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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> tonight a bay area man arrested for a security breech at the white house. >> police close the books on a series of kidnapping attempts. the victims got away but the suspect is in big trouble. >> a family's relief after a amber alert. the safe return of a sleepy 8-year-old. >> where all of this water is coming from in the middle of a drought whochlt -- who gets it? >> this was the scene after a man from the bay area was arrested for scaling the fence. >> it turns out he has a lengthy
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criminal history. >> the 54-year-old jerome hunt was released from jail after being charged with a misdemeanor, from unlawful enry. he's been ordered to stay away from the white house wear a gps bracelet and undergo a mental health evaluation. jerome hunt climbed the fence on the back side of the white house, landing on the south lawn the president's helicopter often takes off. he was carrying a red tote bag. >> what the secret service and others are engaging in an effort to try to at least make sure the security posture reflects the security threat that exists
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he says he is currently homeless but receives mail from first united methodist church in hayward the police chief tells vic lee the secret service has not called the office about the incident and officers have had no contact with hunt. >> this is an ykt of a area. >> before come together bay area he lived in peoria illinois. 2009, criminal trespass. 2008, domestic battery. six days in jail.
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1984, assault with intent to commit first degree assault. he was arrested for other charges. >> thank you. >> the incident last night is just the latest in a series of washington, d.c. security breeches. in september a man with a knife jumped a fence and managed to run inside of the white house. last week a florida man was able to fly a small gyrocopter onto the capitol lawn. >> officials are working on a project to increase the height of the fence. the airport says it needs all federal standards with the fence
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standing at six feet. but, they're raising it to ten feet because of many recent breeches. one came after a 15-year-old snuck into a wheel well of a plane. the airport is working with government-funded safe skies alliance with this higher fence >> the airport hopes the higher fence and barbed wire will discharge r courage people from crying to climb it. >> there are three attempted abductions in three months. abc7 news joins us now. is there a fourth case as well? >> that is right.
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the sheriff's department is investigating to see if they can link the suspect to that one the school superintendent sums up what this means to the community. >> police arrested a 20-year-old student at cal state east bay, charged with attempted kidnap with intent to commit robbery the last incident happened near hayward high school on march 27th, as a 16-year-old was walking home. two attempts in february, and march, near tennison high school. in all cases he tried to pull the girls into his car. they gave similar descriptions. >> he was described as having body odor or someone just finished working out.
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in the last incident identified as speaking with an indian accent. >> patel was arrested on thursday thanks to a veteran officer. >> we were conducting a surveillance operation in the area when the suspect in his vehicle was spotted in the area. so this may have prevented it from occurring. a fairfield boy reunited with a family after being taken by a car thief the 8-year-old brock guzman fell asleep in the family car this morning. someone stole it. his terrified mother called, frantic for help.
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>> so scary. abc7 news is live in fairfield and his family is indescribable relief. >> oh absolutely. this story has a happy ending. he is home with his family tonight. his dad told me he's been inside of the house watching movies and playing games. the family car is back and fairfield police this afternoon took a person of interest into charges. officers say they expect to make an arrest in this case very soon. >> panicn predawn hours. >> okay. someone took your car? your son was inside? >> he says he started his car loaded her third grade son into
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the car. >> i am like oh, the car is not out there. >> police believe the car was taken as a crime of opportunity. police issued an amber alert and brock's picture spread across social media. after 8:00 a.m a man on the way to work spotted the car on daha drive. it is less than two miles from his home. he found the 8-year-old curled up on the back seat. >> the child appears to be okay. just woke up. >> an emotional yun union. brock, still wrapped in a blanket. >> it was amazing. >> brock slept through the ordeal. >> i asked if he was scared he just woke up and i wasn't there. >> now, she doesn't plan on letting her son out of her
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sight. >> i'm going to get into bed with my son. we're going to watch a lot of movies. >> police say there is a person of interest in custody on unrelated charges. >> in palo alto tonight a man is in custody because of allegedly committing a hate crime. the 61-year-old arrested after midnight accused of threatening an african american driver and using a racial slur. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be running for reelection with a clean record. this morning a judge agreed to expunge his misdemeanor charge related to a domestic violence incident. he filed a request after finishing his probation,
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included taking domestic violence and parenting classes. >> for him it's personal and some relief he's entitled to. >> it's fairly common for someone charged with a misdemeanor. the district attorney has had several dozen requests. >> east bay municipal utility district has begun receiving from the reservoir. laura anthony is liveth the story. laura? >> reporter: looks will be deceiving. in a couple months this, will be brimming with water. same thing in another reservoir. but it's water coming at a high
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price. it looks great but rarely a sign of how deep the drought has become. >> it's an emergency supply from the sacramento river. 11 billion gallons purchased to keep districts afloat to what is expected to be a tifl summer. >> water costs more to pump. there is more power costs. it costs more to treat because it has a different water chem tri. >> this is the second time they purchased through the system. once arriving it must go through a seven-step treatment process. >> our staff works 24-7,
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monitoring the process making adjustments to make sure we have high-quality water going to our >> reporter: they will make sure it is as the traditional supply. east bay mud plans to go on the open market to purr christmas more water in the coming weeks. >> here tonight on abc7 news thousands of people openly smoking marijuana. >> what is going on at hippy hill for the san francisco 4-20 gathering. >> inside of the bay area's winning team a competition could get the area on top. >> i'm sandhya patel. a deep marine layer, maybe drops for the morning commute. i'll have details coming up.
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>> i'm michael finney. a critical deadline faces millions of cal
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a big clean up oof a 4-20 gathering. the april 20th pot-smoking celebration. you can see the haze there. it is illegal to openly smoke pot in california so this event operates without a sponsor. opponents say it's becoming a big problem.
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>> people think of the marijuana of the 70s or 60s. >> we do it every year. it's a great vibe and a cool place to be. >> sky 7 was over uc santa cruz at 4:20. several thousand people were lining up. >> silicon valley is known for being on the cutting edge of technology, now, it's becoming a growing for defense the california national guard's rescue wing has a new training facility. >> what people think about the military culture in general is that we're well trained and well prepared. that is what this building kind of emphasizes is that we eliminate those mistakes because
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we have facilities to and space. >> warriors fans are streaming into oracle arena. we are live at oracle arena. katie? >> reporter: clay thompson tells me they can feel it on the court and cheering helps. there is something you can do. he's making big waves off the court, too.
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>> interest there is not a lot of emotion. >> it's awesome. >> we've done many programs with him, he's comfortable with kids. >> fans with vote on social media starting today until 27th. >> you can see that a lot. >> he says they put the funds towards a new basketball court. which means the community could be winning alongside thompson
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and the team. >> you can vote for thompson on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> show us your warriors pride, sending us your fan photos and we'll feature them on air. >> abc7 news reporter mike shumann will be at the game. >> fun, and indoors watching the game and nice outside. >> yes. >> it cooled off today and it
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does feel good. 50s and 60s were popular. live doppler 7 showing you a solid marine layer. look at clouds coming in. that is where we've seen thunderstorms. i do want to show you some of those from our mount tam cam. low clouds and temperatures 56 in san francisco. 63 in morgan hill. here is our view of the overpass conditions holding temperatures down in many areas.
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low clouds with us over san francisco. so we'll call it cloudy tonight. possibilities of sprinkles wednesday. why tomorrow and wednesday? two lows, one just southwest another in the gulf of alaska and this will keep us with a deep marine layer in place meaning we might squeeze out drizzle and maybe sprinkles. so great skies pushing inland. some spotty drizzle showing up. if you're traveling we'll probably see a repeat there on wednesday as well.
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afternoon south bay lingering clouds. 69 in san jose. 70 degrees in los gatos. 66 in redwood city. cool cloudy, sunset district mid-60s. quite a bit of cloud cover. 63 san rafael. today antioch into low 80s. accu-weather forecast, little change is expected in temperatures keeping you into the 50s and 70s range. warmer for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. >> coming up here, storms that
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could be more damaging than a powerful earthquake.
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>> we're dealing with affects of the severe drought, some researchers are warning and ahead of a storm submeshlg merging the area with rain, expected to cause $10 billion in damage in silicon valley by
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swamping neighborhoods and companies like google. >> what is significant is the storm was about 150 years ago. so we're due. this is expected to bring maybe up to seven days with down pours. findings released by bay area council. >> a woman has filed a wrongful death suit in alameda county against southwest airlines she claims the crew mistook her emergency for unruly behavior on a flight from oakland to orange county found unconscious about 30 minutes later. the federal government are proposing moving hump back
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whales from the endangered species list. today's proposal calls for hump backs to be reclassified into 14 populations. ten would be removed from the endangered list. >> more local news coming up tonight. closure of doctor's hospital and a clinic across the street. is it affordable? >> and michael finney explains how you can avoid thousands of dollars in tax penalties
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one hospital is closing that will help serve some patients. doctor's medical center closes after decades of service. abc7 news took a look at the new facility across the street. >> hector hernandez was the first patient to visit the life long urgent care facility picking up patients from doctor's medical center closing tomorrow. >> this is a blessing to those
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from noon until 8:00 p.m . seven days per week. >> this community is left without an emergency room. >> dr. carson is a physician that worked with the center 18 years. he is now working at the new facility. she lives with her grandmother. >> being worried not knowing where she's going to go next. if, when she has a heart problem, where is she going to go? >> the hospital was foesed to close because it was losing $18
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million a year. a journalist has been charged with espionage. he has been in custody nine months now the iranian government accused him of collaborating with hostile governments and waging a propaganda war against iran. >> this edge fbi agents are accused of plotting to join the group isis. authorities are using the information to arrest four men in mich. officials say the men were friends and part of a community.
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>> i think the biggest concern we have is that individuals may come back once going to syria. >> the phrase boston strong lined the route. people shouted it in several people that ran part of the course. one woman lost a leg. she was full of emotion after finishing. dozens showed their solidarity.
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and they ran past the ferry building to at and t park. >> we just wanted to send a message that we believe in you. >> tonight's money matters, wall street bounces back. the s and p stands at 2100. and a book revealed elan musk nearly sold his company to google two years ago. according to the book he shook hands on the deal but sales began to improve before reaching a final agreement. frederick's of hollywood failed to turn a profit seven years.
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they have closed all of their stores. >> craft said today it will remove artificial preservatives from macaroni and cheese. >> a huge number of people face hundreds if not thousands in tax penalties if they don't get health coverage by the end of the month. >> that is just days away. how you can avoid the penalty. >> olga chen is like many in their 20s she lives on a starting salary she hasn't had health insurance since graduating from san francisco state. >> one of the reasons they don't buy is because they don't see it as a major priority. >> the deadline was two months
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ago. but covered california extended it. >> people wanted to take chances. when faced with a penalty they realized that this is not a game. >> she met to discuss her options. olga is in the united states on a work visa and just learned about the mandatory requirement. >> i don't like it but the options are more affordable compared to others. that part i like. >> the penalty is 1% of your after tax income, or $95 per adult. for someone earning $40,000 before taxes penalty would be $299. that nearly doubles the $497 in the 2015 tax year.
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she learned penalty would be about $3,000. >> application deadline was extended. >> it's estimated a million people have not yet enrolled in any plan. the state wants to give them every opportunity to do so. >> we know 90% of our consumers receive assistance for that. for that coverage. some people would pay less. >> she's one of only 22,000 people to enroll. a huge surge is expected incoming days >> it gives a piece of mind. >> we have a link to find a certified agent on our website.
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>> now to see the reports online go to abc7 and click on the sections tab. >> coming up next a wind chill graphics coming with this what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if
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google and others are busy
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designing self driving cars another is helping use technology. >> let's start with the obvious. glasses are no ordinary glasses. >> you look through the lenses and see digital content. >> look at that. >> yes. >> the glasses are prototypes built by the chip maker qualcom. >> we have to eclipse with three cameras one is here. used by x ray vision. >> yes. x ray vision. >> the cameras stream videos to
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let you see hazards you might miss. >> these are meant to reduce traction. >> it's all primary going through safety. ien including linking up with your phone. >> gives you options of listening to it. >> the display show one at a time. >> any parking space is a foot longer than any gives you a signal that is a spot you can play. >> in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> my goodness. >> i love the capabilities. >> yes. yes. >> we have more just ahead tonight. >> coming up a young mother sacrificing her job to protect the environment. >> one of the winners of
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six environmental activists from around the world are being honored as winners of the goldman environmental prize. in one case, shut down a plant poisoning children when she learned her son had lead poisoning she suspected she wasn't alive. crews were melting down car batteries she discovered her son became sick after breast feeding and asked women to allow children to be tested as well. >> it cost her her job, she led
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a battle that shut down this melting plant. howard took him on to rail waters of western scotland. family fished for generations. evidence rallied to fight for a no drenching zone. >> with campaigning to stop the practice introducing sustainable fishing to guarantee food for future generations.
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>> two other winners risked government backlash to help massive projects on sensitive rivers and lands. the final winner rallied to fight what would have been one of the largest gold and copper mines ever proposed. during the battle tribal elders argued the value of ancient fishing waters outweigh jobs promised. >> i'm just proud of our people who stood up before the panel and continued to stay strong.
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>> each will receive a cash prize. >> all right. let's go back and talk about the weather forecast. >> ten degrees cooler, high-level clouds, clouds coming in from the west. low clouds tracking that for you along with drizzle that is possible. 77 in yosemite. taking a look at high temperatures tomorrow, like today. from 50s and 60s and it's going to be breezy and cool. low to mid-50s.
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accu-weather forecast, recovering as we hit the weekend, milder. >> exciting time and exciting night. >> yes. we ask the question how loud is too loud? a look at what is going on in what is
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> good evening, monty williams is no rookie at this. it's an answer to the question about crowd at oracle arena ensuring game two is going to be deafening. williams said the crowd was so loud saturday afternoon, he felt the noise was out of hand. quoting now i'm not sure the decibel level is legal, and i'm
7:53 pm
serious. >> it wasn't as loud. i've heard it louder. i know it will be louder. >> what he should have said is proud? that is a nonfactor. no big deal. game two coming up at 7:30. and shu, why don't want start with this -- can you hear me? >> what is that larry? it will be louder tonight. they won, bad musts for pelican fans. here is a preview. >> all five starters were in
7:54 pm
double digits but got only 12 points and that leads to change. >> they understand how important they are to our success. there will be games they'll have to carry starters so confidence level never waivers. >> we want to be watching film and that kind of place. >> why ironic? >> his muscles are the size of
7:55 pm
mine. >> they have a bit more confidence with a win over their belt. >> with a lead, some ideas and things you can do better. >> i guarantee tonight they'll come out on fire. larry? >> that arm is bad. the winningest coach but after seven years this is a team that needs rebuilding.
7:56 pm
one of jim harbaugh's staunchest supporters now says the coach is, well kind of nuts. and adding this guy might be insane. he's crazy. so might be chip kelly. eagles signed the former highs man winner. tewow figures to compete for a back up spot. and all about warriors and pelicans. >> looking forward to that larry. >> yes.
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>> clues scientists have tonight at 9:00. and massive clean up following the pot-smoking party. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. th female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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