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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening thanks for joining us tonight. i'm amma. >> i'm dan ashley we begin withstand off in nawshing going on for about12 hours now. police are negotiating with domestic violence suspect who is holding a baby captive. they say they are going to take their time because obviously a baby is involved. officers say the child has not been harmed and that negotiators continue the look for a peaceful way to resolve theituation. man barricaded inn apartment where the mother lives.
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s.w.a.t. tm on hand of course. police say the suspect has been involved in several domestic violence incidents and residents ae now sheltering in place. >> happening tonight in dublin where 2 students suffer bns after campfire stove accidt happened just before powder puff football game at dublin high school tonight. is is the camp stove. al meadounty fair officials say there s a flash fire and noise that sounded like an explosion. both students hospitalized. >> today june set bail at nearly 5 million dollars for man!manslaughter for man accused of holding people hostage at gas station in antioch. police say guiteirez led them on a chase and took 2 hostages wednesday. eventually released the hostages and surrendered. he was dringd to open area. today the da filed 16 charges against guiteirez including 4 counts of kidnapping for extortion and false imprisonnt. >> san francisco police looking for the man who robbed a woman in a wheelchair on a muni bus
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last saturday. officer believe this guy raiding the no. 5 muni bus with the jacket on his arm may have committed other robbery as well. this muni video show the robber standing and hanging on to the bus strip. karen says he moved closer to her as she was sitting in the wheelchair section of the bus interthe rear exit. now as the bus dime a stop karen says he pre-continued to fall on her using theack tote hide what he was doing. l sfichlt pin me to the chair hands 43 but i'm pin and could ieel some fumbling tell down here and i literally pushed him to get him off me. i is said get off me and pushed. >>reporter: karen yelled to the bus driver that she had been robbed. she's convinced the pan has de this before and worries he will pick on someone else who is vulnerable. >> jus 6 days before the start of the nba foonls the warriors got bad news today. turns out thompson suffered a concussion after tang this hit right
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there on the final western conference championship game wednesday night. as of now he's out of the line up indefinitely. 7 news if has more. if. >> what? him if day-to-day. >> not the news the figures wanted to hear. clay thompson out with a concussn. big blow but we have a week left. >> warriors showed up for practice todayut thompson wasn't there. >> we follow this protocol that at the time league provides and we'll have clay out here when he's ready. >> doctors diagnosed thomon with concussion after kneed to the head during wednesday game 5 of the wesrn conference finals the blow kusd the right ear to bleed no. time table forth retn to the court. >> thankfully we have a week off between games to fully recover. nice also blow to the head. >> curry took this nasty fall during mopped game with no apparent injury. nba concussion policy says a player
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must be symptom free before returning to the court. >> my heart was a litt bit in my mouth. >> dr. james beth watched tomorrow so that injury on tv. he's a trauma surgeon at oakland children hospital and says every concussion is unique and so is recovery. >> may takeours or days offer wes but that's where sequential reexamination by experts anbelieve me all of these professional teams have experts will then determine whether or not someone is ready whether or not someone is ready. >>reporter: fans just hope thompson is readyy game 1. >> get better rest up. do have nation needs you. >>reporter: in oakland abc 7 news. >> all right. sportsirector larry is here and it's mild concussion we hope for the best but if he can't play how bad. >> what's the problem? youless a splash other playing games and i are viping. big deal in the finals but i'm told we should expect to see thompson out there on thursday
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for me 1. source close to the sittion said clay in their estimation suffered mild concussion a expectation he would be cleared to return early next week. we get to esday and clay still hasn't been cleared by the doctor and warriors would have to good to plan b they have a number of option and they could start dre and could play leandro but that would weaken the bench and obviously one of the strength of the team is you have a deep squad and able to bring guys in fsh. but clay the problem here is if you lose him so much at bothen of the floor. outstandinghooter when hot. takes a loof pressure off curry and great defend. keep in mind though it's not an apple to apple comparison but we see nfl players me back from concussion sometimes within a weeko it's reason to think it could come become for game one. i have been doing a lot of concussion research and so there's a bunch of different tests there can be memory test.
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cognitive test lk i was asking for deck of cards. i might show you a 5 deck sequence or 5 considered sequence jack of clubs. queen of hearts. is a of spades and ve you arrange them as we went over the cards. >> i can't do it when i'm normal. >> other thing is numbers. so they have a base lean of testing and compare that and other thing are the physical test where is riding stationary bike getting heart rate up and how long to royvrment you may not recover or just fell like my heareally hurts. >> i see. >> we saw steff when he had the fall. >> running in the hallway. >> yes so accelerate the heart rate. does your head hurt w? are you okay. did you feel like you need to vomit. those are the things people are questiong because at first they said no concussion then the next day now he does have a cop concussion. so people think maybe this is not a real process. there is a real process and oe the protocol begins the doctors it's really
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cuy has nothing to do witness cuy has nothing to do witness. it's the doctor. >> in fable it's changed a l. >> over the last if you years. >> that's why in the nfl some guys kind of how do you feel. >> i'm fine then try to walk away from the doctor. they wa to keep playing. >> if in steff and clay ca they are not on the court unless rely ready. >> hope they are ready. >> thanks lar. >> all right. we are the only place you can see the nba finals live coverage begins on thursday. game 1 is on thsday at oracle arena. game 2 the following sday. also at home games 3 and 4 will be in cleveland. game 5 would be back at oracle if necessary. >> warriors play off run has federal agents on heighten alert. looking for things leak this warriors shirt cap and other gear not licensed. agents checking shipping container at the port post office we are house and even hitting the stets where the fake merchandise sold. so far they have made 2 dozen seure worth about 54 milli dollars.
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>> you get lesser quality. they don't have the same quality stand arrested. not going to last as long. maybe they don't have the same stand arrested for pruss of the material. >> maybe chemical used in the material for the pduction. >>reporter: department of meland security estimates businesses lose about 250 billion dollars a year bus of counterfeiting. it's a big problem. >> huge. we haveore ahead for you on this friday night hear at 9:00. coming up fixth fairfield man suing police for millions of dollars. hsays he lost sight in one eye after being tasted. >> also we rae valley south bay hotel plan for dunk tank fundraiser. good cause in the middle of a drought? can be done without waichlts drew is here with the weekend weather. >> we head into thfinal weaned of may after such cool month we financially start to feel normal temperature wise. details in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks drew. police officer dash cam capture lightning strike from jaws few
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>> man suing fairfield police department sing he lost the
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left eye after using a taser on him. he fild a 25 million dollar civil lawsuit open thursday in district court. posted a video on you tube that appears to show the incident. fight get on the ground. >>reporter: lawsuit claims that during atruggle the officer tazed him in the left eye, back and thigh. according to the complaint the eye was later removed because it had been pull verizon. fairfield police decline to comment for not discussing pending litigation. >> walnut creek resints had the day and say in court over the placement of sexually violent predator in the neighborhood. charles chris man was convicted of molesting 8 boys most recently 1989. placed in walnut creek early this year and many not happy about it. laura is on t story. >> they don't want him there and i get that. >> the attorney for sexually violent presentr charles chris man told us hiseighbors are overreacting to his placement in the walnut creek neighborhood.
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>> i don't think that there is a problem here. i hope the parents relax and let the children play and lives they had been before. sfm earlier one after anotr resident sat before a judge and explained why they think this person who molested 8 boys between 9 and 14 should not live near them. >> i was mowing the lawn in the front lawn and saw him get out. >> i hope he doesn't but would i hope that he's not given the opportunity to reoffend in our neighborhood. >> about 12 step he need to take a rest, but craig with liberty health care that contract with the state to motor chris man is beforehand monitor chris man is beforehand. >> we do our check. rive around and check the area and see if childn are easily identifiable like hool and park and other things of that natureoy. could district attorney office at wasn't good enough and didn't take
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that account the number of kids who live near chris map 24-7. >> he has been relessed needs to fd place to live. our position is that this just isn't the right place. >> june will issue ruling in the next two week on whether charles chris man cancontinue to live in this house. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> cal-tns one conductor assaulted today by a fair evade assaulted today by a fair evader. happened in sunny vail at 1:30. conductor is okay but the train was held in the station for more than 30 minutes so police could interview witnesses. if and arrested. >>weather warm-up dunk tap show up for parties filling and draing them in a matter of hours seems like water waiting to some people in the terrible drought we find out it's a touchy sp. >> dunk tank can be fun but it takes 4 50 gallon of fresh world trade ceer to fill
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them. that's what concerned employee at the santa clara when the dunk tank appeared in the parking lot. as pt of employee appreciation week sign list said associates welcome back able to donate 1 dollar for the chance to dunk a leader. money raised goingo the children miracle network. after we started i hope queering about the dunk tank it was dismaned the dunk tank it was dismantled. otel said it was non-profit that booked the event but he's at the bb of thinks this is a waste of water in a drought. hose is connected to the fresh water spring it. >> look ofrespect for the community a little bit you. but they ha a swimming pool touse. >>reporter: achl 7 news was in san jose when dunk tank livered to this school on king road for weekend carnival teacher said the sool was conserving the water needed for the dunk tank. company that
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rented the tank tohe school has an attorney it has 3500 instead. same fun. drough friendly and nobody wet. >> we came up with the idea not only from a business standpoint but from an environmental it's a good thing. >>repoer: 4 50 gallon of water is equivalent to 12 and a half filled bath tubs. in santa clare, abc 7 news. >> tv here's more was going to waste in concord where vehicle struck fire hydrant today on monument boulevard. no telling howuch water went to waste but you con see a nut in the street next too to our web site. you can send e-mail or video if possible. fight state snow pack has officially run out. department of world trade center resources released this graphic showing snow pack is at zero percent of normal. in april governor brown enacted
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the state first ever mandatory water restriction based mostly on the abysmal look of snow. >> there may be some drought relief in sight relief in sight thi fall. 80 percent chance that an el nino pattern will form bringing rain in october when the ocean world trade center interperu heat up dramatically and threat of flooding if the system brings too much moisture. >> when you get into a something like that where you have 10 it's more of a prbility than likelihood. so it depends on the duration and the intensity of the storms. >> moderatel nino system most likely to bring rain to southern california. if strengthen further northern california will enjoy a very wet winter which we. >> that would be amising. i heard maybe some drizzle. maybe. >>. drop le >> driz let. tell technical term. there's thehance
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monday. knock significant but could impact your mony morning rush. but for the weekend gays it's dry. looking beautiful. talk about l what is in store the next 28 hours. live doppler 7hd showing you a clean scan out there. so we take you outside early this evening sunset. 8:24 going down we have the low fog and high clouds but the 1 setti early tomorrow morning especially along the coast or in this pattern seen it many takes this month and not any different for your saturday morning. in terms of temperatures no shocker here. 29th of may below normal still. sfo oakland high of 62 degree sfo oakland high of 62 degrees. normal this time of the year 68. san jose coming in at 69. that's 7 degrees below the normal of 76 for this me of the year. part overt reas why. live look from this unshore wind is going to be with us tonight, going to be with us early tomorrow morning
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exploratorium sky an getting chopped in half. forecast says call for mild to warm temperatures on your saturday. warm in inland some drizzle machined morning. out there 55 inakland. 66 in antioch. los gatos and wh the clouds and breeze coming in with temperature 50. we are warm but really warm in our inland spots. lleged coast we are cool with that marine layer sticking with us low clouds then sunday into monday this is the next wk ripple of energy push cold front through here and initiate some drizzle potentially for monday morning. overnight tonht clouds right along the coast. partly cloudy around the bay the 53 in oakland. 55 palo alto and faing to 52 overnight and antioch. high for saturday. soutbay 77 san jose. 81 los
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gatos. 81 morgan hill plenty sunshine, 73 redwood city. 73 palo alto, 64 fromillbrae down sfoyn right otherwise clover dale nice and warm at 83. 76 calistoga 75 the high in nap into the east bay. 69 oakland 70 union city. 76 castro cell and final stop inland with the warm temperates. 87 san ramone sand 88 the high in brentwood. next couple daysith the loth open sunshine tomorw clouds increase but stems fill color fit th >> the chance there for some drizzle and drop early sunday morning otherwise we are dry and pretty cold front stant next week with temperatures
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pretty normal this time of ye pretty normal this time of year. sunshine by thursday fridayo the weekend is dry. thanks drew. >> still to come 9 e with big dream >> his kicstarter plan to build. bc --
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>> sci-fi and ufo finance may one day be able to vis the vacation destination of their dreams. 30 million dollar ufo themed hotel is being planned in the small desert town of baker in southern california. e builder has lunched a kick starter campaign to fund the fapt situation. he's looking for 175,000 dollars by m-july for 175,000 dollars by mid-july. the video fm the kick starter web site shows how
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the space ship like hotel might look. respects start at 300 dollars a night. >> l taken 18 years but the navy finally turned over most of what it owner on yurbauena a treasure eye happened for the city of san francisco. they shutter the base on the islands in 1997. city has plans to build 8,000 new homes 25 perfect of them affordable homes along th park and open space. city wil pay the navy 55 million dollars. one of the important projects in san francisco history. >> another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00s next coming up new details on what is hin the indictment of former house speaker dennis hester. >> wild weather in texas. lightening bolt strike just few feet away frompatrol care. eruption i japan. volcano force evacuation of entire
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. >> we gent half hour with the accusationsgainst the former speaker of the hoe hester. >> he was once one of washington most powerful men and now indicted accused of lying to t fbi and paying out millions of dollars in hush money. >> all allegedly conceal a secret from the days as high ask teacher and wrestling coach ask teacher and wrestling coac january thon karl. >> goodbye friends. >> tonight we learn new details about the allegations against the man who was once the mt powerful person in congress. the indictment only says past mionduct. but sources briefed on the investigation tell us that hester agreed to pay 3.5 million dollars as hush money to somody he alledgedly sexually abused during the time he was a teacher and wres lipping coach at yorkville high school in illinois. he spent 16 years teaching coaching.
9:30 pm
one of the olwrestling star told us he is shocke by the charges. >> i stand behind him 100 percent. 110 percent. 200 percent. i would be in his back pocket iwashington until the end. attracted suspicion they years ago after making 15 separate withdrawals of 50000 dollars from his bank. after he was questioned about that he started taking out smaller amounts. more than 100 just under the dollars to avoid detection. he told the fbi he took the money out because he didn't think the banking system was safe sing quote i kept the cash. >> i fact prosecutors say he used the money to the buy his victim's silence. >> year of speaker was marred by spending exclusive jail page. >> our chirp need to be protected and we are going to
9:31 pm
do everything we can to protect em l. >> hester was speaker during the clinton bush administration the clinton bush administration. he faces up to continue years in prop and half million dollar fire. his first court persons will necessary heading into the weekend. tornado arkansas. >> ichb rescuers needed rescue today. they couldn't get to the officer so they property in a police chopper to pluck him to safety. >> in dallas thousands of motorist maroon since the water wouldn't move from i are barrier so could pl turn around barrier so could pl turn around. if the enough rain in texas covered the entire state 8 inches deep. >> officer was driving along when huge bolt of lightning struck a bridge just in front of him. >> rare to catch the strike at such close range. officer not
9:32 pm
injured. >> thas scary. >> let's updateur forecast for the wekend. drew is here. >> just incredible images out of the south with texas and oklahoma. they s more strong storms. past 1 hours one last shower through and another line is developing right around one lock at this shower. severe thunderstorm washington much in effect for goodeason as we zoom into the system. you do notice boeing structure of the storm manufacturing through lubbock. indication very strong win associated with this situation and it will produce to the south and its tonight early tomorrow morning. pl metro dallas early tomorrow morning then another line of showers and storms will develop along it moving into mexico. early tomorrow morning. state is water logged already. look at this. already looking at isolated 2 to even more than
9:33 pm
that. as downpou manufacture through texas in the next 12 hour or so. >> accu-weather take coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. everyone on small island off the coast of japan evacuated to get outof the path of erupting von kano. sent ash amend rock nearly 6 miles into the air. one person was reported to have suffer my inner burns from falling debris. he man has been holding a baby boy captive for more than 12 hours. police telling us that the man has now released the boy and he has surrendered. officers had been association day apparently those efforts have paid off. twitter and much more on this at 11:00 o'clock open 7 97 over on challenge 7. about jump inp
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prison for runings this wash site. ross operated it for 3 yrs until 2014 arrest in a silence bring pwraer. 18 thil dollars in commission on drug sales and trying to rng recover whtle pwlovrments 6 people died from over done on the rest as she claimed to be a change man but the judge pled for 0governor says hewes them 200 million dollars which is the amount of money they say he laundered tough civil rude. it has been just over now since that it struck nepal and hoists m killed nearly 8700 people. one of the top seismologist returned from no balance and
9:35 pm
set by skype and description to the building is causing panic as monsoon sson approaches. >> katmandu and people in a tent from these bldings and more on the countryside even dire because the remote area and potential land slide. nothing going on. >>reporter: early this week u.s. govnment sent geologist to assess the risk of land slide before the rain against in jt a few weeks. clearly the people of nepal l could use more assistance obviously. find out howou can help to give to you live effort go to our web site. >> special naturalization ceremony celebrated much me than the people being sworn in as new u.s. citizens. 12 people put the oath of alegion's isan bruno. ceremony marked two million immiant files. they contain documents check fr immigrant.
9:36 pm
government used to dries them but now they are endured art marrge license. personal letters confiscated. >>roup save our national archives fought to have more than 250 thousand aipts styles san family by familiar. >> the conference is about re than unintroduce xwaj it and developing the next reek of em. organizions making a difference where you live and today we on his the ask environmental network. >> morning a deca we worked to reduce carpet insurance for sovl amount on our bay area bingts
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>> day 2 of the google developer conference brought thousands of techie to san francisco if and some people who would normally be in ask during that ti of day. here's jonathan with the young people who will create a new future. >> sometng a little backward here while engineers and designers play on see saw. there are kid engineering and designing a mn rover. >> inspired by google eye side the if he can amy for developer conference. local kids a look inside. >> see google people and talk with them and learn with them. >> learn sll that mate come in handy. even if they never build app or web sit. >> we are showing kids you can do animation. ctrol robotic
9:41 pm
and jug coat you m want to get into it. >>reporter: wi the space err exploration this is 1 responsible it plaza glad explore. >> we usuly. we listened haven't been many people. google focus you on watches and what theirs can do this apple can't. >> an destroyed wear watches include always on screen. >>reporter: scents that recognize motor you draw with your finger and speakingf drawings fill am sewed ray. >> coachg from pixar. >> we are making an animated film. >> using tablet with google april 2. but thinks really cool. >> now even art is all about techcologically in san
9:42 pm
francisco, i would like to think my >> great young people. right now thousands of people are enjoy bottle rock in nana you. >> coming what make this stival even better than last
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[♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in
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the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wid♪ ♪ hpy to look around ♪ . >> in napa the music festival is on and full volume. wayne to the short stw but certainly not complaining about it. if napa is not the centerf the concert this weekend then it has the gravitation pull of blank hole. heavy elemts. here's dk. >> paddle pit. name just few
9:46 pm
dra povrmer at bottle mccarthy it looked like 1 and done when local david grant l graham and took it over. pricing ranks from 149 dollars a day to 3000 dollars forked the weekend and what they call platinumstatus t.pull up on sipe with the nas of champagne you need and greet with the shiite. >> quite a turn around for napa >> quite a turn around for napa. we are worth in every wrong bay possible. this event has opposite effect. >> the really shows off that in the pest best wait vit ichb stay folk to us keep from noise polluting surrounding neighborhoods. he that's george edwards who manages the sound. accepts ors tell the crew music too loud they automatically adjust and if an act goes one second past 10
9:47 pm
years pul the plug did it to art the. >> they turn off the famous rock band an pull the plug. >> well, i'm not hired for making prop lar dcisions. >> no way bottle rocpromoters want to wear out the welcome. >> line up include tell immanuel drag ne and they wrap it up at :00 o'clock sharp. sharp. fght one second pat anbegins tomorrow at noon through sunday. in napa wayne abc 7 news. that looks like fun. >> looks like nice and sunday there fret take another look at the forecast. >> if you are headed to napa tomorrow, lieutenants of sunshine 70's increase i clouds on sunday but still very nice in the mid says. nationwide picture. tracking a cold front moving through the east coast 70 for january unp a
9:48 pm
will get more wren showers ahead of the front. nice 90's in the nadelstern capitol tomorrow. high humidity back in the golden state we see temperatures range from 80 l.a. 104 palm springs and eureka a high of 60 degrees. bay area tomorrow low clouds along the coast up to 83 fire field or 75 in napahere the festival is happening right n. san jose 77 degrees. 7 difficult forecast warm land l. we are dry on tuesy and warming up wednesday thursday into friday. >> that's gorgeous. >> warriors aren't playing around on the court. >> but curry doing a bit of horsing awound with his wife before the finals. >> before mvp. that is stef
9:49 pm
can you ri open fine video posted today bit just particular >> firm firmly plantedn the ground. >> him if bubble would be good right now. >> wrap them up and get them to thursday. the don't need don't need that. quhar we doing here. i tl you where he was tonight. rodeo. on the bucking pwrovrjt shoot no. 8. one mvp watching and oneing this. could
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>> come up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. breaking news still. hostage stand f in the east bay ended peacefully people living in the neighborhood forced from their homes. >> plus a red eye for red eye. why judge let this happen inside the courtroom. >> those stories and me coming up at 11:00 on channe7 coming
9:53 pm
up at 11:00 on channel >> all right we are in the throw of basketball but we need to talk baseball as well. >> we do. >> steff was at the game tonight. we talk about. >> awful horse though. >> st wouldn't like mad i done seemed unthinkable few weak ago but the giants t the field fit with chance tmove in first place. dodgers going downhill. lost again tonight and the gits needed a win over the braves to fly half game ahead. warriors star curry visiting at&t parkith family. crud chantingmvp. buster the 2012 mvp. pretty good at the crap. eighth of the year giants up 2 nothing. pitcher came in oking to extend home scoreless streak. crawford great grab on basket cash flare by aj. helping tie the fran chase record at 39 scoreless but here cameron blind drive and can't scoop it
9:54 pm
so score lesz inning with run coming in. huds facing old braves team for the first time with 7 innings. allow a run with 7 strike out. back to the mvp. bottom 8. but buster with ground rule double. final moments ago. giants win 4-2 and are now in first place in the national league west. a's yankees ward throwing out the first pch. high but won't say anythg because don't look me out. buildi up last night win ground to third. chase. should have had that pl. instead turns in a run beuse country breakfast butler the doubles off left field wall. part of 4 run-ining for the a's. dominate the lowest era. 1.77 and struc out there. support from brett whethe homers second straitd night. a's leading 2-2 in the 9th. cal baseballaking on coastal kerr line a. sporting t
9:55 pm
stash. base hit in the sec. chris paul not confused with c 3 p o. >> the score. bears beat the if clears 9-3 the final. to the ice. thegoodell and bent man game 7 between the rangers and look it new england. alex innocent back handier that somehow slips past if the lund quist. 1 nothing tampa then andre would steal it. the lightning advance to the second stany cup time franchise history. win game 7 2 nothing in madison square garden. they play either the duck or blackhawk in the finals. nba finals will match the best players in the nba this year. steff occur require against best player in the galaxy. lebron james dream match up.
9:56 pm
warriors frn chicago's that hasn'twon a championship in 40 years against the cleveland franchise has never won it. >> mvp which play against 4 time mv about. >> finals match up everybody waiting for. newly crowned p and physician of the leg curry taking on the king. lebron james. >> we all have pride about being a warrior and trying to do things that hasn't been done in this organization if a long time and the we can if create a great story. >> this will be stef first nba finals appearance lebron this big stage before. in fact this is the fifth consecutive year tha he's reached the finals. winning twice with the heat. james at this point doesn't mind seeing curry get all the atteion. >> great for the league. t way he approaches not only on the flr but off the floor. beautiful family and everything beautiful family and everything. so wouldn't be bad at all for our league if they
9:57 pm
want to model it behind him. >> leak any championship in pro sports the stage bier more media. store line. more scrutiny. but head coach knows everything is fe once game 1 tips off thursda night. >> once the game starts evything the same. it's the other stuff. difference in the media commitment and the size of the mediatrong and changes routine and so thers all the subtle little differences that you have to prepare for. >> final stage. not like a do over chance. one game can somewhat the whole series. >> warriors acknowledge they can't completely shut down lebron. but what about the other side of it. how is the ki preparing to stop steff. >> how do you slow him down. >> same way you slow me down. you can't. firngs it's futile. game one of the finals. tip off thursday night 6:00 o'clock on abc 7 followed by after the game i'll be joined by the hall
9:58 pm
of famer nate and make with post game interview leif at oracle. in oakland. 7 sports brought to you by toyota and the a's game gone final 6-2. always nice to beat the yankees. >> i don't like lebron looking quit that serious. >> wait until they get down the on the court. bad man. >> thanks larry thanks for joining us. >> forll of us here, anks for joining us. >> see you er on 7 at 11
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