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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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out. >> crews are still trying to find the cause of the fire. >> residents of a san jose neighborhood are perplexed why someone may be settng out poison along a popular dog walking trail. >> it was on the creeks trail in the willow glenn neighborhood. >> this trail is normally popular with dog walkers but suddenly lost appeal. someone is sprinkling white powder along the trails and it may be endangering their lives.
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>> we'd either avoid trail or make sure the dogs are on a lesh. boy avoid the trail. a social media posting sparked a response. >> we've had communication with park rangers. >> the trail follows the path of a rail line. there isn't much vegetation. one dog owner believes soone is leaving the food out for feral cats. . >> i noticed there is someone feeding cats then someone puts a white powder over it. >> kate carlson says she's going to keep her dog away from the food or stop using the trail.
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animallinics tell us they haven't treated any dogs for ingesting poison. >> lead poisonin almost killed this california condor that is now getting medical care at the zoo. that same lead slowly kills the large birds. >> tremors to seizures to not able to move and walk. >> the cond is making such a recovery the staff named her miracle. that is wonderful here.
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>> we have big changes coming our way. clouds are thickening and a big warm up is coming as well i'll have the k coming up in just a moment. >> summer travel means time for a tune up. what does the phrase mean? seven on your side is coming up. >> later tonight, more on a finals a cleveland cavalier tells us what it's like to return for
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>> there is a new median near the railroad track on ravenswood avenue whe a woman who got stuck there was hit and killed by a train. chris nguyen joins us now with details. chris? >> if you take a look you can see the or yank cones that have been set up here at alma and ravens wood. menlo park police were monitoring the scene. you can see right now sh the gentleman is trying to cross t street. cars keep going by. we saw another car almostit a family of four. engineers plan to have insulation done the end of the week and hope this will result in fewer accidents. at one busy intersection in menlo park... >> every time i walk through it's unnerving. >> drivers are trying to make it
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through. >> these track was where aoman died after getting her vehle stuck and struck by a bullet train. >> it could be you or someone you love. and it's really tragic i'm glad they're taking precautions to deal with this. >> as part of the test crews spent the afternoon installing a temporary median barrier. drivers no longer can tn left or right off of alma on to raenswood. a camera will be installed to monitor how often vehicles get trappedon the tracks. >> with any project it's important to have data to back decisions. >> thiss a bit scary. they're goingfast. and no one wants to stop. they'll kind of try to get off the track.
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>> city officials will be taking public feed back through the end of the year. chris nguye abc7 news. and here is a new stop sign install today on san francisco avenue andake view. that is wher a 12-year-old boy was killed he was running to catch a trai when hit by a light rail vehicle. drentsz hope it will help large numbers of elderly people in t neighborhood. >> city council has delayed a decision on a controversial development deal. the proposal is to build a high rise with nearly 300 luxury apartments on a city-owned lot near lake erit. critics say oakland needs me affordable housing and it became clear that there was no report to improve the tower. ey plan to pick it up at the next meeting. >> they did agree to accpt a
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fema grant. thinning them out would help them deter another fire that destroyed 3500 homes in 1991. some clm brush is a bigger fire hazard and trees should be spared. >> sky 7 hd was in mill valley. nearly a thousand people became u.s. citizens today during a ceremony in oak ln. abc7 news was there as he delivered the key note speech. >> now sh we celebrate the best fans in basketball. we honor this little guy as abc7
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fan of the day. 19 month old noah. miz mom says theirog is also a warriors fan. please show us your photos post them to your favorite social media site and include where you live. next sachlt bc seven fan of the day can you. we noticed spencers wearing his warriors blue. >> i am a warrior. >> warrior of the weather. >> trying to weather the storms. cloudy skies around the bay area may see windshields and some flight delays because of the low cloud ceilings. for sfo clouds are low, and
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thick and 57 degrees in san francisco. san carlos 69. 58 degrees in half moon bay. check out this view of a dramatic-looking clouds over the bay. it's 69 in santa rosa. 62n concord. and one more view cloudy skies tonight, more drizzle is possle. warming up over the weekend and we'll see 90 degrees inland early nxt week. so noernl weak impulse it's not a major storm but produced cloud cover and may bring spot drizzl overnight. the may be wet spots in the rning for commuter that's could slow things down just a
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bit. we may see isolated thunderstorms north. especially north of clover dale up towards yu. a powerful storm is weakening. it will be reachingategory 5 continuing northwest that may make land fall just northwest of cabo san lucas next week. we do not expect moisture to make it into california so we should be dry here and down south thick clouds and a chance of
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dzzle, low. temperatures mid-50s tomorrow. and sunshine high temperatures reaching up to 80 or above inland. here is the accu-weather forecas here comes a warming trend over he weekend. inland highs reaching mid-80s and upper 07s around the bay. up to 90 degrees, or perhaps higher inland on monday, and tuesday. >> wow. >> a right. >> okay. >> thank you. >> up next a custodian is named king fora day. a gift that will probably last on hisuest, jack searched the globe
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crews are home after spending month in nepal. abc7 news was at sfo as members of the response team saw their families for the fit time since may 6th. the team treated more th 1200 injured. >> we're treating dystentery, infections and broken bones every body part. >> the team also bought 16,000 pounds of rice and delivered to
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it villages in the himma himma -- himalayans. >> this custodian was crowned king for a day, showed with love. >> h always has a smile, which makes all of us students feel happy to be here. . >> i think i was born and then, was here for the students. i loved it. >> the surprise including a $10,000 check. he says he'll pran to use the money toravel and enjoy his life. >> wonderful. great. >> moretill to come here tonight at 6:00. just ahead the surveillance video that contradicts what an
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oakland emam says about a shooting of his brother. >> uber is celebratg an anniversary. >> and
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>> video of thehooting of a muslim terror suspect. yesterday, an imam says his brother washot in the back three times while on a cell phone call but the video showed
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today supessedly shows the suspect being gunned down a he lunged at officer w a knife. police are investigating whether the suspect had ties to the terrorist group isis. >> surveillance cameras captured aconfrontation. boston police and federal agents say they were forced to open fire only after he came at them with a large knife the footage is not expected to be released soon but was shown in boston to help clear up confusion. >> the video reveals that the individual was not on a cell phone the individuawas not shot in the back. and that nchgs reported that thais the case was inaccurate. >> musli leaders calling the
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footage, quote, inconclusive. >> we see a vague video that is t clear. >> boston police commissioner says rahim was under around the clock surveillance leading up to the shooting. rt of an investigation involvin suspected extremists. >> we never anticipated what his reaction had been and military nights. >> the second suspectcould reveal more about the case. this only hours after the death. >> today the second suspect appearedn court and prosecutors seek to conceal or destroy the cell phone
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e fbi says rah called him about a plot to randomly kill police >> a police ofcer in cleveland found not guilty two weeks ago of a fatal shooting in a car has been arrted again. he allegedly beat up his twin brother. both have been charged with misdemeanor assaultñç the officer was cleared in the shooting of two suspects that turned out to be a call. >> and a ma arrested outside of the white house had a machete and tomahawks. he clied the fence and made it into the executive mansion. >> tonight money mters a california job boom now underway. ouredia partners because of a surge of hiring in silicon
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valley, a cord number of people have jobs in california. for the first time ever, more than 16 million people are on payrolls around the state. they have chosen to deliver a live stream ofn nfl game between buffalo for the nfl. it's an experiment. chevron delayed $5 billion drilling development because of an equipment failure. chevron stock went down a little bit and others as well. t nasdaq is up 22. >> tomorrow marks the fifth birthday of one of san francisco's fastest growing and controversial ride shang companies. how uber changed our lives.
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>> out of tens of thousands of drivers this was one of the first. >> it wasust nothing. we were picking up uber employees, 3, 4 of them >> this was the office tweeted by co-founder derek camp. >> started with or ceo. and his friends. what if y can press a button and get a car. >> what could you do you think of whatit has become? >> a giant. >> now, in 300 citie it caught on by word of mouth. >> what do you think of uber. >> i love it. you know exactly when someone is coming and someone is coming. >> there is a group uber hasn't been making hapy. it's turned into a business that is thrtening an industry. >> to compet against someone with their moneis almost impossible. >> uber prices are not regulated. they can lower them or raise
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them. people say wait a minute, when i need you most youost more. >> you don't get this big and not have someone say come on. play ball with the old school to some degree. >> officials let the mashlth rule. >>er f.cusmers didn't like them, they won't have to use them. >> it's a slap in the face to me. i look at the politicians and how it happened we can never get a cab? well, it's their fault. >> sayingthe city needed more cabs but it took three ars to get the permit. three yars too long. >> why? i don't know. political. >> it's great to be one of the first f i'm still doing it her it means that i still like it. >> google is refusing to release accidents about its self driving cars. the co-founder says it's to
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protect other drivers' privacies. the number of accidents is now 12. googlelaims only one of the ars was at fault in the accides. >> apple is offering a $325 rebate to anyone who wants to return their speaker like seen here. the consumer products safety comission says there have been eight. >> coming up next, here on abc7 news a way owe control those
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parts of the old bay bridge could end up at your lal park. 450 tons of steelrom the bridge that will find new life at public art. the museum sdbt expect to be only to be used for sculptures. >> it might be incorporated into a pedestran overpass or into a
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public buildi. into lighting. >> the oaklan museum is expecting proposals until october 1st. >> fun to see. updating a hot trend we've been following here on abc7 news, a wave of devices designed to improve the performance of your brain. >> ever took a red bull toet through the day? or a glassof wine to wind down? what if a device could bring ur mood up or down? the company called think created a wearable device designed to send electronic signals into the neuropathway of the brain he says there are two types of vibes
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one promotes calming. it's controlled by a smart phone. and into nervous system. >> top 23% of people feel energy. feel like they've had a big red bull. >> the co-founder says technology evolved because of research into neurobiology. and the power of the software makes it portable. >> you're in control. it may vary from day-to-day. right? >> as for long term benefits users will have to makeup their
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own minds. >> summerriving is here. be careful when getting a tne up. ♪music ♪ the lord says, "comeo me all you who are weary and find life burdenso and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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triple a is predicting this year will be th busiest summer travel season in a decade so you probably want to check the car an get a tune up, right? >> it may be something that is out of date. >> it's a flexible meaning. you need to be careful when getting a tune up. wh you're getting and what you think you're getting can be two different tngs. does maintaining your car mean getti tune ups? most will tell you yes. >> have you ever taken it in for a tune up? >> yes. >> why? >> because it needed one. >> do you know what it is? >> not really. >> tuned up means check the
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break brakes. >> there used to be a tune up, but today no. >> tracy knows a thing or two out cars. she's a vice president of auto mv. >> so you would adjust you know, the air, and mixture. so that is when you're tuning the vehicle. now, everything is computer controlled >> what is your mechanic doing? probably plenty that you need to ask. >> so if you're going to a service shop, they'r asking for a tune up asking what they'r going to do. >> 97 poi tune up. those points are just things they do to make it snd like they're doing something. yes. and they may be doing sothing. but every place may be doing something different? >> that makes sense.
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>> there is no wrong doing. if you want to know make sure you know what you're getting. >> car dealships tend to be very good. >> thank you. >> sure. >> time for a check on the forecast. spencer is back. >> okay. spencer's front. this is his back. okay. time lapseview, looking at low clouds clouds. pretty dreary out there. tomorrow lookg at sunny skies and dry conditions and warm
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conditions. into sierra thuerstorms just north and beyond. high temperatures from about 60s on the coast, low 70s around the bay. a warm u throughout the weekend and into next week. mid-60s on the coast. >> thank you. >> so less than 24 hours now we're going to watch the big game, right? >> we've been talking about this more months. he bron arrives and he is ready to shine. especially with silver shoes.z/
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good evening, warriors and cavs ready to face steph curry and everything wants this to get started already. several plays admitted they
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expect jitters to go away. we're living the dreamnd want to win. there are highs and lows but to me every bit of this is fun. and we, as a team want to enjoy every day. >> when you leave you do and at the pool and in the sun and be ready for tomorrow. >> this is and expectedo wear silver shoes at practice.
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>> it's a lot of hard work just trying to make the most of it. i love our australian. i love deli. he brings toughness, grit, determination. >> you atralian guys are cool. >> we're asking who is your favorite player over 40 years and why? >> are you from australia? >> yes. >> do y know -- >> the animals in the jungle.
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spell guillermo. >> he comes up to his waste. joerdy mercer leaving at and t park. in the ninth they'll have done of that. two two unscore, everybody scores. bases clearing.
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that is plenty for sunny gray. and a's win it. and serena williams answering to look for her 20th title. 39 winners and ten aces. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> it's going to be fun. i'll see y out there. >> okay. just hours away. >> i know.
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sudden police be able to look at your phone messages? >> a school lunch lady fired for feeding kids. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from allf us and the t ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to mast the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so y can easily master the way you bank.
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