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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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shoppers at an east bay mall shocked to find their cars riddled with bullet holes. >> in san francisco getting ready for 2009 world's wildest races. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. in. a shock for shoppers at an east bay mall. they return to their vehicles to find them riddled with bullet holes. good evening i'm katie marzullo. let's get right out to janet live at the sun valley mall in concord. >> reporter: it was scary situation during a busy shopping weekend. people tell us this kind of stuff does not happen here. now, the shooting took place here in the top level parking
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lot near jc penney, shortly before 11:00 this morning. police received reports of gunshotses in the area and when th several cars riddled with bullet holes and found casings on the floor as well. no one was hurt, however anybody hospitals are on alert in case victims come in to get treated. people shopping at the mall were certainly surprised to hear what happened. >> scary to know that people doing that and i have my son, kids out here. you don't really want that. >> brazen, dangerous to the public, big concern to the police department and sun valley mall. >> reporter: officials have contacted the owner of the cars and are now reviewing surveillance video. police say there appears to be no motive why to the cars were shot. they're now looking for an older tan colored sedan with four men inside the car. if you have information, call
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concord police. >> thank you. a controversial san francisco religious leader received a strong show of support today. families ad winds archbishop shop coeone. >> chants and cheers for the archbishop. as he thanked several hundred catholics for their support. >> these are his catholic schools. all he is trying to do is to make sure they're catholic. >> eva organized the picnic as a response to backlash over proposed changes to school handbooks and teacher contracts. the archbishop wants morality language. >> i don't expect everyone in the world to believe in all the teachings of the catholic church, but we are talking bat catholic school, not the public school. we're talking about a catholic
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school. >> you may recall the full page newspaper ad call for the pope to removal the archbishop. >> because of the ad, because of the fact it's so absurd we thought, we have to do something >> these got up at 2:00 its morning to make the drive from southern california. >> the family is under attack. children in the womb are under attack. and so we have to show our support in whatever way we can. >> a group of gay rights activists and say acceptance comes with time. >> muslims were called evil and they got past that. it's different now. one day it will be different for us. but that day is not here. >> i love my children the same way these people love their children. >> picnickers and protesters talked peacefully but neither tied swayed. in san francisco. can abc7 news. >> tonight, san francisco is bracing for a flood of costumed
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runners and partiers who will hit the streets for the bay-to-breakers race. we're live at fort mayson with a look at the preparations. >> reporter: wearing a very cool head band that says run san francisco. can you see that? it's really cool. they were handing them out -- selling them today. i'll take it off. but maybe shy keep it on since it's so windy. the expo was lot of fun. a lot of people registered. you can still register tomorrow for bay-to-breakers and let me tell you more than 50,000 people with participate in the event. many of them signed up online and were here today to pick up their running bibs and t-shirts. zappo's, the onshoe company is the main sponsor of this year's bay-to-breakers. appropriate because they started in the bay area and it's a really fun event but let's not forget this race attracts some of the best runners in the
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world. >> we have over 40 elite athletes that are coming out from all over the globe comp beating for a prize worth over $70,000. so we ha some hard core runners from the elite level and then your weekend warriors out here to set a personal record. >> reporter: organizers are hoping no one sets a personal record for drinking. that's right. they're really being very careful about that. you can't keep the booze in a backpack since they are not allowed. respect thy neighbor is the message for. there art port-a-potties so please, only water on those petunias nothing else. safety the main concern here. and we will see you tomorrow. i'm live at fort mason in san francisco, abc7 news. >> very good. i'm going to get you a wind breaker to go with the head banned. abc7 news will have lie
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bay-to-breakers coverage tomorrow. the live stream on begins at 7:50 a.m. just before the race starts. and we'll have live reports on abc7 news beginning at 6:00 a.m. tonight the weather in san francisco is cool and cloudy, windy, as you saw there. what about tomorrow for the race? abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> you're going to want those head bands. the wind breakers, the wind right now is going to be with us tomorrow morning. look at current wind gusts. 28 miles-per-hour at sfo. 23 novato. 25 in hayward, and this wind won't let it than much. so if you're headed to bay-to-breakers, whether you're participating or watching, it's going to be a chilly and breezy start. 'by 11:00 a.m. the clouds are still lingering. more tough to get out of the fifth friday ares in by 1:00 maybe some breaks of sunshine, but still breezy and cool with a temperature of 59 degrees. we'll take a look at how the
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rest over sunday is shaping up. >> thank you. in san francisco's -- in san francisco firefighters were able to put out these flames quickly. the fire burned an rv at mission and seventh streets and damaged a building nearby. the video was sent to us by a viewer. no one was injured and investigators are looking for a cause. the fbi says a cyber security expert has not only hacked into a plane's entertainment system, he took over a plane's flight controls. last month, chris roberts joke leg tweeted about hacking into a flight, and making the oxygen masks pop out. agents questioned him, seized his commuters and would not allow him to board a united airlines flight to san francisco. according to wired investigators believe he took control of a plane filled with passengers changed its course and flew sideways. roberts has not been charged. he told abc7 news he hopes his research will alert authorities about security risks.
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more than a thousand immigrants lined up in san francisco today to apply for u.s. citizenship. abc7 news was outside the bill graham civic auditorium as residents lined up outside waiting to get help. this is 2009 largest naturalization workshops in the country. hundreds of volunteers were able to help people process citizenship forms and the work shop -- >> one of the few in the nation that provides everything legal advice, application assistance language services, so we want to service as many people as we can. >> the problem is not getting better, according to the "los angeles times," the backlog of cases pending in immigration courts now tops 445,000. some of those cases won't be heard for four years. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a protest in the east bay rallies against what organizers are calling the silent epidemic. who is the california agency that oversees oil companies is
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late turning in its report on big oil's use of california water. and the strong penalties considered by one of the bay area's top tourist towns to help slow an invasion of bicyclists.
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sausolito city leaders decided not take action to slow the increase of bike-riding tourists invading the city in
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march we told you about the problem it created. the city council said a thousand bikes visit each day in spring and summer and clog narrow streets and block view. the marin ig says council members considered pricey fines and setting up an fiction festival for bicyclists but of strong opposition council members decided to delay the new bike policy. city officials will continue to review the issue. the california agency that oversees the oil industry has missed a deadline to report on big oil's water use. "the los angeles times" reports the california department of conservation did not meet an april 30th deadline. it was supposed to provide where it's water use comes from, how much is used and where it's disposed. oil companies are allowed to use up to 19 gallons of water for every one gallon of oil pumped out of the ground. the agency says it's late with the data because the state
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increased how much information has to be collected by about ten times. lawmakers established greater monitoring because they said oil and gas companies have violated federal wastewater laws for years. coming up next at 6:00 recognize that face and voice in our own reporter jonathan bloom belting out a few notes for a good cause and your full base-to-breakers forecast. drew tuma is up next. >> i'm colin resch. later in sports, hunter pence is back and the giants-on-is rolling in
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activist against mandatory vaccinations held areal rally in berkeley in front of public radio station kpfa to protest a bill state senators passed that would require every child in schools to get vaccinated. the group believes vaccinations are not safe and the proposed law is a violation of personal choice and parental rights. supporters call it a matter of public safety. the bill is now headed to the state assembly. >> down on the street out in
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the streets -- >> that is abc news reporter jonathan blum singing with san francisco group, scales of the city, at the cystic fibrose foundation's large e fundraiser of the year, abc7 news was there for the great strides walk. cf affects 30,000 children and adults in the u.s. looking and sounding good. the weather out there, a little chilly maybe for that event, definitely windy now. >> wasn't jonathan a fantastic sicker? good for you. live doppler 7hd will show you right now we're dealing with quiet conditions. so live look from the exploratorium camera showing you the blue skies are giving way to clouds. headed out on the town, that sun goes down at 8:13 and we'll cool off quickly thanks to the jeez cloud up the skies. by 11:00 tonight it's mainly
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cloudy chilly breeze, and temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. opening the al -- almanac everywhere was medical formal. sfo, the high 61. six degrees shy of the normal high of 67. same thing for oakland even san jose cooler than that, 67. average high this time ofear is 75 degrees. so out there right now, cool with that breeze. 66 in oakland. 60 in hayward, 57 in san francisco, livermore, 64. now, satellite and radar the big picture, the story we're tracking in the midwest, once again, they dealing with severe weather, strong storms move through, several tornadoes reported. tornado watches from texas to minneapolis and all due to this big area low pressure and it's pulling cool canadaan air south into the baye chilly some five to ten degrees below normal and this pattern
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not moving that one. we'll stay below normal for several days and in at the temperature department. a along with the cool temperatures, future weather showing you've it's a cloudy start to sunday. 6:00 in the morning, mainly overcast and includes are hard to break. so peeks of sunshine by sunday afternoon. the clouds are going to dominate our sky for the second half of the weekend. so overnight lows, tonight increasing clouds. 51 overnight 53 in oakland, 49 in morgan hill. 48 the overnight low in napa. highs for sunday in south bay 67 in san jose, up to 66 in sunnyvale, 69, los gatos. along the peninsula, up to 65. redwood city, 56. pacifica. 60 in millbrae. 67 mountain view. downtown san francisco, mainly loudy. by the afternoon, break of sunshine, 60 downtown rather cool. 56 the high in daly city. 69 the nye santa rosa. up to 69 in napa. and into the east bay, low
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60s. 62 oakland. 63 union city and one last stop. 69 in pittsburg mainly cloudy skies. 72 in brentwood. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast limited sunshine on the way for sunday. cloudy and we're cooler on monday, ahead of a weak ripple of energy that will likely bring moring drizzle on tuesday, and then thursday a slight chance of rain but quick moving by friday and saturday we're drying out and then finally warming up next week more like spring around here than those chilly 50s and 60s in. >> thank you drew. >> we have colin resch in for the mike shumann who has been chasing the warriors all around really neat warriors story. >> you guys have done this so many times. launches from 62 feet. >> average coverage.
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>> won a million dollars. >> but we han't seen it on youtube. >> your only looking at drew. >> i was looking at both of you you usually make it from 80 feet. the defining shot, steph curry from 62 feet to end the quarter. the grizzlies made game of it. the warriors lead was down to five when curry heaved it. that propolledded the warriors to the win over the grizzlies and into the western conference finals. the first time we have seen this as warrior. as a wildcat in 2009 he buriedy this 75-footer. he practices these. if you get to oracle arena enough he does that. 42 feet from the hallway with an assist from the usher. >> one day passing the ball, and i -- it was a ritual. so every game, after he warms up he passes me the ball, and
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he shoots three four time always in or around the basket. seems like a ritual. i don't know whether it's superstitious. having fun entertaining the crowd, and just giving people what they want, a little fun. >> how do you feel about steph's part of the ritual where the guy could be in the hall of fame. >> priceless. >> alan wang talking to curtis. who will the warriors meet, clipper's rockets? we'll find out tomorrow. gail seven right here on abc7. what the preference, l.a. or houston? if you put in stake in the regular season meetings its the a flip of the coin. dubs beat both team. the players don't care. their focus is on continuing to execute as they did in three state wins. >> we learned if we play our brand of basketball it's tough to beat us in four games.
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we ready to study them and we're not ready for the season to be over. we feel like we're taking one game at a time. we feel like we'll come out on top. >> either team presents different challenges. no preference. we can beat anybody. >> tuesday night 6:00 p.m. oracle arena game one wesrn conference final. >> two weeks ago the kentucky derby, american pharaoh beat the field. no such drama today at the 140th preakness stakes. total domination. >> american pharaoh is all by himself. five lengths in front. and american pharaoh has won the preakness. >> driving rain, minutes before the start made for a muddy and sloppy track but didn't fake american pharaoh, now two-thirds of the way into the triple crown. a win at the belmont stakes june 6th american pharaoh will become the first triple crown winner since 1978.
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rory mcilroy, the world number one in a class by him today. patrick rogers another solid round, 2-under 70, at the wells fargo the charlotte second-round leader webb simpson, but rory is rewriting the record books course record 61. at 18 under he leads by four strokes. 17 minor league at-bat all hunter pence needed. he row giants to the giants in cincinnati. back from the broken form mayor his return sparked the hard of the order in the second, brandon belt, he has been hot. first homer of the year last night. second one tonight. next batter the reverend, first an at-bat of the season hallelujah. a double. brandon crawford would drive him to for the lead. pence score three times in this game, all off crawford hits.
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this one in the fifth. grand slam brandon crawford 3-3, six riches, ryan vogelsong in cruise control so are the giants, leading cincinnati in the seventh. the a's and white sox just underway at the coliseum in
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join us tonight at kofy tv 20. the protests that drew hundreds of kayakers to rally in the waters outside of seattle. >> then at 11:00 here on channel 7, caught on tape. the theft that has taken a south bay man's livelihood and now he is hoping this video can lead to an arrest. the largest pinball show in the nation is happening this weekend at the dixon fairgrounds. it is a pinball lover'sream. dozen of games are available at pin ago go, one of the more popular games? "star trek" the next generation, the event benefits several charities in solano county. very cool. are you good at pinball? >> i'm okay.
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>> i'm horrible. >> i need to get up there and practice. thank you for watching. that is it for abc7 news at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ coming up today on "intelligence for your life," ladies you can learn a lot about relationships from the animal kingdom. we'll have an expert on what you
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can learn from the lions and knowing how to treat your man like a chimpanzee can bring you closer to your mate. and we'll tell you how the true secret to success is just knowing which day to set your new goals. we'll give you a new strategy for eating breakfast that will give you a dose of waistline shrink shrinkage. and researchers asked 5,000 single men what women do they want to marry? a tall woman, a successful woman, and why do that call this the clooney effect. get ready for "intelligence for your life."


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