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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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an elderly woman was beaten after getting off a muni bus and is now in a coma. her granddaughter makes an appeal for help. >> video of a canine abuse victim. you're going to hear from the owner the search is on for the person that killed this dog. >> and steph curry hit a spectacular three pointer. >> san francisco animal care and control needs your help to identify a person who beat a dog
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and left him to die. >> reporter: on sunday the dog had to be put down because his kidneys were too damaged. there is another person of interest, a homeless man the only way to nail him is through surveillance cameras. we found his owner too distraught to get out of his tent. >> he was my companion. >> the dog was stolen on monday around noon from this homeless encampment under the 101 freeway. he was found severely beaten with cigarette burns three days later, and chained to this fence he was left to die. >> who do you think could have done this? >> we have an idea. but i don't really know. and would hate to put it on the
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wrong person. >> this is a picture of max. several have come forward to say they saw a homeless man with that dog during that time. >> he might westbound a man that might be on a bike that is pulling a cart. >> they believe the cameras are hundreds of them in the mission area may have help identify him. >> we're asking the public in that area to have any video footage from those days, where you can see max? >> animal cruelty is not okay. >> sabrina works on folsom street. l are several cameras and offered to help. >> it's something the neighborhood can do to bring it to justice. >> with this attention, he will be found and max can rest. >> before being euthanized his
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owner was able to say goodbye to max. >> the bills have been paid thanks to those who donated money. there is a $10,000 reward for anyone with information. >> a young woman in hawaii is hoping posts like these will help a family find a woman who hit her grandmother on mother's day. unprovoked and put the grandmother in a coma and near death. >> there are ht of questions which the family needs answered. where did this happen? who did it? why? now, i spoke today with a woman's granddaughter via skype. >> the only thing we can do is
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let her live comfortably. >> doctors tell the family the 77-year-old is near death. her grandmother was shopping for groceries. this video shows her walking on the street before the attack. it's not clear where it happened. but police believe it was near between 12:30 and 2:00 in the afternoon. she says she was struck twice in the head by a black woman. >> she says she was very angry and was not sure why she was attacking her. >> she was able to get to her home on her own. but her daughter, with whom she lives says she appeared disoriented she fell down the stairs and suffered brain trauma. she's in the hospital in a coma. doctors say her prognosis is not good. >> she will not recover from
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this injury again. and likelihood of her waking up is not possible. >> she asked witnesses to help forward. >> it's believed there was a good samaritan that helped >> please call san francisco police. >> a jury found a man guilty of murdering his girlfriend. it took a supreme court jury less than three hours to convict the 58-year-old arrested after the body of an investigator was found in vacaville five days after she disappeared. >> we believe they were so diligent. they're able to give the family
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closure quickly. >> prosecutors say alana was a career criminal. she believe she likely killed her because she was ending their relationship. >> we're hearing from a driver in a wrong way chase across the east bay. police began following a stolen car the driver sped the wrong way before crashing into an suv in berkeley the man called 911 to say he was not going back to jail. >> the driver ran away after crashing in berkeley. officers searched the neighborhood but not able to find him.
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>> developing news in a mortgage fraud case. abc7 news learned miguel lopez has been arrested he faces mortgage fraud to grand theft and financial crimes against the elderly. his arrest was spearheaded by the state department. one victim says appeared stone faced. he was released on bail and could face up to 84 years in prison. >> a camp counselor is accused of taking pornographic photos and video of children. he was known as papa bear at walden west. detectives discovered 600 images and videos they say on his computer and phone.
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because of the charges bail was raised to $200,000. he's been charged with child molestation. >> a drunk driver was convicted of killing a men row park couple out walking their dog. they found her guilty. police say her blood alcohol was three times the legal limit. the couple was walking their dog when they were run over. she will be sentenced next month. >> the nfl owners spring meeting ended today in san francisco the talk is about the desire to have a team return to los angeles. one proposal involves the oakland raiders who want out of the aging coliseum they have here. >> time is running out for oakland to come up with a solid game plan to keep the raiders on
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home turf but nfl commissioner said he heard nothing from the city. >> raiders have been working for years and this is something that is debated so we do need to have a proposal from the people here. >> if oakland has been silenced the city of carson outside of l.a. is courting the raiders and charger was a proposal to build a joint stadium. a deal to purchase land has been finalized. one key executive made trips to oakland over the years. >> each time i heard there is a promise of a master development. the time has slung. >> but the owner says he wants to stay in oakland and said had is a glimmer of hope after a long dinner meeting last week with city council president
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>> she wants to try to work something out. >> there is a plan to get to the finish line. >> we did inherit some frustration the nfl feels about false starts that the city had. i'm optimistic. i don't want to overpromise that we have a path forward. >> mark davis says there is a june 21st deadline for a plan. abc7 news. >> take a look at this video that got thousands of book lovers upset lighting up social media following our report showing books being thrown away. the library is looking for answers tonight abc7 news first reported this story in february. our post got attention nationwide. with more than 76,000 people sharing the stwi their friends.
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abc7 news reporter chris nguyen joins us with the latest developments. chris? >> a lot of attention on this issue as you mentioned so much so that it could change could lead to a change in policy in the way that unwanted books are handled the library board will meet tonight into fremont at 7:00 to review the proposal. >> in the past two years ala immediate yoo county officials estimate they've recycled 172,000 library items. >> there is an ebb and flow to a life cycle. >> this video provided by alameda county shows an employee recycling books. some had mold and therefore, able to be discarded with out review but critics say there needs to be more accountability.
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>> they'd like us to believe they're filled with coffee stains it's not the case. >> officials don't dispute the fact they've recycled newer books they may have copies that are no longer needed if a book's popularity goes down. however, the library system will partner up with discover books a company that resells and redistributes books that libraries no longer want. only after options are exhausted would books then be recycled smchl say it's a great idea. >> there is a point which things become redoned yabtant, old, and worn. and they need to be replenished. >> library officials say it's all a balancing act. >> we advocate reading so we want to make sure that people are reading and we want to give them the most comfortable format
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for that. >> still ahead here tonight on abc7 news, three whales in the span of five weeks. we'll turn to the experts for answers >> and people at twitter follow through a promise you're going to see the net they're building for the tender loin neighbors. >> if you get a bill to renew a subscription, watch out, it could be a fake. how to spot a phony. >> live doppler 7 show
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parents and teachers have protested over a so called morality clause. the hand book asks teachers to affirm public sexuality is evil. yesterday, he revise that had clause demonstrators say it has a softer tone but same message. >> it represents no significant change from his original agenda. he continues to classify teachers as part of the ministry. >> the teachers and archdiocese are in labor negotiations in a statement, saying both sides are hopeful they're getting closer to resolving the few remaining issues on which there is disagreement. >> family and friends of a camp counselor killed by a fallen tree in yosemite staged a vigil
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that took place outside of the san francisco office of camp tawanga. and reveals the camp ignored expert advise about the trees. >> i want the community to start asking questions you can have great experiences but have to look at evidence. >> the camp set the tree fell spontaneously and the trees are protected and we have followed rec men indication dagss for removal. >> as we've been reporting three whales have washed up on the coast in just a few weeks the most recent, a gray whale yesterday and some of you reached out to us to ask >> in pacifica, two dead whales
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are out of sight but hardly out of mind. not in this spring that has seen three dead whales it's been a spectacle. >> what compels you to come down here to watch this? >> fascination and a concern for wild creatures in the world. >> it leads to the question should we be alarmed? >> it doesn't appear to be unusual. >> lauren rust of the marine mammal center performed a necropsy on the first whale that washed ashore. >> so we try to collect any samples and look for stomach contents and see how healthy the animal appears and how thin it
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is. >> next, a hump back in early may. then, yesterday researchers could not perform a necropsy there today. >> what is my grayings season a few will wash ashore. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> time to turn our attention to weather. >> it's been unseasonally cool. that may change a little bit. >> cool calm here in the bay area. we've got exciting and active weather. a cluster of thunderstorms. >> yes.
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close enough to get our attention but not coming into our area. you can see how calm conditions are here. we've got clouds thickening but no threat of storms but up north, check this out. thunderstorms with numerous lightning strikes near lake port and grape-sized hail storms reported. thunderstorms tapered off and now redeveloped. and other areas have seen thunderstorms into the sierra are seeing those storms losing their intensity and weaken they're still active. 59 in san carlos. 55 in half moon bay. there may be a couple thunderstorms there. back to the bay area looking at
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clouds from our roof top camera it's 64 in santa rosa. mid-60s in fairfield. one more live view of a nice slice of blue sky. and we've got thickening dark clouds and low clouds looking westward. these forecast features, spotty drizzle and a chance of showers tomorrow light chance of showers. sunny skies and milder weather for three day memorial day holiday weekend. here is how things are shaping up looking at weather vapor a upper level low now a second low pressure system is moving into our direction but it's going to swing south ward. we'll have this unsettled pattern through friday. we'll see mostly cloudy skies and perhaps pockets of drizzle or light showers at that point. wide spread areas of drizzle and light showers south of the
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golden gate and higher terrain over in the diablo range. into daytime tomorrow, we'll see lingering chance of showers and partial clearing in the day. and in the sierra, a mix of precipitation, rain in lower elevations and light snow above 8,000 feet. that is 1 to 3 inches. bay area lows into mid-50s, mild, and wet spots in the early morning commute, then afternoon, partial clearing and lingering clouds, here is the accu-weather forecast. notice change in the pattern over the weekend. just in time for the holiday. mid-70s inland sunny skies. 70 degrees around the bay. upper 50s on the coast. warmer into the middle of the week. crowds will scoot away. >> coming up next, 30 tons of illegal tobacco products.
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>> it'sng up in smoke tonight. why in just a moment.
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30 tons of tobacco went up in smoke after officials made a huge bust. it ended up in a landfill near sacramento. this is the largest destruction of untaxed cigarettes in state history. it spanned 14 years. >> it says to the bad guys we're out there and enforcing and know what to look for.
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there are trained investigators looking for this product. >> today, san francisco officials celebrated improvements to a stretch of road known by the wiggle. it's a three-block section in the pan handle the city spent $1.5 million by separating them. the wiggle is looking out for traffic from downtown and western part of san francisco. >> it's not another way for folks to go. all of the bike traffic from richmond funnels through this conduit. >> if nif years it's seen a 98% increase. >> more still to come here
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tonight at 6:00 just ahead clean up getting underway on the santa barbara coastline. plus... >> we're watching a crime in progress. they happen around the city. >> abc7 news i team
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that oil spill along the coast is bigger than first thought. it's about 20 miles from santa barbara. and leo stallworth says clean up could take weeks. >> 5,000 gallons of oil spilled about 21,000 gallons of crude making it to the water. >> royal recovery tends to be a complicated process that involves taking factors like wind currents and weather into consideration. it can be a a slow process.
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>> they're working to do as much as they can. >> there is a investigation into what caused it to rup toor, it's located underground. the 11 mile pipeline is owned by plains which released a statement occurred and making every effort. ensuring safety of all involved >> hours ago, campers here at the beach
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a settlement has been reached with transocean. that rig that polluted the gulf of mexico. they have paid billions in fines for the spill but today's settlement is the owner of the rig transocean will pay for damages as well. the explosion killed seven workers and spewed crude oil into the gulf l 87 days. saying it's a step forward renewing it's partnership with bp. >> a new bad bolt discovered on the bay bridge is no concern. one rod that anchors the foundation, what caused the fracture is unknown. but last year, crews discovered rain water.
7:33 pm
experts believe that caused it. there is only one in the foundation that failed a poll test. >> in san francisco, bicycles are being stolen at one every three hours. and most of them are never reported or recovered today, dan noyes goes under cover into one of the bicycle chop shops to find out why. >> you're watching a crime in progress. a second bike in the mission district he takes off. >> i kept checking and checking and checking again within 10 or 15 minutes it was gone. probably $2500 into that bike. >> one of thousands stolen every year.
7:34 pm
>> what happened here? >> this is the scene of the crime. >> a thief stole a bike. >> wire cutters in one hand >> he ended up as a chop shop. >> homeless encampments like these. >> they happen around the city. he says the tents pop back up. >> they exchange stolen bikes for drugs or money or money to buy drugs >> they wanted to find out what happened so we watched for weeks in a chop shop here, there are people coming and going. dozens of bike bikes.
7:35 pm
they are painted so they can't be identified by owners >> there is a different wheel set on there now. >> these also attract other types of crimes. we watched as people bought and sold drugs. we wanted to know how easy it was. >> yes. >> i team went looking for a deal. within minutes we get an offer. >> we take it for a spin. the guy tries to close the deal. we pay and walk with the bike worth about $500. it took just five minutes. police say they tried to track down the owner but this had in the been reported to police
7:36 pm
the city estimates $4.5 million worth of bikes are stolen every year. it runs a popular chop shop. we've watched him work on bikes. people are paying cash for parts. >> he's been aested for a number of different things. including domestic violence, assault. going on and on. >> police arrested him charging him with possession of stolen goods and conspiracy to commit a crime. he admitted running a chop shop. >> he tells us he will sell a $200 wheel for $40 and knows most of the bikes he buys and
7:37 pm
sells are stolen. >> they offer advice to anyone who had a bike stolen. >> that is little comfort for eric stall. his bike hasn't turned up and probably won't. >> i suspect it was taken apart during quick leave. >> if it was there, it's not any longer. the city put up a fence and cleared the chop shop. it didn't go far, just moved across the street. >> as abc7 and our facebook page. if no one claims it we'll give
7:38 pm
to it charity. >> we're going to visit a place called the neighbor test. >> yes. it's twitter making good
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today. yes. how the social media company is making good on its promise. >> to see this physical space. >> it's sometimes a rough neighborhood twitter moved into and plunged to help clean up. >> it's a vibrant community and one of the poorest. >> here they can work and learn while kids play in this child care center. >> she's not on me and i can still have peace and quiet. >> she's learning job skills after winning a long battle with addiction. >> i'm savvy but there is still the stuff i feel like i need to know. >> they're >> this is a new chapter.
7:42 pm
>> a important part is employment, and education. and in this day and age there is no way to accomplish those things without technology. >> ones in the middle and adults learning job skills, we're talking about the kids who are just old enough. >> they're like can i go? raising their hands. they just love coming here. >> the kids are learning to tinker and write code. >> a lot of it is just like i think this is cool. let me share this with you. >> they've become role models. they want to learn more about technology and computers. >> open up >> in san francisco abc7 news. >> new from 7 on your side,
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what to look for and what you can get. >> pass this to your friends. very important. sending out bills you might have. actually they're pocketing your money. it happened to a san francisco woman who wanted me to warn you. nancy dixon is a long time subscriber to the san francisco chronicle. >> a renewal came in the mail the price did seem high. >> $799.95 for a weekly delivery >> she paid it and thought nothing of it. >> we got a letter telling us we've been scammed. >> turns out it was not from the chronicle but associated and had no connection to the newspaper. >> it's $800 but went to
7:47 pm
nothing. >> the company did pay the chronicle for the renewal but cost only $611 a phony service. >> it's like it was hiding. that seemed like a high price. >> nancy contacted 7 on your side we found out it operates under many names. oregon attorney general filed a lawsuit charging with simple racketeering. the suit says they send invoices ranking them $20 million. >> nobody else can get these. >> they want us to warn you. these notices may be coming your way. >> we tried to contact associated publisher's network but phones were disconnected. however, it did give a free one
7:48 pm
year subscription. how can you tell if they're real? you'll hear from two people offered jobs to write good reviews about services they've never tried. >> i got this e mail with a prewritten review they want mood tow cut and paste on to yelp. >> find out what you can do. follow 7 on your side on abc7 news at 11:00 tonight. >> there we go. >> checking on weather. >> yes. it's been an active evening. so here is live doppler 7 hd. i showed you a cluster of thunderstorms there. fewer lightning strikes weakening just a bit. and wide rather around the area. tomorrow looking for active weather. rain showers at the sierra. thunderstorms in southern
7:49 pm
california, and thunderstorms in the mountains of northern california. we'll see cloudy day and drizzle overnight. a chance of showers during the day. and high temperatures from 50s on the coast to lower and mid-60s around the bay. low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. memorial day weekend coming up and looks like it's going to be three lovely days. including monday, warming up a and further warming into next week. >> warriors super star getting new attention. >> yes. >> the latest. >> you know steph curry won mvp award. the warriors star gets fined for
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tonight the premier of 500 questions. where smart people answer challenging trivia questions. >> fomed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> good evening. steph curry is the super star that doesn't get super star calls he did get a call today for the
7:53 pm
nba. fining him $5,000 for flopping. the question came in the 4th quarter in the playoff win. he went down after being grazed by terrence jones. there was minimal contact but jones legs banged into steph. the league thinks it's acting and worthy of a fine. >> i got amost-wanted picture somewhere so i don't know. >> just reacting to the contact on my arms. and what have you. i don't agree with it. >> about post game news conference. >> we're both supposed to, i know. >> be quiet.
7:54 pm
>> i am going to make it a requirement that was the most entertaining every time. >> raymond green named to first defense. andrew bogat named second team all defense. terrific for golden state. abc7 with more on game one >> good feeling when you win a game. you know the next game if you turn it oup more you have a chance of winning again.
7:55 pm
>> it's a playoff there will be contributions from around the roster. the only way you can continue to win games and hopefully get a championship. >> rockets practice here and the question mark is will he play on game two? >> he will be a game time decision. >> i will. but my career is for a team that i want to do back there. i can't help if i'm hurt. >> we have a lot of confidence. so it's a good team so we've got to be very efficient on both ends of the floor.
7:56 pm
>> kavs m in austin. and just before the half it's former it's went baysmore. ronald washington is rejoining the a's. washington spent ten years on the coaching staff working with infielders going back to 1996. here it comes and there it goes. two run blast on the jesse hahn. up this somewhere. a seven was caught with reddic. mired in the deep slump and
7:57 pm
dodgers with timmy on the mound. there is a go fund me page now. which is pocket change. california up in arms over bottled water, much going out of state. these pro testers are demanding. >> then at 11:00 do you check out reviews before trying a restaurant? how do you know they're real? >> that is this he degrees of abc7 news. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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