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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 28, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> police fire pepper pellet into a crowd in baltimore tonight just minutes after curfew went that effect. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. >> about 20 minutes after the occur few took effect dozens of people refused to get off the street and officers began shooting tear gas. pepper balls and smoke canister. quiet day turned into a more violent night. >> yes. second night of unrest there. karen travers is live in baltimore with the latest. karen? >> good evening. curfew has been in place here in baltimore for 2 hours. but in some areas it took a little bit of time to get people cleared off the streets. some protestors threw bottle at police. who responded with smoke and flash bang but the crowd quickly thinned out and streets clear. the police commissioner just said few moments ago that since
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that occur few wept in effect that occur few wept in effect, there have been 10 arrest. but he said that it has worked and the curfew has made a difference. >> dark needs fell over baltimore. and curfew went in effect. from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. nobody allowed out on the street. still some demonstrators stayed on the streets. not listening to the orders to clear out. >> today was a striking contrast toless night violence and chaos. the last night this cvs pharmacy was lateed and burned. if at the same corner rioting replace the by peaceful protest. no clashes. but the anger was simmering. across west baltimore they picked up the pieces. >> yesterday broke my heart. today activity proud. >>reporter: residents coming together to clean up the broken glass and debris. >> it breaks my heart because
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those of us who are from baltimore know how hard we fought for those resources and those the stores. >>reporter: overnight there were 144 vehicle fires. 15 structure fires and 250 arrest. tonight a heavy police presence across the city. 2000 national guardsmen activated. more than 1000 police officers on duty. >> acts of violence and destruction of property can not and will not be tolerated. >>reporter: baltimore officials hope things get back to normal tomorrow. city schools will be open and the baltimore orioles will finally play a home game at camp deputy yards but with a twist. the game will be closed to the public. no fans will be allowed inside the stadium. just the players. reporting live from baltimore karen travers abc news. >> back to you. >> thanks very much karen. >> there has been some protest in oakland tonight. and because of that bart trains not stopping at the west oakland bart station. we'll keep you
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posted. >> san francisco fire chief joanne hays white confirmed to us that she may be on her which to fight fires in england. she hasn't been offered the job yet but she's in the running. the vick lehas more on story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> contemplatingment contemplating at this time. that's a good way to put it >> that's a good way to put it >> call to fire chief joanne hays white came from london. london england. would see consider aplaying for soon to be vacant position. chief of the london fire department or as they call it commissioner. of the lon didn't fire brigade. hays white would go from department with 1500 firefighters to one with 6000 firefighters. she would move from city of some 800,000 rest debs 0to a me toplis of 8 million people. budget more than twice the 250 million dollars she administers as chief here. tough choice for the longest serving fire chief in the country and the only
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female chief of urban fire department. >> i'm delighted and very proud to be san francisco fire chief and have not gone out looking for work of any other kind because i love what i do here in san francisco. of course i have my most important role as being a mom and considering my family and if what any opportunity would mean to them as well. >> but the chief also has had difficulty times in recent years. the testy relationship with firefighters union over app ambulance shortage and under staffing. those issues resulting in a no confidence vote last year. that couple with suspension of first in assistant chief in the aftermath of an accident involving a fire rig and motorcycle. >> ironically those challenges may be one of the reasons why she's being approached. >> i think that was probably one of the reasons why if i received the call. i was encouraged to applies for the position in that i have dealt
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the with different political if very political environment and the very strong presence of labor ichltd chief has 2 grown sons and 15-year-old who still lives at hope. she told him about london. he replied tease cal mom. he plays baseball. she said they don't play baseball in london only cricket baseball in london only cricket. he said not so cool mom. we'll see how much pull the kid has. >> now to the latest in nepal where they are dealing tonight with another disaster. as many as 250 people are missing after mud slide near the quake epi-center. hundreds of thousands of people are still living in a make shift tent city without clean water or sanitation. rescue crew are still reaching survivors in the rubble more than 80 hours after saturday 7. 8 magnitude earthquake. quake death toll continues to agree as well. now at 4800 people and rising you well note images of the daniel from the nepal
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earthquake are just stunning and heart breaking. seeing destruction has inspired a lot of people to help the victims in nepal. some give money others time. non-profit in san lee app co volunteers made way to help. wayne takes you in the warehouse. if sorting sorting sorting some more. it's not exactly glamorous work but in the san leandro warehouse it's the next best thing to helping quake ravage nepal. >> of maybe that's why we hear about non-profit called medi-share in times of need. every item came from hospital or manufacturer. >> glove gauze suture your. tubes. mask. >> and on and on and on. materials discarded because they were either obsolete or expired or replaced with newer model. >> like a home depot of medical equipment. everything here used. all usable everything here would have been going to land fill. what does it tell us about waste in the medical
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industry. ty would it go to land fill when people can use it. >> we live in a throw away culture here in the u.s. i don't think it's any different than our cell phones and our plastic water bottle and many other things that we waste. >> andrew pines the executive director and former investment banker who specialize in the medical field. nothing makes him happier than these photo this arrive today from orthopedic doctor in nepal. they show a shipment from here already helping there. >> we are all brother and sisters. all across the world. we have a very small health care family if you can call it that here in the u.s. all part of the same human family and brother and sisters and when they are in need it's the least we can do. >> at least in a time of much need. >> this the really it's that big a deal. look how easy it is. >>reporter: she make it sound easy. after hours of sorting.
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from san lee app co, the abc 7 news. >> still ahead here at 9:30. survivors pull from the rubble. we were right there for one of the incredible rescue and you will see it at 9:30. >> governor brown wants to find water wasters up to 10,000 $for not meeting new conservation rule. governor made announcement during meeting with several california mayor today including sam of san jose and oakland libby. as reported last night he asked the governor to stream line the environmental review process for water saving project and brown agreed. governor wants to allow water district and local government to crack down and enforce the drought restrictions. >> i don't like to increase penalty too much but they have to be appropriate. i think this is what we are finding we need some more and that's what we are doing. >> late today the state water resource control board issued the final conservation plan. calls for reduction of up to 35 percent of water use beginning june fears. >> and east bay mud has struck
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a deal to buy more water for its customers. the water district serves most of the east bay from san lorenzo to crockett and tows danville us a can see on the map. water district authorized 3 agreement today that will keep the water flowing through summer. but it will have to pay a higher cost and that will mean higher rate for users. the district estimates average household will pay about 11 dollars more per month. users are being asked to cut back by 20 percent of what they used in 2013. >> justice department says it is considering taking the very bonds cases to u.s. supreme court. appellate court didn't properly apply case law in the decision to over turn bonds obstruction of justice charge. about bonds was smiling and laughing today as he took part in a charity event in san francisco. bonds has been tight lipped since being investigated for using performance enhancing drugs but today he agreed talk to group of reporters. something he
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hasn't done in 8 years. bonds says he's ready for resurgence with the giants. >> talk about what we plan on doing in the future and that's in their hands. right now i'm just day-to-day and living good and riding my bike and enjoying my kids and family and that's it. >> justice department pros can you can youtors have until july 22nd to decide whether to take the case to the high court. >> now to the landmark case that is before the supreme court in. 9 justices are poised to rule on l same sex marriage once and for all. central question do gay couple are the constitutional right to marry in all 50 states. here's jonathan karl in washington. sfichlt outside the supreme court ka a bunch of voices while in the justice committee bait whether to make marriage equality the law of the land. 2 big question. same sex
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couple have a constitutional right to marry. and if not most states that ban gay marriage have to recognize same sex marriage license from other states. the chief justice framed it this way. >> this if the why isn't that a straight forward question of sexual discrimination? >> all eye on justice kennedy likely the deciding vote. at first he seemed skeptical about the court changing the longstanding view that marriage is between a man and woman. >> definition has been with us for millennia. about and it's very difficult for the court say oh well. we know that better. >>reporter: he was also critical of the opponent argument that marriage is pray mayoral about having children. >> you have some premise that only opposite sex couple can have a bonding with the child. that was very interesting. jaws wrong premise. >>reporter: that was jonathan karl reporting. supporters of
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same sex marriage held a rally in san francisco tonight. activist handed out fliers in the castro district this morning inviting people to taentd event. thoughts who have been at the center of the issue for years can't believe the day is financially here. >> heart is beat something fast. thinks historic day. we are financially on the very tej of full he quult for all sentences. sfishingts advocate say it has been a long road. they vividly remember when then mayor newsom defy mayor newsom defied the law and allowed gay cup tolls marry in san francisco back in 2004. >> much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. fight where is my degree? sf. >> shut down leave clem students scramble for option but the state is doing to help them. >> sandhya is here with our forecast. >> that include as pretty good drop in temperature today but a recovery coming. tell you all about the warm-up straight ahead. >> demand these protestors are making open the jap that's
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prime minister at the white house right now an in the bay area this week. >> stay
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is. >> contra costa county teenager in court today after confessing
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charged with murder including special circumstances. he's accused of stabbing his best friend little brother 9 friend little brother 9-year-old jordan during asleep over at the victim's discovery bay home. mental health expert evaluated schultz because of delusional behavior saturday. day before the stabbing. contra costa county da will not seek the death penalty because of his age. >> people who robbed and kidnapped the man in cupertino few week ago may not have known the value of what they almost got away with. the suspect catherine stump and alexander were taken in custody 5 days after the crime the victim reported being pepper sprayed bay couple he contacted through an on line advertisement. today in court authorities said among the things were taken in the robbery was an i-pad test model value unknown >> state officials tonight are trying to help students at this college abruptly shut down last of the 28 campuses and announced with e-mail on sunday that there
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would be no more class. the laura anthony is on the story. >> want it. for what reason. >> this is how we were treated when we tried to interview a stunt on the concord campus of heeldz college. just as she was about to tell us how she was treated last friday. tivrnlt knew except for us. >>reporter: once we manufactured off the property robinson said she finish the medical assistant program two week two weeks ago. friday when she went to pick up the transcript it appeared the staff knew something the students didn't. the. >> boxes being thrown around. teachers giving each other hug. administrative office is tleing a party like they are never going to see each other again. >>reporter: at another college campus if fremont students also found out the school was closing. but only after the fabingts faichblingt waste time and effort that we put in going to school here physician disappointing fight just spent 16 months thinking i was doing
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something when i could have been signature at home on the rourke. >>reporter: in fremont the same state agency for forcing them to close sent representative to help. >> thinks a traumatic experience for them t.the lives changed and we are here to outreach for them and to assist them in that process of transitioning from going to school and transferring to other schools or finding a process that is a positive out come for them. >> state does have a tuition reimbursement fund and is providing students with applications. rachel robinson doesn't know if she's eligible. but right new she wants just one thing. >> where is my degree? >>reporter: in concord laura anthony abc 7 news. >> so if you are stuck with student loans for hooeld college or affiliate there is something you can do. 7 on your side check we post add link to the web site where you can fill a claim of all sorts so two to our web site. >> let's turn our attention to the weather. >> lovely it was actually
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gorgeous out there. good bit cooler but still wonderful. >> yes who feeds the ac tu we had our natural air kping worker did and it was much cooler. we talk about what is ahead for the rest of the work week and heading into the weekend we have high clouds passing through the bay area. patchy fog also. right around half moon basement temperatures at this hour in the 50's and 60's. you can see one of our warmest spot is antioch and mountain view. 2 of the warm mountain view. 2 of the warmest spots in the upper 60's warmest spots in the upper 60's. view from the sutro tower cam are showing you san francisco. there has been a little bit of fog in and out of the shot. it was cooler today because of the fog and the sea breeze so take a look at how much cooler. santa rosa dropped 12 degrees. 77 was the high today coming down from near 90 yesterday. oakland dropped 15 degrees only 67 today exploratorium 16 degrees cooler and san jose down 14 degrees. the san francisco the showing off warrior pride as you can see here from our kgo
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rav camera. patchy coastal fog sunny tomorrow breezy at the coast. we see 90's returning inland thursday and friday so when you look at the pacific satellite picture here's what allowed the cooling. dry cold front brought us high clouds. that we are still seeing rate now and also kicked up the breeze. once the front goes through high pressure starts to build back in and temperatures are really going to rae bound on thursday but we are not expecting the had a it to stick around the too let me show you what will happen wednesday tomorrow. maybe a little bit warmer in places that clear out nicely but we are really looking at upper 50's 60's along the coast. low 80's inland. breezy at the coast. sunny around the entire region. thursday is when you notice the big jump in the temperatures. 90's inland. 70's along the coast line. then look at what happens at the coast on friday. starts to turn cooler as fog comes n.stays warm inland with the 90's showing up again. well before average as we head into the thursday friday time period the thursday friday time period. tomorrow morning there will be some going around. not
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expecting the drizzle that we saw this morning. temperatures in the upper freeways low 50's. mate want to dwrb a sweater before you leave home tomorrow morning. should be nasty day. 82 in the south bay gilroy. 75 santa clara. type tino 76 degrees. on the planes mild one with sunshine. 73 redwood city. millbrae mid 60's. 58 in pacifica so the breeze will just keep you in the cool spot if if you will. 59 daly city. 66 do you want san francisco. north bay 50's coast side and you are anywhere from the 60's to the 80's across the rest of the region. 80 in santa rose. 75 san rafael. out twartdz east bay make have you ever the sun screen. 72 oakland san leandro inland spots. definitely a little bit warmer than today but not noticeable until thursday. 80 in livermore. 79 walnut creek. accu-weather 7 day forecast it is going to get warm to hot the open thursday. low 70's to low 90's t.we hold on to the war.
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inland. if person starts to feel the the cool down over the weekend. >> okay sandhya thank you. >> still to come here on 7 news at 9:00. twitter tumble. stock market leak that sent shares of the san francisco company plunging today. >> and save way lay off. announcement send hundreds of workers packing. >>
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i like fun as much as anyone. but we need to talk about - whoa! what was that? - about mustache safety. my blazin' chicken sandwich has ghost pepper ranch sauce. you crave it. but you need to respect it. so remember: keep it neat, before you eat the heat. coming in hot! jack's blazin' chicken sandwich is back and it's got a new bacon buddy. they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. sp. >> twitter suffered set back on wall street today when the quarterly earnings report leaked out before the market closed. earnings better than expected but revenue fell short
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last quarter. twitter never turned a profit. results weren't that surprising. still trading in twitter stock was halted when it resumed the price fell more than 25 percent. >> twitter closed at 4227 a share but has been recovering and after hours trading. >> big lay off come to safeway. they plan to cut 360 jobs headquarters in plane an to be. the company that bought safeway hired a banking team to draw up papers for initial public offering. according to cfbc the i pochl o could be launched bit end of the year and raise as much as 500 million dollars. >> another half hour of 7 news at inspect:00 is just moments awhich. coming up. >> i am soringt the large from the small 1. >> packing up and ready to good. bay area rushes to get crucial supply to nepal. so what is holding them up? >> plus the warning going out about shipping oil through the bay area. the. >> half hour
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>> if we begin this half hour back in nepal. tonight the death toll has surgeryed now over 5000. >> the search for survivors continues. terri was there for one of those incredible rescues one of those incredible rescues. fight physician of a miracle. pulled from the rubble nearly 4 days after the devastating earthquake here. when we arrived on the scene hours earlier the rescue was already under way. this whole neighborhood in katmandu hard hit by the quake. in fact you can smell dead bodies in the air and down here is where the guest house is where young man is trapped. >> woychd in the pitch dark by
9:31 pm
flashlight. french rescue team and nepal police after highly sensitive mike are phone heard somebody moving in the rubble. >>reporter: rest cawyers say the young man inside is trapped by large beam that crushed his leg and using the generator to power tools to cut true the beam and 43 him. >> hours go by. generator needs more gas. inside down a narrow hole in the concrete floor the rescuers race against time. >> i hope we can tv save his life. we hope. >>reporter: then the moment. they pull 28-year-old fv boy out of the hole like lazarus himself. just after 10:00 p.m. here. more than 80 hours since the earth quick. after incredible all day effort this team has brought this young man out of this building. and he is alive. if rushed to the pwlachbilitys medic asks for our camera light to help insert an i.v. sf joy and pride. if
9:32 pm
small victory over death in the stricken city. the craze far from over. people here need so much but they have such a will to live such grit some determination. and we witnessed it today. >> terri more an reporting. update on missing sonoma couldn't man last seen on mount everest. 21 of 21-year-old spencer dickinson is found sale. he was hike to go base camp when the deadly avalanche hit. family member tweeted this quote from spencer about 8 this quote from spencer about 8:30 tonight. i'm being helicopter off the mountain and tell mom i'm okay. the dickinson headed to katmandu to find a way home. if you would like to help two to our web said forever a list of the relief organizations working in nepal and links to donate. >> new report finds plan to sip crude oil across the west coast is risky business for the bay year. variabilityal groups
9:33 pm
gather at oakland jan jack london square to release findings to transport tar span oil from canada through the bay area t.they say the crude is so dense shipping it could lead to environmental disaster. fight this advertise enormously difficult to clean up. unlike conventional crude this sinks when spilled. still respond versus no method to address the behavior of the tar sand spill. >> philip 66 says they support the plan and safety is the priority. they have one of the most modern crude fleet in the industry. >> abducted assaulted bussed for more than a decade and tonight on special edition of 2020 abc robin robert talks exclusively with two young women terrorize inside a cleveland home. amanda 17 when kidnapped in 2003. jesus 14
9:34 pm
when taken. year later the 2 have written a memoir of the 10 years trapped inside the home of castro who sexually assaulted them rae pete he had assaulted them rae pete he hadly. they were beatings and starvation but robin says the 2 learned whichs to cope. >> they were able to watch tell investigation. and they would see the family and friend over the years if how they never gave up hope and it made it so they were not going to give up hope. >> 2 years ago amanda escaped and led authorities to the other women t.he tried and convicted then died in prison. robin roberts exclusive interview airs on 2020 tonight at 10:00 o'clock over on abc 7. >> fv singer jack he'll eye died. sfv. >> what a song. his so that shawn confirmed the death today saying the singer did at home and after long ballots 1
9:35 pm
disclosed illness. despite being most famous songs of the 20th century the singing made the hit version of most misunderstand. fbi was so mystified by the lyric that it conducted an investigation that whether sock was obscene tell. had a falling out with the band shortly after sopping was recorded. he died at the age of 71. contrary to rumors joan i mitchell is in the in a coma. hollywood gwen stefani gossip site claim she was unresponsive but new post on the singer web site says she's still in the hospital but alert and full recovery is expected. close friend has filled for conserve friend has filled for conservetorship to help make decision for her once she returns home. the 71-year-old was rush to the hospital late last month after collapsing in her l.a. home. fight coming up next. president obama toast the japanese prime minister tonight at the white house. >> not a similar greeting from some people when he visits san
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prime minister of gentleman pap was the guest of honor at white house state dinner tonight. this is video of president obama raising cup of sake to prime minister. he and his wife president obama said represent the friendship and bond that both country carry forward into the new century. he will travel to the bay area later this week and as 7 news reporter david louis explains the visit here already being met with opposition. fv they line battery street outside the high-rise tower housing the
9:39 pm
japanese cops late demanding the prime minister if should use his u.s. visit to apologize to. poll jay-z for world war 2 atrocity including theen slaichlt of estimated 200 theen slaichlt of estimated 200,000 women as sex slaves to the imperial forces. indignity left deep wounds and impacts gentleman pap relations with korea a-china and philippines. >> mad. angry. before all the time angry e-some of those women in their 80's and 90's for life forever known as so-called comfort woman. in south korea statue of comfort woman sits across the street from the japanese embassy in zole. woman appears to be waiting earnestly for an apology. >> every wed the women come to the capitol. they stand around the statue and they f-chant to the japanese embassy to apologize. >>reporter: at the white house reporter asked prime minister
9:40 pm
if if he would apologize. instead he said throughout the history of the 20th century women dignity and basic human ants right had often been infringe upon during war. we intend to make it 21st century a world with no human app rights violation against women. if he was urged to apologize to state visit to japan last month your honoring him to follow germany example biannual follow germany example biannualing the dark side of the history. >> 30 years later the still not apologizing for any this war crime yet. that's why before we protest the here. >>reporter: bay area activist will get another chance to pressure him thursday when he visits the bay area. david lieui abc 7 news. >> up next. sledding the apple. apple watch that is. >> the device stood up to very unusual durability t sz california
9:41 pm
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9:44 pm
high school graduation rate is open the rise. students who started high school in 2010 nearly 81 percent graduated with the classmates last year. that figure is up for the fifth consecutive year and is now at all time high. although the graduation rate among african american students remain flat other groups improved and students for whom english is the second language did especially well last year. >> well by now some early adopt >> well by now some early adopters seeing the apple watches being delivered. it will not be long before few of the watches get broken in. so how much can apple new game it actually take. jonathan bloom found some enterprising reviewers bust it to the test. >> as customers ogle the apple watch in store window here's sharon already boiling hers. she made the video while trying to destroy the watch soil. far so good. using mostly real
9:45 pm
world scenario. >> think about watches is that they will probably run into things more often than the phone. think about how often you might smack your wrist against the table or counter to. or this. wine was script but the other stuff? >> kind of got at over excited maybe we picked autopsy few extra condiment. ketchup. >>reporter: watch survived dunking scraping beat with hardly a scratch until this. >> i have a 7 pound cast iron skillet here. if oh skillet here. if oh. my goodness. we destroyed. >> the skill let did you see that one. >> i don't think i'll be doing that any time signs you don't need a skill tote break annually an apple watch. brief meeting with old friend concrete. if video blogger decided to drop test this brand new apple watch
9:46 pm
sport and talk about going off script. >> let's go ahead and take -- wow! are you serious apple. >>reporter: he threw a regular old temper tantrum then had the good nature to post it on line. >> they call this dur anti? that is a bit disconcerting because if i'm on my mountain bike and i fall into a rock and usually hand fly off first. >> sport model has glass screen but the stainless steel version has durable satisfy tie would that hold up. >> it's really only a matter of time before us or somebody else puts it to the test t. >>reporter: thinks 7 news. >> f one good tip is no the to drop a skillet on it. >> fv good way to good dab. >> find out how the weather is shaping up. >> sandhya back with the forecast. >> if looking good. you look at live doppler 7hd rate now we have some patchy low and high cloud out there. doing some traveling some flooding rain expected across the south west thunderstorms. could be delay across the renal. atlanta 61.
9:47 pm
75 in dc. looking at temperatures of 56 in chicago. pretty quiet showers in seattle pretty quiet showers in seattle. 61 denver 74 degrees and here around the state hot down if palm springs. 100 degrees there. feeling like summer already. 94 in vegas. 87 lots achlingt up to the tahoe area 71 degrees and 58 in eureka a.bay area we notice the temperatures come up a few degrees. numbers will range from the 50's 60's coast side to the 80's inland and everyone enjoy the sun but it's on the breezy side. look at what's ahead. livermore temperature trend best to from 80 tomorrow 11 degrees warmer by thuvrments it gets hot. low 90's thursday friday then sharp drop in the temperatures as we reflect in the 7 day forecast over the weekend fog back sea breeze is back you know the drill. temperatures drop. >> talk a little baseball. bay area will play host to america
9:48 pm
biggest soccer event of the summer. area pine power house manchester united and barcelona square off at levi stapled. this is first time manchester united played in the bay area in 35 years. >>reporter: tickets for the match go on may 4th. exhibition is part of 10 team summer tournament across the country. >> soccer now to baseball. >> that's right. fv into soccer. >> it's huge fight mu you love them or hate them. unbelievable. they are leak the yankees. >> is as everywhere. in l.a. oakland pa madison squaring off for her shaw second time in a wean
9:49 pm
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i you. >> coming up at 11:00. sexually assaulted while under answer theechlts local worker accused of really shocking crimes. police think there could be more victims. >> plus crowd funding everywhere. but do you really know where your money is going? tonight 7 on your side michael with the good and the bad of on line fundraising. >> those stories and more coming object 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 >> baseball to talk about. >> you are fighting. >> can't twice hear what's
9:52 pm
going on. >> enthusiasim is unbridled here. last week madison and kershaw squared off. both pitched well. neither figure in the decision. giants won the game though. tonight the rematch in l.a. east versus a's. very similar to last week. let's enjoy love. if if giants jump out to early leave. base hit. knock in angel 1 nothing giants in a flash. if madison. the big hook. aj next batter. he's walking to the dug out before the ball crosses the plate he knows what's going on. buster. fast ball up and out over the plate and watch the guy make the catch. he had the beer in one handicap and snagged it with the cap. solo shot make it 2 nothing. 9 strike out so far here and the giants trying to add on to that lead. leading 2-1 in the top of the 9th right now. and threatening. a's and angel what rivalry. if
9:53 pm
happened shake before the first pitch f.second time in a weak gray gets the best of weaver. josh 2 run single and 2-2 in the first. next pitch here it comes. there it goes. the he gnaw it even gnaw it. weaver and lori knew it sec of the year. move to the sixth. more from reddick. turns on it. about 10 row seat. oakland take as 6-2 lead after allowing 2 runs in the first. gray spectacular in the eighth. last of the 6 strike out. johnny and the a's snap 4 game slide. 6-2. warriors biggest challenge this week. keeping the intensity hail they wait until at least sunday for round 2 of the play offs to begin and steve came up with a plan. he split the team in half for pair of scrimmages. natural competitiveness take over. whether simulated games real thing. it's always good to be
9:54 pm
on curry team would within today. >> the good question. starters one the first one. then mix my team won the second one. about asking who one. the talk ago lot of trash. >> hard to believe. >> i know tough for him on the losing team. >> today felt like back to work >> today felt like back to work. the we have another series coming but just felt like we could all kind of he have a big sigh and now move on. >> do not forget. home for the fba finals which begin on june fourth. how nice it would be if june fourth we were sitting at oracle arena getting ready for game 1. >> play offs tonight. game 5 mavericks dallas done 3 games-1 mavericks dallas done 3 games-1. chandler. throwing it down f.james harden left handed and always goes left to did this. 28 for hard ep. rocket up 60 half. ellis 25.
9:55 pm
late fourth quarter dallas coming back but harden in the past in the pasting lane rate here. the steal break and the finish by jones. 103-94. houston closes out the mavs 4 games to 1. spurs and clippers even at 2 games appease the staechlt if oh my good fez. look at steele. i'm a billionaire. they play for me. l.a. was up 14 early. san is antonio responds with a run. mills that's wait they learn them that way in if -- griffin hammered right there. the by dan green t.good mma take down right there. rate now tied at 76 in pivotal game 5. golfers don't do. that best in the world in san francisco teeing off tomorrow in the match play championship at harding park. 64 man field. with new twist. golfers placed in 16 pl 4 player group with the winner of
9:56 pm
each group playing in the weekend. 21-year-old jordan recently won the masters. he know that is he pretty much has a bull's eye on his back. >> i feel that right now >> i feel that right now like. that i enjoy the. i want to keep it that way. of but it is again i think it's hyped up a little right after the tournament that's cool but i need to keep doing that in order for to it stay that way. >> most lucrative and certainly most hyped boxing event ever coming up this saturday in las vegas. today pacquiao and mayweather junior met with the me y.floyd perfect 47 and o. floyd does in the watch any video of his opponent. he likes to get play of the night ring and figure the other guy out with jeremy with facing the dangerous pacquiao. >> the what are the weapons of manny most important to neutral manny most important to neutralize? >> i captain really say. once i get in the that square circle
9:57 pm
then i would know. >>reporter: you stutd aid lot of film. you know a lot about him. >> i didn't study a lot of film >> i didn't study a lot of film. i don't know a lot about him. >>reporter: you don't. >> not at all. >> just know that the he's one of the guy it is that at the to. i'm one of the guys at the top so we are going to fight. >>reporter: we are going to fight. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota so bizarre. i didn't know a lot about him. >> i'm at the top he's at the top fight washington is your name again. >> the who are you? >> it's dismiss i have but absurd to think anybody will believe that. they have been at the top of the sport. fighting each other for 5 years fighting each other for 5 years. i don't know this guy. >> pack yo lands a good punch. know him now. be sure to watch know him now. be sure to watch. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us tonight. for all of us here, we appreciate your time and we'll see you
9:58 pm
again if an hour. >> 7 news continues on line twitter face back all the mobile device with the 7 news app.
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(dog barking) get off! aah! don't bite me! why does everyone in this cul-de-sac think it's okay to let their stupid dogs run loose? it's like calcutta out there. what are you doing? trying to round up any crap i can find to regift this christmas like this little gem here-- last year's present from bobby's uncle. racist uncle or drug dealer uncle? racist uncle. drug dealer uncle is now prison uncle. oh, right because of detective cousin. i miss bobby's family.
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