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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 2, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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abc7 news starts right now with live, breakin news. >> and that breaking news is out of san francisco where an innocent pedestrian was hit during a police pursuit. good evening everyone. i'm larry beil in for dan ashl.ey >> and i am ama daetz. the person was hit at mission and eighth streets at the south of market neighborhood. chp officers were chasing a robbery suspect. they lost sight of the suspect's car after the pedestrian was injured. the suspect drove off over the bay bridge and into the est bay. we do have a crew at the scene. and you can always get the latest by depending on abc news to bring you any new information during this
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newscast. our news continuesn twitter at abc7 news bay area. sky rocketing rental prices and forced evictions in san francisco are triggering a debate in the missn district. it is one that is still going on right now. abc7 news reporter is live in front of cit hall with the latest on this story. katie? >> ama don't let the calm fool you. inside it is a passionate and heated debate. it is so packed that there are extra police officers in there as well. let me show you video from inside. >> retail clerks, you name it. just want to wrap this up. i just want to wrap this up. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> the board president stopped the meeting several times to quiethe crowd. the supporters held up signs
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within the chambers as you can see in this video. that sn protest is not allowed. what is being presented is a more for yum. david compose represents the mission district. it would pause theousing development in the mission and supporters say it would give the city leads time to find a solution to t affordable housing crisis in the city. the mission has seen evictions of long-time residents as a booming economy has drawn people to the divers district. opponents say stoping development would increase the shortage of homes and hurt the workers in the construction industry invold in developing those neighborhood each speaker gets two minutes to speak and as i stepped out moments before the newscast there was still a long line. it is unclear at what point the supervisors will vote on this iss. as of this afternoon
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survisor compose did not have enough votes in support to pass this moratorium. however, we will see if the people sway the other supervisors. abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. i want to go back to that chase we told you about. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the south of market with the latest. lilian? larry it happened at the eighth and mission. a man crossing eighth street with some of his friends when a car hit him. it is bieved to be a bmw that sfpd was chasing. it is unear what the armed robbery suspect was involved in but we do know that he dwot away. he drove across the bay bridge and chp lost him in the east bay. as for the victim the pedestrian that was hit, we spoke to one of his friends and while he was flying inthe
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air after being hit by the car he was responsive to paramedics. was taken to the local hospital. his condition at this point is unknown. we hope to have more information d i will be posting them on twitter. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. >> a tricky rescue in marin county. a man suffed a head injury after falling from the rocks at stinson beach. rescue crews say he was drunk and combative. that coupled wi rough terrain forced them t contact the chp and they conducted an aerial rescue. the chpposted this video on youtube. the man fell unconscious and taken to the hospital. he was identified as a 20-year-old from conco. >> tomorrow the chp is set to release a report on a trucking company. the company's run away 18-wheeler crashed through a restaurant killing the driver. tonight abc7 has obtained that report ahead of time. alan wang is at chp headquarters with the findings.
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>> in th report they had safety inspection papers. one was 30 days overd. now they are recommending the permit f the robbie trucking company be revoked and this wasn't the first time they failed an inspection. >> whenan out of control crashed through ilg killing the driver they failed two previous inspections. now it failed third. >> 50% of the fleet was pulled out on that one inspection and it shows us they are not maintaining their vehicles in a safe manner. >> you would tell them the problems with the trucks would be like talking to a brick wall. >> this man asked not to be identified fearing rete pro biewtion. rete pro biewtion. he said he quit because the trucks weren bad condition. they are based in vallejo and they skimped on tires breaks and oil lines. the chp inspections at the scales were to be avoided.
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>> we were constantly told to go around the scales. by the owners. >> another former employ who calls herself tina and fears rete pro biewtion says there were red flags even before the dead reaccident. >> there were problems and some of the companies that the jobsthey were hired for se the trucks back. >> our attempts to speak with th owner of robbie trucking were de cleaned. meanwhile his company is still in business. >> i have see the trucks on the road today. today. >> the chp says it could take a month and aalf to review and possibly revoke the moto carrier permit for robbie trucking. in vallejo, alan wang abc7 news. a woman pled gel tee to felony charges of making and storing explosives. she is expected to receive a 15day jail sentence and three years probation. officers found 87 of these devices when they searched her
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bedroom in february and say she ignited explosives just to intimidate someone. we are learning new details about two people facing charges of trying to run down an officer in san jose. juan antonio gonzalez were alread wanted on felony warrants. they attemptedo pull over the two when they saide tried to run down an officer. he crashed into a police cruiser and ey ran. they found him three hours later. a federal judge has made an unusual sentencing to an officer convicted of searching the hotel rooms of drug suspts without a warrant. the chronicle reports that he can have his sentenng delayed for a year and also get a ruced sentence if he instruct other officers on where he went wrong ad how to avoid it. giant season ticket holders have a faer way to get into at&t park. they give them acss to the
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checkpoint. fans who rister will be able to use a fast lane at willie mays plaza. at&t park will show off the techlogy tomorrow. they started testing a similar process last season at the ballpark's marina gate. major delays and huge crowds forced them to shutdown the evening commute. here is a picture posted on twitter. an electrical issue between the mission stations lead to the delays. there is a mu king in town. next -- a new king in town. lebron andhe cavs are here. how clevelandnd warrior fans are getting ready for the final. >> and the california couple who is opening their wedding to almost anybody. the controversy for this dream come true to wedding crashers. >> and goats gone wild. why these kids are going viral
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tonight. >> i am spencer christian. high clouds may produce hayes --
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sleep ♪ alright, more on this breaking news situation in san francisco. new information at abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at 8 and mission having just oken to a friend of the pedestrian who was hit. lilian? >> larry sfpd has the intersection blocked off as they try to collect eviden from the crash. we do have photos from twitter that a viewer posted. it happened at the intersection of eighth and mission where a pederian was trying to cross eighth street with some of his friends when he was hit by a car. that car was being chased by sfpd who say they were
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following an armed robbery suspect. we did speak to the pedestrian's friend who says his buddy did try to get out of the way but obviously did not get out of the way in me. here is what he had to say. >> we were crossing the street and he told us to get out of the way. i got hit by the car that was chasing hem. >> how bad was it? went flying. it was scary. >> that friend says his friend was responsive tohe paramedics at the scene the latest we e hearing is he is listed in critical condion. as for the armed robbery suspect, pd tried to chase him crossing the bay bridge but lost him. lilian k abc7 news.
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>> thank you for th update. a south carolina man vacationing in the bahamas was walking along the beach when he saw something in the water. after a closer look kevin noticed it was a piece oa space x faon rocket. he tweeted these pictures and a message toy -- to elon-musk saying cool this is helpful. he says a go pro camera found in the wreckage will be sent back to space x. >> he thanks you. moving on, lebron james is in town. the star forward and the rest of the cleveland cavaliers arrived in the bayrea this afternoon just two days of about th face the golden statwarriors. before she moved to that police chase in soma, abc7 news reporter lilian kim tweete this photo as they arrived at the 4 seasons hotel and she has the story. >> nba superstar lebron james
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arrid sporting sunglasses and ear bu. no booing and no heck -- hecklith g from the crowd. >> he needs to be careful. >> ty will be in enemy territory. after watching the movie san san an -- "san dreas" tweeted she scared because of tsunamis. but the mayor is serious about no bs this time around. frank jkson declined a request claiming the last time he made a bet his team got swept. >> they never won anything in basketball so this is big. >> he is the owner of the black horse london pub in san francisco known as the tiniest bar west of the mississpi and where cavs fans have come to hang out on game days. >> we expecta full come pro meant of -- complement of cleveland fans. so that's about 10. >> even the road signs are being hacked in honor of steph
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curry. >> it is just two dys away. >> i am excited. >> so is the rst of dub nation. abc7 news. the staff at oracle arena is getting ready for game one. there is an nba finals banner in the rafters. bench seats have been upgraded with the custom seat covers ready for tip off on thursday. and abc7 is the only place where you can s the warriors in the finals. live coverage begins in two days. game one thursday and game two will be suny also in oakland. game three and four will in cleveland. game five returns to oracle. >> i am thinking nba finals should betemperature rision -- rigs. >> spencer on board? >> you got it right. temperatures will be rising. here is a lookat live doppler 7hd. we have high clouds moving through the bay area right now. the temperature readings are 56 in san fraisco and we
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have midto upper 50s in other locations near the bay. a couple of locations in land that are still at 60 degrees or so. in a couple places we have gusty winds. 18 mile per hour gusts at half moon bay. it is just breezy. here is a liv view at the golden gate bridge. the skies are clear except for the passage of high clouds. these are our forecast features. drizzle returns on thursday morning and then the slow warming continues through the weekend. here is the satellite image showing a series of weak impulses. no major storms. we may still get some shors out of the approaching systems. at which point we will see passing high cloud that pattern continues into the afternoon and evening urs we will see drizzle or light rainnd there will probably be wet spots for e early morning commuters to contend with on thursday morning. we are not looking at major measurable rainfall.
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this is major. it shows two hurricanes and over the next few days we expect him to become a more powerful hurricane and make landfall as a category 2at cabo san lucas and will pose a threato western mks mix including the baja -- western mexico including baja california. the moisture was moving toward southern california, but that ha ended so it will remain dry over the weekend. that meanso moisture coming our way either. look for low clouds beyond the coast. we will see low temperatures in the lower to mid50s overnight and the tomorrow hazy sunshine with high clouds and highemperatures ranging from 60 at the coast andpper 70s inland. here is the accu-weathe seven-day forecast. warmer into next week and then we will see inland highs in the midtopper 80s
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mid60s on the coast. it is going to be hot at oracle on thursday night. >> on fire. >> oh yes steamy. oh yeah. >> you sound like barry white. thank you, sncer. up next these little guys know how to kid around ama. >> why these goats ar on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavful spice coveted by kings and sultans. at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you
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a southern california couple has a crazy idea for their wedding. they want it toe crashed. the couple booked a venue in hollywood that will hold a thousand people, but invited only 250 to fill the other seats they are selling tickets on-line . it is just $87. soar a few hundred tickets have been purchased. they accuse the couple of gettg others to pay for the party. they said they just want something different and fun.
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>> the . is crashing it for free. >>ind a way. >> take a look at these little kids. these are win -- winafred and monty. they love to play together. they play together on sunflower farm in maine. >> yesterday was cold they treated them to new pajamas. they had that interest in going ouin the rain. they prefer toeep their clothes pristine. just romping around in the hay. in just a few weeks -- >> he jumped on his head. >> he the will head to their new homes where they will be pets and future milking goats. >> that's how klay thompson gothurt somebody jumped up and hit him in the he. no goating around. thank you very much. in sports tom hanks once said there is no crying in baseball but apparently there is.
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the giants entered june on a mini swoon on a three-game losing streak trying to get it turned around against the pirates. row, row row your boat to mccovey cove. he is rowi down the right field li. they jump of to the lead. crawford is answering with a two-run homer. the real story is the fan who may have reached over the fence to make the catch. take anoth look. a nice backhand play. that is close to being out. the pirates add a run in the
11:58 pm
fourth and then in the fth. high deep and aloha. no need to review that. mercer's first homerf the season. the pirates win it 7-4. scwients lost four in a row. a's and tigers in detroit. throwing smoke right there. he takes an outside fast ball and two runs score including yow ennis cespedes. he is not yoenis. this is his 6th career grand slam. check out the kid. he makes the great catch and then realizes his beloved tigers gave up a grand slam and burst into tears. this was not -- this was not how this night was supposed to go. the a's come back to win it 5-3. florida taking on michigan bottom of the first.
11:59 pm
line drive up the middle. that is the game's only run. that serie is now tied at a game apiece. klay thompson admitted that he is feeng a little nervous. not about his head. it is just natural jitters over getting ready play in the nba finals. you they waited a wle week before wrapping up the western conference final. it has been perfec for klay thompson. >> i feel great. these last two days i feel i have my wind back. just trying to stop the nerves and anxiousness. we took care of business and you have to look at the bright side. we have time to get healthy. >> since the warriors have not won since 1975 we are asking who is your favorite waiors player over the past 40 years and why? let us know on our twitter
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feed or instagram accoun we would love to hear from yo anuse your responses on the air. game one on thursday night. >> so exciting. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our news app. the news newscast is 4:30


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