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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. tonight, a man is in custody after three people were shot and killed in north oakland. police were called to a home near 2:45 this afternoon, the suspect was inside but turned himself in peacefully. three men were found dead in the house. all between the ages of 40 and 70. a grass fire in the south barracks bay threatened a dozen homes. san jose investigators say the fire was accidentally sparked by someone welding in a yard down the hill. it's spread to 3 or 4 acres
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burning brush and palm trees. at one point a resident had to go to the hospital with smoke inhalation. >> i went to the top of the house and thought that i hoped it did not catch on fire from the winds. >> some of the homes did a better job than others. some had plants that were around the rimperimeter and had high grass that was a threat. >> cal fire helped with air drops from a helicopter and a plane. crews had the fire out in an hour and say it could have been much worse if the winds picked up earlier today. they remained through the evening to make sure that especially embers in the trees do not spread. b.a.r.t. called it a mix of signals, when a operator had to make an emergency stop. it happened in san francisco last sunday. b.a.r.t. trains usually run automatically, relying on
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information called speed code. b.a.r.t. blames damaged equipment for sending the wrong codes. >> the operate noticed that he was getting changing speed codes. he did the right thing. >> the syem is aging. there's a lot of work that needs to be done. public needs to be supportive of that. >> this is the latest glitch for b.a.r.t. earlier this month a cracked rail in san francisco delayed 10s of thousands of riders. >> thieves try to steal a large fuel truck from an airport in an show -- airport in san jose, but they could not get past the fence. >> it was bad. all fallen down. >> the airport workers were repairing a long stretch of fence today that was knocked down by suspects who police say stole a jet fuel truck from the san jose fuel company on the north side of the airport
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sometime overnight. the truck is now back at the facility with engine damage. the suspects did not make it through the fence and ran away. airport workers know why the truck heist might have failed. >> if truck was not able to get through the thing right? >> that or it ran out of gas or he broke the air pump. >> the fuel company confirmed that the air pump did break when the truck hit the fence. no information about the suspects and how they got on the groupeds after hours. the fuel company failed to say if it was full of fuel or not. >> san matteo county pet owners are on high alert after a mountain lion attacked a house cat. the cat was attacked on the straight the mountain lion escaped. there's an increase in mountain lion activity in the county.
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keep an eye on pets and children. >> hundreds of low income evictees will not be getting more money to move away with. on tuesday, the palo alto city council was set to approve the closure of a mobile home park it's the last mobile home park in the city. an earlier appraisal offered residents $18,000 each to the relocate which some consider too low to move anywhere else in the po ompt posch community. the lawyer said that council over stepped authority. >> one of the last remaining video stores will call it quits this week. silver screen video opened up in the days of remember this be kind, rewind when folks rented tapes on vhs, they are hoping to sell the remaining stock of dvds before the curtain is down tomorrow night. >> i will miss it i have been here for 18 years. it's been a good part of my life. >> silver screens owners blame their stores demise on people
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watching movies through netflix, red box and online streaming services. under the plan, drivers with lesser infractions would pay half of what they owe and a administrative fees would be slashed from $300 to $50. the state has suspended 4.8 million drivers licenses since 2006 related to traffic fines. advocates for the poor have called the courts a pay to play system. ireland has become the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote. it's surprising in a predominantly catholic country when a few decades ago, it was still a crime to be gay. we have more on the landslide victory and the surprising reaction. >> at the castle, celtic green gave way to the rainbow flag.
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supporters of same sex marriage celebrating victory. the entire country has spoken. >> never before by a popular vote has this been made legal. this in a conservative catholic ireland. their video urging a yes vote went viral. >> 20 years ago i probably would have are voted no. but now that i know gay people, and see the love and joy that they can bring to life and i would be voting yes. >> the national debate in ireland just as fierce as it is in the states. >> it's not the natural order for two men and two women to have kids. >> but in dublin overwhelming support, a priest came out in church aingsaying he was gay, and they gave him a standing
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ovation. >> if this referendum is an aformation of the views of the young people, the church has a huge task in front of it. >> that was david wright reporting. the turn out was enormous, 60% of 3.2 million eligible voters cast a ballot. still ahead, reaction to the warriors blow out win in game three of the western conference finals. plus danger on a california beach as many people are warned to stay out of the water. and why authorities believe a pipeline that spewed 100,000 gallons of crude oil may have been a disaster just waiting to happen.
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in honor of asian pacific american heritage month, we are using our feed to highlight events where you live. we have a celebration of indian culture, including a traditional indian marriage ceremony dancing and cuisine, hunting beach will be packed this memorial day
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weekend, though may decide to stay out of the water. police have spotted more than a dozen great white sharks in the water near the popular sunset beach. there's signs posted to warn swimmers and surfers, seven of the great whites were tagged. a sharks have not been aggressive. they are young and mainly feeds on stingrays. warm water has increased the amount of prey drawing the sharks. last year there were six unprovoked shark attacks in the area. the beach devastated by an oil spill will remain closed and likely will not reopen until sometime in june. 105,000 gallons of oil poured out and a fifth of that reached the ocean. the pipeline did not have an automatic shut off valve. its owner argued that the
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pipeline did not need to follow county guidelines because it was part of a interstate network. a number of fish and sea lions have been killed. coming up. >> you cannot pigeon hole it it's not a specific genre. >> the star of the new movie "tomorrowland" and why it's so different from other movies. and we have the holiday weekend forecast up next. >> the warriors are one win away from reaching the nba finals. houston, we have a problem. mvp steph curry put on a clinic even a trash talking fan can't stop and what ah
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y, if you cannot make it to the park you can check out the next best thing.
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the movie "tomorrowland "is based on an area in the disney theme parks they are all about the space age dreamed up by walt disney and his team of imagineiers. it's a story of a man that drags a friend to a high-tech utopia. >> it's interesting for a audience to see a movie like this had and not walk away from it feeling, like the future is dark. you know? you come away feeling like okay, we can do something with our future. >> "tomorrowland" is owned by our parent company, disney and now play engineing in theaters. a bit of drizzle this morning. i saw some on the windshield yesterday. >> yeah, we have trace amounts of rainfall in some areas around the bay area even got a few hundredths of an inch in areas.
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we can see more t well. right now things are quieting down on live doppler radar. it's been busy this afternoon with a thunderstorm in the sierra, and we will show you a live shot? san show it's cooling down, san francisco, to 54. san jose at 58 degrees. and a pretty shot from the roof camera looking out towards the building and the bay bridge. look at the winds are blowing. it was really gusty earlier near sfo, and right now also temperatures in santa rosa are 59, and napa 56. and navado 55 and fairfield hanging on to the 60s. sfo had 20 miles an hour winds. but were gusting in the past hour to 35 miles an hour. that is where we will feel the coolest. the live shot of the golden gate bridge shows traffic conditions are busy.
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so we have got spotty drizzle possible again tomorrow morning and even to honest morning. sunnier and milder for our sunday, but then things turning cooler for memorial day. here's a water vapor image that shows moisture in the atmosphere and the area of low pressure with a counter clockwise flow will bring the chances of showers in the sierra, with thunderstorms as well possible and even in to monday. but for us a ridge builds we will see slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow with sun ier conditions. and mere is a look at how it plays out in terms of cloud cover, starting tomorrow morning at about 6:00 we will see widespread low clouds in to the east bay partially in to the valeries with spotty drizzle, and parts of the east bay. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy, but clouds closer to the coast, and then sunnier inland. monday is looking a bit the same with the clouds still along the coast and then, warmer and sunny
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still in the inland areas and in parts of the south bay. overnight lows will be mainly in the 50s. so san francisco, 52 and oakland 53, and san jose 54 and you see a patch of possible drizzly there near half moon bay indicated by green. highs tomorrow, we are going to see the upper 70s in fairfield, and antioch, 78 that will be one of the warmer spots. clear lake at 80 and san francisco 63 san jose, at 74 degrees. and so here's a look at the week ahead. kind of gives you an idea of what expect. lightly below average and above average by the end of the work week and that's pretty evident as well for inland locations where thursday, friday and saturday we will climb in to the low 80s around the bay mid 70s but at the coast, we are kind of keeping it study, upper 50s to low 60s throughout the week. >> very good. >> ove now we have to talk about the warriors. they went from leak the most
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nail biter of all finishes on thursday. >> right. >> to this grand victory. i didn't need to be nervous. >> total blow-out. neither of us did. the warriors are on a magical run through the playoffs. they took a 3-0 series lead with pure domination in houston, led by none other than mvp steph occur e -- curry. rockets fans were still believing. howard providing a stark. give and go and tearing down the basket. 14 points, 14 boards. but, that was it. rockets no defense, andrew bogut, alley-oop. he had 12, klay thompson alley-oop lay in he had 17. and rockets failure to launch. that was the supporting cast the main character steph curry the three in the second broke the records with the most threes in a quarter. with a fan yelling at his back
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hits a three and giving the fan a little smile half way up the court. curry proving he is the mvp, high off the glass with the left hand. he is good. curry 37 points after three quarters. five rebounds and fans are leaving early. warriors take game three and a commanding 3-0 series lead. >> steph was steph. he is mvp he has had a brilliant season. the shooting is hard describe. because i don't think we have ever seen anybody shoot the ball the way steph does. just a tremendous performance. >> i honestly they, we did not play well, and they played better than we did in all aspects of the game. i don't, you know, i was surprised that we didn't come out with more. >> that was a clinic warriors can close out the rockets monday night in houston. can you see sweep, boys and girls?
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we will hear from them on abc 7 and conference finals in the nhl, ducks and blackhawks, they led 3-1. the ducks scored three goals in a span of 37 seconds. second fastest in nhl playoff history. 4-3 anaheim. vermette wins it and hawks even the series two a piece. >> giants and rockies scheduled for a doubleheader, however, the start of game one, delayed due to rain. they have won seven straight, longest win streak since 2011. they finally got to play ball. down 1-0, crawford rbi single. next batter, matt duffee, base hit. hunter pence scored, 2-1 g-men. two outs. two strikes on crawford. a deep shot to the gap, two runs score, he had three rbis. and take game one 10-8 the final. only one run so far ford --
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not one run the wild pitch, right now rockies lead 2-1 in the fifth. dance party in tampa. a's have lost four straight. a's bats come alive in the sixth. 1-0, fuld, bases loaded muncy and sogard score and 4-0 oakland. billy burns gets his first career rbi on a bases loaded walk. a's finally win 5-0 the final snapping the four-game losing streak. third round of the senior pga championship in frenchlick, indiana. eagle par 4-8. good. 3 under 69. alone in second. he is three back. he is five under heading to the
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sunday's final round. as i mentioned, we are live from houston on abc 7, as you mentioned, spectacular. >> sweep. >> sweep. >> i can say it. >> a memorial day weekend tradition, next on
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coming up tonight at 11:00, protests under way in oakland we will let you know what demonstrators want and the latest on the memorial day weekend bridge closure what it could mean for your plans tomorrow. and do you really own your photos once you post them online, the artist taking advantage and the huge amount of money he is reaping from other people's pictures. those stories on abc 7 news at 11:00. thousands of people renewed a tradition of tribute on the
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peninsula today volunteers as young as preschoolers helped to plant flags at every grave in the golden gate national cemetery. they did the bulk of the work in san bruno and parents that accompanied their children, remember planting the plags. >> well done kids and parents and a happy memorial day weekend everyone. that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00, our next cast is at 11:00 we will see you then.
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narrator: warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. to your reputation. please make this stop. i actually kind of love it. >> oh! >> oh! >> ooh! ooh!
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narrator: "what went down." today on "what went down," dude perfect trick shots. >> yes! dyno!
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