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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 24, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new at 6:00 a killer who has been unpunished for years has been sentenced. >> brown lives matter the family of a suspect shot by san francisco police tells a different story about how he was killed. >> winds are gusty and showers are approaching. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and remarkable steph curry. his dad tells abc son so good. >> a superior court judge granted a convicted killer' request for his release from
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prison. >> the killer has cancer and less than a month to live but the release is a blow to the family of the man he killed. >> we have the latest on a long running investigation. dan? >> i first investigated this as a cold case in 1999. and in court today sh i watched the rest of the chapter unfold. >> randy weeks has less than a month to live. the judge granted him compassionate release despite tearful testimony from his victim's daughter, only 18 months old when weeks stabbed her father and she and her mom wanted you to know how they feel. >> just say he gets to go home and be with his family in his last few days he didn't give my dad a chance
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>> the judge said just because weeks didn't show your life partner compassionate there in the street doesn't mean that we, as a society shouldn't show him compassion now. what do you say to that? >> i disagree with that. because very no compassion for him. >> weeks' family members tell me they understand how the other family feels but just want the chance to say goodbye. >> there is only direct family ñi involved. the only people that can see him. i can't see him currently. so we want to be able to, nieces and nephews to be able to say goodbye. . >> i investigated this as a cold case. dozens of witnesses were there when jaguna died out side of a house party at the weeks home. his brother told me he was fight bug was on the victim in the last one off but he denied knowing who killed him >> you say you're in close proximity to him. that most 5, or 6 feet way. and you have no idea who killed
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him? >> it was dark. i mean, i couldn't tell you. >> rick weeks didn't tell us at the time his brother randy attacked with a knife. randy weeks received a 12 year sentence and would have gotten out in july 2016 if not for the ruling. >> their son was sent to prison to have him come home to die is a small fats faction, i think. >> jaguna's family members are frayed weeks will live past one weeks doctors gave him. >> he didn't get enough time to begin with. and is not serving the rest of his time he's going to be released in the city my daughter lives in. >> the department of corrections has 30 days to make sure the family is capable of caring for him before releasing him. no supervision at all, he'll be on his own.
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>> thank you dan. >> well we're on storm watch tonight. it's the middle of spring but we're expecting a storm to move through overnight. it's stirred up wind and spencer christian is here to give us a time line. >> winds gusting around three miles per hour in some locations and not too far north. areas of showers are not heavy or well organized yet. some sprinkles around cloverdale and let me take a look at what we can expect rain pushing north after about 7:00 p.m or so. and later tonight will be wet across northern part of the viewing area.
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up to about >> breaking news authorities say a woman shot by deputies after leading him on a high spaed chase died. they tried to run over three deputies wednesday night. and they suffered minor injuries. authorities haven't said if he was under the influence. deputies started chasing him to say someone called to say she was driving in reverse in winsor. >> people gathering to protest a fatal shooting. a family filed a federal lawsuit this week against the police department. a vinl yil is about to start. tiffany? >> i'm just half a block from the vigil. you can see dozens of people
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gathered. >> the american dream, he came home in a coffin. his parents in guatemala shared via skype. >> they conveyed that that night, the chief described what happened when under cover officer as approached. >> officers drew weapons. and demanded he drop his knife, he refused. there is no way to characterize that version. >> results of the autopsy have not been released but an independent autopsies shows four bullets in his back. proving he was running from
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police. >> if i'm charging you, you can't shoot me in the back. >> this is recently becoming clearer. in revelations about racist and homophobic text messages among officers and inmates being forced to fight in our county jails. >> it is not unusual for families to file lawsuits. >> police spaced the men on to st. john evangelical church. we have seen several police officers walking through the area, all holding helmets and long batons live in san francisco abc7
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news. >> you see thousands of people walking on the 100th anniversary of the armenian genocide. this was a six mile march to the turkish consulate where they demanded the turbish government recognize the slaughter as a genocide. wayne? >> we're expecting an evening with pomp and circumstance and sadness. april 24th the date doesn't mean much to most people, but to armenians it is everything. >> in every community in every country where there are two armenians there is a commemoration taking place. >> this explains why elise spent part of the time at st. john
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armenian church >> the invasion 100 years ago led to the genocide of 1.5 million armenians. the turkish government never acknowledged what happened the world has mostly forgotten. this year, armenians set out to change that. >> every single armenian was touch by the that event. >> armenians told their children, you've got to get an education. >> they remember in photographs and stories of survivors scattered around the world. remembered in the faces of every genocide victim since then armenians warned the world to forget is to ignore. >> it's not things happening every day. it's terrible. you know? we should be one planet. it's time we learned that. get a clue. get a life. learn to live with your neighbors. >> a culture of .
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>> jackie speier was in in the area and the sponsor of a bill to formally recognize the againo genocide genocide. >> if you did not see the end of the playoff win last night you missed an all-time come back. steph curry is on fire. abc7 news is in new orleans where four is beginning. >> i heard what is it aout the shot of this? . >> i think you might have jeans on. you have a skill that talent you have to develop it. nothing beats hard work.
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you have to be dedicated and love to play the game. >> he had to figure out a way to get his shot off. and can be with those guys bigger and faster and stronger, quicker and that. so found a way to get it done. >> from backyard to porch it takes a long time. he came from meeting out there. >> he is very competitive. big heart. >> father and sons playing in the nba. you must be proud. >> very proud. to play 16 years is a blessing. he's humble enough to know that this doesn't happen to many and
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i can say he's better than i was. i never missed it. so he's gotten that statement for sons to meet again. >> reporting from new orleans, abc7 news. >> isn't that fun to see how into it his dad is. we've received a lot of photos on social media. if you want to see your picture use hash tags so we can find them. >> and still ahead here tonight, the apple watch makes it's retail debut. we'll hear from customers where you can walk in6lf and get one. >> also tonight an abc7 news exclusive. body camera video that can land police in court. >> a bay area doctor qualified to discuss gender transition.
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and it doesn't always require surgery. >> dan noyes returns to show you why a local golf
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>> happening now starbucks is experiencing a computer glitch that is actually working out okay. a spokesperson says the registers went down after they went through a daily menu refresh. some stores are accepting cash only, others are closed for the day. this is video from mission bay. the company says they're working to get the system up, and running again. >> some people are sporting fancy watches now. that is because apple watch hits stores today but not he in the bay area. here in the u.s. there is only one place to buy the new
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wearable gadgets. and people flocked from all over. >> thank you for coming out this morning. >> those words marked the end of a long night. this line started months ago. >> we review tech and destroy it afterwards. >> this is the only high end store selling them. >> wanted to get it today. >> others plan to sell on ebay, up to four times the retail price but not this guy. >> what are you going to do with
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the watch? >> wear it. >> good for you. >> thank you tell us how many are available? >> no. >> the rev are going to say sorry. we're out. >> that comes with a priceless accessory. fittings began two weeks ago. they might not have the watch until this summer f you're waiting you can wait until july. >> i'm on the cutting edge of technology. >> and a spokesperson told abc7 news we know many are still facing long lead times and appreciate patience but ups truck came early for some. and apple ceo, tim cook tweeted
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back, i hope you enjoy your new apple watch. >> reminder there will be no train service between fruitvale and coliseum this weekend. bart is setting down track for much-needed maintenance work from 7:00 p.m tomorrow and all day, on sunday. bart will provide buses but that will cause 60 to 90 minute delays. >> almost may but a cool storm coming in. >> changes we have from the weekend will be like a change of seasons. starting out winter like. which it is. blustery conditions, rain is approaching from the north. around cloverdale, we have a passage of an area of moisture that is through light sprinkles.
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and 25 around the bay area it's breezy to windy. readings are 56 in half mon bay. and down south, 61 degrees. clouds getting dark and thick. partial clearing and all of a sudden it will feel like spring again. this is producing wet weather at times rain pushes into the north bay about 9:00 p.m . becoming more wide spread.
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and at 1:00 a.m by 5:00 tomorrow morning rain just about over. so partial clearing tomorrow. perhaps over a third inch in places like concord and livermore. so winter weather advisory is in effect. just a few inches around lake tahoe in effect until tomorrow afternoon. showers swinging through. tomorrow partial clearing, maybe mostly sunny skies in the day. especially in the north bay.
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highs into mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. and inland up to 70s around the bay. next week highs inland into 80s, low to mid-80s. and mid-60s on the coast. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next news from a tahoe animal rehab center.
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abc7 news was in san francisco it's a free service pg and e offers. >> this happened to be 30 to 50 pounds of pressure going through this thing. it ignites it could be devastating. >> video of the fire that erupted after construction workers hit a gas pipeline in fresno last week. homeowners and construction companies are urged to call 8112 days before a dig so they can mark underground gas lines >> an animal rescue center received a final ok to build a modern new home we've told you about lake tahoe wildlife care, taking in a
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record number of bear cups last year. it has been running out of room but now has the official okay to break ground on a 30 acre property. >> we know that we're going to do more animals and that is good. >> the center needs at least twice the amount to finish the project. we have a link on abc7 >> still to come tonight a story only on abc7 news. she was drunk and belligerent but did she deserve to be treatelike this? the woman >> as he rocks the boat, the city begins to come down on him.
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>> more
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abc7 news obtained body cam video of what happened it's a story you'll see on abc7. vic? >> here is the lawsuit. abc7 news has seen security and the woman says these conflict with what happened that night. >> don't push me like that. >> you might want medical. >> a body camera captured the moment she was taken down by bart and oakland police officers march 17th. patrick's day last year. this is what the bartender model looked like when she fell to the ground and here at the hospital. >> i don't believe they should have broken four bones in my
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face and knocked out my teeth. >> she ended up at the lake merit bart station after a heavy night of drinking her crime does not fit the punishment. >> there are ways to detain someone and not break their face. >> a bart officer arrested sheehan. she says she deserves that. later she was driven to santa rita jail. you can see the bart officer with her, then an altercation starts and she's thrown to the ground. jail video showing it happening quickly. here is another angle. a cop grabs her right hand the bart officer left hand they throw her down, face first.
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sheehan's attorney. >> she knew by throwing her to the ground without having a hand available she's going to suffer serious head injuries. >> scott believes it was excessive force, and intentional. >> she was uncooperative. she was intoxicated i believe she had to be taught a lesson. in police jargon she flunked the attitude test. >> according to the report she was violently punching and the officer guided her to the ground. sheehan and the lawyer dispute that. take a look at the video. sheehan was unconscious in a pool of blood. >> megan can you hear me? >> nurses were called. she was treated and taken to the hospital. sheehan says it took a long time to recover from the physical wounds and that she's dealing with psychological issues.
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police say they can't comment because the case is in litigation. >> vic, thank you. >> san francisco's rec and parks is facing accusations tonight. a supervisor golf course filed suit saying a massive water leak has been allowed to continue for years. they describe the superintendent as a sharp mind and sharp heart. and this is where they play thousands of rounds of golf.
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in his lawsuit he claims the city retaliated for repeatedly complaining without up to 50,000 gallons of water per day. >> he made a report in 2011. shortly after he took over as the superintendent. >> they continued how long? >> as far as i know they haven't been fixed. >> it shows a lack of caring about the drought. >> doug parker from university of california water research group tells the i team the amount wouldn't make a difference in the drought but that everyone needs to do their part. >> 50000 gallons a day is equal to about a consumption of
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between 600 and a thousand people. or maybe two swimming pools. >> the rec and parks department declined a request for interview and the city attorney says there is no merit to the lawsuit. so i tracked down rec and park general manager before a hearing last week and asked about the leaks. >> how do you respond to this not being fixed for four years? >> the irrigation system is more than 80 years old. he says it is complicated and snakes and frogs >> we're working through restoration issues and have to sequence the work. >> they dispute the figure and tells me workers now respond to
7:35 pm
leaks quickly. >> it's a system we can continue to work on. and is also able to be problem solve in locations in needs for parks. also, he says despite warnings they failed to address 739 dead trees, old equipment and the city attorney responds much was his duty to address and he got to spend it for insubordinate behavior, poor judgment and behavior unbecoming of a supervisor. but for all of us the story is the water.
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>> i don't think they dispute the fact. >> he's in a different area and the team is there is managing water effectively. >> everyone agrees it's impossible to determine how much has been lost. >> dozens of people are gathered to protest the killing in february. police say lopez refused to drop a knife. the family disputes that. we have live updates on twitter and on abc7 news bay area.
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>> i'm the first? >> the first in the world. >> as you will learn in my interview, gender
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mike honda can efrp pathize
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and and says people like bruce jenner can only help. >> and not every transgender person decides to undergo surgery. i sat down with one this week. >> marcy is a rock star. >> i'm the first openly transgender person to perform the surgery. >> i saw her in her office people come from around the world for help. marcy was born mark. grew up to be a doctor and had
7:41 pm
three children. >> the transition is incredible. >> now, marcy is helping others and performing 1600 surgeries in 12 years. >> it's valuable. >> i have seen all kinds of things. >> do you share with patients? >> there are times and places you bring in personal stories. >> she performs surgeries at mills peninsula hospital. >> doctors in china. >> techniques are constantly improving with an explosion of research.
7:42 pm
even growing sexual organs in a petri dish. >> that is where we're headed? >> you know. >> how gratifying to do this work? >> i'm the luckiest person in the world. i get to bring happiness to people. >> you can see the passion in her work. she says is more than 90% success rate but definition of success can vary greatly. nine states require it is covered by insurance. >> abc7 you'll find excerpts on the bruce jenner interview. you can see the special here on abc7. tell us your thoughts on abc7 news facebook page. following the interview at 11:00. my conversation with a family that knows how difficult transitioning can be for a
7:43 pm
transgender person. find out when the youngest boy in the family says he's a girl. see how it takes a family and community to make it work. >> a life saving moment. coming up, quick-thinking actions of one man in an airport. >> how he thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future.
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mun is getting an up grade
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starting tomorrow. they include new signs and new maps that are easier to read. service will be faster, there are buses added from the morning and evening express line. and will be leans and signals at intersections. >> street light talks to the bus. that is to about 15 seconds. >> and that makes for a smoother ride. muni registered 700,000 boardings. a traveller turns into a life safer. her a 76-year-old was having a heart attack. the businessman talked about what happened.
7:47 pm
turns out he is a volunteer firefighter with cpr traening and knew what to do. if you're there you witness it. you jump in it you know, you do your part. >> two nurses helped with chest compressions. he used one of the 47 defibrilators. a patient is now recovering. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> clouds are getting thick here now. rain and showers moving well onshore are well north. tomorrow great event for a great cause.
7:48 pm
we have members of the news team helping kick off the event. after showers rb a partly cloudy day and a cool pleasant day. statewide tomorrow active, showers in the states. here in the bay area we'll have partly sunny skies and highs mid to upper 60s inland tomorrow. next week 80s inland. >> you don't want to see steph curry. >> a miracle shot. why nba
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good evening not only was a miracle shot that saved warriors but the three in the final seconds of regulation saved nba from sheer embarrassment. today, the league admitted he was fouled which we can see on that shot. game might have been over right there. not only was he fouled but owe blit brated by animaling anthony davis and tyreek evans. and take a look at this. he left it off anyone with shoot with eyes open. so what about the contact on that shot? >> would have been tackled that. and going to need to start that
7:52 pm
off the game. but we got them in the back and side. >> we're fortunate to win. let's take advantage of that. >> how dehe moralizing can it be? >> young team. so i know we heard them. and like i said everything i've been reading i'm glad we're on it. >> mike shumann decided if steph could do it he can do it. he was right. i like 0i/ backwards glance. so much focused on warriors it's easy to forget the draft is less than a week away.
7:53 pm
that is seven picks and speculation is raiders will take a receiver like a maury cooper. >> just want to get it right. don't want and no more pressure than the other. >> difficult to have this press conference. because you guys want information and it's not our job to prepare other people around the league for the draft. and he's got a chance. second taking advantage of that is a two run blast shaping up
7:54 pm
for a classic. happy birthday to lidia cook turning 18 today with the lead. julie inster, new leader brook henderson, seven under 65. up by two at nine under. >> good shot by shu. >> how a former nazi guard in a holocaust survivor made peace. at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 the silent struggle many transgender children endure. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what matters.
7:55 pm
at 9:00 this country will take a step in social change. bruce jener will talk about speculation he's in the process of changing his life and gender transitioning into a woman. it would be easy to overstate the significance of the interview we should be careful not to under play it n 1976 bruce jenner won gold in the men's decanallingthlondecathlon. he has a wheaties box hero. changing gender is complex for anyone but amplify that many times when you're a public figure. he earned our respect 40 years ago. and what matters is that at 9:00 tonight, jenner will earn it again, by picking a topic some ignore or avoid. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and
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facebook. dan ashley, abc7. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> have a good evening. we'll see you later on tonight. [bulldog yawns] i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday.
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