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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 28, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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like baked lobster alfredo. brown butter shrimp scampi. and soy-ginger salmon. hey, this is my plate. get yours while you still can. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> tears of joy and relief. a local man missing since the deadly quake hit nepal over the weekend found alive. >> his family who feared the worst getting the good news a short time ago. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. petaluma native spencer dickenson told his family he is safe and headed to kathmandu. >> he was hiking when the deadly 7.8 quake hit causing a massive avalanche. >> a family member tweeted this quote around 8:30 tonight "i am being helicoptered off the mountain and tell mom i'm okay. she and other loved ones were overwhelmed when they heard
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the good news. you can feel their relief. >> dickenson's mother received the news at a uc san diego prayer vigil for those missing in nepal. >> more than 5,000 people have died in the 7.8 earthquake, and tonight dealing with another disaster. as many as 250 people are missing after a mudslide near the quake's epicenter. five search and rescue dogs trained in the bay area are headed to nepal to aid in recovery efforts. they are trained only to bark if they find someone alive. we also learned the mt. everest climbing season is declared over. 18 people died on the mountain including four americans. >> one was from sunnyvale. janet talked with his friends saying he died doing what he loved. >> 48-year-old trong was an
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avid hiker and going to mt. everest was always on his bucket list. >> we all get a little chubby in our 40s. for vin it was the opposite. he was getting fitter and fitter. >> she met him in 2008 through an organized hiking group. it is still hard to believe her friend is gone. he was hiking with the group on saturday when the devastating quake shook nepal. he was one of 18 people killed at base camp. >> late sunday night i started to see the chatter on facebook. >> on monday the state department confirmed that the vietnamese-american man from sunnyvale was killed. today his roommate received the bad news. >> we are sad. >> colleagues at kaiser in santa clara where trong worked expressed condolences. she says she will always remember her friend for his humor and for always being there. >> i would go through problems in life and he would text you and say hey how are you doing? and then invite you out for
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something fun to do. >> and then in their tribute the friends will gather in marin to go on a hike in his honor. in sunnyvale, abc7 abc7 news. >> a man is helping out with relief efforts. he provided this video and told us he was at a meeting in kathmandu when the quake struck. >> the ground rolled like i was on a boat for about three minutes. it was completely rolling. i was looking at the earth and watching it move slowly like we are on a boat. >> it took at least three days for the nepalese military to arrive in the area. people around the world want to help in nepal. if you visit our website we have a list of some of the organizations working in that area along with links to help you donate. a surgical technician is accused of groping patients under anesthesia.
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and they want to know if there are more victims out there. they identified four victims so far. all of whom who underwent surgery at the outpatient surgery center in redwood city. lilian kim is there live with the story. lilian? >> dan, police say the incidents occurred between march 15th and april 2nd. that's four incidents in a three of h week period. robert worked for stanford hospital for seven years. most recently at the outpatient surgery center in redwood city. he was a surgical technician, a job that required him to be with patients in their most vulnerable state. >> he would assist bringing patients to and from the or and helping them through their recovery period while under anesthesia. >> they say it was the period after surgery when he would grope his patients. investigators have identified four victims so far all men. saw -- sedated, none of them knew they were assaulted. but they caught him in the act and called authorities.
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>> kind of shocked to hear about it. but i like stanford as a medical facility. >> i am hoping it is not an isolated situation and that they take steps so that it doesn't happen again. >> although he is in jail for four counts of sexual battery police say the investigation is far from over. >> he was a long-term employee at stanford hospital. we are going back to see if there is any additional victims or any other locations where he worked. >> as for stanford they have yet to return our calls but it appear he's is no longer an employee. in redwood city lilian kim abc7 news. one night after violent clashes baltimore police said a curfew is working. it is keeping people off the streets. that wasn't the case when the curfew began four hours ago. police used teargas to disperse crowds that lingered. two were -- several people were arrested. yesterday 235 people were arrested after the funeral of tread de gray a
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black man who died -- freddie gray a black man who died in police custody. >> we heard from the angry baltimore mom. there she is. she was smacking her ichs is teen-year-old son in the head after she saw him taking part in the riots. graham is a single mother with five girls and one boy. she says she wanted to protect him and not embarrass him. >> that's my only son. at the end of the day i don't want him to be a freddie gray. i am a no tolerant mother. he knew he was in trouble. is he a perfect boy? no, he's not. but he is mine. >> because of what she did there is a go fund me page set up to support graham and her family. so far it raised about $1600. and there was another small sympathy protest in oakland. 30 demonstrators marched through downtown and into the west oakland bart station. these are photos taken from the station. the trains didn't stop at west oakland as they crowded the platform. >> big city rent increases forced a lot of people into the suburbs.
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the suburbs are experiencing the same problem. some residents living on second street in lafayette say they are being unfairly priced out. abc7 news reporter alan alan wang has the story. >> there is a fear that all of our neighbors are scared even when they get a letter on the door that it will be eviction and rent increase. everyone is living in fear. >> the represent at this apartment complex on second street has sky rocketed as high as 90% ever since the new property owner took over and the tenants are afraid of retaliation for speaking out. >> it is really hard to find housing. we are really struggling. >> this man says he is moving after the lease on his two-bedroom unit went from $1300 to $2200 a month. >> residents say high represents have forced out 12 tenants here including this one who was evicted. the apartment owners did not respond to our request for an interview. they say without rent control laws landlords can raise the rates as high as they want.
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>> it is something we can take action and we can have rent control and just cause in every community. >> it would require a rent control board to monitor the rent control law. >> you need a whole body to process all of that. that's money that we don't have. >> the lafayette city council is willing to discuss this but for now it is considering an emergency moratorium to stop the hikes. they could take action as early as may 11. in lafayette, alan wang, abc7 news. billions of dollars raised using crowd funding websites but where is your money really going? >> 7 on your side's michael finney joins us now. >> it is like the wild west out there let me tell you. who is making sure your donations go to the right place? sure these things can do a lot of good but i went looking and i'll tell you what i found coming up. >> plus, a major marketing miss. why some are saying this beer bottle promotes rape. >> and high powered and high fashion. the stars and styles
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of to fight's historic state dinner. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures took a nose-dive today, but not for long. it will be heating up this week. h
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pictures of a controversial bud light label went viral. the full label reads "the perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary for the night." some say it makes light of an alcohol-fueled college rape culture. the beer maker responded by saying "we missed the mark and we regret it." >> it is becoming the ordinary way for ordinary citizens to raise money for good causes. >> what happens to your money once you donate? michael finney investigated and here is what he found. >> exactly. who is watching the store? some call it the new wild west. crowd funding sites and those using them to get donations, and they are largely policing
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themselves. we followed the money in a campaign for victims of a san francisco fire and it reveals the amazing talent of on-line fundraising. >> this massive fire on mission street left 40 people homeless in january. >> a go fund me campaign to raise money for victims of the fire. >> that's abc7 news encouraging you to donate to a crowd funding campaign for residents who lost everything. >> i expected to maybe if i was lucky to raise a few thousand dollars. >> zach crockett is a local blogger who happened by on his bicycle when fire swept the building. he got upset that gawkers were filming instead of helping. he started the go fund me drive and donations poured in. suddenly he had $180,000. >> it blew my mind. i never realized the power of just on-line fundraising. >> he also didn't realize the responsibility. potential donors peppered him
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with questions. >> i have people e-mailing me asking for my credentials and who am i? what do i do? why am i doing this? at a certain point it was so overwhelming i thought look, these people's concerns are valid. >> the platform is so new that there is no meaningful body or auditor looking at where this money actually goes. >> consumer actions says to one in government is watching what happens to billions of dollars raised on-line. crowd funding generated $16 billion last year and it is expected to double to $35 billion this year. >> it is a little bit of donor beware. >> donors may not realize the sites make a profit off their gifts. go fund me takes 5% of each donation. the payment processor takes 2.9%. together they took $16,000 of the donations intended for the victims of the mission street
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fire. the company tells us the fees keep the platform run. >> the fees are a tremendous disappointment. >> gabriel medina worked with the agency that helped zach raise donations. >> how do we make sure other families are treated fairly or single mothers the elderly? >> they had to decide how to fairly distribute $165,000. a couple of con artists tried to claim they lived in the building, but in the end zach handed out checks ranging from $6,000 to $15,000 to 40 victim. >> god bless them. >> like ugenia and umberto who used it for clothes, a bed and a tv and dining table as they bunk temporarily with another fire victim. zach says he hopes it was fair, but wouldn't mind someway to be sure. >> there should be a
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suggestion about the vetting process to blake sure people are not taking advantage of the amazing new technology. >> this is not just all a concern of what if. there are people in other states that were complete ripoffs. they have taken advantage of these and they have been arrested for fraud. luckily it is rare and a far cry from the honest work of campaigns like zach's. president obama and the first lady welcome japanese prime minister shinzo abe and his wife for the white house state visit. abe's visit is to commemorate the partnership that has developed over 70 years since the end of world war ii. babe is scheduled to stop in silicon valley in san francisco and meet with governor brown. >> the guest included george taki of "star trek" fame and
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seattle quarterback russell wilson. the first lady wore a vibrant color by a japanese designer. >> what an el gept evening. they all look fantastic. let's talk about the weather as we hit midweek. >> we have hot weather ahead for us. before we get you to the heat we are going to ease you into it tomorrow. let me show you live doppler 7hd and i will explain. fog is around the half moon bay area and we have a few patches around the east bay. the temperatures right now are in the 50s and the 60s. so it is quite comfortable. as you look at a live picture from our camera the visibility is good looking well across the bay. it was cooler today no doubt about it with the sea breeze and the fog. the temperatures are down a good 12 and 13 dries in the north bay. santa rosa and san rafael. oakland was 15 degrees cooler. went from 82 yesterday to 67 today. san francisco dropping 16 and moffett field and san jose also noticeably cooler. coit tower is showing off the
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warrior's pride in blue. patchy coastal fog overnight. sunny tomorrow and it will be breezy at the coast and we are looking at 90-degree heat inland on thursday and friday. today's cool down is courtesey of the cold front and it kicked up the breeze. there is unfortunately no rain, but it was responsible for the cooler weather. it moves out and the high pressure starts to build in and the temperatures are going to rebound on thursday in a big way. let's look at the computer animation. tomorrow you are still looking at breezy conditions holding temperatures in the 50s and 60s. inland areas in the 80s. it will be a little warmer in most areas. we will call it a beg jump on thursday. 90s inland. beach weather here with 70s showing up along the coast. speaking of the coast on friday you start to see a little fog and a return of cooler weather, but it stays warm in our inland areas for the end of the workweek. tomorrow morning watch out for the patches of fog. upper 40s to low 50s. you might need a light
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jacket. the afternoon highs with i will be quite mild in the south bay. short sleeve weather will do it. 79 in mor dwan hill and 82 gilroy. 76 along with cupertino in the south bay. secretary 9 in san mateo and 73 redwood city. breezy in pacifica and 58 degrees. downtown san francisco 66 and the sun will be shining everywhere from coast to inland. 58 at bough bodega bay. 80 in santa rosa. 75 raphael. 72 in oakland and newark. inland areas, make sure you have sunscreen and 80 in concord and 79 in pleasanton. a look at the seven-day forecast. we go from mild to warm tomorrow to warm to hot on thursday. you can see the 90s showing up thursday and friday. friday is cooler at the beaches. as we head toward the weekend we are back closer to average and dropping the temperatures as the fog and sea breeze comes back. dan and ama? >> thank you sandhya. coming up next a real life superhero. >> how this mild-man erred
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a mild man erred police officer is showing he is a here yow beyond the badge. he dresses up as superheros to cheer up kids with cancer. he drove from texas to illinois for 7-year-old bryce chotel's brighter day party. he has been fighting lymphatic cancer since february. many have positive attitudes. >> that's wonderful. time to get a check on our sports. >> the sports director larry beil is here. >> you have a superhero story and i have a superhero story. madison bumgarner makes a million dollars a year. the best bargain
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