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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 1, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you. >> good evening. >> we do begin with the breaking news with may day protest out of oakland tonight. >> marchers democrat state >> marchers democrat stating police brutality in the wake of the fred gray kiln baltimore. >> alan is live in oakland and we are live on the phone. alan we are live on the phone. alan. >>reporter: hi. they are calling this the oakland baltimore protest in support of fredie gray who died in baltimore police custody. the just about half hour ago the protestors let me show video of this right away. already about
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has damage in do you want oakland businesses. what you are looking at is the wells fargo bank. windows were shattered out of it. front door side window. the bank has been hit several times over almost every major protest in oakland. they have been a victim of city bank downtown also has the window shattered out. this was just probably half hour after the protest all began around 8:00 o'clock. they left plaza and marched down west on broadway but marching right toward the police headquarters and skirmish license of o pd officers in riot gear stopped them right there at seventh and broadway. and they had a stand off. there was protestors with mega phone yelling right in their fees. finally they decided to turn around and walk the other way that's when a lot of the win 0started breaking out. right now if at telegraph
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and around 28 street we believe we are trying to mirror them at the same time staying out of the way, we believe they are marching down telegraph toward rock ridge and we are trying to catch up to them rate now. but so far already some damage downtown and the police are training to stop this as best they can. >> live on the phone from oakland thank you fight other top story tonight baltimore top prosecutor has charged 6 police officers with the death of unarmed black man why the protestors are manufacturing through the streets of oakland tonight. this is our first look at the officers. you see 3 of them are white men. 2 black. one its an african american woman. 6 officers have posted bond. scene tonight is peaceful in baltimore curfew in effect but dozens of people out on the street this evening. >> the 6 baltimore police officers now suspects. charged
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in connection with fredie gray death. mr. gray death was homicide. state attorney saying gray shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. that the knife in his pocket was legal. once in custody on april 12 she says gray was put into the police van leg shackle hands cuffed but officers didn't put a seat belt on him. she says was in that van that he suffered a fatal spinal cord injury when he asked for medical help officers didn't call paramedic or offer first aid. driver of the police van facing the most serious charge second degree murder. >> today is a momentous step on the road to justice for fredie. >> police 81 call the charges a rush to judgment following heated demand for action the from across the country. >> no officer injured mr. gray. cause harm to mr. gray and they are truly sad by his death they are truly sad by his
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death. these officers did nothing wrong. >> tonight hnss of demonstrators rally outside baltimore city hall say sell this is just the start of their fight for justice. >> this will not stop until the police hyped bars. >> all 6 officers released after posting bond. this is abc news baltimore. >> as word of the arrest got throughout was an explosion open social immediate yeah. 4 34,000 tweet on fredie gray sense news of the charges broke this were nearly 5000 tweet per minute at one point. >> bay area march early today protestors gather at the port of oakland before moving through the city. demonstration has centered open labor issues and immigrant. but today union workers and supporters focus on relation between police and people of color. organizers say the goal was to ainformation hue may be ty for people of color. another group of protestors
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gather in the bart station in oak lap. the target the buses. high tech company leak facebook use to for ri the work tore sill cop valley and san francisco. protestors say tech workers gentleman's ri tie neighbors f.they use if i become to get the word out open the protest. >> sap frn. couple00 people took to the streets t.march from civic center plaza to the fv mission contradict. the fact on this may day san francisco minimum wage i hope cress from 11:05 an hour to 12 cress from 11:05 an hour to 12.25. demonstration like march loud but peaceful. >> maui oakland hawaiian airlines flight had to return to the airport for an emergency landing late today. one of the passengers sent this video to us showing the plane and people come down the slides. all 224 passengers were evacuate the. 2 went to the hospital with minor jersey was forced to
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return back 30 minutes after take off because of some kind of malfunction. passenger jim kroc of walnut creek said the plane did not seem to rise fast enough. both federal i have a 80's administration and national transportation safety board board will investigate what happened. air line also refunding all of the passengers fares. >> safe but frightening emergency landing for men towing advertise towing advertising bayern. the plane landed at the former alameda naval air station that is closed. pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. was able to set the earthquake down safely with no injuries. air station runway shut down nearly 2 decades ago. >> victim of fatal shark attack off maui beach on wednesday is a woman originally from the bay year. 65-year-old margaret cruz grew up in may run county and moved to hawaii 15 years ago when sheree tired. cruz brother provided the pichlingt he says his sister went swimming every day and died doing something she loved. >> cell charges against a hunter accused of starting a
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massive wild fear near yosemite 2 years ago have been dropped. rim fear was one of the biggest fires in california history. pros cawtors say they captain proof the case after 2 of the key witnesses the died. fv here's tim with more. >>reporter: rim fire started at the bomb of the about river canyon between grove land and yosemite then quickly moved in all possible directions. month all possible directions. months later a columbia man named keith emerald was charged with starting the illegal campfire that got out of control. at the time some people who had been threat and by the rim fare weren't kind. >> i just think he's an idiot who light a fear in the middle of august until a crispy little river canyon. it's complete stupidity. >>reporter: now the anger will rise further with the news 2 witness in the case prosecute emerald died one a friend of emerald died in february in a workplace accident. court records show cal fire pilot jerry bonner was the other witness. he rescued emerald
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from the cap i don't know when the fear took off. bonner died in march of natural causes. without those witness it is the the case against emerald is dropped. >> that's pretty sad f.we are pretty disgusted with it. if it is trawl his fault that he should pay the consequences this. >>reporter: neighborhood near the community of pine mountain like barely surveyed the rim fire. residents has this proposal for em rolled now that he won't face what could have been a sentence of 11 years in prison. >> i would have like to seep if at least him put on a fire crew for the every weekend for the rest of his life. >>reporter: emerald turned down all attempts by reporters for interview. rim fire 2 summers ago destroyed 11 homes caused 10 injuries and cost more than 125 million dollars to fight. in t this is abc 7 news. >> tunnel provoked racial attack by high school baseball
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player in the east bay has cost him his college scholarship and certainly open some deep wounds certainly open some deep wounds. cell phone video caught racial slur following game his team lost against berkeley st. mary's. if katie has the story. >> wards of pinole valley high school baseball player the any more than bad pitch. cell phone video captured part of argument and racial slur directed at the family opposing player with st. mary's high school in berkeley. >> very emotional >> video flew across social media like a foul ball. students shared with parents who say some of the comments show how much learning is needed. >> being offered in a way that kind of indicates a look of understanding about the real aagreement us nature of what happened. >> tack and tweet with the video they discomfort controversy. they dropped the student athlete who recently signed a letter of intent and would have received a scholarship. >> the given these kids really an opportunity to see how far
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reaching the conduct can be and that's an important lesson. >> we are not naming the student did you to the sensitive nature of the story. >> cons quens are essential but redemption also essential. >> both district involved acknowledge the incident and say there's work to be done. >> this is teachable moment. greatest hope is that we minimize funnel necessary hurt here. >> russell says some twitter feed about the incident continue to be unproductive. he told his so that to turn it off. >> difficult to explain to my son that l there are people out there who the may not be ready to understand or recognize the power of whether happen. >> powerful lesson at young age >> powerful lesson at young age. acknowledges the family target of the slur. we wish him tremendous luck. play this experience teaches him and his friends family the power of words. time to begin the healing process. in alameda, healing process. in alameda abc 7 news. >> moving on temperature
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certainly dropped sharply along the coast. >> take a look at the time lapse video of the fog rolling in over coyote tower. sure sign of cooler weather on the way. >> let's go to sandhya for a preview. >> exactly where the cooler marine influence will spread for the upcoming weekend. temperatures coming up >> bay area the fight fans gearing up for the fight of the century. pay per view event not cheap former haven't showing it. >> option for watch the warriors continue their play off
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>> one of the most anticipated match up in the history of box match up in the history of boxing. pacquiao and mayweather tomorrow night in las vegas. daly city home to one of the largest filipino communities in the country. several have you gone party planned at the restaurants cheering for pac-manment one restaurant toll us they to pay 7500 dollars just for the rights to play the match. >> at one of the boxers will win 1 80 million dollars. eevrn the loser could leave the ring with 100 million. >> we have more from last vision. >> toe to toe. 5 years in the making. one corner floyd hard hitting man many love to hate. nrm bounty known for lavish spend. other manny pac-man pacquiao. street kid from the
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fill pens turned champion. finally getting to rumble what will be the highest ing boxing merchandise of all tame. up to 400 million dollars by some estimate with 60-40 split over the purse mayweather could make 1 80 million dollars. pacquiao over 100 million. largest pay difficult for if athlete. many watch on pay per have you including millions in philippines where the company beg to conserve energy to prevent power out annuals but hottest ticket ring side where a.list stars like di caprio eastwood take in the spectacle. >> seat going for up to 350,000 dollars. that is not a joke. >>reporter: of course there is the betting. biggest wager so far. >> half million $on manny. if pacquiao to win. >> just to whip. >>reporter: not since if rumble in the jungle has anticipation for a fight been this electric. >> just how much moneys at stake and how much interest
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there is well this is just a weigh in. 10,000 people showed up here. you know what's they sold tickets to weigh in. that's something unprecedents entered modern boxing. situation. wu. tj reporting and ticket to the weigh in cost 10 dollars. >> warrior fan getting ready for sunday play off game. match up against the griz licht hottest ticket her in town and if you don't have one fv we have the game for you here on abc 7 news. today tv lee ann checked in with the fans ism fans loudest in the nba and team known for playing fast pace game and fueling the passion for the game. >> fcht crowd how they just right there behind you if waiting to clinch the win every night. >> team has a week long break today. they looked rested and
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prepared to face the 80oly team known for slowing did you know the pace of the game. >> about time we back there take it all this year. >> last time the warriors won an nba championship was in 1975 as under dog. fans like if blake and his daughter wish they could get ticket it's impossible unless you know some win. enjoy the game. >> hopefully with family friends unless you send me to the game. >> sports bar packed on sunday. don't want to watch it there or from your home on abc 7, or from your home on abc 7 there are options. the alameda theater and sin plex show the game for free. detectives went on sale and sure to sell out quickly. >> just trying to reach out and that's what we like to do is to give back to the community and create a connection with the community that is special. really different from any other theater that you will find anywhere. >> the proceeds from some of the food items they sell with ill good towards the were yours
9:18 pm
children charity. last game shown here helped to raise 12,000 dollars. the lee ann abc 7 news. >> game 1 tip off sun at 12:30 on abc 7. followed by the post gym show after game. join sports director larry. if post game reaction? >> sort of reeling by the money they are throwing around in the becomes. one 80 million dollars. >>en credible. >> if i'll take up boxing. i would do really well. >> he what's ahead for the weekend. >> weekend include further cooling. today drastic drop in the temperatures. and we continue that trend. >> let me show you live doppler 7hd. we take the a look at what it looks like rate now. coast is completely socked in from north to south. and fog already pushing its way across the bay. take a look at time lapse from the east bay his camera. obvious this afternoon camera.
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obvious this afternoon. sea breeze pushing pa rain layer along and the temperatures dropped in many parts of the bay areament santa rosa down 10 degrees coming in at 81 with 13 degrees cooler in nap a.look at oakland 18 degree drop from 88 to 70. 20 agree ins san francisco. and water so thatville down 27 degrees. sl felt the difference. a lot of people on face back enjoy the cool down. temperatures are right now in the 50's and 60's. antioch still holding on to warm weather at 77 degrees. from our roof cam are this is how the weekend starts out. with the fog. usual abouts inland tonightment cooler in all areas. hears a look at our computer animation. fog work its way in the valley as we head towards tomorrow morning. not completely inland but we call it locally inland. many of you start out with gray skies then for the afternoon the fog will hang around interthe coast lane keeping you a lot like today on the cool side. than land areas will drop-off down to the 80's out
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of the 90's and cooling trend continues. you see mostly 70's inland cell by sunday so for second half of the weekend. tomorrow morning upper 40's to the mid 50's if you do have early plans keep in mind with the fog around could be a little misty and drizzly at times bundle up like this morning when so mild. tomorrow afternoon south by at the. 77 in san jose. still nice day. just in the as warm as day. morgan hill 76 gilroy on the peninsula 68 in millbrae. mid 70's redwood city. palo alto along the coast line the temperatures will be held down by the fog in the upper 50's and sea breeze going as well. 58 in the sun set direct. 57 daly city. downtown san francisco south san from a low to mid 60's. north bay 50's at the beaches to about 73 in sonoma. 74 calistoga. napa santa rosa san rafael all 72 degrees and the sun will shine after the fog clears away in the afternoon. 69 in the east bay and oakland 70 for new
9:21 pm
hayward. inland spots still warm not the kind of heat of today where you had places like livermore up in the 90's along with antioch. 79 concord. livermore 82 degrees. please an top accu-weather 7 day fork. temperatures go did you know if you more agree over the wednesday and we'll be bottoming out on monday upper 70's inland mid 50's coast. temperatures will really come up a few down a few one thing of course missing on there is we wish we could put rain drops on there. not happening. >> thanks sandhya. >> still to come 7 news at 9:00 >> still to come 7 news at 9:00. remember about the costco employee with terminal cancer. >> first he got very generous surprise from shoppers and now he gives back. we have the story. >> in honor of asian pacific american hair tan month we use our instagram feed to recognize the amazing change maker who lives where you live. >> if oakl filipino american singer who founded a choir global peace movement and 2
9:22 pm
campaigns working toward providing clean safe water to people all over the world. >> more information on our 7 (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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are. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. fixture of marin county veteran group now under investigation by federal agencies after abc 7 news i-team investigation greg allen runs a gym in san rafael trained men and women who want to join the military businessesed on his own history of service. but has he been telling the truth? >> i'm done talking with you. >> we investigate how the marine corps taking action tonight on 7 news at 11:00. costco xwreter who situated he's river than pill gates because of the emotional support he receives.
9:26 pm
>> he's incredible. we were at the costco in danville as harley smith took do initial for costco miracle balloon company for ucsf children hospital oakland. >> that's right. smith is sick himself with bone cancers as well as ms. you wouldn't know it though from the super hero if cape flashy glasses and attitude. >> customers raised money for him. he decideed to give all the money to the kids. >> what is happening is really a miracle. all this attention is being brought do them. fight 65000 dollars has been raised so far. >> what a great die. >> absolutely. >> another 30 minutes of news at 9:00 coming up next. you. >> we remember the voice behind one of the grit east pop song of all time.
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>> also security guard gun is found in a bath room at the u.s. capitol. this isn't the first time it has happened. >> big man with an even bigger heart pulls off a heart warming listen up... i'm reworking the menu.
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you voice of one of the grit its pop songs of all time has been silenced. ben king died questioned of natural causes at the able of 76. david reports. ♪ ♪ when the night has come ♪ ♪ and the land is dark. >>reporter: it was iconic sopping even before the famous movie. standby me come of aiming script with song that has already defined a generation. ♪ ♪ darling standby me ♪ ♪ oh standby me. >>reporter: ben king best known for the song those 3 words standby me. one of the
9:31 pm
most popular r and b songs ever recorded. it was originally written for the drifters. part of that group you will remember saved the last dance for me. ♪ ♪ but it turns out they didn't want standby me. wasn't if later when he went solo he recorded it. fourth most played song on american radio station in the 20th century. king born in north carolina. moved to new york city at nip. discovered father harlem diner years later describing the moment he if record that had song with tears in his eye when it ended. ♪ ♪ won't you stand by me. fight david muir reportingment standby me was a massive hit for king in 1961. in fact the song was in deducted into the national recording registry by the lay pwrer of congress just last month. >> new development tonight in
9:32 pm
the corruption scandal involve new jersey governor christy. today former port executive wild stein pleaded guilty admitting politic and pay back led to the washington bridge lane closure in 2013 that caused major grid lock. prosecutors say wild stein plotd with port authority director bill with bone and deputy chief of staff indicted today also. >> i am not a liar. and i never lied to anyone about the george washington bridge issue. >> in order to punish mark, the mayor for not endorsing governor christy re-election. >> governor christy was not implicated in the did. his office says that it confirms christy previous statements that he didn't know anything about this scheme. >> government of nepal is putting out urgent appeal for aid da tonight. 6000 death toll and officials say there is also time left to find anyone who might still be alive in the
9:33 pm
rubble. 400,000 him ifly need at the present time to life in temporarily but the government only provided between,000. salt sugar grain are needed as well. >> an aid group mobile >> an aid group mobilize to go shelter the injured and homeless in nepal. olga lives half the year in that country. her foundation has been providing education and nutrition programs in nepal for decade. it is now using the money to buy medical supplies and take in patients overflowing from hospitals. >> some patient's are about have broken limb or very sec. lying outside on the ground while other patients who are ready to be discharmed are in the bed. >>reporter: nepal university foundation buying distributing thousands of tenths to house score of homeless. if you want to help there's a link to the group. they do important work. still contribute to the relief recovery effort in nepal in
9:34 pm
easy way as well. text the word nepal to this the number to make automatic correction of 10 $to the red cross or call them. here's the number the on the screen. >> they are still lacking for aid there as we mention with the death toll that has gone above 6000 at this poychlt always go to our web site to get more information on how to make the donations. >> moving on now we want to good to washington and the out remain there tonight. take a look. loaded again that you see there. glock left behind in a bath room by a security guard. as it turns out not the first time. here's jonathan karl. >> image from the capitol hill news roll call shooking. loaded glock left in a capitol visitor center bath ramp. but it gets worse. there have been 3 separate incidents since january confirmed by abc news where fully load hand gun belong to go conspire total
9:35 pm
hill police officers have been left unattended on capitol ground. most shock sning on march 24th a young child just seven or eight years old found a loaded gun without a safety left in a bath room near speaker boehner office. speaker wasn't told about the incident until today. we caught up with him and asked him about it. >> no comment. >>reporter: in just two week ago another loaded glock was found by januarytor in the capitol police headquarters. if. >> that was job thop report snooing prom season here and proposal are making a smrarn in person and on line. we have one that might brimming a tear to your eye. he showed up at jacksonville hospital with bouquet of red roses to ask miss jennings to good to her school prom. >> i want to know if i can take you to prom? >> yes. don't worry he
9:36 pm
cleared witness her mom fevrments jinx an 18-year-old cancer patient. marks made the visit as part of dream kilometer true program in florida. jennings requested that marks wear a tuxedo of gold and white. jaguar color. >> that's nice. >> good of him. >> coming up next at 9:00. golden eagle make dramatic return to the wild. >> hear from
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>> golden eagle soaring high above the green hills once again after intensive month in rehab it was set free near san ramone today. scn thon bloom was on hand for the dramatic release. >> booty on the leg. that is to prevent her from harming herself very sharp tall lon. >> the 12 pound gelleden eagle minutes from taking flight. incredible considering how she was found. >> don't know why she was grounded. i sort of suspect she might have been hit by a car. she definitely hit her head. >> bleeding unable to see out of one eye disoriented vets might have eaten rat that were poison. >> the rat eat a little bit of this they get sick then they eat more. they get sicker.
9:40 pm
and the eagle about bobcat they catch them and that poison builds up. >> took therapy and slow rehab. >> she put on weight. her eyes recovered. the bruising that danieled the head all recovered and she's pretty much ready to g-long road to recovery began a little over a month ago firefighters found the eagle and were in total dispwlichlt injured bird outside sew grabbed me and we were kind of joking around like not a hawk or eagle probably like a turkey or went outside it was golden eagle. >> i netted it with the animal control guy. took 2 net the bird so big. >>reporter: the eagle has been caught before and was part of study to track eagle flight pattern this is the second time wearing one of these. >> basically like putting a backpack on with two straps over the shoulders and 2 strap under the wing. >>reporter: so already powered gps will track her location if it fall off in a few years. after short hike up a hill. if
9:41 pm
smooth take off. pilot would envy. she was soaring high and fighting over territory with a couple of red tail hawk. for the firefighters they pulled a few cat out of tree this time they were happy to put something back in the tree. >> we are excited exited. doctor talk to us and probably wouldn't have survivid if we don't do anything so it's nice to see it back in the wild. >> in san ramone abc 7 news. >> majestic. >> it's beautiful. up fix!next >> it's beautiful. up fix on 7 news at 9:00. final look at the weekend weather. >> stay tune for. that scientist say there is something happening the rather
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9:45 pm
several bank including wells fargo, chase and summit. they have also thrown a steel barrier through the glass of a restaurant. >> they have damaged a number of cars in several lots including the cars at the gm auto mall on broadway. ac transit rerouting bus to avoid the marchers in oakland. >> coverage continues now on twitter at this web site. full wrap up on our news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> under water volcano off the coast of oregon percent to be erupt erupting. it's 300 millions off the coast and may already be spewing half a.if you could look under the ocean the volcano would appear as 3000 foot high mountain. last week monitoring equipment at the site detected crate or dropped 8 feet. also thousands office earthquake per day. geologist says oregon state monitoring the volcano for 15 years. this is individual xwro from the last eruption that happened 3 years ago. scientist plan to return to the volcano this summer. what fascinate
9:46 pm
prague!prog prague says to watch. >> all right time for one last check on the weather tonight. >> sandhya is here with the weekend forecast. >> yes we take the a break from the heat in our inland area for the upcoming weekend. here's why. live doppler 7hd showing you the fog that cooled the coast and bay. start to cool inland community. doing some traveling 70 in tahoe up to 92 in fresno. still pretty hot down in palm springs. 99. los angeles 78 agrees. fog will be around near monterey if heading down in that direction 65 agrees. lingering fog hold temperature in the upper 50's to low 60's at the coast. but in our inland 80's that's where you notice the difference you get out of the 90's. down to the 70's and 80's and if you are going to the giants game tomorrow afternoon at at&t park against the angels low 60's plenty of sun. breezy. uv index very high you know what it means you need the sun screen. accu-weather 7 day forecast cooler over the weekend for all areas right on through monday. temperatures come up couple of degrees but
9:47 pm
it's the typical pattern we go that. low cloud to sun and not near the coast all the time. >> all right thank you sand why >> all right thank you sand why. >> twitter is helping us brick one of the last taboo of the american worker. >> talking about how much money they make using the hash-tag talk pay. >> here's a sample what we found this woman says the first developer job 13 years ago paid 11 dollars an hour then 2 years ago the salary over 150,000. now as founder she makes a fall infrastructure of that. this start up developer made 40,000 a year and this year symptoms making 200 thousands. most of these tweet are from tech workers salary higher than those who work in other industries. >> big money get into boxing and baseball. >> oh, yes my gosh the boxing. incredible. >> if bring it. >> no. i'm a will have not a fighter at this point. we talk about floyd and manny and the giants welcoming the angels to
9:48 pm
town. one angel makes himself very much at home. check out calhoun here. doesn'th
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
r but they got away with something far more valuable wife remaichbilitys you hear his emotional plea tonight. >> awful. plus he trains men and women who want to join the military but did the man lie about his own time in the service. it's a story with so many twists and turns tonight dan gets to the bottom of it all. >> the stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel you. >> literally huge sports weekend. >> really, really big. fight horse race. boxing. baseball. we have everything. start with giants. dropping 2 of 3 in l.a. giants return home to face the other l.a. the imposters. from anaheim. angels in town to start a weekend the series. nice night to good sailing. hang on matey we may be going in. fifth
9:52 pm
start of the year giving up 1 run. 7 innings struck out sixth. an true think he has a bloop sej right there. not so fast. calhoun full extension and leaves this bus of superman and leaves this bus of superman. absolutely awesome. to the seventh we go. within nothing giants on the sac. fly. shut out comes an in. base hit up the middle. in comes david breeze and tied at one. the revenge. 2 out knock. beyond the reach of high bar. the score. 2-one giants but the angels just come back and it's 2-two in the eighth engine it's 2-two in the eighth engine. try to snap the two game losing streak. scott came in with era under 1 took a hit. 3 runs 2 of them were homers. prince fielder. muscle up. 2 nothing texas. a's rally 6 down yesterday came up short tonight. down 5 in the eighth.
9:53 pm
mark and he can and he does. homer there. third of the year homer there. third of the year. so 5-1 rappingers. the rbi. then brett going on the opposite way down the line. max and reddick score. erupt for 7 rns in the eighth. the and come away with a win. 7-5 a's. rodriguez educates made history in boston tonight. pinch hiting in the eighth. here it comes. there it goes. over the monster. 6 60th career home run tying the great mays for fourth on the all time home run list. the september out message saying congratulationss to alex. milestone made to be broken. a-rod sixth of the year was game winner for the yankees 3-2 the final. >> vacation over time for the were yours back into play off mode. swept the pelican and warriors face memphis in round 2 starting sunday at oracle republic a.tip off at 12:30 here on abc 7. golden state
9:54 pm
take the court against the grizzly fears im in 8 days. seems like ternt. break this long since all star break. warriors at that time came back to beat the spurs 110-99. coach steve said he licked what he saw in practice today. >> i thought today there was a greater sense of tim pending competition. last few days have been really great. to be able to go home and sip open a glass of wean and bed at normal hour. sleep well. that's good stuff. doesn't happen often in the play offs but now it's like all right. it's time. >> we are all anxious. sunday will come quick. only day and a half. we are all excited. feels like he certainty since had play off game. >> we are asking if x factor in the warrior grizzly play off series and why. let us know what you think on twitter face back or instagram. you can
9:55 pm
perfect i scope if you look. i'm all over that. the hash-tag doug on 7 and use response after the game on sunday. the i'm getting cricket out here. awards keep coming for the warriors. executive of the year award for myers. received 13 first place vote as andrew cheering on the gm. part of the decision in the to trade thompson for love in the off season. very handsome also. choked up today during the news conference. >> being general manager for an executive in any sport is hard. because if you are away from your family a lot. but it's fantastic job pl but if you make zacchary faces to do it. but in this job physically working for the team well worth
9:56 pm
it. fight draft continues today in chicago with second and third round. raiders in round 2 selected florida state difference ended ward junior. 35 over all peck. 89 tackle. 23 for loss. 8 sack. 3 forced fumble while playing for the knowles. third round raiders took if clyde out of people. 121 catches. 14 td in the college career. also today raiders introduce their pick. credit alabama head coach for getting him nfl ready. >> he wanted us to work hard. hay charge and diligent in our approach to watch the film take practice serious. he department believe -- he believes if you practice well, you will my well. >> now the 49ers the safety from stanford university he's a lean mean hitting accept. jumps off the tape. shows up and shows up angry
9:57 pm
exploratorium venue third round pick to take defensive ep. harold out of virginia. 14 and a half tackle forless. 8 and half sack in 2013 so niners going heavy on defense in this nfl draft. as vegas open the strip tonight it has to been saint on the eve of the fight pacquiao at 146 pound. manny 145 then they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity with pacquiao trying to stop himself from is laughing. average price for ticket sold this week on stub hub 6000 dollars. i think it goes the distance if you wonder. i'm calling mayweather by decision. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. i think it guess like this manny not going to be able to hit floyd. because he has the shoulder defense very hard loose. defense is impeccable and he will run out of goods and floyd doesn't have knock out power so it's going to be kind of a the
9:58 pm
decision over 12 round. i think will be good. >> thanks larry thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 9:00 joining us. abc 7 news at 9:00. >> appreciate ush time see new an hour
9:59 pm
huh. i have to admit-- last night... was pretty okay. well, that's weird. during "it," you were very vocal about how good "it" was. (laughs) well, yeah 'cause it's not sexy to moan, "ooh, this is so okay." (chuckles) dude, it's not you. i just didn't have any of my major turn-ons--
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