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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 16, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm katie marzullo. tonight a manhunt is under way in campbell for a man that tried to kidnap a young girl. the preteen victim said the man got out of his car on harriet avenue and add for directions and he suddenly grabbed her in a tight bear hug and she fat back and screamed. the man let her go and got back into his car and hd off. a shock to shoppers in sun valley mall in concord. they found them riddled with bullet holes near jc penney this
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morning. they collected the casings at the crime scene. nobody was hurt in all of this but nearby hospitals are on alert in case victims show up. people shopping at the mall today were certainly surprised to hear what happened. >> it is scary to know that there are people doing that and i have my son kids out here aubd don't want that around here. >> absolutely brazen, dangerous to the public, a big concern to the police department and the mall. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video and searching for a tan colored car with four men invite. an update on a severe case of animal abuse we reported yesterday on abc 7 news. animal care and control said the reward to find maxemillian's abuser has increased. he was found tied up in san francisco with burns and damage to his internal organize and. his kidneys still aren't working
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but he was able to walk today. but despite the chronic abuse he is a loving and friendly dog. to help with his care, we have donation information on our website at com. a controversy religious leader received a big support for salvatore cordileone after the pope was called to remove him from his position. katie has more. >> chants and cheers for the san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone as he thanked several hundred catholics for their support. >> these are his catholic school schools and he is trying to make their they are catholic. >> they organized the picnic in response to backlash over proposed changed to handbooks and contracts.
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salvatore cordileone wants morality in books. >> we're talking about a catholic school or the public school or the ep pisco pailan school. >> you may have called about the recall of the archbishop. >> we thought we have to do something. >> martinez and his friends got up at 2:00 this morning to make the drive from southern california. >> the family is under attack, judging that they are under attack, we have to show support. >> they said acceptance comes with talk. >> they used to call protestants and muslims a great evil and one day it will be like that for us and that day isn't here. >> and i love my children in the same way these people love their children. >> and neither side swayed the
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archbishop declined an interview. katie, abc 7 news. >> the fbi said a security expert has hacked into a plane's flight system and joseph roberts tweeted about hacking into a flight and would not allow him to board a flight to san francisco. according to wired, investigators believe he took control of a plane filled with passengers changed the course and flew sideways. roberts has not been charged. he told abc 7 news he hopes his research will alert authorities about security risks. san francisco police say they will be cracking down on bad hee bay areaor at 103 annual beta braker -- breakers tomorrow. racers stopped by to pick up their race pacts. thousands will show up for the
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party. the race begins at 8:00 tomorrow at main and howard and there will be plenty of street closures. they plan on adding service and bart will open for business earlier. abc 7 news will have live coverage tomorrow. our live stream begins at 7:50 a.m. and we'll have live reports on abc 7 news beginning at 6:00 a.m. and if you are headed to beta breakers whether running or being a side line participant, i hope you have your wind breakers because it will be windy and chilly. winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour as we take a look at the weather grassics. augusta 20 miles per hour and 12 in san jose and the winds will continue to be active into the early morning. and the beta breakers starting at 7:00 a.m., a chilly start at
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53 degrees. the clouds will linger through the morning, maybe a few peeks of sunshine by the early afternoon but temperatures having a tough time climbing out of the 50s. so good luck to all of the runners. we'll look at how the rest of the sunday is shaping up with the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you, drew. 40 people are on watch for tornados, strong winds and flooding rains. today was the latest in a streak of rough weather. chuck steverson has details. >> this looks like it is trying to come down all of the way. >> danger on the skies, this billboard says it all, funnel clouds over tillman county threaten to become tornados. >> they have debris on the ground right now. >> elsewhere in oklahoma this wedge tornado wider than it is tall. in the plain states, ten tornados reported in the past 24 hours, more than 180 reported tornados in the last two weeks.
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look at the dark skies from severe storms that rolled through big springs, nebraska, packing golf ball size hail and heavy rains routed before the running of the preakness and in missouri this campground trapped a couple inside of their rv. >> all of a sudden it was slow motion and it was rotated on the side and we were trapped in there. >> and rescues had to break a window to pull them out. >> i have a knot on the back of my head. >> and light put on this display of nature's fury across the night sky. the forecast has more heavy rain on sunday with flash flood postings from south texas through oklahoma but the likelihood of tornados is lower. abc news, new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, why the company that
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reports is late on its report. and a company from seattle the message they are trying to
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the california agency that oversees the oil industry has missed a deadline to report on big oil's water use. the l.a. times reports the kalt cal department of conservation did not meet an april 30th deadline. it was supposed to provide water sources, how much is used and where it is disposed. oil companies are allowed to use up to 19 gallons of water for every one gallon of oil pumped out of the ground. the agency is late for the data because the state increased how much information has to be collected by ten times. lawmaker makers established greater monitoring because they say oil and gas companies have
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violated federal wastewater laws for years. activists in seattle took to the water to stop planned oil drigging. they took to the water for paddle in seattle. a drilling rig is docked nearby. shell plans to use it this summer to explore for oil off the alaska coast. they fear a spill and that they should focus on other forms of energy. they say this will balance environmental and economic social challenges. in honor of asia-pacific american group we want to highlight people who make a difference where you live. tonight we highlight two people from cupertino high school. two girls have been honored for their one act play she should
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have been playing withdrawals. can you see it at santa clara university and we have more information on our instagram page and abc 7 news. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, the penalty considered by a top tourist town to slow an invasion of bicyclist. and your full forecast meteorologist drew tuma is up next. >> i'm colin rash the a's on the virginia of another home loss a
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city leaders in sausalito has decided not to take action to slow the bike riding tourists. the city council said a thousand bikes visit and clog narrow streets and block picture-esque views. this week they considered pricey fines and setting up an
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identification system. but after strong opposition from downtown merchants they zeided to -- decided to delay the bike policy and they will continue to review the issue. not the most gorgeous day for bike riding out there. it is like winter has finally arrives. remember what spring feet like winter. >> and it was the worse of all worlds. >> tomorrow we'll have the clouds but no rain. just afiet scan. as we step outside, a live look from the explorer camera showing you, what we had today, blue and clear sky and giving way to clouds and they are pushing inland and we'll wake up to generally overcast skies. in the mixture of the breeze and the limited sunshine gave us a breezy day. and should be 6 degrees warmer at 67, the normal high.
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san jose, cooler than normal 67 should be around 75 this time of the year. outside in the 50s. 57 in con court. 53 in napa. half moon bay cool at 54. and los gatos coming in at 57 degrees. and the setup we're tracking, a area of low pressure showing the lower 48. numerous tornado watches are up and that severe weather threat moves east tomorrow. severe weather on sunday stretching from minneapolis through st. louis and down through dallas and once again strong and damaging hail and marching through the east. and on the back side it dragging cooler canadian air and that is why we have been chilly and will continue to be so. some 5-10 degrees below normal in the bay area. so along with the chilly teams
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and the -- temperatures and wind, chilly in the morning. you do in the the -- notice the over cast skies and limited sunshine here and there and a cooler than normal day on the way to end the weekend as well. and over cast skies and temperatures falling to 51 in san francisco and oakland falling to 53. fremont dropping to 52 and morgan hill dropping to 49 droegs. and then highs for the sunday. their cloud cover early on and peeks of sunshine by the afternoon. but clouds dominating the sky on sunday. so a cool day. san francisco up, five degrees cooler than the high. up to 62 in loekd. and 55 in fairfield and clover dale at 73 and san jose coming in at 67 for the sunday. so here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow
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limited sunshine and cloudier and starting the new school and week on monday and then a ripple will move in early morning and that means morning drizzle is likely and nothing significant. and then we turn sunnier and that is short lived and then a slight chance of a shower and we dry out and then finally saturday we're turning warmer and the pattern is changing to spring like level this is time next week. >> thank you, drew. >> and we have colin in this afternoon for shu and with a sport other than basketball. >> what is going on in basketball. >> let's talk baseball. minus the sixth inning strikeout, hunter pence san debut couldn't be better and back from a forearm suffered in spring training. and brandon belt, how hat has he
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been. first homer of the year last night, second one tonight. hitting .306. and double to the gap and pence two for three for his return. and driving them in. and vogelsong with a beauty. and two on for bird and that ended the third. and second win of the year. giants leading 5-0 in the fifth and make it 9-0 and going three for five and driving in six runs giants win big 11-2. and white sox on superhero night and there is the hulk. and billy butler, country breakfast and two-run shot and 2-0, a's but chavez couldn't hang on to the lead. and two run score games tied.
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and achilles heel, two for one deal in the seventh and rodriguez threw it away and the 13th straight game with the error and the milk man drives them in and cabrera with the drive sand the final 4-3. and after eliminating memphis, the warriors are in wait-and-see mode. who will be their opponent the clippers or the rockets. tomorrow, game seven right here on abc 7. not right here, we're on kofy right now. and the doves were victorious in all four against the rockets and three out of four against the clips. asked the players, they don't care their focus to continue to execute as they did to close out fem -- fem -- memphis.
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>> we're going to study them. whoever it is, we'll take it one game at a time and we feel like we can come out on top. >> either team presents different challenges but no preference. we can beat anybody. >> we're on kofy tv 20. and last year it was california chrome and this year it is american pharoah. a dominant performance in the 140th running of the preakness. >> they come to the wire and american pharoah and victor espinosa has won the preakness. >> and there is a huge thunderstorm before the start of the race and it was muddy and the track was sloppy and didn't effect american pharoah. in a couple of weeks from now, american pharoah could become
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the first triple crown winner since 1958. and i took my kids to the park and this kid gets some skin from rory. that is patrick rogers. he's at ten under, tied for fourth, and simpson my pretourney pick he's at 14 under. alone in second place and in distant second mcilroy said he wants to prove why he is under one and i would say he proved it. at 18 under, he leads simpson by four. and the crew, 33rd second and sigh he'd, second yellow, that equals a red. and then off the face. sixth of the season 99th in his career salinas score and the quakes leading 2-nil in the 81st
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minute. and cal lose to
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make you cringe. and under armor pulled from shelves after a social media fire storm. and the largest pin ball show in the nation happening this weekend at the dixon fair grounds. check it out, it is a pin ball lover's dream. dozens of games are available at pin ago go. one of the popular games, star trek the next generation. it goeston tonight and through tomorrow and benefits charities in solano county. >> i remember a dukes of hazard one. >> thank you, everybody. thanks ♪
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rhythmic music. ♪ electrifying dances. ♪ vibrant costumes. ♪ for over three decades carnaval san francisco has set the stage for many cultures to come together in one spirit. it's a time to just be happy. it's an opportunity just to celebrate life. be one with the music. and it definitely means freedom. brings people smiles. it makes them dance, move. it has been deemed the largest multi-cultural celebration on the west coast because it showcases the very best in latin america and caribbean culture. on may 24th, there'll be music, dancing, and waves of beautiful colors will sweep through the streets once again. there's so much more to this event. i'm nancy rosales and join me for a closer look at carnaval san francisco.
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