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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is happening on two sides of the bay tonight in what began has a home invasion robbery in fremont. the police are now looking for one of three suspects who shot at them in menlo park. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. two people were arrested but a third is still on the loose. >> let's go to abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson, who is on the phone, bringing us the latest tonight. tiffany? >> reporter: ama and dan, the home invasion in fremont happened at about 5:00 and shots were fired. fremont police officers responded, and they were able to catch up with the suspect's
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getaway car just as it was approaching the dumbarton bridge. officers from both fremont and newark pursued the suspects across the bridge into menlo park at which point the suspect ditched their car in the parking lot of the business park and then started running. officers chased after them and fremont police say that one of the suspects turned around and fired his gun at the officers. fortunately, none of the officers were hit. but that bullet did strike a newark patrol vehicle. the officers did not return fire. and with the assistance of the menlo park police they were able to take two of the suspects into custody and two guns were also recovered. police set up a perimeter near facebook's campus, trying to track down that third suspect. and for much of the evening rush hour, the road was blocked off a, creating quite a backup on 101. then tonight around 8:00 p.m. officers surrounded this home in the 1600 block of purdue avenue. neighbors tell me that it's been
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vacant for about two years. officers thought perhaps the third suspect might be inside. they sent in a k-9 to search for him. that man is described as a tall thin african american man in his 20s last seen wearing dark pants and a light colored sweatshirt. they assumed that he is armed, but they do not know. again that. >> sent a k-9 inside the house. they did not find him in that home. now tonight at this hour, police are continuing to follow up on leads here at the command post in menlo park. it is still active at this hour and we'll continue to follow this manhunt both online and on twitter, and then we'll bring you the latest on abc 7 news at 11:00. live in menlo park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> okay, tiffany, great work. thanks very much. now just to button this up, our reporting continues on twitter. follow us @abc7 news.
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a prisoner in a baltimore police van with freddie gray said he could hear gray banging against the walls. zbra the man who died in police custody. the unified prisoners told investigators he thought gray was trying to intentionally injure themselves. however, the two were separated by a metal partition. the protests against gray's death continues across the country tonight. the streets of baltimore are relatively quiet for a second night in a row. marci gonzalez reports from baltimore. >> reporter: before police started enforcing the curfew in baltimore tonight protesters again filled the streets. with their chants and frustration echoing in cities across the country tonight. all demanding answers and action following the april 19th death of freddie gray, who suffered a spinal cord injury while in baltimore police custody. >> we declare a moment of silence for freddie gray right now. >> reporter: their message sent loudly and mostly peacefully, unlike the riots that rocked
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baltimore monday with those intense images, buildings and police cars on fire officers injured, a mother going after her son after seeing him in the crowd holding a rock. >> i was angry with him. we're trying to overcome things here, you know. how would you go down there and do that and make matters worser? >> concern that things could still get worse in baltimore, prompting this historic response. not a single fan in the stands at camden yards today. >> 1-1, delivery needs to get a ahold of that one. >> reporter: with the major league baseball game closed to the public for if first time ever. >> this is a shame. it's horrible. but i understand. >> reporter: with ongoing safety concerns, that citywide curfew will again be in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning. meanwhile, we have learned baltimore police will hand their findings about freddie gray's death over to the state's attorney's office on friday. but we're told the details will not be made public.
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marci gonzalez, abc news, baltimore. in oakland tonight, police and business owners are anxiously gearing up for mayday. on friday protesters are threatening to shut things down to call attention to social injustices affecting minorities and the working class. abc a 7 reporter janet oh is in oakland. >> it boils down to everybody being affected. >> reporter: the international longshore and warehouse union says they can make a difference by leading the protest on mayday here in oakland. >> our families are affected by these killings. some of our family members in our own local are victims of police brutality and killings. >> reporter: union organizer stacey rogers is referring to walter scott an african american man shot by police eight times in south carolina in april. scott had family members who were longshore union members. >> nobody is this is business as usual. we're angry. >> reporter: oakland has always been at the forefront of many protests. and that mayday it will be no different. here is the scene in 2011 as
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thousands streamed across the adeline street bridge during the occupy movement that shut down the port of oakland. the port of oakland has already schedule its closure this friday, delaying operations for eight hours. >> we have been in touch with our customers and with harbor truckers so they can plan around this meeting. and therefore will minimize the disruption. >> reporter: the entire city is on high alert for mayday, with protests beginning as early as 5:30 in the morning. police have called in for extra patrols to keep order and peace. something businesses say is badly needed. >> it's going to stay up there for the time being. >> reporter: dogwood restaurant has been vandalized several times in the past, and they're bracing for another less than peaceful protest. >> i think the smashing of property is pointless. i mean, it doesn't get anybody's message across. >> reporter: may day a day of protest all around the world, and the longshoremen have been marching for social justice since 1934. in oakland janet oh abc 7
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news. we're learning new details tonight about a shooting in the county. officers shot a man in guerneville around 3:30 this afternoon. no deputies were injured in the incident. sky 7 hd was over the scene at the fife creek common apartments on fifth street. the man was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. authorities haven't released his condition or why an officer decided to fire his weapon. livermore police are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault. it happened tuesday evening on the arroyo trail in south livermore. livermore police say a 29-year-old woman was walking on the trail when she was grabbed from behind by a man. the suspect is described as a white male in his mid-30s, dark eyebrow, unshaven, 5'10" to maybe 6 feet tall weighing 180 to 190 pounds. he was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark sweat pants. now the woman was transported to the hospital and treated for her injuries. livermore police say they have had at least three sexual assault dunls arroyo trail in just the past three years.
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some tense and very scary moments in san francisco's tenderloin district. a man hijacked a car with a 4-month-old baby inside. fortunately it took just minutes for police to locate and the arrest man thanks to an observant officer. >> with a baby in the back. it's a toyota scion. >> reporter: it happened at 10:40 this morning here in the tenderloin. zhi xiong han parked his scion, waiting to pick up his wife. he heard banging on his car. >> another individual came up and kicked the vehicle. so the far pulled over to try to inspect the car to see if there was any damage. >> reporter: another person later identified as solomon elemu jumped into the car and drove off. han called police and gave a description of the car and license plate number. ten minutes later sergeant ken lee was driving on bryant street looking for the car when he thought he spotted it.
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the suspicious vehicle was here parked in front of the public defender's office door. >> 5557 street, they have the vehicle. >> i only heard partial plate at the time. so i wasn't able to confirm if that was the car or not. but once i exit my driver's side door, the suspect came out of the driver's side door. >> reporter: sergeant lee was right on. he said the man explained what happened. >> he did say he got in the car and there was a baby in the back. so i handcuffed him. opened the rear door and saw the baby in the back seat. still strapped into the car seat. >> reporter: the baby was reunited with her mom and dad. >> we're just you know doing our jobs. every single police officer in the nation would have done the same thing. >> others would have called him a hero. the suspect was arrest and sergeant lee did get the last word. listen. >> has the suspect at 555 seventh street. can you be advised if you have the baby there? >> the baby is fine. >> reporter: and the question of course is why would the suspect
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park his car in front of the public defender's office? well staffers there confirm that he is a client of theirs and that's all they would say. but public records show that the suspect was arrested in march on drug-related charges and robbery. and by the way a public defender did come outside and advise him of his rights when he was arrested today. so maybe that was a good place for him to park. abc 7 news. a large fight prompt the principal at berkeley high school. we witnessed the heavy police presence. students were asked to stay on campus during lunch. no visitor passes were being issued. the measures come after word that a group of students from a high school in oakland who fought with berkeley students last month intended to go back. berkeley's site reported officers arrested an oakland man and two teenagers with a replica gun. fire damaged a popular pub near san francisco's presidio
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today. and a neighbor says it was an accident waiting to happen. sky 7 hd was overhead as heavy smoke rose from liverpool lil's. the fire appears to have started in the become of the restaurant. flames then shot up into the attic. an adjacent building was also damaged. the owner of that building blamed the pub's operators. >> if you went to the roof you saw grease all over the roof, and you had a flue up there full of grease and a fire waiting to happen. >> liverpool lil's has been a neighborhood favorite for more than 40 years. no word yet on when it will reopen. we have much more ahead for you on this wednesday night. secret new opposition to the warriors new waterfront arena. it turns out their second choice site in san francisco is no slam-dunk. also, spring is like the holiday season for the home and garden industry. and they are hiring tonight 2,000 bay area job openings. >> it was warm wednesday around
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here. but get set to sweat as 90s make a comeback. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks, drew. amin gulezian.
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opposition is emerging to the warriors new plan in the
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mission bay neighborhood. it would be built at third and 16th streets. a coalition of opponents is worried about potential traffic and whether the arena is a right fit for the neighborhood. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is on the story. >> reporter: the warriors' original choice on the embarcadero was doomed by opposition. now their second choice, a $1 billion privately financed 18,000 feet arena in mission bay is also being challenged. >> the warners want everybody to believe that the arena is a done deal and a slam-dunk. but reality is the battle is just starting. >> reporter: sam singer speaks is for what he says is a coalition of stakeholders at nearby ucsf, including a former senior vp though the hospital says it is not directly involved. opponents envision traffic blocking access to ucsf's three new hospitals in mission bay. but warriors owner joe lacob says 17 nba teams nationwide are
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within half a mile of hospitals. >> so this is a very common occurrence. brooklyn staples center, everywhere else, and they all work. we don't think san francisco is any different in that regard. >> reporter: but opponents say there is nowhere near enough parking. the area is already increasingly congested, according to ucsf employees we talked with. >> it's already challenging with the giants on home games. >> practically on an everyday basis, i think it is going to impact it. >> reporter: besides traffic opponents reportedly want the arena site for further ucsf expansion, and publicly say the stadium is not a good fit. >> out of whack with the biosciences, health care community. >> reporter: mayor ed lee disagrees. >> for many years in the entire mission bay program, we not only had uc and pharmaceutical and research, we also had an entertainment center that was planned in there. >> reporter: members of the newly formed mission bay alliance may try to foul the
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warriors with a lawsuit or ask voters to weigh in. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. after taking some heat for accusations of discrimination, the martinez unified school board voted unanimously to provide air conditioning to two elementary schools. one board member took the brunt of the accusations after she says students at predominantly hispanic elementary are accustomed to living without air conditioning at home. now both las juntas will get air conditioning but work won't start until next summer. spring is a very busy season. home depot held a hiring event today at a san carlos store. the chain is looking to fill about 2,000 positions at its den bay area locations. some people were hired right there on the spot. one home depot manager says events like this are extremely worthwhile. >> we want to make sure that our associates are candidates who
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come in know that we're here to take care of our consumers who shop our store. and a lot of them are already shoppers. this really gives them an idea of what our company is about. >> organizers say anyone is welcome to apply, and they encourage college student retirees veterans and bilingual candidates to consider it. if you missed today's hire event, don't worry, applications are available online and in all of the stores in the bay area. >> still have an opportunity. all right. checking on our nice weather outside. >> really nice. drew tuma is here. >> we're going to give the ac a big-time workout. it's going to go from warm along the coast to downright hot in many of our inland locations. live doppler hd is going to show you tonight we have high pressure building. you're not going to find any green on the screen. it is dry. take you outside. earlier this evening our east bay hills camera captured this spectacular sunset as the sun was going down at 7:58 p.m. under clear skies and sunshine. really going to dominate our forecast. not only to end the week but to enter the weekend as well.
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out there right now, it's mild in some spots. take a look at this. antioch still coming in with a temperature of 70 degrees right now. 57 in oakland. 58 in hayward. 71 right now in mountainview and san francisco with a cooler temperature of 56 degrees. so a live look outside, our exploratorium camera shows you beautiful downtown san francisco. the financial district all lit up under clear skies. plenty of stars out there. and the forecast does call for rather hot temperatures inland the next two days, both thursday and friday. coastal cool willing begin as early as friday. sea breeze is going to start to kick in friday afternoon. and that's going to expand every where. saturday and sunday, more comfortable spring-like temperatures on the way. satellite and radar, just look at this. there is nothing going on in the pacific right now. large area of high pressure is forming. and that's blocking really any storm development from happening. it's also setting up a pretty warm pattern for thursday and friday. so future temperatures will show you warmer inland. concord, into the low 90s we go
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around the bay in richmond and oakland, into the low 80s. even san francisco topping out at about 77 degrees. for an afternoon high tomorrow. by friday watch as that slow sea breeze starts to kick in. so half moon bay will cool down into the 60s. san francisco a few degrees cooler, in the mid-70s. even around the bay, we're kind of out of the 80s in most locations, into the mid-70s. still warm inland in the mid-90s. then that sea breeze really kicks in everywhere and cooling spreads in. we're going to the 70s and 80s from fairfield concord to livermore, into the 60s around the bay. even santa rosa cooling off into the mid-70s. and fog will start to develop thanks to the sea breeze. so half moon bay mainly cloudy and more spring-like with a temperature of 57 degrees to start off the weekend. so overnight lows tonight we'll see plenty of stars in the overnight sky. 50 the overnight low in san rafael. 51 for oakland. 52 in san francisco. dropping to 55 in antioch. 48 the overnight low in morgan hill. highs for your thursday starting in the south bay very hot. 89. up to 87 san jose. we'll get to 88 in kuiper teen
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know. -- cooper tino. downtown into the north bay, 92 cloverdale. 89 santa rosa. up to 88 sonoma into the east bay equally as warm 83 san leandro. 83 oakland. 83 union city. and here comes the 90s. 92 antioch. 91 fairfield and 91 the high in livermore. so there is your accuweather seven-day forecast. it's hot tomorrow in spots. we'll see 90s inland. that continues into friday. but cooler right along the coast. then for week it's saturday and sunday, the sea breeze really kicks in. by early next week ama and dan we're back to more spring-like levels, but no rain. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. still to come here on abc 7 news at 9:00 why it may be time for people with tattoos to reconsider the upper watch.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news.
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>> a pair of great white sharks was spotted less than 100 yards from a popular southern california beach. the sharks were estimated to be between five and six feet long. the two sharks were first seen tuesday along with some whales near seal beach. a lifeguard said a lot of bait fish in the area may be the reason for the duo to come so close to the shore. officials posted signs around the beach warning swimmers to enter at own risk. well, if you're looking at that new apple watch, hope you're not too inked up. customers with tattooed wrists report trouble. the watch uses a heart rate. it flashes green and infrared light. particularly dark tattoos may interfere with the ability to be absorbed. some have taken to twitter after find thanksgiving could not be used. >> isn't that a disappointment after you shell out all that money. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00 a bay area woman
9:26 pm
desperately awaits rescue from mt. everest. >> she will probably be okay as long as we can get her out as soon as possible. plus, the astounding story of one tiny survivor. also, the russian supply spaceship spiraling back to earth at 17,000 miles an hour. and just to prove the new drug that promises to improve the way you look without surgery.
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live in the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> a new look at that terrifying moment the earthquake struck in nepal from a kathmandu traffic camera. watch as the men riding the small flatbed barely escape being crushed by the falling
9:30 pm
building. strangers rushed in to help. >> tear fight. good evening once again. we're going to begin this half hour with the latest from nepal. new drone video shows the devastation across kathmandu. more than 250 people are now known to be killed. >> 10,000 are hurt. most of them remain hospitalized. all climbers have now left everest, ending the climbing season early. >> the u.n. has launched an appeal for $415 million in aid. and in a small sign that life is slowly at least returning to some level of normalcy banks in kathmandu opened for a few hours today to long lines of people desperate for cash as they try to recover. >> in the middle of the disaster, a moment of joy as rescue crews pulled a 4-month-old baby boy from the rubble. he was found under a collapsed building, at least 22 hours after that massive quake. exams show no internal injuries and there is no word on what happened to the baby's parents. >> meantime two, bay area families are hopeful their loved
9:31 pm
ones will return safely following the earthquake in nepal. 21-year-old spencer dickinson who was missing for a time has called his family in petaluma. you can imagine how relieve they'd were to get that call. abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: gary has been on mommy duty this week while trying to expedite his wife's return from nepal. siobahn mcfeeney is currently stuck at base camp with a bad chest infection. >> at their elevation, which is about 18,000 feet it's not conducive to her feeling any better. it's only getting worse. >> reporter: she and their 11-year-old son were on mt. everest. he returned more than a week ago, but she stayed to try to reach the summit. then the earthquake hit. >> she was going across the -- they call it the golden gate bridge. it's the longest ladder bridge that they have. and she said she held on for dear life. >> reporter: he and other families are hoping to hear soon from the state department on how it plans to evacuate the 30 americans that are on the mountain.
9:32 pm
meanwhile, their four children are staying optimistic. so is bob dickinson of petaluma who last night found out his missing son spencer was alive. the 21-year-old called him from base camp. >> it was spencer, and he said hi dad. those were the first words. and i was spencer! screaming. and he goes dad, be quiet. i'm on a sat phone. i've only got a couple of moments. call my mom. tell her i'm okay. >> reporter: dickinson immediately phoned spencer's mom, who lives in san diego and was doing a tv interview. >> my son spencer, he just called me. >> reporter: how and when spencer will return are not important, they say only that he is alive. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now to that emergency in space. a doomed cargo ship headed to
9:33 pm
the international space station to deliver vital supplies. well, it never made it. and is now hurtling back toward earth at 17,000 miles an hour. abc news reporter matt guttmann has what we're learning tonight. >> reporter: tonight somersaulting in space. this is the view from the russian progress careening at almost 17,000 miles an hour, 119 miles above the earth and hurtling toward it. the russians losing control of the ship soon after this launch. the craft, carrying 6,000 pounds of desperately needed gear for the two americans, three russians and one italian on board the international space station. >> the program plans for these kind of things to happen. they're very unfortunate when they do. but we do have -- we do have supplies on board. >> reporter: as it tumbles in the craft should disintegrate in the 2,300 degree heat generated by the friction with the atmosphere there are only two private companies that supply the space station. >> and we have liftoff.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: orbital sciences' rocket exploding on the launch pad and spacex which recently showed david its capsule up close. >> this is the dragon capsule. >> and the whole thing is made in america? >> the whole thing is made in america. >> reporter: with spacex slated to launch one of the supply capsules in june stakes for the company have never been higher. and if that mission fails, the space station crew could be in jeopardy. now that russian craft basically a truck-sized piece of space junk. its orbit taking it right over the united states. now scientists say they don't exactly know when it will reenter earth's atmosphere or where, but they sure it's over a body of water. matt guttmann abc news miami. a 23-year-old montana man wanted for theft and forgery was arrested after he liked his own online wanted poster. levi charles reardon was featured as april's most wanted suspect on america's most wanted facebook page.
9:35 pm
he faces several charges. police didn't say how they found him. a happy reunion for a yorkie and its owner. sam disappeared almost four years ago from his home in louisiana. he has finally found by animal control at a school playground in cedar rapids iowa, almost a thousand miles away from home. he was in pretty bad shape too but he did have a microship that had everything they needed to find the owner. >> all those years i thought i would never see him again. and here i am getting my dog back finally. i'm really happy about it. >> well, exactly how sam got so far is really a mystery, but the last leg of his journey home was spent in comfort. united airlines flew him first class from cedar rapids to new orleans. very nice. >> that's nice. well next on abc 7 news at 9:00, the mother who pulled her son away from the rioters. >> he makes some poor decisions at times. but he is my son. >> both of them sitting down with abc news.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> we are hearing now from the baltimore teenager whose mother caught him during the riot and dragged him away. the image resonating with so many families in baltimore and around the world. tonight she and her son talked with abc news reporter steve osunsami. >> i'm going to try and do better. >> reporter: he is the highly embarrassed 16-year-old kid in the hoodie thought he was tough until his mama showed up at the riots in video seen around the world. so you see her and you're like uh-oh. >> i'm oh, man. what is my mother doing down here? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> did you have many of your friends next to you.
9:40 pm
>> they was like are you okay mike, are you okay? and i'm looking at them like is he okay? >> everybody know my mama. all my friends know my mother. >> really? >> we're not doing that. >> reporter: michael singleton says his mother told him to go straight home from school the day of freddie gray's funeral, but he didn't listen because of his friends. >> i'm not angry with him anymore. as long as i have breath in my body, you will not be on the streets selling drugs and you're just not going to live like that. it's not with me. >> tough. >> she cares. that was steve osunsami reporting. coming up next on the abc 7 news at 9:00 -- >> the sudden plunge of twi
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9:43 pm
according to bloomberg news, san francisco-based has reportedly hired advisers to send out a possible takeover bid. they didn't say who expressed interest but founder mark benioff is the former executive of oracle.
9:44 pm
his company is valued at $50 billion. if the takeover happened it would be the largest involving a software company ever. salesforce shares rose more than 11% today and continued to climb after hours. shares of san francisco-based twitter have fallen sharply this week. down more than 25% in the past two days. tonight abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom talks to experts about why the company's earnings missed the mark and what it means for investors. >> reporter: in the year and a half since it went pc, twitter has had its highs and lows. in fact, this is only the third worst drop in the stock's history, but it's a big one. some say it all started with a tweet. >> a group on twitter itself leaked or published early twitter's earnings before the end of trading, which is very irregular. twitters shares showing they weren't that good. dropped about 18 or 20%. >> reporter: and they kept going. saying because the numbers were disappointing. twitter is growing but not as fast as predicted. >> investors thought it would have a high revenue and more
9:45 pm
users. you can't do that when you're valued at $25 billion and you're still not gap profitable. >> reporter: like face twitter makes money by selling ads. but wilhelm says the two are different. >> facebook has all your data. you told facebook where you live how old you are, what you like to do. twitter is a little more anonymous. twitter knows i like nachos if i tweet about nachos. >> reporter: other stocks have also taken a beating in this latest round of earnings, including one company that is right around the corner. >> yelp same problem. yelp is even worse. it lost money. >> reporter: yelp and twitter have one thing in common. both missed their earnings. ken winan says it could point to a slowing of the tech boom, the ratio to stock price to sales is the highest it's been before the '70s. >> at these multiples our researchers point to a correction within the next 12 months. >> a market drop of some 20 to 25%. for some it's already happening.
9:46 pm
>> many of the stocks are below their ipo price. alibaba is below where it was last year. twitter is blow its ipo price. you're now in the red for a lot of people who are big holders of the stock in the bay area. >> reporter: in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. you may have heard microsoft is phasing out internet explorer. it was first released almost 20 years ago. but it has been rapidly losing market share to other browsers. today microsoft revealed its replacement to the youtube video. it's called edge and will be included in windows 10. it looks like other browsers with the focus on simplicity and minimalism. the video shows it working with other apps including cortana which is microsoft's version of siri. >> we're on the edge of real heat coming this way. >> drew tuma has what is in store. drew? they will heat is going to arrive in a big way in a lot of our inland spots tomorrow as we soar into the 90s. warmth unfortunately doesn't really come moisture. so live doppler hd is dry at the
9:47 pm
moment. in terms of high tomorrow and possibility of records being broken, if you can believe it or not, many records are going to be safe. look at gilroy. it's actually been 100 degrees on that date back in 1981. gilroy your record is pretty much safe. the one location we're going to keep our eye on. nap parks 89 degrees. the record is 93. so they're within a close range of getting close to that record. but still you do notice many of the records in the 90s. san francisco a high of 76 tomorrow. the record is 93 set back in 1996. so that record is pretty much safe. highs for thursday across the state of california. lots of 90s from chico sacramento into fresno. palm springs into the triple-digits. 102 degrees. l.a. up to 84. and even on the coast, monterey getting up to 74 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so we'll zoom in closer to the bay area tomorrow. you see a lot of 90s on the board from pair field, concord, livermore, up into cloverdale. you see 92 degrees there. 87 the high in san jose. up to 83 in oakland. and 76 the high in san francisco. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast.
9:48 pm
it is warm to hot on your thursday and that hot air sticks around on friday. the only exception right along the coast where sea breeze starts to kick. in everyone feels that over the weekend. cooler in all area, but still a steady, dry and warm pattern through next week. >> 90s, wow. thank you, drew. well, governor brown is ramping up efforts to reduce california's greenhouse gas emissions. he issued an executive order today setting an ambitious new target. cut emissions by 40% below 1990 levels in the next 15 years. i've set a very high bar, he says, but it's a bar we must meet. a bay area business group says the new goals are meaningless if the state doesn't invest in new technology and mass transprojects. and delays in alternative energy projects. the food and drug administration today approved a new drug that promises to get rid of double chins without surgery. the drug is called kybella, an injectable substance that dissolves fat under the skin.
9:49 pm
in a picture, you see dots on a person's chin where the doctor will inject the drug. it's made from a natural occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat. the drug destroys the fat cells' membrane causing it to burst and absorb into the body. what remains is absorbed back in the body. it's expected to be commercially available in june. i think some customers right here. >> first in line. >> august 4th. mike shumann is here with the latest. >> we have an opponent for the warriors finally. the memphis grizzlies have moved on to state golden state. we'll show you how and ryan vogelsong got the start in l.a. against the dodgers.
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i like fun as much as anyone. but we need to talk about - whoa! what was that? - about mustache safety. my blazin' chicken sandwich has ghost pepper ranch sauce. you crave it. but you need to respect it. so remember: keep it neat, before you eat the heat. coming in hot! jack's blazin' chicken sandwich is back and it's got a new bacon buddy. they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, pricey dinners paired with pots? the local underground movement that has the culinary world buzzing. plus parents ripped off. 7 on your side's michael finney goes looking for a photographer they say left them without the pricey pictures they paid for. >> those stories and a lot more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> we've been waiting for this. >> yeah, we are. in for larry tonight. >> a little basketball. after sweeping the pelicans, the
9:53 pm
warriors have waited patiently for their second round opponent. memphis could seal that deal with a win over portland today. grizzlies star point guard mike conley recovering from facial fact cher in game three, did not play. speaking of big, marcus aldridge. four threes in the quarter, 16 of his 33 points come in the third. blazers briefly take the lead. now tied at 72. grizz going on a 13-3 run. zach randolph fighting and bring on memphis. 99-93. the grizzlies take the series four games to one. a 12:30 start time. the hawks in atlanta. the final seconds of the first, carroll inbounds, gets it back. gets tight late. four-point game. blows past. a series lead with a 107-97 victory. madison bumgarner beat the
9:54 pm
dodgers. ryan vogelsong ended up throwing batting practice throwing four home runs in three innings. dodger fans taking a picture of mama son giants fans. 7.71 to start. 9.31 by the time they left. the palo alto high jock peterson right field bleachers. for adrian gonzalez. took vogy deep. this time right field bleachers. still in the first, andre ethier 2. right field bleacher, plenty of souvenirs for those fans tonight. a visit from dave righetti didn't do much in the third. jimmy rollins, you know where it's landing. 5-1, dodgers. finally good news the top of the fourth. brandon crawford gets into the act. heading for, i don't even need to say it. 6-3 right now. dodgers up 7-3 in the eighth. complete highlights on abc 7 news at 11:00. ais hosting l.a. inga's hosting
9:55 pm
l.a. 454 feet later, left center. trout's fifth of the year. 3-0 game. a swing and a hot bat, sixth. base hit to center. ties the game at three. seventh inning. facing trout. two-run double down the left field line. for a 6-3 lead. and that's where it is right now in the eighth. also have the complete highlights over on abc 7 at 11:00. first in major league history today because of the recent riots in baltimore, today orioles-white sox at camden yards played with no fans in attendance. probably a first for the players too. even in little league, mom and dad were watching. the caleb joseph fakes the autograph to no one. tosses the ball into the stands to no one. former a's pitcher jeff sam mastercard gentleman to no one. baltimore went on to win the game. it had to be weird 8-2 your final.
9:56 pm
49ers staging their voluntary veteran minicamp today under their new head coach, jim tomsula. the timing a bit strange the day before the draft. coaches on the field for the first time this off-season. teams seemed a lot loser on and off the field with jim harbaugh gone. the man drawing the most interest navorro bowman. he is coming off that horrid knee injury about a year and a half ago. the team needs its leadership after losing patrick willis and chris borland. he for one is glad to be back. >> a lot of guys are saying it seems like you're anxious. i am. i haven't been able to run around and do any of those things for a long time. yesterday i was a little faster than all the guys. i'm getting back to learning how to practice also. that's one of the things i'm trying to keep under control. well, the bay area is the epicenter of golf at the moment. lpga was here last week. the championship started today at harding park. new format.
9:57 pm
round-robin the first three days and elimination over the weekend. he is looking for someone's ball. not jordan spieth, seven birdies and 16 holes, including this one on 8. takes care of nico 4-2. jason day not his day. beaten by charles hoffman, 4-3. gary woodland on 14, which is normally the 18 hole. signature hole. couple of bounces. and for the eagle. he beats jimmy walk other tonight 19th hole. and that wasn't the shot of the day. this was. ben martin, 243 yards staring him down. rolling, for the first ace in match play since 2006. he went on to beat matt kuchar world's number one. rory mcilroy also victorious today. staredown for the fight of the century set for saturday in vegas. manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather. we've been waiting for this fight for years. should be quite a battle. mayweather undefeated. holding mayweather's belt.
9:58 pm
that's abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. and as i said we're here 12:30 startoff sunday. >> there is no crying in baseball. and there is no giggling in boxing. >> yeah, really. >> two good things to know. >> very good. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here we appreciate you. >> abc 7 news continues online. twitter, facebook, all your mobile devices with the abc 7 news app we'll see you in one hour over on the big 7.
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