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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 17, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm katy marzullo. an extreme athlete is one of two men base jumping in yosemite. dean potter and graham hunt jumped from a cliff overlooking el capitan last night. their spotter lost track of them and couldn't reach them by radio. this morning, searchers found their bodies. their parachutes were not deployed. potter is a renowned rock climber and base jumper frequently in yosemite. last year he took his dog. whisper did not go along for the
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fatal jump in yosemite. potter was 43 years old. another extreme sport ended in tragedy this morning. at daly's mussel rock park a man crashed into the cliffside while paragliding. lillian kim has details. >> reporter: paragliders come to mussel rock part in daly city for a reason. the smooth air is ideal for their sport. those conditions, along with the safety precautions most people take make fatal accidents here rare. >> you've got to make sure that the wind is coming from the right direction. preferably west for this area here. you never turn into the hill. you always turn away from it. >> reporter: but this morning something went terribly wrong. rescue crews say a paraglider crashed into the cliffs. they got the call at 9:30 a.m. and said he was dead by the time they arrived. the victim in his 50s appeared to have been flying alone. >> a nun ofmber of people fly here all the time. we had a friend who hit a cliff.
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but he was fine. just broken arm. >> reporter: mussel rock beach attracts paragliders from all over the bay area and beyond. today's accident is a sober reminder of its inherent danger. >> we do our best to mitigate the risks. the payoff of flying is so amazing. that it's worth some risk. >> reporter: but for one man, it was a risk that ultimately cost him his life. in daly city lillian kim, abc 7 news. a dog badly beaten in san francisco had to be put down today. vets euthanized maximilian. he was found severely injured chained to a fence thursday. animal control officers have offered a $10,000 reward to find of the person responsible. we learned today maximilian was stolent his real owner was located and was able to be with him in the end. a grass fire burned 76 acres
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along i-580 today. it started around 2:30 this afternoon between livermore and tracy. no structures were threatened. the fire torched dry grass along the westbound lanes and at one point flames stretched into the roadway just feet from vehicles. lanes were not closed. it took fire and cal fire crews about an hour to put it out. fire officials expect this fire season to be one of the busiest in recent years. in the first four months of 2015, we've seen a 77% increase in wildfires compared to the five-year average. the conditions out there dry, despite a cool and cloudy day. of course, you know we haven't seen much rainfall this year anywhere in the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma has more. drew? >> katy that threat of wildfires is only going to grow in the coming months as we enter our dry season. and it's not a surprise really to anybody as you take a look at our season-to-date rainfall.
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everywhere is below normal. san francisco coming in with just over 17 inches of rain this season. that's only 76% of normal. livermore 89%. oakland coming in at 71% of normal. this is only this year. we're not talking about the years past of drought. we saw a lot of ground to make up. not tracking any form of wet weather out there. but our pattern does turn unstable. we're tracking a couple of chances for wet weather. we'll talk about that in the forecast in just a few minutes. katie? >> thank you drew. thousands of runners made their way across san francisco today for the one and only beta breakers. in the end, 11 people were arrested. five for felonies. last year police made 24 arrests. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was at the race from start to finish today. >> reporter: sky 7 hd was over the beta breakers finish line when the winner from kenya
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finished first. his time 35 minutes 25 seconds. jane kibby from kenya was the top female finisher. 50,000 runners left the starting line at beal and howard early sunday, and didn't look back. a sea of runners the majority were in costume, and in character. >> we are katy perry and les shark from the super bowl. >> the crowd was a little congested off the hill. it was kind of challenging. >> reporter: lots of people watching. >> it's always interesting. >> reporter: it's not every day you see a turkey running. what's the most challenging part of this race? >> not getting eaten by everyone. >> reporter: by noon the race course looked more like a party. neighbors on the race course are very glad this only happens once a year. >> you have a lot of people who get so drunk, they don't even understand what's going on around them.
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they don't have respect for anyone that lives in the area, so they just use it as an opportunity to cause havoc. >> reporter: jeremy stood watch on his front stairs, discouraging public urination. >> get out of the street and back on the sidewalk. >> reporter: police were cracking down on alcohol use on the race course but we found lots of empty bottles. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a lot of people are sharing their photos from beta breakers on social media. to share yours with us, use the #abc 7 now. we'll find your pics. photos will be featured on our website, and some will be seen right here on abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00 a candidate for u.s. senate in california running from the media because of a comment she made. she's responding today. a case of mistaken identity leads to do
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opponents in a u.s. race apologized today for getting caught in what she called a misstep. loretta sanchez who ran away from reporters yesterday, today said doing the native american war cry at the democratic state convention was offensive. and came during a quote, crazy and exciting rush of meetings. sanchez said she's part native american on her mother's side and proudly advocates for her rights. a teacher and mom in sacramento is desperately trying to get her phone number removed from an escort site. she's been getting text messages and phone calls at all hours of the night almost for a month now. one of the men centered the link to the website which allows
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escorts to post their ads and sure enough her phone number is there, but it is not her picture. >> my husband and i were laughings about it. we were like, no harm, no foul. but now the harm started coming though, when the company wasn't remedying it. when my children started encountering the texts. >> edwards said she sent three messages asking for her number to be removed. no response so far. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, california lawmakers will hold a vote that could ban some items you probably have in your bathroom. meteorologist drew tuma up next with your monday morning forecast. could we see rain later this week? >> well, it will be the warriors and rockets in the western conference finals. we'll hear from both these coming up. loving the return of hunter pence. the sparky
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in honor of asian pacific heritage month, we're using our instagram feed to highlight the interesting places where you live. today we recognized the japanese-american museum in san jose which features exhibits of japanese-american history. we have more on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed. the state assembly is set to vote tomorrow on a ban of plastic microbeads, that you find in your season, toothpaste and other personal care products. they're so small they're not captured by wastewater filters. they say they attract environmental toxins and eaten by fish and other animals that mistake them for food. if assembly members approve the ban, it would move into the senate. and if signed by the governor it would go into effect in 2020. coming up tonight at 11:00, abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma with an assignment that takes him away from his usual weather duties.
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>> reporter: you've got to get up at 6:00 a.m. and start your day dancing! woo! >> hundreds of people, including drew tuma are partying before they go to work. that is tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, right after the billboard music awards. coincidentally, how does that go, drew? >> my only mistake -- >> how does the dance go again? >> my only mistake is i did not invite you at 6:00 in the morning to come with me. because it was incredibly fun. >> i might have screened that call. >> you're like no nothing, drew's calling. once you're up all in. tune in at 11:00. weather-wise, we're talking about a chance of some rain. >> trying to copy you. >> live doppler 7 hd, right now we'll show you we are dry out there. despite the overcast skies that are building in at this hour. we're not finding any moisture. so in terms of temperatures, we're in the 50s across the board. 55 in oakland right now.
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54 in san francisco. 58 in concord. 53 in napa. and san jose coming in with a temperature of 57 degrees. satellite and radar we'll show you that we were able to see some breaks of sunshine this afternoon. but now the clouds are filling back in. and we're leading to the overcast skies overnight tonight. the wider picture is going to show you, bowling ball of energy moving through the great lakes at this hour. it's trailing a cold front bringing storms to the deep south. that storm system is having an effect on where the storms are traveling across much of the lower 48. so the storm track on the west coast has taken a big dip to the south. what that is doing is two things. first of all it's allowing cool canadian air to move in. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees below normal for the next several days. the second thing it's going to do we'll see weak waves of energy brush by san francisco over the next four days, and at least bring us a chance of drizzle, a couple of mornings on the seven-day forecast. future weather does show you tomorrow morning, 6:00,
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generally overcast skies. perhaps some patches of drizzle to greet you on your monday morning rush. by the afternoon breaks of sunshine once again. and then we repeat the same story. a better chance of wet weather comes tuesday morning, some more pockets of drizzle. we're kind of stuck in a weather rut, so to speak. overnight lows tonight, the clouds are building back in. upper 40s to lower 50s across the board. and then highs for your monday generally overcast skies. breaks of sunshine by the afternoon into the south bay. 66 san jose. 67 cupertino. 67 the high in morgan hill. along the peninsula, we're in the 50s. along the coast 54. downtown san francisco, little bit of sunshine in the afternoon 60 degrees. 56 daly city. into the north bay 50s along the coast. 65 petaluma. 67 sonoma. 68 napa. 66 vallejo. east bay low to mid-60s.
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63 in san leandro. 64 in castro valley. one final stop, i think san ramon valley and inland valleys have the best shot at seeing the sunshine. 67 in concord. 68 the high in livermore. here's your seven-day forecast. you do notice tomorrow is cloudy and cooler. by tuesday there's a chance for morning drizzle around here. wednesday we saw plenty of clouds out there. some sunshine thursday. another weak ripple of energy moves through another slight chance of showers. by friday we're turning sunnier out there. we're finally drying out brightening up our skies and warming up for the weekend. >> spring it is. thank you, drew. i should warn you -- >> what. >> we have a shoe confession coming up. >> i don't know if i should at mitt this, but we all came down to watch. now we have our own dance party with drew. >> i didn't say i was good at dancing. >> that's all right. tune in at 11:00 on abc 7. here we go.
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giants have hunter pence return from the dl. the human spark plug with the first home run of the season today in cincinnati. pence just his second game back from the dl. scored three runs. six rbi effort from brandon crawford. only one rbi today for brandon. 1-0 giants. the reverend, making up for all that lost time. two-run jack in the third. see you. bell crushes his third home run in as many games. the shot in the eighth. they were 18-18 without pence. now 2-0 with pence. 3 out of 4 for the reds. 9-8 your final. white sox. the kid comes out in all of us in baseball games. garcia grounds into what should be an inning-ending double play. run scores 1-0 sox.
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gave up a two-run smack to muncy. his first career home run. a day he will never forget. even if he gets the silent treatment in the dugout, a tradition. fifth inning ramirez. two runs score. a's unlucky. four errors. they get swept 7-3 the final. >> we're not playing clean games at this point. they're ugly looking games. and it affects how you play it. it affects your confidence. >> losses are always tough. but, you know we still have time to get it right. get hot. you never know what can happen. we have the final two teams in the western conference nba play-offs. houston advances to the finals to meet the warriors for the win over the clippers. getting much-needed rest after that series in memphis. for the doves they're looking
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forward to the next step toward an nba title. they're playing. it will be tough either way. >> we were talking about it after game three. there's no panic mode in our system. there's no doubting ourselves at all. we were very confident. and we figured it out. and there's going to be another test coming up. >> here's how the rockets took down the clips in game seven. never trailed today. jones, putback dunk. james harden 31 points 8 assists. he's good. rockets win by 13. now they get ready for golden state. >> we've just got to play how we play, but play harder. we have to play how we play and play it more aggressive. we've got to play how we play and just take it to them every single possession on both sides
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of the ball. and you know what? i found out that normally that's good enough. if it's not, then you gave them your best shot. i like where we're at. we're just going to go in there and fight. roads to the stanley cup will likely go through the pond in anaheim. ducks and blackhawks. western conference finals. anderson 32 saves. second period kyle, palmeri, right place, right time. 9-1 this postseason. they take game one, 4-1 your final. final round of the wells fargo championship in charlotte. pga tour. eagle on 10 here. but had a double and bogey on 17 and 18. setting a course record of 11 under 61 yesterday. rory mcilroy followed that up. sticks the approach on 12. 21 under par. setting the wells fargo championship 72 holes scoring record.
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game tuesday night 6:00 p.m. at oracle on espn. it should be a good one. tune in at 11:00 for dan. >> finally the shu mu. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, it was a real box office battle this weekend. between the ladies of pitch perfect and high octane energy of mad max.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> thank you. for the last they give me. >> gonzalez, the young cuban boy at the heart of an international custody dispute all grown up. his exclusive interview with abc news. and uber takes off.
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the company's new high-flying adventure tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. pitch perfect 2 blew away the expectations of studio analysts this weekend. it also blew away the competition to earn the top spot at the box office. pitch perfect 2 brings back the underdog a capella group from the first movie. it cost just $29 million to make, but earned $70 million. mad max, fury road is a critical favorite because of the nonstop action earning 98% approval on rotten tomatoes. it earned $44 million at the box office. avengers made $38 million and topped $1 billion globally. hot pursuit comes in fourth and paul blart hung in there again tying furious 7 for the fifth spot. so all those times you saw it, mike shuman -- >> yeah. >> well done. we need to make a date to see pitch perfect 2. thanks for watching, everyone. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00.
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our next newscast is at 11:00. drew will be dancing then. >> party! narrator: warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause
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serious injury. come on, shark! [smack] "what went down." today on "what went down," bike races... back braces... >> oh! narrator: tennis aces... graces-ful. ok


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