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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> one win away. this time tomorrow we could celebrating a warrior nba championship. >> bay area is hoping for the final win tomorrow night getting ready to enjoy a victory parade. good evening. >> i'm amma. golden state is definitely shining. >> 7 news reporter is live at like mer tonight in oakland where it could be a very different prison there tomorrow different prison there tomorrow. alan. >> that's right. this place is literally beaming with pride. 3 and a half miles of light bulb around like merit now blue and gold. the feeling here is that it's not a matter of if it is going to happen. it's question of when it's going to happen. everywhere you look oakland beaming with pride. confidence ride something high that businessesre preparing
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for the ievidence i believe. >> probably in the one day celebration. few day. people are ecstatic. >> local bar expecting big crowd to celebrate well in the week. >> preparation a little extra security. definitely getting extra booze. >> even the patron bartenders believe the ritual pushing the warrio toward the first fba championship in 40 years. >> get my pedicure which has warrior colors open one of each of my feet so i go blue on 1 and gold on thether. >> wear the same curry every ga. >> optimism is fulingt economy. and the owner at the art bar preparing to reward his loyal patron. >> 25% to all before tabhen they won the fears round. we up to 50% tomorrow 100 percent when they win. >> free drink for all 200 patron but don't show up now. the place is sold out for tomorrow's game n.oakland, abc 7 news. >> and the warriors win
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tomorrow nature you know there will be a lot of celebrating obviously. not there yet. but there are some signs that the city of oakland is planning a victory parade. carolyn tyler has that story. >> if the wriors end 40 year drought the cit of oakland is ready to make them the toast of the town. >> this city is absolutely prepared to celebrate our war why are oak tow style. >> exactly what at means mayor shaft is not saying but there are clue parade is in the works. the no parking tow awhich signs forater this week lining broadway. one in front of this magazine shop. >> good for the business. we have a lot of if stuff. we are okay. if they close the street okay. if th close the street. >> he says the city hadn't told him what'sp but oakland police tell us they are ready to handle celebration at the arena and around town tomorrow night if the warriors win and havelso been prepping for a
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parade. >> we have naught place plans and strategy logistic that will help us to the manage workg with other lawp forcement agency and other city services. this is very positive for the city of oakland. >> last official oakland sports celebration withhis rally at jack london squa celebrate the a's world series win over the giants after the 1989 earthquake. now there's another team bringing the city together. oakland. do you hear me now? oakland. in oakland, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> we hear her. if the warriors win tomorw san francisco authorities say they will be rey to keep celebration from guest out of happened. >> anybody does act rowdy out ofontrol we address the issue very fast so thethat way we rae move that person fr the he squition other family members and people th are throughout to have a good time aren't interrupted by any of the people. fight we want good
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time. police learned from the giants world series celebration how to better handle crowds. i hope cease stfing sympathy command station and monitor popula party spots in the city popular party spots in the city. >> now the we are the only police to cat the nba times. our coverage of gym 6 in cleveland begins tomorrow at 5 cleveland begins tomorrow at 5:30 with the nba count down. >> stay with us for live team coveragerom cleveland tomorrow. get all things warriors from sports anchor mike and wayne and laura. >> let's move on for the moment >> let's movon for the moment. unprecedented mav at school in sunnyvale. all teachers have been told reply for the jobs. tonight parents of west valley elementary were told why andany were not happy with the answer the lillian is live in sunnyvale with the story lillian. >>. >> the word we kept hearing if itas tension. especially betweethe teachers and the administration. situation was apparently so bad at drastic measures we in order. >> superintendent we saidy liken the situation at west valley elementary to relation valley
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elementary to relationship where people have grown apart. fight we are told to move on that's where we are. >> w>st valley getting complete overhaul. they brought in new principal and the school 25 teachers must reapplies for the jobs if they want to statement many parts are not happy. >> don't trt teachers look he can this it's in the okay. these are theeople who take care of your children. with your children all day long. very disrespectful to the time they nut and it's not supporting them and not giving them an environment that they want to be in. >> perhaps most from us state perhaps most from us stating part is how parents are being kept in the dark about at the tension was about. but the district says it sply can't elaborate. >> any time i start to get in a description of the tension in any daily go right to the issues of personnel and i can't thinabout that. >> teach remembers staying on the details and they will know if they get to stay or transferred to another school.
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do you want to stay. >> yes i want to stay. >> this is my community. >> xunt that like it or not is seeking to rebuild n.sunnyvale lillian abc news. >> concord police on the look out tonight for man!manslaughter for man who robbed aoman outside a hospital the happen at john muir medical center at 7 this morning. man pulled a gun on the woman as she government car in the parking lot. took the money and drove off in dark colored is he can. woman not hurt. hopingo find video for the robber. >> slot evening commute in los altos. sky 7 hd show you crew drping water on the fire that shut down 2 northbound lane of interstate 280 near if this avenue. fi charred 3 acres. >> night loved ones of man killed by drunk driver are calling on cal-trans to make safe im practice. at freeway off ramp. we were in san francisco for the memorial. wilbur williams struck and killed year ago today at the 5th street off ramp from intetate 80. one of 4 people killed at the interction last
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year. they want cal trans to prioritize safety and make improvement immediately. >> santa rosa police arrested a map who may be behind they say at least 3 sexual assaults. they release the sketch in april after woman was attacked. today police said it matches the descriion given for sexual assault in feuary and another one 9 days ago on coffee lane. police arrested 30-year-old the jason after the most recent assault. bail set at 1 million dollars. >> fbi investigate >> fbi investigating acts of sabotage against local telecom company andtonight they look for help. vandal cut fiber optic cable nreens san jose and the 4 east bay cities you see here on the map. april 2014 somebody intentionally cut the fiber optic cable intthe berkeley restaurant. since then 9 other similar cases. >> we had lost our phone line and our credit card license and then we were having power outages in the neighborhood as well. >> cables pwrong to telecom company including at&t. company did n return our
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calls today. in most cases the cables were underground vault covered by heavy manhole covers. >> as you look behind us here live bit of back up aving san francisco. 2 consider rollover deck open the lower deck of the bay bridge cause traffic jam. >> all lanes now clear but you can see from the back up there it's still slow going in. it is. stay here with us because coming up next on 7 news. closing the gap. big plan by the local retailer to cut hundreds of jobs. >> budget blunder why california lawmaker just couldn't g his vote right. >> and left behind at the airport. amazing adventure stuffed tiger took and how workers made sure he got back to the 6-year-old owner. >> weekend approaches big warm-up coming our way just time for the beginning of summer that occurs sun. all that do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-dailinhaled
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if. >> 911 your emergency? >> my gosh. 911. there's somebody bit by a shark. girl whether hand was bitten off by a shark. >> listen to that. witnesses made frn particular "newsnight"11 calls after pai of shark attack in north carolina yesterday. 12-year-old girl had half of her arm bitten off and the 16-year-old boy lost his entire ar. they were attacked 2 miles art. both were in waist deep water. area beaches are still open and authorities say they are not quite sure if one or 2 sharks were responsible. >> dozen passengers on flight from fiji to los angeles became violently ill tay. all 12 stayed at the same hotel in fiji. one taken to the hospital. others were evaluated and released.
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>> the some were really l pale and in wheelchair so it was really scary. hopefully won't tch anything. >> health officials say the illnes is consist went nor 0virus contract from world trade center and food contaminated by fecal matter. >> big announcement tonight from bay area base gap. struggle retail giant says it will close 175 stores and eliminate hundreds of corporate positions all in an effort to make a comeback. cornell bernard live in san francisco tonight and cornell that turn around won't be easy. >> you are right. could it takeears in fact to turn gap around now weon't know which under performing stores will close but the company says t move will help the san francisco origin be profitable again. somber mc donald's at germ plasm san francisco headquarters. no comment from myes. 250 positions will be eliminated here and in new york. thbig here and in new york. the biggest news are the stores. rapidly did he cling sales are
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forcing gap to close 175 retail locations in north america. shop error sidney is surprised. >> i thi it's a shame because i like the clothes. they are finance. they are good price point. >>reporter: wearing gap right now. >> i am. >>reporter: gap move no surprise to bloomberg consume reporter lindsey. >> this brand in particular has been suggling 5 quarter with sales at the clean in a row these not good. so i think they felt ty needed to make a drastic change. >> turn around for gap not easy >> turn around for gap not easy. more people shopping on line and brutal competition from brand like h and m and these shop whaers gap meansto them. >> i think i have one sweat frer there. my mom bought it for me. but no i didn't normally go in. >> fashion really changed. it's really business ick. >> gap ceo told news a statement customers rapidly changing how they shop today. these moves will hlp get gap back to where it deserves to be in the eye of cop assumer. don
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and door is fisher open san francisc first germ plasm store in 1969. legacy the retail giant hopes will live on. in san fncisco, cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> came down to the wire but state lawmakers approve new budget hours before midnight deadline. 117.5 billio dollars spending plan includes mr. money for public colleges and university. 82 million i n't know for medi-cal and additional 7 60 million dollars to boost reserves. lawmakers still trying convince the governor to approve this an. now one vote in favor of the budget came by mistake. republicanassemblyman scott will tweeted you see it here that haccidentally voted for the budget while posting on facebook against the snding plan. law makeers from southern california became his party first vote in yea in support of state budget. >> all right. we are now approaing summer officially. >> official that's right. going to get a little bit warm.
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spencer in tonight with the forecast. >> summer only about 6 days away but feeling like summer month much of the week leading up to suchbilityd we have mainly clear sky inland rate now but low clouds fogt the coast and pushing locally beyond the coast this view from eryville show you the cloud travel across the bay. push by rather strong gusty whipped at thcoast then now wnds diminish yesterday and inland east bay with gust the 29 miles per hour at concord. 36 miles per hour at fairfield. on we good to current temperature readings. mid 50's around the bay area. 54 and 57 degree ins all locations and how abo this lovely view of the sky license of s francisco from our exploratorium camera. partly cloudy sky forecast feature clouds continue moving inland tonight and warmer most 80's tomorrow the and big rm-up comes our way at the very end of the week as we approach, summer approacs us. satellite image. ridge of high pressure building in that will deliver the warmer weather pattern that willless into the weekend. meanwhile quick look
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athe gulf of mexico where tropical storm bill rapidly approaching the texas gulf coast expected to make land fall early tomorrow morning. as tropical stormnd tropical storm warning postedfor much of the texas gulf coast. land full expected around 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning central tim and storm pushes inla still maintaining tropical storm strength likely to produce about spreading rainfall keep watching the movement of th storm 4. bay area fog at theoast moving locally inland. low pressure mild mainly in the mid 50's then tomorrow we have warmer day than today with sunny sky in the south by. high will be upper 7s mid 80's. 80 at san jose. open the peninsula high range high ranng mid to upper 60's. 77 mount vawchlt low 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half machine bay where fog linger tomorrow into the afternoon hours. downtown san francisco see high of 65. north bay coast will be mainly sunny tomorrow with hi in the low skits. inland north by valley high in the mid upper 80's8 at calistoga east by
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high range high ranging from low mi 70's. 72 at oakland. 75 fremont and innd east bay is quite warm with high in the upper 80's at fairfield and condition cord. livermore. high of 91 at antioch. 92 at brentwood. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and warmth continues with a little bit of a different temperature on thursday but bounce become on friday. saturday expected to be the warmest day in the 7 day forecast period with high in the mid upper 90's inland on saturday. sunday 2 great occasion. father's day and arrival of summer that willow occur summer solstice at 9:38 am pacific daylight time on sunday. so summer is on the way an warm weather already here. >> not extreme. >> no triple digit as we had lasteek. >> if you need this, now is when you in he had t think about that. >> and check as well. >> taking mey. >> especially the checks. >> right. coming up next on 7 news. epitome of rock star move.
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>> what sent this crud in a frenzy and wait until you hearar
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>> loss l takinger got first class treatment at tampa airport 6-year-old owen lik accidentallyeft hohyped. airport worker ok the tiger on the tarmac and work out at the gym and documented the airport in the photo bookies carrying there owen return trip he was reunited with the little ger and delighted to get hob back along with the new one. >> dutch rocker amaze thanksgiving weep. somebody threw a cup of beer crowd surfing caught the beer. immeately down it and threw the empty cup over his shoulder the empty cup over his shouer. very@bkykyçypkycgññ. he had almost no time to react but
11:53 pm
boy didn't miss a beat. look at thisment crowd went nut as sond didkykykkykykyk y.millions of people worldwide have now viewed this video. >> that was the the. >> how did he know the cup was coming. just reaction time i guess. we need baseball glove on the guy. >> i'll ow you a giants highlight where those skills would have come in handy tonit. because they weren't catching a lot. >> all right in sports latest on steff curry over dehydration after game 5 and giants feeling low. mark we haven't seen since they played in the polo ground. that was
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side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse pd. spiriva helps me bathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit >> good evening. ba season could end tomorrow with warriors win. season did end tonight in the nhl. chicago
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blackhawk going for the third stanley cup in the last 6 seasons. steven scoreless in the finals a stays that way. tonight on the bre away. crawford with 25 saves. scoreless in the second period. the mvp ithe play off keith third goal in e post season. 1 nothing chicago and patrick cain also not scored in the seri ices it. li in the third period 2 nothing was the final as the blackhawk win the thir stanley cup if 6 years. mini design city there. first time ever won at home since 19 38. >> win this in front of our fans in chicago always has such great support over the years and to win it here means a lot. t's special. >>reporter: rue a dynasty, >>porter: rue a dynasty dynasty in chicago. >> what does dynay mean. i don't know. i feel like we are prettyood hockey team. >>reporter: sange time for the giants who have lost 9 straight at me in the last time it happened was 19 with
11:58 pm
the new york giants. tonight gian mariners and this is unbelievable. tom born without arms throw the first pitch with the foot and it's a strike. that guy is amazing. hudson 5 innings gave up 3 in the fifth. panic. angel. parker all there. husband a wife play no communication. ball drops in. mike scores. seattle goes on to win 5-1. a's and padres. san diego fired manager black today. bench coach dave roberts. norris facing old team struck out by jesse in the fourth and fifth at the corner right back up to box second rbi of the game. ben walk 4 times trot home. bases loaded for this hay and deep and this means grand slam. 5 rbi a's win 9-1. warriors took off for
11:59 pm
cleveland this morning. curry lacked fine. 6 after gym 5. mild dehydration but was munching on popcorn as usual heading for the team mraechbility he lofts popcorn he's like or ville with a jump shot. warriors expecting the toughest gym of e series trying to close-out the cavs tomorrow night. >> a lot of emotion. right there on the cups o something but you still have to get the job done n.this case we are on the road against greateam. it's going to be hard. just the way it is. >> warriors looking loose. check out 60-year-old assistant coach gentry. he climbed the wall to dunk in practice tonight. and survived e landing. the geing up to throw down. that's fantastic. >> a team prey relaxed at this upon the. i think tomorrow is a very tight game. down to the wire. i expect the cavs to good back to the big line up. >> do what you do best. don't good small on small. can't
12:00 am
beat the warriors at their game t i think it's another one of these na biters down to the final minute. >> good basketball. >> thanks. >> 7 news continues now on line on 20th are facebook all the mobile device with 7 news ap. >> next newscast is at 4:30 to


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