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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 18, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. >> almost time to celebrate the rld champion warriors. >> we are just hours away from the big parade and die hard fans going all out to get a great view. good evening everybody. >> i'm amma. here's a look at the route f tomorrow big warrior parade bens at broadway and 11th street. >> end with rally at the kaiser convention center on like merit boulevardwhere we find if katie live tonight. >> how is it looking out tre. >>reporter: ood. go. go. >> it looks great out here larry.takea look. this is the main stage. he monitor nravrpinging either side and one block did you know at east 12th even bigger monitor people can't get this close they see
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something is area has been a spectacle. all afternoon and night and it was just a litt while ago we saw city crew come and install these new banners. >> i really would want to see steff curry and green. >>reporter: in the shadow of the banner that set the stage for e warrior victory the rall they make the game plan for the parade. >> we were going to camp out there arnd 6 in a tent until the parade started. >>reporter: that is 6:00.m. 4 hours early. the parade ute marked with barricade and in parking signs and fans stocking up on last minute blue gold givrment i got chairman i don't knowship hat and shirt and i realize that i was already in oakland tonight and i'm not going back home without my shirt at home so i have to good to the store. >>reporter: floats in san francisco. 6 in just two days with the added challenge of transportation. >>ifferent story taking it over a highway and over a bridge and another city.
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>>reporter: oakland business brace for the crowd. >> wait ry, very long for parade of this size. >>reporter: don't really know at to expect for a lot of people. they have been hosting watch party during the play off and donating percenge of the profits to the warrior community fodation. but why stop with the game. >> kevin approached me and said n we treat this like another watch party and more proceed for the fodation no. brainer to me. >>reporter: victoryor the bay area won't end after the rally in echo land, 7 news? so what is the weaer like for the big parade? if drew here now what you can expect and i hope for sunshine. >> you will love the forecast. early on if there before the parade starts setting up at 8:00 o'clock in the morning we have a few clouds in the sky. to oakland. what we expect over the next 24 hourshere. great start on 56 degrees by 8 in the morning. parade begins pie of sunshine at 60 midday totasunshine up to 64 and
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2:00 o'clock you can see mild total sunshi and temperature of 68 degrees. on warmer finish tomorrow than today. 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks so much drew. >> bart expects record crowd tomorrow parade. will run 10 car train at rush hour frequency all day long. some entrance may close near the rall to avoid mr. formrowd rally to avoid mr. form crowding. along home on the dublin line board your train at like merit station. if you drive, expect delay for help navigate navigating around traffic probledown load this app for free on our stores hre. >> count on to us bring the best parade coverage at 10:00 camera and reporter station ago the parade route and cast of thousands that will be out there tomorrow and reaming it live on our web site and perhaps watch it work if you like right re on 7 the home for the nba finals.
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>> the to the latest on the balcony colpse in berkeley. family of the victims gather to pay the respect at the sne of the traged. tell katie live from berkeley with more. >> st there is a push night to find seats on direct flight from sfo to dublin for the victim family so if you know anyone anything to ireland that is willing to give up the seat spread the word tonight. the memorial behind me grows so do the efforts to help those families and friends still reel famili and friends still reeling from the berkeley balcony collapse. sal em silent procession of mourners. joined by ireland main sister the. never seen such an outpouring of continue outpoung of continuing empathy and grief l from the whole cntry. >>reporter: the the family and friends of the 6 irish students
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lost in the berkeley about coin collapse lid a wreath alongit ridge street. >> irish people support each other in time of need. >>reporter: the like caroline who liv in the area. >> i wanted to come and pay my respect. >>reporter: others he financially by go fund m account. more than 115,000 donate sod far. >> rely great to see all the outpouring of support. >>reporter: support needed by the 7 survivors still being treated at local hospitals. the minister also aheading horrendous scene shouldn't tarnish the program that helps many yung people see the world many young people see the world. >> tom of the leaders of industry in oakland sfshtion politician iluded have experienced this program. >>reporter: president obama that isshowing us community use nightcast amidst loss. in berkeley, 7 news. >> new details tonight on what may have caused that balcony to collapse. city relessed architect drawings of the building and we showed those to experts. dan with the latest
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development. >> i-team there at berkeley police headquarters when the victim family arrived from ire listened to meet with clergy and city officials. they are doing all they can to help the parents dealing with the child who has passed away. >> things that the personal effects or locatingehicle and tell wanting to knowet more answers as best we can. >>reporter: while inspectors back at the scene looking for the answers the cityeleased all the ark text drawings from library garden showing the detail of the balcony that klaptioned. i took pictures and showed them to veteran structural engineer. >> it really does if indicate if a lot of dail in how this was the waterpof, so forth. >>report: this picture shows the system was designed well with the metal flashing connecting to waterproof memorandum pwrip on thealcony memorandum pwrip on the balcony. but somehow the wooden beam meant to support
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the deck suffered from dry rot. >> implication then is that it was not implemented properly. why not the? whof anyone inspected it. >>reporter: the looked through all 57 pages of inspection documents from the library garden construction and couldn't find a single note about water proving on the balcony. next logical question. did t pwirld install the water proving correctly, segue the buildg. >> this is an accident waiting to happen. we see these balcony conditions all the time balcony conditions all the time. >> he sued the people over faulty balcony. complaint had long list of water intrusion issues an settled 2 years ago for 3 and half million dollars with no admission of liability. we saw crew back there today. miller tells us they fix the same kind of problem at led to the library gardenollapse. >> it was clear tt there was the same telltale signs of dry rot. water intrusion. and
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degradation of the stctural members that support that balcony that led to that disaster. >>reporter: segue construction didn't return my calls and e-mails and asking about the architect drawings and questions they raise but yesterday a spokesman for the company collapse segue construction has builtore than 6000 apartment units a never had an incident like this in its history. >> i also obtained these records to show berkeley police received noiseomplaints from the colex 71 times over the past year and a lf including night of the clams. manager at the complex not very serious about crosswalking down on the parties says at the time neighbors. the abc 7 news. >> coverage of this tragedy in berkeley tips on line with updates on 20th ter at this web siteand our facebook page search abc 7 news as well as 7 >> day of fun turned into a medical emergency for more than 30 kids. happened at the
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antioch water park. many of the kid taken to the hospital and pool was shut down. alan live from the water park wi the investigation into just what happened there today. alan? >>reporter: ty just spoke to theark and recreation director for antioc and says the water park will be closed tomorrow so they can reinspect all operations here becse at this point the cause of the violent out brick of vomiting is still a mystery. contra costa county fire department responded to a call for mass casualty at the antioch water park. 34 children were suffering from inhalation issues and vomiting. >> we heard people screaming and fire truck comingown. >>reporter: 17 kids taken to local hospital. jay who was being treated for non-related sicknesses says saw them enter the kaiser ergency room enter the kaiser emergency room. >> pretty bad. >>reporter: describe it. >> it was like the exorcist i tell that you. >>reporter 17 other kids were
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treated at the water park and released. county environmental another form of chlorine but not enough to cause the viment not enough to cause the vimenting estimates. we don't know what happened. they'll figure it out. >> investigators exami the chemical release system for any malfunction. no obvious signs so far to explain the exact cause. this is 7 ws. >> . >> next at 11:00. motive behindhe church massacre in south carolina. what the suspected shooter roommate says the gunman wanted from the rampage. fires burp throughout e state. what crew up against tonight. >> ts is one fashion forward feline. my goodness. type of cuts
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>> man accused of kill 9 people at church in south carolina told his roommate he wanted to art a civil war. one of the new tails we veeld tonight about dillon roof. he's now book in south carolina in jail after an alert woman in shelby after an alert woman in shelby north caroline spotted his car then cled 911. 12 hours eaier police say he sat in a bie study before opening fire on members of histoc black church. >> direcy behind him at stoplight and erything going through my mind was like what if what if but the only thi i could still see was the people inharleston in the prayer circle with the hands gathering around praying that the prayer would be answerd. >> roof expected in court friday afrnoon.
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>> person died when fire broke out in an apartment complex in union city this afternoon. take a look. see the smoke rising in the video. fair began inarport behind the complex at ha nell street and nooils road. alameda county coroner working to identify the victim. >> new surveillance video show 2 accused shoplifters shoving man out of the way leaving the store exploratorium police say they stole 7000 dollars worth of sunglasses from the sun glass hut in fredericks fact last movement video shows one woman putting them into the pue. >> number of wildfiresurning in california this evening. they stretch from the san bernardino county mountain and jump the river after this fire oke out in san joaquin county broke out in san joaquin county. fire destroyed one home and other buildings. thisire in the madera county force evuation of 200 children from a urch summer camp. burned about 300 aches camp. burned about 300 achesers. in san bernardino county
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hot dry winds helphis fire grow from 1500 to continue,000 acres today. is fire crew expect more 90 degree heat tomorrow. >> obviously last thick they need or want there. look at tomorrow parade weather withdrew. >> weook really nice. lots of sunshine the afternoon. and the breeze that we had today will relax a bit for friday. >>reporter: we get the all clear this evening. that breeze early this afternoon gusting over 30 miles per hour at times across the bay area. the breeds cooled us off. wind has really backed off anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour across much of the region. live from the camera downtown beautiful san francisco. lots of stars in the sky this evening just few passing clouds on hot rise. forecast limited fog on the coast tonight. sun soaked morrow all areas around the bay. up dowtrend willow occur this weekend. cooler half of the weekend following on sunday. out there
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right now 57 in oakland. same in hayward down to 54 in san francisco. mild 63 in fairfield. same in rivemore. san jose dropped to 59 degrees san jose dropped to 59 degrees. live doppler along with doppler and june pattern set up. summertimelignment with high pressure right off the coast. low pressure to the east gives us on shore flow continuing and tomorrow it brings us a warmer wind. knock our temperatures up a few degrees from day. fuv wngs weatheras you covered. watch0 o'clock it's out of here. we turn to sunshine across the renal that will mean a little warmer than 90 to turn inland that means also around the bay we get our temperatures up few degrees in the low 70's. overnight tonight. stars clouds more stars in theorth bay but cooler. 49 in napa dropping to 52 in san francisco. if a you will to 54 in fremont. same in antioch and 53 in san jose. then high for the friday. start with south by. lots of sunshine there. up to 80 warm degree in san jose. the 90 in gilroy. 88 the high i morgan
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hill. pens will it's breezy bu lots of sunshine. 73 san mateo 76 redwood city. 70 in millbrae. downtown san francisco mixture of sunshe clouds early on total sunshine by the afternoon 66 downtown. 60 daly city into the nortbay 84 santa rose. 86 cistoga 80 san rafael, 80 high into the east bay breezy but sunny perfect for the parade tomorrow. 72 san leandro. 75 for forecast lease and inland. 90's return l increase as bit 90's return let increase as bit. 92 antioch up to 90 pittsburgh. sf 80 at the high in liverre. accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow the typical enter spread around here by saturday the pattern really lds steady first half of the weekend warmer father's day on sunday also the beginng of summer that cooler wind kicks in and crop back down to the 80's really but it's a quiet june like pattern
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through thursday and brief up in our temperature >> not too hot. >> perfect. >> jacket early on ifpwch the parade starts. bit afternoon. >> it will be great. we were out there looking at like merit today it's sparkle you are. >> nexthanks. >> great wedding party photo until the photographer said kiss.
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than er to be a foster farms chicken.
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t foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herlist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i lk natural herb man? can i call you herb man? m trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys sayi anything? introducing new simply raised chickewith no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. >> everybody knows it's a no no to up stage the braid at a wedding but that's what happened to continue see woman photographer took the picture of bridegroom michelle and anthony palmr sharing a kiss but look low carefully. 4-year-old daughter anderson plants one on the ring bearer. flower girl was not done. she stole another smooch just few seconds later and he's thinking girls. the pictures were taken
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by photographer leah bull lard. >> lions cut what about the dragon cut. grooming salon in pennsylvania specializes next ought ick cutor cat so if the feline friend is a game of thrones fan this must the perfect hair style. how does the cat feel about that. >> i'm not happy about that one i look in the mirror. >> where is my coat. embarrsed. >> what about the tiger cut. and will tiger make the cut. anniversary of sorts for foodz tir woods one of the worst day ever at u.s. open. >> also. giants in seattle but sounded just like at&t park. spor is the the.
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>> jake and matt getting close to coming off disabled list for the giants. brian pitched tonight in seattle like a guy who does not plan on losing the spot in the rotation. safe co-field little brothe bothering little sister. >> we can't help it. >> giants led 3 nothing after 2 >> giants led 3 nothing after 2.plenty of support for ryan. 6 and two-thirds inning to shut out the 3 h. struck out the side in the third. offense gets 4 more runs in the eith. 2 runs here on the matt triple deep to right. but listen to the crowd noise in seattle.
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>> listen to this crowd. >> like a giants home game at the fid. giants win 7 nothing spt the 4 game series nothing split the game series. swept of the padres. former a's north had other ideas. hig deep and means goodbye off kendall. went 7 engines. allow $2 runs but that was too much. a's fall 3-1. war yrs coach kurr spend next few days watching the u.s. open and drinking beer while gm myers still can't believe the warriors actually won the nba championship. team executive discuss the amazing season with the media today. golden state probably match any offers that ce up for green even if it does meadipping into the luxury tax territory. as for myers he grew up in the east bay and said going back to the childhood warriors wing a championship just didn't see possible. >> i can't believe it still. i really can't believe this
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actually happened because growing up here you know people that have been raised here and reared here as warrior fans for some reason it didn't seem possible. i don't know why. just didn't seam like it was ever going to to actually achieve success at the highest level as organization maybet's my own issues but i never of felt like we got it. >> in shock still. open this day 15 years ago tiger woods won u.s. open by 15 stroke. after one round today chambers bay he's 15 stroke behind. ger said injuries have so limited his practice te he's not prepared for a course that is so difficult and that shot is a perfect example. 10 over par 80 tied for 1 fwoochlt johnson co-ld percent stenson at 5 under johnson one bogey on the day came on the final hole. how the course plays. down a huge hill alongside a bunker then through what looks like a pasture gets within 20 feeof the hole amazing. here's tiger
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woods on his long day. >> not very happy that's for sure. itas a tough day. got off to bad start. worked through it and trying as hard as i can to do it and just for some reason just can't get the consistency i would like to haveout 30. look like he was close to tears at o


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