city streets. >> agents were brought to the bay area and 13 different agencies locate, state, and federal participated. a group is calling for change in how law enforcement deals with african americans the group began the first of several actions to call attention to what they say is open season on black lives they're urging officials to do more to increase programs to help youth in oakland and across the bay area. >> yes, black lives do matter. 100 black men and all people
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demand justice. >> in black lives do matter then let our public policy and our public ledger reflect that. >> the group is calling on holding people accountable for actions. a concord man has been charged with molesting a man under his car. the accusations made in antioch by a 12-year-old girl who was six at the time. police say there may be others. sierra cruz does not have a previous arrest record. in los altos police caught up with a burglary suspect from last year. investigators believe this man was involved in a break in and struck a car. the officer recognized the
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vehicles, got an arrest warrant from morales who turned himself in. >> we'd like to have the pope as our archbishop. >> do you think he's kidding? a call to replace the archbishop. >> we're live tonight with some legends of the nba. >> tonight a woman tracks down a thief who stole her iphone. 7 own your side is coming up. >> i just hung on to him the whole time. >>
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>> you may have seen a full page news ad asking for the removal of the archbishop that are asking for rome to intervene. this issue is pitting catholics against catholics. >> this is an attempt to get the vatican to remove a san francisco archbishop. >> before we came to this place there were messages sent quietly through parish priests. letters and calls. >> without any results. they oppose many policies that he would like to implement anyone who works at catholic schools or for the archdiocese would have to sign a moral clause. >> from using everything from birth control to advocating for embryonic stem cell research and voicing opposition to the notion
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some day women might be priests. >> this mother of three would like them to foamus on other issues. >> poverty. homeless issues in san francisco. and technologies going on. >> a misrepresentation of the nature of the contracts and a misrepresentation of the spirit of the ash. bishop. >> this group calls attention to the marked differences. one of those is a father of tom brady. >> we're not all built the same way. >> do expect to say thank you? we're not going to go away. >> they say they'll continue to use contacts to press for
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change. >> golden state warriors are heading into the post season with one of the best records ever. he's talking about basketball greats tonight. wayne? >> not only basketball, but sports raiders and bay area sports greatest. they're talking about a team of his from 40 years ago and this year's team. sixth best record in nba history through a regular season. so yes. >> take a seat where dre owens with cheers and good ears.
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>> last time they won a championship was 40 years ago. now, today, players stretched and reporters stretched, too hoping for playoff pearls of wisdom. >> just need to do what we do. >> i hope they're not teasing us. and leaving us. >> the right to serve the web and weep. >> $159 to $5852.
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and one customer went two games this year now these blocks are ever likely to get. >> bless you if you can afford it. i can't. >> it's a price of success. from oakland, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> this is fun. isn't it? >> abc7 news live coverage begins june 4th. >> great stuff. >> beautiful weather. >> this is a day weather anchors love. >> there is a warming trend going on. we're enjoying it.
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we've got sunny skies and lives are flapping in the breeze. 76 across the bay and check out this view of western sky and golden gate. it's 76 now in santa rosa. napa 73. 80 in fairfield. and blue skies over the bay will be cooler along the coast and around the bay. remaining warm inland, weather continues into the weekend. we'll have changes in our pattern next week and a chance of showers this is important to bear in mind.
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so bear that in mind if you have coastside plans high pressure this ridge will hold through tomorrow and bring us warmer weather inland tomorrow than today sh but notice, tomorrow, fog back at the coast. it's going to drop low temperatures back and we'll see 70s around the bay. inland areas will not cool down tomorrow. some may warm up. antioch reaching 87 or 88 tomorrow. that inland warming continues but coastal patterns continue as well. foggy at beaches on saturday. temperatures continuing to drop there. sunday slightly cooler inland. and and we'll see remaining quite on the coast with highs
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only into the 50s. next week, there is a slight chance of showers. overnight, clear skies. low temperatures in the 50s around the bay. warm tomorrow and cooler here, low to mid-60s on the coast. 67 in downtown san francisco tomorrow upper 70s tomorrow and mid to upper 70s in the east bay. some 80s inland. and then tuesday wednesday, thursday clouds increasing and a chance of showers.
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keep our fingers crossed. >> coming up next a tragedy in the north bay park. elk that lost their lives under federal protection. >> we're northbound on 280 with a 360 camera heading into san francisco. you can see our production assistant moving ably for us. not too bad. other direction heading southbound not too bad either. the news at female announcer: get on board for better sleep! it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort
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>> national park service admits 250 tulle elk died inside of a fence preserve. about half of the herd perished over the past three years. the elk allowed to roam freely increased by a third. >> a hayward city councilman turned to crowd funding to help a little league group hit by
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theft. they got away with a safe containing $7,000. the counselman wants to show the community is behind this group so he's organized an account to makeup the money. if you would like to help we have a link on abc7 >> noaa has confirmed location of a sunken aircraft carrier off the coast. uss independence is resting under 2600 feet of water in the marine sanctuary where it was sunk 60 years ago. images provided by noaa show the carrier really is amazingly intact with the hull clearly visible there. it's one of an estimated 300 ships that have gone down and is the deepest known in the
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sanctuary. >> continuing tonight at 6:00 a man who flew a helicopter on the . >> a 911 call from a cargo hull of an airliner. >> and operation baby lift. a pair of survivors of a 40-yea
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>> how a florida man was able to fly a small gyro copter through one of the most-monitored places in the world washington, d.c. he is charged with violating restricted air space the 51-year-old landed on the u.s. capitol lawn yesterday telling family and friends he rs to lawmakers demanding change in campaign finance laws. >> these radars and capabilities, hundreds of millions of dollars or not. may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies including secret service to review procedures and get useful
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lessons. >> hughes is allowed to return but the judge told him he has to stay away from washington, except for court appearances >> we're hearing a panicked 911 call, an airport worker made after being stuck in a cargo hold of a plane taking off. he says he woke up with the plane in motion. here is the call. >> i'm stuck in this place. >> where? at the airport? >> i'm inside of a plane. i feel like it's in the air. >> are you by yourself? or with someone? >> please, please! >> the airline worker banged on the ceiling. the plane landed back in seattle, 14 minutes after taking off. >> san jose state graduates will
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get parting advice from a powerful politician. house minority leader nancy pelosi will give the commencement address may 23. >> former defense secretary posed with his dog bravo. >> an extraordinary chapter of the vietnam war will be celebrated in the presidio. dozens will mark the 40th anniversary of operation baby lift. and many would not have made it here if not for heroism of a
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pilot. >> the end of the vietnam war is just the beginning for a few thousand orphans the first flight carried 243 children 44 he is supreme courts 16 crew men and 15 flight nurses would not make it to the destination in fairfield california. 40 miles from saigon in 23000 feet high, the doors blew off. the c 5 a lost altitude the pilot crash landed in a field. . >> i said goodbye to my wife. i said i'm done. then, we came to a stop. >> captain trainer spoke to us in his home in fairfax, virginia. >> the airplane broke into parts. you can see where the fire is burning. >> captain trainer was not injured. he could see the wings and tail were someplace else. and the cargo apartment where many orphans were seated was
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crushed in the landing. 138 people mostly children were killed. the investigation was conducted and his flying skills are credited with this not being a worse tragedy. >> an ordinary captain's life made extraordinary by the mission and made tragic by the fact that we lost 138 people. 176 went on to live long, and prosper. >> cary briggs was just four years old and we caught up with her on her flight in southern california. >> just recently, i was given a piece of insulation. >> she doesn't remember getting on the plane. >> once it crashed, the help
7:35 pm
trying to get me out i remember seeing different pieces that crashed. >> cary remembers being taken to a medical facility checked out and put on another flight to the bay area she landed four days after the crash. >> i don't remember being on the plain, but i do remember that my -- i my adopted father hung on to me the whole time. >> she was taken to their home in riverside. she says she's grateful for the baby lift. leading to a new life and family. >> a part of my history and a part of american history. it's great. >> cary and captain trainer both attended a reunion in southern california. saying survivors keep in touch and says many people plan to go back to search for roots and find out more about families left behind in vietnam. matt keller, abc7 news.
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>> it's remarkable. a free exhibit paying tribute runs through december. >> coming up next, from 7 on your side, who needs the police? >> measures one
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imagine losing your computer or ipad in a theft. that is a hassle. now, imagine losing both. >> it happened to a woman but what though did next is extraordinary. >> put on your seat belts. lauren parker is like most of us she relies on her computer to keep her life and work on track. so when her devices took off on a wild ride, she went off too. lauren and her boyfriend, joey was shopping one saturday. they got back to the parking space, bummer. >> we went grocery shopping came out, my car was broken into. her lap top and ipad, gone. they spoke with a police officer
7:40 pm
who told them property crimes were a low priority. >> we returned back to lauren's place, dropped off her groceries and i said we're going to get these guys >> they turned on find my iphone. the chase was on. >> san francisco traffic it was frustrating. we can see it going south on 101. >> off they went, then, north on highway 101. >> getting closer and closer. >> find my iphone showing it leaving san francisco, heading across the bay bridge. lauren and joey in hot pursuit. . >> i was thinking if they go to a dark alley there is nothing i would have done they went across from the street from the college, oakland swap meet. >> they had a stack and they were over there. joey was determined to get
7:41 pm
laurin's back. >> could you see your lap top in the pile? >> i could. and i when he was running across the street i can see my case around the ipad i said that is my stuff! so that is when joey took off. . >> i ran across onto the island and told them to place stolen property on the deck. that we would not call the police. i told them to do it now in a forceful voice he did it. and then took off running. >> they picked up her ipad, and found a police officer and gave him the other computers they wish police would have done the foot work but lauren is happy to have her computer and ipad back. we did a spot check of the police departments around the bay area asking for policies about thefts and those were posted on our website. you can check them out yourself. click on sections tab.
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then select 7 on your side. >> it could be dangerous. >> great. thank you. >> remarkable recovery of giants fan, brian s
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taking a look at traffic, we're looking at our van right now. these are folks trying to get anywhere and it has been stop and go. >> if you do get to the game you're going to see something remarkable. a man is getting ready to do something most didn't think he'd be able to do. brian stow will throw out the first pitch. we're live with the story. that is going to be a big deal.
7:46 pm
>> he says he came to cheer on brian stow. you can see people are here tonight. giants making good on a promise >> from barbecue to new merchandise, it's the start of a new season the first pitch just moments away. for this man, a personal connection. a former emt. >> i was invited by mail to pitch at their home opener. and that is what i'm going to do. >> four years ago he was attacked on opening day there to cheer them on against dodgers but suffered a traumatic brain injury his recovery hasn't been easy he's making progress.
7:47 pm
he can walk with the aid of a walker the starting pitcher can't help but be inspired. >> it's going to be a great moment to smile and see him out there. just enjoy. because i know he's gone through tough days on the road to recovery. >> have have to keep going you know? never give up. >> a story that is already touching many lives. that first pitch is scheduled for 7:07. anyone donating tonight will 72 free tickets to a few tour
7:48 pm
giants game. >> that is wonderful. >> perfect day for a game. no clouds around. our coastal areas cool down from today's highs highs in the mid-80s here is the accu-weather forecast. inland areas remaining nice and warm with highs into mid-80s and mid-70s around the bay. and next week we may see rain drops, a few. >> well if you're a fan here is
7:49 pm
your chance to prove it. send us fan photos and we're going to use them on the
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good evening, takes 16 victories to win an nba title. warriors again saturday afternoon and steph curry says anything short of winning will be considered failure. record of 67 and 15. they have not had to deal with a
7:52 pm
lot of adversity. >> it's going to be capable to get a championship. there are going to be tough times and disappointing to have that resolve as a team. it's important. >> after the game we'll have live interviews. we want to know what you think. how far do they need to advance to be considered a success?
7:53 pm
warriors filmed a show that might be in the prime time line up this fall. take coming to america and you have a premise. >> it's a love story these these guys. >> the veteran tv producer came up with this hoops version, pitching the idea to mike tollen.
7:54 pm
>> what the hell are you doing? >> the crowd is loud. >> peter happens to be a co-owner with warriors. this is a unique collaboration. >> we've got to make it funny. >> they'll pray. you have to get lucky in this business if you don't you're in trouble. there is a lot of luck. just like in sports. >> we had too tell fans not to worry. they look like warriors and they're not the warriors. >> this pilot was in the works long before warriors became the
7:55 pm
hottest team so hollywood guys have had to make changes. >> we've seen lakers and clippers. >> very nice. >> very slick. smooth. he could be a politician. after facing charges of child abuse, the question is whether he will return to vikings or insist on forcing a trade. abc7 sports brought to you by the bank of the west.
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so they've got a chance. >> yes. >> join us tonight at 9:00 how much water do we have left in reservoirs? >> and seeing video of police shooting suspects. what happens after the camera stops record something >> coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> bye-bye. #
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