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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> that breaking news is in baltimore. city on edge tonight. >> state of emergency is in effect tonight after violence and looting. just broke out after the funeral for fred gray. man who died in police custody. >> national guard has been deployed. officers injured. cvs pharmacy burned and looted and fires set in a number of spots on the streets. good evening. >> chaos and violence erupted on the streets of baltimore late today as protestors clash with police. >> mayor of baltimore says every possible resource was
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being deployed night gain control of the situation. >> karen is in baltimore. >>reporter: chaos uncertainty tonight in baltimore. maryland governor declared state of emergency and called up the national guard. >> these acts of violence and destruction of property can not and will not be tolerated. >>reporter: demonstrators today threw rock and brick at police. officers responded to the show of force. tear gas and arrest. l cvs pharmacy looted. later set on fire. police cars burning. >> too many people have spent generations building up this city. for it to be destroyed by thugs. >>reporter: 15 baltimore police officers were injured by flying debris. 2 are still in the hospital. >> they have broken bones. one of them is unresponsive. this is not okay. >>reporter: tonight dozens of clergy marching arm in arm through the streets near the looted cvs. urging calm.
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demonstration came hours after an emotional funeral service for fred gray. around 3000 people packed a church in west baltimore to mourn gray who died a week ago from injuries he sustained while in the custody of the baltimore police custody of the baltimore police. l. >> thinks our moment to get at the truth. this is our moment to make it right. >>reporter: baltimore city schools will be closed tomorrow and occur few will go in effect at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. in the mean time city state officials are urging people to stay off the street. this is abc news baltimore. >> in the mean time we keep an eye on demonstration in oakland tonight. they are marching in solidarity with protestors in baltimore. march has been peaceful so far. sky 7 hd was intercity hall just few minutes ago. took these pictures. oakland police sent out e-mail this evening saying the department increased staff on the street to make sure peace and safety of demonstrators residents businesses and employees as well. now we will continue to watch the protest in baltimore throughout the
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newscast and is what happening in oakland as well and bring you updates as warranted. coverage continues rate now on twitter at 7 news bay area. now to nepal. earthquake that left the nation in chaos. drone flew over central cat map due capturing the scope of the damage. thousands of people now camping outside many unwilling to sleep under a roof for fear it might collapse. many pieces of nepal cultural heritage reduced to rubble. >> there have been dozens of after shock following saturday 7. 8 quake. more than a dozen magnitude 5 or higher so serious earthquake. police say more than 4300 people are confirmed dead. villages are cut off by bolders and mud making it difficult to get aid to people who need it most. the airport there is so overwhelmed by aid and passenger planes incoming flights are sitting for hours on the runway. >> 4 americans including one from the bay area are being counted among the dead in. all 4 killed at base camp at the
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foot of mount everest where the peak of the mountain climbing season. among them 28-year-old doctor from new jersey. documentary film make frer santa monica and google executive 33-year-old daniel fred of san francisco. abc 7 news reporter sergio has more. >>reporter: santa rosa resident scott holder was not at base camp when the massive avalanche triggered by earthquake slammed into the tent at the base of the mountain. >> i ascended mount everest on friday if as high as about 22 friday if as high as about 22,000 feet. and descended because i developed a head cold because i developed a head cold. >>reporter: the head cold may have saved his life. rate now he's in cat man due. he's planning on staying a couple extra days so he can volunteer with the red cross disaster relief effort. >> the nepal people have been absolutely trivshtion wonderful wonderful people. and is i have to give back. >>reporter: his friend and fellow santa rosa resident john ryder still on mount everest
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helping get people off the mountain. >> they are doing fantastic job getting the critical guy counsel so long as our if we can see get the chopper did you want hill. >> most americans killed in nepal crushed by the avalanche triggered on mount everest including google executive dan. several friend talked about adventure spirit on cnn day. dan is about celebration. dan would want to us celebrate and dance and party and smile and celebrate him so the family is trying to keep some of that with him. >>reporter: as some figure out how to get back to the u.s. and out of the disaster zone others trying to help friends and family who live there. fight that is if people sf didn't get help because if most of the part is remote. >>reporter: he has family in katmandu and in a small town near mount everest. it's asking people to donate to disaster relief effort. sergio abc 7 news. >> silicon valley stepping up
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tonight to help people of nepal recover from the disaster. january thon has that part of our coverage of. >>reporter: facebook founder made announcement where else but on the face book page. company matching up to two million dollars in donations made through the button on the news feechltd the dust still hasn't settled from the earthquake in nepal. charity know they need to act quickly. >> it's really driven by coverage from media. candidly. pay pal process payment for countless fact they put up a link to donate on the home page and running a ticker cal using the amount given. >> first 24 hours there its a small blip and day 2 it double or triple dpepingd on the disaster. double or triple again. >>reporter: pay pal waiving the processing fee so everything you give goes to the cause. >> donation we 7 in the first week or two of the disaster that is what we use to the fun the whole operation. once disaster fall from the headline people less likely to donate. >> next few date american red
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cross has this prime placement on the store with app that he will helped them raise millions for other relief effort. >> they are very general to us put button on i tune that allow people to purchase a donation to the red cross that goes in support of particular difficult says tivrment it runs one of several web service aimed at reunite reuniting family after disaster on family link you register if looking for someone or if the disaster area and let people know you are safe. >> olden day it would be people going to every shelter. writing down names. calling other society and linking them together. >> facebook has a similar service called safety check and google has person finder which even work by text message. of course twitter is practically built for disaster and users help aid workers without even knowing. >> photo have location information. by seeing the photo of a street we can then tag a map and say the road is passable or not passable. >> now if looking to donate pay pal points out any charity that
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accept payment through pay pal have already passed a basic test to make sure they are actually non-profit and actually who they say they are. but as far as how they spend the money red cross suggest if you want to get that indepth check with the better business bureau that keep tab on how the organization are run. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> if geo-physics professor at stanford said he's worried saturday earthquake wasn't the big one. >> we expect the potential for much bigger earthquake. there are areas that have not broken the for 500 years and therefore built up 500 years of slip of pressure on the fault plane that is wait to go release. >> constant collision of plates in nepal has the region under perpetual earthquake threat. >> san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement saying the city stands ready to support any international assistance effort exploratorium the
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understand the destructive power of earthquake and we stand ready to assist in providing aid to those most in need said the mayor today. the mayor says this is a reminder that we must always be prepared for the next disaster here as well. >> we have more for you on this monday night. coming up. jail house interview of teenager murder suspect. charged with killing 9-year-old in the east bay hours after a mental breakdown. >> video from the exclusive report on the violent arrest of disorderly bart passenger. tonight the investigation that cleared the officer. >> warm enough today to feel like summer but reality check is coming tomorrow. details are coming up. >> and 17 million people tune in to see bruce jenner reveal he's become ago woman. what you didn't see in the exclusive sit down interview. >> stay here 7 news for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes
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(music) hey! let me help with that.
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oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> shocking confession tonight to sickening crime. 9-year-old boy stabbed to death and you are about to hear the reason why. it happened yesterday at home in discovery bay just east of antioch. hears laura anthony. >>reporter: occasionally smiling. william schultz told the times reporter he killed s best friend younger brother to see what it was like. quote i do have remorse for what i did but there's a reason for
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everything that happened. 18-year-old schultz was arrested sunday hours after police say he fatally stabbed 9-year-old jordan in the discovery bay home. schultz told the newspaper quote i wish that i hadn't. i think about what if that was my also brother. schultz had stayed overnight at the boy's home. saturday schultz was at his family home in discovery bay when cocoa sheriff's were called. >> apparently a family wanted the deputy to check his mental health status so the deputy spoke to him and based on that contact they determined that he did not meet the cray tieria for welfare institution code 51 50. you have to have some kind of threat to themselves or to others or that they are gravely disabled. >>reporter: schultz did voluntarily go to the county hospital martinez for evaluation. but was rae leased just few hours later. in the mean time growing memorial in front of jordan's home. tribute a popular boy with a
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big smile. there were counselors and plenty of tears at jordan's elementary school. >> i'm heart sick. and i captain imam how the poor family must feel. >> hate to be a mother of something that would happen like this. horrible. >> he was the smallest kid on the team but the biggest personality. >>reporter: mike lambert coached jordan baseball team the angels. >> we took a baseball there last tonight and if we had everybody sign it if and just said to our teammate jordan you will always be an angel. >>reporter: schultz held at the martinez jail on 1 million dollar bail. laura anthony abc 7 >> the new to follow-up on story abc 7 news first brought you exclusively on friday. we told but a woman who accused bart police of using excessive force when being backed at the santa rita jail. now we have learn the accused officer has been cleared. the vic lee has more. >> megan was arrested march 17
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last year on the night of st. patrick's day. after heavy night of drinking she ended up at the like merit bart station platform. sheehan was arrested by police after she became drunk and belligerent. she says she's embarrassed and has no equal about that arrest. it's what happened hours later that left the 28-year-old bartender model in the hospital looking like this. if shehan was being booked at santa rita jail. you see her at the counter in upper right-hand corner of the security video bart officer standing with her. then suddenly some kind of altercation starts and she is thrown to the ground. the jail security camera show it happened quickly. here's another angle. better one. oakland cop grabs her right hand while the bart officer takes her left hand and they throw her down face first. sheehan was lying unconscious in a pool of blood nurse were his called. she was treated
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and taken to medical center in castro valley. >> i don't believe that they should have broken 4 bones in any face and knocked out some of my teeth. >>reporter: later that night a supervisor sergeant comes to sheehan ward. he tells her she's conducting an excessive force investigation. this is video from his body camera. do you know what happened? you don't remember? sheehan believes the interview was in appropriate. >> i don't know what i'm saying >> i don't know what i'm saying. i don't know why they are asking me. who questions somebody that intoxicated and that the sedated. >>reporter: after short while the sergeant ends the interview. >> we don't want to hurt anybody we just want your cooperation. okay. >>reporter: after the suit was filed bart responded under oath to interrogatory stories or questions by sheehan attorney. bart said the incident was reviewed by a use of force review board and that the jail house take down was within bart policy and procedures. john
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scott is sheehan attorney. >> if this is in their policy then i submit that sheehan blood is on all of their hands. >>reporter: footnote according to the police report sheehan was violently punching and that the officer guided her to the ground. vic lee abc 7 news. >> bart declined to comment on the story because of the pending lawsuit. >> well today mark the beginning of the 2015 spare the arizona. no alert issued but this is the earliest start ever declared. coincides with air quality awareness week t.last year the first alert was declared on may 11 and ran for three days straight. the spare the air health alert issued when ozone pollution forced to reach unhealthy level. we had a lot of those days last year. >> yes today was beautiful. warm. fight it was perfect. hot tellly. >> yes up into the upper 80's to low 80's. the in some spots to low 80's. the in some spots. of course near the
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coast it was a different story. let me show you right now how warm it got in your neighborhood t.up to 90 in gilroy. oakland 82 degrees. degree higher than previous record so it was a record for today. 84 san jose upper 80's livermore antioch fairfield. 89 santa rosa. pretty warm-up above the marine inversion as well. napa 87 degrees exploratorium 76 and a half moon bay were you 63 degrees where the fog just held your temperature down the the but believe it or not higher than yesterday temperature. here's a look at live doppler 7hd the can see just how soft it is right now along the coast line. half moon bay visibility fluctuate fluctuating in the fog so be careful tomorrow morning for the commute. now temperatures have dropped sharply from this afternoon when we had our high especially here along the coast and even parts of the bay. 37 degree dr. drop in santa rose compared to the high from earlier today. because of that marine push. so we have mostly
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50's around the coast and bay. inland areas still typically on the warm side with 70's almost like enter like weather in the evening. emeryville camera showing you what's in store tomorrow. we wake up to the fog along the coast around the bay. cooler most areas tomorrow. temperatures rebound tomorrow. temperatures rebounding on thursday. the here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. this is the front that we are watching not because it's going bring us rain. this system is lifting north but what it will do is tv push the sea breasts a little stronger tomorrow and also move that fog along from the beaches that fog along from the beaches. in towards the bay so tomorrow morning what you notice is the fog is not just near the coast line overnight hours is making a pretty good push locally inland tomorrow morning you start out with that gray except for the inland value and then some of the fog longer well in the afternoon. don't need to bound he el up. kid need jacket or sweater. upper 40's low 50's with fog around it's a murky drive. 75 tomorrow afternoon in the south bay and san jose. 80 degree
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ins gilroy. 72 in sunnyvale on the peninsula you look at temperatures in the low 70's. still very pleasant. 71 red wad city. 71 menlo park as well. 57 in pacifica. breezy along the half moon bay coast lane and fog linger. 58 in daily -- daly city. north bay you are in the 50's along the coast line up to 79 in santa rosa. 76 in nap a.east bay community 70 oakland fremont. you will feel the breeds there as well in the inland spot. out of the upper 80's. you will be up to 82 in antioch. 80 degree ins fairfield with the sunshineing. 7 day forecast will keep it nice and comfortable for your wednesday. temperatures really sore again on thursday wednesday switches direction. upper 60's to low 90's friday repeat the 90's inland. touch cooler along the coast and everyone cools off over the weekend. so the numbers back down closer to average by the weekend. >> all right. thank you. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. close call.
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>> very. school bus came within inches of 3 children waiting to board.
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about. >> frightening moment in grand, >> frightening moment in grand washington where a car nearly hit 3 children trying to board a school bus. video want toured bay security camera on the bus. you see it right there. show as driver coming within inches of mowing down the 3 kids. happened too quickly for anyone to get a license plate. nobody got hurt but 5-year-old charity says she felt that something actually touched her. the school district says the bus driver did everything by the book.
9:25 pm
parents are telling the kids to look both ways before boarding the school bus. >> too close. some of the best athletes in the world are converging in stanford not to take the field or run race but to help a science. stanford researchers hope to pin point genes of super athlete after screening volunteer the best of the best they will collect sample from each of then. >> yet have genetic we will discover them and help people. >> 7 news at 11:00 what the team hopes to do with the information and how it actually could ultimatelyly help you as well. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 coming up >> as we 10 we check back in on the situation in baltimore where protest have turned violent today. >> also same sex marriage business to good before the nation high court once again exploratorium set to be in the courtroom. >> 90 years old and caught in the middle of disaster. bay
9:26 pm
area activist on the looming crisis in quake ravage nepal. >> another half hour o
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>> we begin this half hour with breaking news in baltimore. where authorities say they are still trying to gain control of the stishtion as we have been reporting, veils and looting break out today after funeral for man!manslaughter for man who died in police custody. the mayor has order add curfew and the governor activated the national guard. >> past hour baltimore police commissioner says national guard troops are now taking up position in the city. meantime the mayor blake spoke with reporters this evening. >> i understand anger. the but what we are seeing isn't anger. it's destruction of a community. same community they say they care about they are destroying. you captain have it beth ways. >>reporter: receives once oakland police chief says 15 of the officers have been injured. 6 of them seriously. >> now back to nepal tonight. scenes of anguish across the disaster zone. tonight rest caw teams scramble to pull survivors from the wreckage.
9:30 pm
alex is on the ground in katmandu. >> today rescue workers pulling a man from a mountain of rock and debris. he was buried for two days. but when they move his army responds. still alive his army responds. still alive. rescue across this battered nation. we saw crew working tirelessly knowing that time is running out. this rescue team from endia digging down into a collapsed fast-food restaurant they think there are 4 people down there. they don't know whether they ever dead or alive ivshtion disaster unfolding afternoon on saturday unfolding afternoon on saturday. surveillance camera capturing the leaf on the tree starting to shake. terror sets in. in this restaurant people run for the door. building itself rocks like a ship on a wave. customers the tossed from side to side. for more than two days there were violent after shocks. open the street panic scream as building buckle. powerful after shock
9:31 pm
many are afraid of sleeping in the home and built the make shift tent in big open spaces turning them into sprawling tent city. >>reporter: australian megan butler described what happened. >> there was just floods of people just running to open space. >>reporter: from the sky the full accident of the devastation revealed. whole villages now reduced to rubble. >> any chen temple now piles of rock. quiet now in the tent city but just the scale of it shows how the fare here is not subsiding. people across nepal tonight sleeping out in the open afraid it could happen again. alex abc news katmandu, again. alex abc news katmandu nepal. >> bay area base aid group that has worked in the nepal for the past 25 years has massive company to help the victim of saturday earthquake. group foyrn is from sausolito but lives half the year in nepal. today we spoke with her from
9:32 pm
katmandu. >> murray getting ready for her 90th birthday party when the earthquake hit. >> oh, my god. if i was my office and my guy if was with me and we fell to the floor p.sliding around. >> the test instruction is almost unimaginable. >> there are millions of people everybody is afraid to good back in the house. all the buildings come down. every open area is filled with people sleeping. >>reporter: her own home not damaged. the. >> it's refuse yuma for a lot of people. up to 50 people here sleeping in and out my garden. unfortunately it's running out of water pretty soon. it's serious. >> old georgia founder of nepal university foundation. we reported on the incredible work many times. the group eliminated child slavery in large region of nepal. set up nutrition centers for infant. rescue thousands of orphan and
9:33 pm
sent them to school. most of that funded by generous bay area donor. now the organization is preparing to do a lot more. >> going to be decades they are able to the scale back and i would really like people to help. >> organization has such a big network in nepal. already making a difference. >> first we will try the hospital. just totally full. today we have 200 bed and we are going to fill it if 10 hours. >> foundation raises more than two million dollars a year but now they hope to double that for earthquake relief. expand for earthquake relief. expanding some programs and starting new ones. >> 46 percent unemployment in this country so we want to have the construction workers in the villages where most damage occurred and the. >> long which to good. now as i said olga is turning 90 years
9:34 pm
old and she is a dynamo who doesn't take no for an answer. we have a link to her organization at abc 7 >> quantityed airlines is supporting the quake victim by offering mileage plus miles in exchange for donation. the airlines says it will award up to 5 million miles for contribution made before may 15 contribution made before may 15. >> red cross has also put autopsy web site dedicated to keeping track of people in nepal type in the name and if they have checked in it will say i am alive. >> link to the sight at our web site. >> to contribute to disaster relief fund we have a list of resources and organizations that are accepting donations. also at abc 7 you will find it on our home page. >> people are lined up outside the u.s. supreme court tonight hoping they will be among the lucky ones. to get a seat for tomorrow historic argument on gay marriage. same sex marriages already legal in all but 14 state. tomorrow case should decide whether it's the
9:35 pm
law of the land. katie has the story. >> respect the frame of the people to debate this crucial issue. >> organizers say 15,000 people deaned the annual rally on saturday in washington, d.c. days before the supreme court will hear argument on the issue of same sex marriage. >> one of the first times i went to court the da called me honey. >> same time san francisco base attorney john ward prepares to watch the organization he founded in the late 70's gay lesbian advocate and defender. >> i don't know if i get through the court hearing without shedding some tears. of course it's because in a sense it's my baby. >> more than 30 years later the 2 issues in front of the justices tomorrow. >> first part is whether constitution requires that states offer same sex marriage throughout the united states. all 50 statements currently 37 states and district of columbia allow same sex marriage more than a dozen others have ban or
9:36 pm
legal case ins progress. marriage should be defined by the state. not the supreme court march for marriage rally take it a step further. >> people of every state remain free to uphold marriage union of 1 man and 1 woman. >> second component is whether same sex marriage from one state should be recognized in a state that does not sanction it. benefit of illegally recognized marriage are tangible. >> for example about we got married a year ago and that means that we are able to be together before that because he's frevrjt we had to good back and forth and it was a struggle for 8 years. >> john will be in the courtroom tomorrow as observer but he has argued there in the past. >> sort of like practicing martial arts and having multiple opponents. all just kind of coming at you. >> rally planned for here in san francisco tomorrow and people on both side of the issue plan to rally in dc. tomorrow and of course people lined up to get a front row seat to what could be history. this is abc 7 news.
9:37 pm
>> 17 million people tuned in to see bruce jenner reveal he's become ago woman. >> what you didn't see in diane sawyer exclusive sit down
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9:40 pm
>> now to the bruce jenner interview. 17 million people watched the olympic champion ground breaking moment with diane sawyer. it sparked national conversation about transgender issue. we have more. >> olympic hero. america routed for. winning the 76 gold medal in the decathalon. >> life much more difficult than running a decathalon i guarantee you. >> ultimatelyly you win or there's what is inside. >> exactly right and being honest to yourself. >>reporter: telling diane he is transgender and ready to begin the process of publicly transitioning in a woman. and
9:41 pm
for the first time we are hearing from bruce jenner first wife christy skoshingts very first person bruce ever told back in 1972. she told george on gma she was right there again with him as they watched his interview friday night. >> he was tearful at times. and broke my heart. i reached over and trade to give him a little bit of emotional now i try to give him a little comfort. >> he ended up in good place. >> i think it was cathartic to good to watch it together i think it was the cathartic to him there. were those million and half tweet about the interview. trending worldwide. with one of the hash-tag simply brave. and jenner children joining the conversation too. >> one thing i think that we have gained that minutes more to us than anything is the honest city. i personally hope that this is this journey ladies to the place that he wants it to. >>reporter: and just like at the olympic so many now rooting
9:42 pm
for him again tonight. >> this is who i am. i'm not stuck in anybody's body it's just who i am. as a human being. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. beating the california drought. >> stream laneing a partial solution that might be seven o
9:43 pm
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a. >> once unthinkable now a possibility adding treated waste water to the our water supply because of the drought now the proposal is coming out of the south bay where small plant is being touted as way to ensure tap won't run dry forth long-term. xplains elected officials plan to sell the idea to governor brown tomorrow in sacramento.
9:46 pm
>> you might call this a toast to the fight elected officials and business leaders drinking beaker of purified waste water. water was process entered this 72 million dollar plant built by the valley water district and the city of san jose santa clara. they want to expand it leading to more reliable water smrichlt once people are aware and understand the process put in place they get much more comfortable in order to be able to drink the water. >> purified waste water won't go directly to the.take instead it's fed by paper for injection into the underground aquifer at site near the an san jose airport and 2 other site to the site. 8 million dollars and three years to build. leaders will ask governor brown to fast track the regulatory process speeding up approval by almost two years. >> we have to move quickly to ensure that we have the water to support our residents and support the economic growth so essential in our valley.
9:47 pm
>> funding come from state world trade center bond and other sources. >> give percent of our world trade center display comes from the sierra nevada water shed so we know we have to be more self reliant. there are programs grant programs and others that can help us offset the cost locally. >> plan won't diminish the need for cons vaichlingts i think indirect photo we reuse is we take a process mother nature perfected and do a better job of that and get it to us quicker so we have a more drought paragraph supply. >> purified waste water currently goes into sdichbing currently goes into sdichbingtive purple pipe for lapped escaping and industrial yuchlt in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >> of course we really need rain. >> yes but it was warm today. hot even in some spots. we have what's going on in weather today. >> we definitely had a warm day but we have changes coming starting tomorrow. here's why live doppler 7hd showing you the fog. it is solid along the coast already pushing in over the bay and so tomorrow morning you start out with the fog. if
9:48 pm
doing some traveling 71 in tahoe up to 91 in 40's no. pretty warm in los angeles as well. 85 degrees sun shining. 97 in palm springs. down right hot there. here in the bay area temperatures will fall. not just the fog but the seabreeze that will help cool us off. today high that we are in the upper dwroys low 90's out of there. up to 82 in santa i don't care for the warm spot. 75 san jose. oakland 75 santa rosa 64 in san francisco. lingering fog along the coast well in the afternoon and as you take a look at the temperature trend for san jose 72 the average tomorrow above average we really soar thursday then coming down again on friday. so i would call this sort of like a yo-yo. accu-weather 7 day forecast. up down up down you get the drift. it will warm-up quite a bit thursday friday 90's inland and then we drop over the weekend. >> okay thanks very much. >> the international space station flew by today and
9:49 pm
astronaut scott kelly tweet add photo of the bay year. he said i almost felt like which was you as we flew over a few minutes ago. iss more than 200 miles up and make almost 15 orbit a day. >> that the is flying. zipping around neat shot. >> larry is here. >> just couple minutes from perhaps finding out the warriors sec round play off spot. giants swept the dodgers last week. l.a. trying to return the favor and justin maxwell might have something to say about
9:50 pm
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is. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. more on the developing story the violent riot in baltimore tonight. national guard called out to patrol the streets. late breaking details. >> plus the science of super athletes. local researchers who are unlocking the secret. how the findings could help you. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7.
9:53 pm
. >> warriors beat next. >> exactly. let's get to larry >> exactly. let's get to larry. >> probably memphis. that's what we think. not quite there yet. meanwhile too much rest lead to russ and how do you stop it from hatching. please apartment problem for steve and the warriors wait to find out who they face in round 2 of the play offs. truth is they really do have a lot to work on. warriors swept the pelican in round 1. never forget the amazing shop. 20 point come back in game 3 but on several occasion we saw annex aspirated coach. what happened to the balance movement where is the offense. green acknowledges too long lay off is not good but like the energy at prosecute today. >> we if tv it hurts you as much as it can help you. approach the right way tv we are off to grit start. everybody was locked in. >> everybody was focus and locked in. i think also great start keep going at this pace
9:54 pm
we'll be fine. >> warriors will face the winner of the blazer grizzly series. memphis trying to put it away tonight. look at damien. my goodness. from oak land. 360 spin and the finish on the other side of the rim with right hand that is spectacular. pull away in the third. runs down bj. outlet to cherry picking. randolph. right now, though memphis only up 84-82 with two and half minutes to good. down to the wire in portland they go. cavs without kevin love for at least the next play off series following this play dislocated his shoulder in boston. yank love arm fighting for loose ball. love sustained torn ligament an other bruising averaging 14 point 7 rae bound for game if the play offs. he thought it was intentional i don't know about that. cavs without smith this was intentional. he has been suspended for 2 games for
9:55 pm
slapping jake in the same game yesterday. now to the baseball and giants open 3 game series in l.a. tonight against the first place done first place donors. tim time didn't last a long time. cooper asking tim for the ball and not happy with the strike zone roll to the umpire. the strangle him at that appointment scoreless in the second. 2 men on for alameda. screws continue maxwell. just in time. saving 2 runs. done in time. saving 2 runs. donors though up 1 nothing in the third. andrew trying to nab kendrick and ball in the center field two nothing. tim gave up 4 runs in 4 innings. panic in the fifth. fast ball off the wall and sanchez. transfer down 4-2 and never climb the hill and dodgers add on and 8-3 l.a. in the eighth. trouble slugger hamilton traded from the angels to the ranger. division opponent and angels pay the bulk of is what left of the 80 million dollars left on a contract. hamilton
9:56 pm
had a cocaine alcohol relapse off season. angels wanted to void the entire contract get out from under the deal. major league baseball said no that won't happen. so hamilton going back to texas where he had the best year of his career see if you can get things straightened out. world golf challenge match play championship begin wednesday at harding park without phil the lefty withdrew citing personal reasons but no specific begin. top 64 golfers in the world. pga tour held a drawing. the groups that will come pet in the first three days of match play at harding. mcilroy heighting group 1 along with marshall and jason while masters champ jordan in group 2 masters champ jordan in group 2. golfers practicing today. harding park putting the finishing touches for the 125 finishing touches for the 125,000 fans were expected to attend. >> kid 18 under about ticket adults get if 43. one child? if kid in free. i don't think
9:57 pm
we say that at many other sporting events. it's special to get them to come out and experience what we have here. >> hailey already a member of the pro football hall of fame so seems natural he would be in the frainer hall of fame and now he is. niners announce today that hailey the 26 inductee in their hall. hailey the only 5 time superbowl champion in nfl history. won 2 of the nineers. 3 with the cowboy. unstoppable pass rusher. known for both ability as well as his volatility. kind of like dan. hailey will represent -- no dan is pretty mild compared to charles. hailey represent the niners at the draft this week announce the draft this week announcing the team second round pick. want to see if you are paying attention. mayweather pacquiao fight 5 days away now. floyd 47 and o. he's in the conversation if you talk about greatest boxers of all time. as usual floyd is so humble. he thinks he is the greatest.
9:58 pm
he's the conversation. oneal would i beg to differ and tweetedment don't you forget i am the greatest. love that classic photo. of the champ. i would agree with ali. abc 7 sports brought by toyota and update on the scheme. 91-88. portland. otaying alive with 30 seconds left so maybe we don't know the warriors opponent. >> would i love to see back in the day ali and mayweather in the ring see who is the greatest. >> that would be over quick. >> if we are all her and appreciate you your time and see you in
9:59 pm
okay, the sales after thanksgiving this year are going to be insane. we're talking full-on shopping orgy. we are gonna save so much money by spending money. yes, we are! now the key to a successful black friday is the scouting trip where we locate, justify and hide. okay? locate-- this is a very cute
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